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1VPicen~ I UlL orf~
11 111ngs 01 a Local and Persoi Naunrg
Do)n't fail to road tho ad. of IR F
1 co.
-The Pickens Drug Co. now sol 9
grape juice for sacramental purposes.
-Mr. W. A. Boggs, of Calhoun, kyas
in town on business last week.
-The Grand Lodge of Knights of
Pythins will meet in Anderson next
-Mrs. D. G. Moore, of Pickons,
who was quite sick last weol is bet
- We would be glad to have our cor
respondents write us a lotter, even if
a short one, every week.
-A 10-months-old child of Mr. B.
C. Baker died on the 26tb inst with
cholera fintum.
-Mibbs Hortense and Maud Stan
sell, of the county, are visiting their
sistor, Mrs. B; C. Robinsoli.
-The much needed rain fell the it
for part of last week, and crops will
I e much hRnefi(ted thereby.
-After June 1st., we will diseou
tinu buying hutter unil fi-thU'er no
tico. Craig J31os.
-Died, on Sund:iy n ight laO, 271 h
inst., Alfred Evat!., a 1o:i of Mr.
an1d Nirs. EYatt. lie was in his 18th
year .
- aliE RiZabeth Child, on of
tho tenhieri in i he Graded Sohool,
hasietninl to le'r limiie in Spar.
- Dr. W. F. Austin has gone to
Bston, Muss., to attend a den b.1
convention. Ilis oflico will be closed
until aiout, the 20th of .1une.
-- A spccial servico, iiicl-iding the
Childron Day program, will ho held
4 in the Methodist church next Smnday
evening, commtncing at 8 o'clock.
-The County Democratic exectu
tivo' Committee is urged to meet in
the court htous n(Xt Snlturday, June
3 at 11. a. m. Ttbe names of the com
mitteemen wvre publ shed 1,.t week.
-- H. B. Bower, of Norris, has been
aiwarded the contract to buid fifty
cottages for the Pickis Cotton NMill,
and hle expects to begit. operations at.
-The Pickens Mill is assured. The
site has beenm determined upon aid
the contract for ieho operatives'
homes has been lot. Activo weik
wvill begin soon.'
-There will be an al l.day inugi ng
at 1Uoliy Spring -ehmebo the third
Sunday in June. All lover' of mu
sic are invited to coumo anid bring
song books and well-fiIl led baskets.
-Manrried at the resIidenCcif Mrs.
L'zze Adams, the mnothter of thle
bide, on Sunday las t, Mfr. Fii. K
Mauldint and Miss. Litlie Audams. all
of Cateechee; J. Alonzo Brown N. P..
- >f. tiwit tenb~luirg, of Newibc ry
lhns been elected Pi incipal of the
Picktns Graded School. lie will be
assisted by his wife, Miss Olive New
* ton, and1( another teacher yet to I."
elected b~y the trustees.
-'j here will be Child ron 's D av ex
ycrises lhe 1(d a . T wi e'lvo Able ch urch ott
the first. Sunay in .Juily. 4.ho exer
cises wilt emubrace the day. P'rom
inent speakers have I ccii inivited1 to
be presenit. The putblic cordiailly in
vited to attend these exercises.
-A farruer, l ivinig not for frem;
town, has an 01(1 rooster that minak'
a <elline for the eieock bottomts every
the deaths in hitt family tw years ao
aind realize that this in the year for
neifiationse of the caiudidairsa.
-Mr.. C. G. Rowland is announ ce d
4 in this issue as a candidatte for re
election to the Gflice of Ma gistrtato aii
Cerntral. lie has ma do a fatithtiful of
ficer in thme past, and if re elected,
will continuot to swryo thle people
.j~, ~ in a fearless atnd coniscient ione (di1
charge of the duties of his oflice.
-Mesmirs. Folger Thiorniley & Co.,
hatve purchase 1 thle lot adjoining th ir
property wvhiebh belonged to the Hot.
V I~ingsworth esitato and( have moved the(
wooden store b~uildting over on to it.
