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Tho Sentine14oul al Qompany.
Tuom'soN & RIoHEr, PnoPs.
J. L. 0. THOMPSON, EntTon.
Subsoription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable.
Eutered at Plokens lostofllco as Second Cla#E
Mail Matter
Metrologloal Table
Dy John T noggs, observer, Licerty, S. C
Temperature. WO V
W Character of
at . the ti day.
.1 88 40 V2 Clear
4 13 50 ,
b5 89 69 10
0 91 68 0
7 93 8 0
8 97 70 0
9 P3 09 02
What We Need.
Last week wo spoke of our un
qualified oppositiou to a devorco tv
in this State, and now wo wish t<
huggest that a law which is, we thini
mauch needed, is On1o by which oilsom
recor'.t of marriages may bo kopt
The marriage laws of this stato arc
very noar ain loose as our divorco las
makes marriage binding. A coupi
might marry and leave tho m tate, an
outside of the parties intorested an
the minister or oflicor who perforw
the ceremony, n~o one would bo thi
wiser, as the law r( quires ro lieensi
ertificate, or even the signatures <
the contracting parties. In som
cases not even a witnoisa is presen
and should the miinistor dit sukdet
ly, no record is loft oittsido of. th
married couple thon..Iolvos. This w
consider, a law which should Ii
reinedtod. Some States requiro
marriago license issued by the elor
or some other qualified officer, whic
will be prima facie evidenc of ma
rino should any doubt hereafter ari
Such a paper might be of incaleulab
benefit ,r) the posterity. Lot s'omr
of our solons take this matter uuid(
' he dispensary pond seeni to g,
muddier and muddier as it is stirre
up. Each day brings forth to ii
light some new actor in this coiod;
or tragedy, call it what you noI3
We are begi.nmng to think somobod
is going to pay t~he fiddler. Lot tli
good work go on
"Lay on Macduff,
And damned bho w ho first crit
hold, enloughl"
An Upj-to-Date Firm.
On our additional page will 1
founsd the mammoth ad of that, we!
known, and well-paltronlize.d firm (I
Maxwell-Feaglo-David Company, c
Greenville, S. (I. Thbis lirmi, in ad
vertising, just as in selling th -i
goods, never take any haltf Way' mel
odl, but go at it in ship-shape styk
It will certainly pay you to attoui
their sale.
On same page will be found quit,
a batch of local items.
The Republcan partisantls in Con
gross could not resist the temptatio:
to unseat a democrat although thQ
have such a large majority, so Mr.
Wood, of St. Louis, musmit walk the
plank to make way for Mr. Goudrey.
Those Mi.souri Republicans are
making hay while tho stin shines;
they expect a stormy timo about next
-On last Thur~lsday Chief Cor sha
le Curetona andi Dleput3 Xiairshial
Chapman captured an illicit distil -
lery on the Twelv0-mil Srng branch,
near the .ld twelve-mile camp ground,
It was a sixty--gallon still. With it
Ihey captured Georgo Allbright, who
*was working in the distillery at th
time. TLhere was a negro helping
him, but ho gave them foot. bail and
has not been hoard of sinco. He is
known, and the officers are on the
ioqkoat for him.
hre.~ is onj go 0biu10ht th
Anantes prcceedings over the rail
road rate legislation has accomplish
ed, M1r. Chandler is now attending
strictly to the business of the Span
Ieh Claims Commission.
There won't be enough Ropublicar
leadeth free from the fraud taint ix
n e of. the Western States to holi
lo auenses, if the grand juri0i
don' let up on that land fraud busi
1e Ofileint Qio the Cleveland Ic<
ha e been indicited by the
~ ~i ry but ihy are getting even
upniep~eo p
Lette 'fl Ce a
The l f t uity i
very good, ith the ception of a
few deaths. Mr. Henley Mullinax
died Wednesday night, 23rd ult.,
His remains were laid t& rest at
Mt. Zion cemetery in the presenco
of a large coocoureo of sorrovig
f4io4ds; ,he.funeral services being
ab~ttd by Dr/L L, 3 Oloy ton
amid Mr. B. J. Johnson
Noland Smith, son of Mr. C. B.
Smith, was taken Suddenly ill on
the 24th and died on the 28tlh ult.
His remains were laid t> rest in
Mt. Zion cemetery.
