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he new Laxative r
that does not gripe
or nauseate.
Pleasant to talie.
Pickens I
Far'mers' Uniol 1
Burea of N
lif fo'Hitati011. a
-( 011(i U(Id by ( ho W
solith caroiit imnrmcrs iducattial and of
cu4)peradve Union.
............ ............................... . y
comniu1iieittw itentled for thih depart
Iment should be ati(iresscd to J. U. Strinling, al
Pendeticion, .South Carolina.
Stunting Corn. II
---- a
Wo are pleased to receive the il
following letter from Mr. William fl
son on his stunting corn plan, andi a
trust that some of 6ur 'Farmers' t
Union men will put his plan d
through a comparative test, which :
will remove all doubts either way t
about the plan. We have six acres y
under comparahve test after Mr.
W illiamson'a stunting process, and C
will weigh the products and moas- c
ure the area by an expert from the
South Carolina Experiment Sta
Mr. J. 0. Stribling Pondleton, S. C.
Dear Sir: The exhaustive and
continuous tests that you ask about
in your letter of 12th inst , to
Dovesville, I have not mad. ; nor
is it porsible in agriculture to tell
positively which of the many at
tentions given to a crop has con
tributed most to tho result.
This method I have advised tried
on only a few acros thQ first year,
or until ono is familiar with its
I fool that the result that T and
my neigthhors who have adopted 0
it have obtained are sulicient to
justify Me i in recominend inig that
it )e given a i trial; if it- is not Eatis.
factory it need not be followco
again. A few acres will not only i
bo sufliciont but best for giving ,
this trial.
This "stunting" is no new thiing
in corn growing; and if 1 had ex
pressed it: "To so check an( re.
tard the stalk growth, that thero
shall be neither moisture or plant
food wasted in its production."
Then numbers of farmers would havo
recognized it as just what they have
been trying to do for years. Many
of them have planted both early
and low all of their hvers to reduce
the size of the stalk, and( they wlll
tell you that when Young corn (not
jointed) is bitten by frost, the stalk
will not grow large, but that it
usualy makes better ears.
Tis plan is not, so noew to the
farmers as the newspapers scoml to
think-certainly not to the farm
era about here. It~ will need to be
altered and modified to suit dliler
ent soils and speCoial conditions,
yet the general principles are cor..
rect and wvill work great benefit
whenever tho tendoncy is to make
stalk growth att the expense! of
Experience and ,juidgmen t are ire-.
qjured to give best results, and atl1
who try it may not succeed--eor
tamnly not the first year. Itrt
that none will do worse than by
the 01(1 method, and I sincerolv'
hopo) that it may give to all wvho
try it the benefit that it has givon
Yours truly,
E. M. W~LAM5N. L
Why Be Alarmed? a
Some of our farmers seem to be
a little worriedl over this talic of
the English cotton spinners buy-,
ing up some of our Southland on
Which to raise cheap cotton with
the hope of driving us back to
starvation pirices. And now, as
The Nati onal Co-Operator says,
this movement on the part of the
spiners would be funny if it were I
not so ridicuilous- Yea, it is too I
absurd to even give it notice. las 5
not tis Cotton searo-cro~w been
hoisted by those English spinners
in Egypt, Southi Africa andl al
most every other country where
there isn't snowv on the ground 365
days in the year?
And what wvas the result? A
feat failure-just what will bo everI
here after they have tried it.
We wvill give the Englishmien1
the credit of knowing how to spin
cotton after we of the South have
grown it for thorm, bumt when it
comes to either them or those
Welsh or Belgians raising the fleecy (
(::."staple, they know nothing imoro
about It than a hog knows about (
politics. In fact, if those Welsh
and Belgians are as lazy as some
Dof the emigrams who rame here,
* they will be too infernal haz~y to ]
* .keep ofV the mosquitoes down theie I
in Mississippi and( LJouisiana, mulich
ativei rvIit Syrup
)rug Company and Dr. R. F. Smiti
qs trying t hoo and plow cotton.
