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The new '. Aive
that dov; not gripe
or nauseate.
PqLe ant to tale. L
Farimers' Union
Bureau of
South crolina I'armers' Educational and
Co-operativo Union.
Corn mu utiaent ions intended for this depart
ment shoulid he a(dressed to J. C. Stribling,
Iendleto , South Carolina.
A Good Move.
Clomson College, through the aid
of the government, will at oneo pro
eced to establish at Clemson an E:
periniont Station, a department of
animal industry for the purpose of
improving and dissominating the
bost types of stock in tho State
suited for the general use of our
farmers. This i-4 a vory important
ste) in the right dirot1ion , and, if
carried out to comiplotion in a prac
tical way, will do an immens,
work toward euicourging stoel<
raising and consequint div-rdsfiea
tion of our farm crops.
This idea of sending out knowvl
edge of inproved ideas of broo dini
iilmroved stock over tho State wil
encourage farmers' sons to remiai1
upon the farm. Clemson now ha
two hundred and fifteem htudent
in the agricultural class. Whe
these boys have finishid( ther
training for agricultural purniti
the national government is read y t
furnish theso Irogressivo) yotn;
men with furlther aid in the way o
literature and sceds of the nev
plaiitbreediiig work. Thou why no
the Stato complete this work LI
planting the golden hoofs of th
best b)reed of stock over the Stato
Under this now impetus alon
the line of progressivo farming a
Clemson we have a bright prospeic
ahead for our farmors' sons. Thes4
goldon hoofs, iml)roved seeds an
imlements in the hands of well
trained minds of South Carolina'
own sons we hope will write on
uponi the State's own soil a crodit
able reputation that all may b
proud of.
T'he w'ork of improving the co
poca by broodinRg inew varieties fo;
special hay or gratin crops along
the hino as suggesftd by Hon. A
H-. Brabhamn and Dr. MIason in otm
Farmer's Unimon column last week,
should be taken uip by our farmecrs
and pushed ahead. ItfW wefanlbroe(
a variety of peas that will retahi
its leaves in their grooni state~ on t h.
older parts of the stalks nut l thi
grin is abloutI grow n, wo will hav,~
a bonanza in the Scuthi that, will giv.
uts mlore food~ f'or all kinids of ste'
than we wvill, at thea presenIt dayi.
kniow what to (10 with . Give t h<
up-).to-date Southr fa'ii trmer all t h<
cowv j 048 and1 l righ t cow p"a
hay to go with it that hio may need
and there is uno end to the fiat
horses, mle ls, cow s, sheep) andi hog
we can raiisO. .It t~hbo Sottherin
fairmier hats plenty of cow p)'as anit
eats, lie neud n)ot worry abon'
any more crop) 1li efr crn, meault
or milk. In the cow and oats i
have a mortgage lifter, coi1 improv
or. andi a fertilizor bill redutcer that'
wouild reveltutioit)~zo thle whob.
Southern farming system if 114
farmers would takhe h'l of thzi
system with half tho energy thte.
display in growing cotton. Pro
fessor C. L. Newman, of1 the Agri
cnitural department at Cleamon i&
the recognized best authority oi.
the cow pea in the counitry. ih
grew at Clemson last seasoni ovo'
eighty different varieties and hua
at other times growma over twenty
varieties of the sega blean, anid w,
trust that the board of trustees 0
Clemson will continu ti to onuconr'a.
Professor Newman im thus very im
portant work of imlproving the
cow pea.
Farmers., Come Let's Get Together
andl Help Each Other.
If farmers do not take care em
themselves by sticking to theb
organizations, the other crowd wil
continue to (10 this thing for theni
. L the other fellows.own price.
*Farmers cant, and must, come
together and save this price for
-. thmselves.
1How 1s that warehouse businoas
gtting along? You m ay niot ree-.'
olleet just now how much loud
2talking you did ebout this ware
hiouee matter back yonder, but
soype~ oti er slo. -lloyp, you mnat
plib up the stuff or fp*ur foutiflca
ti'ons wil' not proteot you in times
native Fruit Syruq
s Drug Company and Dr. R1. F. Smit
Cow Pea-Inoculating With Nitrogen
Fixing Bacteria.
