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-4 N
Cerymn ,rea
tdons, and thouse
_ the humbler wai
hiDDellina of a Local alul Persolnal Nature s
- -Mr. Norris and S. M. Cox, of the
Saluda side of the county were in c
Pickens Thursday-.w
--Mr'jor J. M. Stewart lhas been ly
quite sick for the past week, but is
better at present writing.
- -AIl (l~d Soldi..rs who ha~ve not ap- o
S plied for a cross of honor will call on3 s
Judgo J. B. Newberry for blank ap. te
p'sications'. fa
--Muarried on the 25thI uIt., at
the residec.Ilo of James lIlhe, ha
]3uphus Ponder to Nora Hill, (color
ed). S. F. Keith, magistrate, ofliciat.
ing. i
S- A good crowd was in Pickens p
Monday to attend the sales and to
transact other business. There were su
onl.; two tracts sold and they brough t Gi
good prices- hi,
-A. B. Fortner and Vardry Rig- bi,
don of the upper sectil on of the cour - th
ty got in a row last Thursday and as ty
a consequence Rigdon was shot in
the thigh. It is not a serious wounid co
a id he will ho all right in a few M
-M'~r. G. W. Russell, of the Bruhiy t
Creek section of Anderson county, hi
among others, was in Pickenis Tue1ls- of
daty in the intereet of a bridgeo acro-s w
the Eighteen. The county commb-h teI
sioners heard the complaint aind will he
erect a suitable bridge at once. d
-Don't fail to seje the ad of A. C.
Sutherland, of Rock, in this issue.
He carries a full line of general mer- 1
chandise and in vitcs the people of this al
section to inspect his nice line of mnil h
linery, dry goods and dress goodr. a
Give him a call; he wdll treat you righ', ~
ivory time.
-The sales Mouday brought a good
crowdt to town anid the bidding wasi
litely. In the sale of land of Griflini
vs. Looper, sold to perfect titles, 55
acres was i ought by Hen F. Giriflin,
for $200. The Bale of Thompson vs.
'IThomnpos, for partition, 100 acr-s
was hocu ht by J. Frank MeJunkin
n old and well
O.)unty, died at
the home of J. L., Sanders, on theo 9th
of February, agsd 86 years. Wheni
quite young he united with the Biy
A tist church and always lived up to the
profession of faith. For many yearH
he was a groat sufferer, but bore hi.s
pains with cbristian fortitude. HeI
buried at Liberty, llev. W. T.' Abbot.t
co iducting the funeral service. lH o
loaves a host of relativos and friends'
to mourn his death.
-Yo mstno epe, s o no
'ryting Wehv towr il
metie jst lko omeothe peple
> hnyoInwofayhigta
u k/o uh t omti pa4r
d viclso aeinerstd n
~moudended saby ifteb
y appecit itayoll cand- u lc i
-Yo mut ot xpet s t liow -The Easley Bi
(ryhiu. W hae t ivrk litlesistance of the Pi
metme ustlik soe oherpeolegive an entertainme
~ihe yo knw o anthig tat.Graded School audi
ii tio: ogh togo n he a~m, ight, April 6tdi '
d *vc ~~t ae iteretedinwill consist of the
me rundandtel us b~u it Wefat ce, "TI oio Dreat
II pprcite t nd ouwil crtan-specialties betwveen
soe it in the paper. music wiill be futi)
-The governor has appointed C. T ad~Thsia
itrtinl, of Eisley, W, H. Chapman,moefntohetq
Liberity-, and W. WV. Aiken, of Sun- ie Oita f.n
[, S. C. as an investigating commit-. mn~y.Pi
>to look into and check up the a!' ih eutint
rs of the countv. It is to be hopedo-or.Cmou
at they will find everything all 0O n noyahat
,anid not such a state of e'fairs as ~nj.~ e
Sbeen discovered in some of the fo h hr
be-r counties. boe oni o
-Rev P. F. Crawfor-d past-'r of igo atwe
e Baptist Church at this p)lace wvill i o nPc~
each his fir.- sermon Sunday night. Mna vnn
r. (Urawfor-d htas been quite sick te r cu~n
tee he moved to this State fromreiltc.'hee
torgia and has not been able to meettedothmac
appointments. He is recovering hp httere
a health and hopos' to ba able in fmc inttt
e future to fill his pulpits at Liber
,Cato4 chee and this place. ~ ~ *J .M
-Emery Scott, a sigteen-y-ear-old o
lored boy shot himself accidently ~1)1l3 h
ondahy evening, (lying in about two neiglns.
