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She 0,ntine1Journal Company.
TuoursON & R1IliEr. PROPs.
Subscription O1.00 Per Aunum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Sntered at PiOkens Postoffee as seond ClassI
Mail Matter
WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 1900.
Metrologlcal Table
Dy John T Boggs, observer, Licorty, S. 0,
Character of
tho day.
18 85 55 0 Clear
14 86 67 0 Clear
15 87 6 0 Clear
16 87 i 8 0 Clear
17 90 65 0 Clear
18 95 60 0 Clear
19 05 6 0 Olear
The Old Soldier.
It has been truly said that the
story of the Confederate soldier is
the history of the ceones and strug
gles that tested and revealed the
genuine philanthropy and true patri
otism of the Southern soldier. lhe
struggles of the heroes on the battle
field and the heroines at home are
not only familiar, but have becomo a
part of the lives of their sou and
daughtets, and the'spirit and cbar
acter of these is the priceless heritage
of the Southern man in the prime of
life today. These old soldiers wo e
men of faith in their country and
love of liberty founded upon the
principles of true democracy. Love
of home and native land was the en
throned power that. nerved him for
every conflict, and evnn death. When
the sun of the Southern Cause hail
set in blood, to rise no more, the
remnant of that noble band came
home, bruised and mangled, to find
their homes laid waste and thh
families suffering for the hare neces
saries of life, and, hcroes that the3
were, struggled to build up from the
ashes of desolation a Now South,
They came home to fight poverty and
ruin with the same unfaltering cour
age they displaycd on a hundred
fields of carnage and death, uplit-hi
in their stupendous undertaking b%
the love of home; for home is first
in the thought and heart of every
true Southerner. The wife, mothier
* and children were there to miake ii
the dearest spot on earth. Interest
in, and love for the greatest good of
*these, made them willing to lay down
. their livesa for them. God bless the
old soldier! Danger and death on
the battlefield and the hardships and(
privations at home after the Sou therna
Cause,went down in darkness, but
leavin'g behind a bright radiance of
re-flected glory, is the strong call of
love to their sons and daughters to
cherish the memory of the dead and
care for the living, the few, who, to
use the dying words of the immortal
* Stonewall Jackson, will Boon - "cross
over the river and rest under the
shade of the trees," leaving behind a
record which time cannot efface, and
whose devotion to duty, self sacrifice
and bravery will be a monument to
their memory to future generations,
whose greatest pride and most cher
ikhed monory will be that - thboy
are descendants of heroes who fought
for the Lost Cause.
Th word 'subsidy" in itself is noth
ing to be afraid of. It is what it
may be made to stanci for that is im
*portantt. The American.people wish
to feel euro that nothing shall be sub
sized which is not, in the large sense,
public; that no money which belong
*to the whole people shall be 'spont
tuerely to enrich a part of them at the
expense of the rest.
AChicago married man dropped
dqad the other day while trying to
Uf.a stove for his wife. It was
' obably the first time he ever dlid
$ Abeig for her and his death was
~ * sudden enlargement of the
:& ~>~nglish editor claims to have
dthe most honest man in
~~otld~He is a grocer, and lhe
~ft~~s~Wosthe flies off the- scalee
~ ho eigas anything.
nalyou hear of a man
n e~ money than he knows
~% owith, but 'no one ever
Swoman being~ in that fix.
~' j4. Qiman;~ 108 years old, re.
ekhr throat, because ehi twas
'1 ~ ~wy going to 11we forever
learb ffid they won't.
The farmersn 5iis 6t n are
about through plaa ing otlo and
porn, which the frot killed- A
Mr. W F. Hendrick's sawmill
and a ig lot of lumber was com
plotly destroyed by fire Wednes,
Jay night the 16th. This was a
great loss to him. He has ordered
I neow outfit and will-soon be saw.
ing again,
Some of the pupils of Oolenoy
school attended the teachers exam
ination Friday 18th. Among the
number was Missed Sallioi and
Loura Ridgon.
Miss Bertie Hendricks has re
turned from Clyde, N. C., where
she has been teaching music for
the past year.
Miss Ida Elrod has come home
trom Mars Hill College. She
graduated there with high honors.
