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The SentinolJournal Vompany
J. L. o. riOMPSON, EDIron.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Ratos Reasonable.
Entered at Pickens Postotlce as second O1s
Mal Matter
WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 1900.
Metrologloal Table
Ily John T noggs, observer, Licerty, S. c,
'emperature. .
Character of
93-00 the day.
6 84 57 .bo Cloudy
7 68 63 .40 :jClotudy
8 72 42 0 Clear
9 63 50 0 Clear
10 70 38 0 Clear
11 76 441 0 Clear
is 83 51 0 olear
An Object Lesson.
The fire in our town on last Ft iduV
afternoon, which destroyed the barii
of Dr. J. A.. Cannon, situated in the
heart of the tmvn, and which, had
the wind been blowing, would in al
probability have destroyed thu dwell
ing houses adjoining, and pcrhape
the block of stores and dwellings 0on
that row, is a warning to our people.
It is difficult for one to realize th(
danger from fire until they pu1f'u
personal loss from it, and then, liii
the proverbial fable, it's too late t(
lock the stable door after the hors'
gets out. An ounce of provontivo i
worth a pound of cure, and it bc
hoovoa our citizens to tako warnin
and make preparation to meet jus
such an emergency as threatened th
town on Friday afternoon last.
By the outlay of it moderato sul
the safety of our propert.y, mid pi
haps of our lives, can be greatly vi
hanced, and a feeling of safety (i
gendered. The sum of $1,000, whic
could be easily raised, would plac
our town in comparative safety, so fi
as the danger from fire is concorn''
Insurance bore is higher than i
many other towns, owmzg in a grel
extent to the fact that we have I
adequate means of fighting firo, an
a fire, once under headway, will col
sume everything in reach.
A gasoline engine, which cool
pump water into a standpipe, wit
an occasional hydrant with hose emr
nections, so as to reach every sectio
of town, would be a good idri
Water, and ai lenlty of it, cod b)
p~roculred by damintg up the Stuar
spring branch on the Liberty roac
about three hulndred yards from thl
cou rthouise.
Let some one interested (and al
should be) take the matter in hand
call a meeting, and discuss ways art
means of protection against fire
Don't delay, but take prompt actioin
and therehy be in a measure pre
pared to wvard off an ever-throatening
Father Sherman's March.
The people of th~e Sonthi who cai
recollect the Civil War with its (racy
edies and momentous 3onsequceM
bear Glen. WV. T. Sherman's menuorv
little love. His march to tihe sea, ~i
1864, was marked by3 a wanton thes
traction of propoerty and hiome~s, aml3(
while tihe Sothern peopjle tre rcoaly
to forgive their anlatgonuists of thei
past ant shake hand1s overi the bloot6
chasm, they (do not wish a reinid,
in the shape of Fatheor Shermanii '
march accompanied by3 an1 tarmedi es'
cort of U. S. troops, which will only
recall the suffe-rings andl agonies of
the dark days of the 60's. Presidenit
Rloosevelt very properly ordered the
return of the military escort. 'Had
Father Sherman read and appreciated
the history of the burning, pilbuge
and devastation craused by his iather',
march to the ean, he, as a UJhristia',
minister, it appears to us, would not
have desired to follow this rouite.
If we intend to drawv the veil of ob,
livion over the days of the 60's and
the struggles of the the after years
of reconstruction, let us have no such
7 episodes, which tend to remind us of
what the south is trying to forgot.
"Will we have many poachos this
year?" asks an exchange. WV ill we'
We'ye already got 'em, and they are
beginning to put on their whlit.
Agreat many men would rather
r ~ 1iavga mneasley political job and at arve
tdeath than to get a good living by
* work.
* The ineurance lussos in the Sain
i'~V" ~ragcisco dJisaster will be shared by
S 10'7 companies, and the total for
~b they are liable is estimated at
t,\5Dp00,00 to $200,00 ),000.
