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4 1I
The Senunel-ournal Company.
THomrsoN & RiniY. PROPS.
Subsoription $1.00 Per Annum.
1 Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens lofitoffmee as Second Clasrs
Mail Matter
lletrolngloal Table
By John T Boggs, observer, Licerty, s. C,
Temperature. . C
- Character of
ok -g 4 .2m the day.
8 yl 48 *T Cloudy
9 72 0A 25 MCloudy.
10 83 46 0 Clear.
11 87 52 0 Clear.
12 80 5 0 Wolear.
13 81 5 60 20 3Clear.
14 71 00 1.05 oudy.
* T Trace of rain, less than one hundredth
inch of rainfall
Editorial Briefs.
Representative Littanuer of army
glove contract fame, and the warm
personal friend and close political
adviser of President Roosevelt, has.
announced his intention of retiring
at the end of his present term. AfJter
the voters get through with their job
neXt November, there will be a good
many other compulsory retirements.
Littauer evidently sees rocke ahead
Attorney-General Muody has re
quested an investigating committel
of the Mississippi legislature to for
nish him all the evidence it has col.
lected against the lumber trust in
that state. In view of the outcome
of the sparring mach of Bro. Moody
against the Beef Trust, he probtbly
thinks it wiser to hit a trust of his
own size.
'The "irresistible impulse of con
science" seems to be hardly strong
enough with the great majority of
Republican Congressmen to make
them give the statehood question a
square deal.
Supervisor's Report of Claims for thi
Quartet Ending March 31th. 1906.
(Continued from last week.)
3 W Hopkins, bd eq $8 0(
George Hagood, road wk 1.5(
R HI Jennings, insurance 119.10
3 C Jennings, salary 51 00
J1 C Jennings, conveying luna
tics 30.35
J C Jennings, conveying luna
tics 31.2C
R J Jones, road wk 4.5(
Z T Jones. bridge work 2.0(
T1L A Julian, road wk 1.9(
B J Jones, road work 2.4(
3 C Jennings, con lunatic 32.11
J C Jennings, salary etc 507
J C Jennings, diet acct 3.6(
R H Jennings, borrowed mon..
ey 5070.0C
R1 H Jennings, sink fund
debt 4496.6k
J 0 Jennings, salary etc 53.7(
J B Jameson, bd eq 10.OC
B P Kelley, bridge wk 14.71
S F Keith, magistrate 10 0(
E F Keith, salary etc 51.47
E F Keith, salary etc 20 11
L C Lynch, bridge wk 2.00
E F3 Looper, road wk 30.00
E A Lewis, build crib 4 75
G &t Lynch, salary 50.00
E F~ Looper, bridge work 20.24
8 M Looper, road work 10.741
L C Lynch, corn 4 00
G A Lynch corn & fodder 89.68
B C Ligon, corn & fodder 54.84
B U Liigon, road work 2.50
0 II Lynch, salary 50.00
B M Lusk, bridge 10 00
Iks W M Long, med bill 18.25
3h{Looper, road work 2.50
~ALynch, comn 28.00
., Lynch, salary 60.00
0tyMcFall, supplies poo house 32 95
efasuldin, bridge work 1.50
~ '~ oore, road work 5.00
SMcKinney, labor poor h 8.50
'i eMKinney, black smith 4.70
C alyfood 1.50
o he~orter, bridge work - 2.00
road " 3.50
~$ssingill, road wvork 7.90
I %l*A,'bridge wvor'k 0
NU~orter, bridge work 5.80
'4~ney, labor poor h 7.75
Miten~ bridge 575.0
Za(w, road woe-' 10.40
bs,( )road work 45.50
~pom ,rd work 45.50
dwork 7.00
SIuber .15.00
I~~1tablo 20 30
U ltaiigu 6 25
it~dge 8.00
lbr 12 42
0 15
Fashions In %jw York.
