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tt ry of Its Aaetso&aeoZD10 tb.
- Circun 1'ubge.
4Old Peter Conklin, the clown," said
at circus offictal, "was the first to give
pink lemonade to the world.
"It dates back to 1857, when Conklin
was traveling in the south with Jore
lrable's big show. Conklin-had a dis
iute with Mable and junpied the show
own In Texas. I've had the story
iright from his own lips. iHe bought a
couplo of mules and an old covered
wngon, some tubs, tartaric acid, a
einon, a bushel or two of peanuts and
)startcd In the refreshment business.
p followed the circus with his wagon,
ud every time the tents were pitched
woul mount a box and harangue
to crowd with:
"Here is your Ico cold lemonade,
Mado in the shade.
Stick your finger In the glass;
It'll freezo fast.
"The lemonade sold splendidly, and
1he couldn't Wait on the people fast
,enough. One (lay he was surrounded
!by a mob scrambling for 'the juice,'
iWhen his water supply ran out. There
'were no wells or, springs at hand. lie
'rushed into the big tent, but there was
no'er a drop of .water to be had. In his
%xcltement he invaded the dressing
tont. FannilO Jamieson, the bareback
rider, was wringing out a pair of pink
!tights, the aniline dye coloring the wa
ter a'very pretty shade. Conklin didn't
stop to ask any questions. le grabbed
.n11 the tub and ran. Into the tub he
.threw somo acid and the property lenm
on and called out:
'Cone (luickly. Buy soie fine
strawberry lemonade.'
"His sales were doubled that day,
and since then no0 well reglllIte( circus
Is without pink lemaonaide. However,
we do not make it the same way now,
and sometimes strawberries are used
as well as lemonis."--10xchange.
A GntItronoitetTriumilp, With a Nn.
tionail Repumtationl.
This celebrated stew originated iII
Brunswick county, Va., from wlhle it
takes its name-4 county mIost 8 1,fnotas
in antebellum days for its perifect
cuisine and gastronomical predilee
tions. Tile originator was eithe'r Mr.
IIaqkiis or Mr. Stith, each climriing
during a long li'e the distinction of
having made the first stew and dying
,Without a proper ajl.ustmiieint of the con
troversy. While miide everywhre in
the habitable globe, it is seldom ma(le
properly. It was it roduced In Paris
by Judge Join T. Mason of Virginia.
Only in BrIunmswick county is this stew
so appetizing, so piquant iII the season
ing to be found in all its perfection.
To this remark of the writer made to
a gentleman Ili the far south lie re
plies, "'he egotism of-' a Virginian
suggests perfection in all things there,
Vilnd the slow paeo of the stat( amnple
time to arrivo at it." The recipo is as
follows: 04o of three kinds of meat is
used-lmb, chicken or squirrel. If
chicken, it is first parbolled,. cut up as
If to fry, tho outer skini removed, then
put on in hot water--a-plenty to cover
it-a large onion cut ine, a large slice
of middling meat cut ine, bliack and
rod pepperC in ablund~an~ce amnd sailt.
After cooking until thme bones~ enn he
extracted, and1( hot water added if not
enough, cor-n cut off the cobii and to
mnatoes chopped tine are adided, withi
half a p~otund of butter, more pepper
and salt. Before serving add stale
l ight breadcrumrbs. Never add Irish
.potatoes or butter beans or any vege
table save corn and tomatoes. Borveo
in a tureen. It should ho the consist
ency of thicle soup1 antd very highly sea
soned. It is considered one of the
finest of stewvs and1( has a national
reputation.-RIichmond Times.
"Fired out," commnonly supplosed to
be an "Amerleanism," has been traced
home to Shakespeare. In one of his
sonnets he says:
Yet this shall X ne'er- kno, but live in
Till my bad dingol fire my good one out.
"Say," as an exclamation to attract
attention to the beginning of a remark,
Is commton enough .and not very oe
ganit. At least so thought a school
teacher who resolved to break his pu
puils of the huabit of using it. A bright
one quoted, however, tis from "The
Star Spangled Blannert
Oh, saty, can you see?
If the Au-nerlean peoplo sing "sayl"
in the national hymn, say, why not say
A14 to llow Lega.
A bow legged mian usually possesses
more than ordinary str-ength. Why?
