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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, May 09, 1906, Image 2

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- ---- C
The Sentinol-Journal Company.
THOMPsoN & BIcIEY,. Iinors.
J. 1'. 0. THO.\P.SON, I)Ton.
Subsoriptiou $1.00 Per Aunum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens Postofice as SOCond Olass
Mail Matter
WEDNE"JDAY, MAY 9, 1906.
Metrologlcal Table
ly .John T n9oggs, observer. Licerty, S. C,
m Cernractr rof
ho 81 59 .01 3 Clear
F t ? 0 !',CIQur
I 2 \ 0 clear
i'l (t 01 0 ln
1.1 11. 0lear
3 11 Cloary
.1 Cloudy
.1 -i d I (lou dy
0 c <lear
Needed Enterprises.
Th cot ton mill, which has beei
10n1 and vyinuilativolv talked, isi nom
prlcicat 1111 'll a 1 s r(ed flct. Sovenu
of the igty th-ouan1 dollars i( de:
has beenzI ulsrihed, and Uhe r' 1mai
ingle toem wilill no douibt, b
booktd wvithini tho nxt few dal.s
l'ickens na .ds this <ntlerpri.sa and
he will havo it in the near fulm1.
For the presiit wo hald bet?., ex
pend our onergioS in secur-ilg ill.
a side : T1 th r p. J 811: 11 v.- h .
bi mill is n b , hle ..m- p e1
t otit4tl W~i ther nl iiodci una
will njatu.rall , 'i~o
ceeds lik sueVcesc. Wo s1i'n1l iojnm
ax fertilizer pin, vtam laudy,
knlitting mi6,1, lil (-1((.1ric htpa.
anld un111ny others. whiiebl "> lo mai;s%
up1 the ajolipinenit of at town, h1im 0,111
Latit, bt not leaisf, w: -S'iould llave it
toulrivt hj(to], w ith all mo1dernl ini
provements a'id conveniences. Plickj
0119 Is in every respect anl ideal po(it
for the establishment of a resort oh
this kind. With a1 clilato unsiur.
Passed by no other section of tl(
Piedmont region, situated near the
mountains, within easy drive of
Cosar's Head, Table Rock and othii
points of interest to the visitor, fitue
water and good society, vhat mn(),.
could be aslke(.
Ve aro not Visionlary, nor (1d I
1xpec~t the imp~jossiblde, buit wher,
thore's a wil1 the'r's a way, l~ w11 k
is nee~ded iu for Ulery 1man1 to put his
81h0ulder to thec w heel1, and with :
pu1shI anid pull the wilgonl of en ter
prliso will be raised out, of thic
slough of inactivity and roll forwardi
On solid1 gr'ound. Sitting down with
folded hands mockly acepting alsn
the gods cast inito 01ur laps wil:
nlt.ver' bring successN, fort suicce:-s e .1
br- atta i nal( only by Iili genit ( l ~r
I ac(k( d by 4 11trgy. Ptuk anid J( ~-(
ThLI~e p~oliticall po(t i8 healtinog slowly
be put'.,ing in good tinw.
Alon1ey mal1kB the nwr~lo go, and1 th<l
automile~1 miakes the monetiy go.
Becautso a1 man w'earis a ling li
is no reas1on that 1he is tho head of
the hlouso.
In times of peace tho wise nat ic
mahke3 st renuous11 prepnad ions f.
1m3ore peace.
Wje wlondler how many molfre limo.10
the remains~ -of Jlm1 Pautl Jones n iin
be discovered.
Your wife decieed it a 1li1(tiloiinp
when shle p~romiised to "6oboy" y0o1
arnd there is room for susiijon thal
it was.
Tfhe mllionajro Chowinlg gum a anh
W. J Wh'ite and his1 wife haIve sepa.
rated. Gumi doesn't ljh :(lV
Does every contY olice-holer .
puCt to succed hlimself withoult oppoj
i? If not, gnlm
mlents are 11n or'der. Our colon a
are open to you.
