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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, June 13, 1906, Image 1

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- Eutored April 23, 1903 at Pickens, 8. 0., as second class matter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
Matters of Interest Tht oug tout the
State, .
J. E. Norment has withdrawn
from the race for secretary of State.
le was a prominent factor in that
E. D. Smith. prominent in the
affairs of the Southern Cotton
Growers' Association has been quite
ill recently, but is now much bet.
J.. Henry Hessa, a well.to-do
man of Walhalla, hung himself fiom
a tree one day last iveek. His
body was fouid by neighbors.
Dr. 1t. M. Lobby, one of the old.
est medical practitioners inl the
st1ate will rmo1vo froim Charleston
to Smefor, whio lie will reside in
the fuit irf'.
Five student of Erskitie were
expolled Tuesday for pouring -tar
on the monutmen L, Dr. J. J.
Bomar on the cain pus. The dam.
age to the; monument is about $500.
It will take much work to get the
tar ofl.
On the promiseps of W. H. Har.
din, near Chester a negro cabin
was -burned, in which a negro boy
was burned to death aud a child
of the sane family badly burned
was rescued.
Rowesville Is to have a bank
Subscription are now being solicit
ed and the building contracted for.
In a short time an application for
at charter will be made. The bank
will be capitalized at $15,000, near
ly all local, and will be ready for
business about August 15.
Oscar South will, a young negro,
was accidentally killed at his fath
or's home three miles fiom Fairfax
last Saturday afternoon by an
other young negro, named Henry
Dickenson, the two being cousins.
It was the old old story of "didnt,
know it was loaded."
Willie Mobley, Jr., a young far
mner, residing a few miles from a
Cheter, was found dead in his C
bed.-rooin with a discharged gun by c
his side and a ghastly woned in
his abdomen. He had recently been hi
heard to declare that lie intended G
to take his life. The verdict of tb
the cornnor's jury was that the d&
consed came to his death by gnu
shot wounids by his own hand.
Jesse Bush, who was conivicted mf
of manslaughter for killing James
Israel in Spartanbuag county about M
three months ago, has b~een par- a
doned. Bush's 14.year~old daugh, he
ter gave b~irth to a chiid and the dIi
father held Israel responsible for wv
her ruin. He was convicted and
sentenced to serve two years but ~
had not entered npon his sentence, I
having been granited bail, pending'
the application for executive elemn
on cy.
.Richiard Wall, the young white
hoy who struck Charlie Hammond
in the head with a shuttle at the
Saxtoni mills on Friday was ar
rested Tuesday moaning by Cons
table Cunningham. Trhe boy was
found at his home and was wait,
ing for the arrival of the oflicers. 24
11ammnond the boy who was struck,
is still in the hospital in Spartan.
burg and p~hysicianis are of the
opiniOn that lie will hi all right.
within a short time.
At a negro colebratlon at White.
Plains church, near Boyd's Cross.
Roads, six miles a .uth of Laurene,.
D)ouglcs Moore was shot and
instantly k illed by Berry Finley on
the 5th inst, The sheriff was
n ,tified of tho killing and at once
p)roceeded~ to Cole Point, where
lFinley was arrested at his home
late in the afternooni aiid taken
~to jail. It seems that Moore and
31inley had a misunderstanding
:about mantagteent of a sodawater
stand. Moore is said to have been
theo aggressor and after striking
d Finley in the lace dlrewV hi pistol
andl fired twice whereupon Finley
pullod a 3l8 Colt's miagazine and
killed his man on the spAt, shoot
ing him seveiral times, ooice, it is,
said, after Moore fell on the ground
MILLINERY going for a song. \Ve are c
Ladies and Misses Stilors whait sold for 25
3 and 4 cents ribbons let. 5 cent ribbon 2-ce:
Big reduction I
1 lot 25c white corded Madras at 162c. I lot embroidered
50 to close at 38c. 2 pie
Don't forget that wo have just receivod solid car-load of
induCements both in pricos and tormv.
-Lawrence Carter. colored; shot Saluda, Friday, June 29.
d killed his wife in Clarendon Lexington, Saturday, J.
aunty and then committed si- Columbia, Monday, July
de. Ormigeburg, Tuesday, 0
81u inter, Wodnesday, NJlly
-Elliott Rou3e, colored, killed Maning Tfliusday, Jul
s wife with an ax, near Coronaca, orior,
reonwood County. Jealausy was
0 cause.I
(3 CUSO.Georgetown, Saturday,
--C. C. Featnorstoni, of Laurens, Kigre, onaJ'
id B. A. Morgan, of Greenvil le, Flrne'PsdyJl
>th anhonne that they will niot aoXedsdy.J;
ake the race for governer. CnaFia,.uy2
--Master Hubert Pitts, son ot . ~riim audy
.Pitt, of Clinton, was awarded Bsovle usaJ
vor~lict for $1,000 against the Sea.- fontaile cns
',ard in! the Laurens court for2.
