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noasywmna pon1NG.
4The SontinolJournal Company.
T1oMPsoN & RIOUEY, PRops.
Subsoription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertiaing Rates Reasonable.
ntored at PFlokons Postoffice as Second Class
Mall Matter
Metrological Talble
By John T Boggs, olserver, LIcerty, S. C,
Toi mperatu re. q -v
i Character of
as nlb the day.
21 80 60 82 Cloudy
28 81 0.5 0 Cloudy
20 81 54 U
0 M 0 Clear
2t 884 t0l 0
1 90 3 it Clar
The dispensary investigating con.
nittee are unearthing some shady
ransactions of some of its former
)mployees. '.1 his committoo seem to
vish to do their dulty, and should be
ominended for it. If there has been
raud lot it be shown lip to the puh
ic, who have a perfect right to know.
et thomn make a thorough investiga
ion, and if fraud or rascality be found,
n high or low, let them be exposed.
)on't expose the small fry and let
he big fish go; treat all alike. He
jo the line let the chips fall wher<
hey may. This thing of shilelding
from publicity the shortcomings o
;ome men on account ot family con
ieotious, political influonce, and oft
imes, because they are prominent it
hurch work, has becomo too comi
1on. It may be charitable, but it't
not right. Treat all alike. If a mar:
'as gone wrong let it be known.
Equal rights to all; special privileges
:o none. While we regret to see any
rood m an fall into ill reputo, we are
1o respecter of persons, and the man,
)r men, who have used their posi.
;ions to further their own selfish ends;
0 get extra compensation, notwith
itanding the fact that the State poys
hem a liberal salary, should be pun.
sh ed to the extent of the law. The
Rate did not employ them tb "push
he sale" of certain brands of liquor
ad if they have done so fcr courte
lies or extra compensation, thoj
arve done so of their own volition ani
iow must reap the reward of theiu
* bvariciousness, if not dlow nright dis
* ionesty. Let this committee spart
o0 pains to ferret out any and all
* ~ lishonest trainsactionis, and, whore
here is positive proof, let the guilty
mesa be punished.
* South Carolina is opposed, nearly
.s a unit, to the passage of a divorce
aw, and we think rightly so. We
.doit, for the sake of argument, thlat
here are certain causes wvhich would
~uarantee a separation of the parties,
!ut not by tihe annuhnient of the
narriage tie', andi were such a law
lassed in this State, the bars to too
iasty marriages wvouldl be lot down
ndl many ill-assorted unlions wvould
ake place, tile parties kinowing that
* hey could, if not satisfied, trump up
case for divorce and p)ossibly securq
no. The tendency seemus to point
o too hasty marrIages. Young men
nd y'oung women rush into mnatri
aony before they are old enlough to
ealizo tihe car-es and responsibilities
* If married life, and1 consequently',
* hen the novelty wears off thley real
:o that thley acted unwisely. They
upposed that married lift, w1ould be
ke the courting opoch-all sunshine
nd roses,-but afterwards findl that
fe is one continual struggle; that
ae old saw that "two can live on
hat 01ne can," is all rot. Wheinn 3
iey come to face life as it really is,g
hey find that they have mis conceived g
* hat married life really was, and al
t hough they really love their wives, ai
I hey have not theo "backbone" to race il
te seeming insurmountable troubles j
that come flocking in. If they can a'
I.. ,, de over these little troubles, they tI
iIl1 possibly fin~d happiness; but b
r'ight bore is the crucial test, and if
-they have a loop-hole of escape
tbrough the divorce court they are 1
apt to carry thleir* troubles there.
TML~ us bave no divorce law. Before
('~ marrying let the man or woman b
QI7 ~. tb ougbly realize that they are going' b
s&t~ke .upoin themselves a life-long
obligagibn from which there is no re- c
krs *hen fully satisfled that they b
SKare prpred to assume this obliga- II
4' 4~ io~ Mf theam resolve to stand by it,
"~ ~'U:'fx~~J~4e? or worse," and though, as L
Lh~ Fe *ys, "into each life somfo
~i i is fall," the cloudti will finally
u4d the blessed sun of hap
~ on their pathway
County Uorco ldeoe.