Wheat harvesting and fighting
crab-grass in the cotton and corn
is the ordel' of the day. Tho .farin
ors aro succossaul in tho 'fight so
far. Crops are looking fino with
good rain, and everything seminr
be moving along nicely
Dr. L. G. Clayton left Tiesday
last, for Now York. He has g'.mo
there to attend the Wesleyan Con
ference Board meeting.
Mr. Harvey Norrip, of Easley,
visitod at Mr. W. B Norris Satur.
day and Sunday, 2th and 27t1
Mrs AlicW Mas; anol three
i-bildrenl visited at Mir. W. R). Ntr
v ris' reconttly
lliss Fleodat NMelo, One %f thw
a1siiitaultI toachers at1, the Contrval
Graded Schcol, has returnul to her
holue at Rock Hill.
Letter From Hazel.
A0 I havecnt seen anything from
this part of th1 County, I will try to
pive you 01h1 Iows.
FarmIlingf' iq mloving" almig ulinely
Smandl grainl har-vest is, nlear.
kTh frost on tho 10th of lv. t
i moth made a nearly cI lau Iwe.:-p of
the friit. E'en tile hickITrry crop
will heborf
Wo i dl ho ploeisure a slort timv
a1gO of visiting 1ho Sontinel.Journal
platit, anl was pleased to fli1 it st.
VIl cqitipidti. To our surpis', wi
found iii. Iiglitd with eletrioity and
runi by :a nlico g oine engin. It hald
i just, rvev'iv 1. I i-: ittig ma1
d chile, xhlich cost $1800. Tho oditor
P told so his Iypa matal c >. him 46
v enti per mund, anl it k.Iok 3o
pattls to got his paper out. So you
Y seo it takes a lot of monoy to got ont
Sa pahpor, and ilsi soubsuribers s ho ul
niot~ he so careless ini payin'g up their
sust )criitin Th)anks1 to youh, Mr.
'Ed it or, for Iakinug so miuch, paiins in
show1inhg its airoun td your estatblisi:
IIi rrah for I t Pickenis col ton
milh. IUnt I tink it wvotld h)o moro
reattl benoifit to te couty and towtsa
ini it for the raZilroad~ to oen.i1ilon. to
IRosmatii, N. C. and for myi parIt, I
had rather see that line of ltrila
r) built t hani tho mnill, but will ho ;-roud
of both.
--Thei farmners who are bumying corn
ly neglect to plhmt a suiliuincy' for
ne'xt year.. It is a bad policy to grow
cotton with wichel to buy c irni, (1ven
I hough tho farmuier rold for fifteen
stops theo cough an a hetlunge
Ilatre'l is tihe rosuilt of knowing
I ut on c side of a person.
Tihere is 11o need wVorry'inlg along In
dils'omfo)rt br'eauso of al dIisorderedI di.I
gestion. CGot a buottlo of KODOL~J FOR
for youI1. Kodol not only dligests iwht
you ei anmd give tha lit tirod stomuach a
neededti r'est, but is at corret~ivo of the a
g:oteit ellicioneyv. Kod)(ol rehl~ves indi
gestin, dy5L Iepsia, palp Ji tationi' of the'
KoAdol wvill make your stomach your~g
andio heli(1hy aigain. You V wi wvorry julst
in theo proporatiioin that your stomach
wvorries you Wi*\orry mfons the loss of fl
'bilhity to do your best. Worry.~ is to be c
avoided at all times. Kodol wvill tako
the wvorry out of your stomnach. Sold ti
by Piokons Drug Co., l
B~ofre'tho , Ohu Kitud You l61 Always Boit
- i' i let, to the lowest -re8i malib -
id her th bu di ga wth ow n
At 2 o'clock same day I wvill let the
bdg-over 12 mile river near E. F".
Locpe p r. . C
P1lans made known on day of letting.
26- Supervisor.
56akOs Kidneys andi Bladder Right
y s tat Ayer s Hir
Vigor does so many remark
able things? Because it is a
hair food. It feeds the halir,
pjuts new life into i. The hair
air Vigor
cannot keep from growing.
And gradually all the dark,
rich 'color of early life comes
back to gray hair.
" Whon I first tised Ayer's Hair Vigor my
hair was about all gray. I itow It I it nico
rich blnock, and as til ck as I catal wish."