D, those English spinners are
arp and they well know that
ith crop diversification the South
'n cotton isrmor is just going to
Lise cotton to supply the domand,
id with organization, they are
>ing to stand shoulder to shoul.
ar like me and demand a profit,
)le price for that cotton, and nee.
ig that their scaro-crow failed to
ighten, wlhen so -far from us, they
re now going to move it up a lit. c
,e nearer. So, brothor farmor,
on't be afraid. It's the same old
unch of rage tied c n a little bit i
iller pole, and it moved up to i
rhoro they hope we will notice it. C
Stay in the buggy and just keep
ool. There is no danger in their v
otton mule. W 0. C A.4sy,
Sec. Fivo Forks Union. d
How the Money Goes.
Tho snundry serviCe hill hnas le..n
i'nimpletol, atiId thollowing sums
lave I eel approp iatt. (1:
For work11 4)1 the l'anama1I canal,
C(onstruotion of vesseli under
evo11to cIttor s 'rvice, $270,000.
Construction of national 111u
'oumo buibling, )ashington, D 0.
Public hoallh and marine hos
iaI mou vice, $1,.185,000.
Quarantine service, $3d0,000.
Prevention of epidomles, $310,
Bureau of fisheries, *670,970.
For enforcement of the Chinose
xciusion law, $500,000.
Construction of the oflice build
ig for the house of ropresenta..
Ves, $500,000.
For Uni ted Statos geological sur
ey, $1,138,320.
Armories and arsenals, $555,.
ExpenSes of tho ex(outive man.
ion, $113,000 hnd $60,000.
Objects of' iniscellanoois charanc
er under the war doimrtment:
At Fort Screven, Ga, $50 000.
Fort M onroo, Va , $27,650.
Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., $20,000. g
Fort Crockelt, Teix .. $158,953.
Fort Moultrie, 8. C., $26,000.
National home11 for disabled vol
uitoor soldi ers, $1,202,444.(
Continuing aid to Stato and
erritorial houses for the supporti
f disabled volunteer soldirs, *1,-t
Co~ntininig conlstru.ction of tihe
'onitentiary at Atlanta, Ga., $80,
Continuing construction of the
.)nitonhtiarly at Atlanta, a., $80,
Departmen t oft agriculturLe bu 11ildl.
g *300,000.
Public printing and bindling ~
TIhe appIropriations for pullllic
muildinig include the following:
Bi lox i, M iss, $48,760.
F lizaboth City, N. C., $40,000.
M acon, (ha ., $100,000.
Spartan burg, S. C., *30,000. t
Thousands aninually bear~ wotniess to
1o0 tfleiency of Eairly Risors. Theso
'lananit, reliallO little pills have long
ornoe a reputation seconRd to nono1 as a
Ixativo andl oa:h~artio. T1hey areo as ata
!o is bread in millions of homnen. P'loea
ut but effectivo. Will pr1ompltly relievo
>ntaitipationl without grip)ing. Sold by
'lokonsl Drug Co.,
Superseries T1imo TPablle No -I
Elifetive March.II 10 10
md n)owni Road Up a
No 12 No 10 STATIONS No II No 9
ixed Mixed Mlixed Mixed r
40) pm 10:40 amiI ly Pickens nr 2:55pm. 7:35 pmn
1O pmt 10:15 amI l.erguson 2:45pmx, 7:30 pm
5.5 pm 101:55 am *P'arsonh'N 2:30~pmi 7:50 pmj
(KI pm 11 :00 am *A riall'n 2:25pmI~ 7:15 pmu
I0Ip i'" 1:05 amui *Maultiin 2:20pm 7:10 pm
1n pm 11I:15 am ar Easley lv 2:15pm 7:05 pm
Flag Stations
.11 tralins danily except Sun., day
0. 10 connaiets with. Souther n Railway No 390
lt 9 e'onn ects withI Southern. Railway No 12 A
'o. 12 connaects with. So utIhernt Iail way No 11 (t
No 11 cnnects with. SouIternt Railway No410
.J Tr TAYLORi, Gon Manager'
PICKEiNS . a s. , C.