The1~y tare laying down thle brick and
material for a modern etore room fo
be budlt adjoining their present brick
-Tlher will be an all day service
at Lluasaatt 111ill chuorchl, onj Suntday,
Juneo 3rd. Sunday.school at '.n
usual h'nar and pireaching by the
patst( r, Rev; D. L. Hatcher, at 11 a.
ii., nud s on~g servicte conducted by'
P'rof. lhIcD. WVennis and o thers in thle
afternooni. [Te public corditally in
vited t.> attend.
-iT folloning churches beloing.
ing to Svelve Mile 1tiver Baptist.
Asesociationm have not got tneir qnotam
of Mirnte: Kooweo, Union, Camp
(Ot-ek, Eastatoe, Cherry Hill1, Travelh
er's' lRest, Whitowvater andt Stamp
Creek. Thme clerkcs of the~se chiurcelis
are nrged to sr nd for them at once.
Trhe portage oni these panckageni ill
)bo 6 cents each, so if to be0 sent by3
mail, send us the stamps and instruc.
Pickens 0,
See us for G:
is especially
such purpose
Pints an<
Hallurn's Kidney and Backac
all Kidney ills. 50 cents per b
Pickens Dru
Hon. J. A. McCullough Delivers Com
mencement Address-Graduates.
The Com) Inencenli11 .of tihe Pickens
grIOlei elool, wichii took plaieo last
Thursiy and Friday nights, was a
suceoss. There were onily two nights
of c'Illcret. Tursdaly 11:g1t
I Int ei et ting lrgramme wvaf V rn.
de red and t play entiled "Six cups
of ChecColatte" was neusinily given.
Fbo Iindlienc11) wis treated Friday
n. ;glit to a fino addr ss from J. A. Mc
C(iolloigh, E-q., of tle Greenville
bar, who was11 the commIn11 Ceei (L
(.'rator. Ho wasA introduct hv th1e
Honl. T. J. M'danidin of Piekena in Il
appropriato vdd1ress.
A fler thi addre ss, tHie prinicipal
of the school, Pi.f. S M. Wlfe, do.
livered at elmic spchci of fivo miln
ieis( to the grntejutos and presented
to them their diplomis. Tho grad
unateti were fifteen in 11uimb'er, As foi
lows: Meka Boggi, Ma :rv Garrett,
Allgood, Jamwt HieIndric, Eva411%1
ul, Ora .'~l ara 1 ter,
Edna. Hester,- Elie Gilstrapi, Chovie
Ituper, Cora Porter, Olive Gillespie,
Bvirtha Asw, v
Prof. S. M. Volfe, the principal of
th :-clool resigned ill FebrIlr., to
take effect at tIhis Clom Illencenti It,
fur the purpose of devoting his time
to tile study of law. At, the opening
of Iho Uniiverszity of Siuth Carolina
he will enter t ho ii department.
H anld theolli er teacelirs lcevi Pick
eng with tLe best wishes of ther
friend cs.
spen11t. InOst we'k ithI lwe friend ,- Mrso.
-MIisses Mij:in and Kato0 Griflin,
or GriillyI1~, visited thirj. sister,
'Iirs. H. MI. Hesiteri, oif Piclion last
--Miss Ina~ loges, daughter of
clerik of court. A. .John Boggss, is r
por'ted qjilto ill, beoing thireatened
withi imeningotis.
--On account of "noth'ng doing"
elerk of courit A. Johnl Boggs hasw
reQceived1 orders niot to call CILnrt foir
fir-st \ilnday ini Jin)e.
-.k"is bein g kiept veryv busy
thiese day's slIing ing the pai at b'rsh
A present 1hn isi tonehing up thle
roomsi at the Hiawathti.
-'-liersi Thlomna' was sent to j dl~ i 1y
Magistrateo W. L. Mforen .liast Sa1
orday for mnisalmeanor'. It is harud
to place al.w4iloa with a young baby
in piston. From what canf ho learneid
she unas a"cUoda and con)vicd of
sttealinig two( chickeiw.
