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P (I BROMl lOurlal
The Sentinol--Journal Company.
THoMPSoN & BIcuRy. .ioPs.
Subsoription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rites Reasonable.
;ored at Pickens Postofflce as Second Class
Mail Matter
M!etrological Table
ly John T Boggs, observer, Licerty, S. C,
Tern) rature. .W ai
Character of
the day.
la 48 35 0 Cloudy.
19 47 3I 2.42 Cloudy.
V0 48 30 0 Clear.
U 52 22 0 Clear.
2 00 83 vJem'
3 05 40 p, -34 Clear.
14 54 85 AT L0Ilouy.
aco of raiu, less than one hundredlth
of rainfall.
-A woman can wear low shoes and
ep her feet warm if she has on a
it that makes her friends jealous.
-Married on March 22st at th.
sidence of Rev. ) W. Hiott on
radley Avenue, Easley, S. 0., Miss
ary Cline to Mr. George W. Trotter
oth parties of Easley.
-Married, on the 25th, at the repi
ance of the bride's father, Mr. Clay
)n IBalentine, Mi3s l5ulah Balontine
) Mr. Adam W. Carter. of Pickens.
:ev. D. W. Hiott officiating.
-Married on the 25th instant, at
.e residence of Mrs. Edens, on the
)olenoy, grandmother of the bride,
lies Dora Edens to Mr. Henry Bow
1. Rev. J. P. Attoway officiating.
'he happy young couple have the
:ongratulations of their many friends
or a happy and prosperous life.
-We are requested to announce
,hat Rev. Mr. McMaster. represent
ing the American Sabbath Union,
vill speak in the Methodist Church
at Pickens, nezt Friday evening, the
30th instant, at eight o'clock. Tl
)Ublio is cordially invited. and we
rust this gentleman will have a
arge number of our people out to
Iear him.
-One time a merchant put up a
blackgoard in his store and asked his
au stomnera to write their names on it
and opposite tell what, they are domug
for humanity. A lawyer wrote, 1
plead for all.' A doctor wrote; 'I pro
s cribe for all' A preacher wrote; '1
pray for all.' An old farmer walk d
up, wrote his name, scratched his
head a while and then wrote: 'I pay
for all."
--A certhin school teacher in this
county received the following note
recently from the mnother of one of
b or pupils: "Deer Mias. You write
me about whipping Sammy. I hereby
give you permission to beet him up
eny t ime it is necessary to learn him
lessons. He is just like his father
you have to learn him with a club
Pound nolege into him. I1 want him
to git it, and don't pay no atenshun
to what his father iay. I'll handle
-Dr. P. F. Smith went to Anderson
the first, of last week and c!o icd a
'leal whereby the oil mill and ginnery
at this lace owned and operated for
the past five years by tde Anderson
phosphate and Oil Company, bcocmes
the property once again of citizens of
this town and'community. When the
question of building another mill al
Easley was first agitated the Ander.
son company had a representaiive on
*he ground who made a proposition
to the promoters, which they have
since accepted. The new company.
Will be organined right away, and
capitalized at $25,000. The ginnery.
will be overhauiled and doubled in
dapacity and the oil mill machinery
will be put in fir~,t class condlition be.1
fore the beginning of liext season.
The final transfer of property is to 1
tako place on the 81st of next May. 5
$ asley Progress.
Tribute of Respect.
T[ribuite of respect and resolu
tions in memory of, Rev, and Bro.
Thomnas Looper, who died on .Tan -
aary 22nd, 1906, -aged 92 years. ~
(n the year of 1849 he was baptized
into the fellowship of Crossroads ba
'huroh by liey. Stephen Powell and da
#Was ordamned a minister of that of
ehurch. He moved his member. mfi~
.hip by letter to the Peter's Creek 2&
ruob, February 18th, 1804 and
eeted supply for the church A
~y 9th, 1865, and supplied esta
Inh for 12 years. He was u
'i4*athful memnber'of that dn
~44j~Ij eath. He alwayn tat
ob curch~ g
rnd amd whiei
iim, hei was evOr ready to go Ms
)art. Inpulso wass to livo -6 the re
itandard of truo manhood and his 1
ife was one worthy of imitation. e0
Therefore be it.resolved,
That in his death~ that thi's
3hurch has lost one of its strong et A
and most useful members and 1
That we live in humblo submis
sion to the will of our Heavenly r<
Father, who doeth all things well. ]
Tlhat wo desire to baer tostiniony
to the esteem in which he waas he'd
hy a large numb r 1f friends in
this commounity anwd esp*cially 6
muembership of Petors Orik church
to whieh ho was devoted tin-il
deati cal'ed him from his labor f
love, nid wo minglo ou1r toars with
the stiekon family, and arnest..13
commend them to Him, who call
comfort their sorrowing heart.