Now York modistes are just now
up to their ears in work, Vreparing
trouseaux and gowns for Spring
weddings, says Helen Berkely toyd
in the May Dolineator. All the now
est bridal gowns are cut fon princess
lines, but a distinctivo featuro is the b
abbreviation of the princess as we Ic
have known it, into the "baby prin T
cese." The skirts, with the addition n
of a Watteau plait in the black opens t
out iito' traiin, and is the newest ef. 11
fect in wedding gowns. Tbo Wal tean 'l
plait is I Ot, eSsential but a- it adh I
dignity alit groce, fold help1s h1-ud I
the ved in poeit Ifi, it4 uso is ndvisi
able. Silk and cotton rtj i, muslin) %
and linens luve a y;tminout plaeo it) 1
the trouisseaui.
L'uon Iias a paticubirly s t
vOgu. ald is u d 0 m IrIning frochs,
in white and color.. in shvroAt quality
and delic.ito tints for the afiternoion
(vnwrl . Th l'ew paro-ols this seasoti
lieu 161miply beatutiful, but not heauti
fully simple. They are mado t,,
match the afternoon gown and how
thesame trimming. 0 e finds them
of hanidpsinted chiff m, hrror.1 ian1
inserted with duchsss lao -, ard of the
sheerest Persian lawn wrought in the
daintiest lingerie (ffMcts. Many of the
handles are exipeiiively joweled. The
sticks are dolicately enamelod, and
some are extra long and have a hitgo
neatr the catch that ti'ey may be
folded when out of service.
Program of Easter Service as Render
ed by the Golden Links.
The program that. was reinder:el nt
the Methodist Church Sunday (f ist,
er) Evening, April 15'h.
The members of tho GXolde: Links
or Yountg Peoplo and Childrn'st Po
reign Missionary 3ind, Which numin
bors 51, wore badges, of white linked
with collars of gold. Whilo Miss
Florence Bowen, the orgianist, played
"Under The Banners Of The Cross,"
they marched into the church, carry.
ing banners, with the motto "The
World For Christ," and "Under This
Banner We Conqer."
An Intioduction -Master Douglas
Bitlo Lesson; Matthow 28th chap
ter., read by --Mastets Willie Harris,
Pierce Attoway, Roy Nealy and Geo.
Soug-"Stand Up For Jesus."
Opening prayer.
Christain Workers--Obvor B igga
Thu Land Beyond-Ralston Bryati
Mary's Little Lamb - Cat breen
Th~e Missionary Collection--Clara
Thu Crucifixion -John Attoway..
Hunting Grandma's Stiches
Alice Thompson.
Our Country Contrasted With Bo
nighted Lands-Johu H1arris, Roy
Nealev, Leith Bryan t, Yod a A Ltoway
and Cullon Bryant.
Holping-Gertrudeo Hairris.
An Eastor Boned iciti - Maud1 At.
Our Restless Small Boy in Church
-John H arris.
At Journeys End -- blhio Atto~way.
A Cry For iHdlp - George O'Neai.
Flowers--Enaio Feetman.
Preaching To Thelm Point-M(,ta
Ibaseet and IHis liother-Christine
Sullhvan and Urace Prince.
Only a Little Sunbeam -Miss Mary
Building-Pierce Attoway.
Tihe Starless Crown -.--race Prince.
The Resurrection-Leith Bryant.
Little Ozies in He athen Lands -
Clara Bryant.
A Dream -1AlandI Attowa-y.
AsK F0i A .\1..ENN H OOT- I.LH), .\ l'ow1,zEnu.
It makes walk lig easy. Ci res CorIIH, liiiions0,
InugrowingN Nalls hwiollen, a dsweainhg feet. Ac
all lDrugglsts nditi sht tores, 230c. Doniu't ncepit
If a Cow ga
mankind would have to
invent milk. Milk is Na
ture's e mulsion -butter
put in shape for diges
tion. Cod liver oil is ex
tremely nourishing, but
it has to be emulsified
before we can digest it.
