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Ice Drinks are now served
in and refresh yourself.
A beautiful line ot flower se
yatd adorned with lovely flo
earthly paradise.
Nice mantel covers, at 1o an
e with these.
We have Sunday School R<
The latest preparation for tl
%V. Hallum's Kidney and Backa
all Kidnley ills. 50 cents per
Pickens Dri
+ Pickels'Slti el-Jourlal
HaDDenluas of a Local and Personai Nature
-Pickens was lively with shoppors
-- Give us the local news of youc
+ UmmnIunity.
- Mrs. I. M Mauldin, spent laet
.;eek with her parvnts in Central.
-Misses Aurie and Mamie Kirksey
.vc re shoppinig in Pickens Mondav.
-Miss Floriide Carey, of ConversE
jollego, spent Easter with her pa
-mts in Pickens.
-Miss LizziA Cliild, one of th<
eaehrs in the Pickeis Graded Schoo
pent Easter with her father Spartan
-AMarii(d, on Sunday mornog
April, 15th, at the residence of th<
'ride's brother, Abraham Holder, Mr
tSla-heL L. Kimrent, to Miss Nanic:
Hlolder, W. E Eder s, Jr. notary pub
ito, officiating.
-Prof. Jessie Looper, who has jus
rished teaching the Mica School
as. in Pickens Monday. He has ba<
very successful term. The progran
f the closing exercises will be put
shed next week.
-R1ev. J1. E. Matheson filled his aj
.'oinltmen~ts at the Pickens Pu esbytet
an Church last Sabbath morning an
.fternoon, preaichinug two fine sermoni
he sermonf in the morning in morr
ng being aln exceptionally fine die
-~-All singers hiaving song book
~ 4~ ~.... Al.t year, will pleas
a Pickens Count
2 at Griffin Baptia
ud Sunday, (A pr
~ 1~ ttk~ M~i4.).~.ery body th at likt
good music is invited to attend1, an
uelp make the meeting a success.
T' -MMarried at tihe residence of (1:
bride's parents, Mrs. and Mr. T.
K eily, Mr. Henry Conley to Miss M,
mis Kelly, both of lickens count:
C. C. Fuiths, of Central, efliciatini
The hapjpy ecuple have the conigrat'
lationa anid best wishes of their maiL
friends a long and prosperous lit
* -News was received in Picei
tha t Rcy 0. M. Abney, of Seneca, io
his horse last week. Fhrm the be
infor mation obtainable it is beleiv<
to have been poisoned, as "Rough<
Rats'' had been put out anid it
thought tile horse got some of it.
subscription list is now at tile P. ]
Co's, Store anid all whlo feei like co
tributinug to this fund for purchase
another horse for him, can do so.
-Mrs. Margaret Scott, widow
the late Newton Scott, died at h
h ome in Brushy Creek TlownBhip) 1t
T hurstd ny morning, af ter an illness
several weeka with pn~eumonia. (
Friday afternoon the remiain~s we
iterredi ut igah Church near bi
late home, Rev. D). Weston lHiitt, e
ducting the funeral services. M
Seatt was b:)n in Scotland and
her childhood her parents, in com~
ny with a nlulmber of friends, enuig
fed to An~erica. Thiey landed
Charleston, where both her1 prea~
died of sellow fever. She was car
for by a friend, a Mr'. Donald, 'w
Hettled in Abbeville county, where
was reared. In her young womi
I' **. hi'on whi
n~, ,,, ai I where u
4 . i-.. . irto|
.ah . ~i .U . a. ho was
most estimable, Christian woman a
4ad Ion g been a devoteil member
the Methodist Church. She v
most highly esteemed by a wide
cle of frierds, who will long cher
her memory an i who deeply symi
thby.' with flhe thIaree Pfnos uLdt
daughters ehlo survvivo ha r. -n
Poa Inteligencler.
at our Soda Fountain. Come
eds at 5 cents per package. A
wers appr9aches closely to an
d 25 cents, We can please any
ll Books at 25 cents:
1e teeth, Cherrifoam at 25 cents
che Pills, are guaranteed to cure
box, 5 boxes for $2.oo.
lg Company.
