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Entered April 23, 1908 at Pickw4 13. 0., as second oinst nintter, under act of Congiesisof arh817.
Teachers' Neetina at Cateecie I
Th10 Th' rs( ' M'eeting which Was
h1eld- tt Catvue; he Satorday wai a
d!eid id sneccss, consi(loring the
had wea thor. The attendance was
sunuliil, hut was mad, tip b, the en
thushiisni of thoso present.
The) presidenit, Rt. T. T1.dilm, be
ing absont, Pruf. A. B. StaIvav,
of Clitrl presidr'd Tle pomi -
iet- fealtiuro of the meeting was
un aldr...o I:; !', f \V. S. Morrison,
(f Clemson OCollege, on "Lo.-al
H istory of Pickens County," Prof
Morrimsn being piesented by Vice
Prosid'it. Prof. A. B. Stalvey. Tho
syiops 'f what he (said is as fol
l,.w;: H.- beganl with at gno0t'l ionl
frtomin Pope:
"Tie booild" blo khedi, i uinrnt'y ra.1
With loads of hPurn~ed~ lionber in lit, heaid.
Theeio Words tol1 whit t. is tie mat
tEr with much of oir teeIiig
of hislory, and expliti n why s,
ima'ny i,.structors and o m11an11y pt
pilq dishiko tre anhject. We read
"igniranitly ", We go on t o a6I ''iA R
of le. rtned unn hor . i n our hea ds'
style Thie inmb.-r, to,,, is not well
3' lectod, wel.l,fit-ted material, but
i the kind of stuff founld in, the
lumber room.
The great te-achelr (irncted his4
(1 isciplos to begin at Jers I m.
History teaching. like charity,
-sho0uld bagin at homr.
Today we a tre a Catc
Pickons county. Let Cateochee
and Pickens ba two topics of our
Here, (hohiliiup it copy of Dr.
.J. Walter' D~ainisl'a "Ctmch.e of
KIowoo,") is a book that ought to
be in uvery school -room in this
County. Let the teacher read the
preNc.,, the poem and the notos.
Toll th-i meaning of the iames Mile
Crook, Six MilI, Twelvo Mile,
Eighteen, Three and Twenty and
Ninety Six. The girl who-ie name
was Cattelchoe in Clrokeo, Isa
queene! in Chciaw, both meaning
the deer's head."
The book. "Iueich's Lyrics"
Shotild be on every teahor's des':
in South Carolin. This poem,
"Catechee," sih uld be funifliar to
every child in upper Crrolina.
Tell thi story of Fort Prince.
G''-rge, of Braddook's d'fmt ili
PoolnisyI V-i i-, (f :ov. G'onn's f
trimity in Sin ith ('arolina, f di I
ger there andl sal.--ty t h re, of 11:1ng
t rins of cvral Igois r)is o
down thu t (of the n tn ill
h 1 l pisai l mt hook in1 tie) ot.1'r.
Shlo'injg Inod ins andi sirginig thle
praise of t he L. r'd of I losts biH i
iutg lig chur'che s whiil ecamping
out. R'wad Craddlock's Stiory of
Old F..rt Lonidon, whliich shio-.s l if'
at oldJi'Fort Priince Geo go and
gives tihl natm'as of ths hodauges
muurdered within its walle. Teach1
the story of N inotv SixK, t hs Star
Fort, of uOri's siege, Rawdet p'
rescus anvd abanidonmten t, anud read
the pooni t hat tells thle fate of poor
K(ato Fowler.
Famniliar'". yourselves, follow.
teachorsi, wi tlh this book, " The
Old Stone clhurch,"' by Dri. R. N.
Brackett. Pitt it in every school
Iibrarty. Learn anid teach every
fakct in) it reilating to Andrew Pick. t
ens, for whom the county is na med.
TellI of hiis, people. the Hntgueniots
of Fr'anco, their flight to Scotland, ~
miovinig to Jt'eland, crossinug the
Atlanitic, sojournring mn P.ennusyl. l
vania and0( thoui coming to these ~
regions. Teach cf Pickens's set'.
vices in war, fightm ig tho Indianis
itn the IFron.eh atid Indiani W~ar, the 3
for Ameriicant intdopendenice. In,
terost youriselfI and than your11
schtolars in the 01(d sohl ier's lifIe as
ai Ohriistian, tind1 as an ehler' in t ho
Presby terian ur ch , and( t as hiim (n
self gi vitng the seats and pulpit of I
th'o Old Stone Meetitng Ilouise, near <i
whose walls ho andl his wife arei
bmi ed side b~y sids.