-1inS. SusAN ELOPFRN$TIEN, Ttuscttiia,
01.00 a bottle. J. C. AyICn CO..
d'4a's - for
Gray air
ptid for fin adi alice. .'he ilee is thi.(l. Nil card
will ble linserted tinless iteconinjitled by ithe
bove inountit.
Tho inan - frietids of W. 0. Mhiulilin hereby
Innouti nce linit a itndithito for i St-ite e intor
Iruta Iliekenis eilnty, Slubjelt to tic Demaio
rtic priuliary elec tin.
''''lii iv' i itfit I V
1 ir. \111.1 W . ielte I, hurch al n no n e I, E.ahls l
tauit ! tie o ter. i the litet ln'il n :ou Y
io itothsi: hn' of TI : n thil, 141I:
ntoie r lipiatt iIe y. 11.
ililt this a otill'. i inwiag hi t I d) lie at for511
henut1 t'rain lie1 wiltililv tat htt t-t t he nel
w- Illf i ihe vter i t pe 'vn i t th l itp iin r
wv Oivl (s11 1 t I Ci elc i 'llilC CN . T I V10 111).1
11' I'Mi chit I f Wi lla ,ie (h -.tl4: 1v 11
le ssv lTau'.i;,t us
'W' hereby frie atel f .i ar S Ni lu'. C erel )
Ili 'it'ltiii Wat i Ifor i te4 lii -Il l titesnttroti e
eil litte Teli every to reren s it 111the slloplcji
the eel that hof lectivo tr ill etil e t h1onorM upoil
inairy ech' tion.
The numny fr ictiel. of . jr 1). N iminn s here11(Ikl
tilo n i hliatioalii hi t itsM iSh2t tor theit ni e f 'a' tlit
ullie yf Taua, 'rer tsi e'k, atit to tlie iest t
he 'i l'tit of I oS.t I n taI lieren'ititltti e
him at v i' ll tilatt ' o t'iia'I I It' Ial I ''iTta -its' I ' 11..i rea,
ii'atil vtttrs i I lon. it elvi. t'll.
'hte n i tiy l'a ieias oaf I i. G r LL hEl ptt-ri
lyi a tniotai e hli it; it tat a ai it hilte ol lie
thlet i :ot yi Ti re t li o t irr S u jct i the
t' ol th le orsi ltle i lon iv. w fii
T i et~j Ni. one O . s t t e lo terehrni(intmfill
.'i enlichti tte fio ( ita tilal out if iiniiv irleai rer
kn s ubnny iject to the e tI ofilelo
lert'y votitrtia i tilt' ity elf a et tilit fil. Mat.is
a tio ItI li ol l't T aes CII un y, ijeul to tle result
tif t hl ot er 1 t he ly. tno ati pitanry
I it- aie l tion to t rat ee of ('1 ride v ii of l'h-k-I
'ailitli.-unt', tlhje't to e rstlt of tueco
At th earn st soicit tio of inn yfra it is.
r it in l'ieen fa T ish(l, nhto t th esti t
>f ther Denti;inry
he t lt'isc o ie (' ' ck', Jo indhrlyun-.
.o tt onict o t vno ts in*itu nr y e le tinn. ]
~F.I l t ti't NvO M ll SI tO I:It.y tl
fr'1. .th l'.~ SiintOith i hae.ininleiloa
nudLi.It fool re eletion sto tet'l sll iolunt
H.owtnanr:,i .sjt to the esyl, the
I erbyanot il'eai~sel was--bnidte for
.It''ily9. to adveoitiof i ntis ptidt
ta besegtioyyild.t
Soehowy tetnighbrt alway
hinth cold lok a on rre
.uger; itusban bemdr
oucanote induc U oe ana o
eosarveto hine canes well
hat stmchond one.rworkt', m.
I t
don' have tosvod Takret y
tomaitcheKODO iFRaDYSPEsA.
akn, uhel work formyrnch di
f th athoaet and lvunigs re x
nds divbc th cod outin ao
an S egd with fae dsorde toah
HCow har itNis Chdoemsths id
409hard.wasan hoetNw ayo do
Do wantSo a. wav ldrggl
t pys o avor soin his p
he saso's frstcol ,1
AVegetable Preparationlor As
slimlating thlefood andhRegulda
ig te~tomachs andlBowels or
I'romotes Digestion.Cheer'I
ness an'dlRest.Contains necllher'
Opium,1Morphiine nor Nineral.
