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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, May 16, 1906, Image 1

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1utered April 23, 1903 ut Pielens, s. C., as second elas matter. under act of Conge..of Marc 8 1879.
Proqram of the Closing Exercises of
the Keowee School.
'I ha fdllowing is the program CI
the cliiing exercisos of the Keiowo 0
s '.rol, which took place, Saturday
night, April 28:
Divotional Exercises-Conduct
ed by R-v. S. A. B-yant.
Word of Welcome-Luther Bry
Two Motion Songs-Sang by Stu
Fair Iii.gen on the Rhine-Mary
CousIty School House-Tennie
Rtng Out Wild Bella-Leslie
A !..x ii n-er.
eep w t-Sllio May Alex.
Dialogue-Guy Fit-d ev. Rrcy
Findley, Lonard Prico, DIewey
Price, LIthor lidlev, Talton Alex
andor vin( Frod Bro*111t.
I Hav DrIcnk My Last-Luther
Bry:-.I. It.
G-s IdePn Rulp Applied to tife
Sadik Crai
A New 8ont!, David Vickery.
,Landing < f thi Pilgrim Fatthers
in New Eugaoil--Leslie Alexander.
Our Fi:'g-Rupert Nimmons.
Moimir Go'>se, a Dialogue-Ru
pert Nimmons, Connie Alexander,
Mary HIoldon, Leslie Alexander,
John Bryanut, Homer Alexander,
4 "'' Prive, Oscar Stewart, Amands
Ri(ley and Sadie Craig.
The Golden Rule-Amanda Rid
A Patriot-David Vickery.
A Home Picturo-Connie Alex.
Independence Day-Rupert Nim
Nation's Faith-Sadie Craig.
Planting a Trie-Dewey Price.
Days of the Week, a Dialogue
Leslie Alexander, Sadie Stewart,
Connie Alexander, Amanda Ridley,
Ida Alexander, Bessio Alexander
and Sadie Craig.
Last Hymn-Mary Holdon.
Abraham Lincoln-Sadie Craig.
Only Three Grains of Corn
Pearl Murphroe.
Everybody Paid But Teacher
John Hvrant.
VIat I Live For-Bessie Alex
America's Flag-Leonard Price.
Wiashiigtor.i Aerostic-Amanda
Ridlev, lh'ssio Alexanditir, Jei.ie
Alexander, Ida Alexander, Parl
MIIrjphjree, Sadie Stewart, Tennio
Bryant, Annio Itidley, Sallie May
Alexande!r anrd Alberta Alexaiider.
A 1iiily Frienda-Jessie Alex.
Somebody-Lu~he~r Ridley.
8pring llas (Iomo--Annie Ridlecy.
B ya Wanted-Roy Fund ly.
Sist.'r-Sadio Craaig.
Noises in Night-Sadie Stewart.
God's Gift, a Dialogue-Jessie
Alexander, Sadie Stewart andt Bies
sie Alexander.
"Woodmani Spare That Tree."
Alberta Alexander.
Abrah ama Lincolnu-Washiington,
a Dialogue- Ru pert Nim mons and
David Vickery.
Letter-P'earl Murphree.
A Courtship-Mary Holden11.
Decclaration Day--Sadie Craig.
Step Up H igher-Luthor Ridley.
Happiness-Olive Alexander.
North and South, a Dialogue
Sadie Stewart, Jessie Alexander,
Bessio Alexander, Guy Findley, Roy
Finadley, Amanda Ridley, Ten nie
Bry'ant, Sallio May Alexander and
Pearl Murphree.
G rowvn Up-Walter Mlurphree.
Hohen linden -Sadie Craig.
Scarco Expect a Boy Like Mo
Walter Murphree.
Little Soldiers, a Dialogue
Luther Ridley, Oscar Stewart and
Fred Iiry anut.
Bell of the Angels-Mary IlI-d
* ~ Va'edictory -David Vickory.
Prizes wereC awarded S adie Craig,
Amainda Ridloy, Olivc. Alexander
and "'B'' Price for the highest
numaaber of head marks in their
spelling classes.
