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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, April 18, 1906, Image 1

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T!.~_.~ PICKF''N4s SN ~ N _ ~ ______N4
Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, 1. .,a second oe ams matt r, tder ict hf egrumn of .Lar rh 3, 1879.
l-4 NMO.47&
. aum 1151 Um e.
Mr;. M. E Jones has been very
sick, but mo are glad to note s'e i?
i ome botter.
Mrs. Mlalmuda K. ninemore hm11
b t very lt)w with1 pneumonia,
but she is improviig very fast. Dr
Claytoin, of Central, wals her attend
ing phveinian.
Mr. 'Ve. l!-Iy and sister,
M . A: .. a N li-- 1,illie Landl,
N% (rv m he.1ss , 0. .j. Sm1ith I asI
Iv. oJ. T. Lindl preaches t
Ki ngs o.veIv ithirl Sunday evening
Miss~ Mw-imid Ola Smsith -.iri
ted their msin61 , tle Miss Smit.h',
1itr (,'ti ral Moe(lly.
M iss Bert a .- ' is at hom
again, to the donght. of her mn
ter Nl I -- : - Ii f N 1-.1 ;, vi,4iO
uae k.
M. l . j.i* li. v. .'iiIh 1IL Lw
V i, i i- , * h a vi-im it a f--w
lio.~ ~ 1:1, :111edflo a e m
InI". 81Wchfi ni W l iI va %.wda
GrandI mt \b. N. 1R. K,,nemor.
J. It arec and mother- Of
LOng Branch, vi,-im*4d at Mre. E. M.
Jo,is wok. rtre
Miss Emma Hendricks, visited
in Oconpe not long since.
Ilias Mattie Smith has returned
to Seneca.
"Peeridge Dude"
Thoughts of An Old Pickensite.
I oftin thinIC of early life,
A ind my old stamping ground
And how I roaved in early life
Around old Pickens town.
Of the woodland scones around
its base,
W here moun t ait streams abound,
We gat he red fh ,w ers il o'r the fa:-e,
Of the famosi JIary Mound.
' lien other Pce3eis we recalli,
On other higher grounds
'The inmte we call with great
The granid o.d Table Mound.
"h'n over hils and yalleys gtee'n.
Our thoughts are onward ld,
To the highest peak and grand
est scene
Is tho bald old Caosar's Read.
So now dear friends who chanmce
Tlhese lises on olden times,
While, rumub'ing around for what
you see.
Please think who wrote these
Who scaned those hill tops o'r
and o'r,
And clImtbed those rugged1
Who loves Carolina's noble shore,
As n ell as Pickens townl,
HL. J1. Br'own,
Plainisville, Gst.
Low Rates to New Orleans and Return.
Account of United Confederate
Veterans Rousnin, April
25th and 27th 1906.
The Southern Railway will sell
tickets ts Ne~w Orleans, La1., and r.
turn at extremtely low rates from
iromniefnt, p.1 ints (a few of which
are named b, low ) as followr.:
' Barn well *14 (5
Camndem 15 35
Charleston 15 75
CoIlum bila 14 70
Ohexter 14 70
Rock 1l11l 15.153
Oranmgeburg . 1475
Yorkville 14 55
I~.ually low rates from of betr poinit
Tickets wvill be on sale April 22
nd ,23rd and 24th, limited good t.
return Apgril 30th. By d'pat sIi I
tickets wvih Spe cial A g-..t in1 New
Orleans, and upon pay men', sf tMd
sum of t'ifty cenlts, an C et atsioni
limit to May 21st will he granted~r.
For accomnodations of th., d.'e
gatos from South Carolina, th.
Southern Railway wIll oprn
through cars frotm Colu mebi, S. (U.
leaiing A pril 23rd ait 7 a.* in umit
alrrvc at Now~ Orslesn< 4~ Imo nin
* at 7:15 a. mu.
