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q~ ~D%'~V~flV W AX0t1W
he Sontinel-ournal Comppny
Tno3Pson & oronyr. PROPs. t
SubscriptiOn $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
lntered at Piokons Postoffce as Second Class
Mail Matter
WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 1900.
Metrologicl Tablo
By John T lloggs, observer. Licurty, S. C, (I
Temperature. .a q;
Character of
ig: 3 rj tho day,
S93 58 0 Clear
21 77 61 0 Clear
82 61 (1 Clear
.: 81 62 o Clear
24 83 61 0
-! 14 61 10 Cloudy
20 70 60 102 Cloudy
Another Milestone Passed.
With this issue we begin' another
year in our newspajer pilgrimage',
and our paper adds ono more to its
mn)y years of p)lblicat.ion. We have
striven in the pat4 to make the SEN
TINEL JOURNA. what its name im)
plies-a watchful purveyor of ,infor
mation. Vo iavo felt our short
comings, and have been flooded witb
advice; but while most any man can
tell an eaitor hew to run a nowsaper,
not one out of at hundred can them
selves successfully carry out that un
dertaking. While it rcquires a suffi
ciency of brains, it also requires
a considerable amount of money to
run a newspaper. Wo have seen-I
papers conducted without tho use of
much brains, but have never soot,
one run without the outlay of con
siderable money. As a general rule,
pepple make their bills for subscril
tion to a newspaper the last one to
be paid, apparently, expecting the
editor to live on the interest of what
he owes, forgetting that as a general
rule the editor has other mouths to
feed. As often is the-case, poor non
have a number of children, and all
editors are poor, oxcept W. R. Hearst
and one or two more, who madu their
money outside of newspapers. Any
man with an ordinary amount o(
brains and plenty of money can sue.
cessfully run a newspaper; no man,
had he brains enough for half-a
-dozen, can run one without motney.
We have beeni gradually adding to
our plant year by yoar until the SEN
TINEL-JOURNAL ollco i1 no0w one of the
best equippod in the up) countr.3
We run opur machinery by steami
power; furnish our own electricity fot
lighting purposes, use the latest st yle
* type and do promnpt and good work.
In fact, we feel that wve can safely
pormise to give our sulbscribers at
bott- r paper in tihe future than in
the past, our facilities for this objet
being better, and shall spate no pains
to keep the public pos ited itn atli mtti,
ters of public muoment. We aisk 1.hoso
in arrears to come forward atnd hielp
Us inl our untdertakinlg, by setttlitng
your past indebtedness. A dollar
seems a smali amount to you, which
is small, were it only oneo, but where
there seven. or cighit hiundre1 of
thenm, it makes gaiito a la'rge sum.
Thanking you for ,.past patronage,
and asking a ~ontinu1anlce of the satme,
we hope to itmprovo our paper evety
issue, until wve givo you the niewspa
per both you atd ourselves want,
There is a prevalontt b)ltutmistakent
idea that nothing buit cotton can be0
profitably grown upon01 a large scale
in the south. Near Beaufort, this
state, there is a fifty acre truck farm
from which $10,000 wvorth of veget
ables have been shipped this year.
Tihe proprietors of this farm being
~ j northern men, it seems to requite
Yankee ingenuity to reveal to south
erners the golden opportunities that
A ~ lie at our vecry doors.
An exchange tells us that a lady
in New York kneads bread with het
loves on. Well, we neert breaid with
or boots on); we need bread with our
;past on, and if our subscribers i1.
;g0ears don,t pay up soon, we shall
needbread without anything on.
hn Idiana pr1eacher, says the
Wamhwton . Post, fears that there
66po be enough men in heaven. to
fbas n the choir. They will
p0ably be discuissng a coal strike
n nher place.
lanosl't get to be one of the
~ eep .by letting the wool fall
A ~ never ike~s to spndi a
$s he sends it cohlket,"
't eha h
Li.iberty L-tter
The Commenoement exercises,
bich were very beautiful and in,.
oresting, are over, and the chil.
ron have .laid aside their books
> enjoy the summer vacation.
lie teachers worked so diligently
training their pupils that overy
%rt was a succoes.
