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The Sontinel-ournal Company,
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable
Entered at PicketnH Postofice as Second Clan
Mal Matter
Metrological Table
ny .John T noggs, observer, Licerty, S. C,
Temciperature. .9
Character of
'0 tho day.
25 45 3a *T Cloudy.
20 60 l7 0 Cloudy.
. 59 47 1.0 WCloudy.
28 65 43 .2 Cloudy.
29 66 48 8.0 Cloudy.
80 65 48 *' % Cloudy.
31 53 38 0 %Cloudy.
Trace of ralti, less than ono hundredth
nch of rainfall
Southern Railway Making Survey foi
a New Line.
The Asheville Gazette-New. print
the following:
An engineering corps from the of
fice of Mr. Boswell of the Souther
railway company with headquarters i
Asheville, was dispatched yesterday t
Rosman in Transylvania county fo
the purpose of surveying a line frot
that point to Seneca, S. C., on th
main line from Washington to At
lanta. It is said that this line wil
assuredly be built, reducing the tim
between Asheville and Atlanta nti
placing Asheville on i direct line with
the Georgia city. The road will alsc
produce a daylight ride from Asho
ville to Atlanta The prosposed build
ing of this aborter line to Atlanta was
told by The Gazette-News severa:
months ago.
Peoples of Pickens are you going
to- set down and see this road taker
from your very doors? You have 9
miles of the road already graded and
in operation and can oiler as good
route, as easy a grade for this road a
Seneca can, and why not make a puli
for it? Do not sit down on the stoo
of "do-nothing" and let other towni
get the plum. It is up to you. Yor
have no board of trado to act for you
so appeal to your inltendlant and board
of aldernaen. It will pay the town
ships, of this county through whiclj
the road would run to vote bonds, m1
give them in cash, a sum suflicien
to bring the road through this way
Will the board of aldermen of tb
towns of Easley and Pickens get tu
gether and see what they can do to
ward turning the road this way
Gentlemen it is up to you, will yor
do anything for your respective towmi
and the county at large. If you will
go to work; if you wont, step dowi
and out and let some one fill youi
places that baa a progressive spiril
about them..
State Ne ws.
A negro in the Yorkville jail, on the
charge of an attempt of assault, has
a severe case of small pox.
Seven murder cases have been
docketed for trial at the next term of
sessions court to be held at Chester
Greenville has dceded land for
the purpose of a hospital site, and1(
$7,000 toward the building has been
A jury has giveni a verdict of $8,000
to a man in Abbeville against the
Seaboard railroad company for the
loss of a leg.
-Charleston is to have a big ferti
lizer plant. It is believed that the
purpose of this organization is to
buck the so called trust.
Representative Aiken has introduc
ed a bill for the erection of a mnonu
ment -at Clemson College to the
~ezrory of Gen. Andrew Pickens.
The State Board of Pension (lom.
ma sioners has been hard at work on
th.apeosion reports. The statements
are in very much better shape than
they hove been in previous years,. but
~ n a Lumber of counties the workc has
been carelessly done and the reports
, 1's'l have to be sent back hr correc
cosY105:eceived from the trucking
:jabout Charleston show that
~ ~ o~d ave did considerable dam
S*,being the most destructive in
d~~~ ara. Bea no, cuouwnbers, pota
Aod strawberries are badly hurt,
j b obanges will be delayed sever.,
e Dnna and cumnL'era will
b largely replanted.
Charged with wife-beittg, George
Smith, a middle.age v h te nan liv.
ing in tho Campordown mill -villago
in Clieenville, was tried booro Mayor
Malon. convioted, and seat to the
chain gang.
-There is roum at tho top for the
man who can pesh the other fellow
-Any man who would laugh at
your mistakes would got angry if you
should laugh at his.
-If tlo scar-ity f labor fo-te. a
tie tarinars to Ithe itfeneive firming
system it will prove a bleLsing in di .
-The spwctlaimrh aro still ham
mering away at th- cotton market.
Up and downa goi.s the piico of the
-The el-ck I as a strange way of
telling different tales with the 3 me
faco. If it to!'s one man to hurry up,
it tells the next man who looks that,
there is I-lenty of time.
The Easley In
surance Agency,
of E asley, S. C., is
capable to insure
any kind of risk.
Life, Health, Ac
cideint,Steamn Ioi
1er and Fly-wheel
Insurance and
all classes of Fire
Insurance. Spec
ial attention giv
en to country bus
iness as well as
town and city.