)ld Earle Building, Near Livery _
Stable of Noaloy & Gravely.
iood, clean, gas shave and a shio'.
.shmne for 10ets.
Iair cut. 15ets. Shamnpoo and Hlair -vi,
(lut for 25~cir. d
hA R T'l'N(': Witch Hazel, Ba i'
lum, S Ilphlur WVateor kept oni llnd t
Mrst-dass H ein .. ., .. .
Cures -
Stomach and Liver
trouble and
Chronic Constipation.
, nmaley.
ousands Have Kidney -rouble
antd Don't Know it.
How To Find Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
ater and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
tling indicates an
unhealthy condi
tion of the kid
neys; if it stains
your linen it 1s
evidence of kid
ney trouble; too
S - frequent desire to
pass it or pain in
the back is also
onvincing proof that the kidneys and blad
er are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
fien expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
toot, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
fish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
ack, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
i the urinary passage. It corrects Inability
> hold water and scalding pain in passing
or bad effects following use of liquor,
Fine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
ecessity of being compelled to go often
uring the day, and to get up many times
uring the night. The mild and the extra
rdinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
5alized. It stands the highest for its won
erful cures of the most distressing cases.
you need a medicine you should have the
est. Sold by druggists in 50c. and$1. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
ronderful discovery
nd a book that tells , ,
iorc nbcut it, both sent 9i 1 ,,"
bsolutcly free by mail. ' " ' '
kddress Dr. Kilmer & iomo ot SwampItoot.
'o., Dinghamton, N. Y. When writing men
ion reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
ie name, Swamp-Root. Dr. Kilmer's
wamp-Root, and the address, Bhighamton,
1. Y., on every bottle.
Dr. R. F. Divver, who announ
ed himself as a candidate for secro
ary of state, has withdrawn from
he cotest'
When our soldiers went to Cuba nud
ho Philippines, health was the most, im
oortaut consideratioI. Willis T. Mor
pan, retired Cominissary Bergeant U. 8.
L., of Rural Route 1, Concord. N. 11.,
ayA: "I wAs two years in Cuba and two
'oars in the Philippines, and being sub.
cot to colds, I took )r. King's Now
iAscovery for Consuamp'ion, wheih kept
ne in perfect henllih. And now iu New
Ilampshire, we find it the host medicine
u the world for coughs, colds, bronohial
roubles and all lung iiseasos. Gnaratn
nd by Pickens Drug Co.
Irice 50a and $1.00 Trial bottle free.
.R. M. Thompson, one of the most
orosperous farmers in Willi Hams
lurg County, died suddenly on
anday, June 3, at his homo on the
umntor Road, seven miles from
-Reports from the west, to the
cot that the present wheat crop
>romises to be tho largest onl record,
a pl1eaejing in toll igenco, especial ly to
ho farmers who are niot growing any
t home.
Winthr'op College
Scholarship and Entrance
Theu examination for the award of va-.
ant scholuaship in WVinthurop College
nil for the ad mission of new students
vill be hldli at the Counity Curt Hoiusoa
n Friday, July 0th, at 9 a. mn. Appli
ants must not he lest than fifteen years
f age. When scholarships ase vacated
ftetr July (1. they will be awarded to
hose making the highest average at this
xn mination provided th, y meet the con
iitRons goveein ng the award. A pplicants
:tr scholarship shuouldc write to President
ohnason before tile examination for
::holrshmip applhcation blanks.
Scholarships are wvortrh $I0O and free
tution. Tiheo next session will open Sep.
ember 9th.1900. For further informa
ion and1( catalogue, address
Rock Hill S. C.
Any one can live onu love alone
or' a tow mlinultes.
io'itxa GRlAYv's Swxx-r l'iVwanus IFon Cult .inu,:s
SuccessftallIy ii by Mother Gray, ilts in
ie Chaitrena'N nloute in New York, (.* t tro g'yr
ulihness, tadl Stonachl, 'l'eotiahang hliaordersu, anovo
nud regu latie the noewela and ilcatroy worms.