Mrs Ann Reid, who has been
i'i-k for soveral weeks is slowly im.
piroving. Dr Cannon is attending
her. -
Miss Lila Harris is visiting in
Greenville. She will spend the
summer with friends there.
Mr. Joe Keith has returned home
from the U. S. Navy, and has ac.
cepted a position with the Grei
ville Furniture Company.
. Miss Ada CrIig, of Keon 0 , spf-nt
last week with her sister, Mrs. Cal
vin Keith.
M re. Dora Bowie, of Eastatoe,
visited friends at Oolenoy last first
Scriooi, Ora.
Letter from Mica.
As it is Satur(day afternoon and
your scribe is not vory busy, I
thought I woild write you a few
items of news fram this section.
Corn and cotton was considor
ably daimagod by the recent frost,
and farmers are hustling around
getting sod to replant. If cotton
don't bring a good price this fall
it will be hard on thr, formers.
. Messrs. Oscar Hiond ricks and
Orockot Hendricks paid a business
visit to town Saturday.
Mrs. Olive Anthony and daugh
ter, Eileono, visited Mrs. T. M.
Iloniricks last week.
lr. W. E. Cassels was in your
town last saturdav.
Sunday school at Mt. Tabor will
be In the af ternoon, until the May
meeting is over.
Mrs. Nan Nimmuons visited rel
atives and friends in Pickons last
Mr. andl Mrs. ,John Fiin lav visited
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Stanisell last
Sat urd(ay and Sunday.
D)r J. M. Crenshaw and family
visited( Mrs. F. M. Hendricks one
day last week.
News in this section is scarce.
Central Items.
As I have not seen anything
from Central lately', I will give you
a few of the happenings inl and
around this soetion. As this Poe.
Lion is imiprovinog and coming to
the front, I think it is worthy of
Tho WVeslovan Methodiset College
is nearing comnpletion, and several
.nowv iresidences are being built, lots
being procuredl for imp lrovinug, so
Central is on a boom.
Farmers are getting along nicely
with. their work.
Rev. Mi'. Martin, of Ohio, has
purchasod a lot and located in
Thorn will he an all-day singinig
at the Method ist church, Mt. Zion,
the fourth Sunday in this month.
Trhe Central Graderi School will
close on the 25th inst., with a pic
nic on the grounds. Speakers from
Clemnson' are expected.
Born to Professor and Mrs.
Stalvey, on the 16th inst., a fine
Rev. Sublett will hold a ten days
meeting hero at the Baptist church
some time during the summer.
With best wishes to 8ENTINEL
Dots from Pickens, RI..FP. D. No. 4.
As we seldon) see any items from
this section, I wvill 1:ry, to give~ your
many readers a few dots.
Mr; Joseph Keith, who has been
in the U. S. Navy for the past four
years, has returned home,' to the
delight of his many friupds.
Mr. W. 11. Hendrioks lost his
saw-mill by fire last Wednesday
iight. He had some insut'ance.
Miss Ada Craig visited her sis.
er, Mrs. W. C. Keith, recently..
Misses Blertie Hendrix and Ida ~
Clrod have returned from North' 2
larolina, where they have been t
tttetding school, c
nok1 Frost VisitedM en'the 10th a
ns.,tsoing con siderable damage.
You know. th me icpe th4 t
makes pu re, rich biood
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Your
mother, grandino her,. 11your
folks, used it. They trustd
It. Their doctors trusted it.
Y*G' dy efQttrUsts it. Then
r'ust, Ityoueif ,There is
health and strength In It.
"I siffered terribly from titigoetton and
0rollet tt I took
M 4.iAtT. lit. Eisco. N. Y.
Rich Blood
Aer's P1t1s are ently laxativ
T ny :vr-nfly ald fth Sarsaparilla
Commencement Program of Davidso
College, North Carolina.
11'a. m., May 27, Daccafauront
Sermon, Dr. Jamr+t I. Vaneo, Ne
ark, N. J.
8:30 p. m., Annual Y. Mr. C. A
Sermon, Dr. A. R. Shaw, Charlotte
N. 0.
Monday, .\ay 28 th:
11 a in., Class Day Exercises.
