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SLorpid .Ler and
Crnic Constipation..
Pleasant to talte
i OW VEAS dram
air in large
POTASH and phosphoi
to the plant.
The multitude of F
remarkable cow pea, a:
illustrated book, "The
tells of the splendid
fertilizing cow peas wit
is free to farmers for t
Address, 013RMAI
Now York-93 Nassau Strcot. or
Farieirs' Uiflon
BlII' ('Ull of
Coini~i 1Ic 1 11waxi 1'1,,1ed ix 01ar.
-CotIllieted by the
South Carolia 1arnmerx' litiatiotal attd
Co-Operative Utilon.
Comunntions iletild I'or this depairt
menat should be aitdressedt to J. 1. Stribliumg,
Poid eton, South Catroli lin.
Stunting Corn.
Will Mr. Williamson reply?
Now, if Mr. Williamson's stunt
ing process proves with all of u1
to be*as profitable and atisfactor;
alit has wyith Mr. Williamson, w
can then see what a fool we hav
all along been for losing so mucl
sleep over the stunting corn habi
of our free negroes and some c
our white tenants, too. We hav
watched this seemingly unavoi
able stunting process going o
about us, more or less every yon
with a great deal of displonsur
counting the apparont loss as N
passed by.' Bt if Mr. Villinu
son's success in this improvt
stunting corn practice proves to 1
as good with others as with hit
self, we can truly say to one ai
other along tha lino, farmoi
"what fools we mortals be."
Mr. Williamston-we do i
once doubt--has boon thoiough]
convinced that his stunting plant
all right or he would not practil
this plan, let alone advocate iti
public print. iBut what woi wai
to know from Mr. Williamson no
is, how (does lhe 'know that there
more in the stunting of his coi
4 than there was in the 'side appi
cation of the "fertilizer? D)id M1
Williamson make repeeted con
parative tests up)on dilffrent 50m
and difierent seasons by thle acltu
weighing of the different yieh
and actual mieasuremients as to 11
area under his comparantivo tes
or did he form his conclusion
like many of us have (lone beCfor1
by the mero looks of the thing?
We wonld like to hear fromM
Williamson on this subject,a
*1 many of our people are arc niakini
those pointed inquiries of our bu
reau about these tests.
With the Aldrich syst'im of platl
ing corn and cotton alter the doubb1)
row alternation and~ rotation plar
of Mr. Williamson, and the brood.
ing of new varieties of cow peats te
suit our different p)urpo5tss, bty Mr.
Birabham and Dr. Mason, we fool
very much like t-here is something
doing along tho right lhue by our
farmers, which is gratifying to the
wholo progressise family of our
Trhis progressivo turn of the
minds of the Southern farmners
away from- the all cotton system
to the more sensible rotation 1)lans
and the inclination to build up the
land upon a permanuent plan ot ro.
tation is like the dawnl of a bright
new day for our Southern farmers.
It looks like our pole weore about
ready now to call the farmer that
oa'n make a reasonably profitabl0
crop from his land and leave the
Jand richer than before ho grew
the crop, the best farmer of the
fattire; that is the kind of farmers
that the whole country must now
look to to turn the tide of the long
' practiced Tobber system of skin
ning the land by contmnuocs cr'ops
of its 80il for priS0nt gain and fu
nttte evastation.
Cier up, farmers,.you are on the
right roadr
Farmers' Unmon Picnies.
I ~ t ise now tiano to begin to platn a
ogular order of farmers' meetings
K f- 9 the adyancepient of the organ,
Jston during the time between
*: e Jaging #fy og erops and gator
nxativeFnit Syruf
3 Drug Company and Dr. R. F. Smti
nitrogen from the
amounts, if sufficient
-ic acid- are supplied
'urposes served by the
re told in the 65-page
Cow Pea," which also
results obtained from
:h POTASH. The book
e asking.
Atlanta, Ga.-.2% lo. nroad Street.