We represent 14
large companies
and insure any
thin g. G.ive your
business to us and
we will save you
E. P. McCravey.
A. C. Pinickney.
A umn wiho once had rough-h1orny
hanids mader them soft and smooth with
Witch Hr: zel salvo, but ho used the goni
nine-that bearing the namoi "'E. (I. Do
Witt & (Co. Chicago." For sores, boils,
cuts, burns, bruises, etc., it hats noi equal,
ea~ affords almost immediate relief fronm
blid, bleedinlg, itchting amnd prIotruldinlg
pilOS. Sold byv Pikonus Drug co.
For Thin
Fat is of great account
to a baby ; that is why
babies are fat. If your
baby is scrawny, Scott's
Emulsion is what he
wants. The healthy baby
stores as fat what it does
not need immediately for
bone and mus cl e. Fat
babies are happy ; they do1
not cry ; they are rich;
their fat is 1 a i d up for
time of need. Tie are
happy because thie y are
comfortable. The fat sur
rounds their little nerves I
and cushions them. W hen
they are scrawny t h ose t
nerves are hurt at every
ungentle to uch. They
delight in Scott's Emul
sion. It is as sweet as a
wholesome to them.
Send for free sample.
Die sumre that this picture Iry
the form of a label Is on the. b]
wrapper of overy botl o~ O
Emulsion ycu buy. f
Scott 4r Bown( n
* .Piew York
50c. and $I.00 a
All Druggists
. For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of .$ $
1'irating FoleY'u Mioney and Tar.
Foley & Co., Chioago, originated
lone1.y and Tar as a throat AI lung
woedy, aud ou account of th0 great
nerit of Foloy's 11uony and Tar
nany worthless imitations aro offer
d fcr the genuine. Thloe worthless
uitution have iimilar sounding names.
Blowaro of thom. Tile genuiue Foley
[Ionoy and Tar ii in a yellow package
\sk for it and rofuso any nubstitute. It
.. the boot remedy for voughli and c kldi
L1ickens Drug Co., It. F. Sinith, Easloy
A H1callsig Gosoin.
The Itov. J. ( Warren, pastor of Sha
ron Biptist church, Bolair, Ga., says of
Ilectrio Bitters: "It's a (lodsond to
inikind. It oured me of lame bick,
tlV joitsl, and complto phys'cd (!,'.
lapse. I was 8o weak it took m4 hailf an
h-mur to walk a milo. Two bottiea of
1'.i'ctrn Uil ers havo Imado Ime so s'r('ng
iht i ive j'at wailk I throo milos in 50
iinutes and feel lko I coutld walk threo
mi e.'oi mmo. It's ma-lo a new nnit of
mei." Grolotest reiedy for weakness
.) ltomaoh and all kindi of liver and
idney nmpin ta. Hold unlor nuaran
(l at Picius Drug Co. PiCO 50u.
'Ihn Yel'ow Fover Geirmn.
las recently been discoverorl. Tt iears
close reetiblance to the malastria germ.
Po fio the lsyscm fr..m the grlls of
li(1aS1, t* - iont effoetivo rmeedy in Dr.
Kiug's N- w Lifo Pills. Gunarateo.l to
-l'e ill diNa(ies Lu11 to 1111 ertia piON011
iid constipation. 25. at, Pickens Drug
They never grips or sicken, but
cleano and strongthen th stomach, liver
and howols. Thai is th universal ver
diot of thlo many tiottinds who uo Da
Witt.'s Littlo Early Riserq. ThesO fa
111os litllo pilla relievo headacho, Con
.tipatioi, bilhous:.es, janadioe. torpid
liver, sailow ct*)lomplexiion, etc. Try Little
x'airly losers. Hoid by Piekons Drug Co.
T- Nv Couli Syrtp--the one that
:;is 11 a. i' eat himrt(io ol the bowels-is
onntedly' L[ :xai ive . oy Tnd Tar. It,
< i xp al coh llm lie syh141UI, 0ut4 tile
phlegll out I f tho tlroat. strenightens.9 the
.'1111s m011bn11 oIM Of tho bronchial
11nbW., H11.1 relieves eroulp, whoo0(ping
'otughi, (t.. Childron love it. Sold 1)3
'iekenls Drug Co.
Chamborlainl's ;oxugh Itemedy the loth
or's Favorlite.
Tile goot.hin-g and healing propeirtics
of this remedy, itsi pleasant taste and
1-rompt and permanent cure-s havo mado
it i favorito ivith people every where. It
is especially priz< d by mothers of simill
,lbildron, for colds, crolp nud whooping
cough, as it always affords quick relief,
and am it contains no opitim or othar
harmful drug, it may he given as confi
dently to a baby as to an1 adult. For sale
by Pickens Drug Co, aud T. N. Hunter,
For 1111iousnie8s tan(1 Sick Headache.