Because hIs legs in supiporting grecat
.weight cani hend in one direction only,
whereas the man with straight legs is
inclined to be wabbly. Such being the
case, wvhy should not a knock kneed
man be stronger than a bow leggedh
onet Ills knees, being Ibraced against
each other, ought to be more steadfast ,~
thani legs bending outward.i* Yet we all
kniow that the knock kneed mant gener
ally goes ito consumptioni and is at all
times weaker than ble bowv legged
-brother.--Now York Press.
IEvery dutty, even the least duty in
volves the whole princligle of toi
e.nce. And little duties make thewl
dutiful-that is, supplo ~and rptot
obey. Little obeCdiencb5 leati ito
great. The daily round of duty is ful
of probation and of .disciplinte It
trains the will, heart and conscienco.
-Woman's Life.
A istography In n ua es
Born, welcomed, caressed, cried, fed,
grow, amused, reared, studied, examain
ed, lrfaduated, in love, loved, ,%ngagedl
marrled,. quarreled;~ fectdogdo suiffer
td'deserted, takent ill, d(ed, mtournledl
burled and forgotten.
JGadoklen's Aca~f Salve. Its antiseptic
~ d healipg, properties prevept blood
pilOning.; Charles Oswald, mnerchat
cutedd 8eth B~urch, of ~pth ae;, o the
Ut~lent sore Ohl )is nieel I Weriba" n
Cures Otite, Wounds, Burns and Boros.
~eltov3 do l lle InVete#. by,
luehlawr. Trevit1ik.
Who Was the great gonlus, for he
must have been such, :Brut to conceive
and apply steam locomotion? Accord
ing to a drawing of one of the earliest
steam locomotives, or, as it was desig
niated'at that tilme, "high' pressure trom
engine," Iuvbnted by 1(lichard 'TNo
vithlek, which drawi was made In
accordance with the testimony of Iees
Jones, who aided in the fitting, and
William Uichards, its driver, it Is prov
ed to the satisfaction of historians that
to Trovithick Is duo tho'credit for the
application of steam to locomnotion. In
this engine the exhausted steam was
discharged into the chimney stuck and
the wheels were coumbine4 togethor,
Underneath the drawing it ts stated
fhat the engine was designated on the
original plan, dated 1803, as "'.e
vithick's .high pressure train engine"
mmd was oonstructed partly in ,Crn
wall and partly at Pen-y-Daron worim
by Richard Trevithick, engineer for
Samuel Iloinfray, propriotor of the
Pen-y-Darren Iron works.
The story Is related as a historical
fact that Morthyv TudyvU), whilo dis
enissing the principles and feasibility
of loconiotive steam engine power with
Itichard Cratwshay of the Cyfarthfa
Iron works, mado a bet of 1,000
guineas that he would convey by steam
power a load of fron to the capital nav
Igation house (nino miles distant) along
the bacin tran road, whieh by mehns
of this engine of the groat Trevitilick
he afterward effeted mid won his
wager, although the heavy gradients,
sharp curves anid frangible nature of
the east Iron trackwaty operated against
he return of this 14goious but ru(ely
coistructed miaclino with the nipty
trains; henco its discontinuance.--Rall
way World.
Eixtent of tile (Oultoa in the seven
.teesth Century.
Between te years 1661 and 1082 as
maiiy us 9,10 persons were touched
for the king's avil. Eaci of them re
ceived a gold coin, with a hole in it,
wlhCI --the Coiln, Hot the holo--"was sus
peJI(ed frot the neck by a ribbon." It
became necessary to limit the number
of ittints to be touched, and at last
no person was allowed in the king's
priesenco for that purpose who had not
previously obtained a certificate from
the minister of the parish in which he
or she lived that he or she was suffer
lig fromi the disease.
"Hainbledon, Bucks, 1685, May 17.
Mary Wallington had a certifltiato to
go before the king for a disease called
the king's evil."-Parish Registers,
l'age 81, It. E. Cheater Waters,
From a pnrociamation issued by 1
Charles II., dated Jan. 0, 1683, appoint
Ing the ttimes at which the touch should
he udtiiistered:
"And all auch as shall hereafter come
or repair to the court for this purpose
Rhall bring with them certificates ad~er
the bhands and seals of the parson, vic
ar -ot ininister and of both or one of
the churchward ens, testifyng accord
ing to thi truth that they have not at
ainy time before been touched by
hisa ilajesty to the intent to he healed
of their dhIseIase. Anid all ministers and
churichiwarden s are hereby reqluired to
be very car'eful to examine into the
truth before they give such certificates
and also to keel) a register of all cer
tilcates they shall from time to time
give."-London Notes and Queries.