Oolenoy Lettor.
The farmers in this section are
getting along nicely thinning out
Mr. L. A. Roper is very' sick at
this writing. Dr. J. M. Crenshaw
is attending him.
Miss Nora Harris and mother,
f Pickens, wore the guests of
Misses Nora and Bertha Hendrieks
Wednesday. They reported a fine
Mr. W. F. Hendricks had the
misfortune of getting his foot bad
ly bruised by a brick falling from
his house.
Misses Laura and Bertha Hen,
dricks visited friends in Pickens
last week.
Mr. Toi Batson and Mr. Bates,
of Greenvillo, wore the guests of
Mr. and Al rs. Hendricks last Sun
Master Earle Rigdon, of Easley,
is visiting his grandhnother, Mrs.
W. Rigdon.
Mr. Jim MeJunkin's store was
destroyed by fire one night last
week. There was no insurance.
Several of our people attended
the old soldiers' rounion last Satur
day. -1m.uooi. G r.,
Liberly Letter.
Skelton & Smith have their new
brick store well nnder way, on the
corner, at the old R. 1I. Andurson
& Ob. stand.
J. M. Hoyl, now of North Caro
lina,, is' visiting in this Section,
and has let ot a contract for build
ing a brick store between the bank
and the depot.
Wo hope wo can find men to
represent us who will give the road
qIuostion de( COnsideration anId
bring about some relief on this
Another matter that deserves at
ten tion is the fact that hundreds
of children of a school age are not
being sent to school, lWut are g-ow
ing u) in ignorance ond indifler
ence to moral law and order. We
see only one way to roniedy
this evil, and that is compulsor.y
education. Many States have
such a law and find that it works
well. We refor particularly to the
white children, for the negroes need
no such laws. for they go and keep
going. We pride ourselves on our
improved school condition, and yet
we cannot got att hundreds of chil
dren who are not attending school.
A school, with compulsory cvdu,
cation, would be cheaper than pen
al institutions, courts, etc, We
just throw out the hint, as of more
p~ol itical significance thani liquor
or dispensuary, atAd should not be
lost sight of. - C.
Expenses of the County for Past Ten
The committee appointed to ox.
amine the books of the county voices
hatve linished the examination of the
Supervisors books ancl report the ox
pese of the countsy for the past
teni years, as follows:
Air. Hendricks, 1896, $1 1,478.00.
Mr. Looper, 1897, $18,292.00.
Alr. Looper, 1898, $20.880,00.
IMr. Looper, 1899, $24,731.00.
M r. Loo per, 1900, $12,634 00.
Mr. Stephens, 1901, $21,683.00.
Mr. Stophens, 1902, $33,083.00.
Mr. Stephens, 1903, $30, 9(2.00.
Alr. Ste'phens, 1904, $32,790o.00.
Mr. Lynch, 1905, $24,107.00.
Average expouseO annualmily for the
fonr yeairs of hMr. Loopeur's term was
Average expenseC annually for the
four years of Mr. Stephens term was
Card of Thanks.
We (10 sincerely thank the good
people of Petere Chapel and1( coml.
munity for their kind assistar~ce
andI sympathy in the last sickness
or our dear mother.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hiunnicutt.
TIhere is no no-d1 worrying along in
hsomfort because of a disorderedI di.
restion. Get a biottle of KOD)OL FOR
)YSPEPSIA, and see whavt it will do
ir youl. Kodol not only digests what
on eat andt gives that tired1 stomiach a
eeded rest, but is a corrective of tihe
:eatcst oficiency. Kodol relieves indi
estion, dlyspopsia, p)aipitation of the
eart, fhlatuloec, and sour stomach.,
odo wil mkeyour stomach young
id healthy a'gain, Youwiloryjs
the proporation that yi orr jtomac
orries you. Worry moans the loss of
)ihity to doe your besti. Worry is to be
'oided at all times. K~odoh will take
c wvorry out of your stomach. Sold t((
y Pickens D)rug (Co.,
lears the I~ he ind You ||avo Always 80gig ti
1iflIDoa~j TO LEgp.
I will let to the lowest Crponsib~le E
Lalder the building aneow the followimin&
ridlge s On the 20th (lay of June inst.