ThereIs bW:.
ceget n~ 43~ti Super.
ntendent of . and the
rustees of Wili& Ih,. aCOolio. It
Lppears OIat tihp p trb arnl trustees
rofu to se the i6hool f U! oaning
rom the dispensary 'profits for the
ducation, of their children. The
irustees set up the claim that, their
rinciple objection is the profit fea.
ure. Int our opinion these trustees
ro not Oniy standing in the way of
Aheir children's interest, but are car
eYing their noral objection to an ex.
Wera this fund from a private
sourco. they would have the right to
refusa the money in question, and
so do no injustice to the school; but
it is l'tw and should be carried out,
that, the fund be placed on the edu.
cation of their children. Their re
fusal to us0 tiho fund coming from
the disponsary does not cover the
ground contemplated. Tae mner
chants of Clio would not refuse to
sell i man goods because ho receives
his FalIry from the proflis o'f tho dis
pensary; nor wonh1 th., 'aconq inl
their (-: mureih ( e t (-o - o i co- ribrtor
to se that it inutut wl' r-eceives Imyl
thong from dispensary pr< i tts mmtrii.
ulo i to tho work of mendiig ie os
pel to thO heathen. Lot's not "attraiin
at a gnat and s i vallow a caitu1e).
Wlilo re fl)* ill f, Vor if 1-totpilg tlhe
Salo of liquor, tIhe dispenlisity 1.4 n1) il
us, being a Ila upon the statuite
books and in 11 niich Ils it is4 being
sold in this w .y, lt it bo done inl it
legal man no1 antcd 1L, t11! cs101R t' he
distributed -s coimteiplat1r1 by the
Thetodei: department hatdo
cided thiat children going to and from
school sa11111 not be. allowed to got
their IIrOnIt's Mail, so0 (10 not blame
the posinastor if your children are re.
fused the mail. The postollico habit
among children has becono a imaisance
both to tho public ataid ih postimas--r,
and the delpartmont hau do wiselv
in making this decison. Thi haI
been on0 of postimster Morri& greiat
eRt frial (is tihe children go to iid
from school. We h1o)e this will be
observed and n)o other meinnj needed
to e)forea lis law.
Former Tristed Agent Chargdd With
Trime hills for lre)h11 of trust in
Ibree distinet cas;es iavinig boon fonnd
d1 against him )V th grand julry of
h Greenvillo counity, T. Al. Hill, formuor
ly agent of thle M'ontIherm'i ilway at
- reeor, who is chairgu-d wi~th having
emlbezzlOd $,000 of the0 railway's
money11, will pro bably he~ laced on)
e trial in the gieneral sessions court.
'Thme casis 1sensational)11 on aIccoIU t
of thme social and religious connectiona
'of tihe defendant Hiil was arrested
on Jan. 23rd of hast year1 upon a1 warI
rant issuetd bhy the Amnericani Sutit
I CJompa)oy, which comiipanyii had to
make good the0 shirrinugo to 11he railroad
.comlpanly. 1-ill was an1 ofleer in the
Presby'terian) chmn ch and alls) a poDpu.
tar Suntdaly school teach ar.
Four 3 eanrs ago iin at tempt was
mado(1 by3 two) men0 to rob) thme S uth1.
crn's saife at1. Gireer. Thei Iw men1)0(
onteredl tho ofile and coveied Jhll
tihen ngent, wi th pist ls, ordlering1
1h11n to0( dioe thelv- safe com1)bia ti,
which lie refm,-ed to d1', wherIenrJoin he
was shiota imi fl 1 Cl l he !wr. Iv-inga
(H) the flboor, he refusedl to obier a seC
nd ord er Ill I thIis refusal11 wan fol lowI
ed1 by ai hulllet, wihich went thrioug'h
t he nglint's bodyc r.ThJem shtes at1 trcted
geneldiI a ft elntin and1 th h11 iighIiway
man11 escape~d wit homt, boot',. It has i
b een clim< s d111 hat 2)finctht timi Mr "l
I fiib's mind1( lhas lo'.. heen1 exactly clear~
'"Ih '-n t hi secout the aic'ncounts of"
the oflico becnmo muddled. 0
.r. l 111 hmany' friends, aind nm
thley will ho pr'o cint ati the trial -. T
CJor. TPho S)tato. at
The season's first cold
may be slight2-mray yield ]
to early treatment, but the
next cold wvill hang on
longer; it will be more
troublesome, too. U n
necessary to take chances
on that second one. Scott's
Emulsion is a preventive
as wvell as a cure. Take
when colds abound and b
you'll have no cold. Take it 5
when the cold is contracted '
and it checks inflamma- 2
tion, heals the membranes i
of the throat and lungs
and drives the cold out.