Sea salt.
It seems that the sea was mnad salt
in the beginning as a part of the grand
design of' the C'reator to provido for
the systeim of evolution which has been
going oni since the creationi. Mlany dis
tinct apeeies of living organisms exist
in the sea as a result of its salinity,
and their renmaimus havo largely contrib
utpdl to the growth of continents. The
three great factors in acconting for
the system of currents in the ocean
by whieh it hecomies the great heat (d15
tibuter of the globe are changes of
temnperatu re, the w'inds anid salinity.
Thme last mnentionied becomes an um-1
portant factor through the I immediate
aiid (essenitial diterences of specelte
gravity and1( conseqluent differences of
lovel that it produces in ditforent parts
of the Ocean through the action of
evaporation and rainfall.
stuntg Ilim.
Two very great swells, one a young
duke and the other a young viscount,
brushed~ against each other on10 night
at the theater. 'The duke, anxious to
snub the viscount, pretended to take
him for an usher and said, holding out
his hand, "Have yen a programume?"
But the viscount, too quick for the
luke, smiled and replied: "Yes, thank
'ou, may man. I got one from the other
~eow." d
. I0w He. Told It.
Papa-Is the teacher wvell satisfiod
vith you? Toby-Oh, qite. Papa
)id lie tell you so? Toby-Yes. After s
close examination ho said to me the st
ther dlay, "If all my scholars were like y
oum I would shut up may -school this er
er'y (lay.' That SbOWS thut I knmow u
nough.-Ilndianapojlis Stv. T
Taied 1pet '.t
"I 'wish to submit a lyric, sir," UAid t
1o timid youiig mian. ."My friends say
's a beauty.--really sings itsolf."
"Humph " said the coldl hearted edi- re
or. "WVo couldn't use a p)oQm like that. y
Ye want oneii thatt, once prlinlted, wvili yo
'emain perfectly quiet and not keep -
mrl read~ers awake by sigiflg itself ati
ill times," Pkm
I1nd Iheard It fltore,
Mmnma-.It is stranugo that girls have
nhet toeseos. Grandpa-l thiink you 4
[muert tatOpInion. Manma-What
etyo mean? GIrandpa-Weil. it IS is
wenty-what your mother used to sayF
rwest-n'0years ago.-Now Yorkc
Mrs. $. Lindsay, of Fort William, On-.
Armo, Canada, whio has suffered quite a
utgbor of .years from dyspep g~ and
reat pains ia thme stomach, wvas advised
tbnvmha& Lve Tblet5 Slme did so otat
a sas de "I f got they have done pre
ad anyta suferin sinco. -. bave never attei
admany tulf6ru g 8ied gi began ulsimig Juis
igeiori why niotbe t (dYsPepsmia or said
mdet ell aniy o. t...e these Tablets, to.
K. Park Qreenville,
S- -ry Coods, No
tigne and Shoes
We are now showing the lalgest and
most stylish, up to date stock of new
Spring Goods that we have over shown.
rime aud mone was peit in select.
ing this stock, abd wo do not hesitate to
state that 'Me will give the best values
for the same money that can be had any
where. When you trade at Park's store.
you protect your pocket-book. That is
why our customers stick to us. We
pledge you the best of store service, and
our goods must be what we say they are
or your money given back. dur show.
ig of wool dress goods is flne-!Greys
are very popular also Silks, Mohairs,
Cashiners and Serges-from cheap to
fine goods. Our Black goods are al
ways full we dare not lot them run down.
Our White goods, and printed lawns
are so complete that we cannot toll of
them. Our prices on those goods from
5 cents to 50 cents. Our shirt a d n
derwear department is full of the best
values we ever had.
Ladies vests, 5, 10. 15 and 25 cents.
Men's vests4, 25 & 50 ots, can't be beat.
See our Men's 80 ots shirts and you
will buy.
Mens and Ladies Oxfords to suit your #
Salesmen, Mr. Thomas Ligon and Mr.
* Henry MoKinney.
A. K. Park.
West End, Greenville, S. C.
