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- utered April 23, 1908 at Pickons, 8. 0., a seoond class maiter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
Closing Exero!ses of
the Haqood School.
The ol- siog fxeroises 6C the Ha
good school, Itat Saturday was a
grand suceogs.
A packed house greeted the so.ol
ers and they received many 'on
gratulations for the matnr in
Which they c.iried ou1t tihe pro.
grai. All. the snudents did well
n cfl Jc OfIt crmdit on their parents
and teaer.
This school was taught, by MNis
Matt-ie Bowen, who is a splendid
teacher. hP patroi.s and truteies
were so well plkasod with her work,
that they appointed Mias Bowen
as teacher for the. next term.
The following program was ren.
derod at the exercises.
Word of We'c- me-Walter KeA.
Nobody Knows But M other-Res
sie Stewart.
Nellie's Versi-Ethol Stewart.
Be Sure You Are Right-Ottis
Sensible-Clova Chastain.
A Dialogue-"Watermelon Pick
les"-Ida Baker and Walter Kelley.
For Vacation-Lola Watt.
Village Blacksmith-Otis Hud.
Popping Corn-Ed Stewart.
To Be Kind-Annie Holder.
The Cripple Boy's Story-Oscar
Letters-Flora Kelley.
Composition, Old People-Grace
To Be Good-Perry Nabors.
The Larks-Bessie Stqwart.
The Triple Pledge-Wilson Watt.
Mocking Bird-Wad Stewart.
What is a Little Boy Worth
Walter Chastain.
.Reminiscence-Bon holder.
Friendship-Grace Stowart.
Composition, Value of Character
-Ida Baker.
The Blind Basket Weaver-Wad
Recitation-By five little boys.
How Do I Look-Elva Stewart.
Bachelor's Growl-Taylor 11ud.
Dialogue, Love in High Lif
Misses Essie Kelley, 0 raca Stoeil t,
Ida Baker and Addie Stewart.
Our Heroes-Glenn Hudson.
Smile Whenever You Can-Gert
ie Watt. 01
A Word-Ola Hudson. fo
Dialogue, Entertaining My Big
Sister's Beau -Addie Stewart and fc
Otis Hudson. 11.
A Recitation for a Little Girl
Emsie K~ollevy.
Judige Not-Earley Hol'isr.
WVoman's Curiosity-Ida B ikor.
(Comnposition. Pleasant Worids- ;
Eisie Kellev.
T1heo ru~hful B sy-Ed Stewairt-.
Little Drops of Water-George Ia
You Ki,ow - Oscar Chastain-.v
I Remecipbher-Oscar Stewart. F
Dialogue, H-asty Opinions-Es
sie Kelley, Grace Stewart, Wilson h
Watt and Oscar Baker.
To Your Daughter Lillie-Addio p
Stewa b. .
The L~ittle Bird--Beni Hludson.
Papa's Little Girl-Ethel Stew
V The King, the Child, and tho 01(ld
'Time Logend-Esisie Kellory.
Recitationi-Five little girlis.
Oh I Should the Spirit of Mortal r.
Be~ Proud ?--Ida Baker.
Dialogue, Respect the Aged
Essie Kelley, Grace Stewart, Oscar
Baker and Wilson WVatt
Courtship-Ressie Stewart and
Ben Hudson. s
My Darling Brother-Walter
Ptapat-.Eula Stewasrt.
Boys Wanted-Ben Lewis. n
I'm Going to Grand pa's-Taylor fi
Hudson. .
Story of aLittle Boy That Oried
-Edward Eden8.T
Oid'er Girls--Bertha Cantroll. t
Tirying the New School Teacher
--Robert Bowen, Lawrence Bowen, I
Xddio Bowen, Gertrudle Duckworth,i
Mlary Belle Duckcworthi, Annie I
Duckworth and Willie Stansell.
Grandmother Croff-Jerry Law- ~
rence and Robbie Bowen.
Yankee In Love-Henry Tlownes.
