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H eninsof a locaial onl deronai1 iature
-The candidates for cflices in
Piqkens are very slow in-making thom.
selves known.
-The daughter of S. I. Brooks; of
tho Twolvo-Milo section, is reported
quite sick.
-We have often wondered during
the hot weathdr if the sunsrner girls
are as cool as they look.
-Money cannot buy happiness,
but most of us aro willing to make
the experiment.
--If you are not ai member of a
Democratic Club be sure and join one
so you can vote in the next primary
-The price of cotton has not be.
gun to - climb towards 15 cents yet.
It see-saws from day to day, but the
chauges are small.
-An ePr'lvingo says its queer, but
a girl can be lots smarter in helping
her beau's mother than she ever could
be in helping her own mother.
-The dIrinking candidato who
offers for office should bo allowed to
remtaim a private citiz'n. It in alike
due to himseh-1' as4 well as to the pub
-What1 ever is yIO nYay.do thit4
S11u . don't fall out with yoUr
InighbOr Ibout Iolities. Romein ber
that we aIl ca't tbink exactly olike
oil public q-: tious.
--Dr. L 'l niirley, a most worthy
aid popular . ;iliz) of Central, S. C.
wag in the city last Saturday ana
gave us an a ppreciated call. -Andor
son Intelligenc< r.
--The early gardener is now ojoy
ing the fruits of his labor. English
peas, beans, beets and other vege
tables are plentiful, and the cook is
I ot troubled now to get up a g.-ood
-Tlis is the time of year for school
closings, and by the t imo we get
thioogh with Mioio the camp ign will
open. Uhicken; will be scarce later
-MAd dogs are reported in vari
ous counties. Watch for strango dogs
and do not let themi approach you1.
If you hoar your dog fighting strange
dogs in the night do not get out
amongst them.
- Just write a postal card1 to E.
WV. Cox, Pichens, S. (., and he wvill
call on youi and shiow you the best
and1 cheapest reliable l ife insuranco
you have over seen. No charge for
-The rnanagement of this papoer
Rcknowledges ito err-or in charging
dlereliction of (duty~ to some of Pickens
RI. F. D). cariorsw- as it has been p~rov'en
to our entisfaction that mistakes have
ben made by us in our mailing list.
-T~he succulent and seedy black
ber ry evill soon ho hero with hot h foot.
* It will ho in evidence for some time,
and will be a 'source of delight as
lung as it remains. It is an humble
but a very l)opular member of the0
vegetable kingdom.
-As will be seen from a let ter to
Supt Hallom, A\ir. Bruyan and Miss
11111, of Greenville, h.vo boen ap
p)ointedl to condu1ct the Pickens Sum
mier School, commencing Juno 18th,
BothI are teacher-s of considerableoex.
4perience, and come highly recom
muendedl. We are to ho conigrato
lated on these appointments.
-My son, owvn a little G'ir Th
Lord is making folks every day-but
he isn't making more dirt! Some
peiople are doing nothing but rauiig
children, whilo others are all the.
lim "r1 aising" a little caih andi puit
ting it, in a little dirt. Euough saiitl
After aw~hilo 601me people will own
all the dii t, while othor people1 will
own all the -- dirt-v-children. Sabel
-R. TV. Hallum is announcod fim
re-ulh ction to tho oflice of Superinj
tendenit of Education of Pickens
county. "Dick," as ho is familiarly
called by everybody in the county,
has been a fauiftfl aud pauinstaking
oflicor, and1 should the voters decide to
continue him in thus impotant ofico,
ho will alwanys be found at his pos5t of
duaty conducting (Ihe (lnties of his of
flce in a mannor satisfactory to .his
C. nastituon ts.
-We have a lot ter from "Mny
Voters" urging the name of Dr. R
F. Smith before the people, na a cani
.did1 , i for the legislature, amnd giving
good r-oasons for his making the raceu
We havou't roomr to publbsh all of
~tho article. The notice goes on to
say that 1)r. Smith is a smart muan,
a capable man, a truo citizani and1( a
-man weoll quaililled andi comp etont to)
fill the place, and wh ile it would Ijo a
great sacrifico, they believ.- ho owes
it to his county to make the r-ace amid
,oalls on him to declarei himnself. It's
un to the Doctor to a un.