I tim ng Li n., pu blic m1leetingis
or rally days of farmerv, if freed
Iroimi obnoxiou1s political schemos.
does a great, good thing by bring.
ing the farmers together to discuss
the things of priie interoit, to all
farmers. Just here we wish to re
mind the Union that it is not a
good plan to have too many asweak.
era at these meolings to talk on the
samo Subjects, for the following
reason W lien you got a speaker
from i di-itanco you should beAr
a his ex)nses, al] again to not get
Y a ian to speak upon any subject
" unless you can get a good one and
3 givo him his time to tell what he
1 knows aibout the subject in hand.
t If you can have a speaker to go tt
' your mlieetings that. knows somethimsg
Sibout what he is to talk about, it
will not tako 1- m long to tell it
i while it usually takes sone men r
long time talking trying to nakt
the people believo that he doe
0 know soniothing about his subject
- when in reality he knows hut l1ttle
(I or notuing new to tell yotn.
In sowing poas on stubblo laut
lait soason wo tried to plow a piecE
s, of land with a two horse plow, bu
after plowing a strip across thi
t fiold, conluded to waunit until i
raitnod. When tho rain did comi
w) got inl a hurry and plowed ii
8 all the fici with one-horso plows
3e runn ing r'igh t across the stij
n plowed dJeep with two-horse plo0w
anodh re'sul t wvas that the dele]
plweat: ip had a richer color al
"the season, andl the peas gros
is about one foot taller than the one
.i borse plowing.
-A good wetder ruu over c tton o
Scorni just at the righ t time kills ou
1 ivast ailmoun it of youn g ne eds amt
rass and iil pay for its'l f every
day Ooer ag.tini wh:en usced with goot
judgmnen t.
We~V have decided thait ''boozi
s, and business'' is a bad mixture, anm
will just try plain business for &
short spoll. If this doesn't work
well wec may decide to Out out busi,
r. s and t ry boose. This decisior
s was reached after a very forcibb
argumient with ourl deOvoted spouse
wh'lo wairniod us in no0 unleortaiji
l anguage that wo would ho using
somec of that hair' restorer on our
topmost point uniloss we wiped it
off our list alItogether. As it would
be a sin to waste the precious fluid
in th:is man ner we have cut it out.
Boys, be wvarned and don't tempt
us, for we will bo compelled to
mu rd.'r in cold blood them first one
who llashes a bottle of tincture
con flirtum in our presenco.--Coweta
(I. T1.) Cou rir .
T~iM10 TVA liC NO l
suapersedes Time Ta'ble No 4
E~flectlivo Marcha 10 19011
Read Do0wn Roaud Up
No 12 No 10 sTAT1IONs No i No 9
Mixedi Mixed Mlxed Mixed
40il pm 10:410 am iv lekeuns ar 2:55pmn7:35 pm
4: 10 pm 30:45 aIZ m Ilergnxon, 2:45pm 7:30 pm
.1:55 pin 10:55 aim m i*Parsoni's 2:30pm 7:20 pm
5:00) pm li:0) am *A rnall'su 2:25pm 7:15 pmi
6:10i pm. 1i:05 m *Mal niun 2:20pm1, 7:10 pmi
5:15~ pm ii:1 iamin ar IHaxey iv 2:15pm 7:05 pm
*i*'lag Stautions.
All trah:M dauil y except Su nduay
No. t0 conmnects withI Soiuthern iiRailway No 39
Nm. U monnects with Sonthern Railway No 12
No. 32 connets wilth So n the. n Rtailway No It
No i1 onnmetsmwillhSoutihern. Railway Uo40
tY'For any inmformation ap~p'y to
- J T1 TAYLOR.Gone Manager
PICKEiNS - - S. C.
Old Earle Building, Nuar Livery
Stable of Noaley & Gravely.
Good, clean, easy shave and a shoe.
shine for 100t0s.
Hair cut 15cts. Shampoo anid Hair
cut for 25cts.
HAIm TONics: Witch Hlazel, Bay
Rumn, Sialphur Wat-er kept on hand.
First-class liair Singeing and HairI
Cleanses the system
thoroughly and clears
sallow complexions of
pimples -and blotches.
it is guaranteed
.h, Easley.
