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Pleasant to taLe.
dwindle from
unless the soil is k
a complete fertilizei
cient POTASH.
Just how POTASI
crops is shown in <
"Cotton Culture."
absolutely free of ai
tion to any farmer w
Address, GERMAN
Now York-93 Nassau Street, or
Pariners' Union
Bureau of'
-Cotd tiel t' by the -
South Carolirnt iartner.' I--i' a etionial and
Co.Operative Ultium.
CoIntiaieatioits iieleided for thi depart
Imetat shoukt be atldressedl to .1. C. Stribuing,
Pendleton. South Catrolina.
Farmers' Organizations.
In South Carolina wo have had a
deal Pight ot experience in organ
izing farmers. The old line of
farmers' societies-the Grange, tho
Alliance and Institute Clubs
havo all -.one and gone up in the
smoke of time like tho burning
down or the rotting away of old
buildings that have disappeared
and bettor structuroe have taken
their places. So it is with the
Farmers' Union. Wo have had
a vast aronnt of experience in
farmers' organizations and know
that the Union is building up a
structure upon a bottor plan and
upon a firmer foundation than all
the other organizations that have
gone before.
We have learned many valuable
lessons in our mistakes heretofore,
and about all these mistakes can be
tined into good for the Union if
we manage rightly.
We want to impress unOfl the
minds of each and every member
of the Farmers' Union that ho is
one of the stones in the walls of
the castle that the farmors are
building, and that the whole struc
ture can be no better than the ma
terial of which the Union is conm
posed. Let every member ask of
himself the one question, if every
member of our Union did just as I
am doing what sort of a Union
wouIn we have?
b.And then when all Union mon
have done this comparative lesson
let the uniorganiizod farmer ask
himself this same question, supl
pese all farmers thought them
b selves too wise, too good or too sol
fish to organizo, wvhat wouild we
have gotten for our two last crops
of cotton?
One Crop Will Not Pay.
This North Carolina man is light
in the middle of the progressive
path for Southern formiers!
r Charlotte, N. C., Mlay 25.
Mr. J. 0. Stribbling,
Pendloton, 8. C.,
Dear Sir: It seems that my in
quiry of Mr. Brabham as to the
way he developed his cow pea so
that it would not shed its leaves
has developed some little interoat
in this most import ant subject. It
has surprised me no littlo that
none of the farmers in South Care-,.
lina took enough interest in this
subject to ask abont the m'atter.
Why was this; because they had
also developed this pea, andif, there.
fore, had no need to aski and if
this is the case why did they not
give this information to their
brother farmers as Mr. Brabhamn
has done?: I fear that it is because
the majority of farniers do not yet
realize the value of this plant, and,
~ 1's, therefore, do not tako the interest
in it that they should. The same
applies to many other advances as
well as to the subject of this letter.
' The average farmer has not yet re
dljged that one crop (cotton) will
not AS a rule pay.
t I n glad though that we are be
~oning more and more diversified
~ /~fldthat we see the value of rais
* iat everything on the farm for
~O0consBumlptionI that can possi.
f ~ %~y4e raised. This is the salva
~ t.~i ofthe farmnor of the South;
yinro4~ g and raising cotjon as
~~ ~ p K orop, which can) then) be
xative Frut $ftq
Drug Company and Dr. R. F. 8mit1
DS are sure to
year to year
ept supplied with
containing suffi
i increases cotton
>ur 90-page book
This book is sent
ly cost or obliga
ho will write for it.
Atlanta, Ua.-22% so. Broad Street. ;'.
e-old at a fixed prico by the farmer
instead of the speculator. 'Ihe
farmer can do this if he diversifies,
but not until he does. Look for a
moment at the condition of affairs
if this was universally followed by
the farmers of the South. By rais
ing everything on the farm needed,
and less cotton, thore would not be
the same necessity for money, but
if there was, as diversified farming
is more profitable than the one crop
plan, the farmer woild have the
money if lie needod it, and have it
all tho your round instead of in the
fall as with the cotton crop, and
then with ono-half to two-thirds of
cotton raised that wo now have,
the price would be sufficiently
high as to net the farmer as much
as he is now getting for his cotton.
This he would have as clear profit,
as he has been "living at home."
This narrows itself down to this
question: which had you rather do,
raise a great deal of cotton, no
home supl)lies, and take the price
for your cotton that is offered you,
or raise everything at home and
have something all the time to
sell and theii raise one-half the cot
ton you now raise and get as much
for it as you now get for it, with
the probabilities much in favor of
your getting more?