A t 10 o'clock~ a. mn. I will let the bridg
ii the Easly & P'ickens road over WVoi
At 2 O'clock, Saie (lay I wvill lot the
Siige over 'lown Creek( at Clements,'
At 4 o'clock same (lay I wvili let the W
idge over 12 mile river near E. F.
Plains made known oin day of letting. W
(I. M. LY Nol,
2t Supervisor, a
Iakes Kidneys and Bladder Right rn
Why is it that Ayer's Hair
Vigor does so many remark
able things? Because it is a
hair food. It feedsthe dair,
puts new life into it. The hair
Hair Vigor
cannot keep from growing.
And gradually all the dark,
rich color of early life comes
back to gray hair.
11Whoa I first Used Ayer's flair Vigor my
hitr was abot graed A ut 9itisar
rich black. ad.ashr iek as I eenld wish."
- MitS. SUSAN KWrXMNBTsag. Tuscutnbla,
91.00 a bottle. J. 0. AY3I 00..
-A"l dr s.-- for -=IlJ.."ass.
Gray Hair
All announemonts under this head must be
paid for in advance. The fee is 85.00. No card
will be itserted unless accompanied by th
above amount1.
The many friends of V. G. Mautidin horeby
announce ilmi a candidate for State Senator
from lrkezn r ePtu'. subject to (lie Demo
cratic primary el=cin
The many friendm of Ilon. C?. 1-;. Hob'ii aut
respectfti tnnounce him s t a ctndi.utIe fot
the Senate front this cotnty, subject to the te
tion of the voters itt the Democratic primtary
1 Olt HiOUm~E OF' lt iIONiEN uATJIE. 8.
We herebty nominate llot. .James P. Carey in
It candhtlite for the ilouse of Representttve,
frott ttis couity. Kiowing him to be a mate
well litted In every waty to represenit the people
we feel that his election will reilect honor upov
our counnty. lie will abide the resul of the P'ri
imary election.
FOlt TitEASUiluCH.
i'he iany friend of MajorS. Nimnons hereb)
[email protected] hint as a candidate for the office ol
Connty Treasurer of Pickens county. mu bject ti
the ti of the voters In the Democratic pri
iiary election.
The many friends of 11. 1). Garvin take pleas
ure in amunouneing him as a ctndidate for th4
oillee of County Treasurer, subject to the resutil
of the Democratic primary.
'he friends of 0. S. Stewart hereby atinounei
hhn a candidate for Office of County Treasurer
Pickens County, subject to the action of Det
ocrat voters In primary election.
The many friends of JOE It. 5ilLIR here
b)y annouttce him as a cantididate for the ollia
o r Sutera' isor of Pickens County, subject to thi
action of the vOters in the Denocratic primar;
Maj. 0. M. Lynch is hereby nomnmled to
.e-election to the oin1ee of Supervisor of Piek
eta coitty, surbject to the restrlt of the Deinu
eratie pritniry
At the earnest soicitatLon of tmany friends,
hereby announce myself a candidate for Magia
trate in Pickens Township, subject to the resul
of the Democratic primary,.
W. G. hInAsy,
The friends of C. 0. Rowland hereby an
nonnee him as a cantdidato for re-election t4
the oillee of Niagistrate at Central, subject t4
the action of the voters in the prinary elecloti
Mr. .John P. Smith is hereby nominated
'antd idate for re-election to the off~ee of Countt
Commissioner, tibjhect to the result of thm
primanry electionl.
The sworn statement of the manu
fact ures protects you from opiates ir
Kin nedy 'a Laxmative Hloney and Tar-the
cough syrup that drives the cold out oi
your system. Sold by Piocns Drug
Attend carefully to the details
of your business
The sincerest tribute that can be paid
to superiority is imitation. Thme many
imitations of DeWitt's Witch H azel Salve
that arc now before the public prove it
the host, Ask for DeWitt's. Good for
bulrnsE, scatlds, chalftfed skin, eczemna, tot
ter, cuts, bruisos, b)oils and piles. Hfigh
ly recommned and reliable. Sold by
Pickens Drug Co.,
Injure not anothers reputation
in business.