Scott's Emulsion
combines the best oil
.with the valuable hypo~.
phosphltes so that it Is
easy to digest and doesi
far more good than the
oil alone could. That
makes Scott's Emulsion
the most strengthening,
nourishing food - med I- a
Dine In the world.
send for free eample.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists M
.00--415B Pearl Street New York
s0o., and s1.00. All4~ duaate Ia
Te) fe nous HUtE. p~le. '
7 -'
ickens vs. Easley-A Hard Fought
Game Expeted-80th Teams
Are Confident.
The Easley baso ball team will oro S
its with Pickns I i ll on thfe
cal diamond, Thursday Apri!, 19.
he line -up of the Easley bunch is
At known, but it is understood bere
lat they have a fast set of bludgeon
andlers and a good team all round.
ho line up of the home team will
irbi iby I e s u as ai ntnounced in this
10per reOveflal issuB ago, Willi a few
bs s. Lnig She.h, rId will prob
b!y sIhoot the slants and too the rub
er for* E-viley, while the old reliable
'rank MeFall, will twist the sphere
ori Picaeusl.
The gano 1.1 bo ea!jod sharply at
30 P. M.
A InItin (nonnot.
Tlo Rov. J. ( Wairren, pastor of Sha
'ou Baiptist ehurhI, Bolair, Ota., says of
I4leotrio Bittors: "It'm a Godsolul) to
naukind. It cured 110 of lame b ock.
,tdl jo ints, and ComlJ)IOtoI physicAl Col.
lapse. I Was 0 weak it took me half an
liour to walk a mile. Two bottles of
Electric Bitters have made me so strong
that I have just wialkod three miles in 50
minutes and feel liko I could walk three
mliles mi(o. It's 11a14 a Iew man of
meIV." Groetel rn 'o-dy for Weakn1ess
of stocuieh and all kinds 4-f livor and
kidney copanS old uinder enatran.
tee at PickCIs Dllrl Co. PricO 500.
Tito Yollow Fovor Goran.
[las reoently been discoverod. It bears
a1 close inseiblainec to thomaialariagerm.
1 flo tho system fr.m the gormn of
di'len o, tlie miost, Iroet ivo remody is:Dr.
Kitig's New Lifo Pills. Gnaranteod to
tein all diseases duo to mall iriiaf poiion
anid conitipation. 25, it Pickens Drug
'hey nevor gripe or sicken, but
alwso and strengthenu the stomieh, liver
aId bowols. This is the universal ver
liet of the r '.ny thous:ada who ueo Do
Witt's Little Early Risers. Thoso fa
m1o1s little pilla relievo headacho, con
iipation, billiousness, j iundice. torpid
liver, sallow complexion, etc. Try Little
Elarly Itisoik. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
The Nev Cough Syrup--the one that
aets as a mild cathartic on the bowels-is
Kennedy's Lixat.ive Honey and Tar. It
oxpelN all cold from th system, cnts the
phlegm out of the throat. strenghtons the
11111001 4 menbrianes of tho broocial
tules, and relieves croup, whooping
cough, etc. Children love it. Sold by
Pickeus Drug Co.
Chaim rlain'a (;ough leiaeie y tho Moth
er's iavqorite.
The soothing and heling properties
of thim remedy, its pleasait tlasto ind
proniadt andiol parmuaneot cur's havo mande
it i favorito with peoplo everywhero. It.
is espc1ially prizel by mothIrs Of smaIll
children, for nolds, cronp and whooping
eugh, as it always atflords quick relief,
und as it. cotaiis no opium or other
butrimfiul dirg, it may be given as conli
donly to a iby s11 to ain a' f ul, . For sale
by Piekens Drug Co, and T. N. Ihunter,
F~or i~lousnaea s ad Sick lIfadae.
