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The SentlnolJournal Company.
J. L. 0. ToMPSON, EDITon.
SubsoriptiOn $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising R"tos Reasonable.
Euterod at Pickens Postofmee as Second Olass
Mail Matter
Metrological T1al)le
iy Jolimi T ogg8, observer, Licerty, S. C,
Temperature. I .0 t4
Character of
Sr the day.
I (. 35 0 %Ciear
06 0 0 Cloar
3 69 38 0 Clear.
4 79 i 0 Clear.
6 78 58 0 M.lenr.
8 08 57 U0 % Clour.
7 1b 36 0 Clear.
Prosperous Times.
Never before, in the histcry of this
country, has there been kuch prosp r
ous timcee, and money bo01i so plenti
ful. For the past few years, crop
conditions have been such that farm
era, who are the backbone of th<
country, have made money aind hav<
begun a system of buying for cash
what they need, and paying off oli
and long otanding store accounts
Why tho other day a collector for
mercantile firm not for from her
collected a 1.l11 that had been stand
ing for twenty cight year! Think o
that, will you, and thein say, if yot
dare, that the peoplo of this coutr
are not an honest peoplo.
' Our business has improved won
derfully in the past threo years aid
men now pay their (ollar down for
this paper, who used to ask for credit
until fall. We have inaugurated the
cash in-advance system, but have lot
lots of our accounts run over this sea
son for the reason that we bavo boon
short handed in the oflic" and have
not had the time to go over our
books. It is campaign year and
every voter in the county should take
the Sentinel-Journal, so as to keep up
with all who are seeking oflice. There
are a lot of odds and ands that- have
accumulated on the Sentinel and on
the old Journal books that wo want
to make some disposition of. T1hey are
old, but they are hanging against the
parties and new business wants to
be worked up1 and in ordor- to give
the boys a chance to settle this old
indebtedness, to subscribe over and
to renew their present expiring sub
scription (which must be paid in ad
vance) we have engaged the services
of Mr. J. P. Attaway to represent
us in tihe field, settle old scores, tak<
new subscriptions, and receipt thli
present ones for another year, ai
1we hope no one will turn him~ away
empty handed.
WVe have given you our time, talon
labor and money to tile putting oul
of a good paper, until time is no0 more
talent is a nondescript, labor is a de
lusion and a snare and money ha
taken wings and flew away, and al
who owe these pastr-duo accounts
have simply stolen our timo, robbod
us ot our talent, beat us out of ou
labor and purloined from us ou:
money, if they won't pay the account
Now, the terms of subscription tt
this paper are cash-in advance to on4
and all, and all of our present and
would-be subscribers wvill greatly
oblige us by complying wvithm these
We need the money to run the pa
per. Every dollar we get, outsid<
of actual expenses goes back into im
provements, and we now have a lot
of new and labor saving machinery
on the road that has to be paid foi
.as soon' as it reaches here, and as vet
Lhe money is in the other fellow's
p)ocket. You wvithhold your dollars
and cuss us f.>r putting out such a
sorry paper. (We'd like to see the
siheet you'd put out it y'ou wore in our
shoes.) l'rinters have to be pail
week1y, (they wvont-wait until "we sell
our cotton.') house-ren t comes as reg.
ibMly as clock wvork, ink, type and1 pa
per bills are "cash with order," so hbo
wpre, up a stump'' all the time be
(Ifcanee 'ou owe us and are using ''otr
:rv0y ioyour'own gain.,, "Buinifess
msI ssfl"is a trite saying and the
bfiesisworld -makes usI dance to
he tsno of "mab"', or we do-st get
V ti W order. All other business
arxe in the same boat wi'h
~ ~zeoanL has, to dig up
" tb~$of the realm" before he can
~ p~&1(0 gos.on his shelves to sell
~tn~why should we be forced
rf'w .twc. have worked for ?
i~'ho draws his pay
~y~ ti* West service cli
~7~I~4M pr ~ffortsd are ap
eftts to give .in agogpgpel..