Take Orino Liaxitive Fruit Syrup. It
sweetenR the stomach110, tids digestion
and nts as a gentle 0t-titilciut oil tihe
liver and bowelo withont. irri titing theRe
orgais. Orino Llxative Fruit Syrup
cures biliousness and ha1bitial coistip.1
tion. Doce nit nanisieate or gripo and
is mild and plentsanj1t to take. Renem
ber the namn Orino and refuso to take
any substitute. Pickenu Drug Co., It.
-F. Smuith, Easley.
Startiaig But True.
Peopnl th1 world over were horrified
on learning of the burning of a Chicago
thoalro in which nearly six hunired p1o
p)lo lost their lives, yet more thau11 five
times this nuumber or over 3,000 peoplo1
died from ptlneonia in Chicago during
sam1o year11, with seaircely at passing 110
tico. Ev'ery onle of these canses of pneu-~
mon110ia esutlted from a cld and( could
beau provented b~y timuely u~e1 of Ch~am.
berlain's Cough Remledy'. A greait many
whlo 1had overy raoio to1 fear pnutmonia
have wanrded it off bly the pI~omp~lt usoe of
this remedy. Tfho followmng ie an iui
stantce of tiis sort : "T'oo mnuch canlnot
b~e said1 in favor (of Chamnberlaiin's Cough
ltem, dy3, and( espie Ily for colds end in
iluenza.i. I know that it cured my daugh..
icir, Laural, (of ai severe coldl, 1and 1 believo
savI~ed her life when e was thlreatned
with pneumon001ia."' W. D. Wilcox, Lo.
galn, New York. So!d by Pickens D~rug
Co. and( T. N. HunlIter, Liberty.
This is to certiify I hat all druggist are
auiithorize to0 rC efun d your11 mloney if Foa
103 '8 .1oe and0' 11( Tar fails to enre youri
congh ('r coild, it stops the cough,
heals th< hnege and1( prevents seriouse
resutltsi from11 colds, Cure lP4 a grippe
(congh~ and1( preOvents pnenmllionia and conI
51umpt1ionl. Conitaitns 1no opiates. The11
genuine in a yellow package. Refuse all
subttituites. Pickens Drug Co., B. F.
Smith, Etai6y.
Afraid of Ctrolng Medicinen.
Malny peIopIo suffer for years from
rllhlumatie palinsO, and1( prefer to do so
rotherci tha take 1114 thel strong medicines
Iusuallly given for rhenmtatism, noft knlow.
ing thati quick relief froml paini may be
had s imply113 by n1pplyi)ing Clthambterhla'
rul in itrnay. For saZlo) by Jiekens
D~rig Co. an'd 1'. N. Ullner, iberty.
Beor.rit the lae Kilnd You1 Ila Always Boug
All 011d tin'e( onghi Syrups bind1( the
owells. Th11 1 is rog. A new~ idlea
vas1 adivanie~d I wo0 years ag~o ini Kenneldy's4
atxative H-otney and1( Tarn. This remledy'
tct on1 thle mutcltos membran111es of tihe
throat and lungs and( losenstlho b~owels
t th samoe tme. 1t0 e'xpels tall coldI form
10 system. It clears the thlroalt, and(
~ren1gthenIs the mucouq tmembrane,', re
eyes((~ enghs, coi n, oupO1j, whooping
oughe, etc. Sold by Pickens Drug 00
The Host P~hiy8e.
When you wanlt a ph1ysic1 thait is mild
ud gentle, easy to te and( ertain to
t, alwvays tuse Chamberlain's Stomnaoh
1(d Liver TJablets. For sale by Pickens
rug Co. and T. N. Hunlter, Liberty, '
Men 1rast Sixty in ilangor.
More than htalf manikind over sixty
xire of ago suffer from kidniey and
adder disordersa, usually enlatrgeme~tt
prostrate glanid. That is both pat ini
tI and danigorouls, an~d Foley's Kidney
ure should be taken at the first sign of .
luger, as it corrects irregularities and u
15 cured manny old men of this disease.
[r. Rodney Burnett of Rook Port, Mo.$
rites: "I suffered wvith onlarged pros
ata gland mnd kidL oy trouble for years
ud after takinig two hot tles of Foley's
:iduoey Cure 1 feel better thanlt I haveo
>r twenty years although I am now 91
(arsold.' Pickous Drug Co, B.'F.
mith, E asloy.