R. E. MASON, M. D.
Fifteen de terminledl, resolute far
miors in any local Union Lodge can
build a good one-section warehouse
if they will comec together with the
conviction that this thing must be
done for their mutual protection.
If the actual cash to pay for al
this warehuouste cannot be raised by
the local lodge, and the meinbers
have the true co-operative spirit
aimon~g thomn that all union farmers
should have, there is nothing in
the way of them clubbing together
and making their own concrete
llocks and pultting up their wares
houses with their own labor, The
old1 time co-operative plan of
house-raising, log-rollintg and corn
shucking may be worked in build
ing warehouses to a considerable
extent where the Unions cannot
raise only money onough to piro
duce the material. Our U nion bu
reau is now gettihng up plans and
specifications for tire very cheapest
and simlest warehouse plans and
will publish the same as early as
Supersedeos Timet Table No 4
E'lietive Mtarcih 105k
teind Down Rload Up
No 12 No 10 sTATIONS No 11 No 9
Mixed Mixed Mixed Mlixed
4:41) pm 10:40 am iv PH-cerH ar 2:55pna 7:35 pmn
5:00) pm 11:00 am *.\ rill's 2:25pm 7:15 pm
5:1I0 pm 11:05 am *MauhdIn 2:20pm 7:10 jim
5:15 pm 11:15 am ar Eaxtey Iv 2:15pm 7:05 pm
All tralins daily except Sun day
No. t0 conntects with Sothier ni Railway No 39
No 91 connectsi with ouitern Railway No 12
No. 12 -onnets wvkh So utherii Railway No ii
iL or ny it formatio apptoHiwa o
-J, T TAYIAoR, Gon Mianager
PICKE~NS - - S. C.
Old Earle Building, Near Livery
Stable of Nealey & Gravely.
Good, clean, easy- shave and a shoe.
.shine for 10ets.
Hair cut 15icts. Shampoo and Hair- I
cnt foP 25cts.
R(lUR TJONICS:.- Witch Hazel, Bay i
Ruin, Salp6Mui 'Wdto kopt' on hand.
Pirst-cl ass flair Singeing and Hlair
Chronic Constipation.
it Easloy,
MaoUaande Have Kidney wrouble
and Don't Know it.
]ow To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
later and let it stand twqnty-four hours; a
sediment or set
tling indicates an
V unhealthy condi
tion of the kid
neys; if it stains
your linen it is
evidence of kid
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass it or pain in
the back is also
:onvincing proof that the kidneys and blad
Ier are out of order.
What to Do.
There Is comfort in the knowledge so
Aften expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism,. pain in the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects inability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity cdf being comjielled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and$1. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery '^'
and a book that tells
more about it, both sent
absolutely free by mail.
Address Dr. Kilmer & nonoe or Swap-noot.
Co., Binghamton. N. Y. When writing men
tion reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the lame, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N. Y.. on every bottle.
Winthrop College
Scholarship and Entrance
The examination for the award of va
cant scholarsIip in Winthrop Collego
and for the admission of now students
will be held at the C'ounty Curt H(juseo
on Friday, July 6th, at 9 a. in. Appli
cants must not be less than fifteen years
of age. When scholarships are vacated
after July 6. they will be awarded to
those making the highest average at thiq
examination provided the y meat the con
ditionii goveen:ng the award. Applicants
for scholarship should writo to President
Johnson before the examination for
scholarship application blanks:
Scholarships are worth $100 and free
tuition. The next session will open Sep
t ember 9th, 1906. For further infornia
tion and catalogue, address
Rock Hill S. C.
Consider well, the n decide posi
MOTunnI GRAY's SWrF.T 'cwI)us Fon CRILDnR1N.
Suevessfully used iy Mother Uray, nuruc in
the chiIfrojiA's Romne in New York, Cure Fevr
Ishess, liad Stomach, 'reething isorlers, movo
anild regilate the lioWels aid Iestroy Worins.
Over 30,000 testlnonial. They never fU4i. At all
s ample Free. Addrss Alien 5.
Tlho pay of the Chinese soldiers
figures exactly eighteen cents per
"I have been aillicted with kidney and
bladlder trouble for years, passing gravel
or stones with exorneiating pain," eays
A. H1. Thlurnes, a well known coal opera
tor of Butffallo, 0. "I got no relief from
medicine until I began taking Foley's
Kidney Onre, then the result was suri
prising. A fewv doses started the brick
dustr like sulbstance and noew I have nso
pain across my kidneys and I feel like a
new lmau. It has done me1 $1000 worth
of good." Foley's kidney Cure will
clur- every form of kidney or bladder
,hsease. For sale by Piokeus Drug Co.,
and R. F. Smith Easloy.