-Mr1. 11tltoni.h il, nho lives in
thin P~'iI rat set.ioni ( of the coun1ty, had
the imis fort~ue toI I~ l is his store00 ai
osnnt en tsro l a st Tihursday3I nmit
Mr,. Dil iard is of I ti he oiion01 it was
jI 0t onire, nd1 wtill c-ffer a rewards.
-Thel oIVailey Pin oin sdtic (1 nh
unlder'I te an1,-p14ieof th Il ;.m0y
Bain d, will pl ay thi rp r'oaingii ' frce
at (Coteeo'hee 4on Fr-iday' night, . Juneac
1st. It is~ a treati~ whieb no) one whos'
jin in reach of (Cat o(che0 shionbi mo.
-- --C7o-imanidcr W. 1U. Allgood re
cnests that1 all thef m11 mber01s of Camiip
;arvin and all shieraf taking pat
ini ti-o exerisesC' next Saturdayl in
Pickens, will mee't, him at the Halp
list chnr'h at 9 ai. mi , o a'i to be
formed and ini line of miarah re'ady
to go on a "foraging tour' as soon as
thoy possily caln.
-N .1). Sat'.erfiel, of thle EaleyO
side, was in Pickens F4riday, having
como1 ny1 to purchnso 0on' (of thioseO
celebra'lteds Mitc4hell waegons w hich
a'ds. Fol~ger, Thiorniley & Co. at I.
Mr i. Sa Itertil, who is'., and( has been'
in the sai~iil businiess f..r' manyi~
years1, hlinloe o118 (10(f the (se waonus
--h Pick 1' n it It Co.(., has ht
thie 'onut ract Ior 1114 ([pin1) ig of
their I q[1ipmenhil they are( need VsI
ing for sawed crossti(e51 05, and (co'nt Iem
p)lateoii makting 14ome4'i impovemeOi1u-ts oni
their road lied thiso li ommer1. Theli
first tiing they wil (14 will ['a to put1
in a Y at Easiey andI Piek. no, s'o as
to keop from i'runnig "hacnkwuards
and1( forwards" up and downi the road1.
T1hsy also contemplate doing a gooid
dalnt trackn t, nigitoi:.
rape Juice for
purposes. It
adapted for
1 Quarts,
lie Pills, are guaranteed to cure
)X, 5 boxes for $2.00.
g Company.
Letter from Texas.
As I am at leisure this even
ing, 1 will once more try to send
you t he new.i from this part (.f
iho country, hoping that it, will be
of in te 1i 10 3t oour 1' ayii) ei.dk r&.
WeO are having. two Miuch rain
for the crops. Corn, oats and wheat
are(3 looking lite, but cotton has
been drowned out. We have a
great (ical of cottou land yet to be
PlaI ed .
Our school closed two weeks ag
witi a 1ew speolios and a candy
tient. The school is tiaught in a
huirch bitildiig three miles fmi,
Gainesvil _ on the Santa Fee Rai,
The 6 o'clock passenger trait,
ran over and killed a fine muule on
Friday last.
We were glad to see the l)i)g
list of old soldiers and widows
drawing pensions, which you pub.
lished iast week. The list con
tained the iamies of two aunts of
iine. I just, took do wn my old
fiddle and played the Bunnio Blue
Flag, and Dixie, too.
Mr Lung, who lives near Gains.
ville, has eleven acres in sLraw
herie . Ho employed 80 women
ant~d c.-ijlren to pick strawberries
last week.
A une is being surveyed from
(aineetvillo to Sherman, a uistance
of 40 miles, with the object oi
building a railroad.
Gainsvillo has just completed
her new city hall, and it is a beau.
tiful building.
We cant see why J, W. 1iailey
cant stay a little closer to home.
We are to have a County Fair
this fall, and Air. Bailey gives the
grouno, one mile from Gains ville.
Momo1 of our becst citize-ns are on
the cominnitee of arrangement, and
a1 line timte is expiected.
I will close with best wishes.
Gainisville, TVex. May, '20.
Letter' from Cateechee.
A good rain Sunday, and every.
thing in the planlt line looks fresh.
Farmers have made good head
way for the pas two weceks, and
very little grass is to be seien.