Take Orino Laixitive Fruit Syrup. It
swecetens tho stoniachl, aiids digest ion
anLd acts as ai gorille itimtiilenit on the
live'r and1( bowels withouit iriti ating these
organs. .Ot ino Laexative Fu it Syrup
cures b~lOihlesR and habitinai llntip):,
tion. D)oes nmot iiiasate Or gi o) imi
is mild amid pleasant to take, Itememi
ber the name Urino: and ref~use to take
anly subsititute. Pickens Dru'g Co,, Rt.
F. Smith, Eausley.
Starling 314u1 True.
P~ople thae world over were horrified
on Iearining of tho bmurning oft a Chiceago
thIeatre in which nearly six hmiiinlred peo
p)1e lost their live 5, yet miore than11 five
times this nuamber' or ova r' 3,000 peoplo)1
died from pneumonia in Chicago during
same year, with searcely 'a passing 110
tice. Every one1 of these ca-es of pneu
mionia resultedl from a cold1 and could
been proventetod by t imuely use of Chain.
berlaini's CJough Iemerly. A great many
who had ever'my re -son to feur pnemnia
inate wardh d it oilf by the prompt use of
Wli remedytl . TheIi followmng is an in
stane of t his sort: '"Too much cannot
be said ini favor (If Chiamberlain's Cough
Reim dly, anid esp. cially for oeldis andh in
thucuza. I know tluhat it ceto lmy daugh
ter, Laura, of a s ve cold, and .1 believe
saved her life when she was thiroatenedl
with pneuimoniia."' \V. D). \Vilcox, Lo.
gan, New York. Sold b'y Pickcns Drug
Co. and1( T1. N. 11innter, Liberty.
4 Carol.
This is to certify 'hbot all dlrupgist n're
authiorizedl to refundl your monecy if ]"o.
I ey 's li ioe iid Tari hai ls to ile vonr
congh (r coali, It stop)- thme coligh.
lieals the lunigs iand pr, ven ts serions
resulIts Ii 01m cols, Cm es laI grippe
conugh aid prev'(nmts pnieumnia ii id co
sumplilonl. Coainis noi Opiatesi. T1hie
gonun: i a yellow pacekage. Rtefuse all
subtituti's. P'ickei Drmg Co., U. F.
Afraid of Strogng 'liin1Ie
Many ,1peop1o etulOer for yeur'; from
rheumatic pamns, and~ prefe'r to) do( s
rather thant taiko thet strong medicine,
usually given for rhenmaut inm, no t know
ing that quick relief from 1)ain my he
had simply by apl~wing (hamberlaini'I
Pain B3am anud without takinig any m. dh.
ino internially. For sailo by Piekan
Drug Co. and .I'. N. unter, Liberty.
Bears the e ~h KinYoulave Always Bought
All old-timo Cough Syrups biind the
>owols. This is wrong. A new idea
vaa advanced two years ago in Kennedy's
l~axativo Honey and Tar. This remedy
act oni the mucous membranes of the
uthroat anid hinge and losonsthe bowels
t, the me time. It expels all cold from
lie system. It cleard the throat, arnd
trengthens the mnuconq membranes, re
ieve s coughs, colds, oroup, whoopinig
sough, etc. Sold by Piokonus Drug C
The flost Playeto.
When you wammt a physic that is mild
nd gentle, easyv to Lake and certain to
at, always uso Chamberlain's Stomaoh
nd Liver Tablets. For sale by Pickens
1rug Co. anid T. N. Hunter, Liberty,
Successfuallhy 4iauilby Mother Gray', naurse in
e Citdren'sa Home1 in New York, Cure Fever
5,nesk, Had Stoneh. Te'eting IsorderA, move,
iti regateoa theCo ei,~la andi Destrov Worm,.
/er 3J,003 t"timoia~ . 'They neotr fall. At a I
umggIht 25.' Saumple Free. Addrene Allen i4.
mfatedi, Ise Roy. N. Y,
- -
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has bee
in use for over .30 years, has borne the signature of
. and has been made under his per.
sonal supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All CounterfeIts, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Enfants and Children-Experience against Experiment.