The sacred city of Blenarea now
sets thle standard of time for all
Fromu this date I will be in thle Super
visors office every two weeks Onl Tluet
day's after Saleday in each mnonth am1i1
Tucaday two weeks after eachu saheday,
to tranisact busims as.
0. M. L1YNCH,.
May 8th 1900
A Painless Cure i
Never resign yourself to
pains are curable. They at
conditions of the female or
prornptly attended to or dang
whenever she suffers from any of won
It not only compels the pains to stop,
the cause of the pains, which prevent
It makes yout tell. Try it.
Sold everywhere in $1.00 bottle:
freely and frankly, in strictest confid
ence, telling us alt your sympgtomis and B
troubles. We will send free advice' al
(i0 plain sealed envelope), ho0w to d
cure tm Address: Ladies' Advisory ti
D~ept., The Chattanooga Medicine Co.,
Chattanooga, Tenn. ti
If You Advertise in ti
as cured thousands of cases of Rheumatism a
ide cured John F. Eline and others of Ball
ki the greatest hospital in the world, had falle
Ri. Olmstead, the Norfolk Va., contractor, aft
ors had given up hope. iheumacide cured b
Case. of rheumatism she had endured f4
Aug. Hughes, of Atkins, Va., after the mo.
u. There is a reason why It cures: Rhei
*tory). Ina cal science, and while powerful enot
e to Lgveu of the blood, it operates b purely
vere badly most delicate stomach, an builds u
use them
et touched
v for nearly
is and legs
ered death
lx different
larion. but
until Dr. J.
0. He told
got me one
to Tle oit.
11i) I began4
Iwas comn
go and my
it six da-s A purely Vegetable remedy that goes rI
ths after I cures by removing the cause. Your drtuggint s
od as any. Sample bottle and booklet free if you send f v<
I R. EDTTOR: Please say to your readers ai, my
Complete line of Reliable goods which I have f,
facL, at th prices which I am1 quoting I considh
carry a little of "anything and everything," and am s
> WEAR und HEAVY KNIT SHIRTS; also, a good lin<
From now until Christmas we invite the ladies
Will make the same offer as the aboye to the m
s Trunks, Valises, Gents' Furnishings, etc. The nicesi
Flour, salt and barbed wire by th-. car load to g
A complete line of the good kind of firniture ai
Iron King stoves and Chattanooga Plows-two very iie
the bost of their kind on the market. Chinaware, GI
a wears well.
A full line ot Undortaker$' goods and a nico He
Your patronage solicited and you will bo troate<
P. S.-Al persons owing the estate of W. '0C. M
as8 early as possiblo.
Arrivati and D~epartuIre If Trai ns, Green- 5
ren at4Iierinet4.i s-tahtiotas, arie at
, Lau ret I 9:001 ion.
1 I'3:151 p m, Not. 5:1 <btl for inturenis, C lintont
] Newbeirry. CohI~ijanbili, Suinuter 444n 'l4h rles
' atal ioasterni cit1(t, *11nt i at Laurens wi'l Ii .\
a W. C. Train1 No,. i for4 Spia Itriil.>ig ana144
tril I No 'h fr G4ree nw oIu44l, A tugtist a, etc. - -_______
A rrive iaiuren 1:W5 p n t'iiton1
' ! ':2 l' II, N ew berry 3.~1' 1.44, 1 '4'l tiin bia 1: 1f,
suiter 4:-!it p in), C'harlestoli 11:41, .l444rtnLia- ' A e~4)141k
htorg 4::3 p.10o, Gireentwootd !!:-1 p tn, py t m n4Ii iI~ i 1
A ogus tl1 54 25 p. 1in.
4:10 p 1i1, No. 3t1 1811y ex'ept Stittilny, f'or Laum- 1014 i1)3'I
retis 1111(l in'terinerhtte stat1ions. A rrive at rl~'1~~yo 1.
