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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickena, 8. C., as second class matter, under act of Congress of March 3, 1879.
Counlty Correspoudenc.
Oolenoy Items.
Mr. M. Hendricks, who has been
suffering for the past live weeks,
is not any better. Dk. J. M. Cren
shaw is attending him.
Lena, ie little daughter of For
est Keith, is very sick.
Prof. G. E. Boddiford visited
Mr. A. C. Sutherland, of Rock,
last week.
Mrs. L. M. Rigdon visited his
daughter, Mrs. Unity Nimnions, of
Mt. Tabor, one day last week.
Mrs. P. B. Martin and son. The
odore,, visited her father, Mr.
Al . I endricks, Sunday .and Mon
Th'e farnizs in thiis section ire
very busy planting corn and cotton
th is week. ScIuool. G1n1.
AIpril 14th. *.
[Ve are Horry this interesting
articlo has been overlooked until
now, and hope "School Girl" will
not got ofhl-nded, but will write
again und often.-Ei).]
Letter from Pickenp-R. F. 0. No. 3.
As I 1-ive ven nothing from
this section1 eutw.y, will try to
give the Sentinol-Journal a few
The farmers are getting on 'lne
with their planting. The showers
and sunshina are just right to mate
things grow.
The health of our community is
very good, with the Exception of
Mrd. ). W. Cantrell, who is not
enjoying the best of health.
The Union Meeting at Mountain
Grove Saturday and Sunday was
well atended and very much en.
joyed by all.
- Mr. and Mrs. Mark Prince vis
itod the latter's father, Mr. R. S.
Lewis, Saturday night'
Mr. B. M. Edens, of Hot Springs,
Ark., is on a visit to his grand.
father, Mr. W. 1). Edens. We hope
Ben will stay with us for quite a
Mrs. A. B. Cantroll, of Route 4,
spent last week with her father,.
Mr. D. Edens.
Mr. aid Mrs. J. E. Singleton, of
Dacusville, spent SAturday mght
with the jttr's father, and at
te nde4d 1 hl u nion ait Mountain
Wake up, corresponmnits, a1d
dni'L h-t tC advortisoinnots havo
gone suli broad Fpaces. I like
to icad tii leLters from difcrent.
setions of1 the countiiry . Su rely
yo all hiave the advantage of me,
for l'm away upj here among the
lills and cant hear' anything much
to write about; but must say 1
like the lills very wvell.
Letter From Cateechee. ..
Cotton and corn will bo ready for
the plow and boo in a few more
data. The grass hais already put in
its app'arance anl farmers will bo
busy until they get done laying
by. . '.
Wheat, as a general thing, is
looking wvell, and the writer lb
gladi to sue it, as cornbread al
ways didl scratch our throat.
Happy is the farmer who has
plenty ol wheat in 'his garner,
corn in his crib and meat in his
smokehouso. He can say to the
dealer in the west, "go thy way
and at somo more convenient time
I will call for thee."'
-What has become of the old-time
farmer who used to have so many
nice home-raised hams hanging
up in his smokehouse, who would
smoke them with corncobs? His
stock was fat anti his crib full of
corn-not "nnbbijns'' like we have
nmow. What a contrast in fifty
years ago and now. WVell, what
is the cause of it? We will an
nswer the question by saying, cot
ton andjauziness. The rising gen
eration lNOnoiuch afraid of hard
work. They don't prepare their
crop right at the beginning, don't
break the land deep enough, and
many othex things they lack.
