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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S. 0., as second ofass matter, under act of Congross of arch 3 179 -
News From and Around Norris.
Again I will ondeavor to let the
many readers ( f thel Sentinel-Jour.
nal hear from this side of the coun
Farmers have begun to take the
"blues" on account of so much
rain. Just rest oney, "Buddip,"
for it is all for your good. There is
1i .Athig elso that will reduco the
cotton acreago to any extent only
through the guidance of Him that
fore knows all things God kinows
best and He never has, nor never
will let a man of energy and perse.
verance periblh to death. It wull Id
be the best that ever hiippen-)d, for
something to happen every year
for several years to cut the cotton
crop down to three hales to a horse.
It might make itimes hard with th
farmer thet 1irs [. year I lioreat ter, but
in a year tWo lbe wouIld get, ais
much fr b Iia rthe haes as h) no1w
gets for all be ImIaikt T. e farn rs
art) the backb1 one oi Ohm wold(, anld
would h-ve thet srong,,s: uiii on ill
e xi-thace if I b y (1n l,'t
i and stick to;.Aughi e~rk for
their own1 geo.l "ui-is now the-y
aie nol.l--- a' fn than rilaves to tL.e
speocup~ever humanity.
5jOt~ ghulauv 'the faruin
w NIiis to pr vide for himself
H1e huys It another imian's pricr's.
it wfigh1ied on anot her man's scaled,
and it weighed by aiot.her man.
He pays the first cost of its pro
duction, lie pays the transporta
tion charges from the first, to the
second man 'and then pays the sec
ond man's commission, the drui
ior 'S wages, the drunuuner's hotel
bill, railroad and hack fare and
then pays the third man enough
commiission to keep up the third
man and his wihole famiy, besides
a good interest on hiq money.
Col. Smith, son of County Coin.
missioner, John Smith, is at home,
from Nashville, Teni., where ho
has been attending the mldical
college there.
Candidates have ommernced to
bud SiIce a few iainy dlays have
cOMe 1nd (hey have tim to talk
politics. It is rumored that this
side of the county will havo two
candidatos for the Seiate, one for
the lons? and one for Trenturer.
County Superiitendent of Edu
cation, R. T. lallum visited the
Norris Gramniner School a few days
ago and mado an interesting talk
to the children.
Miss Addie Hiott, of Easley,
visited at this place last week.
I have been requested to an
ni unco that tho next Pzckens~ Coun
ty Teachier's meeting wvill convene
in the neOw school bil ding at Ca
teechee on Saturday bero tho 3rd
Sunday in A pril, w hich is t ho 14th,
mueetinig to bcgi n at 3 p. m.
Mrs. Mary Wheeler died at her
hemo near this place on last Tues
day evening of pneumonia and
heart disease. Sho was 66 years old
and was a member of Mt. Tabor
Baptist church. She was buried1
the day followinig her death in
-the church cerpietery.
T1he next (lay after Mrs. Wheeler
was buried her son D)i llard Wiheel
er, age 33 years, died from puiinmo
niai and was buried besido his moth
or,.:. They Were both sick only ai
few. nays and the ycmag man claim
ed lhe Would die from the first day
he took sick.
Central News.
Mr's. John Witlson, of near Eas
Joy, was qutietly laidI to rest Iast
Saturday at the M. 1.F Cemetery.
We r'egret to say Dr. Wyit t end
family have movedl to l''slov.
Dr. . G. Clayton has chlar'ge of
t he drug store here. We wish himi
much success. .
Mirs. Konnomnore is very sick at
this writing.
Mrs. IH. 0. Cairol, Lawrenceville,
1ais visiting her' bi'other, J1. C.
Powers for tho first timo ini forty
MI i Artin Ellis and her- brtotheri
Clarence spen t last wook at Deniver.
Henry Ikceombo spent Punday
at Newry.
H urrah for Cent ral's six fi no mit.
-linory at oires. M rs. A ikejn hasi
opened up[ one~ at the cotten mnill.j
Mi iss Hat tie ,Jehnstoin spenlt Sun-i
dlay with home felks.
'Jolly GirI."'
If you could go through the S'
South Bend, Indiana, covering m
acres, take a trip throunch thei
just how the STUDEdAKER is
sixty million feet of air -ied
. 'ets, ready for use;
where evpeats test all materials ii
inspectors whose duty it is to se
cay vehicle made in she Studeba
before it is used -see the acres
improved machinery-see the
taken from start to finish-you v
staad why the S I UDEBAKER
hicle made.
of running that pu
prices and terms t(
Two Nice I
Missionary Rallies.
The executive Commiitte- of the The
ickens Association m -t last Satur- tio do
lIay and made the f.llowing ap- fertiliz
ointments for missionary and good ec
3unday School rallies. ai follows: jMr I
4th Sunday in April at Milo 6d a ti.
3reek church. State Missions h Tho
Rev. J. E Foster. Home Missions Friday
>y C. E. Robinson. Foreign Mis. t~eat I
nous by Rev. B. E. Grandy. Sun-* Lawrer
Jay Schiol by Rev. J. M. Stewart. Mr.
5th Sunday and Satuxday before friendi
Union Meeting at Mouintaint Grove gfarch
shurchi. - - --- picnic
Saturday, 10 a. nm , devrotional was la1
services condulfcted by 0 E: Robin- 'and o0<
nn. . . . Mr.
Thle Church, its Ohject and Mis- Eas'ey
lion by .J. T. Taylor. day, li
W.h~st is the Meaning of Matthew on Sal
16th chapter, and 19th verse, by Essie
Rev. J. E. Foster. %uc
Sunday morning 10 a. m. delvo
tional services condlucted by Mat
thewv H-end ritk'- Bearath
8t~ate Missions b)y Rev. J. M. Pinatut
Homeu Missions by Rev. B. E mu
Foreign Missions by Jool H. Mi.l
lor andl Sunday School by Riv. B.
