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Pickens Senitiuel-Joirna]
.HdaeDnRIS O a Local and Pernonal Nature
-Misses child, Pagett and Fulgoi
spent Saturday in Greenville.
-The examinatian for teachers it,
the public schools will be held on th(
- A local weather prophet says thi
section is fgoing to experience a ver:
wet sumnner.
-Mes -r Larry Thortiley and Ro%
Gratidy, spent a pot tion of last woo
in Greenville.
-Mrs. W. H. Nix, of Spencer, N
C., spent a portion of last week -vitl
her sister, Mrs. J. L. Thornley, ii
---Mr. Gregg Mauldiu, who holds u
lucrative pQsition with the S. A. 'L.
Railway, at Americus, Ga., is on at
visit to relative" in Pickens.
-Fee card of F. V. Odell, surveyoi
and noiary public. He will be glat
to l nit Le ypuic at any tine. DiL
addiess is Easley, 1t. F. D. No. 5.
--Dr. A. B. Wardlaw, of Green.
vlle, spent Sunday with his wife, ai
tho home of her parents, Capt. a(
MAs. John Ftgeimoni, mear Pickens".
-Dr. d. L o'L a1(d Postmiat
A. n . ame, nI p'snto j dih 1:
en- L ig at, Li 1)mt uel ..
the K1..ihts of P. ib its held in1 c.
Vill,.h week. -
--The Pickens U. 11(h 0 S lcho t'.
a It ie. lerda t" th ch'IVi e Il. 1
lollingswiribl home place. An et.
jyII)O (II wa pnt% by all v.b o it.
tended I, bot p j 8at al ehildrol,.
- M arried, at I be esideiee of It.
bride's fitt i, "r. Fra!k FaltIlle,
oil Aprl *29 li, .'i r. LuwrLAncu Ui.pe,
an(d mlin; 1, 1 . Farnu; aill ofthrca
W. A U ;Aldp-.: r, E (, ofliciatoig.
-The State Confdeerate Rouni '.
nill be held in Columbia on the it Il,
17th, 180, and 19th instant. A far.
of one cent pe(r tiile tnivele-d ha
bei granted by the railroads. l;ei
ens couity should be well repre. ent. .
-I lmiieIeenueslt exerciben of Tilb
erty (Ahaded School will ftako phace,
on Friday (voing, .\lay 11 h, a i
co1111111n1 tlil Al ay 15tb. Everx ()I;.
are invited and will be heartily we:
-A Ci1itcmd. An excelient program wi I
be red Ied
- -A few members of Camt)Jp Garvin
held a meeting in the courthtsue lauI
Monday and selected the lollo'vii y
delegates to represent thcm at 1.h
rettion in Columbia it(xt; weel;: 0
arP, G. I. 1nch, ad J. C. Loper
--This is just the right. size townu to
settle down in and. enjoy lifte. Eve
thinig lt'r the com for't of life can b
b'ought here an-l $10 will go a
far ats $25 will in hitrger cities. Whe'
you want to Ileave the farmr, coniie iO
I ~~oml lown) andi buil at nico comfoci I
"tble honie end be among the. bea
people in jte world.
-Don't fail to~ itte tonlhe farm ran
meetin~g at Pickens~ netxt Sateian
fthe 12th of Maty. Good sprait .
will b>j it rt nt to~ atddress5 the~ I '
inug. Alt Fat mersx' Uionsit iire re
other's interested in the we)lfare atmi
success of the fairmers and the far'm.
ing intert sts are r'(qmsit ted to iattead
-The snuaviEro of r'egititat ic.a
are in t~heir oflico the lirst Monda .y of
eachi month', and ats thi.t is the yo
for elect ion, uilregistered cit zi,-.
should remember that they wilt '.n
te permiitted to vo'to uiiless ib.,
qualify by aipptyinig for and ol'ta
ing a re(gistatlon certilicate.:I
l< fo le C lic bioarid.
-We publish 'lsewhere the list t'
pensioner's for this county, togt<ir
* with th~eir post offices; there be ing
255 in the list and the various ch: ses~
are paid as follows: Class lH, $72.00,
Class 0, No 1, $48.00; Class C, No '2,
$18.85; Chats (', No 3, $48.00; Cla;
0, No 4, $18.85. Clerk of Cour t, A
J. Poggs is paying out this money
niow and asks all the ciimants to
call at onco and got their check
--Mr. T1. D). I.ri's has sold Miss
Tirzah Hughes a lot ont thto Libet
r.oat', just hey on.1 the cor'porato 1im
it.. in the bfautiful grcyo itn front oft
Mr. Ben McDaniel's. .Miss Hugh e's
will doubtless < r et a fine dwelling
on her lot, which will he nuI i)rnat
ment to that par, of the town. Mr.
4 Harris has several other building 1ots
r..).lrti they all lie well ami
nilicent view of the(
- m ltry. There are no
hts around Pjients
-Miss Irene L,. Clarke, take's this
method of announcinga to the good
pa0ople of Liborty and the surround
A ig community, as wvell as hier many
former patrons, that she will open
her clasis in music at Liberty, S. C.,
on the 28th of May, 1900. Thank.
itng her patr'ons for their liberal pat
ronage in the past, and Soliciting it
for the coming summer, she bogs to
say that she will be in Liberty as
early as tho 2Cth of May. St.