VANTED-: Every week, 40 or 60 pounds
will pay the top of the market incs
r in trado.
I have somne cooking stoves at a bar
AloBrowns Mule tobaceo,
m. n rr.
A. A
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been.
In use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
and has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you In this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good" are but
Experimnents that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children-Experience againist Experiment.
Castoria is a harnless- substitute fbr Castor Oil, Pare..
gorie, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It
contains iither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotte
subst4mce. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
aud allays Feverisiness. It cures Diarrhcoa and Wind.
Colic. It relieves Teetihing Troubles, cures -Vonstipation
and Flatlciicy. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacca---The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kilnd You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
-re o ENT4.Ul. ELr..-JN., #. V 4UR~^V yTr .RZ, NEW YORK OtTY.
flillinery! Millinery!
I have a nice lot of Fashionable Millinery of all the latest pat.
terns, right fresh from the fashion centres. Call and inspect
this line. You'll be pleased with it.
A full and complete line of Spring Dress Goods, Dry Goods
and Notions, all of which will be sold at living prices.
See me for anything you need. I carry a complete line of
general merchandise and can save you money.
A share of your patronage solicited.
Notice of Final settiement anid is)icharge. Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
N OTICE is hereby given that we will All p having claims ugainst the
A make application to J. 13. Newbery estate of T. E. Miles, deceased, tre re
Esq., Judge of Probate for Picke-is qested topresetthesitne to tho under
county, in the State of South Car<lint signed for paymet by the 1st day in
on the 11th day of April, 1906, at May. 1906. Those indebted to said 11
o'clock in the forenoon, or as soon there- a I. st make p L. N. Geer.
after as said. appleation e 'in. bo heard,Adi.
for leave to maike floal settlement of the 2 ne.3 nesn .C
estate of Mrs. N. E. Morgan, deceasd, -___________
an d ob~tain d isoharge as administrators of
said esate. . I I ~ '
J. K. Lathem,HAR ASA I
1B. A. Morgan, _ ~ aixnn~oU
meh14w5 Admiisatrators.~tO o~oo~
Notioeto Debos ~adr reitors
ACouensny avig caim agins th
By 3.B. Nwber, EsqireProb te of wil apE t. ies deeed, ror
dgquete dgto ofpinhesameuntyo the 2er
WherasB. nstr I~itl muiesigefopamnbyte1t day ofArli96frafnlstlmn
traion~vih illahicxQ f te Etat case.nz a90 k Toe iebt as Aid e
'i'eue IAOtlarofor t cie nda e us m make pamet.L.N Geers.
creitos ~A~ rt uidAnnGri 21 Nomrch.sd - Andersons. C
hoda i~aCout oices.c, (eii'lceu.
Weres, to ster Keih madytey ui vel
thol meogt him Ltnters Plaidminis
traioen under wil hanxd anof l thi steNS
yeof d ee decAn GriiFdcae . .lozaorV .Tr' urB
Thesem Luoither1'aforentoacihters-dtal
mois all- and sigua th kinre and -leradieidnoaeun o
Ncrer ofItheaid Antlnt otrife'1tnt leDin~ans
decasil at th1 B eyberd aPerbte-~o r irb samic n
hueld fot Pikens Couty one t. C. onhqiro oaJsc' h opan ti
. h hday of April, 19inl 06,l en aft n li~ui iedi h fieo h
pub Ile ic t i hero, t 11 o'loi th e Clkof orta 1'cia, . .,ndo
foeoo, to( ish ow bae, ifs ayAd they 'ea01 fyurase otesi
hintatv, wytesi amnsrto le ntm usmesa hi
Mrs.Buha V.Lancste. bat1o Judg Pickens. Countyhn thenty
3 2 4t Aminstatrx.days fte ril 19C6 frie hreof, selmen
__ iof the estat of suchnerv.ion, do.f
r~.~ce~f i,,~iScitlent. ce aild at aswe th e dismisseais A
2Ip1lioa io B.ii s t r a () t h Courtnfg.
o0oook A J idolwgiR0l
on hilt dy of(Aprly1900,itck1rLs.