Respectfully submitted:
J. E. Foster.
. E. Friddio.
J. E. Singlet< n
The Easley In
surance Agency,
of Easley, S. C.,is
capable to insure ,
any kind of risk. )
Life, Health, Ac
cident, Steaiarnd
Boiler and Fly
wheel Insurance of
and class of Fire i
Insurance. Spec- c
ial attention giv- I
en to country bus- 1).V
iness as well as
town and city. ";
We represent 14 1
large companies a
and insure any- ~
thing. Give your
business to us and s,
we will save you
E. P. MoCravey.
SA. C. Pinckney. C
S in
LIE above picture of the
mark'"1 ofMe( tt'sEuio
und1( is' the synlonym~ fm
tries of the globe, 1
,If the codl fish b~ecame extinct did
it would be a world-wide c4If bn. sin
ity, because the oil that comes
from its Ii ver sulrpasses all otheri ed
rats in no(ur'ishing andc life-giving h)a
properties. Thirty year's flg( "l
hie pr'oprietors of Scott's EmuII I- ai
lion found a way of preparing stai
od hiver' oil so that everyone can *
ako it and get the full value of ~u
he oil without the objectionable ter',
aste. Scott's Emnulsion is the sawV
est thing in the world for weaka
ack ward children, thin, delicate o.
teople, and all conditions of
vrasting and lost strength. T
2end for roe aampie. "
SCOTT & 'BOWNE, COnErsTs cou
AOp-A1S Pm. 8TRBENE, 3W TOR ,hoa
5Oe. and $1.0. All druggists. en
rotice of.Final Settlementl ESub
will appy to J. Bl. Now boi ry, Pro-'
o Judg of Piokens County, on the 28 M
of Apri, 1906 for a final settlement
the estate of Abner Il. Young, do rheui
;ed, and ask to be dismissed as Ad- raithi
istrator'. Hl. 0. Young. usua~
arch. 8t. Admist, ing
otice to Debtors and Creditors. oine
[I persons having claims against thme Drug
en of T. El. Miles, deceased, are ro. -
Led to present tihe same to thme under
ad for payment by the 1st dlay in
.1906. Thioe indebted to saidl es.
ltust make payment. L. N. Geor.
roh, 86 Anderson,, B.0.
rAtAtlu g Foley's H oney and Tar.
F1oley & Co., Chicago, originated'
uney atid Tar i a' throat and lung
inedy, and ou ictcount of the great
erit of Foloy's Honey and Tar
any wort- .ess imitations are offor.
i for the genuino. Those worthless
iabtion haivo similar sounding names.
owaro of thom. Tho genuino Foley
onoy anil Tar is in a yellow package
k for it and refuse any Aubstitute. It
the best remedy for eoughs and cold a
icke-ns Drug I., R. F. HtnithEasloy
A Healig Gosnef.
The Rev. J. U Warron, pastor of Sha
)im Baptist churoh, olelair, Ga., says of
lectric Bitters: "It,'a a Godsend to
ankitid. It cured me of lamo back,
d joitix, and completo physical col
ipte. .1 was kso weak it took tm1 half an
-.r to walk a milo. Tw> bottlo. of
', ctric Bitters have made me so strong
att I it've je'tt wal kod throo mites in 5
i: e tean fo)1 rel liko I could walk three
1i es3 mor1o0. It's ma111dO a new man of
I,. ' Greatest renedy for weakness
f toimaoh and all kinds of liver and
W-ivy ooiplainA . Sold nider guaran
e at, Pie'1s Dru0 o. Prico 600.
The Yellow Fever Germ.