Pickens Dru
all the
Hallum's Kidney and Backac
all Kidney ills- 50 cents per b
Pickens Dru
The Stork Visits Pickens.
Tho story of tho stork is pretty
well known to overyone, it being said
that it is a very loving and affection
ato bird and the meanst whre)y the
little babios get i no this world of
cIre, they being bronght to the .x
p(.c1ant1 parents by% the Ftro r
somno timie the particu!ar stork wlio.so
Ih it is to look over tho badliwick ef
Pickens and help increase Lor popu
bit on, las bieen min dug periolieal
7isits to the hiones in ind around
Pickens, but last wcek hle got in a
iturry, haviag gotten behind withi his
,vork, anl . brou;,lit a whole basket
'ull of little clvrubs, which h Feat
red around protwiscuously in town,
is follows, to date:
Oin le 5th, a girl to Mr. anid Mrs.
D B. Finney.
On Gth twins, two hop-, to Mr.
mnd Mrs. Rt. L. Rodge r.
On 9ti, ia son to Mr. and Mrs. 1.
I. Partridgo.
Having left hittlo chernha tli wiveek
before ht Messrs. Craig'ei and 0iillin's,
Lhis makis six babios ho lh1a depos.
ted with loving parelits inl Pickenls
il the past ten dayst, adti vrays hi le has
iargest orders for a few niore before
lie will be allowed to mako up his
,oseisu report.
Where did you coni from, baby dear-?
Dut of the overywhero into here.
Whorm did you got the eyes so blue?
Dnt iof the sky as I caie through.
Where did you get that. little teart
found it waiting when I got hero.
What makes your foreboid so simooth
111A high?
X soft haunt strohed it as I weont by.
What makes your check like a warm,
whliito r'ose?
[ ::aw someithinig better than anyone
Wh lon en that thrco-corned amile of
lhi i?
'lre anigels gave ime at once a kiss.
Whlere did you get thui-s pretty ear?
)iod 8, opo, and it came out to hear,
WVhere did you get those armsn and hands?
FGove made itself into hooks and blands.
P~eet., whence did you come, you darling
Lroim the same box as the cherub's
[low come they all just. to be tyou?
iSid though t oIf me, and so I grew.
Blut how did you como to us, you dear'?
30o0 thought about you, aid so I am
A Card of Thanks.
We desiro to express our heart felt.
hanks to thio good people of thle town
>f Pickens and coI nuunity for their
ielping hand durn . the siek ness and1
leath oif our son Alferd Evett. We..
r'ust that Goud's richecst blessini g may13
rest 11pon1 thern and the I cluvedi phy
sician while hero in this world anid
whoen done their ia r' hero we hope
Lhey will ener inl through pealy3
gatesR where no sickness n, sorrow
will ever come.
MNI un Mnt . A. K. Eviwr-ir.
On the Sick List.
T'hi'o is ~l~((:it. conidra l icness in
and1( ar'on d Pickens tI pr'eent, lut
:aot hing of a ie y' 'cr'imlii nimo2.
Ai~rde ifrom the alceouchm.i t p'tient,
the following perstoii.s are" now un der
the care of the phys cian :
P. E. Alexander, confined to hihs
roomr; liver tr'oubIe; irep~ort~ed lo tter'
Mrs. J. P. Carey, ropoirted imnprov
lna Boggs, imnproving.
-The aninouncemen', of M. W.
H-ester, of the Dacusvillo side of the
county, alppears this d',ek for Son
tor. Everybody who kuion "M ike"
Ilester kno2(1ws him to ha a great big
mlouthed fo.low with a hiead full of
brain ,, and1( they kniow, to.', that lie
is' a man of commlron sense0 aitd jlllg.
mont, and~ if he is elOatedl -to the of
tieo to w hiich lhe aspir.., 'il.o
('0 m11.y will have ii Soao the peer
of any in the St ito..