mr. He wans going to a new ground ~isRce h
wvor-k and1 was caraying a gun with
mr. In attempting to set the gnn3hl wsmal
I a stumpl the hammier struck some udvadrah
ay and fired the gun, the !oail en- (id"' t
injg the tight breast. The careles LGSY
mdi~ling of lire-armts c Muses manyisreddt b
mada- pr -tfrtehah ore Warns, theoq
i-rond hrdwae ma adknoshed youstha afodt
wi o(i~li issokt h et ecno to :e
ivnee idwdslyof r e. BrCom, outH
an-aeti C~hscetdaand enjo at hearky
II who have se~broen it sawno a vrd ndho
is tai ei i- xo ce ponoity Pickad
4hiso nteptiingmetchatsonda thi enoing we
(Oud. ' heyear-y ay ting c hey ar ocupig
Ui( 8.11 t rght 'te yungm rtesince.g The ftei
~hieH (OX, hiiti, ie ec -ad i torendt them ai o
ugyailhre, lradfothe thit thbei si
get rom his irmthou bute at be hic tomooink.
tail toinspectlhisgerinlinelflgoos.
larg (iiritites aid elltit a n~ocd ofveal chrind
urchasourdath and reace<
For the past
[Goods, Clothin
stores are pal(ck
and are anxiomi
Dress Good'
Our line this season by
shown. The prettiest hue
Pickens. Everything in wh
embroideries to match. .1
suits. Big line of black go
and Gents F
The largest and best s
you want clothing with fit,
We buy nothing but the b(
lines of clothing we handle
noted for its fit and wearing
We carry double the si
three times the amount. S
men's and Children's Oxfo
rs of
Clothing, Shoes, Hats an
md, with the a
kens Band, i 1
at in the Pickeub
lorit m on Fridal
'he ent rtainmient
roarng cmed --W. C. Smith on the S. W.
ful Twin '', with Dell place has tis land well prep'1
the acets. Thei anid ixpects to) make the bmumper
Ished by the tw of his life. He cuts his aicreage~ e
good show .nd year and says he finds it b'ette
are inob, is prom himn to do this as he gets to puit
led by a barrel of time and attetntoi to tlbe prepari
15 and 25 cents of the soil and lhe highly fert
families of twelve all of his land and now makes 1
and help the by on one acre than he formerly' di
laugh. two. He has smoothed up his lan
hauling out all the rocks and has
pnre, Congressman them in the swvaggs and low p
Ion district, has and has thrown up his terraces
Ith and left Wash- both sid's with a shovel. H1e
0 recuperate. Hie model farmer and othe~ra woukl
', having arrived well to pattern by him.
Eth his family, and -W.T Carter Smith has aa
the B. A. Hlagood cow lhe bought from 1'. 1B. Mla
aple of Pickens ex that he brags on powerfully.
rdial wvelcuo and gives live galloni of milk a day
iy here may prove which he makes two pounds of lir
Mr. Legare. That does pretty well for a scrub
inL. Seabrook, di ed -Mrs. St'aan Wilson, relict o
arlottesville, Vai., late ,J. WV. Wilson, died at the
ad instant, after a of her daughter, Mrs. li. M. Ro
He leaves a wife near Liberty, un last TIhursday n
ren. His wiife was March 29th, after a lingering ill
rnley, of Pickens. She was seventy-five years oh!