Our doctors nay they have to c1on .
bine all the acciderata of overy furru
ginous tomie prescribed bly every
school of medicine as anl antidote for'
green corni and CUCuminbers.
The not E arninge of the railroads.
are seven hundred illions of dlolhers,
which means, says Senator TIillmar,
that once in every three year's overy
dollar in thea, United States becomes
a part of their net earnings.
What with the cradle trust and the
V offn trust, hoth protected by the
f( ariff thirough the favor of the lRe.
Yptablicans, the comnes) have us
whichever way wve turn, from the
i tbne we firs t see daylight until we
,Jin the great silent mnajority.
0n1, J J Huiter, Beverly; E C
lopkins, Jeptha Hendricks). Crow V
Ireek; John Hanmond, Brigs; g
L Harden, E1aslny; . John Haw. j
ins, Briggs; V Stephen Howard, p
ateechee; George K Headrioks, F
Oorter; Thomas P Herdl, MEeet; H'
yre Holder, Table Meountain; E
Howard, Maynard; Martii Hol- zi
er, Kiiob; John W Uunter, Pick- F
ns; H1arrison Jones, Garrison A
ames, Catee hee; V s jOjI)F, I
(nob; William1 Kelly, Hazel; F A 1
_ewis, Thos W Land., King; B A I
Jandreth, Eseley; W D Lawrence, J
JalhounIi; A, J Lawson, F A Law. -n
on, Mioa; David Lesly, Field; 'J I
A Lylcs, Onntral; Geo AlcAdaim,
[Parra; 8 F McUord, Liberty; W H I
McDonald, Easley; Ansol McGill, s
Knob; T L Morris, Liberty; J J
Bent> McJunkin, Easley; J P 1
McNeole , Central; D P Mahaffey, I
40opt "
Dutral; Joseph MeJunkin, Green
Ile; Dudlye Meredith, R P Mor
tn, Alexander; D N Moss, Easlay;
H Mullinax, Central; John Mur.
bree, Alexander; 0 M Mannering,
ickons; G D . Merrion, Central;
H Morgan, Knob; John F Nal
ly, Easley; William D Nix, Ha.
)1; G W Owens, Easley; W R
hillips, Knob; B M Pressly,
[ala; W H Perry Cateechee; J H
aines, Looper; Joseph Reeves,
raters; N 0 Roper, Pickens; Geo
V Rooper, E3sley; R L Snipes,
B Stephens, Calhoun; Riley Sim.
ions. Easley; Janies Sanders,
.astatoe; Elisha Skelton; Steven
mith Pickens; C W Shirley; F
Sheriff Liberty; Thomas Stan.
al, -4 mbler; W K Stewart Pickens;
ohn C Smith; 8 A Swaynegeme,
8 Mile; Moses Smith, Easley; J
I Townsend Liberty: W T Tanner,
Of /
2 i
Peickensu, 1evC
Easloy; 8 J Tumbling, Easloy; An.
derson Turner Easley; L A Vaugin,
Cateechee; J 1H Vaughn, Dacueville;
W E0 Wade, Picken.; John White,
Easley; John, Watson Mala; IT W
Whitmire, Easley.
CLASs U, NO. 8.
Sirah E Crow, Libortv; Ann
Carter, Prators; E lizabeth E' Coop.
er, Haile; Sarrah M Craine, Dacus.
ville; Nancy Corbin, Pickens; L A
Dacus, Dacusvillo; Susan Farmer,
Maynard; Arminda Fortnor, Rock;
Melinda Fortner, Dacuevillo; Cath.
orino Ellenburg, Nimmons; IH A
Freeman, Loopers; Adeline Hop..
kins, Elizabeth Garrett, Cateechee;
Mary Hinklo, Eastator; Elizabeth
Latham, Thomasville; Naomi Lee,
Catoecho; Rosa McJunkin, Table
Mt.; Adeline Phillips; Licena
RiggF3 Craw Craci; C A Riggins,
Cateechee; Mary Roper, Eislov;
isValeuabe soI
>alane solde t
Wa o':
grounds al
[Por furthe~r part
|- or
Elizaboth Strickland; Sarah J.