Send for free sample.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists
409-415 Pearl Street, Now York
50~c. and $1.00 - - Aft druggests o
Bears the Th idYu aeAw Bought'
You know the medicine that
-makes pure, rich blood:
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Your
mother, grandmother, all your
folks, used it. They trusted
It. Their doctors trusted it.
Your doctor trusts it. Then
trust It yourself. There is
health and strength in it.
"I suffored terribly from Indigestion and
thin blood. I Intind itn relief util I took
Ayor'e Sarpsiarilla. Four bottles perna.
nontly ouredt nii."
Alus. F. It. IIAUT, Wt. isco, N. Y.
10.0 a bottle. J. 0. AYKI Co.,
~~ ~for ~~ai
Rich Blood
Yr'sPills are gently laxative.
All annou iiont; uider thi lhel im-,t h1
paid for in aIvanTIce. The fee l4 $5.00. No (a. n
will be insaertet uinless a'coipallied by the
I1bove a'ni'u 'it
'The1 m ul: y f1'''1, 1f i. 1). (arvini tIe ; le-( .
tre in aitio :.ing hin ias a cani .mi-al. ( : i.
willa-e %af C n niCi i y 'TreaI upr, sub j t t:0 re-' I
of the ieimorntle p a aamry.
FOs i N1l''-a Vi.-.0
Tt'c innyl frtiead. (of .i!:b, It. 7.ilIlrimi liaaea
by imnoe imn esilyeie
lI t aI I I1 11 ! I~' Ic 1ia .14 it ellaaad iii: ip 1.11 1a a'v Ui
if Stiat vi or of i e nkena" ;'i t, ya , s:- .(t ( tit
;;-'Ilin - f the voters lint o Dvlaritei . n r
eh'ei in.
A t he earnest so liltAitian of inta n i riaa : i I: . I
hereby ainounce nyself t eadihtti me lfir Mai
tirate la It'ekenas iTo insli, s liject to the ia. tilh
L>f the Democratic priiar y,
W. C. nuer.
A inaui who onco had rough horny
handn inade them soft and si1mooth witla
Witch Hazel Salvo , but ho used fho gen
iin--that bearing the aname "E. C. Do
Witt & Co~ Chicago." For mores, boilm,
cuts, buiruls, bruisce, etc., it has n)o eqall,
at.d nfforda al most immocliato reliei.f from
blind, bleeding, Itching and protruding
piles. Sold by Pickons Drug Co.
In Austria field Jalr is stiil
largoly doue by-wollion.
All iations are olindeavoring to clielk
le ravages of conuminptioll, thl "whiL.
l)'aguoe'" that clai)sq So illany vialinia i i
year. Foley's Hione-y ainl Tar cure
caiglis and (old. perflctly and you ar.
iti no dan gor of unpitlo 1ion. D)a not
r:sk your health by taking somn in.
known proparaion wlien Foley's H1ony
and Tar is 4ifo and cortain in resilta.
Ask for Foloy's Hfone:y and Tar anad in
sist upon having it. Pickens Drug, Co.
The public execuitonetr of the Grand
Duchy of Hesso has been fined .20.
wihy tLiko a dozen things to cure th..t
coligh? Kennedy's Luxative lHoney alad
Tar allays the congestion, stops that tick
hug, drivos the cold out tirough yourI
bowels. Sold by Pickenst Drug. Co.,
Air aAtl's arO built Oi a foundatio1
of imposasibilition.