Oastorin is a harimless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare.
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. I
contains netithcr Opiumti, Morphine nor other Narcotio
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teethiug Troubles, cures Vonstipation
and Flatuency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving heatliy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea-The Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
in Use For Over 30 Years.
IDillinery! Millinery!
I have a nice lot of Fashionable Millinery of all the latest pat
terns, right fresh from the fashion centres. Call and inspect
this line. You'll be pleased with it.
A full and complete line of Spring Dress Goods, Dry Goods
and Notions, all of which will be sold at living prices.
See me for anything you need. I carry a complete line of
general merchandise and can save you money.
A share of your patronage solicited.
l'lrat ig ,oloy'A Honey and Tar Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
Holey & Co., ashiago, originated All- persons having claims against the
flwway and Tar asV throat and lungI
remedy, and on account of the great estate of T. E. Miles, deceased, are re
m. it of Foley's Honey and Tar, quested to present the same to the under
m'ny worthcs8 imitations are offer- signed for payment by the 1st day in
Od for the geinuine. Theen worthlea IMay. 1906. Those indebted to said es
inuai ation b ave similar sou~lng names. al iust nadka payment.- L. N. Geor.
ieware of them. The genuine Foley Admis't.
Iloneoy and TIar is in a yellow packago |21 mnreh. 3t Anderson, S. 0.
Ask for it nad refuse any substitute. It I.
is theo beat remedy for ooughm and conds Notice of.FinaI Settlemient
Pickens Drug Co., R. F. Smith, Easley I will apply to J. B. Newbery, Probite
men rnt s xtyin nnger Judge 'for Piokens County on the 25th
ci , atSit-n a g day of April 1906, for a fitnal settlement
More than half mankind over sixty of the estate of Itobert I. Gilbert, de
years of ago saffer from kidney and ceased, and ask to be dismissed as Ad
bl:'drier disorders, usually, enlarginment 'ministratrix,
of prIostralte gland1(. Th'lat is btoth pain- r.BlV.anat.
ful and dangarous, a,.d Foley's Kidney 3 28 4t. b.BuAd Lncstri.
ur'e should be taken at the first sign of -Ammtarx
angn it corrects irregularities and ~ - -~I - e~l
has1 euried muany old mnof this dises.Ntc flsa etenn
Mr. Rodnwy Burnett of Rook Port, Mo. I will apply to J1. B3. Newbeiry, Pro
wvrites:. ' suffered with enlarged pros- .bate .Judge of Pickenas County, on the 23
frato gland nd kidi ey trouble for years day of April, 1906 for a final settlement
mndl after Iaking two bottles of Foley's of the estate of Abner M. Yonng, de
Kidnr <ure 1 feel butter Ithan I have ceased, and ask to be dismissed as Ad
frtwenty year-s although I amn now 91 ministrator. H. 0. Young.
y'earsold." Piickoe Drug Co. R. F. 21 mnrob. 86. Admist.
Smith, E asley,- ~_______
Glane adbeuinsthe hiar.
Cures 'cal dlsese , A "* No appetite, loss of strength, nervous
______________________________ ness, headache, constipatIon,. bad breath,
.. ... . . ._ general debility, sour risings, and catarrh
ALL 17 of the stomach are all due to indigestion.
AL K ND O Kodol cures indIgestion. This new discov
ery represents the natural juices of diges
INSURWANCE "io" a- they ex''st in aheathy sto--c,
I I~U~A1N combined with the greatest known tonlo
Iand reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys
r a pepsia Cure does not only cure indigestion
e a~leyl - and dyspepsia, but this famous remedy
Icures all stomach troubles by cleansing,
SlrTanCo .A ene C purifying, sweetening and strengthening
/ .7 the mucous membranes lining the stomach.
