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O Pleasalpt to talte
Lwith a fertil
high percentage of
to get the healthiest
"Truck Farming"
are two practical bo,
which we mail free
ligation to those wl
They contain valt
truck-gardening as a
Addrese, GERMAN
Now York-93 Nassau Street. or
Farners' Union
Bui'call of
. . . .. ...............................................1
-Condle(ed by the
South (arolitta Pat rrinierW Fld elitional aod
Co-OperitIivo Unjioti.
Comin uticat ions intetidted for this depart
m11elit Should be 1toldressed to .1. Ci. Strieling,
Pendleton, South Ultroliutt.
Eternal Viqilance Is the Price of
Did you ever know of a great
victory being won without a hiard
Frniers, eternal vigilance is the
price of Liberty I Constant at
tendance at your local Unions is
the price that you must pay to
keep up the life of your organiza
Have something good and now
to talk about at every meeting you
have. Leavo the bad news for
the unorganized growlor to tell;
lie always enjoys the tolling of
that kind of news, any way.
Union men, never for a moment
forget the fact that your Union is
madd up out of the reputation and
character of its members, and that
each and every member of the
Union is at it all the while build
ing up the strength of the Union,
or pulling down the influence, use
fulness and power of his Union
all times! Thr~e Uniioni password
or the Union signs or grip do not
make the man a good U~nion mom.
ber; it is the good works and the
character of each and evory mom
her that tells the tale to tho world
for either good or bad for the rep
utation of the Union.
Give to the Union a good reput
tation and you have a power for
good!i Make a ieputation for
good works and you will he pros
porous and happy.
Plant Cow Peas.
Plant cow pease, young man,
and you will not have to go west
for rich lands.
Plant cow peas, young man, and
pay back to nature's Gon the debt
that your forefathers owe for the
crime of robbing the land of its
life-giving powers to all the flora
and fauna of our lovely South
Plant cow peas, young man, th at
you may grow cotton more cheoaply
and double the yield per acre, thus
bringing in double the retwus for
your labor or that high-priced la
bor that you are compelled to use.
Plant cow pease, young man,
even if you have to pay $1.00 per
peck for seed. This will drill in
more than one acre, which will
make a ton of good hay and at the
same time improve the land and
double the yield of oats to follow,
and will permit your oat crop to
be planted early in the fall, which
sure a stand that will resist winteir
freezing. Plant oats and peas,
young men, and guit sowing wild
oats and skinning the land like
some fathers have done.
SProfitt in Concert of Action.
~V.> Are we expecting the cotton spin.
pers to come to the cotton growers
orcotton unless the growers have
the cotton?
nepeatagaidthat thzsiner
cot~ton will ,gover come to pro
S4ers' for ootton urnti producers
/ ~'bl heir pottot in suoli quantites,
WJlwarrant their coming. It
'~ ~~-we~puhap5 to have thes econ
0fa0 Wth mill men i-order to
a g ibeter understanding as to1
; rhandling, pac~king and gin.
ar teo taple; htWh)er the'cot-i
$aF*P000 tQ,0 the M9091 foi
Drug, Company and Dr. R. F. Smi
should be treated
izer containing "a
POTASH, in ,order
, fullest pods.
and "Plant Food"
aks for the farner,
of any cost or ob
io write for them.
iable -facts about
profitable business.
Atlanta. G.-29% So. Broad Strot.
help to m''aintuain pr.diIablo lrices
ror his cotton i is just simply
at ting the tool.
There is no other occupation o
Craftsmen under the sun that Catn
d) any thaing to e.1) co: ton ifarm ore
that will not, try to help themsolves
Cotton farmers must organizo and
bulk their cotton, and then spin.
ners or any < no ole that wants cot
toi will come to the men that have
the cotton without asking. Edu
cato cotton farmers in the businoss
side of the-ir farming and siow them
th prodit.s there is in concert of
action and they will act together.
Show the farmor that there is d'l
lars in organization and he will or.
gaize just so soon as ho can be
shown that the dollars are there.
Farmers do not stick to sentiment
like they do to dollars.
Fertility is to the farmer what
capital is to the merchant. If the
principal be drawn upon constant
ly without replenishment, both
will soon be bankrupt.
Bill Arp Said This.
