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Etered April23, 1908 at Pickens, S. C., as second Class mattr, under act of Congress of Marchl 8,_1879.
Supervisor's Report of Claims for the
Quarter Ending March 31th. 1906.
- - (Cont:n nd from last Nok )
J A McComb., road w1c 3.50
J B Newbery ox lunatic 12.00
J B New bery, ex lunatic 12 00
W T Nally, bridge wk 16.88
J B Newbery, ex lunatic 1200
M W Newtou, road wk 500
.W C. Newton, road wk 2.50
J B Nowbory, ox 'unVic 12.00
Norris cotton inll, road tax
ref'd 3.00
W C ODell, magistiate * 16 67
J B H Price, lumber 14.73
T A Pike, road wk 12 25
J 10, Parson, road wk 8.25
E R Porter, aid to p itpar, 500
J T Powers, road wk 3 00
Roubt Ptrtor, britd wiC .75
Robt Porter, road wk 400
.1 S H Price foad wk 3.50
J S H Price bridge wk 5.95
zE R Porter, aid to pauper 500
Pickens Drug Co, Drugs, 13.90
J T Powers, road wk 9.00
Pickens Bank. interet 45.24
Will Paltorson, road tax ret'd 1.50
J E Parson, Bd Eq 10 00
11 A Richey, supp.ies p h 21 60
E W Ragsdale corn &. 50.CO
W A D Rigdon. fodder 15 C8
H A Rikhey, supplies p i 16.45
W -1 Robinson, road wk 5.00
S A Roper, bridge wk 3.50
C E Robinasm, clerk & a'tj 10.50
W M Rosemond, Black
smith 220
J B Rigdon, bridgo wk 1885
JB liigdon, road wk 14 40
J 11 Richoy, bridg-i wk 7.CO
E WN Ragsdale, supplies 10.00
C G Rowland mag~srato 2500
Robinson & Thornton cbain
gang supplies 38 36
C E Robison, elk & atty 16.50
Dr L F Robinson, med bill 525
H A Richoy, chain gang sup
plies 34.57
J L Ramey, road wk 550
E W Rgsdale suppijes 7.85
0 E Robinsun, clerk & 23.00
J J Rogerfa, road wk 25.50
S L Silnnoi a, ro ul wk 1 00
V E Stephor P, :mber 1.89
T V Stowai bridge wk 10 (0
.1 D Simmons, road wk 225
T H Stewart, bridge wk 4. 25
J P Smith, Salary &c 22.00
W V Seaborn, bridge wk 30.00
V E Stephaiis, lumber 392
A C Sh irley, read w i 5.50
Dove S 1lnders;'.amd wk 2.00
40j Stewart. rta I wk 2.00
J C Stribling. road wk 900
JT S'm1h, vJ-lry 2050
.A B Stoukos, ro:(l wk 1 00
Joo Stonelil, r..mld w 5.0
WV D SutLherlalnd, corn & fod,
d -r 55.75
J C See.n'., rov'i wvk 3.00
4 W TP Sk rlt m, road wk 1.00
W P S..ipes bri Ige wk 6.00
R D) Suthe.rlai'd, fudd r 8.00
L, D Stephenia, c dllin 2.00
F E Stewai't corn ' 17.00
W EA St-phons, lumb) -r 8.37
Par is Siz'emiore, roadl. wk :1.50
J1 L 0 Thompson, stationery 5.00
Elli.-s Tripp, brida) wk 3.00
A B Tailley, salary, 21 50
WX F Townes. su pp' les 8 316
/. J PThomas, caitable 2.00
WV Fi Townesa, to'bacco &rc 2.00i
WV 1 Townos, labor p h 29.10
J WV Thiomas, road wk . 1.( 0
J L Thomas bridg) wk 1.00
'A B T'alley salary 20.50
A Vick, roadIw wk 3 12
G L Vinghan, bridge w 1.00
J M Wo'd, bridgi wk 4.( 0
? J S Wisn road wvk 3.00
J S Wils ii, bridge) wk 2.00
A J W'lborn bridge wk1 :17 97
Willie Williams, roadl wk 150
Dr~ 1 B WXebb IEx lunatic 10.00
llovey W,.ibor.', b.ridge wk 31l00
T1 ho-, W ilb. rni, road' W'< 2 00
W 1H Wi'lliamic, alary &o 2250
J S Wilson, bridero wk 1) 34
P .1 Waitson, huimber 11 62
P~ 1B Watson, corn 67.5C
iFr'od W illiamsp, lum ter 3 86
W Ml Whitei. es, road wvk .70
J W Willistus, bridge wk 33 0(
Jeune Williams, B] Eq 10 0(
Dr EA 13 W bb, Ex lunatic 5 5(
Notice of Teachers Examination.