-List sprig's latest killing fro t
came on April 17th.
Turkey Eggs for Sale--Miss Aurit
Kirksey, Crow Creek, 8 0.
- M r. and Mrs. W. T. Gil ilin of the
Field aiction, were in Pickens Mon
-Born on the 16th instant to Mr.
and Mrs.dBen Pace, of the Field see
tion, a son.
--Mrs. Berry Gary, of Libery, vii.
ited heir sister, Mrs. 1). G.I'Aoore, it
Pickens last week.
-Mrs. T, 11. Moore, of Liberty, i.
with her son, D. G. Moore, in Pick
ens, helping to nurse his child.
-Pearl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
B. C. Baker, who is suffering witL
meningetiw, is reported some better.
-The picnic season will soon be
heoro and the young people are look.
irg forward to it with no little plea -
- -The farniers have had fine weath
er tie Dast week to push their work
and they have made good use of the
-Thomas M. Garrett, who is tak
ing a business course at the Southern
Shorthand and Business College in
Atlanta, spent a few days with hip
parents at Norris last week.
-TIhis will be a good crop year
but don't plant too much cotton t<
the neglect of the other more import
ant crops. Let hogs and hominy be
your objecot and co'tton your surplus
--J. T. Fennell hail kept part o
his~ goods here, and has employed Mr
e .". T.Lnstnt clerk for hirr
int intheseaonMr. Fennell mas
t put in a complete line of new goods
1ande ~)l c ntie in 'ousinessiere.
s --It is said that the n. w hats this
al season aire abouit as tryin~g to thi
average woman, wvhen it comes to find
ing one that is becoming, as they ar<
to the patience of the father or hus
baindl whoi has to pay for thenm.
-,--Married, on the 15th instant, a
th e resiilnci' of Mr. 'William Hien
d rielm, fat h(er of the Ibride, M iss Josii
H [endrzicks to Mr. 11 nry Wilsoni, al
~of the Lf'ope r' Gin sectioni of thi
pnablic, 'd'T o.t ng.
30 -Crr.:upc.n.1ems of tie paper
d 'vhen writmng f .r I '1blicattionl, are re
o quest-ed to write plain, to write thei
is name and initials visible, so as to avoil
A mistakes. Unless t~his is stricti
) adhered to, the writing will go t
a. tho waste basket.
S-In vit Ia ions tiwere isstm-d yesterda;
to thle marringo (If Miss Cleo King
of to B~ . F. Martin, 169., bot1h of thi1
er city. Mr. .\artin is a well known-t at
st torney of the local harW and enjoys
of Ilrgo practice. Miss King is
)n dlaughter (If the late Rev. WVoody F
re King, andc is a youing woman of m-i
er person-di alttrafctionls. The c IrOm->n,
n will be performed in the First Bal
~ int ( hmch~l at 12 o'clock noon1 on1 th
in '25tht of April.-Anderson Initell
>a g(leee
'a -Sheriff "Cat" .Jonnings has r
iln cently comel ini possession of a fu
ti. registereOd bloodhiound. Trial Les
ce1 give priset of her being an exce
lie tionl to the [general runtl of so c tll
he blood bouniids gotten a it various Liim)
inl by slumilair ofllio s in this Rtail
ure Whether or' nott it, i.s a characterial
he of. the breed, Sheriff .Iennings doest
he 'know, but certainly it is a handic.ap
a oe repetct-the dog (dsnl't bai
nd when on trail-thus miking it dii
o1 0 dlL to follow her'. If the traick
ras miscreant attempts to defentd himis
sir .vhan caught by .the dog she will hv
iai him; and it Is hoped thet the offi
II9 will be tle to follow thle sleuth el
we enou 'li to prevent her being kil
t d to capture the crimmnal WIh
der isreport
B:or o4I6th Ipstaut, to Mr. and
Mro. % L. Bivines, a daughter.