Jang MidJirS~t/E~ ?ArR0 MU
litd e i ll
Hing th odncdglk
* WI'.'if!Vyn '//U~l' .
A pedecI envany for Corup. -
hon, Sour l(tjch, D)iarrhoa f
Wormtsonvusims eersh
ness and Lss Co n' S P. I
11 smule 01n1,ure SFo
L -
In aiso of Stonmch and Ii ver troublO
b! proper im. 1 i t ik (I Ito inl!ate t heso
>rgans 11S wLitht101 irri.a1 ingthem. Orinoi
Ix tivo Fiit if. Sv rp m114k digeition and
dimullate.s it vi r and bowels without
irritating thosev ovgans liko pills or ordi
ary en11th tie . It does not U: ne1 It 1
>r gripo neid is mii s. I plea-ant to tako.
o;r slo by Pichns Drug Co., and R.
P. Sii h Ea ltslIey .
Budding n':Iiills doe's1't always
bear1 finiit.
Mi s. .. Lindny, of Fort William, On
a 1to, Onam 'i, .h!(o hasi huffered quito a
nunber of yeatrs from dyspopsia and
rent pmusvi ia the stomach, was advised
.y her druggist to takcm Chmiberlain's
itoae'blI 11111 Liver Tablets. ki.no did so
tod says, "I fiid that thev havo done
n1o a great deal of good. 1. havo never
ind any euil'riig sinco I began using
h1101." I tioibled witli dy~spepsia or
ndigopition Vhiy not take -hee Tablets,
set~ well and4( stay will? For soaile by
?ickensh Drug (Co. , and31 '... N. Hiiuter,
The1 ting thalt makes a man like
WOtlh woma inhlau nev1foer tell why.
Am IK on A i.r.::'s looi-- ..isi:, A I'owmlI,:
It inkles walkin~ig .asy. (urIS ('oi i., nlimaion
tigro4winug Nil. h wolle mi 111val aing fee . A t
ti l)nggists amlIsinoe storcs% .l. tnnt dlweept
One way to maikom peopI belijevo
n youI is to 'pretend to0 bolijove ini
U. S. soldiers4 who served in Ciuba
luring the Spaunishi warl kno1w whait this
hiseaiio is, and1( tha~t ordtinoav remoidos
-r. (Cuban diarrhoea is almost as overlo
nd( dangeirolus 11s a 1inihl attack of chel
rla. ThJllo ill on1( remnedy, hloever.'l
halt can alIways I e depended ulptzi as~
lill bo SeenI by the followving certificato
r'omf Mrs. Minnie Jacobs of Hou,;ton,
Oxas: "TF hlereby certLify thbat Ubamb~ter.
in's Cohe n, Chbollr.. 11md D iarrhoimn'
ttacok of Unbahn 'dlirrhoola, whieb he.
rlought hlomel fromV Cunbj. \Ve had se v-.
ra1 ldoctorls but did him) n1o g~oodm. ( On
ottill of this renol)dy llured( him1 as5 our
eighibor wvill testifv. I thnik G od forl
Li vluale a meldicine." F or sle b
'ickens Drhug (C0., 1and( T. N. .Hui;Ni -
At ho31m .ly gir alw Iays se lec a.
ill hom1i!tr t thn hrself f.>r her
TJhese Iro th 1lrei common3102 ilm Terr's for C41
hlich Chain berla inl's4 Pini Ralm is ( 'pee.
Ily valuablo. If promptly aplii sitI
Ill h~avoyou0l tilulo, mlon1ey and1( sufleIln
honl troubled with any one~011 of ther1 o niil
ants. For sale bv Pickens Drng Co.,
.d T. N. Hunter L~ibert~y.
H-owv much01 tmo 1 ha lvo you ever<
st inI answering thait, adver 1.ino--/
mlt.-onough to chanigo the~ (0ou1
)fance of the clock?
L'ho sincerestCE tribuIto thaft canl ho pa-id
ftupjorior'ity is1 imlifation. Thol manliyg
bitaions of D~eWitt's WVtchII1 Hazl Salvo
.t are ow bOeIforit the pubi p)i oI ~(ve it p
best, Asik for D~o~itra.'. Giood for
rnth scld14, ch~aflod skin, ecz'oI1LI, Let.