Friday evening, May 11th, we
ore delightfully entertained by
i1 pupils in the Primary Depart,
tent in the new school building.
n the interesting progran for the
vening was the "Tom Thumb Wed
mng," which was enjoyed very
Sunday morning, Rev. P. E
'aylor preached the commence.
ment sermon to a large and atten- A
ive congregation. His text, "'R-..
iember now thy Creator in the
lays of thy youth, while the evil
lays come not, nor the year draw
uigh, when thou Shlt say I have
10 plllure in themil" wai yor.$
Lppropriate lfor the oCc-ion.
Again, On .\lontV Ovling, w.
vore invited to ateid tho ex r
ises of the Advanced Departmits
Phe most interest ing part of this
piogram was th, IluOcing B .'
Thon TuesBday Prof. ling':es, of
Greonviilo, gvo us ani iiti'rebting
lecture oti ''The usefulnes3 of' i:
Last, )ut not least, Wore th
cltiss txorcises, as follo,: Ornt ion:
The Pat.aiot-ism of South Carolina
by Claudh Burrouighs. Essays:
I-low to ma111ko life a siccess, by Al
ga Richalr(soi; A ehanc to win,
by Tellio Ford; Youth is the time
for prolaration, by ChrisLino
Boggi.; The lifo of a girl, 1 y
Gladys ioggs; Tho rcsponsiibIl
itics of the day, by Tola liutcihsi;
1Iome ini fluenco, hy (er1.tru de
Boggs; Class I)roillhesy, by Viola
Moore, and 71 Val(lictory, by Go'r
trude "lc\lhorter.
Among the visitors in tho ci t.
durn ing Comii IUileMincmenti, wer'e M issos
Etta and Josie Boggs and Miss
Hon no more, of Easle- ; 1 issoC 1ina2
and Mokca Bofggs anid Mfiss Eva
l'reeman, of Pickons; Mdiss Chap
man, of Sn inuda; Miss M adalinof%
Nlooro, of Greenville; Mlisa lorri
soin, of Cl'rmvoin; Glenn Shidoni.
of Westinlistori; Carl and Osen.r
Myers and Ervin Moore, of Oak
Miss Corrio Boggs will leavo in
a few dJays for' Briiv'ard. N. 2.,
whier() she will spond t ho summ rn-.
Mr. Estee, of Spartanihurg, was
in the city last wveek.
Mrs. WV. II. Chuney, of Un:fonh,
Mris. D. J1. Greer~i, reiturnied Iro:.ie
list week.
J. C'. ilutchins, Wh~o has been
teanclhingL in Willinighm, caIme
Ithomie last woeok.
1IL H. 11alle~imbe, the night op
orator, 1has beenOi on the sick list f'or
the past week.
Miss Mangie Still Ivan hjas gone
hom;) to spen.i the hol idays.
Misses Nellie Parsons andi'
Olaudia Irby have gonle for' a trip
over in Georgia.
Mercer Craw ford mado a flyinmg
trip to Green villec last week..
Miss Dot Sandor~s left last weak
for home, whereo she wili enjo~y the
Claudo(1 I iiorroghs ret urnied1 to
his home last weekc. He mid.
many frien~dA during his sta:y hien.,
who regret to see him leave.
Miss Myrtle Holder, (f Pickent,
visited ini the city dunrig Corn
imenlco men t.
J. J. Waketin has been very sick~
for the past few (lays.
The first estimnato of the cottoni
criop) issued this seson) conosi from
the pirosent acronge ait 29,1)50,010 )
against 26,999,55,2 Jast year. '.!he
L06..l estimated1 increase (f cot tot.
aerage is 3 54 por cord, or 956.4 :58
Aeros moreo Lhan last 'yeari, etitl (b,
Qverag( planiiitg is one wVook 14tor
TO MO'I1Til~s1N TIl1lt TOWN.
Children .who are delicate, feverish,
Mother' Gray's Sweet Pow .loers for Chit
dren'Cf. TPitey cleansrtie a tomach. act
''n the liver, makhin- g a nickly chilt
strong and hlthyII. A 0 artnin euro for
wormsir. Sold by ali drugit, 2rh'.
Sam plo FR UNE. .Addlr< Ha Alen $. Obe..
sted, LeRoy, N Y.
The Czmr of Russia annmounensi that
he will still retain his autoc'-ntic
A powder for swolleni, tiredI, hot,
smnartoug feet. Sample sent IFRlEE
Also Free sunttple or thme F"ooT-EAuw
SAN4ITARIY CORN-PAD, a now invention.
