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The Sonlnel-Journal Company.
TuoM1soN & RiciEy, Piors.
Subsoription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Enitered at Pickens Postoffice at Second Class
Mail Matter
WEI)NESDAY, MAY 2, 1906.
Metrologloal Table
ny John T n)oggs, observer, Licerty, S. C,
Temnperature. .
Character of
c tho day.
rZ .4 C1 __ _
83 61 .75 .Clear
,5 -17 1.00 Clear
-1 33 1.00 Clear
511 1.tX) Clear
a-;5 j Clear
27 N o; , 50 fA Clear
I) I ' Clear
The eartulinake which visited San
Francisico Ai-ril 18th, causing whole
salo dc4l 1111(] destructiol, was one
of the most apnpalling disasters the
future historian will have to chron
As day dawned on that city on the
miorning on the 19th, it was upon a
scene of ruia and devastation. Wherc
olocks of ch gant buildngs onc(
stood wero now smoking ruins. Du
ring the night the flames had des
truved many of the city's finest busi
ness structures, and in a doxen dif
ferent directions had skipped to tl
residence portions and totally dcs
troyed the district known as "souti
of Market street." On every side wa
death and suffering. Hundred
were injured, and though the numn
ber of killed may never be definitel
known, the number will reach int
the thousands. The money lose wi
probably reach the $500,000,00
At first the greatest danger seeme
to be from famino, but the heait <
the nation, filled with horror, sympi
thized with them and nobly re
ponded to the call for help from ti
doomed city, and by prompt actit
in sending help, relieved any fe-a1
of distress on that score.
Thearea burned vri, as n4ar f
could b~e ascertained1 by tho miarin
of a cyclclmeter, ia twldnty-six muik
and comprises the ountire businies
district and a large section of th
residlencO district, all of wvhich wa
densely populated.
Just how much damage wa
wrought by the earthlquake in Sa
Francisco and other places in Cal
fur nia -how many liv s and ho'
much property has been lost- is n<
k~nown, but the loss, except in lives
has not beenl as great as that cause<
by the fire. The earthlquake, lhou
ever, wa'is the cause of thle fire. Th~
ausi~fOcldisturbanco mazy be rankc<
with the earti quakes great enlougi
to be recorded in history.
The heaviest earthquake that ete
occurred inl the United States, untd
the recruit 01ne at San Vrancisco, o<
curred ill Charleston, S. C., Auguls
:31st, I188(, wvhen reverail hundre<lI
b~uildin~gs wvere shaken to ices an1<
theofourths of tile whole numnbel
in the city maide ulninhlabituable
Scores of peopleO were killed and th<(
loss ei1 pro'perty'5111 amouted to $8,000
Wie truist thlat San Francisco '
darkest hour has1 dawned1 into a d1ay
of hope and1( that its time~ of over
wvhehning disaster anid peril 1has
paissed, and~ thlat .l'hluenix like, she wih
rise from her ash~es into nobler anld
grander prop~ortions.
The thought that "no0 one cares
and no one knows" blights many a
bud of promise. Be it the young
artist at the easel, the workman at
14hisbench, the hoy at is mathemat
4 b~il protem Chori indrgeton ir at~ea
teangiv whatr altosoe tou can.L
Dohn ourv stom-ach. ftrn yof have
metin gtaKl IyspC~lopsf ia ur
btwllrody. MyoduggsrecoW.end or
b d it Charelmie tio for Inova
years; Dwhatve Ihatou seamed tol cas
heybuneveor gromaph frusiekin, ofm
hleanse and engerl teprssionh oflive
and bowel. Thi drgist unersmendK
; det ofythen mand tlephoundlyo at nigh
Kodol Digests wlat you eat Solnb
~ ~~laeadtrghn the stomachetv lrjive
diopofo th an thusndos who ur D1
irlcjy Biers olrbuPcenV Dug0
tha, fun,beoiggaontm
0Out Uorrespounence .
Town Creek Notes. *1
Editor Sentinel-Journal:- '
Rev. B. Holder delivered a grand
sermon to a large crowd on Sunday, 1
15th inst.
The Sunday school being carried s
on at Town Creek, under the super
intendency of Bro. James Spearman,
is in a flourishing conditlon, and it is hi
hoped that it will be of great good to V
those who attend. To those who are '
against us and the good work at Ot
Town Creek, we only pray to the t
Lord that you may see the need of p
souls being saved in this sinful
world and will join in and heap us.
