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Spring Fever iS'
t Streng
\X X
Miss Estolle Campbell, 140 N. High at:
ville., Toxin., writes:
"Peruna helped me when almost ever
failed. I was rundown from overworl
not been able to take a vacation for t
and naturally my nerves were all unst
was greatly in need of rest and a tonic.
"I went away for two months, but d1<
to got my strength back, although I wv
prescription which the doctor gave ni
went away.
"At the request of my relatives, with v
visiting, I began to use Poruna, and
realize how glad I was when within a w<
I was feeling so much better. Inside of
was fooling splendiolly, ready and able
my work again."-Estello Campbell.
A Spring Tonic.
Almost everybody needs a tonic in the
spring. Somnethiing to braco the nerves,
Jnvigorato the brain, and cleanse the
blood. That Peruna will do' this is be
yond all question.
Wo have on file thousands of letters
which testify to the curative and pro
veitivo value of Poruna in cases of
nervous depression and run down con
ditions of the system. We quoto a
typical case:
Mr. Frank Williams, 8935 84th street,
Now York City, member First Presby
4. torian Church and Captain Capitol Golf .
Olub, writes:
"Last spring I suffered with malaria
Pickens Sentinel-Journal
HaDvenins of a Local and Personal Naltire v
-The Sentinal-Journal Job oflinc is t
Sturning out some first-class work. t
Your orders will bo' appreciated U
Sattisfaction guaranteed n
-"My boy", said a father to hi~ ~
son, "trenit tycry body withi p)ohto.
ness, even those who are rode to you, n
for remember that you show courtesy t<
to others not, leCause they arc gentlo- o
menI but because you are one." o
-The limpers containi so many n
notices about women wearinig breo. a
ches, says an excnge, that we are 1
forced to conclude that if meni want to t
preserve their individuality as a sex o
they' must ehange their style of
dris'- hi
-Heroe is theo pithliot sermoni oIver a
prehod: "Our it gress Iito life is n
n hed ,n 1 lhero our progressm through v
lifq is troublo and care; our egress out v
of it we lonow not where, but doing I.
wel 1. ore we shall do well ther ; I I
coald not tell more by preaching a i
q' -Thel ground is yet wvet and very
cold, li.ut the (lays are perceptibly
lengthening and so n the iun will
beam more birightly, warmin~ u p the
earthb. Already we ai'e 'rmin.loid 1by ']
the appeara'nce of the early grass and1( I
weeds here0 and there that the germ t
nmt i- ni season is not far distant . (
-You cain graft your own peaches.
and pms. Unmder the old peach treos
you genierally find a number of seed
ling sprouts. Takdo thiem upl. Cut list
year's branches or shioots fromn a tree
youi wish to r'1produmce. 'Take a piecei
about six iniehiom long, shmrp:mn the
bi~g end lik(e a long wedlge. Cut. 'ifr a I
seedliung (th( sizeA of youir sproult je in
r~ abovoe r o ot. Split the r u'Ia , msler t t
the wedge, tie with stIring anmd pumt Im
in a convenient damplt latce. Many
of them will livd. In thie fall you can Ii
set them out in' the charmd.- 9outh <i
emr Field. i
J. McD). Brtice,
'Pr esident.
&. PROFlTS .- -
..- Por Cent Interest
J. F. Banister', B. A. Hag
.J. M. Stewart, . J. E.
T. N. Hunter, H.
pring C4tarrhN
th Like Sprin
For a
. Miss B. Inez
York City, Gran
"Nine years o
out my nervous
weak and exhaun
weeks, tl i
that I know of
Smvera. vmu
Peruna s thes
al. cases of nervc
- catarrh known to i
ect, Nash- -
ything else
, as I had
iree years
-ung and I
L not seem
,a taking a
,o beforo I
rhom I was
rou cannot
ok I found
a month I
to take up '.
nd a run down condition which seemed
cry difficult to overcome.
"I tried several different tonics but m
.id not seem to get much better until I cc
egan using Peruna. My recovery was rt
low, but I was improving and I was ui
lad to continue using it. il
"At the end of two months my health di
vas restored and I looked and felt much im
)etter than I had for years. Your rem
dy is well worthy of a recommend a]
.nd I am pleased to give it mine."- W
Prank Williams. a
Peruna never falls to prevent 5
spring catarrh or nervous prostra- P
tion, if taken in time. cl
-The lat-at fad out West, say ain.
xchange, is a sboo party. They
tretch a shoet across the room and 8
)e ladies stand behind it and stick b
leir feet under it so you can only see .
aeir shoes. Then you go along and hi
ick out a pair of shoes and tho lady a
ho is in them you take down to e,
-T'he postoffice department has
otified the p~romnotels of tho James-.