Larois 6i:-h. n . W iiA5'!L
10:0 aI m) , No. 87, di Iy OXC. P ett Siilny froi11 n d 41V l 1101
I aIurn an10 111!inIterliete 1 4 sta it s. 'u r 1 ~i
.00) p mt, No. 85, dnLisy ex4(ept 811ntiny, from1)
3:5 :1 J)41, No. 52, da~Iy f roon (Chitriest4n Sinn ter, ln 3Iie'nigi
l'ol tinhht, Newherry, Cli11141n, Spartn bur441 g,
Aulgtista, Gree1woII~'1, ILurens., etc. S e
Trins1' No. 5-' and1 51 111n th rou4g1 h t etweeni) o he~
G ~I hol4tIGNII, S. I111(o, ~e .O
( I ret william, G. P. A.,11
R. ~ ~ ~ ~ p M.nalo rf Mn uusa a
Cures all Coughs andi The ~a Red
as s at s In expelling e*niarni te
Colds from the ~- Honey Blea
S y ste m b y tatu.very
gently movIng
A certaIn cure
for croup and
whooping-cough. * 4
(Trade Mark Registerd.).
i .-eITT & 00.. OMIOAGO, U. g. A,
Sold by Pickens DrugCo
lDeoee in the sftue ltio that the tige
of Dr. King's Nowu 11fo Pi'll1 la 'incase.
TheIly satvo you from danuIger a' d brilig
timetk and >taiih- re(leasHo fromi t3OUPliJ'a-'Fo
tion and the ills growinlg out of it.HRBN a
Strength and vigor always follow thleir TODSE
usee. Guaranteed by Piokoun Drug Co. LF~GVN
25 cnta, Ty them. cntttoa
Ntice to Debtors and1al oagoet
Creditors. ' UR
All poisn ha1 living claims againsat theMr
ate of Mis. Amn (hritlin, doecasoti, are Txs
req1uestedi to presenit the sameli to' the uin-woe
dereignedt, properly attested for pay
ment. by the lst (lay of July, 1906. All
inldebtedl to saidi cstalte must make pay- yg et
A dm'r. with WVill .Annexed.
May 16, 19101.
Shai e into youur whoeu Allhen'~ Voot- 1401
pow r.' It, euren' Tiredi, .\chi fig,l1il10 se
nag, Swollen feet. At all irtl tRU0so
tores, 250. Samiple I'It6i0. A dress, AIlOU s
Olused LS O~.Y
e N
had failed. Rheumac
Johns Hopkins Hospiti
of Salem, Va., and D.
remedies and the doci
Almost a Miracle In This 1
Dillon'. S. C
Bobbitt Chemical Company:
Gentlemen:-In September. 1899.
matism in a very bad form (inflanm
month after tdsease started I ha
my work and go to bed. It continu
worse until my arms and hands 1
.awn. so much so that I could noi
Mylegs were drawn back till my fI
mny hips I was as hdipless as a bab
I$ months. The muscles of my arm
were hard and shriveled up. I sufl
many times over. Was treated by s
physicians in McColl. Dillon and b
none of them could do ne any good.
P. Ewing, 'of Dillon. camne to see n'
metotry your 1R1H1UMACIDE. F
bottle of the medicine and I began
and before the first bottle was used
to get better, I used 5% bottles an
pletely cured. That was years a
ealth has been excellent ever si
had no sym )toms of rheumatism
further that Y began to walk in aba
after I began to take RHEUMACIE
aid ol crutches; in about three mo
began to take it I could walk as g(
body, and went back to work again.
Yours truly. JAMES'
Charleiton, Southl CarolIna.
intrance examnhinations will be held in ti
County Court Ilouse on I'ritity,.1Ii ly f, at~n. 11
One iree Ti ition Seholarship to each county <
South CarolIna awarlet by the Couinty Stip
of Elucntion aid jtudge of Probnte. noard an
furnilhe'l room In I)ormintory,f1I a month. A
entdlidateg for ntinission are permitted to coil
pete for vacant Iloyeo ScholriiIips which pti
$oo a yeur. Fior intailogue information, athdres
lilarrison Riandoliph, Presktlen
Mr. J. T. Brrber of Irwinvillk, Ga.
always keeps a bottlo of Chamberlain'
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Reimed;
at hand ready for instant use. Attack
of colic, cholera morbus and diarrhoe
came on so suddenly that there is n
time to hunt a doctor or go.to the stor
for medicine. Mr. Barber says: "I hav
tried Chamberlain's Colie, Cholera an,
Diarrhoea Remedy which is one of th
beat medicines 1 ever saw. I keep
bottle of it in my room as I have ha
several attaoks of colio and it has prove
to be the boat medicine I ever used.
Sold by Piokens Drug Co.. and T. 1
Hunter, Liberty.
The emigration from Italy isn1
the proportion of 14 to every 1,00
inhabitants a year.