Thousando Rave -Ridney -rroubj
and Don't Know it.
Now To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common gliss with you
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; i
- sediment or set
tling indicates a1
unhbalthy cond
tion of the kid
neys; if it stain
0 your linen it I
evidence of kid
nay trouble; to
frequent desire t
. .. pass it or pain I
the back is als
convincin'g proof that the kidneys and blac
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge a
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swami
Root, the gret kidney remedy fulfills ever
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in th
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every pai
of the urinary pas:;age. It corrects inabilit
to hold water and scaiding pain in passin
it, or bad effects following use of liquoi
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasasi
necessity cf being compelled to go ofte
during the day, and to get up many tine
during the night. The mild and the extr:
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root is roo
realized. It stands the highest for its wo:
derful cures of the most distressing case:
If you need a medicine you should have th
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and$1. zize
You may have a sample bottIe of th
wonderful discovery
and a book that tills
more about it, both sent U IN
absolutely free by mail.
Addreas Dr. Kilmer & noio of swaunp.nloo,
Co., Binghamton, N. Y. When writing mei
tion reading this generous offer in this pape
Don't make any mistake, but rememb
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmei
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamto
N. Y.. on every bottle.
Winthrop College
Scholarship and Entrance
TVihe exatiintion for the award of v
cant scholarlip in Winthrop Colle
and for the admission of new studor
will he hel( at the County Curt lous<
on Friday, July 6th, at 9) a. in. App.
cants must not be less than fifteen Yes,
of ago. When scholarships nre vacat
after July 6. they will be awarded
those making the highest average at tlI
(xamiriation provided th. y meet the oc
ditions goveen'ng the award. Applicar
fror- scholarship should write to Preside
Johnson before the examination f
scholarship application blanks:
Scholarships are worth $100 and fr
tuition. The next session will open Sc
tember 9th,1900. For further inforn:
tion and catalogue, address
Rock Hill S. C.
MoTuxR GRAY'S SwEirr l'CWnRiWits FoR CxII.I13
Successfully used by Mother Gray, iurse
the Children's Hume iI New York. Curo Fev
Ihiess, Had Stonacih, reething DIsorders, nc
and regulate the Howels and iestroy Wort
Over 30,000 testimonilR1. They never fail. At
I)ruggist, :5. sanmplo Fsree. Address Aller
olms~ted, Le Rioy, N. Y
"I have been using Chnmberlaii
Cough Remidy aind wvant to say it is
best cough medicine I hav ever' taket
says Geo. L~. Chubb, a mercbant
IHorlan. Mich. Therie is no questi
about its being the boest, as it (vill cu
a cough or or cold in less time than a1
other treatment. It should always
There's lots of funny things in Ii:
Weo often notice hero.
'lhe choaplest man is one whose w
Inis~it on calling "'dear."
stops the aough and healJlana
"When I was a diruggest, at Livoni
M~o., writes TI. J. D)wyer, now of Gray
villo, Mo., "three of my customers we
permanently onrod of consumption I
Dr. King's Now Dino ivory, and are we
and strong today. Onae was tryi..gi
sell his property and move to Arizmn;
but ater using Nowv I~i80overy a sh',
timo he found it unnecessary to do so.
regard Dr. King's New Diwcovery as tI
most wondorf ul medicine in existeneo
Sure Congh and Cold cure and Tihro
aund Lung Healer. Guaranteed by~ tI
Pickeuns Drug Company. 500 and $:
Trial bottle free.
Fromn this date I will be in the Supei
'visors ofilce every two wveeks on 'Tuel
dlay's after Saloday in each month an
Tuesday twvo weeks after each x:dleda2
to transact businm ss.
May 8th 1906
You will never get w
py, hearty and free fromj
constitution with a nerv
tonic, like
It Makes PaL
It is a ptjre, harmless, medi
Ingredients, which relieve female
backache, bowel ache, dizziness,
ation, dragging down pains, etc.
it is a building, strength-mak
medicine that is certain to do you
Sold by every druggest in $1,
freely and frankly, In strictest confid
ence, telling us all your symptoms and
troubles. We will send~ free advicp
(In plain sealed envelope), how to
cure them. Address: lAdles' Advisory
Dept., The Chattnooga Medicino Co.,
If You Advertise In
. .-.