Keep your minds from all evil
You cannot induce a lower animal to
cnto heartily when not feeling well. A
muck dog starves himself, and gets well.
The stomach one overworked, must
h ave rest the same as your feet or eyes.
You don't have to starve to rest your
takes up the work for your stomach, di
gests what you eat and gives it a rest.
Puts it back in condition again. You
3an't fool good with a disordered stomach.
fry Kodol. sold by Piokens Drug co.,
lije Vold awffnotter
The season's first cold
xay be slight--may yield
early treatment, but the
ext cold will hang on
nger; it will be more
oublesome, too. U n- a
acessary to take chances
1 that second one. Scott's
mnulsion is a preventive fi
well as a cure. Tske,
hen colds abound and h
>U'll have no cold. Take it "'
hen the cold is contracted W
id it checks inflamma-.
mn, heals the mnembranes al
the throat and lungs~
id drives the cold out.
Send for free sampie,
SCOTT 4.80WNE, Chemists
406.ej l 9sam a ...V*I
9 thefd andReg ut
ingth mhs andBowelsor Be
Fromotes Diestion.Cheerfu
nessandRest.Contahs neither
OpiumMorphiie nor Mineral.
Aperfeci Remedy for Constipa
HIon, Sour Stotnach.Diarrhoea
ness and Loss og SLEEP.
FacSimile Signature of
All county Unions should begii 0
now to inaugurate a regular Far
mers' Union campaign in each
county, to begin when farmers Th
have laid by crops. Let this cam. tion
paign be one of educating the far- than
mer along the business side of his Fran
farming interest. Chief among
these subjects is that as the farmer M
is the greatest producvr on earth mgci b
he is, of course, the biggest seller erIl
on earth, and that he needs clear, I'lldru
ing hoases or uarehoueos to con
centrate his cotton and other im- If I
perishable products in. a tru
In case of stomach and liver trouble Whi
the proper treatment is to stimulate these the Pi
organs without irritating them. Orino portar
Laxative Fruit Sy-rup aids digestion and gan, r
stimulates the liver and bowels without A., of
irritating those ergans like pills or ordi- say :
nary catharties., .i6 does not naruseate years:i
or gripe and is mild and pleasant to take. ject to
For sale lPickens Drug Co., and R. Disco'
F. Smith sley . me i
+ . Ham p
Mrs. S. Lindsay, of Fort William, On- odb
tario, Canada, who has suffered quite a Pie
number of years .from dyapepsia and
great pains in the stomach, was advised
by her druggist to take Chamberlain's Sac
Stomach and Liver Tablets. She (lid so ciplo.
and says, "I find that they have dlone'
me a great deal of good. I have never
had any suffering since I began using Wafl
them." It troubled with dyspepsiar or purilil
indigestion why not take these Tablets,
get well and stay well? F'or sale by rh
Pickens Drug Co., and T. N. Hunter, S'e.
Liberty.able an
ize it it
The new Italian postage stamp sale by
will not bear the monarch's head. Hunter
AaK Font Ai L.ux's F'ooT-ICAsI, A P'owI)>i. Da
It naakes walig cns -. CureNCorns, ItitiiOns, wrong
Ingrowing Nais, Swoc i ntt Sweating feet. A t
nil Drugg Ita andl Shoe Stores, .j5c. non't accept
anya ~st1ntc. usn.i. lanxx. Address, Al en s. Di
_______________arc as e
Keep) your minds from all evil latt, r
thoughts. Elb etric
It's a wise son who knows wiren lied e
to ask his father for money. years o:
, . chronie
U. S. soldiers wvho served in Cuba and bla
during thre Spanish wvar know what this antee b,'
disease is, andi that ordinaary remedos
have little more effect than so nmch wa. 'Cu
k-r. Cuban diarrhoea is almost as severe "u
arnd dangerous as a mild attack of chcl. den t al
era. There is one. remedy, however, ,.- ~
that ean always be depended upon as i h
will be seen by tihe following certificate learned
from Mrs. Minnie Jacobs of Houston,it
Texas: "I hereby certify that Chamber
Inin's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy cured my husband of a severe
alttack of Oubanr diarrhoea, which he never f<
brought home from Cuba. We had sov. Buck len
aral doctors but did him no good. One anid her
bottle of this remedy cured him as our p)oisonlin
3eighbor will testify. I thank God for of Rans
to valuable a medicine," For sale by~ cured Se
?iekens Drug Co., and T. N. Hunter ulets
iiberty. 2ures at]
Take care of the pence and thre Wheni
onnds will take care of them- man eye
elves. yum
These are three common ailments for
hich Chamberlain's Pain B~alm is espec. A N i
Ily valuable. If promptly applied it frequenta
ill save you time, money and suffering ged bowe]
ben troubled with any one of these ail- stipation
enrts. For sale by Pickens Drng Co., diltion is ui
d T. N. Hunter tiberty. King's N
______________gentilest r4
els. Ouai
When a man doesa' tcomplain to Price 25o.