3 1). m., Meeting Executive Com
8:10 p. m. Re-union Literar:
Tuesday, May 291 h:
9 a. in., Annual Meeting B.>ar<
of Trustees.
12 a. m,. Address Hon. Johi
Sharpe Williamp, of Mississippi.
8:30 p. in. Oratorical Contest be
tween Literary Soclnties.
10 p. in., Alumni Rvcptiol.
Wednesday, May 30th:
11 a. in., Commencement exer
9 p. in., Reception by Societiei
and Fraternities.
Reduced rates will be grantedl
from all stations in North am
South Carolina, and probably fron
Atlanta, Savannah, Jacksonvillh
and Chattanooga.
Al IT 11oiiflniints un dor thib head0 flhltit h]
pa1 for In advance. T 'o fee i. V.00. No car
til he nicsertei unless accompanie(l by tii
abovo aiinounti.
The inuuy friondts of 11. 1). Garvin take pleni
tire i annuuncing him as a en ndidno for t .
ofli e f Cor t irea tirer, subuject to the resu
ihfi en o Stewa rt hereb announc
I'v< n ot i it)', s abjet to the action of Decn
T'he many friends of .JOEr, H. MILLERR her(
ofl Sneiwdsr of l'ens Conty, anbjet to t
aio or the voters In the D~emocratic primar
A t the earnest sollIitao of many friends,
trate i i'Icken Township, ubjcct to the ren
oif the Demoocratic primary,
w. C. lUnntAsjry,
When the man in the moor
wants an exclamation, let him say
"My stars!"
A man who once haed rough horn2
hands made them soft and smooth witi
Witch Hazel Salvo, but he used the gen
nine-that bearing the name "E. U. De
WVitt & Co. Chicago." For sores, boils
31ta, burns, bruises, etc., it has no equal
ui.d affords almost immediate reli-f fron
blind, bleeding, itching and protrudinj
Ailes. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
Makes Kidneys andi Bladdese Right
FOR SALE-Nice, younig cow
rrsh in milk. A pply at this ofcee
"t.EW*~ Early Risers
Thae famous little plls
FOR SALE-Young cow, fresl
nilker. Apply to H. A. Richey.
Ole Golid nhEoitel
The season's. first. cold
may be slight-may yield
to early treatment, but the
next cold will hang on
longer; it will be more
troublesome, too. U n -
rincessary to take chances
>n that second one. Scott's
Emulsion is a preventive
is well as a cure. Take
vhen colds abound and
rou'll have no cold. Take it
vhen the cold is contracted
nd it checks infiamma-.
ion, heals the membranes
f the throat and lungs
nd drives the cold out.
Send for free sample.
similating 1heFood andReiua
uhg theSlnmachs andBowelsof
tromotes DigestionCheerPul
nessandRest.Contalns nelliter
piumMorphine nor Nineral.
* -
n Bi.K=1 J 1d- I
Aperfect Remedy forConstipa
lion, Sour Stomach, Dfiarrhoca
Worims,Convulsions.l'everish -
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP
FacSinile Signature or
The most successful way of ward
ing off the approach of old age is
to inaintain a vigorous digestion.
This can be done by eating only
food snited to your ago and occu
pation, and when any disorder of
the srnach appears take a dose of
Ohamberlain's Stomach andi Liver
Tablots to c rrect it. If you have
a weak jt, much or are troubled with
indigo2-tioln, you will find these
Tablet to he just whit you need.
For 3ale by Pickona Drug. Co. and
T. N. Hunter..Liberty.
Fully two-thirds of our troubles
are onle anticipated.
While a bilious attack is desided
ly unpleasant it is quickly over
when Chamberlin's Stomach and
0 Liver Tablets are used. For sale
by Pickens Drug, Co. and T. N.
Hunter, Liberty.
Three thinge to govern-temper,
, conduct and .tongue.
Just a'little Kudol aft'er meals will ro
Slieve that fulness, belching, gas on atom
,acha, and all other symptoms of indiges
tion.- Kodol digests whlaat you eat, arid
enables the stomach andi digestivu organs
1to perform their functions naturally
Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
Meekness toward God is, first,
pati-nt endurance of His will.