J. Harris is still in business at the same old stand by him
self, Come around and get some bargains in general mer
chandise, but don't all come at once. .I will sell your a
24 pound sack of good flour for 50 cents. And all
other things according, minus Meat and Dried Fruit
which is as high as Hlaman was hung. Irish'potato
seed, Bliss, Early Rose, Burbanks and Beauty of
Hebron, by the peck at any old price.
J. F. HARRIS, By Himself.
Says.it is time now to buy
Straw Hats, Summer Goods, Etc.
I bavp some nice CALICOES and DRESS GOODS to go CHEAP.
Bring me your chickens and eggs. If we can't trade on the goods.
[ Will pay you the cash for your produce. So bring it on; we will
rae somehow. Please call and see me, and remember the old Beef
J. D. loore
P. S.-All who owe me will please come and settle, and
>blige. J. D. M.
I have a good line of
C L 0 C K S
Among them are the recommendable old style Seth Thomias
Clocks with weights, which I am selling at special bargains.
Arnd a now ime of SILVERWARE. Also solid Gold and
Silver WATCHES. A nice hine of Spectacles; } guarantee
glasses to fit eyes. All kinds of l epair wiork in the jewelry line.
HI. SNID)ER, - - Eaisley, S. C'
s Nice Line of as Glood Goods as Cant Be Bought.
[akce up your selection for a meal from my stock of Canned oods: Potted 11am.
Vrenn a Sausage, Roast Beef, Pigs Feet, 'Tripe, 'Big Hlomniiy," Corn.
Beans, Okcra and Tomatoes, Kraut, Peas, Peaches. Berries, etc.,
Sauces, Pickles and Condiments. All of the National
Biscu it Company 's pioduicts.
ruitsq, Candies, Finest Roasted Coffee mn town. All kinds bottled drinks on Ie
I sell strictly-for clash or Barter. Satisfaction Guarainteed.
Yours for something nico to cat,
D. F. P A CE.
Iri* All whlo owe me are urged to call and settle at once. Erom now on I will
y a strictly cash business.
It is possible to obtain reliof from
ronic i n digest ion arnd dyspepsia by threI
nnu of thre most hopeless cases of long
mnding have yielded to it. It enables
a to digest the food you eat nnd ox.
oises a corrective influence, building
the efficiency of the digestive orgarins.
so stomach is thre boiler wherein the
yam is made that keeps n .your vitali
health andI Bsrengths. Kodol digests ,
rat you eat. Makes the stonmachr sweet
puts the boiler iin condition to do, the
rk nature demands of it--gives you
jof from digestive disorders, anid puts
ni in shape to do your best, and feel
ur bedt. Sold by bickens Drug. Co., /
V.A NTED-2000) crosstles, at once, by
kens Rt. Rt. For specifications ap~ply
heir office. 52-2t.
Noic to Debto andecbtwe nAcraeadnIacuaeAm
on thFEsPO STHO ~paecToUecebng
IAiuCI l Teece, Etc.
et, elesrgj~ ad in fSe ilu statal ac>ng
Cotiapit on rcot.
P. D.No. I~AL.E~, ~ . ,B TIVENS ARtMS AND TOOK, 00., .
Noticeto Debor and CiticPas :. Do a 409 A
11 person holding claims against thre
oof Elizabeth Cooper, deceased will Fruit Jars 2
ent them to the undersi gned duly"
sted on or before the 15th' day of Will be very high this loeson. I have "
next, and all persoms indebted to a few, b ughrt last wintet, which until
estate will make payment thereof June 16th, will sell unsdr the market.
M B. A R~l ,~.OR ~Do not wait until after that slate.
8. A RAHJ. RVLEY I wanat cbIcken., eggs iund llams.
.ecutrix.T. Da HARRIS, t
AN -
I. .
217.219 Upper Mai St. 'T 0
The 5ensaitloi.of
$50,000 Worth of Spring and Suimeri' fotiI
Men, Women and Children. Ladies' U me B4
and Clilidren's Shoes and a complete linieof
To Be. S
141 Days of-Unequaled underseiling begin
Look for the Big Red
The price concessions are beyond ordinary anticipatii
then you will be surprised, for more than you can
hooves the wise to be timely.
Sale opens at 9 a. in., Wednesday, Juie 20th.
opportunities that stand 'absolutely unrivaled.