Th'lo next riegular teachors ekamnina
tioni for' thlis county will bo h'ld a
this phic.', in the Court House, Yrs~i
day, May 1 8.h. Ehamination wvill be
gin promp ftly at 9 o'clock. All ap
plic is must fon ish their own sin
tih ey, legal cap~ paper.
If you could go through the
South Bend, Indiana, eovering r
acres, take a trip through th<
just how the STUDEBAKER is
sixty million feet of air dried
world's markets, ready for use
where evpeats test .ll materials
inspectors whose cuty it is to s
eay vehicle made in she Studel:
before it is used-see the acre
improved machinery-see the
taken from start to finish-you
stand why the S' UDEBAKER
hicle made.
of running that p
prices and terms i
Two Nice
Thte Vision Carved In Stone Under Their
the Ills of Dakota.
The great wind cave has the form of Thr
an eight story house, each story, or Alps
stratum, containing a distinct forma- busin
tion of its own and each containkig gentit
chminbers of a size andi magnificence Pine f
of decoration such as have never been Hlg
found in any subterranean cavern of grubi
the world. a litt
It is a dream), a nightmare, a vision, to tin
carvced ini solid stone under the green grow;
hills or Dakota, stone as white as the himsec
milk the hired man used to give us to by a1
drink ini tile dlawn of a happy Juno I~e
nmorninug, stone as red as the heart of his hi
tile first lioodrloot thlat you dug in the return
sp~ring whleni the world was aill spring der a1
to youl, and stone that is blue with a all th
blue that all the painters who have wher<
ever palinted Venice have tried to get i~e
for generations and have failed, andi
1Frozeni fountains arc there, white Whier
with the leaping foam of untold ages; are
sculptured cats and horses and great coille
monsters to he dreamed about o' nights finall
and feared in (lark corners in the day- mnonti
tine, organis built by tho hands of Thei
giant gnomes for a Titan to play wvild in mi
hymns of praise upon, a kitchen for yron
the cooking of weird dishes never geti
thought of up here in the sunshine, all the v
manner and all kinds of rooms, ninety folk.
miles of thenm, down there under tho grew
hoofs of the gallant little range horses wa
who pound the grass into hay the year his p
round, up there in South Dakota.-Ex- wise
Napoleon's Ink Wifper.1
Napoleon was a hero to his valet,
Constant, though lhe Badly marred the The]
servant's effort to di'ess him neatly.
Saidl the valet:
Is breeches were always of white pie F
cashmere. But two hours after leaving timo
his chiamb~er it often happened that race
they were all spotted with ink, thanks ces
to his habit of wilping his pen on thien on I
and shaking ink all around him by thou
striking his pen against the table. Ho0w- Siuc
ever, as lhe dressed ini the morning for
the whole day, lie did not change his
toilet Onl that accounit, but remained in 541
this state unitil night. Theli whole Iiside ner.
of his boots was lined with white fus- by I
tlhan. whenever one of his legs itched, Thle
he rubbe it with the heel of the b~oot tren
or shoe with wvhich, the other leg was andl
shard, thus ?reightenhng the effect of the IsY
spilled ink, ci
An Aggravr ted Case. tire
Lord .Iustice Clerk Eskgrove, ini sen- sid
tencing certain housebreakers, began A
by explaiing thie various crimes of app
wh'leh they had been conivicd-as5- r8pe
iauilt, robbery and~ hanmesucken, of in g
which last lie gav'e them the etymology. b
lIe then reminded them that they had sta
attacked the hiouse and robbed it, and on
so worked gradually up to the climax,Oar
"All this you did, and, God preserve a
us, joost when they were sottini' down lvi
to their dinnerh"-Law,~ Notes. G
The dawn of the future is announced (
to suc1h as can rad its signs, and we wI
Another 4
5IUDEBAKER plant at
nORe than one hundred
ir great factory and see
made; see more than Y
lumber, the pick of the
; see the laboratories
nsed; see the scores of
ee that every part of ev
>aker factories is perfect
s and acres of the most
care and thoroughness
would undoubted under
is the most popular ve
uts it in the lead of any ot]
o suit you. Come t o see
Tl-B R
Pianos for Salk
Work of Danger ligh Up In
the M21ountains.JA E
)ughout the whole chain of the
there are men who make it their Practical
iss to search for and root up the
a, arnlea, puffballs and other Al- i Woodwor<
h up in the mountains the root
er, gnierally an old man, builds Bring yot
le hut. I-I claimbera precipices
y edges, where the blue flowers ~ Iftte~
or, if' he caninot ascend1, he lets
if down to their liace of refugeI .rs[
rope fastened to a 1pine above.I iv u ir
wanders to a long distance from I VL EIL
it and does not always trouble to
i to it at night, finding shelter uin- TElONA!