For full information neo)Iy tna
If you coi Y th hroI th S-1 IjI
South I l.In .1 I [, (Q1 i ; :
o1''t how U1ie ST UDIAIKKE RS i m
wh ir I-v s att --s .1 mt.:r-als 1 -I;
~oiel e mI
be-f .eit i.-sd4e h:ace r
!j t 1ten fro i ~rt to l~~h ,> ob
i 4StAlI why the SI UD'A i.Ris th
h11ile made.
of running that puts
prices and terms to si
,Two Nice P
South Rilway tieke-t aggont, or THE P1
W. E. Al ce., rav Pass. A lnt Oddittn st V,
A,luta, Oa. R W. ju.,I I. World
Pass. Agent, (h .hew, . If Uranus,
the sixth m1:
Brooks .Ig mt.'like those Il!L
A Il, htat, l-k. which are b
dozenl every
inuch (10clh
A Card of Thanks. but Uranusi hi
more tha n six
Its vast 1i4t
in your plpr to theik our friends It to 111 ok so
and3( neoighbors wh'o was5 so facithfu~ l "Ol""""g"i
an td Lind to look after 'u (i ur re volve from~ en
c miit illness. WVe canno. thanck us. while Uri
t~i~ ii oii(iig.i.I er planiets, fr
the enogh' the sun. It
Mr. aciid Mr. L,. E. Ilepkinrs. rotates baIcIC
---- Moreover, th
Attention DemoCrat3. strange globe
that In the e
The431) I n .craltic CIlubs1i of~ln n'~k l equal111 to-c
Counity ato hetreby caille d to m.i.t at the sun shlin
their* respecOtivU I meet Ii.g phte ILOn d first upon om1
.other. Measi
8 it o r day thei 28th dagr of A pril in ard, there ar<
siitt at 3 o'eioek p. usi., for the pur daylight, foill
paiof reorga~iz ing and electing~ urmbrokeni no
.tCrallus4. Anu
l.3 a..tates to 1Dle ('ouni Iv Col1Ventleti \vest i111(1 seti
whieb will moetic at Pickt-ii 0,C i. LIn the sun11 looks
io ''I~ day1 of May. from Urnus
C. E.Hobisonas lacrge as I
Oh. Uo. Dem. Ex Corm- much light a
- --- the eart h, so
\ir. EdI-[o. us1, whcilo fa
tS'rme su1ggiei sti aiav blow of a tel
be)n noriiido t hroni. h your~1~ piwr, re illiuiationi.
Ia' ivo to cjertain~ p- rsons8 for C..rtami --
eos. I maike the su1.gsiion thIat CAKE AN
I-{an. B J..lo~htis-an, h)o suppjorteil foll' 'rie An('cente
t .e Sena-te and Capt. 1. T. IPryir and1( wn.
O. I m.1 ev.Q Dioyle111 h' ol ici ted 1. to Tihe ancient
the race for the Hiouso. Tues3o U, e ."-otte cht
ali glood Im m3 aind wonala rve%' thir no0wadays~'. Tr
e utriy we'lI. ii Hill vl withl flour asi
S____- withlout a sus
shiftling the ilamie. Some of the
It is4 theo (custom of thle Khon~ds In the pinest crael
Aladuoras preisiden Icy to oiter' ai buiffaIloin we cat bre
la sa~crif'ice ini subsitt tion for the hu1- Weddinge
man i vitiml, bulit ini (1dong so they make1( 3 amiong t hem,
lon~g apIologOes to the (delty, exrlaiinlg was a1 ph111n C
tha~it they themse~oles wvouch wvilugly tihe head1( of
make h the~ cuIstoniry sacrlif(0.,ibut aire her ne0w bom)
pre~venlted by3 the liritlsh golvernent. |ture'c of hiomi
onl whose head( they pra~y thact anlya- UII ago. Trhe hr
ger ait their nieglect of' duty mayl be0 parti of ai sol
visited1.-CaCuttaU Enlsun (icekes of anic
141mplei. It Is
whIy ie Quit. miore mioderi
"1D1d you reaid miy novel, 'riticus?" fi)IC' iti
"Well. I readt asl far as5 thme chap1ter and1( luxurloi
wht re thme hero was shot1, andl thon I lpresient day
(hi't? Quteen Ehizat
",tit the hero recovers in th~e next 1111 were
(l'lo(c these thd fa
I afrald lhe would. TIha1t's why nll sorts of
- hu . .....unwhvolesomu
One may dlofmate moral suifferingsi seenaeto hr
only bly labor. Study saves from dis-. sometin th
Coura eg.ent.-A1hrnteatr ito th
Another car
W.B\KER~ plant at
t ut qone hun tre i
I tom y and ,ee
i . ' i ck Fi ailc
thI I l b -i -ori -
r?' ite r'. s oif
,,',-r > r MI -v- e " 1 W
LjI i I i C
alt i f .r igh .~ dS -t
e miost popunir vt:
it, in the lead of any otiher wJ
lit you. Conmc to see us,
lanos for Sale Ch
rste to This Gikcantle A
Would ImINelane.
which Is a stnr i about
ngiituide. weri e t planet .I'ic C: L :1 ;
Aing di:scol-re'l oy thie
ye:tr. It couii not have
really at gi nfe worl.Briig
tyimly a .Is IK, t * V H uAr-.