Gee. A, sherman, Lisbon Red Millh
Lawrence Co., N. Y., writes: "I ha,
kidney disease for many years and haii
been treated by physicians for Lwelv
years; had taken a well knowni kidne;
medO~icine and other remedies that wer
recommended but got no relief until
hegan using Foley's Kidney Cure. Thli
first half botil relieved me and four b >t
ties have ctired imc of this terrible dis
ense. Blefore I began taking Foley's
Kidney Cure I had to make water abon:
every fifteen minutes, dlay and night
and passed a brick-dust substance, anc
sometime a slimy subsatance. I believi
I would have died if I had not taken
Foley's Kidney Cure." Pickens Drug
Co, and R. F. Smith, Easly.
The deepest cold mnze in the
world 1s att Benidigo, in Australia.
A. A. Hlerren, Finch, Ark. writes:
"Foley's Honey and Tar is the hest
prepamation for couigha, colds and lung
trouble. I know that it has cured con
mumption in tihe first stages.'' You never
joird of any one. usinig Foley's Honey
md Tar and not being satistied. For
mule by Pickens D~rug. Co., and R. F.
smith aasley.
fCrabe Pin1
suffer pain. Women's
e the sign of dangerous
gans, which should be
erous results will follow.
an's biting and weakening pains.
but it follows up and drives out
them from coming back.
rites Mary E. Shelton, of Poplat
luff, Mo 'l can do my housework,
though, befere taking CARD)UI, two
ctors had done me no good. I can
uthfully say I was Cured by Cardi,
want every utiffering lady to know of
als wonderful medicine,"
ng pays
me SentineI...unnIt
fter all the doctors and all other means
imore, after the famous specialists of
;d. Rheumacide cured Austin Percelle,
.r they had spent large sums on other
irs. Mary Welborn, of i iigh Point, N. C.,
w 20 years. Rheumacle cured W. R.
t famous New York specialists failed.
imacide is the latest discovery of medi
gh to sweep all germs and poisons out
natfural methods, does not injure the
p the entire system.
.7.t E S
fl umausm,
- f..urk ago, .
R huctmatio Oout,
UT CF THE ELOOD. Lver Trouble,
gut to the tced c :ho di1 ease Annd Kidney Troithio,
ella and r-corr-monds Rheumacide. La Orippc.Q 4
5 cents for portage to All Blood
Proprietors, Baltimore. Disease#
i 8TA.ND
friends tat I am "still at the Old Stand," with a
r tlheir inspection and sale at vory close figures. In
r the goods areoRaro Bargains. Tell them that [
)lling at a close profit.
7e have them liso, SUITS, PANTS, UND R
Lo Call and we will make them close prices on
on folks on CloLhing, Shoes, Hate, Underclothing,
line of theso goods we Lave Ever carried.
at prices that d!fy competition.
Id nice matting, carpeting and rugs. Agent foi
,essary things in overy well regulated family and
LSswaire, Agateware, Tinware and other ware that
. Guy McFall
MLall will please comec forwaid and make settlement
eC Land of BIG CROPS
a~'s muiIh ff yom- farm as you ought? No doubt you are
Thea tr ouble is- lh. andt costs Ioo mue b. It takes too mucht
arm, and so you : ri try inig t a makeo a living on a small farjn,
rentmng one and l'aymg a good share of what you raise, iis
be' better to go where t he pr'ieo o.f god land is so little that
arm--whe(re. every nerfo of the gron d is working for you
1n1ying y'ou good priofits?
Ilands oif aI'Ice of fer tio hld inI SouhthIwe'st along the 1lin0 of
uito that cani beL bought for from $3 to $10 an acro. This
I valute ('ach1 year.
10 Southwest at Small Cost
uthwest wvuld col,"ino'o you that your best mnterest lay in
Ih g t here. Thel trip cau ho made at very liittle expenso.
the ir4t and I hird Tluesday of each month you purchase a
13d ip; ticket, o any point in the Southwvest on via of the
ti n 1Ih Route at very iowv rates. Stop-overs will be al
rd for y(ou to examine any locality you are interested in.
i'rito at on1cC forl frce copies of books describing this won
tul coautry and for full information about cost of tickets..
A., Cotton Belt Route, 203 Equitable Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
SicR Headache
Permanent Relief
its dirooti on the Liver. It wIll curo CONSIPA
>us mineral substances, 'and Is composed a olly of
LERBS., Espesaaly a ted for weak aind weary
en gthens the vweakeoned lands and organs; it chocks
c f the human body.
, ieCme' Centralia Avenue,Te ,
writes: "1 find1HERRINIgivesmhequ c
mnd talc peasure ini recommending it to all
wh6 saffer Irom sick headache."
A Bottie Avoid All Subatiute
rd Snow Liniment Co.
St. Louis, U. S. A.
Gr Co.

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