.Don't deceive yourself. If you have
.indigestion take Kodol Dyspepsia Cnre,
i It will relieve you. Rev. W. E. Hocruse,
South Mills, N. C., says: "I was trou
bled with Chronic indigestion for several
years; whatever I nuto seemned to cause
heartburn, sour stomach, fluttering of my
heart, and general depression of mind
and body. My druggist recommend Ko
dol, and it has relieved me. I an now
eat anything and sleep soundly at night.
Kodol Digests what you eat. Sold by
Pickens Drug Co.
Most of the things that come to
those wvho wait are a trifle stale by
the time thyarrive.
"I had been troubled with kidney di
sense for the last five years," writes Rob
ert R, Watts, of Salem, Mo. "I lost
flesh aund never felt wvell and doctored with
leading physicians andu trupd all remedies
suggested1 with out relief. Finally .f
tried Foley's Kidney Cure and lhas than
two bottle's completely cured me and~ I
ami now son d and well :" D~uring the
summer kidney i rreguiilarities are often
caused by excessive drinking or being
overheated. Attend to kidneys at one
by using Foley's kidney Cure.. Piekens
Drug Co ,
A Maine man mrkes leather of
catgeh skins,
, . Aa A LLiN'S F'oOT-1:ASE, A P'own,,
Imakes walking easy. Cures Corns, ii unon..,
IngrwingNais swllenandSwcentiuug feet.A t
aln Druggfsts.amnd Sltoe Stores, 35c. non't nlece p
any *nttt i SamPle IEnxx,. Add ress, A l ena S.
It's always the man who doesn't
want credit who can got it for the
Why take a dozen things to eure th-it
cough? Kennedy 'a Laxative Honey and
Tar allays the congest ion, stops that tick.
hng, drives the cold out through your
bowel.. Sold by Pickens Drug. Co.,
It makes a man mighty cross t o
have his Wife act as if he bud~ a
good temper.
All nations are endeavoring to cheek
the ravages of consumption, the "white,
plague" that olaims so many vietims each
year. Foley's Honey and Tair cures
canghs and colds perfectly and you are
In no danger of consumptin. ho not
rask youlr health by taking somne uan
known preparallon when Foley 'a Honey
and Tar Is safe and certain ina results.
Ask for Folefse Honey and Tar and in.
slat upon haviug at. Pieos Drug, Co.
A woman can throw a hint
straighter than a man can throw a
For Infants and Ohildren.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
' In
- use
For Over
Thirty Years
They never gripe or sioken, hut
cleanse and strengthen the stomeh, liver
and bowels. Thin is the iniversal ver
dict of the many tlousaiids who u-0 D)
Witt's Litlie Early Risers. These fa,
mous little pills relieve headache, esi
sitipation, billiousness, j:.undice. torpid
liver, sallow complexion, eto, Try Little
Early Risers. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
Aaste niakos some pooplo waste
a lot of other people's timic.
Oures Ooldst Prevent& Pneumonia
Mother Grayv' Sweet Powtders for cihildretI,
used by Mother Gray, I nitrse int Chibirens
I1omle New York, Break up Cold in 21 hours,
cure Ie everlsiess Ileadnach, Stomach Trotles
'reething lDIsoiders, ntd Destroy Worms. At
aill (rugglst, 25c. Sni1le mailed FIRIE.. Ad.
dressm, Allen 8. Olmsted, !Seloy, N. Y.
It's rather short sighted to lie, if
the truth will foul people more.
A torpid, inactivo liver can produce
more bodily ills thati alnust anythinig
e180. It. Is good to cleli the sybtem out
occasionally. Stir the liver up, and get
into shmape generalliy. The bost results
are derivedi from the use of DoWitt's
Lit tle Early Ri-ors. Reliable, effective,
pleasant pills with a reputati-m. Never
gripe. Sold b~y Pickens Drng. Co.,
Waiting works woniders- ifyou
keep busy whmile witi ng.