Stephens, Datcusvillo; MAargajrdt
Simmoue; Francis Summy, Central:
Margaret 8 Stephens, Stewart; Su.
san Turner, Maynard; Mariona Wil
Bsol, Meet; Margaret 1j. Young,
E asley.
CLASS C, No. 4.
C I Boggs, Liberty; Mary B-yd,
Daq.usvillo; Mary A Bradley, Lib.
erty; Mary R Bryant, Easley; Ma.
tilda A Boasley, Central; M S Camp.
bell, Fort Mill; Elizabeth Clilders,
Redmond; Sarah C Chastain; Sarah
D Cooper, Dacusville; Mary J. Chil.
ders, Maynard; Millie Clark, May
na.d; Kate L. Curoton, Pickons;
Clarinda Clark, -Easloy; Sarali
Crows; Elizabeth Chapmani, Easley,
Dinah Davis, Easley; Lila Duican
Pickens; K' ziah Dunwoody, Cen
tral; Cynthia Ellis, Easley; N E
Ellenb-1 g; Catherine Eades, Norris
Buldn L
in Tow o
I10tS on the
the highest I
bheral that any
suit the purel]
The Ti
LA 12,
Liberty, S
iculars see,
Donisa Emerson, Pickon; L vny;
E, verptt, Amibler; Rt D Ea i--, P1io..j
ens; Mary J Freeman, Picke-ri;
Margarot F Freeman, Maynard;
Sarah P. Friddlo, Loopers; .Elle
Goo E, sy; Luisa Glstrap, f
luiphreo; Elizabath Galloway;
Crow Creek; ME Graingor. Briggs;
Elizrtbeth O G3ils tra p Liberty
Elizaboth Grant, Crow Creek; R M
Grant Crow Creek; Nancy A Gil
ham Sunnydale; E L Majors; L 0 3
Harper, Eisloy; H~arriett Hfester; I
Mary Harris, Farr.; Eimoline,
larrison, Briggs, Mary Haynes,
Briggs; Narcissa Holcomb, Loopers;
Sarah Holcomnb, Briggs; Elizabeth
Holdor; Eizabeth Hiolliday Pick.
ens; Mary H[udson, Easiley; Matilda
Hughes Easley; DHary E Hunnioutt,
Rlmlond; Eliz.tbeth Key, Pickens; I
Clarinda Lark. Pickens; Franseos
L'islv, Pickens; Sue T L')wis, Con.
-, -
Mai Stee
. -.
ert. S.
,ral: Elizabeth P) Looper, L:ole . r
Niilly A Mann, Meet; Mary Maul.
lin, 18 mile; Sarah 8 Mauldin, Dal.
on; Rhoda Moody, Mayfield; Mar.
laret Morgati, Kings; Luoindla
Vorris. Farr; Hannah S O'Bryan.t,
Piokens; Mary B3 Prinpe, Meet; Mil.
ie Ann Powoll, Iazel; Catherine
)owell, Sunnydalo; Rebecca Raines,
)aciusville; Mary Rland; Susan
oper, Rock; Car line Rwland,
entral; Isabella Smith; Central;
Iartha Smith, Easley; Elizabeth
itansel, Mala; R E Smith, Catee.
-hoo; Susan Stone: Margaret Sweat
Casly; Martha Volrath; Hamett L
[innies, Majors; Susan Trotter,
)acusvillo; Martha A Waldrop,
arty; Minerva White, Pickens
Valoniw J Whitmire, Loopers; S E
Wilhame; Cateochee.

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