Thore is no more intoresting
question beforo tho progrossive
Southern fariners today than the
enriching of their lands by grow.
ing cow peas for grain and hay,
and, at the samo time, storing atn
immonse amount of nitrogen in the
Roil for future crops, capeciallv
11hoso crops that require large
amtounts ot nitrogen. Ono farmor
in Alabama last yor, it is staled,
clearel $6,000 on a 400 acro farm
of poor land by growing cow pols
for hay, whilo the land will pro.
41uco fully double the crops this
year that the lavqd prodiced Ieforo
cow pons were pro)%winLr on it. 1
iatLst, Usao, at, conisitlerah e - x.
p)Ons1 ld labeor, WO infcent-:.Z. d
thouit, e.ight11 acres (it c.)1o pes v. ith
Dr. Moore's llitrogonm fixing boe.
Loria, altornating wit u eat
ed plant, but. foulld absolit. ly 11o
improvolnlltt inli 1.11011111n(j, of
no0duleS on tle, iouila itO I JL:.4,
exceptiniig the (arlier rstg (f C'w
peas on n,: land, We ab h idl
several comliaralivo toIt \\ il, ai
falf'a, ltut cuitld so lno <hfrn,1m
botvween the ilalitl and I lie
1ni a'onoculated, CXcpting- to firAt.
month, at, wIich leriod thP( differ.
.lee in favor of th iluetiltatel was
very perceptibl, in favor ot ilocu
hattio (n11 cortain chli ac ters of' soil.
Our conclijoni aro that about all
)ur' Southern soil is al reaidy thor
oughly inoculated wit.hi tho cow
poa bactoria, uit the minds of
Southern farimevs nedA inoeuIlat.ig
with the importance of the cow
Wo would like to hear moro from
this man about tieso pea,; this is
im the line of our work,
J. C. St ribling.
Chairinan commilte.
A good two-horse diseO harrow
will throw up lbotut. as g oid cottol
bed lit 0one tilmao going 11s we want
TPhis is goodl wor1k whaere huu l has
beenU 1broken, andl savex a i g sigh 1
of labor atu timo. W~o :no no1(4
aft er high cottonL bedsl li ko u e (ued
to bo0; weO mutIt comel. downi abhout on
a lovol. Thiis plan1 g:Ves~ blottLr
prlotection to thle mistur 1in dlohra
.The chariaeter ol the ftamer i
11vr'i t ar pafinited all ove r hais f'arm
abti)tL this timio of (he y"ear: lII' thiere
is f lot, II. lar .a illotai t, ol grtian
114oli1s of saill grill 0)11 VIIar l'ai
treis someI ki ndol' * i n-e farm.
('r aroti lld1t(hare.
F'OfT'n 'N.\T'a . ina. (; I I .1ANS.
"Wheno'a I w'as4I a ig;(et., ait livonli,
y lie, 't10., "'threeu of my'I' ensana:5 were
perm'a llenao'a1 I UlCII~aad of I'IlnsuII lo 14)1 y
Dri. .ingJ~ 's w h.-' .verl'y, andI'I a we
aitid Ntaonag tabling. Oac' wVas tary. g to
'ail his prety0i~ andaa ma'~o to Ai ia,11
baut afltr usaaa Newv Hl I'i'vr a1 sh'rt
Li no l10 foliali it alliO3.06.:Utry (a) dl a o, I
regar(fl Dr). King's New~ 1.)enaor a the 1
a tul Lunga~ I lelahw. ( ut:Ia lanteed' by3 tlhe
LPcens Drumag Comalniy . 5t un $1:0 .
C'riaal bottle free'o.
Mlss IAongyear1s-Youi kniow 1 have
bee' catlled'O good lookIig. (Cynileux.-I
dilar Hay. Thle s'tanards or be'lauty
change every tenl years or so.-St. Louis
The Cause of Ivlany
Sudden Deaths,
l'hcre Is a disase' prevailing in this
unO~ftry most dangecrous because so dlecep.
pn CUmTonia, hearaa..
failurec or apoplexy - -.
ar often the resu:lt
*of kidneiy dli5C:!c. al'I
- lo wed to advance ahe
kde'cy -- p0 I so n cdl
blood will attackth
d. vital organs or the
kneys thecaive.; break dlown and wvaste
aw/ay ecli by coll.