Dots From Clara. b
It is very cold here this morning. ft
'There was some faost, although I
think there will be plenty of peaohes
and apples yet.
The farmers are busy planting f
corn and cotton. I know of some
who have done. a
I don't hear of any serious sick.
ness in th1is comminuity. Elurybudy
Is livuly.
Rev. A. S. Whitmire -proached at
Saluda Hill last Sunday. Quite a
number were present.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Hardin were
the guests of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. Hardin, Sunday.
Mr. V. T. Hardin wilt be at home
in a short time from Pinicle Insti.
tute, North Carolina, where he has
been attending school.
A crowd visited Table Rock on the
29th inst.
1ulr. Oscar Chastain, of Oolenoy
valley, visited his best girl at Clara
last Sunday. CovE C r.
Hazel Happening.
The farmers have been hustling
around pretty lively in the past
tine weather.
The health of the community is
very good at this writing.
I The forest has put forth its green
[ leaves very fast the past week, and
all vegetation is putting forth very
- fast, warm days and these pleasant
J showers will soon land us on the
L- green earth again, and in a land
3 of beautiful flowers.
V Rev. Benjamin Holder filled his
I regular appointment at Antioch
last Saturday and Sunday, deliver
ing very impressive and instructive
L srmons both days.
p The~ big May meetings will soon
be he0 ure again.
'verybody is so busy there is no
visiting in this section, worthy of
hlurrah for you Mr. Editor, keep ~
on talking railroad talk. By all
means, lot all the towns of Pickons
county and the county at large all I
~ oin in together and p)ull for the
road to come from Pickens, 0. HI.
So~uth Carolina, for 1 do nuot thirnK
there is anything we could do to
Improve andl build up our county
and country at large so much as
this one thing would. Mon of in
fluience, get cdown to business, aid. h
soe what you can do. By all meoans a
work and work hard to this end be- gi
fore it iu too late, I sincerly desire f,
to soe this road come to Pickens. se
Mountain Sprout. tI
Six Mile News.
Again this beautiful day I wvill w
write seine to the dlear old Sentinel rc
.Jounal to let thenm know I am still ye
livinug and having a good old time. dl
W'o have finished lhanting corn,
and have some1( upj with five blades c
on it. We will work it next woo'k,
Mrs. Riuth Snyder, of the Green- a<
ville side, us visiting home folks this ati
Born to Mr. and Mrs. R, HI. H~ol.
comube, on the 20th nltimo, a fine
Mr and Mrs. Mac Findloy, of the
Stewanrt section, visited at the home 4
of Mr. and Mrs. R W. Willimon last 4
Saturdhay 'and Sunday.
TIhue little daughter of Mr's. L. F.
Mann is voiy ill at this time.I
Miss Mary riotter visited in Sono
ca Monday, buying her sumnir
Wheat is looking very fine in this y
Mis. lR. W. Willimion and her i
hmaghter, Maggie, visited in Central I
on0 (day last wek buying their sum.
mner goods. t
Mrs. W. A. Hendricks, of the ole
i'ecens side, was the guest of Mrs. ful
SL. F. Willimon Sunday last.
Mr. B. Mauldin, of Calhoun, spent
one night last week with his brother, h
A protracted rmeeting is going on b
at Mt. Olivet this week, it willb
close on Sunday. f0
ijss Bettie Coyr. had the misfor
tun~ bhreak her armi by a fall.
wichad a good rain on Friday,
wihdid the crops much -good. uc
E'verything is lonking A ne.
The big May meeting at old. 1$
lile is very near.
The writer had the pleasure of
)ending Friday and Saturday in
ie little town of Cateechee.
Mrs. A. P. Alexander, of the Stew
-t seution, visited her daughter,
re. C. L. Villimon, recently.
Wishing the Sentinel Journal much
ccess, 1 will close.
A man who once had rough horn
aods made them soft and smooth with
%1h Hazel Salve, but he used the gen
'-that bearing the name "E. 0. Do
at & Uo. Obioago." For sores, boils,
its, burns, bruises, etc., it has no equal,
d affords almost immediate relief from
ind, bleeding, itching and pr 'ruding
les. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
Plokens Lost to Easley.