A re,a A llen S. Odtmared. Lnov.oy N.
You know the. medicine that
makes pure', rich blood
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Your
mother, grandmother, all your
folks, used It. They trusted
it. Their doctors trusted it.
Your doctor trusts it. Then
trust it yourself. There is
health and strength in it.
" I ftiferod ttirifly from huligestion uin t
th1. 1tlgblo Id. 14 i 1 l 1 to re lof luttii I took
Ayer'% 8a'avatrt u . Votir Ibott le is rena
Ieut,1y Cureti in." .I.
Tit. .I. 11r. IAlT, Mt. Iso, N. V.
I,1.00 n HO . . .' AV. C.O~ e .,
M - for sk M
Rich Bloo&
ver's Pills vro re'b txixativc.
' I I 10 1 i l l vil l i l ; i t - - I tL":
TW I :'t le. .
illi I. il.
itI titt
1 .1 .6
I q 1 - 1
n l I(( It i lt i t (.1 ft I it 1- 1.1
(theIl t : l o Il .it -I
L i t ' :L t I I- I
-l c mI: I i g -ot1 11V -
k- liit', ( i Vo l * f 1 t i 1)
The I I :itl , f ) . . I - I
n n itgk ( it ) iInal1 -1 it 6 x I I i
I t bi ' ikrh l ef t vi tl tt .4 t
".I 11 Lt ( il nf -t i - -1
r if ill. W " %N tI 1. h . b th -
(1re, 1will C) I I V tt
et, Awe)iv e tof .nin
talless y t o taeelcil -rt -
)0'fl tat SCC'r(i f l. c ,L
.on lsnihto isupo ab~xen.
soafing husad cue. rTake
dhbe ncoldr wabounn
you'l haven h ocO(. aee
whenp. the wol-d.i ro tac
verd itr.sinanm
of--the hroa a lug
StTend for arc sht w n. e
409.r4- 5 af arl - ro-ot. Vory Yor m~
e0 n d $1h.00te - m. Al d u t i
a rIik o
i.~ 23,0
'. ' w i.,i I ;-Ix I c )'1 it --v I. 1( u
tii 11 v,[ l' ( A04' a )d1
"'.ui r11 C 1'd~ '- 4)14I~l l l ol o l Iy
'Ut b (.itoc it. 1)(1 yo hov
1) v, il1))'iib f- i ,.. (1v"order qt
1w 'wnwi tak 1104 do ;c ofj4It~~tzt
cVh 11, ro ci "u . Itt It, i ou (les i ,~
n14r l 1o4sci t-1 :''d . 114)r 54\,4.J
bo 1.4 N. A yo !e
*1U. br. t.-i' Do rg. Co. oN.
I Iflitee T 4!iiu v
It is1 4i.\po-ll for Ii~tl 1)31'l o.
;11 1110 .; poltuf lu te y i o
w Iill4' I l 11N' sol;W i 4 lictu' ha
l(4 y II:1i'!1 I,1 ; )rti' I~j 4 0.,
1 V')il i'111h 1 ill)'s 1a 'l ...c h a nd
kivor T-1fi s, :o. i. t s:1,d For svu' 14
:0 Dtv,' G o. an4 d T. N.11s
iti I 4.4pr 1,01) dl14(1j41tti~f fi1
For Infants and Children.
fhe Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
. Uso
FOr Uver
Thirtv Years
They never gripe or sicken, but
C1leatuse1111(l a tl'itgtlthen the sltol (ih, liver
id boweis. Th ..14 is the universal Vor
liot of th I many tlhousalln il') ho 1).
'iItt's LiLlo Eatrly Riscro. Thero fa
smmis little pill relieve heditllche, et
Iipations, hillionsres4, j-t .uudice. torpid
liver, :-illow compiexion, eto, Tiy Little
Eurly llisers. Sold by Pickens Dlrug 0o.
It is generally poor picki)g for
his family when a mani trios to -arnj
his bread by the ;%ieat of his voice.
rosas @olds; Provents Pneumonia
Mother G.ray's weet loimlers for Children,
i5sed by Mother Grav, ia niurse i Childreti's
litome. New York, nrenk up.Cold in'-1l hour.s,
(ure Feverishss IIeadashe, stomac'rroubles,
T(1eeithing n:ioriers, awl )estroy wornis. A t
iul druggist, .25e. saiple 1niailed FR-l . Ad.
drso;s, Alc S. Olinisted, Eieltoy, N. Y.
