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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, June 20, 1906, Image 2

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I' ) purchase of -
nville's histor
i ' Id by John Pu
n 'lar.. The tel
Note what t
ast or present
re Stock
ro The
ful rand i.shion
he famous Now
J. ced Greenylle'
ug is inchlded,
pare., Dress G(
'* . . .ubroideries, Wa
i mind that. 01
.ntations. Every
o orried out to
lic has been wor
our rulo never
a verbally or oth
ed. In placing s
Is, Silk I
s'and 01
of every
Lot N
. I . ;tripccl JBatiste,
* ard, Challenge,
* ' Lot N<
b Organdies- y<
* g the Clhallen ge
Corded Batiste
per yard 4 3-4C
Lot N4
;tri~pe Swiss, wo
and11( 15co Vail
* * bargains in Higi
Ine texture, made
*1-2e Kimona
.....t' 'ossible that such
* here at 12 1..2 to
A Table Fu
$' (~ ~j. i '.be found beau'
"k'~ frtvt *.~,,figures; fine Batis
yrl -gandies, Pma
WVrapper I
I ~ ~ ? fl~ Vt. c.' 1 t color Lawns, n
4, Fine Flgurei
Ps3tist, . e st colors, worth
Ther atnn fll Ja, 6 7-8C.
tar'ted(T ida
A T 8:30
housands of dollars worth 'of spring and summer merchandise by our M
y. This is to be a sale without a parall6l, and will bring thousands to Gr
iman & Co., Arnold B. Heine & Co., H. B. Claflin Co. and others, an
egran in the center of this page is from one concern from whom we bough
ey say in accepting Mr. Arnold's offer for the lot. These bargains are pas
Hence we name this sale our "Ten Days Challenge Sale," because its i
iblo mor
S'orc p ur. he Posta TeTegraph-Cable Company (Incorpoiated) transmits and delivers this mesi
ea616 sen v Byeo
a greatest
the most .Dated
,ode, Silk,
Js- Gods, -
io Arnold -
Riate ment
bhe let te'.
through WA
to djanp.
rwieo that
ch a sale
rimmings, Linning, small wares--such as I
fidren's Underwear. Everything in Ret
description. Nothing escapes the pruning
White Goods From the
[. 1.
.eno strip.es and Corded Muslins,
acPrice, 6-2.-25c Mer'ceized I
~. 2. This is one of the more expensive lot
goods. The former wholesale price ma
u have never bought them for less pryr
Sale, 7-Sc72 Inch O)rgand
~3- We put on during the Challenge Sa1
narrow and wvide stripes, value 7 Organdie, 6 yards make dress. Per yr.
Thousands of yards beautiful white gi
-. 4. the sale at greatly reduced prices.
th 15 to 20c, from the Pullman sale,
Ioored _Wash Goods From
les at 5 7-8cEertigI Ofl
iClass Lawns and Batiste, 30 inch- -1h nieSo EvertnnOxfori
to etal a ioand12 ent, Cal.time telling you what kind of oxfords ar
Crepes 6 7-8c the character of our shoes.
beautiful qualities could be sold at Comle the First Wet
Crepe, ,in solid colors, light and .Come the first week if possible; if not,
c, Ch allenge Sale Price, 6 7-8c. will pay you to lose one clay out of the c
iful embroidered ~Swisses, white A flurry in silk that will prove an intoretl
te, neat pin head dots and stripes; This sal., for which thousanid of womnan ho
our effects, etc. Choice of entire we have ever before held. Not only because
because of the wider difference between real v~
Colored Jap. WshI Silk, 21 inchewi,
A~nS Nile Green, Light Blue, Canary, Pink, Garm
eat designs, 5C value, will be sold Challenge.Sale Price
26 inch Wash Jap. Silks in a various assort,
IMRuRhlS lenge Sale Price
One complete counter full of fine Ohahleig Sae Priceiki aiu sote
Frum 1o to i 5c per yard, bunched 25 and 27 Inch Jap. Bilk, beautiful floral d(
o1Ie Oppe oIg-Eow! &
t. Arnold while in New York, a few days ago, has paved 1
:enville, who will reap their share of magnificent values.
d the opportunity was presented to secure thous
t thousands of dollars worth of the most choice White and
sed to you just as we bought them-at a great sacrifice, w
nagn:tude, its money-saving opportunities challenge and d,
ro PRh8tDENT.
PATWIT NO. 008m.
9 subjeot to the terms and conditions printed on the back of this blank.