A torpjid, inactive liver can pr. -duco
moro bodily ill. than almaost anythi ag
eiac. 1t0 i guaod 1t o la the~ saim oun01
)ccasionlally. Star thlt liver up, anad got
info shaapo ge'naally. The boeat resnlts
are cloaveda from thme usa) of D)aliti's
fL tile Early Ri~ers. Relilial, orietivo,
pleasant pills witht a rop)utati >u. Never'
gripe. Sol b ly Pma-kona Drug. Co.,
L~ondont's first?. Turisht ba- ulm a
A good comlfplexionl isI imnposlalo wli-a
the atomnach ou1t of ordler. i( paas al
low people0 wold paky more11 ateafion t?
their stomawhs and c less to inei skin :1ni
theoir f'-ees, th1e1 wouhl hav l:11'0f r I I
'omlplexionis. KO i)OL~ F.OI~ 1)n Y.
PElPSIA waill(digaest what you scat alaii
>ut yoinr tomlach bacek in righit sh~ape
) do0 ifs *own wor'1k. Kodla re(liev1i.
aalpitation of the hecart, flatl ence, Roulr ee<
toimaclh, i '(hart bun co. Sold bay Pick- On
nis Drng Co.
Professaor SLtison anses5'i that the Sreo ani
apples wiil improve the dispositlion, an
It is possible to obtaml re'lief from
Ironic in digest ion and( dyspepsini by t he'
>mo of thes most hopeless cases of l.mg '
Ildin~g ha~vO yieldedi to it. It on~abios
iil La) digesat the14 food you eatL lund ex
cuees a corrective in fluenc', bil di ig in)
the efficiency of the d'gestive~ org.ins. It
Lie stomlachl is the boiler wheia.li I he s
osmi is made that k-wps n > yonr v'itali
,lhealth and~ strength. eI aoh dig.'.ts
bant you eat. Makes the stomacti sweeot 3C
-puta the boiler in condition to do t~ha hn
ork nature demands of it--gives you ha
hieif from digestive disorders, and puts1.
>u Iu shiapae to (do your best, and fool ni
:>ur best. S~old by Pionrs Drug. (0o., d<
MEbr e~Udreng aafe. cure. .&o opiates
statement of the Condi- ir
tion of the Bank of Cen. -
tral, Central, S.- C., I
it the close of' Business, May
' It ISOtI'RhCES :
oanan- liliscuain Is-----.-----.....21 ,93l2n
emanda Loans1'............ ...............6 .x
verdrafts...........--- - .--..... 1,1 .
anikiing I~ouseo................ . . tuIi
nrnituroeand Fixtnresa..........I 31.'
110 Fromi Hanks anal lankers......778 1
ver, ic te a an I'Prndes..
apital Stock Paid in--..... ............5,000..0or
nllid(d Profits. L~ess Currntfg
eesand Taxes hai ........ .. ~g7
tdividtua l Deposita subject to Ceck1, H,8 I
tmeoertifieates. .. ....., ... q t s y
auhter'sa Checks.... ....,....,.........lW' a
otal... ........ ... 4.a,atg tu)
IHefore imoe atmo i. II. Aorgan. Canshier of
o unank of Caantral, who belig duily sworn, szays
at lthe above anda foregong statemnt is a tu.
madition1 of said banik, as shaown by the itooks JDi
file in satida banik. IF, Ii.-MOnOA,
;lworn) to befori me, tis th ay of May) 1006,
Rt. Pa'tri.s, Notasry Pnbiliai for South Carolina.'
lorrect Attest: iaay
.Ii. .1. Johnston a 11
J. N. Morgan) Directora, anjl~
o. i; mith) oha,
-3 14
A~egetabl PreV.pamiofo
sim~ilating hej FOoi d nlc'e ula
,inglip, Stomachsand Bo-.elIs of
Fromotes Digestion,heefu
nie.-sand Rest.Con liasne!itiier
Opium'Isorph.-ineC niorlMineml.
NOT N I o X.