1'addler troub~les most always result from
oa caatact fth kidneys and a. cure Is
thae aidn e- y a proper treatment of
c mkcy. you ae ytfeling badly you
Sa m ake o1 t, mith e by t kng D r. K ilm enr's
bhaadder remedy, great kidney, nyver aad
It corrects Iabiity to hokd urine and scald
un1pleasan1t necessity of biCan eec ta
go often during' the (lay, an to ctmplladto
times during the nIght. T[he mil n h
.extraordinary effcet of Swamp-RootIsso
coalized. It stands the highest for Itson
derful cures of the most distrsuingc es
Swamp-Root Is pleasant to take andi sold
byal zdoales oa ffty-cent and on -dollar
have a samplo bottle of titl
h.ils wonderful new dis- l ;
covery and a book that o '
tells all about it, both Ik1O.Wfp0(
ecnt free by aal. Address Dr. Kilmner & Co.
ending this generousc offer In thIs Paper.
Don't makc any mIstake, but remlemrber
.he aname, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmner's
wamp-Root, and tho address, Binghamton1 a
el, Y,, onl every bottlo.
Stomach and Liver
trouble and
Chronic Constipation.
From Cateechee.
[Left over from haut weok.]
Owing to a delicioncy in some parts
it the machinery, the Norris Cot
on Mill has been stopped for throe
lays. The hands say theoy aro ha.,
ng the Fourth of July in April this
rear. The mill will ttart uip tigain
. another day or so.
Owing to the inclemency of the
weather, (hero wero not as many
teachers presont on last Saturday at
tihe teachters' metetiig att lit is pilac",
as was expected. However, a gotod
mnv of that hontorblio body h-Il it)
terest at, heart onought to fuNw the
rain and come. All thos who did
attnd were of that entihsiastic na
tur towarei tihe o se -.f E.ti
cat ion advanl tc, 111d it. wa s 011 iht
it wa! 1 ne orw'm .,t~:so
i t I I . I .n ' 1 i . 1. .\-1r
ri1 o ( -.I , w i e uas
H(. \V .A~X fi* 1? ..
t-: a Jouir iii.m11t' 1)la( im ht
O. but u) waS In, ivy( p. t
ofc!nuen. vise vir tin i nay
f'l i'-1:dl at n r: i a fewI b ; m-:, j
t. na . Come wj1itnI, btrot , w U
wV( t r it t tilol se s 0111' III w e tlo
fOliund a ha11iri r brl ( ti. I 'd.
X ilses firine and C pit li (h; vi V
of kS, noen, visitedi t heir 11% rnsk
Alr. and l.t. P). Whiten, of N rris, CO
lAton it, becokne e om' 1 -a-l duty. to p 0,
cloielo anothemr death inll 11 'co
Wherler fantlii. Tl hisime it, is i
I.0010 16 montlls ()b% l'ay ulf i Ir,.e
Wale hrs tnd i gra ndeih of \t S. lde
Wilter. It i ick but it Short co
timo tdill died from pmin)I ia. Th i tiee
hearltbroken mother hs our yma hriug
thIiy. tal
Sover-al farmIeri onl this side, wh~o do
haveO boenl hoh1ling1, theirt COtton, sold Im
lat weekL at- '11 1-4 cents. 13. col
Decrease inl the samel ra1tio thal thle us180
of Dr. Kinig's New i-fo Pills increast- ItM
Njon andi the ilit growing ouit of it. I
Stre-ngthIi a vigor ~t AIdwn fol low the ir fC
ose. (ua n tt.i 'eld b y PI.'Lei D)rug OCo.
35 cents, Try the.o.I
A Sure Cur
Galls, Bruises, Contracted Muscleu
Frosted F'eet, Burns, Scalds, etc.
AN ANTISEPTIC that stops
mation, and drives out Pain.
PENETRATES the Pores, k
promotes a free circulation of tht
natural elastIcity.
Mrs. E. A. .Simpson, 500 (
T'enn., writes: " I have bee:
Hlot Springs, Ark., for sciatic
* ~get muore relief fromi Jallart
than arty medicine or anythin
InIClosed fid pos toflice order:
large bottle by'Southsern Expn
Ballard Snow Li
The Land of B
Are you innking ns much oflT your farm
making aill you cant. The htoublo is the land
ironey to buy a hu: far'm, and( so you iare tryin
or lperhaps~ you~ are( ren1ting one0 antd paying
rent. Woublnl~'t it bo' betr to go whetre tihe
'Oou ern ownt a big farm-whero every acre
antd all yout raise is palying y'ou good profiW
'11h(r0 ar0 thlousantds 1 ol' e of fertil(o b
the Co'ttotn hulL Routo thtat can) b) bought
hind isi inlcreasinlg int valuo each1 year.