"I never took a paper that didn't
pay me more than I paid for it. One
time an oli friend o f mine started a
paper way down South and sent a
copy to me and I subscribed just to
encou11rage him, and after a 'vbilo it
published an order to sell a lot at
p)ublic auction. So I enquired about
the lot and told a friend to run it up
to $50. He bid off Ihe lot at $38 and
sold it in less than a month for $100,
So I mad1o $G2 clear by taking.
that paper. My father told me that
when lie was a young mniu ho sa w a
notico in a paper that a schcol teach
er was wanted awvay off in a distant
country, and he wvent and got the
situation, andl a little girl was sent to
him, and after a while Rihe grow upi
sweet and beautiful and lhe married
her. Now, if he had not taken that
paper what do) you suppose would
have become of me? I wvould have
geen aomoc other fellow, or maybe 1
woulId not have been at all."
Your chances are justL as good as
Bill Arp's were. Do you take a pa.
por? We knowv some men is this
county who are raising a house full of
children, and don't take any paper at
'all. Some day these children will
flad out there are other places and
other things to be seen beside s a
lonesome home and what they see
looking art an empty bookeaso, and
they will he ashamed that they ever
had parin is. -Er
Staperseds Time Table lNo 4
*Efrectivo Mtarch J0 1906 -
Read Doewn Read Up
No 12 No 10 STA TIONS No 11 No 9
Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed
4:40 pm 10:-40 am ly Pickeuis ar 2:55pm 7:35 pm
4:5 pu 3:55nu *1arsotV 2:0p 7:20 pm
5:15 pm 11:05 amn a asey 2: topm 7:0 pm
*Fliag Stations
N. 10 euets wth Sout rn Hlly No
N. 12conn etswh Souithern Ra iway No ~
gg-For any informatlon app'y to
. . J T TAYLOR, Gen'Manager.
Old Earle Building, Near Livery
Stable of Neoaley & Gravely.
Good, clean, easy shave and a shoe
shine for 10cts.
Hair cut 15cts. Shampoo and Hair-(
cot for 25cts.\
IJAR ToNIC8: Witch fla~el, Bayl
[Rum, .aIghur Wgeor. kepb on hand.
'Wtklnss liatr SfugElng and JIsir
it Is guaranteed
hs Easley. /
and Dou't Know It.
Fill a bottle or common gliss with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
* ,. tlingathdidates an
unhealthy cbndl.
neys; it It stains
your linen it is
evidence of kid
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
.. pass it or pain in
the back is also
convinoing proof that the kidneys and blad.
ier are out of order.
What to Be.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Ro.ot, the, groat kidney~remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver. bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrCcts inability
to hold water ani scalding pain in passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity cf :cng cornpelled to go ofte:
during the day, and to get up many ti:1
during the night. Tho mild and the extra
Ordinary effect of Swamp-toot i ,oon
reklized. It stands-the highest for It won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and$1. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery -
and a book that tells a f . .
more about it, both sent ,J U'"'
absolutely free by mail.
Address Dr. Kilmer & nme of - ..-noot.
Co.. Binghamton, N. Y. When writing men
tion reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer'a
Swamp-Root, and the address, 3inghamton.
N.Y.. on every bottle.
Winthrop College
Scholarship and Entrance
Thle examination for the award of va.
cant scholarship in Winthrop Colleg<
and for the admission of new studenth
will be held at the County Curt lous o
on Friday, July 0th, at 9 i. in. Appli.
cants must not be les< thanl tift een year,
of age. When scholarships are vacated
after July 0. they will )e awarded to
those making the highest average at thfi
examination provided th, y meet the con.
ditions goven'ng the award. Applicanti
for scholarship should write to President
Johnsoni before the examination foI
sch6larship application blanks:
Scholarships are worth $to0 and fre
tuition. Tie next session will open Sep
tember 9th, 1900. For further inforna.
tion and catalogue, address
Rock Hill S. C.
Successfully used by Mother Graj', nurse it
the children's iloino in New York. curo Fever
tshlness, n1adi Stomfach, Teothiig insorders, mnov
and reg ulate the liowels and i)eutroy Worms
Over 30,000 testiniotal. Tlhey never fAD. At at
Druggistu, 'i.c. Sample Free. Address Allen S
Olnsted, Lo Roy, N. Y
"I have beeon using Chamberlain's
Cough Remidy and want to say it i4 the
beat congh medicine I hav ever teiken,'
ants Geo. L~. Chlubb, a merchant of
Hoerlan. Mich. There is no questi *n
aibout its being tihe boat, as it will oure
a cough or or cold in less time than any
other treatment. It should always be
Theie's lots of funny things in life,
We often notice htere.
The cheapest man ia one whose wife
insist ont calling "dear."
stop. the cough sad heals lunga
"When I was a druggeut, at Livonia,
Mo., writes T. J. Dwyer, now of Grays
ville, Mo., "thrco of my customers were
permanently cured of consumption by
Dr. King 's New Disco very, and are well
and strong today. Oue was tryisg tc
sell his ptoperty and move to Arizona,
but after using Now IDiscovery a sh'rt
time he found it unnecessary to do so.]
regard Dr. King's New Dz~covery as the
most wonderful medicina in existence.'