If a coporation is without a soul
a trust must bo wstbout two of
A torpid, insactive liver can produco
mioro bodily ills thans almost aniything
else. It 1A good to closan the system out
')ccasionltly. Stir the liver np, and get
11in t shie generally. T1.he best results
aure deryv i froem the use of D~eWitt's
[Lll Ie VKir.y hi 43-r'. Riaible, cifectivo,
gripe, S 'hl by Psckens D~rug. Co.,
WVaiting works wV)1(ones-ifyou
keep~J busy wvhte waiting.
- Se that yours densggist givesi you no0
in'uijati In whien youl fask for Kennedyt1's
SuxIhv li vs oney and Tar, t ho orignal
dnuive conlgh syruiip. SolId by Pickens
sunig. CJo,,
Um itlusio.nsl must he maiscuil ine,
ji iging from1 tho the wayV women
julmp at them.
Don'L be a1 kicker just becan! o
(-verythling d(I not ha1 Ippenl to g<,
30our. wsay. Fall inl line wvith those
whto l'ave the 'best intr-o*-t of theo
t)w aI t hicar't. WI'heni you chianic ho
meet aI sitranlger t(ell himi ab out1 our
the'8)2422 s add( P' pmi g for the inlvest, -
ment11. 0f (capih a ilong indus atrIIial Iines
A very efL.ctivot way to aiid in bu1iling
tip a conanntntiity is to) talk it, Ill.
-"W'.Vill tudeoo dhi52 s alvo sa?'
"'It w ill", replied- tI h ld ioal ; "lII
wi2l d 1iss.olvo' gol, brtiok house's and(
horlre' a d hbappliness aid love antd
i ler iing elso worth having.
-- If yout aire supers2titious aibot
Ithe tnounbr 1,3 y' u had bet ter' give us
yourt quarter dlollars!, for on a one m
aret- 13 statrs, 13 letters in the SCroll
pfthe <agle's boink 1 3 heaves on the
oli:vo Iranch, 1 3 .s rrtow head.< andi 13
Iltuls in the words "'quarter dollir."
N *w it's ho(t satfo to) keep thbem so just
britng them int an-i1 got crodlit on you r
Bloars the ,lho Kind You Iav Ahvays Bought
---Jr t the, :xentinel tt Juna ) joofico
do(y diur prn~intng.
For ta patinlful burn't thero is nothing
hike De.Wilt's WVitch THagel Salve.
Thtoro are a ho0st of imi tions of Dc
WVitt,'s Witch llazol-Salvo on the mar
ket-s~ee (hut y'ou get thogonudne.- Ask
for Do~wlt's. Good1, too, for Runbu)1rn,
enits, brijeE4, and (~espcilly recommend.
ed for' piles. The name EI. 0. DeWitt,
& Co., Chlicago, is on overy box. Sold
by Packents Drug. Co,,
A oln8tono gatheors 1no mfoss
khts rlevidently isn't of the rfght
S.t C..Dry(
-tions aind
we are now showil
imost stylish, up to C
Spridg Goods that w(
Time and money M
ing this stook, and We
state that N1o will gi
for the same money ti
where. Whou you tri
you protect your poo
phy our oustomers
pledge you the best o
our goods must be wl
or your money givo
ing of wool dress go
are very popular ah
Cashimers and Serg
fine goods. Our 1
ways full we daro not
Our Whito goods,
aro so complete that
them. Our prices 0:
5 couts to 50 con ts.
derwear department
values we ever had.
Ladies vests, 5, 10.
Mon's veute, 25 & 5
See our Men's 50
'will buy.
0 Salesmenin, Mr. Tho
# Heonry McKinnoy.
0 Wk
S \Vest End, Gr
. . Harris is still in-business
self. Come around and1 get s
chandise, but don't all conie
24 poLIund sack of good il(
.other things according, nii
which is as Iigh as Hamna
seed, Bliss, Early Rose,
Hebron, by the pec
J.F . HA
Says it is time now to buy
Straw Hats, Sur
I have somo nico CALICOES a
Bring me your chickens and egg
I will pay you the cash for yomt
trado somehow. Please call and so
J. )..
P. S.-All -Who owe me wi
I have a I
Among them are the recon
Clocks w ithi wo~ghts, w hich:
An~d a r:ew line of SILVER
Silver WATCIIES. A nice it
glassos to fit eyes. All kinds o.