-Don't Hav
There is no e.
proved Itch Ointi
and this we guarai
cure Eczema and E
skin or skin disea
5 boxes for $1.00
Hallum's Kidney and Backael
all Kidney ills- 50 cents per bc
Pickens. Drui
County Convention.
The County Democratic ConventioL
net last Mondoy in the court house.
t'ho convent ion was call d to order h%
lotn. C. E Iobi.son. W. T. Diwes
%11R Le-Ole ed airmn i, an di Mattih
ni, U.eretary and C. E. Hobinson,
A inotion w-s ii-red aud the rfso.
d pfed "If) ruquest Ielegat to ille
ate Cnuiventi11 to dftille their posi
i,11 on Ohe dispe: Billry qu'estio."
A resolutioll was Itdopted rEig.rrding
110 Cold tintilg of 1rimarv eeCionii ill
his stite inl cllorlity with the Col
t11ition an1d laws IA' the stato andA
hat Ilhe dekgateli ft t hi 1168 conveu
%un bo instructed If, ,-upport Stich
31111 1 ge ill the constitui ul,01 n111d 11 11
>f Iho Democrilt Prt " :s I nml"y
0h ctiors conforim to the, laws of tra.
The following chib , woro repros.
sent d: Ealey, 18; PIeko*,8, 19; Eas.
ley Cotton Aiill, 5; Libel ty, 14: Ump
kintown, (1; Peters Creek, 4; Praters,
3 and Catecchee, 7.
Tho followrn. were ch otr 1 aa delo
gates to the State Coon ventioni: 'P. ,
Bowven, W. T. O'Dell, Ltban M7auldiv
E. P'. Mee(ravv, .1. E. 1,Iggs, J. C
arret t. Dr. f. E. Smith wams eleet ed
-StaW Executive Conitud.1.teeril C.
F. lI~ObinsonT, was1 #'lectedo Pis ch1'irmnan
of County Fxecutive C1on mmittee.
The following re pro eict 9xecuhive.
coulmmitt eeien:; J. J. Lewi, Pickenr;
R. F. Smith, Eabley; John 1). M.
Keith, Pumpkintown; 13. A. Fster,
Pet. r's Creek, John T. B iggs, Liber.
IV; J. P Smith, Cateechee; E- M.
Bolding, Praters; .1. C. Garrett. Nor
rip; A. H. McGee, Easley Cotton Mill.
The meeting was a harnioj.jus one
innd no long winded resolutions or ill
timo sp'eebes ind~ulged in. It wasi a
business meeting me~eting, repreSona
ilive citizens beCing proseit who bad
be political welfare of 1.be1 county and
date at heart, and all foctionai mat
:ers was elimaited.
Barn Burned at Central.
On the night of April 29th the
>arn of Mr. F. J. Pelz e. was. for thet
bird time, burnied dlown. The barn
:uonlt ine~d seven1 muh1 It , a lar1go qulan
ity of co n, foraige, etc. The lire oe.
urred on1 Mt r. Pelzer's summenr plan.
ation), thrutC. m)ile suoi(0h of Central.
l'h1o two form fire ia 11were attributed
~o spontaneous comauistion, but the
ast is thought to ho the work of an.
ncendiary. Ibo loss wid ruu up
nto the thous mnds.
Married, at, th hom0 o1J10(f then brida's
at' er, C Ipt.. Jame8 A . (Griflin. on the
3th inst., Miss HallItio A. Girill, and
MIr. WVilliam A. I0 uer ; Rev. W, C.I
seabern ofliciating.
M~iss Griffin is the yourgst
dauughter, and( by her innaoi g
wa1ys anld s .veetluess of disup..
sition numbeihrs hicr friends 1y ]
lie score. Mr i. Buneo is~O conneted
with thle 11. B M.-Co , and has8 mnde 1
riends of alt wvithu whom hO has8 como1
ni contact. Thle happyl) yoa1mg couiple
11re rE civinjg LI C(bo 1 tongratulao 0s of
their many frienids for a long, happy
mid usefui lhfe.
N otice is hereby given t hat the
bo oko of subhscriptions to thle caitl
stock of Pickens Mill will ben openl
2t the Pickens Baunk. P'ickenut, S. C.,
mn Saturday, M~iay 12thi, 1906, under
lommtfision3 issuied by the Secretary
f State, dated May 4th, 1906.
W. M. H Aoonu,
Ji. M. OiEr~i,
F. WV. P'oe,
14' a di of C )rporlators.
Pickens, S. C, M\ay 5, 1906.