nvn exposition that souvenir stamps in
appropriate design commemorative ti
the exposition will be issue-1. They (3
ill be of the denomninution of one g
ad1 two cents. Ini due seasonl the
'ceens oflcos wvill be dispensir~g
use0 stamps in any quantity desir- d
--Tieo cotton growers of Texas '
ave found that quail-better known tt
s part riges in l1his hailinwick -are the il
sost destrnctivo Qfmmyl of the boll
-eLvI y.et discovered. Juedging from
hant somie of the huntera say, par
-idges r e so) searce in th'-so plarts S
baS supply wvould have to ho
uporteid were the weevit plIagueo to
e visited upon us. C
-A year ago the wagons upon our
quafre wiere loaded with guano and A
bie d1i iv<>r, as thety wvondled their way '
omeiward, were boaded with "booze." o
'o-day the wagons are on the squ .rc g
y the teCore, the guano is there by t
he touis as of y'ore, aund a full gaoa o
( drivers is there but boozo is rarely
ii cvidenuce. This alone is a1 p riial a
1Iswe r to IL e hackneyed qu. ationu: bi
A fter the dispensary, whaL?"
-An Iowai editor has hmandod out
hoe knocker ti haurd jolt in the follow
rig: "Thoe sorijeqt man on earth is the
11l aw who1I will Oi I aroun~d anmd cnms
is own towe: if I hived iostide of tihe C
oil ih polo( 1 wolnid( call it home anud C
~ot sai aniything nice aboutLI it I1 would
ay that mcy ico hilt d id,'L conme high,
would not stay in a tow.. I had to
masI, not whilo tiho world is as big ao
t is now."(
I. M. Mauidini,
.. .. .. 18,00.00
- - - 140,000.00
Paid On Deposits-:
nod, WV. M. Hagood,
Boggs, J. McD. Bruce.
A. Richev. JL P. Carey,
AthfIig Robs One
I the Finest Tonic
Weary Woman.
Silvera, 189 W. 180th street, Now
c Ree6rder Daugh tors of American
work, without a vacation, wore
system. I lost my appetite and felt
ited nearly all the time.
med m' to perfect health in five
finest tonic for a weary woman
.Iady'endoet."B. Inez
Bt prompt and permanent cure for
us prostration caused by systomio
he medical profession.
~.. ..... ....
. .. .. .
........ ..
Pe-ru-na Contains No Narcotics.
One reason why Peruna has found per
anent use in so many homes is that it
ntains no narcotic of any kind. Pe
na is perfectly harmless. It can be
ed any length of time without acquir
g a drug habit. Peruna does not pro
e temporary results. It is permanent
its effect.
It has no bad effect upon the system,
id gradually eliminates catarrh by re
oving the cause of catarrh. There are
multitude of homes where Peruna has
)en used off and on for twenty years.
ach.a thing could not be possible if
erunacontained any drugs of a nar
>tic nature. All correspondence held
,rictly con fidentint.
Don't deceive yourself. If you have b
digestion take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. a
will relieve you. Rev. W. E. Hocutt, 1
auth Mills, N. Q., says: "I was trou
led with Chronic indigestion for several
ears; whatever I ote seemed to cause f
nartburn, sour stomach, flttering of-my I
sart, and 'general depression of mind
id body. My druggist recommend Ko
:l, and it has-relieved me. I an now
it anything and sleep soundly at night.
odol Digests what you Oat. Sold by
ickens Drug Co.
Juta little Kodol after meals will re- I
ave that fulness, belching, gas on atom
ti, and all other symptoms of indiges t
on. Kodol digests what you eat, and
iables the stomach and digestive organs
perform their functions naturally.
1id by Pickens Drug Co. 3
Sick Hlnadache.
This distressing ailment results from a a
sordered condition of the stomach. All C
at is needed to effect a cute is a dose or h
yo of Chimberlain's i-tomach and1 Liver t<
ablets. In fact, the attack may be ward
1 off, or greatly lessened in severity, by a
.king a dose of these Taiblets a soon as 1
ie first symiptomi of an attack appe r.1'S
old by Pickens Drug Co. and T. N. I
untter, Liberty. C
Olcr1k's Sale. o
late of Southi Osrolina,
Oonty cf Pickcens
-.W. Griffin, Plaintiff, a
larisa E. Looper, et al., Dafendant'.