Do you ask whero) van cani get
rnstteial? Dri. M4ell authoizs me
to) invit(o you to omno downt to) the
Clemson Colllege Library atnd studly<
4.there to your heart'aotetnt. And
there is a toutcher of history at th t
place who will be delightedj to showi
y ou the rich treasures of the Sotuth
Carol ina corner.
We may approach homio study
aniothier way, the way many of y'out
camne to' Ibis~ nlietinig--tho Great1
If you could go through the S'11DE1
South Bend, Indiana, eovering mone th;
acres, take a trip through their great
just how the STUDEBAKER is made;
sixty million feet of air dried lumber
world's markets, ready for use; see t
vhere evpeats test all materials nsed; se
inspectors whose duty it is to see that <
eay vehicle made in she Studebaker fac
before it is used-see the acres and ac
improved machinery-see the care an
taken from start to finish-you would ut
stand why the SI UDEBAKER is the 1?
hicle made.
of running that puts it
prices and terms to sui
Two Nice Pi
-nhern Railwa.r. Every station lage, and the fo
iiimo is sugigestive. Calhoun re- Department.
alls the gieat statesman, his boy. Limits of tir
Ood on ihi-i wido,wd motcher's farm, now of other r:
ii school days under 1ir. Waddell, Pickens County
i eolego coursi at. Yal, his ca- associations the
eer as law -malr at Columbia and You, Tacher
VNa..iIgton, hi servic as Vice ty, have, many
resid en t and cai t oflicer. and : ,-0 t... it lhat i
isz groat inuerat in Ciihsmton. :h.Se h-. k :
C tra1 remi inds us that it rCrelheA, M'i
tans alwa bewen tlnt Girl in Chieaks;
Ial h alotte. ) ~tflJI arRn Frown ; A
Nori, the 1111 name po inut rich hItk; Tomn Dia
aids. of hiistory work for us al anttd Clansmen; t]
I any of .3ou know Coloneul D. K. II arris, Richart
a nd # 'illiams 0
orris. Tlhat knowledge is a good The study of
tartmig point. He was onec of of humanity. ]
hous~anids who in their teen8 loft of the sayings a
eclool and( enitered the confederate folka. Let us d
rmy sarv ing faithfuilly until the >our pupil~
urren~der. felt. Only as w
What a theme for teachiers~and their places ca
>Ot-and( lpainter -anad h istoriani-the thoir conduct.
lily soldi ars of our South laud in I.mksm
SII. st rugg 1o for son tterni nctpen.I ul ril$)Cord imn:]
lonice. of our peoplo sa;
Corporal Tanner, Commanoder of nhb ,u. waLr timea
ho Grand Army ol tho Riepubllic, aloady (joted,
niado a great spech in Atlanita the "youmi men <l
ther day. Ini it he said: ''Wheel. your country's
r's calvary stood at attention for phases. D~o nc
lie last time. Their young comn- thei questions<
aander speaks to them. JThie tone fogtthmt
ft command is lacking: "Boys, sufls. The invi
aid ho, "the war is over. You came the invinci
'ave been go'd soldiers. I expect men who could
ou to go to your home and ba as the fighting po
;odC~ZIsa o aebe o-was in order, foa
oodciizes s yu aveben sl-at the mouth
iors. Good by.'' stack. d"
D). K. Norris, though not of A Con federato
Vheoolor's cavalry, wvas one of thous. aeea. s c~n
nds(1 who camatu home and served be in good wor
lod and country as faithfully in what he says: '"
>oac(o as in war, in developing our try 's history ii
'.ountry's resour'ces as8 indvn Guilt many wan
tack the invadeur. Telol you pu-' Iisis ia b'nt
)ils of Col. Norris's success as a for some histor'
armor and1( as ai cotton mill buiild-l her us not to
ir andl presidenit. Spewak of him Adam and1( Eve
vhom they kno10v asR a type of a host 1(5st we may wou
of some1 friend<
>f others cattered fromt the Poto- josty ; nt to tea
nlac to the, Rio G rando,.h IlHs- ing his Mastor
ory teaching, as in all othor teach. hur t, some bod1
ng, we must start at the known to mention
111( go on to the unknown. treason, because
Nor Was it ini material develop. teopent ofl tn
nanut alone1, OUr dleparted fi iendl .. iov'Le, ext
'orved hIs (day and generation. lHe Land or my rauhwr
yas a lito Trustee of Clemson Col. Ad rai Tthy~a
Another ca'
AKER plant at
n one hundred
factory and see
see more than
the pick of the
ie laboratories
the scores of
very part of ev
:>ries is )erfect
es of the most
doubted under
ost popular ve
in the lead of anay othei
t you. C-ome to see m
inos for Sale 4
uder of its Textila
* forbid mention JAM ES I
ilroad stations in I
ind the historcl rcical Bla<
I itk. Cou Woodworkma
of flick, ns Coun
ch ..o l L ib ra rio .4 'h
the ai-,ite Bring your ho0
)r. J. W. D.m;,i..l I fit tile shoe to
Itai Myierv, or
Mai ofg th .,t I HAIVE COMPETENI
'Is-m Page's Red IJUR VENCLES 00
mf's Le~opard Spot THE IRON ANDO W1GC
o work of Chandler
Malcolm Johinson;
I more Simms.AlofororisG
istoiry is' the study dan1a~reitd
onme history tells
d doings of home
our level best to
ee and feel as our
ifathers saw and
put onrselves in
we understand
ired-big T big I
big D, with, thr- o
5s, to hear some AllI oour enti re stock
we must not talk in prices and1( if you has
and rPconlstrue.