Last Friday the Pickens Base Ball
am went down to Easley to cross
ate with that team and returned
efeated, the score being 10 to 6 in
kvor of Easley.
Up to the last half of the seventh
uming the game was going Pickens'
ray, but the Easley bunch took on
ew life and pulled victory out of de
3at towards the end of the game.
Batteries: Enslev, Lang Sheppard
nd Mullinax. Pickens, McFall and
Struck out by Sheppard, 12; by
IeFull 9.
Base on balls off Sheppard 1, off
ICeAll 1.
lits-Easley 11, Pickens 10.
Errors--Easley 2, Pickens 3.
)ouble Plays -Pickens one, Price
Time of Game-2 hours.
A ttendance-400.
Umpire-Hal Hagood.
These two teams will meet on the
?ickens diamond, Thursday, May 3,
n a grapple for bupremacy, each
eam having woa one game each.
How to Ward Off Old Age.
Trhe most successful way of ward
ng off the approach of old age is
.o maintain a vigorous digestion.
L'his can be done by eating only
ood suited to your age and occu
?ation, and when any disorder of
ho stomach appears take a dose of
Jhaniberlain's Stomach aid Liver
'ablots to correct it. If you luve
i weak stomach or are troubled with
ndigostion, you will find these
l'ablets to bo just what you neod.
P-or sale by Pickons Drug. Co. and
I'. N. Hunter Liborty.
While a bilious attack is desided
y unpleasant it is quickly over
,vhon Chamberlin's Stomach and
biver Tablets are used. For sale
3y Pickens Drug, Co. and T. N.
Hunter, Liberty.
-The many friends of W. M. Me
Idama will learn with regret of his
loath, which occurred in Atlanta the
I7th ult., of congesioti of the brain
10 wvas a son of Geerge McAdams,
if the Farr Mill section of the county.
le was a young man of much worth
nid possessed of many noble traits
f character, and made friends
vherever ho wenit. Ho leaves a iie,
n aged father, five brothers, three
isters and a host of relatives and
riends to mourn his death. "Surely
be Lord giveth and the Lord taketh
way, blessed be the name of the
iord." Peace to his ashes.
Mr. John H. Morgan, who has been
naking his home with his daughiter,
dre. WV. T. Jeanes, in Pickens for
overal years; died at the home of his
~rand-daughter, in G nvulle, on
hie night of the 27th ultimo. F'or
ame time lie had been in failing
ealth, but two wveeks ago lie wvas
ble to go to Greenville and was in
cc health and spirits until within a
wv minutos of his death. He was
venity years, seven months and
irteen (lays old, and for over fifty
ars he had been a member (of Nor
1k church, in Greenville counitj,
bocre he was born, raised, and
ared a family, and for thirty-five
ars he served hia church as a
acon. His remains were interred
this church. He leaves three
idren, two daughter. and one
n, besides a host of relatives and
lends to mourn his death. He
rvedl through the Confederate war
dwas a loyal and gallant soldier,.
Ld has answeaed his last roll call.
good man has gone to his reward.
Afhen you go to a drug store /
id -'sk for Scott's Emulsion
u know what you want; the
min knows you ought to have
Don't be surprised, though,
you are offered something
10. WInes, cordials, extracts, -
4, of cod Ever oil are plenti
but don't Imagine you are
tting cod liver oil when you
ce them. Every year for thirty'
ars we've been increasing
a sales of Scott's Emulsion.
hy? Because It has always
en better than any substitute
Send for- free Semple
8COTT & BOWNE, Chemist.
9-415 Per Street, New Yoril
B00, and SI00. All drugits
For Infants and Ohildren,
The Kind You Have
smlating ihefood andReg gia
Bears the
Fromotes Digesilon.Cheerrul
sess and Rest.Contahis neither
OpumMorphine norineral. Of
Aperfeclllemody forConstipat Use
tion, Sour Stomnach, Diarrhoea
Worms ,Convulsions .feverish
nessaTd LosKOn SYuP.ve
Thiry Years
Says i is time ow to bty
Straw Hats, Summer Goods, Etc.
I have some nic CALICOES a d DRSS GOODS to go CHEAP
Bring ino your chiickeins and eggs. If we can't triade on the p oods,
I will pay you the cash for your produce. So bring it on; we will
trad..fomiebow. Please call and ece me, and remem11ber the 01(1Beef
J. Dvf oore.
P. S.-All wvho owe me will please come and settle, and
oblige. D. M.