Sure Cough and Cold cure and Throat
atnd Lung Healer. Guaranteed by the
Pickens Drug Company. 50o and $1,
Trial b'ttle free.
From thts date I will be in the Super.
visors office every twvo weeks on Trues..
day's after Salediay in eatch miolith 'and
Tuesdayq two weeks after each a %ieday,
to transact busini as.
G. M. LYN 11,
May 8th 1906
STHE "000D
of a w4.man's fe, is the na
of life." Your menses come
scantier until they stop. So:
entire change lasts three or
much pain .and discomfort,
by taking
Woman's Ref.
It quickly relieves the
miscrableness, forgetfulness
cold flashes, weakness, tir
bring -you safely through
build up your strength for
At all druggIsts, In $i.
't aside all timihdity and write m:u
~rey and frankly intriotesi confi
adA tsu a1s W will tedfree avtos
(in pan, seated envelpebow to
. euea traooga Medcie00.
Ohatanoga, Tenn.
If'You Advertile in
OMNM1 ! .'A
had failed. Rheumacide c
Johns Hopkins Hospital th4
of Salem, Va., and D. Ri. 0
remedies and the doctors h
Almost a Miracle In This Case.
Bobbitt Chemical Compalon, S. C. Aug.
Gentlenen;-in S ptember. 189. I took rh
matism Ina very ba form (inflammatory). I
month after the diseas started I had to give
my work and go to bed. It continued to gr
worse until my arms and hands were ba
lrawn, so much so that I could not use the
My legs were drawn lack till my feet toicl
my hips I was as beilpless as a baby or nea
12months. The muscles of my arms and li
were hard and shriveled up. I suffered dei
many times over. Was treated by six differi
physicians in McColl. Dillon and Marion. I
none of them could do me any good, until Dr
P. Ewing, of Dillon. came to see me. He ti
eto tr your RHEUMACIDE. He got mec
otte the medicine and I began to take
and e ore the first bottl was used t I beg
t get better. I used 5 bottles and was cc
pletely cured. That was years ago and :
ealth has been excellent ever since. H
had no ymptoms of rheumatism. Will !
furthe*Mlat [began to walk aia about six ci
after I began to take RHELUMACIDE with 1
aid of crutches: in about three months aftc
beg a to take it I could walk as good as a
body, and went back to work again.
Yours truly, JAMES WILKE!
I CO L bl1; i OF CIiA RIASTON il6d -
charlestonl, 80u101 (:aroilina.
inaitraice ex lniiiiiations wIll be held in the
County Court House on FrIday,.luly 6, at 9 a. ni
One Free Tuition Schol arship to each county of
soith Carolina awaided by the County Supt,
of i(ldneation and .udge of Probate. hoard andI
furniishel room in Dortnitory, $1I a muonth. All
CildiLateLs for atlihsson are permitted to cour
pete for vacant Boyce Schohirships whitIi pay
$I0) n year. lor catalogie linformation, atlress, Carl
Harrison Ratolph, President.
Why buffe~r from rheumatism when
one application of Chanberline's Poin
Balm will relieve the pain? The quick al IJ
relit-. which this liniment iffords makes
rest and sleep possible, and that ailone iN
worth many timee its cost. Many who Tru I
have used it hoping only for a short ro
lief from suffering have been happily
surprised to flud that after awhile the re
lief became permanent. Mrs. V. H. Iron
Leggett of Yum Yum, Reunessee, U. S. O
A., writes. "I am a great sufferer from the
rheu.matism, all over from head to food' wear
and Ohamberlain's Pain Balm is the oily
thing that will relievo the pain.'" For i
sale by Pickens Drug Co. and T. N. I
Himfrwer Liberty.
On anont Of its mild icotion and Ar,
pleasant taite Orino Laxative Fruit ''
Syru p is esposially recomn ided for
women and children, It does not nau.* i".
seate or gripo like pills and ordinary
cathartios. Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup P2::: I
nids digestion'and stiulates tuo liver j N
and bowels without irricanang the m. Ro.
member the name OINO and refuse
substitutos. Pickins D)rug, Co.