--Ivy M. Mauldin, cashWf of the
Pokens Bank, is in New York on a
pleasure trip.
-The year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.
David G, Moore, of Pickens, is quite
ill with pneumonia,
' -R. H. Dolt, of Otterbeiv, Ind.,
visited his brother Dr. J. L. BolA3 in
Pickens last week.
-Mr. J. P. Carey, who his been
in Ntw York for several days on
business, returned home Monday.
--The ta'e Med'eaS coiety meets
in Columbia this week. It is very
probable that none of the physicians
of Pickens can attend,
-Lawrence Roper, who is study
ing dentistry in Atlanta, is now at
home to sp3nd his vacat'on. He has
one more year to put in at school.
-A gentleman who has recently
traveled over a large portion of the
county says there is still -& good deal
of cotton in the hands of the farmers.
-The wheat crops of this commu
nity are looking fine for the time of
the year, bnt a great mistake the
farmers make is in not sowing more
wheat tha i they o.
-Mr. V. A. Fergus)n, while leading
his mule near his home, was severely
kicked by it, last Sunday moning.
He hail been to hi, son, Charlie's,
and on his way tack had gotten off
of the mule to walk down a hil, lead.
ing it ly a long rein. Th-i male was
capering and piaying and suddenly
whirleJ and kicked striking Mr Fer
guson i the side. He is pretty se
verely hurt, but his atten ding phyti
ifisn does, not think it i a serious.
Old Soldiers Take Notice.
All members of Camp Garvin and
a I o 1 soldiers who desire to be mem
bars will meet at the Court House,
Salesday in May to consider business
of importance to the Camp.
W B Allgood,
Mensuring Medicine.
Use a medicine glass with the amount
of each spoonful and drop marked
upon it. Teaspoonfuls and tablespoon.
fuls are always mentioned, but as
these vary in size it is not safe to rely
upon them. Drops, too, cannot be
properly measured without a glass.
Keep the medicine glass perfectly
clean. It should be washed out after
each dose, In readiness for the next
time. It is desIrable that if the patIent
is to have medicine with a strong
smell, oils, etc., to keep a glass special
ly for them, letting~ it soak in hot wa
ter for half an hour after use to re
move all disagreeable odor. It is Im
possible to cleanse such a glass in a
few moments. When the medicine is
being poured out bold the label upper
most in order that it may not become
stained with any dfrops escaping down
the side of the bottle.
The sacrett Do Tre..
On the night of Oct. 7, 1887, the tree
worshipers of Ceylon met with an ir
reparable calamity. During one of the
worst storms that ever raged on the Is
land their sacred bo tree was thrown
to the ground. The oldest written de
scription of this wonderful tree known
to exist is that by Fa 111am, a Chinese
historian and traveler, who visited the
tree in the year 414 A. D. According to
the learned Chinaman, it was then 702
years old, having been planted by
King Devinipiatissa in the year 288 be
fore our era began. If the above data
be correct, and there is no reason for
Idoubting it, the be tree was more than
2,175 years old when the storm ended
its career on the date mentioned above.
Meosast and Bhetuner.
When Mozart was at the height of his
fame lhe composed the music for Bretz
nor's "Belmont und Konstanze" ("The
Abxduction From the Seraglio") at the
request of the IEmperor Joseph II. The
author of the drama was so angry at
V this that he inserted the following no
a tico in the Lelpziger Zeitung: "A cer
tain fellowv of the name of Mozart has
dared to misuse my drama, 'Belmont
ud Konstanze,' for an opera text.- I
hereby solemnly protest against thIs
invasion of my rIghts, and I reserve to
'myself further prlocedures. (Signed),
Christophi Friedrich Bretzner, author
of 'Rtauschchen.'"