//Air.wA ' A. C
Tion,y;0 owt
r/', -"ls --
1il-u'r 3. . l
iXACT C0eY0 A /
All ice :' I for C1 i'
IvAx year.
A.) tperCt CI etyik.
'lii ii - I i ' C 1.1i Ai' C 3. i i
ftiOn, vl" C' .C, t0 c
i inil d n :1 ' }. . 1. .' .
['h I e ts to li 1;1 WI i '. l
ho -fl1 byh : J -!j,-m .18 Dr n.( 0.;i
an ';ie j I% I or 2
Sabiomter , :ihti I !
'1lt opertiv bank. I~l: j''
'' m. t --n. i. v v ..O
ng o' -h- -I ;.II o.b. n
'th liv ti o ' ,! 1 i t i . : i
al'hi s tnn ho j 11i b. 1 : t in .- I lve
. i. i to . a and %7.
ni N tom up p, O :ve r iu. : e , do 'I?
rhmerai',Hntcg.~ li
'a i to ll a t l of r) oit.- !" I -v i.
wek stoma 'chn oir r t" robe
FolIrealov by.ii PiknR D.C. W. nd ~
ir'. N. Hunter Fa rly.ii I
Few peo !:.<eva i n dilleds~ f1~ hi
W h 1111it niI 0 ilonsu athie' is i: iii'V
Iy t unple: Wud ile si uil y it i r
iver1 Tabb-;st~ meh yu -d.~3~ liy
y icku kI~n ~rg' o.g
Innterl o tih e Ii I y I .1 ~
Thog.h Con~
iahl to f';ent
asti- 1. WAS:n V IA A
'Ihef l)'iI Tud nunofthe dn.9 bh
>, tribe o- f im, . h 'i b
Ih ndan c ela , Oltown. do o. i
idtugy- ino. Las t fa ll h i lon vt
gle t i aquartl it 'hit m " n inll1
(H th ey's rg dy st ll 'h I ll tit cii
1.ll'l)O idmei i rlo Ine was~i ll'r tk T.
>rk he yd reul to <i1 y lL(i.e
liltnt doeyiio .wurs. l. ~ If ou h.a ,
'ligestIm , ak -o11U se~~ oe
lwil i re lv yotu t 1i-v. W. . i Il e 'i s ,
uth ab s . C.,iial li y: "d 'sI ii tr
arthnd ,o ursomah,,bite, V.-m
!ior Infantsi and2 CJh~dren.
BTahe Kido /va
Om e n n
- f \
B ~ ko - -1
(5\ ).
~1 jj~i]
* i
r , 1 \11
- P
- -i
ph herror. :: (il 0'b I.;in i
iI a , l a ' i f I e they i r
hav . th : n m m i 'i i -t
Ih. n t be rn id. ~ trl
yic. d Ii u r tierd-t e
J ; i\. P.' P. . '
.1 : . \nu: rj* 0 t : d. * r
'1! - \l Ou
I 'Iay [
Al. r
I eso
m I nt t .:
V - the 'h ay <
1 1 1' t
D.[.i. NoJ. ii E4A SJ.iVY . &Ca *
0 -tions
- Wo are now ..
0 most stylis.h, Iu
sprillng Goodls t
-11Tim( and mo10
ing thbis stock, a
statol that ,to w
for C~ho ra em
vbh ero. Wh y01You trado at Park's storo,
yo1 protect your pocket-book. That i3
u hy our cuktomurs stiok to us. We
pledgo you the bust of store nervico, and
ouar goods must be what we caty they are
or your moey piven hIok. Our show
Ing Of Wool (res8 fgoods iR ffin-OrY
aro very p-plar also Silks, Mohair" 1
Cashilimoril and Serges-from checa) to
ways full w n(1111o ot I t them run down.
Our White goods, ami pri;nIed l ovS
are SO ('011)1eto 1tha1t wo Cn111110t zell of
them. 011r pwices o.1 th Ieso g ,odfi from
5 5cen1ts to 50 c1. Our hir.' m ill
dervear1- departienIt itl full of the beet
vahto we ( ver had.