'ver :30,tNMi ctet iaiai. Thelay liever fad!. A I all
riiggists, .me.8Siumple Free. Adtdress Alilen S.
hnauteid, h~e noiy, N. y
D~o not try to find otut too much
bout your friends if you would
et ain their friendship.
"I have been nillioted with kidney and
ladder trouble for years, passing gravel
eAtones with exeruciating pain," eays
.IH. Thurnes, a well known coal opera
ir of Bluff'alo, 0. "1 got no relief fromi
edueine until I began taking Foley's
idney ore, then the re'sult was sur
cisin g. A few doses staurted the brick
ist like substance and no0w I have no
tin across my kidneys and1 I feel like a
'w manl. It lias done me $1000 worth
good." Foley's Kiduey Cure will
ire every form of kidney or bladder
sense. For sale by Pickens Drug Co.,
di R. F. Smithl Easley.
A good many of us Iwill carry
rs to our graves, earned by try.
g to make things'hot for others. I
t'rom this date I will be in the Super
ors offlee every tW) weeks en Tues- I
y's after 8 tieday in each~ month and t
esday two weeks after each sah day, ~
transaset busincas. -1
0 M, LYNCH, a
'uiitv isor, si
uney 8t 100n
had failed. Rheumac
Johns Hopkins Hospito
of Salem, Va., and D.
remedies and the doct
Almost a Miracle In This I
Dillon. S. C
B bbitt Chemical Company:
?entlemen-In September. 1809. 1
matism in a very bad form (inflanma
month after he disease started I ha
my work-and go to bed. It continu
worse until my arms and hands v
awn. so much so t at I could not
My legs were drawn back till my fe
ny hips. I was as h dpless as a bab,
1s months. The muscles of n arr
were hard and shriveled up. suff
many times over. Was treated bf s
physicians in McColl. Dillon ancN
none of them could do me any good.
P. Ewing. of Dillon. came to see ni
mne to try Your RHEUMIACIDE. He
bottle of the medicine and I began
and before the first bottle was used
to get better. I used 536 bottles and
pletely cured. That was years a&
health has been excellent ever sia
had no syinitoms of rheumatism.
further that Ibegan to walk In abot
after I began to take RHEUMACID
id ot crutches: n about three mon
an to take it I could walk as go
and went back to work again.
99ur truly. . JAMES V
- Candidates for State < flices
re ' aildly filii g ple(U s. '] here
will Le a good crowd in the cai
paingn party. 'Senator Tillman is
not likely to have opposition
-The State Supreme Court bat
refused the appeal of tominander
Johnson, the white man convicted
in Horry county of the murder of
Rev. Mr. Grainger, and he will be
-Young J . Cu I bt rtsoi, of Laur
ens County, wlo hs just colerbrat
3d his 77th hirthdny, owns a mule
35 years old, wiilh which he does I
;reat deal of his own ploughing
rho mule is in goo.d condition anC
does good work.
The brilliant marriage Thursday
in Madrid of ing Alfonso ani
Princess Ena of Batenlurg had a
terrible sequel. A bomb hurled a
bhe royal pair missed its aim, bu
3xploded and killed at last sixteet:
persons in the procession.
W. Q. Bryan a prosperou
f rmer of Washington, Ga., wia
found dead n his <dot step, hav'
ing been assassinated, it is believe<
although there is no clue whtaieve
to the identity of his slayer.
li78 CO I. LI'IG l'01 ()Fl i UH.\I 'FON 190~
Chanrles~toai, South Caroinia.
a':ntrance exaininationis will he hield in thi
Dounty Couiirt I louse on Fi ihty,..1in ly O, at 9 a. a
)n~e F'ree Tu'ition Schoi.lshi to eac(h countly a
south Caroina awarded by the C:ountly Suipt
if iduientioni ande .Jaudge of Probate. nloardl an
ru rnished room in normitory, $1 I a mjonth. .\
aandates for admliiKon are permitted to con:
pete for vamcant iloyce Scholarships which pa
SIL00 a year. lFor enalogue information, aiddres:
H arrisoni Rtaindolph, i'resien1
Mr. J. T1. Brrber of irwvinvill', (Ga.