.Sea Ilhat your dIrnggist gives~ youf no
1111m3ibi vhen you ask for Kennedy's
Lox it vo Honey03 and Tar, the orignal
Laxat ive cough syrup. So'd by3 Pickens
Drug. (Jo,,
It is but a step) from the sublime
to the lidiculous, and the shortest
way to make it is to step) onl a
banmana peel.
F'or a painlful burn there is nothing
like DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve.
Trhoro are a host of imitations of De
Witt's WVitch llazel-Salve 0on thle mar
ket -aee that you get the genuine. Ask
for Decwitt's. Good, too, for sunburn,
cuts, bruises, and especially recommon~d
ed for piles. The name E. 0. DoeVit
& Co., Chicngo, is on every box. Sold
by P'.ck us Drug. Co.,
It jq .pOSsile to <.htin relhief from
chroinc iInd gost ion and3( dyspepsia by fihe
Some of th1e most hop1)11ess c.ae of long
stand(inig havov yieldd to it. It enables
you in' digest I he fod yen eat 3.nd( OX.
erises'C a iorreofive infllinenlO bmi diing
upI the eficienmcy or ihe d g'eti ve org 1inus,
'rhe atomachiis thee boiler wi heremi ie
teini is mado that keepn up your vitali
ty, he aIlth and st renigthI. Kodol dligests
whait you eat. Makes theostomachl sweet
-pn Ls the boiler ill condition to dlo thme
work lnainrlo demandsI of it -gives yen
relief from dligestivo disorders, and pntsa
y'ou iln shlapo to (10 our beat, and feel
your best. 8(old bly Pickous~ Drug. Oo., 2
Thio Al mighty never' rocognizcs
a preacher's worth by the satlarv
he g ts.
IUnless a man get~s exci ted ini an
argutment his wifo is afraid ho is 31
gettinig thme worst (If it.
W A NT El )--200, <,O 5tles, at one00 h. 'r
Picker' a it. R. F'or sphecifieatio~na apply ,.
it their oflhee. 52---at r
Notice to Debtor and, 1.
All person ho(h1ling claims aga int th -
>r0 aent theam to theo undlersignbed dutly to
tteshedon (or be 'fore the 15th day of'r
11n1no next: and1 aill p1 rsomsl Indebted to
aid estu te will mnake patymen t thereof
I). M. Merck,
J. M. Sattterflel, 1i
tAdnministiratat. ti
- - - of
2. F. D. No. 5 EAmLEy ,
.... ...Dy..
-tions indT e
We nre now.showiti the laig
most stylish, up.to do0 took
Sping Good" Wtatw have over
Time and money was spout fi
ing this stock, apd we do not hom
stato that v- vill give the bes
for tho sane Mone that oan be 1i
where. Iyheu you trade at Park
you profeet your pocket-book.
w hy our oustoners stick to u
pledge you the best of store sorv
our goods must bo what we say I
or your money given biok. Ou
ing of wool. dress goods is fino
aro very popular also Silks, N
Cashimers and Slerges--from cl
fino goods. Onr Black goods
- ways full we dare not let them rut
Our White goods, and printe
are so complete that we cannot
them. Our prices on there goot
5 cents to 50 cents. Our shirt a
derwear department is fuill of tl
values wo ever had.
Ladios vents;, 5, 10. 15 and 25 ei
MIIn's vestq, 25 & 50 ets, can't I
Seo our Moln's 50 ots shirts ai
will bnly.
Mens and Ladies Oxfo)rds to at
Salesmen, Mr. Thomas Ligon r
Heonry McoKinney,
A. K. Parl
10 West End, Greenville,I
J. F. Harris is still in business at the sa
self. Come around and Yet sone barg
chandise, but don't all come at once.
24 Pound( sack< of' good flour for 5o
other thingl%.s according, m1inuIs Meat
which is as highi as Hamnan was hun!
seed, B3liss, Early Rose, Burbanks
Hebron, by the peck at any
J. D. MO(
Says it is time now to buy
Straw Hats, Summer
I have som nioe) CALICOES antd DIESS
Briing me your chickens and eggs. If w e
t will pay you the cash for your produce.
trad(1i sonichow. Please call and see me, )(and r
M arket.