reek. Next morning he spreads ~
e' roots lie has collected on a rock, Al~~Wr
Sthey may dry.
collects herbs as well as roots, e ida)r~a
the reslin fromn the pine besides.
igna f sno, theWootdrubbe
ta alltogeter inhis Brtiogutyon
is' collectionto thetvalley
arnicit nd soleothfrorotswore
e~leiie re ealil dll)eeof ardaprat
Sthe sumerta is mvande thevre
li transpot thel w olei conisie
e li ofll i b the olley, i
arnlgea andusme other roots usgerd 'cs n f
edhie o relz radgil icomed fof.
theibu gen tolan lti is o the r ui ih i 0(1s
iiry.--lii of rlif byth moun ta ine ad a a
IIIn hras, whntAr g enFrain
Sinet numhers, the. Motdg ercatTalrn
umrabl toeaie aus wood incoe froo
erilus occupsayton but wit the other
of th islad an dwel inito re
is~~~~~ tAilhyesthtteywll our gentifr
r willinglyrfacesaastrafger
ently carriduonisniagtrgoodsman
The traer annoncesadivarrav
eainge gngmar and e thetes
rreat.a vernar raeun and peo-~'
umatra, the grubu, bwho ar gong
hins comnditie down with t D
ofuthcen s ld tnks dwori the pr
me of the godstosl. Then loed- t i aiyi ohe
, anfedrsb the Msraays and ~- si eladsrz~
ht to be latnetbbtterlhananeastr
rs theirargain s that they wreiltlo
ringly, aftermoe awsthrager. d 1oe ou ak oo
stepins ihedy
rocesr tad gogt ainh theMlyn ie on- orurn sat
ently parties cone to an udrsto and- hgl ooe?
The traderoannounceskhisoarriva
aning carr eong indetdenl treIr.welb tk
Kubuis Tapproach, put tei forest i MGE' IAC
rtoreat They thaer dedrn andlve ~ IIDE
sakee, grus, frithns, and the pler
(le or the cn say. They re- ro1~f nd
skllu anpteaKbreappea tand stones- a 'tyu
rethe roarogain.toda 1
___igad soatermor wihdrwaouan
roacet nds.ngbeatngs thlre
men they rhieiititheir onrehoutiof l
dtae parte of toaudrs.-otand- OL NDI
ar of the Famous
4. l~ y o.j ca
S'j cau
-er \wg, l lon made. W e 1av<
Blacksmith, Whcclwright ^
iian. Scientific horseshoer.
ir horses to me to be shod right.
ie to 1he oot, not the foot the sIoe
s G uaranteedl. Your p)atronIage solicit
al. Respectfullly,
tock will nowv be sold at a gret rd uction
u have not bought your <,overcoat, st. it orj
w is a good time to save money,
e of this drOp in price before some else
ui and gets the p~lhin.(
and Pressing of all clothing mnade in our
Hiawes Ilaits andl I13utchess Trousers.
/ Y
/ 4 NA
eve r y
rugo. Him1i'2E
botueq. Irr
sn't it worth sometliing to
.to have a wagoE, a carriage,
1ggy, or a vehicle ol' any kind
-, set of harnesss, with fif Ity
rs of "know how" in it 1 Of
rse it is. It's vehicle insur
he Studebaker is a wagon
h a reputation behind. it for
Aity, serviceability, and ease
n a full line and will make
Serge Suits,
: 1i: 8i the this g y ou '
NothIi:'g is bet ter thanl
.2oo11d Serge. - s!itsh and1(
shaipe retajining. WO wafi'.
'0it ~ Otirt i at COL and1(
lli Wool. TIhe Wiiy I It
>pr' n1 'your eyes fto th Iii os- .
hilities (of gEoodI tail~oring. C prlhe
\lfogelIer Diffent
1:1.113Ili Ceii~SCH LOSS B * & CO.,
11101 1(11(1.Fine Clothes I'lakers
111011 K illlt D ifmore and New Yorig
Sin1gle and1 dolo -br)I st ed~tii in fortac f d istnt mo~dols, every
nol brimull of st) be Our Spring sh ipment juLst mn, Also
spclenddid sowlinilg of greys and mlixturesH in S4orges, Wor
tedst amnd Fancey Goods. lEera thing for spring. Come
nd1( look.
*M*i S. * Edel SO C
~o1 SAE
cres of' land near Marietta, S. C.,
n Puimpkin town road. 810 por' acre,
acres near Travelers R~est,
')ining~ landse of Mr. Thos. Cunninghaim. Part of the Butler
Watson old hoim,. $15 per acro.
nall tracts of lai.d, 20 to 50 acres.
ve also some very desirablo lots near city limits. Theso lots aro
along the car line--$60 each.
Greenville, S. C.

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