*had led. Rheumacide ci
Y Johns Hopkins Hospital the
of Salem, Va., and D. li. Oli
remedies and the doctors he
g Almost a Miracle in This Case.
DillIon, S. C.. Aug,. I&
Bobbitt Chemical Company:
n Gentlemen -in September. 199. 1 took rhe
matism in a very bad form Inflammatory). Ir
month after he disease stai ted I had to give i
my work and go to bed. It continued to rc
n worse until my arms and hands were bad
rawn. so much so that I could not use thei
My legs were drawn back till my feet touchi
. my hips I was as hdi iess as a baby for near
e Is months. The musc es of my arms and le
were hard and shriveled up. suffered dea
many times over. Was treated by six differe
Is physicians in McColl, Dillon and Marion. b
none of them could do ine any good, uptil Dr.
P. Ewing, of Dillon. came to see ie. He to
e to tr your RHEUMACIDE. I- egot me o
bott e of the medicine and I began to take
-d before the first bottle was used up I begi
to get better. I used 5% bottles and was co
L gleteyI cured. That was years ago and n
e ith has been excellent ever since. Ha,
r. had no symotoms of rheumatism. Will s;
further that Fbegan to walk in about six da
er after I began to take RHEUMACIDE with t]
,5 aid of crutches- an about three months aftei
n, ar to take it I could walk as good as al:
body. and went back to work again.
Yours truly. . JAMES WILKES
I 785.I L CO LLG 1"(; CIIAR ISTON 1, 11006
Charlestoni, South Carolina.
- intrance exa iitiia n will h11be held inl the
Zo County Court House on 1.'hlay, .July6. at 9 a. m
tki One F'reo Tuition sehoirsh ip to enll couitv of
o South Carolna awarded by the ('outily Sipt.
If- of Itiucation atid uidge of Probate. hoartiand
IS furniliicl room in l)ormitory, $11 i lonithi. All
od cantlitdates for attinissioni are perinitted to coi
to pete for vacant loyce Scholirsllps which j1,y
ls $100 i year. F'or eitalogue information, ailiess, carry
n- Hlarrison itiand~olli, Presitici.t.
or Wly suffer from a hotunatism wht'n
ee ova applicaition of Chamberline's Painal
Balm will relieve the pain? The quick all
a- relief which this liniment a'lords makes
rest and sleep possible, and that ialone is
worth many times its cost. Many who Trun
have used it hoping only for a short r-e
lief from suffering havo been happily
surprised to find that after awhile the ro
in lief became permanent. Mrs. V. 11. Iron
"Ye Leggett of Yum Yum, l'ennessee, U. S. tile b
us. A., writes. "I am a great sufferer from
all rheumatism; all over from head to food wOa'rf
and Chamberlain's Pain Balm" is the Onl ly
tiling that will reliove the pain ." For
av sale by Pickens Drug Co. and T. N.
Hunter Liborty.
of Ebr oheadrena afe. aure. NPo oplates CIA
an -
ay On acocunt of its mild actiou and Aav
be pleasant taste Orino Laxatlve Fruit
Syrtup is especially recommended for :1:30ai
.e. women andi children, It does not an rc:
seato or gripe liko 1)i11s ad ordinary
ife cathartios. orino Laxative Fruit Syrup I~
aids digestion and stimulat~es the livor toni
and bowels without irritat ang themn. e-T
memba-r the name ORLINU an~d refuse \v"
su5tbstitutes, Packins Drug, Co. tanu
a, Foley & 00i., Chicago, originated HonoIi. t
s. and Tar as a thraoat ad lunig menady, 4:. ip i
ro andI on account of the great mearat ann rc
y popularity of Foley's 11oney aid T1auma
*many imitations are o~l'eredl for the gen- 02
~o uine. These worthaless imitation have Lai
Ssimilar sounding nmamesI. .Hckware of .0o > am
.6 them. The genuine Foley's honey anti au
I I'ari is in a yellow pacokage. Ask for it 'ai1
e and refuse any suibteitute. It is the A
," best remedy for conguis and cold. Pick
at ens Drug 0o., Ta
.A good comnpl.-xion is impossiblo with a
the ktomiach out, of order. If panty sal
- low peop1)1 would pay amore at:enltil to t.