[n recontly been discovered. It boars
-lose lesemblance to the mailariagerm.
o free the system from tho gerns of
isoase, thie most effootive remedy is Dr.
ing's New Life Pils. Gnaratiteoed to
ro aInl diseases due to mal-aria poison
(d contiptiatioi. 25o at Pickens Drug
They never gripe or sioketi, but
cans1 and strengthen the stomntoh,, liver
id bowels. This is the universal ver
ot, of the many thous-tuds who use Do
itt's ittle Early Risors. These fa
o.s little pills relievo headache, con
ipation, billiousliess, jaundice. torpid
er, atillow coiplexio), etc, Try Little
tirly R isers. Sold by Pickens Drug Oo.
--- -00
The New Cough Syrup-the one that
h; as a mild catharlic on tho bowels-is
mnedy's L xattivo Honey and Tar. It
puis all cold from the system, cnts the
Jlegm out of tho throat, strenghtons the
icos membranes of the bronchial
be04, and relieves oroup, whooping
,gh, etc. Children love it. Sold by
eAkens Drug Co.
tamborlail' Cough ienedy the Moth
er's Favorite.
Theo soothing and healing properties
this remedy, its pleasaut taste and
onpt and permanemnt cures have made
at favorito with people overywhere. It
especially prized by mothers of small
ildron, for colds, croup and whooping
ngh, as it always affords quick relief,
d as it. contains no opium or other
rmful drug, it may b1e given as confil
nfly to a haby as to an adult. For sole
Pickens Drug Co, and T. N. Hunter,
A man who once had rough-horny
t)dis made them soft and smooth with
itch Hazel Salvo, but he used the gen
ae-that bearing the name "E. C. De
itt & Co. Chicago." For sores, boils,
ts, burns, bruises, etc., it has no eqnal,
d affords almost immediate relief from
ind, bleeding, itching and protruding
lea. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
Nonresident Sniuius.
County of Pickens,
Court of Common Pleas.
immons for Relief-Complaint not
P. Carey and C. E. Robinson,a
C. Kennemore, WV. A. Kennemore,8
13. F. Kennemore, W. P. Tate, W. B
Tate, Carrie Norris, Belle Tate, Wil..
1iam Luciani Tate atnd the hlit- -' 'aw
of Aim Howard, wvheo names, um
her and a esidence are unknmow n, .
o the Defendants above named, C
'You are hereby summoned and re
orned to answHer the complaint in this
stion, which is filed in the office of the
lerk of Court at P'ickens. 8 C., and~ to 1I
rye a copy of your answer to the said 14
unplamhit on thle subscribers at their v
hece at fi-ceas, S. C., wvithint twenty' t
(3ys after the service hereof, exclui- a
ye of the day of such service, and if j
mi fail to answer the comiphant with- fI
the .time aforesaid, the Plaintiffs an
IS actioni wd'l apply3 to thed Court for,
e relief demuanaded in I his comnplaint. -
Dated 1st iAlarchi 1930(
A. J, ltoggs,
C. C. P.
J. P Camrey,
C. I. llobieson,
C. C. Plnintiffs Attorneys.
h.as.tKenneore- and1 the heirs-at-i aw
f Ann I loward, absent and unknown4
lefendan to.
ke notice that the summrons in th
>ve stated caeo lihteforegoing
a copy, and the complaint was filed0
the ofice of the Clerk of the Court for
skens County, 8. 0, on the 1st day of
trch, 1900-. J. P. Carey,
C. E. Itobinsont,
(t Plaintiffs Attorney s.
Stairtling hut True.
P~eophe the wvorld over wvyro horrified
learning of thle turning of a Chicugo i4
mire in which nearly six hundred peo.
I lOtst their live s, yet more than five
les this nummber or ov, r 3,000 people
d from panemoiia in Cbicago (luring
no youar, with a'earacely at passing no
>.. Every one of (hoeo cames of pn-u.
ma12 restultedl from'n a cold and( could
mttp1.1oven ted by t imely use of Cham-. 1;
'lain's Cough liemiedy. A ganot many=
:> had every rei'on to feam- pIuenmoniam
'0 warded it oil' by the prtomplt inta of '
) remedy. Tha following is an in.
ace of this sort: ''Too much cannot
laid ini laio of Chj~.nboagin's Cough
ledy, and especially for- colds and in
uza. I know that it cured mny dlaugh.