InIce, about 1.700.000.000 1 ift Ow
ts earth, 1.-4 wh:t causes
Ntmalli. U rainuii .4 ts i fou
t revoive backlwarsi in {~-~1 S~
tinit 1is to saly, they 10 *. yo
ait to wveit ariounid Uran1- 1 O ilV IiC!. E3 i
.1u; goes, like all the oth- ~ Tl ~ t 1
0om we'st to easat alround1~. ...;
la believed that Uranus o u1 O- ~ci-ri ~
vardi on its axis also. Al
e axis of that great,
lies ini sucht a direction j fI3 flp rc 't .
ourso of Its year. which
ighty-four or our years,
s alnost p)erpenldi-ulrly
pole0 and1 then upon01 the
.1red( by our time stand
forty yecars of consitanit
>wed by forty years o
lht, artounid the pole's of
1 the suni rise.4 ini thne
a ini the (east there. Uut
very inaltl whien viewed Aloreniesckiln
-Only one0 four-hiundcredth(i
t appears1' to us. Stl it pie adi ouhv o
int plnet 1,500 times as frihn odn~ sa~o
4 the full moon sends11 to '1ac d nt('e o tis 1
that daylIght upon01 Uran
it comp~aredI withi tihest silaha ofyu ndie:
'restriali noonday, Is nev- Fe '1 I .
M~~1 ainJANEItS ut .
11 110(1woeticc but t.WA
lou iulh WOindlge I Slt agen fo ha~e a
p1All of ourfworkeisoGufrarote
era ned wereaoftecieatd.
110111(1wa brkei ll)( Aro esl o r eonir o ck wiln
he1)-10assh wntto~i ~ p ic e ad ifyu ae o
'nts ws lle~ilh f'i rurihing goodsno i o
cakngoftil cke1~'8 ofTke arldvantage ofti0
ste i kn.ea of you adgt
-ery1 Crpct1o.abll in of ree Cleaning o a o nd Pross
0n13 Smpl Afra110l owr t
18 made ket it wais
hig h sesonel t a nd CUa- -
icton whleh( weIC idce and Cu earn frRes aub~,Uemto
id wae some asofutotkthemls-i h
m111 were( notniege for rmddontuoY ir~~l :
ers ladwe a tn 11 Oatuee.no' wi ~
as wi~thus buti the r ke ~ 'sao iz,5c lre M
he brti la shige ft oran n $ h1 ba.0an
1. hi an s amr specal fe-rturano
enkon of the eod was udAdy hot skn. If yo
_ R b
' 1
*a Wit
'ouL nuule. Wer hiav
ea p.
n h- p
* K
a. You .uron
)\Y 1)e '01( at 8 Lrit{ y -
b)ought your o)ve '(o, s 3
.ltime to save mW:;a:y,
opinl price~ befor oe l
the plumI.
ng~ ofi a clothifog made inl omi
_ _ - - - .
~60 811
I tr
A- 4un n).
., >. )*
hI a reput at iOli bh)ind: it, for
11ity, serviceabiilty, anti ease
e a full line and will make
v e
4u arg. V t Sls a
suits ar. ao p wl
>pNour eye~gs It the I ~v
'It 4 r I if~ \aCIV
' : m o u , t .< m.=11
i~ili RC ( ~Zu~ Id~i'~Copyrighted 0;
i:I,~l i*'~ I I Fine Clothes Makers .
ilicilKjiid. Baltimere and.New..oork.
. .- 1- 1 H (I 4~~U1401(( ilO~>t r t8~ l I (I1I ut ,(li -4 r *, .,-r
mbIu of ( tyl 8)0 Our Spin sh'4I'1 I n' Also
sph41'ndid showti, of :reys an i~ .o 44' - W ;'.r
miiinr s .~L so car.
cres of land inoar M-Luo~t In, S. C.,
1 mItw road. *10 por' aer".
inio hu L.d4 f Mr. TLho4 (;hnningham. -Pairt of the P~,1tler
nll tracts~ ol lan jd, 20 to 50 acres.
0 alsEo someC very desi rauble lto near city l imits . T~eShes l i ro
long~ thll car lineC---40 enRch.
Greenville, S. C,

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