Foley & Co., Chicago, originated Honey~ id
and TIar as a throat andi lung ieomedy, -A
and on account of the groat merit, and "
popularity of Foley's Honey andi~ Tar l~a
many imuita&tions are offeir d for the guen
vine. Those worthloss imitation inve 10:20
similar sounding names. .hiewuru of '
them. Th'le genuine Foley's Honey andti
'iar ita in a yellow packuge, Asik for it 31:2, p
.endl lrfuse any subttiute. .it is the tA'
best remedy for coughis and cold. Pick. A n
otus Drug Co., TIr~a
- -!(Chaarle
A good complexion is imposaeblo with .. w~
the atomnach out of order1. If pasty sal
low p~eople would pay icuore ataeni ioa to,
their stonmachs and1 less to the skin oni R.M
their f .s, they would lhave better
complexious. KOD)OL F"OR D)YS
PEPS1A wdl digest u hat you eat and
p~ut your slomnech back in right shiape I
to do its own work, Kodol relieves
palpitation of the hoirt, flattnlenice, sour
stomnach, heart burn, e:e. Sold by Pick. Cures
enB~inifCo. assi
'the. I
ING PERiu OD" oo
me often given to the "change ~
at longer -intervals, and grow
nie women stop suddenly. The
four years, And is the cause of
w'hich can, howvever be cured,
age In Distress.ofr
pain, nervousness, Irritability, unatltl
faintirtg, dizziness hot and~ *;. tii a
ed feel~tg, etc. G.ardui will &ue
this "dodging period,'' and /' 25 ofh
the rest of your life. Try it.
I suffered," wrItes 'VIrginia Robson, t t
of Easton, Md., "unt~n I took oardul, ', r~ qu
which euted me so quickly It surprIsed *Iti.
my dootor, who didn'6 know I was mnlt
taking it. I wish I had knownu et I~ I
Oarduealer in 1tf.'
*he $entineIl-Journal.
red thousands of cases of Rheumatism a
Pured John F. Eline and others of Ball
i greatest hospital in the world, had falle
mstead, the Norfolk Va., contractor, aft
ad given up hope. lRheumacide cured IV
of rheumatism she had endured fc
Hughes, of Atkins, Va., after the m-ios
There is a reason why it cures : Rlhev
1a cal science, and while powerfeul enmoz.
.P Of the blood, It operates by puroly
lyv most delicate stomach, and lbuo-ilds
CS A purely Vegetable "remnedy that qca il ,
r I cures by removing the cau~se. Your ciruggM m
ly Sample bottle and booklet f roa If you send flue
A - -I---~ 0- 1
R. EDITOR: Please sa- to your roa-rs and ny
Comyplete lit.e of Relialle goodIs whichl I' havlke 1 1
fact, at the prices which I aml quoting I consido,
y a little of "anythin and evaerything,"atm aso
R ond h EANY KN. sR aIRTS; also, a l good ino
From now until Christmah we invite the ladios t
Will mak the same offer ais the ave to thi m
iks, Valises, Gens' Furnishingsg etc. ne icst
our, salt anf barbkd ire by the ar thad to "
A complete in a re good kit offurniture an
King stoves and Chatianooga Ilows-two very ee
et of their kind on tho arkt. Chinaware, Gla
a well.
A full line of Ujndertakers' goodls amlI a nice ilca
Your patronage siolicited and you will be treated
ily a osbe
xETO &SWEEPS CALLEN """""I".*=S .==..=
tyseA purelyEVegctive Acrprril t4,t19o(;.
1cure.- bily xceotvNnciy forhe aeYurrji;
n3 rS:ampl boteadbokn.r~I yuredlv
R0 N. 63 <TOly forl~nes. ('ahtonyu'rakisat.m
' fonnct, iagt the pre w ich I' am qut,.. ois
IhNo YOU fNr l) EAVndE 8I, \Vasigo
F atromnow tilil Cnrs wthu w'. A ~iCte il~
(R. TrOOD$N. DR1oS 81tntr a01),NOTOi, t
Viv 11i tta , I:3 h e Hhin, o'lin sthono e ti h
lakB, NVwerri3. ,. en, Iutimbhi ng~ et. :auec
mle r '0i , a ltn ba:-b0. Nnitan-b t l er yht ila bilf g
A0~ 5 o:, leenwo u -h : of the god n kin of .uni aan.
in to ch iiyexep CSuu noogo la os-t-o ( v'y i g
1A fll netliie stoflis.\rriv uor'god perha nic yoli
Yen I ar n age sictiteny ( oumil } tri t
PN. 85,A rIai er~'gn Ounin, fron nsao f W '.