alay and L. C. leaves six children, C. Md. Wits
a by telegram Sat Texas; L. T1. Wilson, of A ikas
1 there before he F. M. Rogerr, of Liberty; Mrs
my of many friend. Eades and Mrs. 5. E. Smith, of
reaved ones in this ley, and M~ a. S. H1. Pa ice, of 1
->,besides a host of relahtve
friends to mourn her death. HI
or Intendent and mains wero laidl to rest ini the<
serve the town of tory at Mount Zion church, near
resltg year ths tral, on Saturday following heri
Bc, rsutnnte a large concourse of sorrowmn
C ruc, .Itendent' tives and friends witnessing the
5 Wardens. This quires.
officers na Pickeras -The third Sunday in this n
is they are .1lllpub- is the day set apart for an all
Sthey 'will lose no singmng at the Central, S. 0,1]
rance the interests church. All loverni of music a
tchi Pickenis coe vittd to attend. Thle simging iw
conducted by Mcl). Weames
nstant, Mrs. W. C. Saturday night beforo air. WV
ig fruit on the stoie will give a free mnuasicat ent,-rtaiia
ith the lid op tight. at the abovo named placed
it needed attention --The millinery opening b)
I as she started to Heath-Uruce-Morrowv compan;
xplosionl took plaice Friday anid Saturdlay was well a
t, all over her and ed and w, a a Igrnd suc!ess from:
her. Goad hiouse. point of view. The display<
e warning and use goods, millinier;, hats, etc., is tI1
,ight fitting lid in and largest ever p~ut out by tl
This bucket was a tarprising liem. Their upj-to-dal
and when it explod- imethouds and1( a liberal amn
he fruit and rose to ,ceou use of printers ink is bi
use, ep far them as large a vohunue C
29th uit, the infant' as eilj ,vOd by amny house in th<
Mhs. Steve Gaillowaiy. R110d " ti of i the at te .
.hie (ll following itsi IOE SH N
month we have been receivin
', Shoes, H1ats and G-ents Fun
,( -fmin top to bottom. hlIey a
to be unloadod.
I Dress Goods Idhall
Dress G ood Godman, XAalkao vc
far surpasses any we have ever 50 )er cent but all
of white goods ever shown in and will go at old
ite goods for waists with laces and
lig lot of silk goods for shirt waist Fu rn it
ods and suiungs.
Shoes, H ats 1Buying as we
urnishing Goods. 10 to 15 per cent <
needed for your h<
elected stock in the upcountry. If'
style and quality you get it here.
st-it pays. Among the different [ard W a
is the Horse Shoe brand which is,
qualities. Surreys,
Shoes We haven't
things we would
.ock we did two years ago and sell y
ee the immense line of Men's, Wo- I want and we
rds. The old "Battle Axe" still We keep evei
Yours T
d Gents Furnishing Goods a specialty. Sole agents I
Walkover and Stetson Shoes.
0'- --We call attention to the ad. of BUSINESS L
nred these en terprising' and popular mer-.
crop ahanits, Craig Bros , in this is uie.FOlSL g
very They talk spring goodis, the entire bg' ha.Ai
r on outfit, and are showing a nice line KAn tNao
nore and fine selction1s. Miirs. Freemn'm is yfieBae p
ition) in chairge of this depart ment and can
l:'zes assst you miateiilily in selecting your uinachml,2
ner puchae.Cal anl iwpct hei bggy cJea.CAni
-1 b __ \V 1)0)0 he 1 o~ an fr?.andh dpraugh hor80.
R )11wl ewtnu o l1,y ' at Nea ey & Gol
from~y in Black isa
isno purchae Cal aftd thsecflt o thih riginy aJ. F.ra
1 dy -Wn hApri o thhorrughsyand frenz
U"I wil contnuo t holdyown thNpeac
-The Sentinel Journal confesses 32 f 1
erub to a decided feelinmg of symplathly for LNI O
.1(n1 the rural free dlelivery cirriers. '.103thceey1 go
She are 11n indispensanble, haridworked,arewltinro.
fronm poorly paid set of goverunn:nt ('flicialsl,ig.CrMlSa
ttrwhgoin all k inds of wealther toGiwt nevarp
co.serve tho public.9miefr Genl
- h _A large number of the farmersbrdeod.Ti
moin this cunty have their lanfds posteddrtce.Cala
gers, and birt hunters are badly circum.$50
igli' scibd The farmevrs have d eterinf- L.I
nessii. en to protect the songeters andi insect
an killhers.hoetafuz sill
Mrs. --The SoutinelJomnal)11 is adding e.annlotrHy
E. L. goito a niumber of ::ew suibscribers to nbr teioml a
Fa-its list. This is caminpaigri year and1t efr hi i
1111(1 iio*toernsprongeepeasond onft:
C~ii jiastnt osolrabacolove, andput inC
or 5 (lay OH thoroughlyBettrapaytth
-A new re6o0 aores.ti10ngog<
case in coutres, weligtdiaterode.