Dorporal Tannoir, furnishing goods, now is
h3: Take advantage of
the South, study
istory in all its steps in ahead of you and
get roiled over FreCen' n
the 00's. We Mrhn Ialrn ~p
finieb. Fighting
accepted the re
eibles in war he.
iles in peace. The1
not ho stirred to
it whe'n fighting___
ned. aInd frothed SoegntfrHw
fter ar.ns were
innon hall1 at sec
off both Tanner's
and~ head seem to
:mng order. Note i
tudy your coun.A
all it. phases of dread nidner lniueas
q to forget. Pat. arei:sily :eoknd
ras. Reomemuberiug oie soanty, lh 1v 00s
.am looking thre urne; sea at0 i
-.ai tenderfoot to noo o the lada dew pal
till the story of have any or all of th~e'
and te sepent aR~no,fecovery Is an
d tho sensibibitiois
Shis Saitaniic Ma-, DRI. McGEE'S
hi of Jurias b) Ltray- AH~l ADKDE
ith a k.ss, los.. wve CR
's feeling; anid no't Cre uhohuats
.nnd'(ict Arnold'san ratnisa. Vdo'
to do so mighi'r-akyuttaet is-ftho
toI heaven above',sie$10
thee I love:
rers ast they wvili, f
ir of the Fam,
WagOn made. N
E mO
h eap.
:ksmith, WheeIwrigit AND
n. Scientific horseshoer.
rscs to me to be shod right.
the foot, not the footsthe shoC
aranteedl. Your patronage solicit
R espectfu lily,
wvill now be sold at a great reduct
re not bought your overcoat, suit
a good time to save money,
this drop) in price before sonme e
gets the plu1m.
P~ressing of all clothing made in
s H ats and Dutchcss Trousers.
ef Wil~cU~.Y.t
Isn't it worth soi
you to have a wagon
a buggy, or a vehicle <
or a set of harnesss.
years of "know how
caurse it is. It's vel
ance---A guarantee i
The Studebaker i
with a reputation b<
quality, serviceabilit
Ve have a full line and
5 Serge Svits,
$12, $15, 818."
$20 and UJp.
your1 fancy~ for a Spi ii
Suit, onr ne0w "'SCour.ss
SEG"is the thing 3 oui
Nothing is better than
good Serge.--styihx and
shapo retaining. Weo war
rant ours ~'fast color and
-all wool. The way3 the
Suits are maide uip wlill
open your eyes to the pos
iilitica oif )od tailoring. Copyr
on Altogethter Diffenit BSC
orProini the Com-. Fne
mo10 Kind' Ballin
Ise Singlo and double.breasted in fous di
one brimful of style. Our Spring shipi
ra splendid showing of greys and1 mixtu
steds and Fancy Goods. Eve'r5tliing
and look.
120 South
Main St. H.E d
70 acres of land near I
on Pumpkintown road. *10 por acre
120 acres near Travel(
joining lands of Mr. Thos. Cunningl
Watson old home. $15 per acro.
Also small tracts of 'land, 20 to 50 acres.
We have also some very desirable lots near <
along the car line-$60 each.
niething to
a carriage,
f any kind
with fifty
nit! Of
ile iinsury
n itself.
s a wagon
3hind it for
y, and ease
will make
___ _
A. s4m
l0hfed *6
NIothes Iatakers
sore end. New York
itinct miodels, every
nont just in, Also
ros in Sorges, WVor
for spring. Come
A LE.7
3rs Rest,
inm. Part of the .Butler
~ity jimiit g. These .l0ts are
& SONi ;':
s. c.

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