We do not meati to give any affront
when wo, or our age nt, ask a man to
pay for thin paper froin the expiration
of the time paid to, up into the future
and when ;a perzon 's time is up and
he wishes to continue on ho is due
us just that a'nount for time he wishes
to continue a reader of the paper.
This is business; it takes money to
operate this plant, and lots of it, and
when our collecting agont calls ro
spond nobly to tho cause; by so do
ing we hope to raiso enough monm y
to put in improvements in the way of
a perfectit g press and t3 pe-setting
machine, and give you the bu-t wcek.
ly paper in the state.
Friends, we neod at long list of paid
in.advance subscribers, and by y"ti
help, iifluenco and aid, whii wo get
thom, % e will give you a nowspapti
worthy of our progressive county.
Mr. Attaway is now on hik rounds
and as he mixes and mingles amklonlg
you, report to him any news items of
inter.st to I.he general pulbliv, tI
way h avo occurred in your midst ot
comO to your knowledgo. By Ko do
ing IOU will oenefit the papelr, iter
eat the readers and help us and we
will greatly appreciate your thought
We sincerely thank you for the
liberal suppoi t and prollpt settle.
inents we feel so sure of you givin to
Mr. Attoway.
The First Game of the Season
Trhe plastnt sprint-hfo wt..ther of
last Thursday attracted a cr'wd of
about 100 to the Pickens ball lot t,
witness the opniigi game of thosea.
son, between the "Scrsbs' anid
the Invincibles. Tho t gamo was void
of an)y senaftional plays, though it
well pleased all who attonded. Tho
resalt of tle game nas a (lose score
of 6 to 5 in favor of the former.
ihe scoro althbough ns 6 to 5 in
favor of tho "Serubs" at the end of
the soventh inning, but Upon their
refusal to p'ay the gamo out, the
victory was awarded by umpiro Earle
to the Pickens team bj a score of
9 to 0.
Another game will b played Fri.
day (Apiil 13th) between these two
teams and a harUd fought battle can
be (xl) cted. Aslhnore will do the
bx stunts for tho "Se rubs" while
McFall % ill twirl lhe horse hide
for thie 1lovincibles.
The Easley In
surance .Agency,
tof Easley, S. 0., is
capable to insure
any kind of' risk{.
Life, Health, Ac
cident,Steami loi
ler and Fly-whee1
Insurance and
all classes of Fire1
insurance. Spec
ial attenttion giv
en to country bus
iness as well as
toxvn and city.
We rep1)resent 1 4
large companies
and insure any
thing. Gie1on
business to us and
we will save you1
E. P. McCravey.
~A.. Pinckney.
Nsome conditions the
gain from the use
of Scott's Emulsion is
very rapid. Por this
reason we put up a'
fifty-cent size, which is
enough for an ordinary'
cough or cold or useful
as a trial for babies
and children. In other
conditions the gain Is
slower-health cannot
be built up in a day.
In such cases Scott's
Emulsion must be taken
as nourishment; a food
rather than a medicine.
It's a food for tired and
weak digestions.
Pend for free sampfe
Scott & Bowne, 409-415 Pearl St..
Chemists New York
s00. and $Sioo. All druggist.
- aanug vosey-A 110oney slnd war'.
1?oley & Co., Ohicago, originaW
Rotiy and Tar ts a throat and lan
reLpody, and on account of th great
merit of Foloy's Honey and Tar
many worthless imitations aro offer.
d for tho genuino. h'vlheo worthless
imitation havo similar sounding nanes.
Bowaro of thom. The genuino Foly
Honey and Tar is in a yellow packago
Ask for it and refuso any substitute. It
is the best romedy for eoughs and colds
Pickens Drug Co., R. F. Sinith, Easloy
A Healing Gossipo.