Mr. Charlie Porter, w\ho has
been wvorking in the Norris mil
got caught in a bstt last Thursday,
and had 'anz arm brokeni.
Mr. and Mrs. Porter of Pied
mont, visited their son, Charlie
last week.
Mr. and Mr'u/. Hlarleston Ram
pey, of Liberty, sisuted Mr. and
Mrs. Charlie Porter last Sunday
Capt . J. C. Garieott, we are gl ad
to report, is able to be out, againl
after a long hliness.
M r. 'T. M. Norris, president of
lhe Norri1s mill, returned from a
busineuss visit to Asheville last
Capt . P. Whiite~n, of Norris, went
to A tlantla yesterday on business.
A blind lady. Mrs. Emmina
Bi Oylt:s, of Bessemior, N. C,, gave a
(lay eveniung. 11.
Six Mile News.
F'armers aro getting alon~g niicol v
wi th their wvork. Some haive hoedl
corn over twvice.
Misa Mary T1rotter is visiting on
the old Pickensg side this wyo(k.
Mr. WValter Williams visitedt
nearlI Senec'(a last, Sunday.
'hem heal th of 0our commulnity is
very good at presenTt.
Mrs. Clifton Snyder, of Green
villo, who has beeni speunding a
few wroeks in this section, returned
home last Sa turdasy.
Mrs. W. A. Ihendricks was the
gmnst oif Mrs. Eliza Trottor last
'The weather has beeni rather~ cold
(or May.
',. Ida Merck is vory sick at
prc~. nt, but her friends hopo to see
her uip aga in soon.
Miss Sophita M auldin visited in
C'etiral last Friday.
Roh)1t Mauttld in ha the( finest
piec of corn we ha ve seenl any
where this year.
W'., are vory gl~nl toe say that
NI , . Reil, who hast been1 ill with
fever, is mui ch better.
MIi.n E i ' A rnold( visited frienids
in the Kmge setin last Saturday
old Pickens side, un 18in our h)urg
I last. Rnndavy. Oim Rom -i~
Second Big shipment
Childrens Suits, size4
sizes 13s to 20s, price $2.
and extra sizes, from $
Youth's 75 cts to $3.00, f
Buy the celebrated I
Dress Goods-:-Dres
Our stock is always complete and we a
lookout for something new. Don't fail to
line of white goods we are showing, every tl
white goods, Linen Lawns, Persian Lawn
Dimities. Complete line of silks for shirt
line of black goods is always strong and t
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buying your shoes from us, try us
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Pride & Pat
len- cent cotton has p)ut lots of miont
Many pecople haveC been robbed and kill<
Safe blowers have tried the
and failed to get the money. Delays are
an account with them today and your morn<
Interest paid on time deposits.
H-. C.
$J.oo will open an account with the ]
There are Pictures
and Phot<
For a photograph that
sesjust as tecmr
feature sharp and clar,
is what I give.
'Only the best material
be found in my work.I
patrons, their repeated os
of my good work. I do framning and enlarg
o Spring Clothing new(
3 4s to 17s, price 75c to
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Yours Tril
ients Furnishing Goods a S
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this seaso
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with care.
ue makesDrssh
not been .atest styl
next time ust oa
ittle cool si
~y in the country
d for their money
dangerous. Open Jobw k
y wvili be safe. clonehlero W
Shirley, Cashier. pth
iberty Bank..
Railroad a
is tr e ineey Letter and N<
every detail show n and Statei
that is used will ada
VIy many satisfied Giv
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v. s. c. Sentinel-Joi
st and latest styles.
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ng you need, we appreciate you trade
V & C0.,
>ecialty. Sole Agents for
n Kihg Stoves.
1Frost is Gone
to not return any more
n. We do not need coats /
hi during the hot days of
but we (do need nice sus
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e exclusively the Southern
e of suspenders, of Atlan
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Prices from 15C to 50c
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raw bat for a very small autW
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ith neatness and dis
rnd Commercial
>te Heads, Bill H-eads
nents, done neatly
3asonable prices.
-e us a Trial.
irnal Co, PIErN5, S. .

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