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Eutered April 23, 1903 it Pickens, S. C., as second o!ass mattcr, under act of Congress of Mlari 3, 1879
Norris Gossip.
Afier a sfeoi. of some tilem,
your poicil pusher will Iry to
muster up 'emns enough to iemind
the maniiy entders of thi-i pnper of
the garden spot of Pickons county.
Now in ordI'er to give a definite
di . -n f itj . Julld oc( ait n, e
har et to ta"con in torrOiltory .ht
cbeo;P, )11h ,. .are pdii UIS "
M ill a inn . ih in r in
Now 1ehg1..0crnro
this nrdon 1spnlt is Six .'l ithill
a v. h an.d o h f".r.
nalil'-s on veh Fid1. E "'1Ae We'l,
then co at st1'raight li'e dovn'st .inI
stet to t-h s le(onty bsot, 1 Caieo.
cheo, which is about throm mile.
-Here0 1 a 0cl)1an littl ottnml
onum, situated onC Twvelve Mi iv.
tr. The mill i rmu part ly by le
trical poethe power plant bejing
a1b .ut (o miile ow the river.
We wHI- niot attompt to( give the
numiber ot bpinidles antd loom-3. 1t,
this m11ill for n,3 wy aro not connect,
e(d with the williig btisirnc49, we
could not-"o the Sulject, juostice-.
Suffice to say it iei at g, l. d tiz niill
to be runniiing only about egiht
yeirs. It imikes white plain c'ot h
altogether of a superior giade.
This mill hirdly ever licks for
help as it pays good wag.s aid is at
(''an healthy place to live.
There is a coipany store that
carries a full iaId complete line of
all kinids of merchaidiso. Beirry
Gary is the minager of the storo,
his Wido experience inl the mercan
tile business eiaibles him to buy
and sell goeds to the benifit of his
* Just two nills in a northeast
course from here is Cateechee's
twin sister, Noiris, which is sittia
ted on the Southern railway. This
was once only a "side track" where
only two passenger trains would
stop and a passenger would have to
get on the train without a ticket
and pay the condictor his fare, now
there is a nice little passonger d.
pot, also good ficight depot.
Triins, No. 11, 12, 39 und 40
stop at this placo now. An iffor;
is I eing made to have No. 36. ihe
morning Fast MaIl to stop also. V
On the east side of this place c
are two stores and postoflice. All
ti e mail tht goes aid comes from
Cateechee hag to go through this
office at Norris. On tho west end v
the inhabitants have taken oi new
life and th..y say N..rris mti1 h a i
towsn. Mr. I. D. Rice has cr.-ated
a neCw store house of good sizeO on 1
Main str- et. H1e cadri ie., a good line
of geineral mnerchaise au1 S i ho 1Cellso
to mteet comspetitioni. Next dho
below MAr. Rhio. is Capt. .J. C GAir
rett, who has sa fall hlno of g.~eera
$11,000 hais beeni su1bscribod for I
the Oretioni of a1 hank at Norris.
Mr. Henry Bowon does quito ani
S extensive businiess. Hie ownis 36
mules an5 d 14 yoko of cattle, keepisng
them busy all the~ time hauling lum
Thel farming land from and about
Six Mite to Norris can't be beat
in Pickesns couniity. Plen ty of i;
that will bring sa al of cot ton to
- thp agr-. Land con1ld haive beens
boug h t 10 y ears ago~. fo r $8 00 pe.r
acre, can not be bought today forI
$:25 00 per sacre aind prop rty righst
clrose to Norris brings from $50 00
to $100.00 per aicro.