Tho Rev. J. ( Warron, pastor of Sha
ron Baptist church, Belair, Ga., says of
Electric Bitters: "It's a Godsend to
mnankind. It cred mo of lame back,
sta joilnts, and complete physical col.
lapre. I was Vo weak it took mn1 half aln
hoiur- to walk ii mile. Two bottlos of
Il-iveel.riiO itters havo made mc so Wrong
ihat I hive juist walkod throo milos in 50
:intes an it feel likO I could walk three
:tbi's Iloro. lIt.'s mide i new man of
MO." Grotest, remedy for woaknesi
of stoiich and all kinds of liver and
.lcy Hpints. Hold tncler guaran
i e at Pietets Dru Co. Prico 500.
The Yellow Fever (lerm.
iaw. ree'ntly been discovered. It bears
I lose i eseomblance to th nilaria germ.
T.o fre the system frim the germs of
disics -, the most efroclivo remody is Dr.
King's New Life Pills. Guaraitool to
iuro all diseases duo to mal iria poision
iui cotiipation. 25. at Pickens Drug
They never gripe or sicken, hut
Oleanso and sit ong t lIen the stomch , liver
and bowels. This is the untiversal ver
diot of the maniy thousi:uils who uie Da
Witt's Little Ei'rlv Risers. Theso fa
motis little pills relinvo headacho, con
stipation, bilhoiuse-.ss, jaidice. torpid
liver, sallow complexion, et., Try Little
Farly Risers. Bold by Pickeins Driug Co.
Th- Neiw Cough Syrup-the one that
at as a mi ild catharlin on the bowels-is.
Kounndy's L-.xativo Honey and T'ar. It
expels all cold from the system, outs the
phleg i out of tho throat, strenghtenis t HIe
nucous membriaes of tho bronchial
itubes, ani relieves ero1p, whooping
congh, etc. Chihiron lovo it. Sold by
Pickenis Drug Co.
hnnbhorlatin's Oough Renoedy tie Moth
Or's Favorite.
The soothing and limtling properties
of this reimcdy, its pleasanit tasto 111141
prompt and permiannt cnrits hiavo mode
it it favorito with people tiverywhere. It
is especialy priziod Iy mothers of smell
diilbIroni, for coldhs, cronp nld whooping
onghi, as it ahways afIfords quick roliet,
Imd is it conttains no opinmit or other
harnifil drug, it. may Le given as confi
den tly to a b.kby as to an aitilt. For sole
iv Pickens Drug C', and T, N. inter,
I sibertyr
Fo'4r Imilttstim sSick fiendachle.
Take Orino Lixitive Fruit Syrup. It
sweetens the stomach, aids digestion
and acts as a gout l t'tilult on the
liver and bowels without irritating those
orgais. Otino Laxativo Frutit Syrup
cures biliousness and habitual constIp1t
tion. Doe's not nauseate or grip 11n
is miId and pleasant to take. Rveimem
ber the naimo Orino :nd refuse to take
siny substituto. Pickens Drug Co., R.
F. Smith, Easley.
Startling But True.
People the wordII over wero horrified
n learning of Ile burning of a Chicigo
tiheatro in which nearly six hundred peo.
plo lost their lives, yet more than live
times this 1nmber or over 3,000 peopmle
died from pnieutmotiai in) Chiicago (luring
amin year, with scarcely a p'assing no
tice. Every one of these cases of pneu
moiaCtit ~resulted from a cold and1( could
broui prevented by3 timely use of Chain
bierlaini's Cough Reimedy. A great nmany
whlo had every reoason to fear pneumonia
have warded it off by the prompt use of
this remedy. Th~Ie following is an in
stance oif this sort :'"Too muitch cannot
be said ini favor of Chiamberlain's Cough
Remiedy, and espe~)cially for colds aind itn
Ilueniza. .1 know that it, cured my daugh
te'r, Laura, of' a s'vero cold, and i believe
sa.ved( her life whleu ahto was threatened
with pni'umfoniiat." WV. 1). Wilcox, Ljo
gait, New Yet]. Sold bsy Pickens Drug
Co. tand T. N. lltiiter-, Liberty.