H older.
J. M. Stewart, WV. B. Allgood,
J. B3. Fendley, Ex. Commuittee. j Wh
'rho churches are requeted to aer
send delegates to the Union meet- disc
ing. Let tvery church b: repro- irrit:
Teacher's Association to Met.
T1he Pickens County Teacho3rs' aleC
Association wvill moet at Cathechef. thr
Saturday, April 14th, 2 o'clock p- bret
m. The programn it as follows: ~ grar
1. H-ow to Teaeh Fractioiis to Be. 7
ginnlerb. Psof. B. A. Gentry.
2. Womn ih the TLeachiers' Pros ['~~
f.'sion, Miss Corrie Mathis.
3. Professioniali-m Am'irg the
Reading, Miss Pnttman. Ke
Profesasor Mor'risoni of Clemson -.--__
Col lege has beeni mivitedI to add resa See
the meeting on, Tfhe listory, of in pm
Pickens eaunty. bulk.
Every teacher who cani possibly .Golde
alt tond is oxpected to attei.d
Another c,
['UDEBAKER plant at
ORC than one hundred
r great factory and see
made: see -md than
fumber, the pick of the
see the laboratories
sed; see the scores of
that every p. r: of ev
ker factories is perfect
and acres of thc, most
:are and thoroughness
ould undo ibt-cd und. r
is the most popular ve- I
ts it in the lead of any Qt4he
> suit you. Come to see u
Pianos for Sale I
Lonq Branch Dots.
farmers have comn.enced
some farm work, hauling JA in1LES
irs, and pr.-paring for a
op of Cotton.
1. Y. Laiwrenco his purluchs Woodworkm
3,3 horseC. Biyu
Calhoun School 0 B,nged on
M arch 3OB00, W a: 1 Ith 1 nicO
y the tea-:her, Mr. J. H.1fi h so
W. L,. Bennett visited IHV OPT
in this section on Saturday, YORVHCS
31. IIe, also attenided the TEIO N
on the Keowoto River, which
'gely attonded by the y oun~g Alo u oki
I and highly enjoyed by alal.l))r~flC1
Lawvrence Jones fromt tear
visited mn this section Fri
arch 31th, returning home _____________
urday, with his sister, Miss
ones, who is been teaching
sful school at this place 1iea
inrcticsa ifyo
W unhn oodworkmc
stc1) Bringedo your a
n the nervesharehoeet
tird llth tieelil _ L .or r i
uredgend apprecsated.
l. Ten Your chaekws aogt oretre sto__
irap rin price agnt ifyo h
anfurnisblond sgthin.
stepsctorasaas oouyare
dn he rers thisea
tired faly eimeicie.sl
:>uraed n er OVIIvoumsi andr'
le. ou~an~r cheek iIa1,ofre
andyou b lood is thin. t i lvi obe i
teew i a~oI ners. a' ewi n t
kdw.fordr th is kdeuaeoto r
reak Nerves p~eno0
h e bowels re War with Aye' ei iaoyie
us for Uist's Garden seeds I INE UE
knges, 2 for 5 cen te, and in urk
Millet seed, W atermelon seed, w a o ormn
Dent and Snow Flake corn. Uorolont
________________t . 50 if a d 1 oto1 him
..K~ue~ibA~Fii! h hOLDIyND Ro uo
w of the Famous
v1 01.1
rwagon m 'ade. W0 01ve
acsitWheyrgt h
anl. Si- entific hor1seshoer c
orses to ne to b ,e.hod right.
Ohe onoph fo heso
luaane. OS~ellc patrcslager Solcil
o res pe c t fullly i
will nlow [e soldI at a greaLt reduictionA
ave not bo ug.ht youri overcoat, sm it or
,s a good time to save money,
I this drop in pice before some else
ad gets the plum . I
.1 Pressing of all clothing made in oura
part me nt. 13
>thsch ild
was I ats and D utchess Trousers.
- Al
I't it worth something to
to havo a wagon, a carriage,
V, 01 a. rohicle of anty kind
I of harnesss, with fifty
s f ".k now how" in it ! Of
so it is. It's vehicle insur
--A guariantee in itself. |
O Hr tdehakor is a wagon |
a reputationl. behind it for
Lity, seviceability, and ease
a full line and will make
serge Sths,
orP [tney fit' a Sping
lum" is~i the tin g you
NothI:ing is bet ter thanii
0(1 Serge. --sL~Ii1tiihad
at ours fast, color and
woo0l. The way the
-illies of lndht ailoring
together DifrettSHOSB*
I ro f le Cuiii~Fine Clothes M~akers
men ind. Baltimore and New.Vorli
Siniglo and d1ouble-bronsted ini four disitine' models, overy
0 brim1ful of style. Our Sp)ring shlipnfu t justd in, Als~o
splend(idi showing of greys and mtixtures in Sorges, WVor.
e(ds antd Fai~ey Goodsi. Ever.S tbiiig for sprking. Como
d( look.
*M:in St. Endcelm SoCr
To increase Your Yieldl, use
Anderson Fertilizers
~iberally. A Labor Saver, a Money Maker, Bcats All.
nmoniatedl with FISH, BLOOD01, and other Hierh.
rade Ingredients.
For Information,
our Agent at your near est Railroad Station, or
niderson Phosphate and Oil Co.,1
g'Sold by Folger, Thornley & Co., Pickens, S, C.

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