As Nice Line of as Good
Make up your s -lection for a meal froem
Vienna Saiusage, Roast Beef, Pigs
lleans, Okra~1 anl I Tomaftoes, Kra't
Sauicest, P'i'kles and (.om
Biscuit, C1omp;
Fruits, Candios Finest RIasted (Jrflee ii
I se'I strictfy for Jashi or Bar
Yours for some~t
D. F. I
Va All who owe mo are urged to cal
do a strictly cash b)usineOs.
It is p)ossile to (.blamt relief ft o
bronic indligestion n1 id dlynlpepsia by the
Somec of the most hopeess c'aes of longp
stnding have yield1ed to it. It eniables
yon to digest the food1 you cat antd ex
rises a correctivo inifluencoe, bomldiz g
up the oflicioey of the digestivo orgaiuns.
Te stomach is t ho boiler n~ heinii tihe
stoam is adne thtat keeps ump your vitali
:y. hetaltha and strength. Kodo1l digett
~vat you eat. Maukes theostomach swepet
puts thme boilor' int coniditioni to do thr
ork naturo demnds of it-gives you'
elief from digestive disorders, and punt
yon in thapo to do your boat, and feel
our best. Sold by P'ickens Drutg. Co.,
WANT1ED-2000 croustles, at once, by~
ickeis R. R. For specifloati'tms apply
tteir oflice. -. 52-2t.
. F. D. No. 5 EASLEYV, S. C.
Notice to Debtor and,
All person holding claims against the
ttto of Bloomer Merck, detease d will
resenit the'm to the undersignecd duly
attested ontor >erfore the 15th day of
uto ilext, and all persoms indebted to
id estate will mamke paymnt thereof
1', NM, Merck,
J. Ml. Satterflold,
6 - Administrators'
ag tibe laIgest and
ato stock bf new
have ever shown.
a8 spent in select
do' not hesitato to
ve the best values
at can be had any- -
ide at Park's store,
ket-book. That is
stick to us. We
I store service, and
at we say they are
batck. Our show.
Dds is fine-Greys
o Bilks, Mohnira4,
?s-fropn cheap to
nok goods are al
iet them run dovn.
and printed lawns
we cannot iell -of
i thoseo goods from
Our shirt a (1 1i
is full of the .beat
15 and 25 cents.
D cts, can't be bent.
ots shirts aud yon
xfords to suit your
mas Ligon and Mr. -
Cenville, S. C.
STh AT-:
at the same 61d stand by him
one bargains in general mer
at once.' I will sell your a
>r for 50 cents. And all
nus Meat and Dried Fruit
n was hung. Irish potato
3rbanks and Beauty of
k at any old price.
RRIS, By Himself.
amer Goods, Etc.
i. If we can't trade on the goods
produce. So bring it on; we will
3 me, and reimember the old Beef
11 please come and settle, and
J. D. M.
ood line of
iendahlo old style Seth Thomas
[ aml selling at special bargains.
WARE. Also solid Gold and
no of Spectacles; I guarantee
C reptair work in the jewelry line.
- Easley, S. C.
Goods as Can Be Bought.
toy stock of Canned Goods: Potted Ham,
Feet, Tripe, "Big Hominy," Corn,
ut, Peas, Peaches. Blerries, etc.,
timeonte. All or the National
Liy's prolucts,
town. All kinds botted drinks on Ice,
ter. Satisfaction Guar'nteed,
t hing nice to eat,
* A CE.
I and settle at once. Fromt now on I will
ilie ir n'eN prope equpe-n v the s'rnV.
RIFLE~S . . . from $2.25 to $150.00
PISTOLS . . . from 5.50 to 50.00
SHOTGUNS . . from 7.50 to 85.00
AS ou atiretlera I n t Scnh o opr will b
Iri.~ upen d reesit. Reglar 5 cents a nd
catlo 'ske cli o ve pstiages do ,
Out aestv l.'4. comallr husirts 1 ctnent w ookit,
m on anY lr o f go 10entIstps.
ing mon ydrs bui Iorg a 7d icnt ant

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