& Ourd.
This is to cer-tify list all druggist are
atuthtorized Ito refutnd your money if Fo
1ey '5 Iloney uand Tari fails to cure your
congh or col, It stops the cough,
heauts the lungs and1( pre(vents serious
resutltts fromt cols. Cures la grippeI
congh atnttd prevents pnieumtuonial and con
mtinp'iinti. Ctontain oH) opiatesi. 'iTte
gemunetic is am yellow paickamge. Ref'use all
suititute.'x Pickents Drug Co., B. F.
Smith, Eislhy.
A frtid oif Stronig Medicines.
Mamny people sufrer for years from
trhieumatic pains, and prefer to do so
rather than tauko the strong medicines
tsally given for rhenmatism, not know
ing tha. quick relief from pain may be
lunil simply by applying Chamnberin's
Iain Balm and withouit taking any medi
inc internally. For sale by Pickens
D~rug Co. and 1'. N. Hunter, Liberty.
Beoars the 10 Ib( ind YOU In te Always Bought
All old tmo Cough Syrups hind'*the
bowels. Thuis is wvronig. A nowti idea
was ad~vanced t wo years ago in Kennedy's
Laxative HoIdney and Tar. TIhis remedy
net on the mucous memibranes of the
athroat andi lungs and losonatho bowels
t t he rme time. It ex pels all (0old from
the system. It cleaurs thie throat, and
strengthens the mucous membranies, toe
lieves coughs, colds, (iroup, whooping
cough, etc. Sold by Pickens Drug Co
The Hest Physic.
When you want a physit Itat is mild
and gentle, Ceasy to Ie and certain to
aot, alwauys ulse Chamnberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets. For stale by Piokens
Drug Co. a~d T. N. Hunter, Liberty,
Men P'ast Sixty in iianiger.
More thtan half mankind over sixty
ycarn of ago soifer from kidney anid
bladd er disorders, usually entlargement
of prostrate gland. That is both pain
ful and danigCrous, and( Folov's Kidney
I utre shouldi bt taken at the first sigtn of
dlatger, na it corrects irregularities and
lhas eured mantiy old meni of this disonso.
Mr. Rodney JBurmnett of Rock Port, Mo.
wvritos: "'I suffered withI enilergo Il proa
trtd gland and kid; cy trouble for years
and after taking two l'ottles of Foley's
Kidiney ('urc I feel better than I hiave
for twenty years although I aim now 91
yearsold." P'iiekens D)rug Co, R. F.
Smith, Easley.
WANTED. ''very week. 40 or ?s oitenads
[(will pay the top of the market ini cash9
I have some cooking stoves at a bar
Also Brownis Ilu' tobacca.
','.P. tiirj.
I For Infants'and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
shiiatIing lhe'Fd andRegrfia
tig the Stmachs andBowels of Boar
Promnotes Digestion.Cheerfuf -
ness and lRest.Contains- neither
Opum,Morphinte ntor Mineral.
l.'tAI&1, St& I
M I.&rd I
Apeifeel Remedy for Consupa
Hon, Sour Stoniach,Diarrhoca
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
lacSimile Signature or
Thirty Years
fillinery! Millinery!
I have a nice lot of Fashionable Millinery of all the latest pat
terns, right fresh from the fashion centres. Call and inspect
this line. You'll be pleased with it.
A full and complete line of Spring Dress Goods, Dry Goods
md Notions,.all of which will be sold at living prices.
See me. for anything you need. I carry a complete line of
general merchandise and can save you money.
A share of your patronage solicited.