always ket pa a bottle (of C~hamberlatiu'i
Colic, Cholera and JDiarrhaoea Remned.3
at hiandi ready for Iinstanlt use0. Attackh
of colie, cholera morbus and diatrrhoe'l
cnme on so suddenly that the.re is ml
time to hunt a doctor or go to the stori
for medicine. Mr. Barber ays: "I hiav<
nred Chamberlam 's Colic, Cholera an
Diarrhoea Remedy which is one of th<
best medicines 1 over saw. I keep
bottle of it in my room as I have hau
s< veral attacks of colic and it has provet
to bu the beat medicine I ever used.'
Sol i by Pickens Drug C >.. and TI. N
Hunter, Liberty.
A thing that someone1) doesn'i
find fault with is seldom worl:
Goe. A. Sherman, Lisbon Red Mills,
Lawrence Co., N. Y., wvrites: "I hal
kidney disease for many years and had
boon treated by physicians for twelv<
years; had taken a well known kidney
mnedicine and other remedies that wor<
recommended b)ut got no relief until I
began using Foley's Kidney Cure. Thla
irst half bottle relieved me and four bot
bles have cured me of this terrible di
iase. Before I began taking Foley's
Kildney Cure I had to make water about
ivery fifteen minutes, day and( night,
mud passed a brick-dust substance, and
iometime a slimy substalnce. I believe
[ would have died if I had not takena
F'oley's Kidney Cure." Pickens Drug
20. and B. F. Smith, Easly.
Our idea of a poor housekeeper
s a woman who runs the house on
)usiness principles.
A. A. Hlerren, Finoh, Ark, writes:
'Foley's Honey and Tar is the beat
roparatao1a for coughs, colds and lung
r muble. I know that it has cnred eon.
tnmption in the first staiges." You naever
o rd of any one usinag Fotoy's boey
ud Tar and not being natisiled. For
idn hy Piekens Drug. Co., anid n F,
'1 #1
is cured thousands of cases of Rheurm
Ids cured John F. Elne and others,
it, the greatest hospital in the worlc', t
H. Olmstead, the Norfolk Va., -contrac
ors had given up hope. iRheumacide1
'ase. of rheumatism she had enc
,. Au. I& Hughes,, of Atkins, Va., after I
toorhu-There Is a reason wthy It cu re
to*y''Ina cal science, and while power
I ltgve up of the blood, It operates by
,ere badly most delicate stomach, andA
use them,
at touched
'(tor nearly
s and leg
,red dealthii
x differenlt
[arion. but
until Dr. J
.He told
got me One
to take it, E "1
,to and my,
it sijx dar7;
Iv t IA purely vegetable remedy thi
ths after I cures by removing the cause. Your
d as any- j sample bottle and booklet frtes If yo
M R. E4DITOR: Please say to your roa-lors
Comp et line of Reliable goods which
fact, at the priceswhich I am cotin
carry a little of "anythis and evrything,"
WEAR nd HEsAVY oNIT SiTS; nso, a
From now unti Cristmas we invite t.
Will mako the sacal osner as the aove
Trun~ks, Valisos, Gen1ts' Feurn ishings, etc. '7
Flour, salt and banrhe(d wire by thoecarI
A complet hn10 of the good him of fby
Iron King stoves andl Obattanooga Plows-two
the h mst of their kinte on to market. China
Wears wel.
A full line of Undertdaerrs' goods ant n
Your patronag solicited and yu willI
go P. n S.Alprosoin h saoo
was ealyo spssn-e
Arva an eatar fTanyre.