their stomachms and less to th u skin on ..
their faes, they would have better s
r- complexions. KOD)OL FOR D)X- T
3- PEPI81A wail Igest ult youii 3'toat an~d A
(l putt , our stomach back ini right shnapo
% to do its own wrork, Kotdol rehevesi
palpitation of the hao.srt, flatuienace, sour1 Cre
stOunacha, heart burn, etc. 5oldt by Pick-.re
01ns Drug Co. 'a ssli
- -- - -. . Colds
____S y ste
the. bi
A certa
elI and stogrght hap- KE
>ain, until you bul pyou
e refreshing, blood-making
3 Cheeks Pink :i "n
cinal tonic, made from vegetableo <iuick at
>aln and distress, such as hendachie, 9i - on an
chills, scanty or profuse mnenstru- 9f Str(gl
'& 25 centa
ing medicine for women, the only R _
good. Try It,
00 bottles,~No
of mine,'' writes Mrs. F. L. Jones, of _ ate of
."For since taking Cardul I have de .1signe(
gained 35 lbs., and am in better health Pmen)0t, b;
than for the past 9 years. I tell my Ii ndebtet
husband that Cardul is worth its ment to
weigt i gol toall suffering ladies.''"
. sa., ..A 'May 1
the SentInl-IJournlaI,
A.~ O)msted,
rid thousands of cases of kheumatisrn after all the dc
Ared John F. Eline and others, of Baltimore, after
greatest hospital In the world, had failed. Rheumac
,nstead, the Norfolk, Va., contractor, after they had sl:
d given up hope. Rheumacide opired Mrs. Mary Well
of rheumatism she had endured for 20 years.
Hughes, of Atkins, Va., after the most famous Ne
There Is a reason why it cures: Rheumacide is th
'cal science, and while powerful enough- to sweep
of the blood, it operates by pureliy autuml mnet
IV most delicate stomach, and builds ipt
esd thuAnd ofe oeeae ofed hatgos rifhi' all thd a.
aredJohnF.BBinean othEMrsA CoMPNY Proteor, ae
R. 1tDITthe Norease sa yorraor, aftey frdhad I
Cmllieof rhemaim se good whindhae for 20beirs.to
facutghe ofce Athins, VaI afutinr th osrth faods areI
Thee sYOresU NwhEDHEAV Wcure SIOS Whehavie themh
R ad scEnVY NdT HIRTS aloeht a god in o Vfseo
Wil of etesmeofra the boitprasbv tthe mon flks o Clota
st ost theicainte stmacket Chnawarok Glswae Agtw
YourA purely vegetable enedy that goe rig to i . cc<
cures by removing the cause. Your du .t McZll and recor mi
Y.E Sample bottle and booklet frea If you A " "n" -:1 . . por-a
1 lilt Please ay to you roirs aA jjy frionds that I In
Co m plot E line of l i'1e good Mwich I have forl4, .
fact, at tho prices whichl I. an quiothif I (oJider the good arehi
nlilttl'.nrl Itti (1 evbryttiions', and ari ast
11 illsn t C:Xlosn.e7
I F YOU NEE ) IEAVY WINTton l . 8110E, We have thon
R imd IE ,AVY K1%NIT SHIRTS; also, a giod liiji) of OVEftS'IIjf
Fro in now untj Ci is t as we invite (lie d-to Cal 11and we "
WV'l fr ake the s te offer as the a--ove to the moim rol s On Clot)
ka, Valisns, Nents' Furnishingm, e. Thi niceit line of thes go(
Flour, salt and bar d wvire :.y : ho car load to go at l)ieic that (I
A coi plete lin . of the good hind of furnit le a tn eo inattiing,
King stove, and hat-ano.tga Iowlf-two vry fiCasm-ry things i
riat of their kind on the market. Chnawarc, Glassanre, Agate':
A full line of Undertaters' goo(is and a nice Hearse. (
Your patronage so.iite and you will ho reiated hig yet.