Notien of F~ilial Settlemelnt and Discharge. Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
N OTICE is hereby given that we will Al persons having claims against the
mak pplication to J. . Nwberydeceased,
Fqq., Judgo of Probute for Pickens quested to present the siimn to the under
1ounty, in the State of South Caoli gne for payment by the st day in
>n the 11th day of April, 1906, at 11 ay. 1906. Those indebted to s1id 1s
)'clock in the forenoon, or as soon there- tato mst make payment. L.N.Geer.
ifter as said appnation c n he heard, Admit.
ror leave to msake final settlement of the
-state of Mrs. N. .E. Morgan, clnneane1,'
a d obtain dischar ge as adminmetrtore of PRE'
J. K. Lathem, BLA
B3. A. Morgan, hx.an
Noticeotozebt on Creitors.
All prsonshingt clis aganth Coloe
rnchi~wfiAdaxania'ato stat ofuT.E. Milps deeased, aire re-lm
By J.B. NwboryEsqire, roba etedg to pes theuntm , to the 23er
~Vheeas oatr Keth ade signe forpetb the es1eosAnr t.Yug d i
o cto ran himLetersof Amins case.n~ 190 k Tose iebed as sAide
raton ithwil anexe oftilE tate msttore pamn.. . Youn.
)f ndefecs f tt Gifint~ees~1.21 mrch. 3. Ander s .
ehor14w th5si Ain ifrn Nne it buffino or
lesod httte eadapa eTATE OF SOUTil CAROLINA,.oieofM a etlmn
01 ~Ei iCoI of Pick en obeil f ikis
h 18J.a of NAwbrl, 190ir,Proate bai fgeor Pielef-omn not
W reiaso h.Esere oth omade .inteieo06fie Malstlmn
o men to nshm caer if Ady t e sed an1aktpedsisda d
ration wiaythe ainxd admini state inistran. . C. Yung
'hosd aote rthed. Pociteandfad
nonien unermlln and s ealltrishe.kindred and
:rdiornonte adnnnGrren,000 $$ . A. Knn00or.
Ith day ofArlm0,i the Corto3Poatt b.eennore, If P.ickens W B
rold at PindeenenscutHe . T., on Caurie ors Comolens 1atW
Jreo, o h . cauewbfay, t hey Lca raesi h hjsa
>vwytesi adiiainJ. P. (Carey oadC Eh.o nameisonum
-hul not ber agrantded. ar unkaont.
-livn ndrfyhad ndselntist AIS
Lt da of Airil10,i et th 3o1 the D.eKenntsoe.A namemre
I wllappy o J. ~. Newbery rt o Tae CarierNorrsm Beoll Tandte- .
ay(fArl9((,frafnletlmn iamen Lcin fl'ae ind the ohieo-athoa
AteettofobrI. .iet P. Cler of nn r Hoatd whcenms, ndum
3esd n s ob imse s- ere an co eoidence anre nkown.ai
miitrix oplio the suefendant s a tovthae ir
ugef rPces CuntyV oncter2~ quiedt atnswcerS the coplitin tent
:aofArl10,frAfinsttmenlt afterwihisfli the servce ereof eu
f 2h8 sat fRoetI Gilbert, er of Cour datof skenservic. and if
esd ndakt b imssda d her e aforansw, t the saidsI
0'initatieeygie ht y v compatinti onlli the thbsc urt foer
N iut~t'Mrs.I uatii toV. Lnwas thr. elief -at c A i. Cthcmin t.et
3 28 4.Jttg o LAdm inisratix 'aste 1th srichroecu
siveiyoin tieeSday oofouthharoliniA.,Jandoggf
onl 11 lda l~y of April, 1906, at 11 o'clock t. 0. P.
in thlo foraenoont, or as5 soon thereafter ns J. P. Carey,
maidl applic'tioni ciin be heard, for- leave C. E. Robiason,
to mako at final settlement of the estat(o PlaIntiff a A ttorneys.