On ined im C80 ifStiiclan, ihaged CrM i a
with killin, hwitiffnebewatee th
ammle frm reevi
bridge road. This wfo wek go
las aou a"see~y ril.-dibrthep Cl n
act, and at otherery
to erfrmrhei#fu
soldr Notcy.P insDu
Leebu- h-ay your ina tax b Sthte 5tha
are instandtoaa she an p~t' ino 5
leth jdayBiist h on the 11oads. #at
rela -Road. tax i s $150 the i s r cofnty,
fb or 5x daysg lonthud Bieei payth
o thor pulic i~ii ih abr i esio
aptist Y- nw~ ro on fre coni'uing Sa.c
o n , nud t casotof stevikhln, rge.
g big shipments oi Dry
aishing Goods until our
LO chock full of bargains
Among the other leading brands are the
e and Stetson, Leather has advanced 25 to
our shoes were bought before the advance
ure Furniture
And Lots of It.
do in car lots enables us to save you from
n all your purchases. We keep everything
>mic with prices right.
re, Stoves, Buggies,
Vagon, Harness, Saddlery.
the space here to tell you of one-half the
like to but come to se% us Call for what
.ill do the rest.
-ything and always the best of everything.
EW & C0.,
or Mitchell Wagons, Iron King Stoves, and
DCA LS. JNotice of FiniaI settlement
- and Dischiarge,
anod horse and OTIOE is hereby given that we wvilI
id a nice buggy make appIlication to J. ii. Newbery
Apply to J. F. Esq., Judge of Prohnate for Pickens
ravo''s stabl. county,' in the State of South Carolina,
r o-on the 2d day of May, 1906, at 11 o'clock
dlih Jack will in the forenoon, or as soon thereafter as
mn Smith's, near said application can be heard, for leave
. to make a finail settlement of the estate
muies south of of A. B. Willims, deceased1, and obtain
', wnerP. 2t- discharge as adminisiraitors.
hn, will make Snsntu A. Williami,
J1. M. Stewart,
[906 at Pickenls, 4apr4w Adminietr'itors.
stable, on iuvery
to insure foal. I.neckiest Mani to ArcanasaM.
is high, of a rich "1i'm the luckiest masn ini Arkansas,"
ugh-bred Span- writes H.L . Btanley of Urmnuo, "since
nd his got are the rostoration of my wife'a he alth after
Pd in ove.ry way. five years of continuons conedbing and
,Liber ty, S. C. bleeding from tho lungs; and I owe my
good fortune to the wvorld's greatest med
icine, Dr. King's Now Danooversy for
SA LE gonsumnption, which I1knowv from expe
rn eowl uro consumption if taken in
I creek bottom time. My wife commenced to iumprove
5 room dw~ell. with first bottle and twelve, bot tlos corn
ple(ted( the cure." Cures the worst
Mill andi( Co.tton coughs and colds or mioney refunded.
>wer. Situated At Pickens Drug Co. 50c and $1, sam
le on the Hunt's j l4 ._ee.
can be bcught Don't deceive yourself. If you have
, indi gestion take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure.
1 see us.cre It wvill relieve you. Itev. WV. E. Hoontt,
* South Mills, N. O., says: "I1 was trou
11 older & Co. bledl with Chronic indigestion for several
'ernaswlrelerbroustmhflattering of my
sing, gao tm- andrtoand general dl-pressioni of mind
posoidie.adbd.My druggist recommend Ko
ptatt you t, d I dol, tend it has renoeved mw. I an now~
kal dy'euv oasd I ('at aniythinig aend sle ep, soundly at night.
5 l.tios natraly K~odol Digests what you ('at. Sold by
of on netuidIy Pickens~ D rug Co.
:-80 DAYS-:
D)uring the next 30 days we*
ill be rounding up and closing'$
ut winter goods.
We're not giving away goods, *
either have our profits been~ so
irge as to permit us to sell at
neC half.
But we will sell all of our,
ceavy Cassimers, Kerseys and 4
voolen goods at greatly re-- *
luced prices, all the profit off. Q
Lot of 8% cts dark outings *
~o go at 6%4 cts.
Ladies cloaks and jackets to
e sold for Jess than first cost. $
H ave lot of odd sizes in shoes *
that wvill be sold at bargains.#
You can save money by calling
on us during next 30 clays.
A. K. Park. $.
West End, Greenville, S. C.

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