In puruanl1Ice of a dcretal orde'r in
io above stated case by Hion. James
Idrichi, p~reidinlg judge, dated F'ebrua
l 2st, 1900, and on illo in the' clerk's
lice, I will soll Io the highest bidder
saloday in April, 19(00, (luring the he.- ,J
al hours for sale at Pickens C. HI., 8. (1
.the following deserihed tract of hand 0
wit: "'All that hpice, parel or tract c
holnd (situatod, lying and hoing in the a
anty and stato aforesaid, adjoining
lids of WV. N. Hughes, J, E. Robinsoni 3
td otherVs and( cointaining fifty acres but .
y a i'rcout survey thereof lthe same cis
nmudl to contain fifty-live and oue-fourth
ams, more or less. -~
T1erms cash. Purchasers to pay for
apers and for recording the same.
A. J. IBogga,
mneh13w3 Clerk of Court..
If you want an oil tanmk, a pair of
oun]ter' tcales, tobacco cutter, paper
utter er any other kiud of cutter call
SJ. D. Moot e.
Clerk's Sale.
tate oif South Carolina,
County of Pickons.
irooke Thompson, et al., Plaintiffs,
habriel Thompson, et al., Defendants
In phraniance of a deoretal order in the
bove stated caso b~y Hion. James ASI
irch dated February 21st 1900, and oul
Io in the clerk's of11ce, I will sell to the
ighest bidder oni saleday in April, 1900,
uiring the legal hours for male at Pick
nS 0. H., 8. 0., the following tract of
amnd to wit: ''All that piece, parcel or
>arce~l of land situate in the county and
tetot aforesaid, lying on branch wn-.
era of South Salnda River in Pumpkin
own township adjoining lands of JTober
y Rlgdon, A. B. Talley, Andy McGill
md1( othetrs containing one hundred acres
noro or less, -heing the tract of land sotd
by ordet of the court of common ple-A
h'y J1. J. Lewis, 0. 0. P., ini the case of
Thonmpson vs. Thompson for partition.
Tferms -Cash. Puarchasnrs to. pay -for
papers and for r-cording the same..,
A. J1. Boggs,
imeh I-iw3 (Olork of ('our t.
Beanthe Ih KinJou lam Alg8 B0UgMt
Ever shipped to
we are offengri.
Suits froni $15 to $50,I
iverything in Sideboards
n Tables, Springs, Mattre;
vith prices right.
Solid car of Chse Cit
3arl)ed Wire anid Nails, F1
verything with pricos Pig
The best and Tost up-t
lats, Shoes, G-ents Furniasl
;addlery in the up countr3
,re always glad to see you
Shoes, Hats, Gents Furnishing Goods a
Ing Stoves and Battle Axe Shoes.
-~h tl ' PrI-g 140tl5O1) 0
FOR SALE --A good horso and at & G
uggy, chei>. Anitimil a nice boggy Saturday Terms
3d draught horsf. Apply to .1. .% B'aok John iG 14 be
sown, at Ntealey & Gravely's stable. solid colo.., and th<
muh origin, find h(
NOTICK-I have sweet Potatoes ihoiiadh
)r sale, the Queen of the South. B. thoroughly guaran
Kelly, Liberty, S. (. R F. D. No.2. 3 21 03lAton New
3 14 060a 3 0. t
I will be at the Easley bridge on the I menid or make over
0th day of March, 1906 at 12 o'clock to I do a general liuo of
et to the lowest bidder the repiriing of austtinig and sharl
ie approach to said bridge. Give mre a call wht
A. B. Talloy, I rni r(-i wrk
1. Co. Com'. hinda of pipo cutti
.Bridge Notice. s
I will let to the lowest bidder on th)0 OyIC iE is her
1st (lay of Marohi, 1906 at 11 o'clock, n'.I\
i. the bridge over the ook at 0. HI. n isko apliciati
arpenter's, the rebuling said bridges., Judge of I
ad also the bidgof, bridge vs-con itheSa
norg<-a 'reek near Vineland school tin tla forfn oir
anso. -A. B. TValley, said applicattioni c-i
Co. Com' to make a liald set~t
otice of Final Settlement atnd D)schar ge. * ' oran,
OT~IOE is hereby given that, wo will ( discharge as execut<
make application to J. B. Newbery
Aiq., Judge of Probato for Picens
>unty, in the State of Sonth Car~olina, mlh13vr4
n the 1th~l day of April, 1906, at, 11
'clock in tho forenoon, or as soon there- LAN N~) F(
ft. r as said appliration3 cn b o heard, 0 LIP.1
r heave to mv'ke fit al set tlemeont of the 6 co.1
itato of Mrs. N. E. Morgan, (deCensed, aiCres, sv. il timber<
udt oibtaln dischargo as adlministraltors of in g. Corn M ill, S8
uid estato.