Often confession is owning up when
you are sure to be caught.-Saturday
I Evening Post.
i You know the medicine that
a' makes pure, rich blood
p- Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Your
d mother, grandmother, all your
folks, used it. They trusted
it. Their doctors trusted it.
"Your doctor trusts It. Then
rk trust It yourself. There Is
ii. health and strength In it.
thu ei.. ter y.,,' s relief until I too
( Aor& a rPI .rill. Four bottles permna
M1'Ilts. F. u. HAr, Mt. KiacoN.T..
9lOMaibottle. J.C. AYUICO..
rs . w'
Rich Blood
o~r's Pills are ~enti1 Iaxatv4
av cenativ aid t e a leaparlllk
NEW- 8
For the past month we
Goods, Clothing, Shoes, 1-1
stores are packed from top
and are anxious to be unlo
Dress Goods. Dress
Our line this season 'by far surpasses any
shown. The prettiest line of white goods
Pickens. Everything in white goods for waists
embroideries to match. . Big lot of silk goods
suits. Big line of black goods and suitings.
Clothing, Shoes,
and Gents Furnishing Go
The largest and best selected stock in the
you want clothing with fit, style and (iality y
We buy nothing but the best-it pays. Amon
lines of clothing we handle is the I lorse Shoe
noted for its fit and wearing qualities.
Shoes ShOE
W\'e carry double the stock ve did two ye.
three times the amount. See the immense line
men's and Children's Oxfords. 'The old "'B
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Gcnts Furnishing
60 acres. 10 good creek bottomi Jutia little R'd<
acres, well timbered. 5 rootu dwell in.vo that tiness', bi
ac'h, and all o' lwr
lng. Corn Mi', Saw MIill a-id ~At ten tion. K'idol digt.M
Gin, with fine water power. Situa ted enalesC~ the stinaiii'h
9 miles from Greenville on the Hunt ' Sody hcen sI)
bridge road. This can be benieht
dirt cheap. Call and see us. Pr ce OLYM
$1600. Seeps 060 e.o
J. D. Tloler & Co.
TRAVELING SALICSMA N w.\N'iC1) Tlop'lacelin.mdehc
o k) g iiaatec.I Pep>uoI'oteli for i t alit r
cso 111( outilt fre . R.1 har eo<.. l'aai Vi t& o.Cicu
K ansas. 4i -I*06 at.it'a riie
J. F. Brock', w'oodworlaman, in the 'tt f~dtliltM
Ashmnoro building, is pi epared to ~ 13 i'
mend or. make over your vehicles and
do a general line of repair work Saw 0tifo.B'
setting and sharpening a 1fLjU. pc inally.'-. '
Give me a call whoin in need of genGodt etad
kinds of i ~ cuttdg amadftthcg. t
ForInfn an Chlden. Witt C. Chca
Signatreuof, burns t ises
at~d ~ordsalmot it
_______ -lind, edi ngI. , tilt
ft wll eliee yu. Rv. . H.If n packdi ges rn t f<'
yrleair w oevrk. t Preared to das o all i i ck<~l, it
kirundso .9 uatning and ftting.o m itf o vi i~ec
he rt Ift and gehildde ren. -ml~ i' Mywle
The, Knd Yit Haneived Alw ays owh Pis~ *i tl
Biears Drgthepofre
Loui Copl-P pritorI'mhe Bnakgait
indisto SPRIN CKOdTyppIn ONG-e.cveear, fcohi
gt in beslie you ave . d.cbednfrmthb
Not ie, .. conrains: "ad nron- tgble onth
euns Sliprs-Pahfatent leather rionw cl oh
adBigge. Myd beggst omnl Kwt ind ha e le and
es, and lwhas reoievedme. -you noeaed Cthingre.
for ater Sndaee sorn tiht. Macotng . dCot
adIl Dgetswat you tea. ldbyst PIcn Drgacti
PicenLDuguo.sl Crop
LusCp-Proprietor D~ixie Bargain
~~A i
have been receivir
ats and Gents Fur
to bottom. They a
cGoods leads them all.