Closing Address-Oaar Baker. ,
Oolonoy Items.
Sunday School was at Oolon)oy
Sunday, the 11th instant, with M r.
The Prettiest
Two Solid Cases India
The 8 c kind at 5c. Th(
kind will go at ioc. The 20C at
2,000 Yards of Per(
worth 12%C to 15C., will go on c
Our Lai
arquis Keith as suporintendant. wee Ri
Mr. Suborn, paistor of Ooloney tation,
ptiqst Church, failud to fill his tricts ]
)pointiment the first Sunday. eonted.
Mr. L. Turner, of Ealey, died filled 1
1 the 8th and was buried on the Mr. N
llowing day in Ooleioy Cemetary. a souv<
Mr. D. B. Martin had the mis- A -&
rtune of being kicked in the face cluded
.his mule. Dr.. JM. Crenshaw night,
as called in to dres~s the wr.nnd, was c.
hiich was very painful, but not Jennir
rious. andl R.
Mr. Oscar Clark's little girl, Sy- Mr.
ii, 14 Vvy sick wi th aL sore) thi' r~. sawing
Thell stork v isi tedl the h 'mi of. of MIr,
r . and1 Mr s. Early I10ndr icks. Trhe
1t weaik and left a little girl. close o
Mi isses Irene andl I rma 11lend ricks Suce
siteud M issos Coria and Norai
leons last Sunday.
MIiss Lenora. Hendlricks ret urned
01m1 last Sat urday. She has b.-en Mrs,
-aching ani (eight ronths school at JLewis,
leasanit Grove. stant
Mr . and Mrs. M. Uendricks, cel- lowving
arated their 40thi marriage anni- Giovo
orsary on March. 22nd. Four of she
luir child ran and 17 grandchildren childi
ero with themr to help celebrate g~eat
1e d'iy. All enjoyed themselves threo 1
.,~ especially whenui the dining of reia
1Yn door was thrown 4)bes and all' She
ore invited in to dinner, lived a
The music class of Oolenoy is since a
rogressing nice under theo miannge. .
(lnt of Miss Lila Hairris. - Se
Mirs. A. 0. Sutheriilnd is on tihe in pac
ok list this week. "School Girl." bulk.
Calhoun Items.Gldt
The farmers are getting along..-.
iely with their' work; hauling
rtilizors and~ preparing for anoth
largo cotton cr01).
Born to Mr. and( Mrs. 0. .R.
,awrencfl, on the 27 uilt., a daugh
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Boggs, Miss
nai Abbott andl brothe~r, Roice, vis. Surve,
lcd the familly of Mi r. . A. Boggs,
ist week.R
Mrs. Rosa Madison and sister,
lira Lou, visited their mother, --
irs. J. W. Cochran, la1st week.
The infdant son of Mr. and Mrs.
. . Andearson is very sick.]
aat week, h
Mr. and~ Mrs. R~oss O'Detl, of
Liberty, visited Mr. and~ Mrs. Boggs
'Ier wilnb at n.i ... I ign
iE BJ8 82
and Decidedly the mo
Linon, Opening Day
ioc kind at 6%c. The 15c
i 25c kind only i 5c.
:ales, 36 inches wide
pening days for only 8%c.
ge Stores Are Stocked
vor-near the Lawrence plan.
o,n March 8t4, school dis
qo. 78 and 23 will b-) repre JAMFS M
All come and bring w,-ll
)askets. We hope to have Practical Black
.-D. Taylor thero to furnish Woodworkrnan.
iccessful meeting was Coll. Bi-ing your hco.S(
at Central, S. C., on Sunday
Mairch 11. Them meeting Iltteso ot
'nlduted. by Bro. i Hall aindI
go of '*The Way oif Fiith%j IHV (~~
(.L G lay ton and otherei.' YUVEIL o
E. B. RI et10 Ims w i'~ll cmecfj T E I o 6D
lurmber. on the plantatiol)
0O . I).8011. Alyre soon
schiool oin Lot0ag Branch will OtW i' '.tlr
niM hirch, 30th.
