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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, May 30, 1906, Image 1

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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, 8. 0., as secod lass matter. under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
rir" Having received, from tite to time.
tors asking information ou dilicult quesilc
wo0have decided to answer some already
cc ived, as well as thoice received hereafter.
furnish this information free, therefore, 3
need tot got your back up if the answer di
please you.
"Will you please tell me wh
Woman can't throw a rook or 0th
missile as straight as a man ca
Well, K7ie, you have asked
a queLin that we know to be
fact. Some years ago we told
girl she could not hit a tree abo
six feet in front of her with a roc
She doubted our assertion and'
fored to prove it by throwing t
rook. We wero young, thein, ai
ii. xperienced, so we got behii
har. After going through sor
celistheni) exercises, she turn(
loose the rock. Tiie result wai
we now carry a small hole in tl
back of our head, the place .who
the rook his. But to answer yoi
question.: The reason, in all pro
ability, is, that while most gir
can talk about a dozen things
the same tiie, few can think
two things at once; therefore al
cannot keep her mnd on the ol
j-!et thrown and the object aine
at. But if a womano.an't throw
rock. sie can throw a man over ;
quick as the next one.
"Will you tell me how to set
Certainly we will, Evangelin
By the way. your name sounds f
miliarV we Leust- have -heard
somewhere. But you didn't as
what kind of a hen. Some hen
you know, have more sense thE
others. We once had an old hi
that once sat for three months on
china door knob without any vi
ible result so far ai hatching oi
any little knobs. was concerne
and we think she would still
trying to hatch that knob if a
hadn't frozen to death. The wi
to set a ben is to set her on abo
12 or 14 eggs. This year's eggs a
best. Don't run the ben off tJ
rLest every fifteen minutes to see
the eggs are hatched, but give h
about three weeks, and if t
weather is warm enough, yoi
eggs fresh, and the hen atten
strictly to business, she will ve
likely hatch some of the oggs.
"WI'l you tell me if it is e;isy
fall in love? I am 14 years .0
anu I think I am inu hove.
Well, Susie, you have certaita
came to a sheep's house to got wo
Yes, for some peope, its eas'i
than sl~ipping down on a banal
peeling','and it hurts about as b
sometimes. When we wore qul
young we used to fall in love
an average of about once a mont
now the average is greater. B
4 unfortunatelv, love is like t
measles-the older the subject t
more severe the case. But y
have started early, Susie, so
ad vise you to go slow. The il
you "think" y'ou are in love wi
will probably be a grandfather 1
tore you are old enough to mar
4But don't let this discourage y,
for you will "think'" you are in 10
about two hundred and thirty.fl
times before you really are. Ji
try and got your headJ, not ye
heart, full, and wvhen your tii
for falling in love comes you w
know it, and not "think."'
"Is it a difficult matter to
along smoothly with a mother-i
law ? Wyrisu."
That depends, Willie, my b<
or, at least I tsuppose you, ar<
boy, for a girl wouldn't ask suc!
question. I say, th at depends up
what kind of a man you are, *a
4 what kind of a mother-in-law y
get.. There are several kinds
mothers-in-aw, but any are a ni
essary evil to some men. If y
are a sober, industrious young im
andsean secure a good-natui
mnother-in-law, by all means
one; yes, get two. But if you
one of the sort who likes to "pa
the town red," and who five niigl
out of the week can't tell the <
ference between a sardine-box a
the front door, then, by all inea
let mothiers-in-law alone, and(
ui, must. miary th.en1mrri sei
d -
it This is the third ca
Two Nice P1
if girl who never had a mother. Any- Well, Fren
Dr way, Willie, it's not necessary to ty in some i
be live with your wife's mother, un- ple, if you a]
ir less, liko your nameake, "Wan- may imiarry
do dering Willie," you have a chronic French nob]
ry- distaste for work. It has been said plainer, lie ni:
that marringe is a lottery, any way, anl you may
so try your lu-k, my boy, And in and then i
to six moi th you will be able to an- very handy.