Godman, Walkov
we have ever 50 per cent but a'
ever shown in and will go at ol(
with laces and
for shirt waist Fu rn i
H ats Buying as v
ods. 1o to 15 per cent
upcontry Ifneeded for your I
upl)CUntry. If1
ou get it here. H
g the different arCW
brand which i Surreys,
We haven't
things we would
irs ag ,o and sell
of Men's, Wo- You want and we
tile Axe" still We keep evi
Yours I
Goods a specialty. Sole agents
Valkover and Stetson Shoes.
md Blandder Right
liihing, gason ( sltoml
ympjtomsA of indigeR
.S whet yill eat, eild
mlIt! ilige'x I y- 'argilUR 1
and boaRUl lg*
run 'm0.uhhon
sof and sog-mo ri with
bnt ho lnsed I ihn gent
tile ntatlle "l. C. ])e
0."' F~or oresi, boils8,
, ee. ,it hIasi 'noeia,
mmoitdizato r. Ii- 1. from
(onH I)rnig Co.
, \ntniu lcloll Ij000,
. srae. .Rio opLatee
Kind You llave Mwa ys Boughi
, i a 11 - k O U'~-_______.
neii I)lv'i Ellr,
low fndIown in3(
hI vw from' 1;) expo ef.Crea
( uuni 10; 10 Wi tit il
i rw i, boy t lesl~d(1 com.l~e lu
I louse has got wihi
tha thlo-- -Na
Shoe, Slppeself. same art
haedisew brt
uie ad se i 24 paiou nd s
ii guaanteei or h ing
-any andnalyot
bcue tathl~I buh a
ne andsee sm Cale andge
ig big shipments ol Dry
nishing Goods until our
xe chock full of bargains
Among the other leading brands are the
er and Stetson, Leather has advanced 25 to
I our shoes were bought before the advance
ture Furn iture
And Lots of It.
e do in car lots enables us to save you from
on all your purchases. We keep evcrything
iome with prices right.
ire, Stoves, Buggies,
Wagon, Harness, Saddlery.
the space here to tell you of one-half the
like to but come to see us' Call for what
will d the rest.
rything and always the best of everything.
EY & CO.,
for Mitchell Wagons, Iron King Stoves, and
Vir. Editor:
Please say to
he readlers of the Sentinel
ournal that we arc now gect
ing in readiness, one of the
>est selected and most corn
>lete stocks of dry goods andl E
iotions that we have showvn, #
mtd although there is a great e
leal of talk about higher- prices, j
,ve have .these goods at old s)
>rices, same things a little*
If your readers will give us*
i trial we will prove to them e
.hat we will save them money j
n their purchases. We'll Jet #
'oui hear from us again next *
P. S. MVr. Tom Ligonan
Hlenry McKinney are stii wvith
me~ anid wVilI be glad to s(ee
~heir fri'inds.
A. K. Park.
WVest End.I(, G reenv'ille, S. C.
till in business at the same old stand by him
>undI and get sonme bargains in general mer
don't all come at once. I will sell your a
iek of good flour- for 50 cents. And all
s according, minus Meat and Dried Fruit
high as I laman was hung. Irish potato
s, Early Rose, Burbanks and Beauty of
ni, by the peck at any old price.
P. H ARRIS, By mimself.
ooro Sells 'em Cheap.
stock of goods at a bargain and will sell them
:all and see me for most anything ycu want I
s skirts and Boy's knee p~ants to go cheap.
2)utings at a bargain. A lot of' Shoes to go
cerything cheap.
the old meat market and bring me some
a Raw H-ides green or dry that you can get
selling goodls. I don't forget my meat market
yonr meat or anything else you want.
The Old Meat Market.

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