The music wvas rendered by Messrs
lutiord1 A lexaaer and John lFind
bey amu4 Misos Essie Findley and
- . Emmna Bowen.
Th~ijs school has been in session
for four mniths aund hasi proved r
aucc. as tunder the guidinag hands o
teiacher, John iO . Field. Mr. FielI1
was~ so well lhked that he wVas askc<
to teach the summer termi.
Two Nice Pit:
Letter From Mir. Hester Mr. blimnaugh
choapest store ni
Have the leadors of Democrati - 1ives up to his c
are "(1h best 4
party gone crazv? Iinv. thev ni mocy"' ait "s
Mort)epoUt for t hi part tha long frienid-6' a
to cause it to trail in 111'i. ater oil this pri mcip
otir fortifaihers (r iong:Lg !m i-tid t. ) iereo to i1
moitain for t.h4 Po I.itey. Ae illethods and ho
nuillitainH for t0i.9- 00sl01uy. A
wI) tree 1111(e 1nelawa as e WC 116Wh's
hv, ?A h" I no divd I wit hini is II 11 1e b mn-1 11c1. wor
Our count y comminsini-r's haveo 'ing 111LI% and,
exempted aiC corporatio I~alcomIpanyVie at l~i( i
from taxos, wh il hole dog that Jtiest anid nicest
barks for the humble widlow is mu.en bhlinid aL c<
tOur Equaizallon huard has fixed fromthias coun
the tax for Pickens County so that Ireunijon make bi
hor citizens wvill have to payv more bill of goods the
than its pro rata share1 of t he State youn tg 1ladies to
debt and1( kop uip it s governmuienit. (loln't~ let your
BesidIes, we havo p1tr~ngnut whiskey ecapadel(IIs or you
laws, niog laws, etc. , that wvillaitie tiil,
not stand. If we 'xp1e.ct peoplo to tho you order
liv.) together and work together ceive prompt an<
and fight for theair coun itry t ogoether, . -___
if necessary, aill must fe'l free. Clemson Colle'
Tis icounitry is01 orp. it doeC't. bo.- receivJ 1'ppl icat
lo ng onflly to' a part of its. pe~ople. of thIiis coun ty (~
Wa~shington, Jefferson an id Fran k-. ttst ahl
hm established that by the constitu- state the place a
Lion uinder which we yet live. ing is (desired alu
The world line not come to its teni' faiire of
prosent intelligence and civilize.! necessary that c
condition-in a day, nor wvill the mil- rud~ in byJu
lennium come tomorrow. p~ared at that tir
What we neod, is almost an ens.
tiro new sot of officers, that we will IJEST lou WOM
have, and if they don't raise the On eccount of
standard of the laws, I predict that 83i-an i t~~~al
only four years from now that the women~i and chijldr
Socialists will wipe out the Demo- 4,hn-Las Or n
cratic party, anid hardly leave a atids dhigestioni ail
greasy spot . and bow. bs withoul
member the natmt
I may be on tio stump this year substitutes. Pokini
in the campaign to work and try
to) hold( 1up the oldl part~y that lmy Nothing sweet
father and grand(1fat hers worked for ter thani holy cc
anid live so free alnd fearlessly u(l-.
Mu. Wi. H i:grui.:n. Fokle3y & (Co., (Jhic
and Trar aH a tr
I populantliy of Fe
An Up-To-Date, Wide-Awake Firm. ' an imiittionsI ni
Ono of the. comipletost Stocks of " ";W'r o di
goods iln thle stato is carriwd by J- them. Thognni
L. MI imnafngh & (Co, of Col umnbia . T 1ar is in a yellow
It's a rrgular departmont storo t hore and refuso~ anly
youl Cain buy a niy t hing in dry bost r Ced oe
goodis, dres gCSaods, ahes hats, onls Drug o.