See the South~west
A tipi to the Southwest wvould( convinen
Onthe firt-t and1( thtird Tutes,
rund~ trip ticket to any poi
* Cotth n Bh] lbttt at Thy
l owed fori y(on to exam1in': im
W\rite att onice for free COl
.doiful culntr an ild for full
L. P. Smith, . P. A., Cotton Belt RoutQ,
RHEUMACIDE goes right to the
all the germs and poisons out of the b
spots in the body and sets all the. orl
Nature's way. Purely vegetable, non-i
most powerful of cleansing medicin
time regulates the liver tones up the
up the entire system. kHEUMACIDE
that cures rheumatism to stay cured.
RHEUMACIDE has cured thousa
other remedies and famous doctors
Percelle, of Salem, Va., spent $200 in
dreds of dollars for physicians' fees, an
by half a dozen bottles of Rheuma<
2120 Ramsay street, Baltimore, says
man." Mrs. S. A. Combes, 114 S. Gilm
it cleansed her blood, took away her F
like a new
After Noted Doctors Failed. and recomm
Hcrc is a case cured by RIIEUMA
Ci niafter ioted New Yoik special
iss had failed. Mr. W. U . H-ughes
writes froni A tkins. Va.:
"Four bottles of RIEUMACIDE Sample
have entirely ce re 111 a ft iOI
staluding case of rhICum,; lisil an( for postage t
gr. tii tly i ill)roved niy goeieral health.
I was at otal wreck, lid Viii, had rhen- 0
k iliIstil for twenty yea rs, I Sput sov- -
al w\eeks and ntilch inomey) trying Bohm
simciahsts in New York, but RH iUl
MACIDE is the only Cure I have
Neiirhed 140 ounids. Now I weigh 180
pounds. my normal weight.
)nlon.9 are a11nost the best nervine
own. No medlicline is so useful in
30 of ier-vouis )rostrit lion, aid there
nothing else that 'will so quickly re.
ve 21n1d tone a worioit system. OI n- R. ) R
is Ire uIsefil in all eases'of' coiiglis, lI(
ds and iluenza, in consliliiptiol,
lomnht, l hydrophobila, scurvy, gravel fat' I'Cit the 1'i
d kit-lred !ver comiplaints. IEaten t3 liLl IL of 'any i
ary other day, they soonI have a
aring and whitening effect on the 114 YOU N E 1)
nplexioli. \\LAR 9nd HEAVY I'
From now until
Talent, i R O iS R
he world Is always rendy to receive t D G l. E
CIt with open arims. Very often it
2s not know what to do with genius, Trunks, Valises, Gen
lent Is a docile creature. It bows its
id meekly wlle the world slips the
Jar over it. It backs into the shafts A complete Jinc
L a laub.--Iolhnes. Iron King stoves and C
The Pateirndox. tc host of their kind
lanmand-Sluce Walkor Tighs lulier- ars woll.
SY1.00,0 he Is a paradox. Eg- A
~t-Whant's the answer? Ilamanid--u ~truag
Is both the rIchest and poorest
or on the stage.-Cicango News. l)'1
Ln excess of levity Is a Impertinient fl1)SUO
for Rheumatismtheupsit
From now untillle
1 tryiigltmakbaths o
rhthe bestsoftheirIkind
wearso wLiimen
~ X iaYourvepatrieage
P.r $.00.ASld peesoi
Some Corn .nos
LameD BcSifY ons
riton, oub. doubtyoam
cosn to Fius ITissestomc
Bloo idt g Iiving ohe aMusca lors n
rnt St., l Kn oxvilleRYNDBO
it trin the bauths~ i of FCAS PSI'
ufreumatismbut I'Ot of -o~. IBE AHNR
- IIaeeertid
or $10.Sedm
seat of the disease, sweeps
lood, cleans up allthe plague
lans to work again in
dlcoholic It is yet the
as, and at the same
stomach and builds
is the only remedy
nds of cases after all
ihad failed. Austin
medicines and hun
d at last he was cured
ide. 0. Dietrich, of
it has "made him a new
or street, Baltimore, says
>ains, and made her "feel
woman," Your druggist sells
ends Rheumacide.