said ~l~lhiC~i~ileonSummhardforoervReef-omant o
J.J .Mradees ,edoti 'l. C. reynmr and h RobisnI
4tshag day exfcuril, 196 nth3t of A.nneoar, abe. And Knnmor,
J. . Natebr, T i fant,aieNrieleTe.W
1 p .Mogn p leinLcin Tate th e heirs-nat-naw
mob 13w xecutors - hboer anael esenoch eun foreong
Judg fo PicensCouny o the25s qire o~ answe the comipaint win fi
---------f------Ji the estate of Roer IeGler, e l rk oio Court ftPce ,S . n o
Mrs BlaV.Lacate. IflcatPickn, . ., ithi ~twety
M3R28C4EA RAdmnSTrntrix dasafe 1 the servi'careof,ecu
make npplication to J~~~~. B. NebrRhsa-io -l pl oh Cor o r
E., tidget at Pbate plor Picen treifdmnde aI hs opli
couny ip tihes tat les Soth Con~a laed1t ach10
fte froon orhi va soton lheuroaftea*
~ oapti aeafnlstlmn teet pl o f n trrervys.
sfchg nd cuos of Ann1 hadowa, asn~ipt, ad unknown
or g.K.Lthm d enldebiltysou, iig, n a
. A. organtke stomache all due. tumon indetn
fodrmnd oh13watExctorsy a biove astae ae he theyeitnahaly stoegch,
anwhryowattgoanweilgi4 coine with the greatet knwas toie
iyutei z raio yrtr al n rheconftrc ftie pro f heCerti. do Dfor
Pepika Curedoes.nU. on cure 1nstlyof
MOR CAP. RAT, T. M'.~ adh dys906i. but thi faosremed
Roundres alltitomeasoatroebss byacleae-ing
fae rmMmhsvCotton lelt Route u~ynsetnn n teghnn
ATLANA, Mr 8.No appetit, of tren gth , rVs s
a rGC. 6 rn d 2 as trbedch e oatonl o badil brath,
genoer delty sou rvii sing an catrr
tpovr bot whsad2 asrtr Kodol rsdigestson hs new discoV.
fodr-n- lkyordt n a whe ttlnes thy. esi n h eal2tye sthmach,
po sia ueh oils ot ' nl cends tn
u.~3Use~ m~Scure3I Sol aly stomckroes byu Cnsng
CotnBl ot, prfig setnn n teghnn
t~ hemit) 010i houtse,
ious or dizzy. they act di. I
& rectly on the liver. 0.,if :
Want your moustache or beard BUCKING HAM'S DYE
abeautiful brown or richblack? Use FLnEu 0 DV.V1JU1fbrU oi.?. HIALLa & CO.. NASUA. N. U.
Discri ml nating
Can be pleased in their shoes if they come
to us. Our stock is large-selected with care.
Selected with the idea that grood value makes
and holds customers. If you have not been
buying your shoes from us, try us next time
you need a pair.
Pride & Patton,
Ten cent cotton has put lots of money in the country.
Many people have been robbed and killed for their Money.
Safe blowers have tried the
and failed to get the money. Delays are dangerous. Open
an account with them today and your money wili be safe.
Interest paid on time deposits.
-. C. Shirley, Cashier.
$1.oo will open an account with the Liberty Bank.
Is gone and lovely Spring time is
lhere. To feel comfortable we must
shed our winter garients and ar
ray our selves with things suitable
for the season. We are well pre
pared to satisfy the lady that is seek
ing for cheap or expensive garments.
Our line of white goods, laces and
embroidery will far suppass any
* thing that we have ever had and
SMrs. Freeman is still behind our dry
goods counters anxious to sell and
Splease every in the country.
Ifyou are seeking honest goods I
Sat honest prices, wve extend to you A
a cordial invitation to visit our store
for anything in the line of general
~ One--Price Cash Store
J. McD. Bruce, I. M. Mauldin,
President. Cashier.
CAPITAL - - - - - $20,500-oo
PROFITS - - - - - 18,o0o.oo
DEPOSITS - - - - - 140,00o.00
-5 Per Cent Intcrcst Paid On Deposits .:
J. F. Banister, B. A. H-agood, W. M. Hagood,
J. M. Stewart, J. E. Boggs, J. McD. Bruce.
T. N. Hunter, H. A. Richey, J. P. Carey,
I have a good lino of
Among them are the recommendable old style Seth Thomas
Clocks with weights, whicb I aw selling at special bargains.
And a new line of SILVE~RWA1%E. Also solid Gold and
Silver WATCHES. A nice line -of' spentacle's I guarantee
glasses to fit eyes. All kinds of repaig work in the jewelry line.
HI. SNIDER, - -. Easley, S. C.
The kind that at made at the Lest studios of the larger cities.
The kind that will not fade. That aro natural anid lifolike.,
and finished on the latest and prettiost cards to be had.
Nine lino of manuthrag nd1 frnmes of nny si.,n made to o..e..

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