)f J. J. Morganl, dleceis. d, andl obtain T1o C. C. Kennemore and the heirs-at-law
iischarge* Its et ciut rq. 'of .Ann hloward, absent andl unknown
,J. K. Lathemn, di, fendants.
iH. A. M~organ, Take notice that the eummons in the
moh!13w4 Executors. a bove statedl case of which the foregoing
is a copy. antd the complaint wats flied
- - -- inl t lie (ofiloo of the Clei k of the C< urt for .
\K\N\ '\** ' P ickenas County, 8. U. nn the lst day of
MOWi citI AP RAThlsT T March, 1900. J. P. Carley,
AS C. E. Robinmn,
'Arkansas and Souathwest T E RGI A
On-wytikesathaffareplls $2. lAXATIVE COUGH8YRIUP
Roun~lIId tuipi tckets at less than one-wafy~ h e
fatre iroIan Iteinlhis via cottoni nell Route Cures all Coughs and Oer'lgad ..
as le at s In expelling . entana the
rCh 6 and 20 Colds from the M,
Syat tem by i.
tp01 ~ rj ikt. r~ a~ gently mOvIng
Stp-vrsbth ways andS .1 dlays boun thC6wels.
limilt ont rounid ritckt.Write for map> A Certain Cure
folder an pick youtr date aind say when~ for Croup andi
and were youl wanti to go and we will givej Who0plngdeougb.
youI full inaformlationa by retiarnmailsl.
L.. P. S3MITH, T. P. A.-ii
Cottoni helt Route, LXTV
Oterse Soldes Prvet PMN O Sl y-icketO igC
HA LSaft*we
Makes the hair grow long and heavy, and keeps it soft and glossy.
Stops falling hair and cures dandruff. And it always restores
color to grayhair. Sold for fifty years. "-"01 " 'Ai , ""
Can be pleased in their shoes if they come
to us. Our stock is large-selected with care.
Selected with the idea that good value makes
and holds customers. If you have not been
buying your shoes from us, try us next time
you need a pair.
Pride & Patton,
Ten cent cotton has put lots of money in the country.
Many people have been robbed and killed for their money.
Safe blowers have tried the
and failed to get the money. Delays are dancrous. Open
an account with then-. today and your money wili betf'e.
Interest paid on time deposits.
H. C. Shirley, Cashier''
$i.oo will open an account with the Liberty Bank.
Is gone and lovely Spring time is
here. To feel comfortable we must]
shed our winter garments and ar
ray our selves with things suitable
for the season. We are well pre
pared to satisfy the lady that is seek
ing for cheap or expensive garments.
Our line of white goods, laces and
embroidery will far suppass any
1 thing that we have ever had and
SMrs. Freeman is still behind our dry
Sgoods counters anxious to sell and
Splease every in the country.
Ifyou are seekingr honiest groods~
Sat honest prices, we extend to you
a cordial invitation to visit our store
for anything in the line of general
' ~ One--Price Cash Store
J. McD). Bruce, I. M. Mauldin,
President. .Cashier.
CAPITA L - - - - - $20,500-oo
PROFITS - - .- - - 1 8,ooo.oo
DEPOSiTS - . - - - 140,000.00
S5 Per Cent Interest Paid On Deposits -:
D Irectors
. F. Banister, B3. A. Hagood, W. M. Hagood,
J. M. Stewart, J. E. Boggs, J. McD. Bruce
T. N. Hunter, H-. A. Richey, J. P. Car
I have a good line of
Among them aro tho ,recommendable old stylo Seth Thomas
Clocks with weights, whui I am selling at special bargains.
And a tLew line of SIL'VERIWARE. Also solid Gold and
Silver WATOHES. A nice lhu of Spectacles; I guarantee
glassea to fit eyes. All kinds of rei air work in the jewelry line.
I. 'SNiDER, - - Easiey, S. C.
--MAKR aoF
The kind that ara made at the best studios of the larger cities.
The kind that will not fado. That are natural and lifvlike,
and finished on the latest and prettiest cards to be had.
Nice line of -mnonldings arnd frames of any size made to order.

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