Capt. P. Wh iten is erecting is
nlict rosi'lence onl his proper' y nour
the depot. aothe .m
On lagt Sunduayabuthep.m
while the ofliciat ing officer, J. A lons
z) Brown, N'. P., was enjoying the
comllforts of-a wa.rm fir.', a summoin
came that his presenlce wasl ne..ds-n
at the ware house on the icahl p't
form at thec Norrnis inill, real IzinO
that it'was Sunday, hsis honor coul
not imagiiae what was waintod, how
ever, after gettin.e himself together
hie pulled( out. When he go to the
scales he found Mr.- Frank James
anid Miss Julia Smith, both of (Jan
tral, waiting to be weighed in bal
ances to see If they were wanting.
A fter his honor put on the balane a
ho found Mr. Jaimes wanted Miss
S1mit~h to cook'for him for lhfe.
Finding no weigh ts against him, the
request was 80oon granted, Mr. and
M rs. .James loft for Central :and his
honor returned~ 1home1 onie dollanr
heavier. "B.'
The Prettiest an
Two Solid Cases India Linc
The 8%c kind ait 5c. The ioc ki
kind Will go at Ioc. -The 20C 0 and 25c b
2,000 Yards of Percales,
worth 1i2y/c to I 5c-, will go on Opening
Our Large
Union Meetinq Notice. tho Western r
'ho Twelve Mlil Baptist UnJin for his mont ia
rill meet at. Conca rd Baptist church ato a (imand i
n April 28th at 10 i. i. and in that wa
Introductory sormon by B. 0. your cotton see
tkinsori, alteratite S. P. Sloan. the intire Feaar
let Query. If ontd g 'spel sood If tho farmor
ras sown in the ministry, would use tho eookinp
lot Round frtit ho reape(In chill anid cheapor ti]
1_.11herhip? Fr m w henc doe1 %9 - A ner goet lesS t
be church rr ap her un fri~tru me ' heir seedj.
erasl Oponed by' B. P. Monie.~ As it is no0w
2..d Qurery- Ilow slhid the meI~ atid hay
uirchi dleal wIt"1Lh unfrutt fu n'~ii m itt our i,
Cn- Oened by Johnti . e1w is. <b.? bec.mslE~
3rdl Quory. Ilow can we brinig the~ cotItonr seii
bout e rei val and~ mUo-O inltorest. ing oi, mni
t the Unlionb ? Openied by R. W'. their v'alute.
lice. Sabbjathi M issionary sermon buys our oil,
my 13. F. Alurphree. Scrvico open- ships; ud his
og at 11 a. m. and w'.yl beeni
Committee: D). A. Parrott, H. by so donog. I
Ii uloway andtc W. W. Aiken.
bdrl. Edi tor :A
I nioticed a short time ago some
>iie suggested certain persons for
mertainl offices, and(I .1would like
pa)~co enough to suiggest the name
>t a miighlty good citizen and a fino Your doctor
nan for the (Oce of county comlmis- .thin, pale, wv
*loner, that. of Mr. Willi n M. dren becomn
Ian tt. Those who know him in'ti.- -by taking A3
icately, know ho is well qualified Small doses
.o fill this oflice, and as he is a firmS
>eliever in good roads. I for 69r 'rS
.vill p)ledge that the roads of this The change
sounaty will get a good worki4n and very n'A
l'nink this ovtd,! voters, and if. he idoctor why
sill cons~ent to rd ive him your formula and
<ulpporJt if y'ou want good r.oads. ?)tiHitIcii
C itizon. ptoiroort i
\lir . Ed itor : Alur~k
I see some~ll~thin ab'out our cotton
ml hand in your pa.uper of the~ 21st TheIi i
U'iitant, about raising outr ownV~ food ---
;~i~aj)I, I~t I ot ltly W t i lljousness,co
rps bt dd notyht > coil overy. Cureti
lVarm.'rs in Texas are raising their.
iwnt miat, may of thieum at t.hr.-e Se usfo
eets~t pori poitund -4 on Cot tont Seed ,u packa'ges, 2
\Il'al. Hecr,, is the way thle'y do it :1 iulk. Millet si
rar 3 prs cot tonl s,(ed ltwal (St j o.ldeni D.nt at
per O.ut A moia) and1( on p , r; c >rn Pi
meal chops . whoiat bran, or shior t
anid put thomi m a till or barrel and WN. R.
coverwxitih water, when it begi'is to
bubble and forment, thin to cream
thickness, feed andl watch rosult..