Again, they depend on the lien
system too much and don't raise
enough of home supplies, and then
a big cotton crop is the only thing
that will bring ready cash in the
* fall to meet that hioi; than it will
* lack a little of paying up, but th(
creditor is a good, clever f ellowi
Sfyt oidT UD
If you could go through the S1UDEBAKEl
South Bend, Indiana, eovering moize than one
acres, take a trip through their great factory
just how the STUDEBAKER is made; see mI
sixty million feet of air dried lumber, the pi<
world's markets, ready for use; see the lab
where evpeats test all maierials nsed; see the F
inspectors whose duty it is to see that every p
cay vehicle made in she Studebaker factories i:
before it is used-see the acres and acres of t
improved machin'ery-see the care and thor<
taken from start to fish-you would undoubte
stand why the S I UDEBAKER is the most po
hicle made.
of running that puts it in i
prices and terms to suit yo
Two Nice Pian
and will carry that amount over A Beautiful Home W
by taking new papors, and so an- The ,,,,,t,-y home o
oth'or Cottol crop is the only remlii M rs. B. 1. Farmer V
(!dy. Just so it is with th1 d11vi6
h -nded''. follow. I( nIe. . )J .! (
go to prea ol g f1"ri patung and. V I .
WuLlI you the prelacher is hypI. O
crito and that a ntm eni . live e
Chrisiian. H1O Il.>' ou to 1.-l
good somewtim1es, but ~.kom enough l iLi"s tH o
back on the old d.,rb ot i un \ Our . iuniuu vd
soul1 whenl you die. HeIt is a shiar p 0118ilQ1'e
old oOn'' and1( ther., hast niever
been but one persIoni hoi (iui nU( ii th.I~ue ISI(e
tempt in somes way or whert, .anid 81I,*1( StO8i'~i
that is Jesus Christ, tho son of p'iibyh.Aithr4
Mr1. and Mi r. T. . Noris are ha \u.Csou
on) an OXten'tded vistit, to n:Iai~veSl s lfapic hs
att \Vance, S. c. bv1'li.
Mr. and M rs. Berry (Gary and M'.Cs~li ihl
Mr. Youngii, of this place. vi-ited at nnoIihthr'an o
Pickens the 29th uilt. u'ii e )i~
Tihe school at thIis l~jact cil80osed onti Crli u
0on the 27th uilt., 'aini thle tnc' h::r , 1(0 1) :1
Miss M ary HIughes, returned to ibhtslOliy
her home at Richlandu.noli(it 'utilicI
The schiool at Norn is also closedofnl ir hSih
on the 27th uIt , anid the teacher,hrIif uogit01(
Mr. R. A. Gentry, closed his niighitlivlgJtowhr n.
school at Catoeches. Tfhere wore Iiwt1ht ir~ ri
three gold medals awarded in thenvt'bddito'
night school for the three bestSioasonay rc
spollers in the three difforentacso isl's.T
classes. A son of Mr. U. W How- SnhsWnot fP
ard, Garlin and Nottuo LeoppardtysmtnolaI(pp
were the uccessfeaotifultjHomeerW
toacer, r. entr, gae oeof The counyhom iso
Norrs mil, u'. .~ VI. hor rs. B.oli bF. Farne .
DuoandtheNoris ottoMll of~ aeabe ieveng
Co , one. nu-'rsl hh fUindtb
M i i'ie at(lteehee ol Ilith a cnd daug~ hter ofh
Sundy it 1) 'clck i. li. nited n18 o rcte.ha
MaryM. Sephe~in nd M. Osar odrethv of tpti.eho YI
cuttng.May he ~uncoule ahery to1( witne'th
havea. leasnt ou rioythi oug taist bhat nol shdw e
lifefernourndish. s.
Therid l ovel~i 10W5
'-D n' hnri, lou'ti~ir, dn' silk aind the sol
1)Iuty offreli irdii i ui iiig t. -poken r by ~ tlievA thn i
~1lepeigt OUT ot o ect' Lveny.that made h,00 awifle
four Wor had 111(1be cocmfuilt rn that Mt. isso aka
ted. Thisrn vi h) ihly
~Whn ilans avetisngshos heinmotherob..ing a wH
tha hoi~thrrouglhy nteosed bneatly fknownc famili'
hisbuinss hs usnte vii ecmel-in1( hstl shown by9
mtoeaiugtootbri.no fll )COl.ntrite
Another car of i
plant at
and see
>re than
:k of the
-coreS of
trt of ev
hie mo1st E
>ughness]] |Ng
d under
pu-lar ve- - 47I
;he lead of any other wagoi
u. Cone to see us.