Lama a, o~f t sev- e celd, and I beliee5
d hear life when she was threatened
pneumonia." WV. D). Wilcox, Lo. CuI
New Yor-k. Sold b'y Pickens D~rug a a
and T. N. Hliuter, Liberty. Col
.. 4J cat, ges
his is to certify that all druggist are the,
torized to refund your mouey if Fe- A c
i Honey anti Tar fails to eure yonur for
hor cold, It stops thme cough, h
Is the lungs and prevents serious ''
ilts from cols, Cures la grippe tir
gh and prevents pneumonia and con-.3
iption. Contains -no opiates. TheO
amne is a yellow package. Refunse all5
;itutes. 'Pickoius Drug CJo., B. F.
th, Easley, -
Afraid of Sarong Medteines,
any people suifer for years from
miatio pains, and pr-efer to do so
ar than take the strong medicines
lly given for rhetunatism, net know
hat quick relief from pain may be -"
aimply by applying (Jhamberltain's A
Balm and without taking any m~edI- how
internally. For sale byPickens was
Co. and T'. N. Hunter, Liberty. Lax
PA E * htl
Promots a gunantg
muw-'~r~ ariu~rn ,1ii For
A egetable PreparationforAs
sImlathig theFood andReg Ba
ting the Stomchs aLBowels of B
Promotes Digeslion.Cheerful
iess anid Rest.Contains neither
OpiumMorphine norNineral.
Ix.Jorma.-Sfamr -
Aperfeel Remody forConstipa
non, Sour Stoinach;Diarrhoen
ness ani Loss OF SLEEP.
FacSimite Signature or
OARTER, Pros. W. H. CHAPMAN. Vice-]
PROFI'i S, -
Gainesville, Ga,, J. N. MORGAN, I
j. p. sMil, Pres. Libert
Boar the The Knd Yov Have Always BotiM BTA'
;._I ___By
-Theii Mri Judg(
When you wtatt a physic that is mild Whi
nd gentle, easy to take and certain to mnado
at, always use Chamberlain's Btomaeh admira
nd Liver Tablets. For sale by Pickens fects<
)rug Co. and T. N. Hunter, Liberty, Ta,
More than hafmankind ove sixty Wadmo
ears of age suffer from kidney and paar
1iidder disor.lera, usunally enlarge'ment bate,
f prostrate gland. Thmat is b'ot~h pain-, 8. 0,,
uL and dangerous, at~d Foley's Kidney *after
uire should be taken at the first sign of the fe
anger, as it corrects irregularities and huvo,
as enred many old men of this disease. not be
'r. Rodney Biurnett of Itock Port, Mo. * ^
'rites: "I suffered with enlarged pro-. ~SEA
ato gland and kidi~ey trouble for years : t*
id after tak in)g two baot ties of Foley's of our
idney cure I feel better thanx I have
ir twenty years although I nm noaw 91
arsold." Piickens Drug Co, R. F.
with, Easleyv. ' "
A lot of gardeni seeds at Molore's.I
Arkansas and Southwest~
One-way~ ta.aets at half fare lus $2.
Round trip tickets at loss than ono-way?
arc. From Meliphis via Cotton Bolt Rloute4
Pla rch 6 and :20
Stop-ovecrs both ways and 2? days roturn
limit on round trip tickets. Write for inap>
.,bier, and pick your date and say wbhen Kf*M
mid wvhere you want to go and we will give~ Per
-on fuia! informnation by return mall. A~
s. L. P'. sMITHn, T. P. A. a i
0 ~ Cotton lHelt Rtouto, u
203 Equitablo, 1iullding~
p A TlANTiA, GA. tya
'es all Coughs and The RdI. Nqorte
tsist sin expelling se*m*a4t' Churr
da from the Teoney sees Bat
bowel. Sold b
ortain cand
*.... A lot<
0. DeWITT & 00.. OHIOAGO. U S. A,
sold by Pickens Drug Co. lri
II old-timo Cough Sirupa bind the Tae
el~a. This is wrong. AneW PlAa SWEetens
advanced two years ago in Kennedy~s and acts
ativo Honey and Tar. This remedy liver and
on the mucous membranes of theorn.
at and lunge and losensthe bowels cure Idl';
e same time. It expels all cold from tionu. D)
system. It clears tihe throat, and is mild al
athons the mucous membranes, ro ber the n
s coughs, colds, eroup, whooping a- ua
b. oto, Sold by Pick.ann~u nCn n, mitsb
Perhaps you like
then remember-f
gray hair. Stops
Infants and Children.