(Idie vests, 5, 1). 15 and 25 (en)tIs.
.11's ved. , 5 .- 50 ei0, e 1'I N! 1)af.
Q ee ourl3t. 1 50 o' shiris a;l ou
Swilb y.
*Meass and imhisls Oxf-rds to -ui( your
# Silestn ,111Thn118 Lgonl aml mr.
Q o-. ry n I W~- y.
\ esiti F Gnovlh4.C
a' e m cWelw'right ^N
W mm clenifichorseshoer.
- your 'or S to me to lhe shod ight
- I ft Ihe sm to the foot, not the foot the shoe
-3..~ ~ ~ ~~I 3;-' I f-. I*.4 I~ I,'~ E~~8~' l3.3
A I do' ir woerk is Guaranteed. Your patronage solicit
T." 91 ":71
1. !1r i1 ,i in i ; 2 t the same old stand by him.
C (nIi irou mflu ; t some bargains in general mer
h u:V , it (()'t all (ome at once. I will sell your a
omaj)Oi:(l sack i goo(d Ilour11 for 50 cents. And all
odwir t n;saording, minus Meat and Dried Fruit
whrich i as hih as I Lman was hung. Irish potato
S(eed, B i, l"rlv Rlose, Burbanks and Beauty of
1 1(br)' by~ the peck at any ol price.
~ LlA.4~K~hL),By Himself.
8:1)s it, is; time now to bmy
trawi NasSumer Gjoods, Eitc.
I h we so'fn, i.ie ,('. 1,[mi: s.! DIMSSM G(ODS to go CHEAP'
.l' me y1 ur ch hrn an .00 If we~ cano't, trad~Con the goods,
Il pay you tl.e ('Ssh fo you pro)duco. So I rinmg it on; wo will
|- ~OCsoeh. Ia5- ' enali 01nd see me, and ri )mImber the 0o(d Beef
P. S.---A'll who owe me wvill please come and settle, and
Re- J. D. M.
atemenft of the Condition of the
iHcken1s Bank
Picen, Sut Carolina,
At: th~ close of BaIsir.ess, May 4th, 1906.
Rcsources: Liabilities.
Is mAl Discouts . . . 1 28,4I01 25 alia Stre~k Paiid In . . 20,500.00
rdal . ;i.. . .. . g14 O.4 Unidi vitkd P'rofit, less cur
I in luo--..1157 ,tnt Exiensecs anid Taixes
iii lre andt F ixi ure . . 1.574 28 L lividua1i D -po8its su~bject204.1
iiromhit Banks and( Dik- to Ci1 ek - - . . 123,971.46
..... .. .. ....28,1as80j ashie's Cheeks -. 66.85 *
mry-----.8,187,90) Notes and Bis 1iedia.
.. I ul . 5,8473.0
Li. .... .......170,8G8 31 TotaI.-.-.-.-.. ...7,868.81
'ii ov' Sowr-n CAnouxA,(
Coux-ry oI Pi(eK ss.
Before me caime 1. M. Mauldhin, Cashier of the Pickens
k, wh'o bemgt~ duly swvorn, says thre above antd foregoing
etment is a true condition of said Ihmk, as showvn by the
k; of file in said I ank, I. M. M\'auldin, Cashier.
.Svorn to and subscribedl before rme, this 10oth clay of
*, 1 906, G. R. I lendricks, N. P., S. C.
(JI. McD). Bruce, '1
rect Attest )'1 . N. I Iiun ter, D irectors.
I hrave a11a linol of 0
I:mng It m ar ~o recommndablo rid sty lo Seth Thomas
loosks wirh wi-ghts 5, w~ hi1h Ir 1 l Iling nit spc (ial bagr.
e r1 W \ e C I h i . A1 8 V i W R . A l o 5 1 ( ~ ~ ~ n
I t:- V AUCI11 At it lne l 8.4Cles;O I guarantee
Jzs-es to l 4 tyr . A1 kud' i (s of j epir no 0 nthe~lIli jewoiry lino.
- - ., E aisley, S. O,

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