, ents. brhises, bo11Ils and piles. fHigh-.
l1ecommended 1and( reliable. Sol by
)kolnH Drug CJo.,
llOW many "Iwron-g wa~yst' of ad
rtising that proporty must, you
. beforo relying upon01 "tho wanth
I. Wany"
Constipationl mIaken the coId . T~~g'
onmg. (Oct It ont of you. Take1e~
3dy 14 Luxative IHoney Ilnd 1a*40gt
ru1p. Contatno no opiato* 8~
okens Drug to.,
For Iniittt and Children.
Me'b Kind Y on Have
Bears the
Is2 9
~aar '~a'~ri lC'f A k ..?t(Ii.
M lar ( 1i:1 a-at y , Mw . dir' -k~i 1111,1 11h~i
va a-a'licasl i Sh a's ll i lwia .'l tii,:(' whyaill
Moat her Gli tig 'r Solat -.l Poy:cll . . .II I:II
hI.:-t iv mo'( .) (:;,.V. it 1)' al 111t ichn te W
KIl, lie New LYax . upV I1(ylld''i'- 1
cug "VI. Five 1s II-,! di'iv ;Il otl l
Jill d'l j!,. Se mpI~ l e ilil t ul Adori~
(esomurilisid Liw-vdi' Tac1it N. Y.
111)10 i i 10hal.iousi tl t. yarn d not ie'i
Ih ort) tJatillt (f tzioP il li-ii'.
ficknn:I)rojet3, \Vt~!' frl ;ik' ail,
KiniLdyIs a-ivv0 Ho1l~alley4 nd T111
cough' syIT i ta !t:'' driii tho oo ou o
byll P.il i Dl. Sob ., ~ lsDu
Coplly.,i aiLle ~Q i h
lA t r I i i i g toa i g, it 1 ) o M0.
l)It iaolh , odlri lisn't of e h ' i fLI
kl~~a- ithll :l{ d. l i UhL~
A. K. Park, C0
-S. C.-Dry Cc
-tions and 4
We aro now showing
most stylish, upi) to dat(
SpringGoods that wo In
Timo and money was
ing this Btook, and we d
stato that %io will givo
for the am mnion0) that
whero. Wheni you trad
yov( protect your pooket
mhy our customers ati
pledgo you tho het of .s
our goods must bo what
or your money givon i
ing of wool dress goodt
arc very popular aIlso
Cashimers and 8erget
fing111 goods. Our Bac]l
ways full w w iro n oI et
Our Whit.e goods, an
a~re So Comlple to that wo
thoim. Our prjicesl on tI
5 COLs tO 50 cn Is. Oi
derwear dopartment is
values wo ever had.
Ladies vests, 5, 10. 15
Men's vests, 25 & 50 ci
See our Mn's 50 olk
will buy.
Meuls and Ladies Oxfo
Salesmen, 'Mr. Thomar
* ~ floary MlcKiimcy.
West End, Greci
4qf,4,j Aft
J. F. IHiiris is Mtill in businus at
self. C(.oIn : ud and g(et soml
chandise, )'It dl't. all come at
2,1. poun (1 saIch o)f g2,o(ld louir
other thngtccor ding, ini-nu
vhich is as h:il as I laIllan m
seed, Bliss, lrly Rose, BuI
I le) ronI, by the pe-ck
J.F-------. HANA
J. DO 1Vu
Says it, is timie now to buy
I have somo tic. CALIt'() m to
Iting ml y.rtii clirke atind a ygs.
' L will pay you the c:ish for Vour1 P;
tra do somehow. Please call aid sce ni
J. Do r
P. S.-All who owe mie will p)
I have a good
H Amlon)g them11 1r the r11Icouane)10'
Clocks withl wetghts, uhLich 1 en
An~d a ew line o.f HILVER~WA
M Sie WAT1CI Il'h. A nice l):no
glassest to fit cy< v. All kinds of ;C1'
As Nice Line of as Good Goo
Maike up~ y3u 11 he('t:'be foi a e: '1 fromi my Ht
Viem~ 0 S mani;e. Reasl:t Beef. Pios Feet,
iscutit. Companiy's I
Friuits, Candic<, linat Uono'd Clothe' in tavn.