a wife abotit the breakfast it is a
~n that she is away visiting her -Being
other. worst of
Constipation makes the cold drag
(n let it out of you. Take Ken- Ca
dy s Laxative Horney and Tar cough Dears the
rup. Contains no opIatee, Sold by Bignature
okens Drug Co., - a 4
A.' Pa
IS O .S. Ce-D~
We aro 'now
most stylish, I
Infants and 01hildren. spriog aoods
Time and me
K. ing this stok, i
Kind You Have stat that
for the same M4
Whore. When
Iways Bought 0 g1 rOt
pleolgO you the
our goods Must
trs the or your money
ig of wool dr
are very popu
Cashimof n
natue, inegoods.(
wlas full we (
tur Whito I
Df are so comple
1them. Our pr
5 cents to 50 c
derwear depar
valuos we ever
Ladies vests,
A Men's vests,
ISee our Ma
will buy.
In Mous and Li
U Henry McKin
For OverWest End
[h irty Years
J. F. Harris is still in busit
self. Come around and
chandise, but don't all c<
other things accordinl
_____which is as liitlh as 1-1
seed, Bliss, Early R(
LEY3 ONETbTAR Hebron, by the
re& Colds; Prevents Pneumonia J F
3 per capita sugar coump-_____
n th'o United States is more
double that of Germany or J D o
kNY HILDEN ll]- SICLY. Says it iF3 timie nIow to hn
Dr cri~ we olr o hlrn Straw Hiats, 5
New York, llrk 112 pond snac oours,fgo
verimline-is liewlaaie, stntuu,, Troules, I 519.o e roi nice CA ICO
ig Di)iorder4, ad I)ew4hroy Worcs. Ah Bring i( your chickens a
I' Is. 01s.ted, Eel'coy, N. y. I wi I pay . yotse B Clash fo r
trade somehow. Please call an'
Coporatioll is without a soul tMarket.
st jHust be wrthout two oft
I0 J D
n our 'soldiers went to Cuba and P. S.All who owe i
lilippines, ileimith wvas the mostP im oblige.
t cusideration. Willis Il. Mor.
atird Commisanry Sergeant U. S.
Rural Route 1, toncor. N. so.
a or ers ientt Cuba and wo 0
n the Philippines, and being sub.-~ S
colds, I took Dr. King's New
'cry for Consump'l"ion, whoihi kept
perfect health. And now ini New
ihire, we find it the best medicine
wo~rld for conghs, co1(ds, bronchial
v Pickons Drng Co. Aogte r h e
50 lind $1.00 Trial bUf Le free. Clkswtwegs41
Briga mew lorcien ofn<T
1iiemnyrlirta ~l ilveryyo Ath~e. cA for
glP.e toS.- y.All ho iwe
Ii and Limernguthem arosothgree.