d , swer your owni quiestioni - aniy moii-y,
"Should a girl kiss the man she tr~'f~l~
yis going to marry? FNi~ iiItCiit'
er Why3, Fainie, you maire ms- tim ' to h a
ma blush. I hardly kiow whait arewer beds, sweepi
id to giv'e you. If you had asked tr flapjjaJck
to "Does" a gi, etc., insted o: a poor muan,
)i "shioul d,'' I coulId have answered menits woul
h; without consulting my inner feel. French in F
ut -ings. You dont s ay how 01(d you Was~hingtc
lhe are, but you must have passed the icanuministe
he. kissing stage. A young man o cc has notilled
og asked an old lady, 80 yesars old, the that the Cli
we qunestion. 'G rand(ma, how old to copted t h. ir
an ladies get b'efore they dlislike kiss- d nt to parti'
Sing the men?'' The reply, witho' ut mainoii ex
h lesitationi, was,, "young5 mantf v. u od et
will have to ask s..meone older of the T1or-C
yu, than I am.'' Now, Fannie, ma. - m of
ve ing the matter personal. How do Ilicks writets
ve you kiiow you are going to n) arry wlIoip
ust him? Are you sure nelther (I Vo'
ur are going to change 3our mi d-? qcdmo
no0 If you are, then I will tell you this, On May 2
ill that if you don't ki,-s him t 0 orinor John
chances are against your marryin :filed his p
(et --'ly entered il
,,"Is it necessary to devote a groat for governoc
deal ofun y time to study ing Fe neh? h iniic
EDIrn ."
ou of drena modney DIgSeae
of Pains'intbe.aoiad\ -
anton i.*. "''"O.Ma ,g*/
od cnnOSOf1teOWV ISI
nt cuug,
d Oensf* ?A*ia'$. r'e~um'n
g anuother day. A bottle at you WM3f
m e\ gjiln-- m al si eilog al lis " ""
H=BR C E=1
4 i~ 0 0 OWt O _%4___
I Aq-- I I
04~ a
c-load of 3uggi es we hav(
old price. Cm1
ianos for Sale 4
chcomes in very han
list 0ces. For exaln
'e very wealohy, you,
8som11 nuppcunionls
emian, or, to put it. All our entire stod
ty marry your money, il prices and if you 1
go to Franlce to live, furnishing goods, now i,
rench will come ma g
inux ect to ma rrye p adana of
Ip) here in thei Pied- rc lann n
great dea~-l of your
rning how to make up
g the floor, and tu rn
thI oli tte ruie
(I Sle agrentifr stoc
to Ch~nMrpricess an fuh
e~ip govrmoufulnishingW goods, nowTris
vitai~fiof he Ta E O antage eof
y'ar C~iFree0Cleaning and
L.roton '~ii~ Rot
d isou l the Solc agenty f o H
n May 21by-The ar-~ r
r to hile Mr. icks
(ig ihthe State tLU ment
vitatiJones of to Pei N..KI .MD I
AI Utosition i Hampto
tha. thei C)hilefin nal ONULAy~(
ln iutonant. GovMEDA
1leJns andeformnt.
le field asaOcandidat
r. Hi platform wil
e Fufist er Bro
J.E M.R Stewa rt,
[leath-Bruce-florrow C
received this Spring, and t1
ne in and let us fit you up.
will now be sold at a great reduction S
~ve not bought your overcoat, suit or
a good time to save money, $I
this drop in price before some else
d gets the plum.
Pressing of all clothing made in our ii
artmen t. o
schid,*s"ie-~ go
les Hats and Dutchess Trousers. o
___________ ______shap
sappoint Our Patients' I
aise and Nover Hold Out Fatse lidopen
*i# mr".*Oa m*i"*ral."*'"'y Lo'a t". on
beDr ing M.*i 1.* Co.I' a "'"at't' ' .tenadud t~
*#' t 's*a .te .<ria rQ i l'w"t' **"a'- and f l
I tf 0., iDb hyiin an*s rou..T .Ala , g a --
wE NSebohmol adeBcittA NK 70 acr
X-ry, ioet ay an 1.nsn ry:ri aot oeron1 Puoe
Iontperest..Paid O ns Deposlitslr -:- weohae ala
A aode DWin. M. lHgoodSW
J.nl iEse Bo[gs , J.oa M D.sBrcei.
H. . Rche,1. . areyl,
0. *80.
[is.8Eis thou lat1 crb. h
20 retiingl. ewr
oufast oor and~ i
vo. Te waycuo
you is t thne po.
gther i bternt
F retiige m
tio ofgoo talouug Copyright *
thou indfine Clotties Mtakers
11101 K il(I. altimore~and.New).Votg --
igle anid doublO-breastedl in) four dlistinct models, every
>rimnfut of style. Our Spring shipmnft just in, Also
endild showing of groys and( mixtures in Serges, Wor
and Fancy Goods. Everything for spring. Come
0 South H.E d C reenville
ain St. * o Car.
)s of land near Marietta, S. C.,
npkintown road. *10 per acre.
es near Travelers Rest,
lands of Mr. Thos. Cunningham. Part <f the Butler
Sold home. $15 per acre.
icts of land, 20 to 50 acres.
some very desirable lots neir city limits. These lots nro
~he car line-$60 each.
Greenville, S rC

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