Kind You Have
Iways Bought Disc
rs the Buy
Can be p]
Of to us. O
Selected v
and holds
buying yo
In you need
' n
Us Prid
For Over
Thirty Years
Iro. H. , SHIRLEY, Cashier
es. First Natio nal Bank,
res. Bank of Central,
Cotton Mill.
County of Pickeus, --.
7. B. Newbery, Esquire, Probate , 04)("
areas, A. y. Boggs, 0. C. P., has
suit to mes to grant him letters of
istration of the estate of and ef.
>f R. B. Wham, deceased. __________
!E' ARM THEREFpoRE to cite and
iish all and singular the kindred
creditors. of the said R. B. Ani iii
r, deceased, that they be andi ap - iiii11 'f l
before me, in the Court of Pro -I5LUU LII
:o be held at Pickens Court House
on the 20th day of March, 1906,
mUblicaltion hereof, at 11 o'clock in I
vhyte said adminstatioany shuld
se inder my band andeb
-)ruav, 1906, in the 130th year W vl elt
J. oNcewbry
J. B Newery, in Easley, S. C., t
~ ~ ~" for residence lots,
taining from thre(
This is a gold<
at a very moderate
mivest, we predict
lots wvill in a very s
We will offer 1
of $xoo each until
sold lots will be au<
SRem ember th
colored people. H
Dr Terms, one half er
if desired secured 1>
can easily bo raised with
'hus, orw fro t opobuyr of
-pafe eksbfo--anig Real Estate .
rgiula-CaroIjua Fortilitrs.______
them Saian as atop daai o - _
makin h0*fj~e have
Srortiens to rn oyu
been ta rmn ?byonir ual
ration. Accept no mubattute.
mta-Carolkna chemloal Ce.
~7vnnah .
-L - Adaew line(
Folgr, lorney &Co ilver WATCHES.
y ogr one o glasses tu o it eyes.
lok Kind plos Al BDowght
acc. Prin, i the te. rown's.
for feedn.
8 Cood Soven at cut prices.
-.The Price Outter.
ilousness andSik Haoce
)rino Laxitige Fruit Syrup. It Tektdta r
the stomalch, aids dilgetion h idta o
bowvels wittlont Irritating thndesiseeoi
Orino Laxative Frnit Syru
anness and hasbitnal constipuP
>esa not nausento or gripe an c
id ple a at to iake,.it emem
uine Crinio an I refuse- to tako ieln o'mud
unto. Pik uH. ruNIDER,~
~aN. D. .*
your gray r;en ep t t e khgos imot
80al1's Har Rene'wer alwoa re aei!ofdort
alling hair, also. emfti
eased in their shoes if they come
ir stock is large-selected with care.
pith the idea that good value makes
customers. If you have not been
ur shoes from us, try us next time
a pair.
e & Patton,
Vatcli This
Space for
Uhange in
ext week's
arch 29th 1906.
the highest bidder on Thursday, March 29,
hirty-five lots, all of which are well located
n the west end of town, near rail road, con
:fourth of and acre to one and one-third
mn Opportunity to secure a nice building lot
price, and for those wvith a little surplus to
that an investment in one or more of these
hort time at least double itself.
hese lots at private sale for the small price
the day of Auction, and on that clay all un
:tioned off to the highest bidder.
e date and be on hand. No lots so!d to
our of sale to begin promptly r~t 1o:3o a. mi.
*sh, and balance on one and two years time
y mortgage of premises.
igents Easley, S. C.
I havu a good line of
the recommendale~ old st ylo Se.th Thomas
bIts, which I am sel ling at sipecial bargains.
of SILVElRWAR]C. Also solid Gold and
A nice hine of Spectacles; I guarantee
All kinds of repair' work in the jewelry line.
-- Easley, S. C.
aade at the best studios of the larger cities.
II not fade. That are natural and lifolike,
de latest and prettiest cards to be had.
nga andl frnmes of t.ny made o~ er

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