J. K. LuaIthemi, (ian, wath lkne watol
B. A. Morgan, 9 m3 iles from (Green
meh3w5 dminratrs'bridge roadh. Thi
lotice) of Fiiial Settleiiieiit dirt cheap. Caull
I will apply to J . n~ Newbery, Prob ito
uidge for Pickensl CJounty onl the '25th j
ay of A pril 1906h, for a inial settlement
f the estate of Robert :r. Glilber, de ~JI h.
sosed, and ask to be diamissed ats Ad
uinistratrix, 1 11W1SS~ea
Mr's. Blulai V. LancW1ster.(11lravadSt
28 4t. Ad ministratrix . 31 ) tdb.n1y bargi
Base Ball Goods
Garden ~Seeds
Young Americans are caught wvith the
we think. All the paraphlernalia for a goc
is here. Enui f Sed
Garden seeds interests the cook.
housewife wants nice early vegatables to
table and if she will see that the garden
p)repared and~ have the seed sold by us pla
in she will always have a nice dinner who
.drops in.
.Stock Powders! No wvell balanced m;
pecially the farmer, wants to handle p~oor', s
down stock--to prevent this condition an<
-have stock (horse, cattle, chickens, hogs)
the envy and admiration of y our friends, e
neighbors, usc our sto'ck and condltion pow
guarantee them, if you use plenty of fee(
and don't forget the curry comb and brush
of good bedding.
/ Prescriptioni Work Our Spc
Thanking you for paist favors and hoping
t~inuance by honest treatment and fair dealing.
Drugs, Prescriptions and Statio
igin Car Load I
-The largest car (
Pickens. See the
)ressers froni $5 to $15, Bed
Saf'es, Dining Tables, Centi
sses, H-Lall Iacks, Bed Loi
y 1311ggies, Car Mitchell
,esh car of Salt and 'Flour.
.o-dato line of' Dr.y Goods, 15
ig Goods, H1Iardware. Stov
r. See us for anything you
and will treat you righ t.
Yours Truly,
specialty. Sole Agents for the Mitchell Wagar
John, will miako
i1906 ait Pickens,
1' stable, onl e-vOry
$8 to ilHure foul.
1.ds high, or a rih
>rough-bred Span. 0
and his got are
teed i OV a y way.
i.on Liberty, S. .
dWorkin, in the# i1beou lig
r, is prepared toou ntrgo
yourt vehicles and
repair worke.otSawi
leling a speciailty.
*n in need of genl-la ast Pe '
P'repared to do all
ng and fitting. tfon hlf
* ut we tlemenl
)y [divtll that. WO Willav
on to 3i. lH. Newbery god
'rob~ate for ickens9* uei rcea
e of Southi Car'oinia,Lo ofS' t
it, 190G, at 11 o'Clo(k
)s soon1 thiereafter na ogoa > t
i ho0 hea'rdl, for leive aiscok
eineut of the es)tain(
eeasqe d, and obtain $ b odfrls
1. K. Lathomn, tht~ilbe O(
IB. A.Mi1organ, Yucnsv
ood creek~ botLto-n$ A
rwI ill and3( UoI ton \T Ed G
vii lo on the 110unt.'s ___ __
a cani ho bcuight _______________ ________
AmoniatDuinthe FISH
iii ~t len all n ou Aget aiteor good
adrnhe 3 # An rSeou
!'ItCl thre- ~ bS l hey Casirer, hr
in, n~l S- J D w ooe o
to to aalayt
that s 1)0h 1 bugli adiesko gooaks
,iemi~ and te sam way callad for le
#(ds il hv Hev(rsssit and loBfo
R #nme, tht wild eao
laity~ ~ ork nd alYth Ra Hides i
Smert a on-bcaus oa useln godurig.
'nd sc Old Pric
Ak i
>f Furniture
great values
.s from $2 to $10,
-e Tables, Kitch
Lnges, Cots, etc.,
Wagons, Car of
Anything .and
otions, Clothing,
es, Harness and
may need. We
is, Chase City Bnggies, Iron
xt 30 clays we I
up) and closing #
ig away goods,
profits been so.
it us to sell at$
sell all of our
s, Kerseys and
at greatly re-$
I the profit off.
s dlark outings*
and jackets to #
than first cost.
Id sizes in shoes *
I at bargains.
noney by calling
n:t 30 days.
reenville, S. C.$
our Yield, use
Fert ilizers
ir, a Money Maker, Beats All.
BLOOD, and other High
est Railroad Station, or
hate and Oil Co.,
N, S.C.
ley & Co., Pickens, S, C.
Ils 'em Cheap.
at a bargain and will sell them
for most anything you want I
>y's knee pants to go cheap.
rgain. A lot of' Shoes to go
market and bring me some
~reen or dry that you can get
don't forget my meat market
iything else you want.
eat Market,
Al O RE,.

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