ii tu in. Neu be ty si'lo ~ inton , (irInhurg,
IutGreLw~i mrn , tc SQ
s to with1n) ane,
Ernesy C!ilit t ii n ;~ tti u u I,.,
ira no o ttwol, Traf. .\bin. A i.u-ta, Ga
it- t sin expenttllttig t io rn itt f 1'i(iuI *ftlteI
fro the i n. Honeyl Beo bi r
iie No b Z ty nh "oxej t tttiy o nt ondtiverytin
roingt t1'tt'~tI li ht.'iur tt i ti
>owet.5, ls. Iy eijI Sttt y rt
~lu Wti-tIettesell
L. P.S it, TP.
Dl ougT & Co. THhAO. U. .A
dt by ePikens Drug Coros
from tnhn an0ai tha th.s
Kim ' by , ioPiNicem9
mvng o fo < eog a/rigF
thwolnd vio lasfln ho' IN YPP
r'n cedbPiknDrgo frmalosn
>tc tondebosadCR
uigCredb itos.t
IsWT, pr 0e.. nHIO-ed for p.a
bIy Ie 1st <h'y <fdIy,.1000 AC
lT~i9 E FM KIICI;1,THjz
Admi IO'11)0w ti W I Annexed.tohl~
Kti.,i~t Nv I~to !'iI~ Texas, .
TitN (e liMy Piotit IOugC. LFeING FEiT
nilen fee. AtaallDrugrangnmol Sho
25 11'mpeitqv'. A MnAlenS
t e lto ie ly V t. td fr )
fter all the doctors and all otheri eans
imore, after the famous special its of
d. Rheumacide cured Austin Percelle,
)r they had spent large sums on other
irs. Mary We born, of Hi h Point, N. C.,
r 20 years. Rheumaci e cured W. R.
t famous New York specialists failed.
imacIde Is the latest discovery of medi
to ' di germs and poisons out
ngral m, d v dSnjure the
taent r; SYStem."
IN., r.C-- hevnaUC Gout,
UT 1 OF T- 3LOOD. -o n
att h e~ tiadsaeud 'vrTrouble,
t!oan recommj- Rhoa. CMney Tro-sio,
An and' 2? 3iea La COpgpe.
cents for posnge .o All cd
rion Ib that I an "stillI at tho 01(1 Stand," with'a
r their inslpection and sale at very close figures. In
r the goods aro'Raro Bargains. Tell them that 1
llng at a close profit.
o have them so, SUITS, PANTS, UND R
o call and we will make them close prices oD
m folks on Clothing, Shoes, Hatq, Undotclothing,
line of theso go;1d we l.ave Ever carried.
at .plies that. lefy Compotition.
I Dice IatltinOg, carpeting and rugs. Agent Ii
Cssary things in every w6l1 regulated family ,and
4aswre, Agatewaro, Tinware and other ware that
Al. Guy Mc Fall
FatlI will p!eoase tme forwardi and make settlement
a)5 mneh o'ff yone1 farm as~ you ongl No doubt you are
'Ij:b tionbilo IM he haud costa1 tool mnuch. It takes too much
trm, and1( io yon m-r I rying to1 mah~o a living on a small farm,
enunjg o:n- aind j-nin~tg a good share of what you raise, in
'0 better to goI lwere ho rieo of good land is so little that
rm1--whre every neroe of the ground isi workin~g for you
>llyinlg you good proifits?
indsi c.f neren of fer'-lo hmd1( in Southwest along the line of
to that can bo bondihit for from $3 to $10 an acro. This
re Southwest at Small Cost.
ithlwest w.ioi con)v~jinCo you that your host4 nterest lay in
oig I lere. TJhe trip o~u bo madeol at very lit tle expense.
lhe I t. and tirdl Tuesday of oach monith you purobase a
d tipi ticket to uany point in thre S3outhwest on via of the
ii irh Ronto at, very low vriles. Stop-overs wvilIlibe al
d for you to exainiUne any lcoal ity yon are in terested1 in. '
at at on1et for tree copieis of bixok dlescribing thIis won
t al cont ry 1and1 for full inforationi aibout cost of tiokets.
\., Cotton Blelt RlOute, 203 Equitable Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
Sick Headache
Permanent Relief
a directly on the Liver. It will cure CONSTIPA.
IA, HALARtIA AND CHILLS. Is entirely, free
is mineral substances, and Is composed solely of
ERBS. EspeGlally adapted for weak and wearf
ngthens the weacenedt glands and organs; It checks
of the human body.
*osle Cameron Centralia Avenue, Teme,
~riten: " I find HER] INE gives me iuc
ud takd pleasure in recommending it all
vho sufter Iroin sick headache."
A Bottle ,Avoid All Substitul 4
rd Sinow Likiment Co.
St. Louis, U. S.
D~iMX.TO. Co

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