ofEa le ,S C .~ M.S.S al oisRa-en"w'o',= W .. y:
capable t o .insure odbaoDgesht YuEd
Bottles only. $I1.00 Size holdint 2% times the trial
any kcind Of is k. PrparedbE.. D'oiTT&'0.''oHIOAQO
Life, H-ealth, Ac- Sold by Pickens Drug Co
oident,SteamnBoi-P l
]erarid Fly-wheel """"R"""^**^A "ST
LnSurance and TES
al classes of Fire Arkanisas end southwest,
Sone-way ticeketsa at hacif fare plus~ P
In Suran cc. Speo """"enaa''hi t'kekts 105'es thn one-wany
ial attention giv- ~lrh6ad2
en t co n ybu -?Stop-ove a both ways and 21 days retiaun
1.nlOSS as w ell asgiimt onrudtf ices rtor mn
~fh'der, anel pick your date and say when~
tOWn ndCiand where you wanot tso ani iie will gie
.I yo full information by retuaa nm ill.
X~e opr.~et, 4 ~I.. P. sm'riT, . P. A.
E arge Co m panie s ""''""'
an d jifure any ^TLANA o..
thin g. Give your *T TT
business to us and
Ihavo an -tractive paint propositiot
wewill save fr-a:ifyou in"ten*1'sing"a'y" ," :
jEitA and 1gallone. All colors.
Cn",Iwant~ butter andi e ARS
E. P. MoCravey Dnnns
As' C. Plnokney. 7Ii~lN~~6~
A he" r7064f7
Keep ' the bo'of$ ' . r
SAnd the great-mec
. es P S PIS F
Want your moustache or beard DUOKINGHAM'S DY
abeautiful brown or rich black? Use BU N.or M 'S a.. . .
Can be pleased in their shoes if they conic
to us. Our stock is large-selected with care.
Selected with the idea that good value makes
and holds customers. if you haWve niot been
buying your shoes from us, try us niext time
you need a pair.
Pride & Patton
Ten cent cotton has put lots of money in the coultry.
Many people have been robbed and killed for their money.
Safe blowers have tried the
and failed to get the money. Delays are dangerous. Open
an account with them today and your money wili be safe.
Interest paid on time deposits.
H4. C. Shirley, Cashier.
$i.oo will open an account with the Liberty Bank.
Is gone and lovely Spring time is
here. To feel comfortable we must
shed our winter garments and ar
ray our selves with things suitable
for the season. We are well pre
pared to satisfy the lady that is seek
ing for cheap or expensivegarments.
Our line of white goods, laces and
embroidery wvill far suppass any
*thing that we have ever had and
goods counters anxious to sellan
Splease every in the country.
9If you are seeking honest goods,
at honest p~rices, we extend to you
Sa cordial invitation to visit our store
'for anything in the line of gener-al
merchandise. CFII
~~ One--Price Cash Store
J. McD. Bruce, 1 .Mudn
P re si e nt -C a sh ie r.
CAPITAL -. - - - - $20,500-00
PROFITS - - - - - 1 8,ooo.oo
DEPOSITS . . . . - 140,000.00
o5 Per Cent Interest Paid On Deposits+
J. F. Banister-, B. A. H-agood, W. M. H-lagood,
J. M. Stewart, J. E. Boggs, J. McD. Bruce.
T. N. Hunter, HI. A. Richey, J. P. Carey,.
I have a good line of
Among them are the recommendable old styio Seth Thomas
Clocks with weights, % hich I am selling nt special bargains.
And a row line of SILVERWARE. Also Rolid1 Gold and
Silver WATCIIRS. A nien line of Spectaicles; I guarantee
glasses to fit eyes. All kinds of repair viorkr in the jewelry line.
HI. SINIDER, - - Easley, S. C.
The kind that are mado nl; the t est studhios of the larger cities.
The kinid that will not fade. That are nuatural and life.Jike.,
and finished on the latest and prettiet. cards to bn. had.
Nice line fC mouldings anid frimnes of iany size mulue to order.

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