R. F. D. No. 5 EiASLEY, S. G.
Notice to Debtor anid,
All perron holding claimslt against thea
etato of 1-loomerC1 Merck . deceased , wil
present themi to the unidersignled duly
attested onl or before the~ 15tih daiy of
June next, and all persomst findetedt to
said estate wvill make paymn1lt thereof
J. M. Satterfield,
St Admninistrators.
p Co Bulletin..
e the Itch
ccuse for it. Im-.
nent will cure it,
itee. It will also.
my itching of the
se. The box 25c,
Le Pills, are guaranteed to cure
x, 5 boxes for $2.00.
U Company.
Union Meetinq
Tbo following is the program which
v-as observed at the neeting of Pick
ms Association held wilih Mounn taiu
G ruvo chorch, April 28 29th.
10:30 a. in -Devotiond Exercise,
>y Rev. B. Holder.
Delegates were enrolled fro - the
ollo wing churlies: O.louey, Vick
311s, Mountain Grove, Sceoun, Pter',
reek td A io Creek
The orgtnizstion l.ected, J Md
tewartt, moderator, aInd Jesso J.
Lewi!-, secreta-y.
The following subjects were discuss
1-M. Growing in Grace-B. Holder,
J. M. % towart, W. M. Jones and J. E.
Meeting adjourned one hour for
lReassembled by singinu and prayer
hv the moderator.
2nd subject. Lanctifeation. -By
Bi. Holder, J. E. Foster. W. V, -Tonep,
Jesso J Lewis and J. M. Stewart.
On motion meeting adjourned till
9:30 p. In. tomorrow. Benediction
by Rev. B. H1older.
Devotional Exerciscs-By C. E. Rob
Subject. The Church, Its Object
and Mission. Speakers, J. T. Taylor,
B. E. Grandy, C. E. R.binson, and B.
Subject. Matthewv 16th chapter
19th ver-se. Speakers, J. E. Foster i-nd
B. Holder.
Adjourned one hour for dlinner.
Subhject. Missions, State, Home
and Foreign-By 0. E. ROb~inson,
Collection. '.o be given to one of
tho Missions-By Mountain Grove
Prayer by Moderator and the meet
ng adjourned.
Jesse J. L-wis,
Se -retary.
J. M. Stewart,
__ Moderator,
'ension Roll Pickens County for Year
Fi M Cassells. Dalton ; I H
?hilpot. Dacusville.
CLAss C, No 1.
Marvel Cash, Pickens; J W
Jonnelly, Pickense; J A Ellenbu rg,
(nolb; R A Frazier, Cateeci~ea;
W B Gaines, Central; Jacob Ken
lemore, Nmne Times; David Hen
ricks, Pickons; GA W Le-dy, Pick
ois; T J Ligon, Sunniydale ; T F
eol-son Easley; J F Smith, Table
Vlt; E B Stevens, Central: Poter (A
L'hlomas, Dale; J T Turnor, Rock ;
'1 T Watson Liber-ty.
CL Ass C, NO 2.
W Tj Aikoni. Cr-ow Creek; J 11
ibercr-ombi3, D)a lon ; Jefferson ]
irnold, Easley ; Thomas Aikin,
;onny Danle; J A Ab.ercrombio,
Iasley ; A r-on Bishop, LJopers: E
bigwell, Easley; Albert Babb,
?~ickens; P P Barten, Field ; J S
3rissey, Liberty; M B Brmledt,
romn Anderson; H D) Boggs, Pen
llot on ; Warren Boy d, ick en a; M
SBlackwell, Easley ; A WV Brock,
.entral; L WV Briidges, Loopers;
B1 A Cassoll, Rodmond ; Wi A Col
ins, King; Jamesn F Cor.ley, Pick
mas, A W Chappell, Haszol; John
Wt Childers, Maynard; John F
Zonlecy, Pick ens; F P Cr'ano, J F
3armon, Pickens ; Josephine Chap
I TV Childres', Maynard; Phillip
Dhapmnan, Eastatoe; Marvel Cash,
Liber-ty; Cyrus Chapman, Easta
toe; Witlam Dickert, Easley; WV
S Durihamn, Catecchee; W A Dun
Ensley; S Rt Day, Boverly , HI
Dillar-d, Calhoun; S D~odgins, Eas
103'; D P' Depriest, Easley; J B El.
lonburg, Hadzel ; .J M Edens, Nor
ri ; James Mi Entro-k in, Liberty;
F GA Fennel, Calhoun ; J W F'rid
del1, Tabile0 Mlountaini ; (G W Fishe,,
P'icke; H1 MI Fortner, Rto:-k; TI P
Garre-tt, Pickons; G B Gunne s,
L iberty ; 11enlry Gr ill in, Easlrey;
W Giraimger; 8.J Gassaway, Kinga;
WV1 M ll(id-l, A lexan der; R 1P
(Cantinued oin editorial page.)
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Childrens Suits, sizes
3izes 13s to 20s, price $2.E
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Youth's 75 cts to $3.00, fo
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CAPITVAL - - .. . -
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-5 Por Cent Interest Paid On Dec
. . Banister, 13. A. Hagoodi, W.
J. M'. Stewart, J. E. Boggs,
TF. N. Hunter. H. A. R ichey,
I Spring Clothing ne
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ext time .foror
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for their money. CL
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ngerouis. Open Clocks with we:
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