Received at
Seckwear, and Notions of every (
~dy-to-Wear iDepartment. Mill:
knife except oat's Spool Cetton
New York Purchas
. There is an indescrib
Valstiiig 19c ables you to own linen
s secured at the sale; genuine 25c values:
re than we offer them for. Choice 27 inch Li
36 inch L
y BaI'gaiiO
lot two yards wide Chiffon finish 36 inch L
rdl 22 I-2c Two yard
>ods of every description go into 2 1-2 yai
per yard,
During the Challeng
I12 I-2C.
The New7YoBrk Purc
s ilieild Black Silk Taffeta, 86 in
g excepted. No need to waste Challenge Sale Price
*d shoes we handle. You know 36 inch colored Tnfreta 2
yard warran ted perfect, $1
~k If Possible 86 inch Peaune oi, oxti
come the first opportuniity. It 4inhhfonTeta
Top to attend this Sale. T~
Silk.Al ieChc rwlj
g topic. Bece ~nnCahT
ye been waiting, is greater than an~y laedFigTol,4
of the better quality of silk, but also HiiIthdIukTwl
1lue and our pricos,
n evening shades. They come in EtaFtc.~rcSz e
t, Old Rose and lack-39c values Challongo Sale 22 1-2c.
nont of colors, 453 values, Chal- 24c Extra Large Size HemstiI
Sosmlchk,59vaus 29c Mercerize,'d French Oolor<
89fcal hck,50 aus T1urkish Bath Towels; gooi
uigni, 85c Challenge Salo 6 to a customer, 150 value,4
S~49c Extra Large Size Turkish
he good common' sense with which nature has endowed
iced that this is one of the saving chances of a lifetime.
u-the best the land affordls. Everything under the roof al
n~ the-.store. A mighty avalanche of majestic bargains ,will
he way for the greatest trade event that has *er
Mr. Arnold was in New York attending the great
ands of dollais worth of brand new goods at
Colored Wash Goods of the' season at less than
lich will eclipse any opportunity offered you for
efy all competition aid dwarfing in comparison all
boforo the people it was necessary to engage a sales
expert to assist us; one who through oxperience
knows how to displaty and arrange stocks most ad.
vantageously for the convenience and comfort of
shoppors; one who has had wide expe -0rie iii sys.
tematizing salmeforce for properly sieving t.he crowds
ii. a siiifactory way., So we havu engaged Mr. A.
I. N, ima), cf New York, who has had wide expert
enc in Metropolitan Department stores in conduct.
ig spheifi Sales.
There Will Be No Music Or
'lut v tho vry air will b. permeAted with tho Bargain
Spirit, which is undoubtedly a charming sensation
to tho lord of the home or the economical house.
wife. Tho salo will be conducted upon a plan in
I ceping with the store's reputation.
IL % ill Le nessary to close the doors on Monday and
rticsday in order to mark the iew goods received
and arrange the stock. The sale begins promptly
Wedn-sdny Morning, June 20th at 8:30 o'clock.
lescription; Glves, Hanker
inery, Curtains, Linens and
c of White Dre'ss Liieus
able charm about linen. This Challenge Sale en
at almost the price of cotton material. Note these
ien Suiting, sale price 1 3 I -2c
inen Suiting, round, thread,
per yard, 22 I-2C
inen Suiting, very fine, per yd- 35c
wide Linen Sheeting, per ydl 69c
-d wide Linen Sheeting, value 1.25
'able Oil Oloth 12 1-2c g
~e Sale you can buy Table Oil Cloth at per yard
3hes wide, every yard warrantedJ, $1 00 value,
>ilk, gray, navy. light blue, garnet, and white every
25 value, Ohallengo Sale Price 80c
a hne qualhty *1.50 vahin, Challenge Sale Price 1.15
p1.75 value Challenge Sale Price 1.83
ig, 10c, Challenge Sale Price 7 7-8o
yoling, 15o valne, Challenge Sale Price, 11e. '
)hallengo Sale Price, 2 1-2.*
i, I50 value, Challenge sale Price, 9 1.2.
aslitched Huck and Fringe Damask Towels 85c values,
ched SatIn Daimask Towels, 600e valuoe, Ohallengo Price
d JFrrnged Doiles, Sales Price, per doz , 17 1-2c
1 quality, all white fringe ready to tuse, not more than
Ihallenge Sale Price 10c
Ba-th Towels, 20c values, Challenge Sale-Price 14o
iou. Come and see with your own eyes and be
t.emember the class of Merchandise that is offer,
>solutely nlew; not a piece of out-of-date mierchan.
be turned loose for this great Clearance Sale.
Greenville, South Crelnuna

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