-Mied'ij~ at th resiiec of omty
o ating Notary P'ubhl ", Mr M. F JI.
tor', on MandIay 11th, Mr'. Ji,1nies Poir
ter to Miss. Ola (Ganit; all of Pjok
Miss addi Hioul, ofF lryspt
a portion of last week in Pickens, the
o Bulletin.
he Pills, are guaranteed to cur
ox, 5 boxes for $2.00.
ig Company.
At her home in Easley, on the 301,1
day of May, 1906, tho spirit of Mri
Fannio E. Latham burst the priso
hars of life and took her flight, froui
the Sorrtw.' -a' o tils of t his (aril
to tie inntosiol of light, jolyv a;d resb
ill Jeai 'ton Al. vs., 1 Lat i) id b foro lie
marriago was Mims FaiX10 .r ner
Sie was4 ridi'in Grenvillei c.,iiy
After her iniuriiige to Mr. 1ohn fin
thaii they sottled near ML Caarme
churoh, in Pickens county, when
they conlt-inued to live un1til twenty
tneo years ago', when they moved I<
Easley, where they hatvn sinico to
aiided. During the Civil Wa-, lie
husband went to the fruit in the dc
feinse' ot his countay. 'Mrs. L'ithan
wvOrkeild and eclonmizcd and hid th<
foundation upon which she vith he
husband and children have built l) c
splendid property. About thirt
years ago Mrs. Latham joined th
Baptist chiire at Mt. Carnel am11
was baptized by Rev. W. B. Single
ton, and sinco then she hiais lived tU
exemplify. her faith inl Christ, whiel
sheo then manado. She had jist putsse'(
her sieventy'.:ccoud birtl.ay. 11(.1
h us ha d 11114 l)tCerc-Ld her abou
oix years to the gravei. Hr elde.
son, Mayor J. T. Latham, had ali wya
renined with his mother, whore h<
could give her every attention tha
a devoted child could give a mnother
Her youngest son, Rob -rt, livet
in tho country not fair away, wheu
he could se his mnother often. Suet
devotion btwecu~ mother and chiC
roen is not aliway s seen. The lar;
conicourse~ of p:'ople who viewed tl I
body att her home, unuistually lairt;
funeral pa ocession, thle beautiful thu
ral til'erings4, nil s poke vol oanes as a
how the people regaidedl her Th<a
funeral services wero conidutcteod b
R1ev. D). W. iott, aiinistedl by Rev
WV. A. Christoph'er, paistor of Mt
Carmael chutrcht, and R1ev. J. hi Mathe
son, of the Presbyterian church. Th<
children have the sympathy of the
entire commiaunlity. Farewoll, sister
till we moet thee on the other sid1e.
Alother, mxothler, thou haist loft ue,
Thaoau hast crossed the swelling tidle
T1hiou ati t safo fron eairtha's temnptaa
Tlhu arat safe on the other side.
By andi by we'll go to meet thee,
Meet thee on the ot her shore,
WVhero tho niicked c asa from trouab
Aind said p)artings come no' mcro.
Easke;, Junec 10th. H.
Our Summer School.
Supt. 1 alttin has received the foi
lowing~ lettear froma State Supor in
teuden t i E lcationa 0. B. Mr1rtir
Supi. R T. Hallum,
Pickens, S 0.:
Deiar Mir. Halluman-I havo jma
ront apipointmnts to Ma. lIryaan an
'~ utsIll for the P'ickeas Suamnia
School, to ha gin Junao 18th. The1(
arol) 11) h excellenut tirchero, and
baelievo yotu will have a good Stuma
debuool. Sincerely you r.,
0. B. MAWIr2,
State Sup'. El.
T1ho Summaer School for* whiI
teacheors will bi bel ian th la ickem
Grtadedl School building, commnencini
M~ondiayv, .Jaaan 18th. All teacihei'
andl altlIthoso whlo conaemlanim toIeach
in : ina iho n0 ar fuiture, shiotild talli(ni
to) take(i eant itage of tho 1.choo
Faculty and1 :ours'o (of study3 will b
annumouncd later.