J. D. lo
P. S.-All who owe me will please c
I have a gotod ine of
A mong themo are t he rec0ommen da.blo ol
C locks wit h wr ghits, wh ich(I I amn Celling
Anid a newv lie of 81 IERWAlic. P
Silver WVATC[I ES. A nico linm of pee
glassos to fit eyt s. A ll kinds of c pair w orI
IH. SNIDERI, .. ..
As Nice Line o? as Good Goods as
Make up y'our select ion for- a meal from my stock of C
Viennan Sausagei. Ronst leef, Pigs Fiet, Tripe, '
lhenus, Okrn andi Toat~tto(es, K(rnutt, l'eas, Peach
Snuctes, Pilkkles anitl 5ontimen~lt. All <
niscui t, ( om11 panfy'$ pro lucts
Fruits, Candies, Fine~st bI~s'.ed Coffea in town All hi
1 sill stLrictly for 'ish or- 13 rter. Satisfacti
- Yours for tsonething nico to ei
D.F. P A(
jy"i All wvho own m~ atro urged to ca.li andI settle at <
a titricthy cash business.
Statement of the Condi
tion of Liberty Bank,
Liberty, S. C.,
\.t the close of Business, May
4th, 1906.
1)ans andI niscoun Is...,.. .............70,115i..I I
verdlrafts.-.- .... .... 8,1ll n8
otitis atii Siock owned byhbank.
inikIng Iliouse....................I 1,r5 382
irinitur ato mtd lIxtuares................ -,600I.-10
110 Ieroini Itanki and Iianike-r'.... ..... 1.I1 55I ~
mirre'icy ....--......................,55.00
I 'cr, iNiianu I'entlic . .......rM7
it al-...--..... .... .......t.7..04
itall .Stock Iai dl it....... ..........'.5,0.0.0 q
Iii iv idedi l'rouits, I ess Citrrenit
<Ilenles andI Pi Tx0's Pid ............ 3, ON5.00
te to links tandi Illankers O ~
10 Unpij~td .nivlenldH. ..............100
dividuanl Deposits Oiubject to Check 23,651t. 13H
me IO'J ~ertifie...-..... .............. 31. 52 1e sure to r
Its nd1 18lIacoulnted., 10,000.00 RIFLES.
Il alie ti'ding IThne (ertif- PISTOLS.
ites toprceeting Horrowed Money 10,000.00 SHOTGUNS
tal----- ....-- ............... ........ 5,734.01
liefore ma eanme 1i. C. Shirly, cashier of Snlry
borty fhank, who being duhf . worni msays J TVN
itt the above and foregoing tt orment is'a trute
tdition of otaid bank, as sthown by the books hcp
file in said biank. - II, C. Snrrn-.:s.
swor to beofore me, this 18lth (day of May 10, _________
Ii. 1AYTON,, Npitary1Publie for South Catro
.orrent Attest-:
J1. P. SmIth, ) .Bran
W. It. tihaplman D.iirectors. I e' tOt
A s11 your4 cea r1
- o, ,ur Pol bi r
est and
of now
itato to)
A storo,
That is
s. We
ce, and
hey are
e show
teap to
are al
I dwn.
I lawns
tell of
Is from
d n
1o beat
)e b, at.
Id you
it your
,Ad Mr.
k. V
lie old stand by him
Ens in general mer
I will sell your a
cents. And all
and Dried Fruit
. Irish potato
and Beauty of
old price.
! By Himself.
Goods, Etc.
in1't trade on the goods.
So bring it on; we will
eineber the old Beef
one and settle, and
J. D. M.
I style Seth Thomas
:d atspecial bargains.
JIso solid Gold and
lacles; I guarantee
in thle jewelry line.
Easley, S. ~
Can Be Bought.
Finned Goods: Potted Hami,
B~ig Hlomincy," Corn,
tea. Berri( s, etc.,
>f the National
rids bottled drinks oni Ice.
rn (Guar'inteedl.
3 E.
>nee. From now on I wvill
pryeiIpdtu ve STIIV.
* rom $2.25 to $180.0~
fr 2.5 cto 50.00E
rhre ouhtto h~y - St.
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