ess to Bet~ri iel--Jo bunal.
ath ofBMrsg NyoEr horst
died itI fit theonshhe 2o ih
herdeah a. te Muntin All o ur w~liCok vi r
churh cenotay. picd and ippreciate
N.ai E. L isc, aihf, Tk avnae of R.hS
diedothb e on'. si te in - otSC) 'i -h f o n
tivws obure the daty Ffollenig n-P
her d1 earh ae Montain Merch u entlirengstockawi
hch~~n chriotan in rices_ aniyuav
mngeave 2ao h5 abat1, twel un ishngoos,_ows_
grndcile de,ao moterd, l'akle advntag for h
>rters, n s ter ad ak os sesnnaea.fyo n
-tive s tomo rnh e death. Free Clann an-P
wasf 71Uyearssoroag. jndahad MerwelltandiloringsDepart
conssistantechristiaut oiferover
us or anisNt'ar'd Pseeds;~
mgei,2 fo 5 cets, ndni
hiille eded.Watemelon seed, . ole ? g eno awe s
-sure kignsDrukidrry dny.s.
edmond, S,. C.. Gtwl ytkn
ASTOR IA ~~lsi
'or Infants and Children.,erbeds
ni. uILA ~ odtYou HaeAlways nought~ ~ iahoe
f OL enD ieasMe.
O..R( MAR.
st Moderately Priced Hats E
Big Embroidery Sale
0 T() make it interestin fo or t1
we will sell 6,oon yards m'-t roider
One lot, not a piece in tl'e lot
most of its wvorth 10 to 1 5 cents,
One lot the bitrest value of al
25 cents, at on o:Ily 1 0 Cents.
With Every Kind of ferch;
smith, WheeIwright MD Of Sty
Scicntific horseshoer.1,gl '
question of Fjwnd1ing a lot. of im
S to me to be shod right. 9 v3 it.'fi (111(1 ion of gong Io I
ifoot, not the foot the slhoe. .1 . st.014, I
WORKMEN1 AND CAN REPA'4 Ri ~i: -~~ ~dr'll
VOR IN IE , . . .
m~teedl. Your patronage solicit- I Ti~ f(lt~RW ei
JAM~ES M.( GAN ET.21(1~I ') o ~r C![o
~~wi~~ I W(l- oi wl e l dres- ed l is'
queio of pending1 a lot o f mt~v22
ie it's a 1ne tin of~ oling to i.
II 10Wreislhtt store$~ . Mot aso $2
notbogh yur ~ecotSi:itornd clo b i ur cnere. gt
~oocl time tosave 1maotee'
s (ro) i pice beoreso e eseOa t 21e0n a s ilyk f Word.
esshngkifdall clothengwmadeli. o.r
(ad1. UND)tha ou 120lO
an Jucles''oucs cles ie of-t rr
, zd x wrell- o m e f cak oleba
l~iThsoe pCit ue .w neS lil
11 now bevsldsomeararet reductio
not bought youraovercoathsuit or
oo.ie osv money, f~i t ak li ~u'~c
s drop ine pnricecabeforeosomeooelse
essin of alrcythinrmade naou
OvDB IKN DU D ier tssin. oecast
Ever Shown.
On Opening Dayes
ie Ladies on opening days,
y at about one half its value.
worth less than 5 cents and
iil go at only 5 cents.
1, would sell easily for 15 to
indise ':[3(
lish Quality
F'IoutheMi tet
Gireenville, S. C.N
- fl
Cor Christmas have arrived and tho
s to offer the trade during
olidIays. "
oes, pants, underwear, overshirta ii
ators, union suits, calico, corsets,
n. D~on't forget to get a sack of Cin
kes, the best in America. You can' 1
ur. The best is the cheapat. Yours'
ARRIS, By hmself.
~oat abargain.

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