Feed it to your sows at any andSuvyra
all ti nes and use practic il commoniSreyra
sensae and you will not have to Redy
d Decidedly the mo
mn, Openina Day
nd at 6%4c. The I 5c
:ind only 15j
36 inches wide
days for only S3c.
Stores Are Stocked
nan 12o per pon d
d lard, but will cr.
or Colton se.4d mal JAMES Al
y will help to make
d brint, you $20 for Practical Bfac<
i of the South would
oil which is better
an lard they would Bring your h
h1 11 $2- per on fort
we buy our lard and I iVE(O TT
ini the west and ship
bullb a d meal, alndl T E mi '
ml~ lan whoi. makes Eli dU Iu.
d de buy the cook.
iain'l hull s and p ay lo u oki u
The westeri n mm c ii. fhlk~td
Pratical Btockw
/Br fpisaig your have
~~'il tll ou hatlak advt ag he to th
mearol and huell n
fr, ayf~ ays. erchnlrigD
10cos ery ost.
.,ed. eri y ur ._._.._.
ifs. ~~~Furer.
wille1~dU Sle ourentir tock w~
e im|n iesaniihyu.av
furnishing goodslunowdisNa
,for a e das ecatTioigDpr
ispto prve nmt r- PisI h akr
willurni oiiitneI
te torie;eanlittho"
3uMiss' rden am, N. o te. -r pl
fo -- . hav . n ralo hs
1stipatron eed re- ' o eoer s
ekuis'sn Garn jsiuy BC-CEAdsID E
Do A LeT, and
rd aereo eed,,osno uyurmn
oyL rfn. Dontwt
oro egsts-m siz0o i a
lod Notarn Ptblc ,
OR m .
st Moderately Priced Hats
g rmbriderThy Sa
l, 1'ke it inltVresting I
\V sill sell 6,)o vairil-; iblr.
()ne lot, no a per a t
nIlost of it. Wvorth to i es
O elot the i e u
5 cents, at onl o cen.ts.
With Every Kind of Flerc
..0 COM/E Al
is to Imle to be shod11 riwht.
e foot. not thle foot the: shoe~0. ocl~it~:
ill n1ow he0 soldi at a grieat rd uctionl
not1 b~out. your overcoat, s-; .it ori IIIVt
tRood titile to save 111alliey,
is dIro; in1 price before somle (als. . 4L
ressing~ of' all cltnade inI our
ment. -.~Nik
R~II ii g wel l dresI)1 .
Ilihc st)11 e. botars
etI n enn2 ,I( O't ha o
b, ~go e, eila. Af ithe w e u t o
~ 77 ho~io(yetd oi 's h a our C(
~dre lIo 't io yao---th .tr
Thke icte se hot gi-(
4 AO~~4W.fl ~'fo ly bM n y r nae o, i
___$ 1. F
4 CH~ " -~ -
K.iED - IK~U~J ~. iehoo ~ro
Ever Shown.
le On Opening Dayes
or the Ladies on opening clays,
iery at about one hlIf its value.
lot worth less than 5 cents and
its, will go at only 5 cents.
)f all, woul c sell easily for 15 tO
handise '
Stylish Quality
I.o T11
liusi ni
\ . 'e DESGNE
se lbsna).;
1; (reestyIIte, S. C.
akes for CJhristmas havo arrivod and the
gains to offer the trade during
ie holidays.
3, shoes5, 1I)ntS, underwear, ovehirts
fascinators, union suits, calico, corsets,
hihdreni. Don't forget to got a sack of (in
ias cakes, tho be st in Amorica. You ca n
o-i flour. Trho best is the cheapaaet. Yours
H ARRIS, By llmsef.'

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