Yom for soumethinug
0M'i All1 whoi o)we mii ar~ uriged to cat~ a1nl s
t 'is poss41ile to obtamii' rIi.'f fromn .
birontic in zagest ion and'( d)ypes by101 the*IIi
us, of' KUl)(OJ FOR1 D)Y.SPF.PHL\.
So:n" of theo m1a I iph rcz of;.~ lint
otanidiug havo yi hld Ito it, It enab,12leo
you to digest tim foCod you cat, unp Ix
er'ciscs a cort'1VIivo 0,din1t1ct, hmIudhi
nyl tho oflicioney of t he d wi'tivo or!g -ins.
T1heo stomach&i~ in the boui I'eri ( the 11I
ty, htealth nd sto r' thg. h odol d ig'ets
whait,. you eatt. Maktri1 sthshachswe
-putsL the boiler in, cond ition0 to do the
work ntuto demault.dHOf it----give's you
relief froml d1igesti vo djiorder4, and1( puta
yout111 in hapeit to dlo your heat, and feel
your best. Sohl( I~y Pi ki rue. (X.,
Piekens Rl. IR, F'or secfations 11 a lpp1
att their cJllco. ~ - .
F. V. O'UE3L L
R~. U. D). No. 5 [3ASLEY, S. C.
Notice to Debtor andJ,
.All per son hioldingilaimno aigaiist the
'ito of Elizabeth Coopwr. (th loid wvill
311r~sent thema to the undetugned duly w
attetedC~ on or before the0 1Sth Id(ay of af
rulJy next, and all pers;os indebted to
!aidi(5 sito will tuaku len lit, ~to
MRSI-. 8 i RAII J:' G R A V LIY, - I
Jnno 6, 10 A Expentrix.
reenvlle $
ods, No- *
tho Jlatgept and
i Ptock of new
Lve over shown. p
spout in soleot- p
no0t houitato to
the best values 0
Can o1 had nluy
at Park's Rtoro.
-book. That is
ok to us. Wo
ore servico, aud
wo say they aro
Ak. Our show
M fin o-Greys
Bilks, Mohaira,
-from cheap to #
: goods nro al- I
Uithm run down.
1 printed lawus
CanllOt ioll of
rowe po(ods from
r shirt it (I n
full of tho boat
and 25 cnts.
14, can't bo beat.
shirts and you
rds to suit your
Ligon and Mr.
iv-ille, S. C. p
the saic old stand by him
bargailns in general mer
once. I will sell your a
for 50 cents. Anld all
Meat and Dried Fruit
as hung. Irish potato
banks and Beauty of
at any old price.
By Himself.
r Goods, Etc.
.1'SS GOO1S to go CHEAP.'
If n e can't, trade on the goods.
uiiCe. 8'o I ring it on; we will
and ri mmber the old Bef
lease come and settle, and
J.D. M.
1ih:o of
al11 tid style S3eth Thlomas
Ho'llii g at 1Ip(cial bargains.
BE. .A Iso ElId GOld and
'Ia' iWcle; I guarantee
air1 v ()Jk in the j(weh y line.
- Dalecy, S. O'
ds as cani Be Bought.
neck of ('anned Goods8: Pottod Hamfl,
riip e, " i g 110lomjity ," Corn,
is,. I'en ches.. Herri-s, etc.,
s. All of the Nationtal
nto lucts.
All kinds bottledl drinks on Ico.
atisfaction GuaLr-inteed.
1ico to eat,
"tthe at once0. Fromt) now- on I will
to top r e d- t >tin the STEVJ.
FLES ...from $2.25 to $150.00
rioLS. from 2.50 to 50.00 f
OUNS ..fromn '1.50 to 85.00
an, t i I I i t :Iot'. U ter.
Midt, upout recelPt of for four cents In Stamps to
tog prk c. cover postalgo,
ttrafctiveo thirre-nlor Atuminun~m Haenger wdi be
rcent anuyow re for 10 cents in stamps.
P. 0. Itox 4094
Ohicopeo Falls, Mass., U. S. A.
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1 hbe very high this 0 lson. I hanve
botught. la winte , which until
I ith, wih ;ll a.1 ndl r the mtarket,
mt echikens, eggc 53 1 101.

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