clot ling, furn ishinog, ladies skirts,
| wais uits, 1lingeie, miillinaoryetc. Honesty baa
H-B Ix
mnos for Sale
claims it is the
I Ohe State, andlihe
I im. His mnotto'n r a
0-.3 for the 1b atst
bort profi mts All our ntire st
ud be acts alw!vIS
B. Hy a stick ad in prices and if you
-to-dnte bu (s I1-in
(Wi1 (rCi furnishing q-oods, 11o'
Ii uc t-tec.,,. N rlk- ad vantage
hi. a heee inratefoMr
I and accounnands- TC ~ann
ph-uty13 of them11, ii'nI rhn alrn
t, and1( in the lad ies____________
larly '.lerks ve
>uniter. Mr. Mimn
all the old soIliers
v w ho atteintl the
is sto're hieadqiurt- oeaetfrI
w you will buyV a
re just to get, thicee_
miea~t you, but
wvife knIow of your
Wil GvreatidLo
him wll ~ - ll r ntire stO
('fI~fl it~ei ia.gandriest ine ifo
N ae adantae
ge isnow ead t es i peso-yo
Frt1llF' i Bge Clann bes
RIPiais M erchau nt alasorange
Iwicto IC1eSolan agents for c
(1w inee ed =Lof-frth aymei
th caiu. atten thon gest an. satiI
.....icton b fl ie ofnteraine
ilge is ho roayt. MesSipr
>r8t amrs nth - L Oges Iad es
It wichfl the Peroprietn awas orc
d osind yfifor the. My.meting
the, loity It00 isL th bstIan Sti
. 11(1alictis be s Ian
n oth tiats the scl.~
i~ting ustin b ee
itRmldno and prieto
rug, Co. eured never to retan U
ons the breath bet
at anul lunag 10eme1dy,
f thei igrealt merit and(
leby'14 Hoe)y and3( 'ITr
gw<.lIeiid fo th gen-S ~rP~i~ 9
packaege. Askc forit I NI UE~
uijtxittec. It is~ the 041r .KNG .0
n1g'eai~icl l. Pw91(CNSLINk-4UOIM
ock will now be sold at a great reduction
have not bought your overcoat, suit or
v is a good time to save money,
of this drop in price before some else
and gets the plum.
and Pressing of all clothing made in our
isch~ild "Gelle,
laws tad D tcess1Trouser.
Lls Copel
roprietor Dixie Bargain House has got
FI'HING-Neckwear, Shoes, Shirts-Big
ave had.
and nice table cloths.
itent leather, tan, cloth-any kind you
line I have ever had-try me once and
here-I sell for one price---that the low
ash-you need Clothing, Shoes, Slippers
Conmc and see me and I will treat you
iction guaranteed or money returned
d Youth's fine clothing at right prices.
Dixie Clothing House
Disappolnt Our- PaLteis
retnise fdvro Rah d *u~gVbato.14
1l~SituW t'.us. a*. i ral,"gj*. 344'
Noe we are ath an nga o a
imZa. EXAlet 1AION AND ADV1n cloFet. P7mmmeI
Serge Suits,
$12, $15, $18. *
82() and Up. -
your fancy for a Spion ~'
Suit, our new "Scurioss
SEB(oE" is the thing y ou
Nothing is batter than
good Serge.-stilish and
shape retaining. WVe war- IL
rant 0ours fast color and
all wool. Tho way tbe
Suits are made up will
opon your eyes to fthe poa
Ualhilitica of good taiiorinig. Copyrighte
Altogether Diffent CLOB a*a G
From lie orn.Fine Clothes akeris
-mon Kind- BaltImore.and New.fo-r
Single and double-breasted iin four dlistinlct models, every
one brimful of style. Our Spring shilpmnent just in, Also
a splendid showing of greys and mixtures in Serges, War.
steds and Fancy Goods. Every thing for spring. Come
and look.
120 South C d , reenville,
Main St.U * EEU So. Car.
70 acres of land near Marietta, S. C.,
on Pumpkmntown~ road. *10 per nee
120 acros near Travelers Rest,
joining lands of Mr. Thnos. Cunningham. Part of the Butler
Watson old home. $15 per acre.
Also small tracts of land, 20 to 50 acres.
We have also some very desirable lots near city limits. These lots a
along the car line-$60 each.
Greenvilla, S. .C

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