bottle and booklet free if you send
hemical Company, Prope
aso say to your roa-lors and my frioeid4 that I 1
f Rel iale good s wh: ich f iave for tiizoir ilspecti
es which I ai quoting I conlsider 11he goods arn
in [nd (1 vry thing," and.am slling at a close
HEAVY WINTE S tHOES, We have thm
,NIT SHIRTS; also, a goo(d lino of OVEpsiC
Christmas we invite tihe ladies to -all and we
ame offer as the above to tho men fol ks oi Oh'
s' Furnishings, etc. The niceSt line of these g
arbed wvire by the car load to go at prices that
of the good kind of furniture ald nice manim
hat'anooga Plows-two very necessary t hings i
)>n the markot. Chilawaro, (lassw are, Agatev
dortakors' goods and a nice Ileairse.
solicited and1( you will be troated right.
is owing the estate of W. T. McIall will pleasi
Fewer acres, lighter lab
combination secured with
fertilizer proved perfect by ta
crops from Southern soil. Farr
balanced food for every stage of pIl
time till harvesting, and is suited to
from cotton to corn, wheat to small truc
M~acle with- F1i
hscrap is used in every ton of Farmers' Bon
der all crop conditions and making it famous
'the Royster trade mark.
1886-250 TONS
1890--1,600 TONS
1895-12,000 TONS
1900-158,455 TON!
1905-130,091 TC
We NGever Disa~
We Fulfill Evory Promise at
WE GORE St*i*tur * ithu
cured never to return, withont mord
IACmNERY - ' odr
WORK 1)1ICflI(
LE3RS ;t
R I3VERIY *nc of
EER. N. K. KING. M D. (OhrouI to i
OMPA NY Wrie tay egri you co.
five cents Sciatica.,
Rheumatic Cout,
s, Baltimiore. Cnt~ipati,
M Kidneyore Trouble,
Liver Diseases,
La Orippe,
Y Contagious
Blood Poison,
)DAY All Blood
M "still at, the Old Stand," with a
1n an11d salo at very closo figures. In
LRro Bar gaiins. Toll then that 1
will make then close pricos on
thing, Shoes, Hate, Underclothing,
D,,lk we Lavo ever carriod.
dfy colnpotition.
, carpeting and rugs. Agent fr.3
overy w ,11 regulated family an ]
varc, Tinware and other ware that
Guy McFaIl
Icome forward and make settlement
g Crops
r, larger yields-a happy
venty-one years of great
niers' Bone is richest in
aint growth from planting
i. great diversity of crops,
e, insuring nourishment
as a crop saver. Look
D GO. Troo .O
Mcon a.
t9okii Our Patients,
id ciovu HIold Dut Falso lIopot.
> knifo or bougtr ant1 VarIcooelo ivlhoiti
rom busin1noas; Oont.afIounx Ilootl ?olsort
ury or' minnralI man; I ssa M nJ
Iv y y enreet; no 8th ~i'ant but aOrknlhen'
g ~iuini .o is an ii Alit 0 (rganti edundert.4
laronic dioe s. Dir, 1. K. iKiu(, the foundotO
nis te che c ruI~tI, r > c~ I st, beIng LsslstO
I cth trlRni or hr >nic (IIasOs IS upaurpas
re eptu prod wih ai the g~lnd aifaradio battOV*
veto ith meic r es50 lon Oursanlta j~iIj
'ca r;pect, 11nd( wo employ nIoe [email protected]
slieo n1ti~nt i rgolarly qualfied gra uate
O .l.so lann~~ kfor literature arest OI0
onth, (no es nfoilt nd ne gO oh uu
a witini a Apecideud timelt.
idany nnd nliadicir trc'ubles, Rhelnmatlsm
)(r0C11 DramA. n s , o. e nd i rivat
land aml Lun33g5. l)Isearea ofly a r
;"saa of WVonien, Aluch as lpilacemenats'
1 2rxe 3, nI Sucht weaknesses~e of women,
Ijion If.Vo, a hick or aifilted. On reQUO86 lWg
lilg !ymptCom blan11ks for homne treatinent.
'AT'iON AND)A DVrI PiFE. .......
7 l~alctt (lb, COn~l tlan a0

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