CL. Hvle, .C ietv s .,10;
Will ay mN.-8 alyEPltStnny ALL P In
itnsix days 9(} tin
t':1tsin aNo. 5 cu y reovngs 'itcuenYu
t s ny Sonciapt btte with .\. klet fr... f~
STAilN.- orlTinnu.\ TsilEo
w.R. ETrNO.: I.olepntc ayr ntyu ,aI
tcrnpoe or ('rec tawof . Regible, getsc. ~ C
facrrive hnue ic w ich 1iiton(t~ti
carrter ltt'le of10 l''hittng a:i( Citia-thng
httArg 3:111.,1 rEV n Iti - S 11i g ,In~*~ o
a \ I'osta 5'lOp. in i ltitm s eivt
-Y 0plt o siiaios e c'lt& Fi nity. in'or 9.e.1r
T rett1s n1 li isalit ta tionr. .\ ir l~y a t hd ca
A opeelu f thetg'odennd:of f.
weAarl lVAl.1.
:'0A , fNll ine ofa ily net l n rh goods adn
Yontres paaltrmonahge sltidodyos.i
P.itre s -Att ie sint otaio n g th ~ e ofi
Ai l tana, GretAinl, WaY.n~e
Chrlstn i latmchnge 'ila, .4 n
-y.lw. .n .\. G~'et. T.2 Bran I ; I, g 'J(
115)ai, o i:1-r ta.l:, S.~4lv lc. bii
~C2K 1121 ii rl:es ito \\ al l h n, G n . ' .\ .
R. \l. ;airn, Ta. .\dala .1 .gu :s , ( hit. '
INo appeti, 2lssue of2 stentner vou4 aa ls
ness, h'11ead ae coiat 1ioli n bad breth
general deb-cl(ili asu! rig, and aial- cilaarrh.
of 1* the stmach N are a r due to aa ind gstion.
Kodol cs in d 2ige Uoson.a Thi newl'l dicov
ery rreset l h ntraaui ces I:t~ a of diiges-i
comb.3 in wit aterv:.( lra. .tes knwnj tonIo
and r~esruc:t' aie propertasan:P. Kodol tys-Al
p 1op s a r does not ony uendgsto
c resi' aul s t a ! toes byaa lea ns ~ 1ingl ) )(
th ucu membranesf liin thesomach
Mr.:2 S. Si, . Dal, of ai~ R aodw a ., s ay fs-- 111 11
K o urL eand we14 i1 rare nowsl ulsing it in milk
Bottles iny $a. 0 Siz, ldi ng 2%.04a time sa the lrii i i it
s iic sln l for 50au( cs.aaaa
Decra in th sam25 rat l '-tive se'i e'
of D. Kng' NwLf l l inrnI
t on lana Ih ill gr wig utofit(
25cnos r aetit m. 'os fstegtFevos
nessheadcheconsipaton, adobnath
Of he stmchae l d01ur to I (digatidn
t pnaheist aing aim hahystmah,
comb.ined th rs the ae ktow teon
andireconstrcieopernties.e fodo pays
mant, ytes ut thay ofaus refmedy
puribying sweenidng and mstrengthepay
then muou mebaeFlnnihesoah
Mr.S.S.I~aiofRaeaw. . K Vai.sy -
S Asdtr 'rle with W illrr Anrtwnyearsd
PKodorl cure ean wTiredo hIngI ln Swilt
KnSodonfe tal D gsts Y d E hat.
Bttes only. $2.00mp e hli . ti es Athen tri.
lohnsted, Le 1110 N. 22 lV. o I a ii'1'(
iatisni after all the doctors and "-l1 other means
of Baltimore, after the famous specialists of
kad failed. Rheumacide cured Austin Percell
stor, after they had spent large sums on otheP
cured Mrs. Mary Welborn, of High Point, N. C.,
lured for 20 years. Rheunacide cured W. R.
the most famous New York specialists failed.
s : Rheumacide is the iatest discovery of medi
Ful enough to sweep all germs and poisons out
purely natural methods, does rot Injure the
uilds up the entire system.
C Cout,
it goes rih to. (the S eat C fi 3 a. .. r Ian d ne rv1i
lruggist sells andi racornmend" LahGmaocide,4
asend fit~e Colitt; for' postagu toAl 1o
-III( illy fril(19th at ~ I llli 'st*il at the 01(1 Staid," ugith a
I have for their inspect ion a i sile at very close figurns . h:i
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