*A. K. Park, Greenville, .
a HS. C.-Dry Goods, Noo
I e sme nce IoE swnd tC uDst o go H
Bring meyor icknGs a e. hav over shon't trdnthod
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tradosomehow Pleas scall and wee me, and remembr t heodBe
P. S.-All wht owee will giveashe bes valsetan
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states fhll we dwilno give them bes dowlues
fre sam ome that w canno bel of ay
ther. OuWpe yo thede gorks store.
o 5 et . Our sketbook. dhatii
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pLdies vo h est of 10. r 1 evi5 and25cns
ou o's mst.~ 5&5 b e t a 't e 'at ar
or Seyour Mny giv0 btacku shitadyow
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Oualse r.Whomasoods, and r. *an
* ary Mocompletyta. w ant elo
the. Our Prie antes r.
5 Wet nd 0rcenvursile and C.n
dewerLeprteni s Cuoel
vataetlnes w have had.
Nic cueaies andtsice10ta5blndclotens.
MensSliper-Pen eath 0et, tan', cl otanykio
# wants
Biggest and esmlin Ir ha evrigon rymOc and
standa Waystcs-o E ndGeenvCti, Sho,SlC.r
Loi p-Proprietor Dixie lothing Houseago
es arri isestl in busnes atd. aeod n yhm
self Comnearpaines and giet tabe bargaisi eerlmr
chandsbu Slppr-Pn't loe atr an, cll-n sell you
Biges pond s ofn goo flour ever h5dtr meg Ance all
othe thingwas acradingre-Iseat nd riedthattelw
whichas alas high cashanyou need Chung, Irshosatoper
srteeMay Blisg.rl Rose, Bansm and Iwiltrea you
fuliero boy an th's p ec on at anygt prices.
24pudsc.fgo lu o 0cns Ad! al
Averste -he
P 1biIlousnes, Sick- ae~o.
ESold for. 60 years a eo
Want your moustache or beard BUC IGHAM A S DYE
a beautiful brown or rich black? Use n Ur..or ia HrA ona , -UMY..AM E .
Can be pleased in their shoes if they come
to us. Our stock is large-selected with care.
Selected with the idea that good value makes
and holds customers. If you have not been
buying your shoes from us, try us next time
you need a pair.
Pride & It
Ten cent cotton has put lots of money in the country.
Many people have been robbed and killed for their money.
Safe blowers have tried the
and failed to get the money. Delays are dangerous. Oper,
an account with them today and your money wili be safe.
Interest paid on time deposits.
H. C. Shirley, Cashier.
$i.oo will open an account with the Liberty Bank.
Is gone and lovely Spring time is
here. To feel comfortable we must
shed our winter garments and ar
ray our selves with things suitable
for the season. We are well pre
pared to satisfy the lady that is seek
ing for cheap or expensivegarments.
Our line of white goods, laces and
Sembllroidlery wvill far suppass any
* thing that we have ever had and
Mrs. Freeman is still behind ourdry
goods counters anxious to sell rn
Splease every ;a the country.
If you are ;eeking honest goods
Sat honest prices, wve extend to you
a cordial invitation to visit our store
Sfor anything in the line of general
One--Price Cash Store
J. Mc!D. Bruce, 1. M. Mauldin,
President. Cashier.
CA PITA L - - - - - $20,5oo-oo
PROFITS - - - - - 18,ooo.oo
DEPOSITS - - - . - 140,000.00
-5 Por Cent Interest Paid On Deposits.:
[. F. Banister, B. A. Hagoodi, W. M. Hagood, +
J. M. Stewart, J. E. Boggs, J. McD. Bruce.
T. N. Hunter, IH. A. Richey, J. P. Carey,
I havu a good line of
Among them aro the recommendable old style Seth Thomas
Clocks with weights, which I amn sellin~g at special bargains.
And a tew line of SILVERWARE. Also solid Gold and
Silver WATCIIRS. A nice line of Spectacles; I guarantee
glasses to fit eyte. All kinds of repair work in the jewelry line.
IH. SNIDER, - -Easley, S. C.
N. D. T A YLO R, EAsu...,
The kind that are made at the best studios of the larger cities.
The kind that will not fado. That are natural and lifelike,
and finished on the latest and prettiest cards to be had.
Nice line of mouldings and frames of any size made to order.

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