CoAdaa1n(ewT.iN. O H
ifie meylt' rathieriihan pr, SleWA HE.Ane
glasebterttees.Al in
Iaativ SffENt of TE CmbrAins NieLn o a Go
hoanmo Livr Tndabl s sr'oingree
rdisordatrs ith a ur til akeuors~etii o el
thevr effe is a medicine.d ForaSasg. os lef
Pitkers, tD ngrCo., retrtv, Bas kaand T.e N.te
, toido to r~y ey reo dorETAnd B.iLES Ai(iLC
suDLYin ERPENT TS A Nice Line , oas~ Goor
omo wi nita als lO~ar toadch el tityfo ho
erl tiordlers ih.' Fec ri theoi Mfis
oev thilaneer, i a e rbmdy
Bitlaers hck kgretrbesiv
jo hc .A .Breown ofl h oefi ~Ougdt
tvlle,'S.. saids:o lTey re
anrewef t totperfectdhnal r, tr~ spsil ooIii ~if
suffromin whdepai and-~ yo ieiaillgsio n y~esab
in tolpler."ha Eheric Birgt- s fKDL1OiDSE
snd ghae hilldeaddtover,..aatia, bi)
you tomlighatk, kifoonyoutraoubles
dder isode FRM SOdJAW gurie oreio nlecbid
'howckens DrugiCo, re wi500 h. oicoc fte Igrtv r:i
'a AnicaSalv. It antsept Makle st our iseltion oir a eeinrI
Vu ~oete reetb cini a thatusage, Rllst Beef, vit
~. Carls Owal, lierclan, t, IeatlanstOre nd Todoesig
SlcailN . rts I.wa o at.Mes, Pie sandl C
Br f i ekIee a. wr auedlad fiisi Co
Lu WundsBurnsand Srosrit, fromdiest iet 51dRad pofu
yorbs. Isl striclynfo Dashg. C
you hear Yooman far 1o
r spok a Cros wordto do aiku~ t.ctl caoh bseains p
bue, sre tat cose saresathir.flo.5
a rcndtori lrunil coin-er tipsibe tban reli fr
lt emais chn whatli youl brOniindgesio and dysppsi by
Someoof tho tstshopnhes casesDof l
lows Lin injury dr estd ith .N.5 ALYS
'su Arica Stacvht andisepti
hngdb pios ren bCood
hBrcofthi pac, ofI theCeios
>reon hllsprsonholdng versagaist."
Iti ete de en tanin of v ylielde tooir. d ea blw
yousen tiesto the foodeyoucaigned d<a
Ju erisuesi alrrertivoinflete bmdi
upi te licof te pdyget ieoi
~ Bwhat yo ct. akes JhostmA we
-putthe oior i Exeond trionod.
N, 124. f
rk, reenIge
ry Coodts',Uii.
and Shoes-'
showing the laigest and:
Ip to dato etook of new
hat we have over shown.
ney was spent in select
md we do not hevitate to
rill give the best valtieos
mDo) .that can he had any..
you trade at Park's store,
.xr pocket-book. That in
aners stiok to us. Wo
bost of store Sorvice, and
bwhat tvo say they are
given back. Our sho-'
ass goods is fine-Greys
Jar al1o Silks, Mohairs,
Serges-from cheap to
ur Black goods are al
re not let them run down.
goods, and printed lawns
to that we cannot tell of
ices on those goods from
nts. Our shirt a d n
Lrnont is full of the best
5, 10. 15 and 25 cents.
25 & 50 ets, can't be bent.
a's 50 ots shirts and you
dies Oxfords to suit your
r. Thomas Ligon and Mr.
. Park.
Greenville, S. C.
ie-ss at the same old stand by him
et some bargains in general mer.
>me at once. I will sell your .a
:1 flour for 50 cents. And all
, minus Meat and Dried Fruit
aman was hung. Irish potato
)SC, Burbanks and Beauty of ,
peck at any old price.
IARRIS, By Himself.
ummer Goods, Etc.
i eggs. If we can't trade on the goods.
your Produce. So bring it on; wo will
d see mie, and reiember the old Beef
I oore
2 will please come and settle, and
J.D. M.
ii a good line of
mmendable old style Seih Thomas
ah I am selling at spcial bargains.
?ERWARE. Also soliid Gold and
a lhne of Spectacles; 1 guarantee
is of repair work in the jewelry line.
- Easley, S. C.
d Goods as Can Be Bought.
ams~ my stock of Canned Goods: Petted Ilam.,
igs Feet, T[ripe, "Big Iloiny," Corn,
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ondliments. All of the National
mpilany's products.
e in town. All kinds bottled drinks on Ice.
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