Ds for Sale Chei
u reat
f M4r. andIre t le
III 1111d.1 v All our entire stock will now be
Oi-S It( i n pr -cs and if you have not boug]
furnishing good, now is a good time
rhe parlor 'ake advantage of this drop ih
,at rio.ds steps in ahead of you and gets the pl
m~iily were1( Free Cleaning< and Pressing of
~'LI !\lMerchant Tailoring D epartment.
ihristo jh er -- - - -
auprse Sole agent for Hawes Hats and
(d WOn foir -_
)rice is fair e
connl~ectod = L o tlls
ther's side, Louis Cope-Proprietor Dixie
usigaein his SPRING CLOTHfNG-Necks
(ld,4t. :,d gest and best line I have had.
an is Nc counterpaines and nice tablei
~ bile Mens Slippers-Patent leather, t
a lived alli\vant.
thd Writer Bliggest and best line I have evel
childhood, you win always trade here-I sell-for
oblor boart est, an d always for cash-you need
omnhiood. Ifor the May meeting. Come and se
(18bylitlethe best I can. Satifaction guarante
lMens Cn. A full line of boy's and Youth's fine c
(lug-LOUIS C(
nof Mr.
of Souith Proprietor Dixie CI<
No all know - -
the scoro
l on h 1 ii
deh thorn a t i aiyt oke ta
3 lifo and can bwegl and stron'g i
IIover dim hiskdn ysareouo ord
rPigh tly il. piku~neU,,i the kneve
* sur~e sins of kiney disems
aCot weiU by taking
Ins oiitiy DR. McGEE'S BACAH
his colntry AD KIDNEY CURN,
ilI)iitoie ure ii doesnnd whdo
other kinda
the Famous
Isn't it wv
YOu. to haVO
a buggy, or i
or a set of
years of "k
Ki caurse it is.
ance--A gu
The Stud
with a re11pu.
quality, sen
i made. We have a full 1
luction. Blue
sold at a great reduction Serge Suil
it your overcoat, suit or
to save money,
i price before some else
all clothing made in our U
child.t i
D.utchess TLrousers. odSr.-util
opel=.tl Ol '11 I
Bargain H -ouse has got 11 J~OIi
year, Shoes, Shirts-Big- O~)yu y8t
an, cloth-any kind you K
had-try me once and ~ addul
one pr'ice--that the low- oebiflo ye
Clothing, Shoes, Slippersa pdish iu
e me and I will treat you ld ftllFIC C
edi or money returned- Iol
lothing at right p)rices.12 Sot L
)PE L Mi t
>thing House
70$ aciid lip
- 12 acre n:bi. e i
yourin fany f M
Waito old hom "e
. W~oth is etery
all oo. The a e
-orth om1 i n g to
Svh cl ofa id
1a rnss1, w t 0if
11w how" i n 11n i O.
It's vec ur
B1)aChir iS H. W n'gOR'
t-,tatio b1 h1. 1 h ni it foI
7iceahllty, ani~id ease
ine anid wyill miake
wvii I<
Copyrigjhted 91
*loalirno<oand Ne Yorig
bretatei if) fou i[st im mI( II lt8, oJvery
If gre(vs ii IIuixtauo; i S~erges, W'or
(ao<hl. I ~ve, t hing for sp9i ing. Ciomo,
I. Endel Za Cr
nd niear Marietta, S. Cii.,
pad1. $10 po'r acre.
,r Travelers Re~st,
r.-T'hos. Cunnuinghami. Part of the Butler
$15 perar.
20 to 50 acroa.
esi ralo Iots near city limits. Theso lota are
-$60 each.
eenville. . C..

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