P. i.-Al pebge. n h edt l VT cLa il hs
I-rIA t \iL lbA n. ,.\.
'iail T)~ritf i ifan. . I it, (n. ti
Ic. Coughsf~tl i an ri o n1ea
i, s in.I uuVt expe i Si t i i n orit*i
iid iititl'romi the ui oney ii co t t
mu , Nb ty : , j ti ti oiii 3:5everyLi mt ]'t
ou(ii w iIni curei-titeivt
Lr ist red.)tuILiicz~,c.
a ll Couhs sand rai hT(ho Ried
(ing' New fe P llscras
vyis frin pelgng r al~ffd tng~
IdIa brlaofrom th csons ivry
flthevlng grwn nto t
ngcunrnedbyPces.Du o
Id,~ popey attae uor pay
Itl ho 0st daiI Juy, 1906. Al
t'i o s i state tud0 u t nk pay-u
id jN Uttst liltit A C11N PEEi~.ip
I th il gors o inle' Fot-Kao, itaIN YPP1, A~lA A
tn reigTrd AI chan fllous, tweirfot-.qoosmnea usa
utrened all Drukn ' Drts a LIESho EBS segal
'fry hiomn consituton t outhwensth wldcoi
l deanemtshog there h Tha boy
le o eOsCUE (hE r anStIrdC
(N (li~lsrs.itse at onen Ce,
(I. prdprfuy countryd and for
y te 1t dityef Ll. P.6. S ith, Cent. A. Cottln e lRo
to sid ntite orstPermarpay
IN l~t ~ ~ltHERBINE acLts::: dret Sonwth
Adn,'. wTtIWilADYSPEP.St LouisAAA
till yotr 4100thfromvti-aolltus isoLu minra substa
II itt rconstitutions;int(engthens theMIweakor
Ionall d.rangeilntsrof theihuman body.
M .JosieieCameronA Ce:) Ale ~
Fit Cns otl
octors and all other mean's
the famous Specialists of
ide cured Austin P .roefle,
ient large sums o ivAther
born, of High Point -N. C.,
Rheumacide curecf W. R.
w York specialists failed..
u latest discovery of mnedi.
aill germs and poisons out
hiods, does not Injure -the
Rtheumatic Oout,
th'. ) 0s unc. Li'ver TIrouble,
r;, i: cumaoclde. L ripe
0 to All Blood
Amre. Dsae
I "Still ait 0h0 Old Stand," with-a
i and sale at vlry close figures. In
aro Bargains. Tll them that1
ill make them close prices on
i g, Soes, Hats, Underclothing,
>ts we Lave over carried.
(4fy competition.
carpetinig and rugs. Agent fo.i
vory wll regulated family and
tle, Tinware -and other ware that
3Auy McFall
la nd csts toor Lne b It a ooi
4ri to mka vnonAsll rm,
'il at od Olar ofwhtyain, wia
ad theprie af good lnos soiures that
acro ofgis.Tl themgon sokn tfor you
'rOfit? '
llf lad iSthn wetlosge rieno o
uhpg Sor foms l3nto, 10 ndacoThisg
Mp an hL aat very lrilteep. s
unfy ofeachtonhyuprbs
Caint ing ah d rnhws. o n ofc
ovry low1 ruatedo-vr waily b a
ec an1lcity ynare nterwesta
ful ifom--.ion ougt ot olflh ticket
t.d 293Nt Eqi)uitelg., tflata, Ga.1 l
it adi ot H etadcghelieo
en t Rmollfos
Di iCHyu iLS. Iorst ntiefrestlye l
1ces, n I la cop os soe viy of th
'a ate. weoend w oa
ad'gands landt ogans; itchecse
)RIteF0 giabme quld.,AlnaGa
e d chace"e
tent Relie
Li. S. A.lcueCNSIA
MMiD C BLS senieyfe
cean s opse 01eyOf

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