Ri. TI. I liuaI..
County Suap't Ed.
i ll le o helav t-est isp r i hi<a
ridtg.. I I he new si;e at Fa,; M~l',
July~ 5 1h0t, h, I w*aon hal it (<P0 o'lo
Fuipavis r~ heel viv Co.
8:mpervisor' Pick'm O >
Do.ra ..tse TO T~t. o.A.
Second Big shipment
Childrens Suits, size
sizes 13s to 20s, price $2
and extra sizes, from *
Youth's 75 ots to $3.00, I
Buy the celebrated I
Dress Goods-:-Dres
Our stock is always complete and we
lookout for something new. Don't fail t(
line of white goods we are showing, every 1
white goods, Linen Lawns, Persian Lawj
Dimities. Complete line of-silks for shiri
line of black goods is always strong and
showing a larger assortment of patterns tl
the latest novelties, fancy Wodsteds, Cassi
Henriettas, Serges, Panamas and Voils.
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and G
Mitchel Wagons,
mild in a
Want your moustache or beard BUCK iN(
abeautiful brown or rich black? Use am ersDI,,1OISI
Can be pleased in their shoes if t
to us. Our stock is large-selected
Selected with the idea that good va
and holds customers. If you have
bdying your shoes from us, try us
you need1 a pair.
\Pr de & Pai
Ten cecnt cotton has put lots of mon
Many peCople have been robbed anr1 kill
Safe blowvers have tried the
and failed to get the money. Declays are
s an account wvith them today and your mone
Interest paid on time deposits.
H i-H. C.
I. $i .00 wvill open an account with the I.
'There are Pictures
-. and Phot<
F'or a p)hotograp)h that
sense, just as; the camera
feature sharp and clear,<
is what I give.
Only the be<:t material
b~e found in my wvork. I
p)atrons, their repeCated or
M of my goodl work. I do framing and enlarg
'Oi 01A
)DS For MAY Ar
of Spring Clothing newest an<
ks 4s to 17s, price 75c to $6.00
.50 to $10. Men's suits, stouti
'5 to $20. Extra pants for b
'or men all sizes $1.00 to $6.00
EUorse Shoe Brand of clothing
ave clothes that will fit.
;s Goodsi'Largest Stock
are always on the In the up-country, everything i
> see the immense Tables, Dining Tables, Centre
:hing in mercerized Iron Beds, Cots, Spring Matress
is, Nainsooks and tO $50.00.
waist suits. Our, -
I Hardware of all kinds, Stove
this seasoni we arel
Ian ever before, all Buggies, Surreys aud Wagon w
mers, Brilliantines, Call on us for anything you I
and will treat you right.
Yours Truly.
ients Furnishing Goods a Specialt)
Chase City Buggies and Iron King
ated, easy to take,
etlon. They cureI
lon, bilious ness,
Olt 1. a.. UA LL & 00.. NABUUA. N. U.
Watch this sp1o(
ch ange in ad of (
hey come
with care.
ue makes
not been
next time
ay in the country..
ed1 for their mnoney JO B
K ~Job workc of OV<
clangerous. Open
y wvili be safe. done hore with ne
Shirley, Cashier. p~atch.
,iberty Bank.
-Railroad and
>graphsl . . Prini
is true in every Letteor and Note IH
sees yout, every
very dectail shown and Statemvent!
that is used will ad trao
4y many satisfied Give us
d(ers, is an attcst
.. (N Se $ntinel..ouInsal
I~ tW
I latest styles.
Youths Suits,*
3, slims, regulars
oy1, 25c to $1.00,
if you would
of Furniture
n Safes, Cupboards, Kitchen
['ables, Hall Racks, Dressers,
Chairs and etc. Suites from
;, Trunks, Harness, Saddlery,
th prices always right.
iced, we appreciate you trade
. Sole Agents for
ne''ixt week for
ry description
atness and' dis
Corn mercial.
eads, Bill Heads
i, done neatly
able prices.
1i Trial.
Co.,,PJcKidNS, S. C.

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