Lmages in getting his foot muished Cetril,'hi'dy
tb crossing the railroad track. Cndn rdy uy2
or .siidreest eafe. asure, .Po op1ates Yrvil,~edody
The sub committee of the Sta t aoStudyAgu
xecutive Committeo adopted and ewer, usay l
romulgnated the followinag cami 'enWoWe edy
rign itinerary for the approach- 8
iStato cam ag
St. George's, Tuesday, June 19. AdesnFrdyAg1
Charleston, Wed nioday, Junoe abla ulraA
Walterboro, Thursday, Juno 21. GrevlTusaA
Beau fort, Friday, Juno 22.TareWdnsyA
Hampton, Saturday. June 23, 'Jhco itetinsh
Bainwell, Monday, June 25. lewlsutalln il
Bamberg, Tuesday, Juno 26. alrgt
Aiken, Wednesday, June 27. tV*Ery W
EdgeflldTursdaSJalu28., Frayu litte 29.
Dm5Orangeburg, Tuesday,
Mannmg, Thursday, Jul
KDngtro, Moday Ju
Lancastery. ASottuedayouJi
lrusagst'WinnsborosiTuesday, Jaul
Slaughter 'Sale of
sing one of our largest seasons in this de
mnd 50 eta , at 15ets. Requy-to-wear Hats w
teady-to wear hats what sold
Big Values i
its. 81 to 10 cent; ribbon 5 cents. 15
It you want some extra Ribbons or an
on while dress goods ju
Mull, tho 40c quality, to close out at 25c. 3 pi
eo Pongue N-t., pink and tan only, to close at 371(
dLadies- Belts at I
$1.25 belts at 50c. 50c and 75c belts
Rock Hill Buggies, Studebaker Wagons, Star Lei
e Great. Ri
uly 10.'
11.. All our entire stock will now
y 12. in prices and if you have not b<
Y, Jul-Y furnishing goods, now is a good I
Take advantage of this dro
. steps in ahead of you and gets th
17. Free Cleaning and Pressing
is1. MIerchant Tailoring Department.
L. Rothscl
ay, July
Ju' 26 Sole agent for H-awes Hats
y 28.
We Fuif ill Every Promilseand I
t2. WE GURE p'.''o, ctoe'nt *.a
AcipVilsr Pltlv.e
ugust 3, -h -Klg
at 10.rvo-sand ca aret
igust 1. thi ltlfn . -
bygus 16.f0 ti~w n'a|r
isOchorU~lCUB oon rel
Luut . cD Bruce, r l Oer
P K NoS, SFbOUT 1.
+~r 5~u yo r Ciet teres inci
/ /J. M. twru, J .8
T.rN.I~lent H
Seasonable Goods,
parment and we are going to clean up the
,it sol dat 75c to $1.00, Vt 50ctS. Ready.to.w
a t $1.50 to $2.00, at 81 00
.n Ribbons.
to 25 cent ribbon 10 cent. 25 to 40 cents ribi
extra Hat, you can buy it for a song.
st the thing you want t]
3-o Linen Z-3pheie n, gracu, tan, 20 1 q-tility, to clo )
. 2000,yards figured Lawns 6.1 and 8? values, v
our Own Price,
at 350. 25c and 35c belts only 15c.
dor Stcves, Diu Harrows aud Uhattanoga Rgivwe
UC I" .
be sold at a great reduction Set
ught your overcoat, suit or
ime to save money, $1 2,
p in price before some else
a plum.
of all clothing made in our
______________________________your f
l ild Greenille'
SSo. Car. a.
and Dutchess Trousers. good i
rant o
ltEOuriPatients .
lever ld Out False lieses. Op(en 3
.f.,tboue an astocl ~oI sibilitiE
buiam;:-.s .Vbtacu," Illot*s"oi
* ue;n ..at." emm.lutl~''ft one bri f.
"Jera"o," at ~ .eenegp eA sleg
the ihio" cosutinsial? td
dapycmn, >i .em*.. and 10<gou6
ttratme o 4fYi.O du. .. 'n . 120
~oioi n ooori e ag e mes.M
1 0aros~t n eepo ogta
tias alongii Chrte
>ggs, iUA J-. McD.atis ruce.pg
Or em fnor tneiep -trr Pjo W'O..m
Bar hats What sold $1.00 to $1.50 , at 75
ions at 15 cents. 50 cents rib) m 2' ents
lese hot days.
at 12.1. 1 lit Pongeo Silk, sna'l figures, sold for
rill go for 5c the yard.
-sible Disc Plowa, and we are in a positio n to offer you
,ge Suits,
$15, $18,
itnd Up. q *"1kM
um BERGE about hits
luey for a Spring ..~.
inr new "SCHLosS~
iB the thing you .
iing is better than
retaining. We war
urs fast color and
ol. The way the
are muado up will
our eyes to the p)Oa.
ae of good tailoring. cprihe
flher Diffent B
om the Com- in scat~os a .easc
If~f i*d Baltimore end New.Vorg
le and double-breasted in four distinIct mnodels, every
mful of style. Our Spring shipment just in, A
did showing of greys and mixtures in Serges, V
nd Fancy Goods. Everything for spring.Coe
* HEndel S*;"
3 of lancd near Marietta, S. C., '4
pkintown road. *10 per acre.
es near Travelers Rest,
ands of Mr. Thos. Cunningham. Part of the 'Butler
old home. $15 per acre.
to of land, 20 to 50O acres.
ome very desirable lots near city limits. These lots are
0 car hine-$60 each.
Greenville, S C

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