Sensatiknal Bargains in Ladies'. Mens'
MENS' Suitsl Mens Fancy and I'
A Fine Suit of' Clothing, all to worth $1.25, 76c.
match. This suit is positivoly NeuI'SP'anCY Mnd E
worth $8.00, or your noney'refund- worth $2.00, Sale Price
ed at any time, during this sale Meos Neokwoar, wo
$3.48. Men's Neckwear, %10
A Fine suit of Clothes, all to WV1ITE GOO
match. This suit is positively Whue Goods wortl
worth $10 00, or your money re- I lIico 5c.
funded at any time; this sale $4.98. White Goods worth I
Mon's Fine Suits in Cbevolts and I'rice 9c.
Scotch Plaids, worth $15.00, or Mercerixd Waisting
your money refunded at any time; Yard, galo price, loc.
during this sale $648. HOSIERY.
Men's Splendid suits in Velour Ladies' Fain an 1
firshe casulere, al szes thse wesrtal $125, 76c.ijt
suitspositvly orth 18.00 orth $O0 salPce prie
$9.8 Rpreent On Lo of50(hoen' allckwar, I and
Suis i blck nd lue'I ibs hi te Godswo.
fanc mixd. Tis ot psitiely Whpote Goods fort
tom md~.; omcmbi', yu gL yourslepicel 10c.tes
morny thck. salj gosin648rbbd.'vl flO IEY
slns Splendid. BoyitBicycn Veloura
.fMNed cANDmes BOll Pzes. thdese ontwer u
suit paistien's parts-wor8.00i or sl rc
tou mon2 bck in t hisal sale. $7 . 500oe ikls.
$9.9 pr ensents -eoth of) 500 tanteat~a
60uits inac pantbluerThibip ndS
unf5 ,inhedwoste ;lso $ ome dark
Bonysmx. Thits-wot osintily lsigl nd
soyd Parnt5.0;worthe7c ne thad cut egh xors
sale btto ck cot eentirelysoe.;us-r
B3y0 paimen'e paits-worth upm1 MnsShe o ~i
wto $250, tig tais 69e0. fr;al e ~mfpS
tonly375,.in inhthislsale.$1.3.
600s sis mensinl pandwothl Me'tinipe~
gralewel mae ad wll rimed est, wolmshi gaante
Youth'seTvour saeesplec$1.98
-Coatsand pats. OtingChila en's fa Bst bh
postivly orh $.00~. O~I. aiktHore a h pric Iean
maes'h laesdoes
derwar wrth 0 cets. alepreve Hos, minst
pric, 17. -hilde a $a2 tbl
andMens Rbbd Sirt amd raw wohsplc hel ind tis, a
era, in manyyhadBsyallerIlfinshe
in te bet posibe mn kinal Ovet AdIEn' wearout
this ale, our coice 8o.(ost ofate pri 90.i~
Dozen of bgh-gade Uderw ,50h doz4d en i l i u
-al wil 16 ~ac.~ n sle or eier forad' woighnd
days t sae prportinateprics. aer idt c
ly*$.00 nti sal f$1te98.( ayr'o
Moe'sp ts---ersworh 50c, i t h i iskt rdthy
l 1c. ie 1(Wllt, ohI
Meo's Pants-worth 7c, on4. tohi 0.sii)Oa~
Men'e at k 38 t Io nl c oti Ei al 2.9t
Menys' Fwopcy Sits, single and is;wrh*.~ t$
ory 2.0 dortmg50thisthisle, for
ly 9c.leol.Io ae3c
breadtlroad ae Pid beto ahadEe
grdwl ma aweimd gem1a
exchng i e $1.48.eune.Do' fre ted
u h' Tw-iece4 r tng uisngSa
--Cat ad ane. Thso sit
UTLET'S Greenville, S. C.
the Year.
ng anid Ready-to-Weart Garmients for
adMy-to-Wear Skirts; Men's Women'
Dry Gbods
lacrificed in Ten Days Time.
ning Wednesdiay, June 20, 9 A. M.
Canvas Front
--David Cos's
n. Come with high expectation and even
iossibly anticipate rill be realized. it be
There are thousands of money-saving
,1Boys' and Children's Clothing
ross Shnis, Miss.es' Shoee-Sizes 11 1-2 to 2
worth *1 .50, at this salo soc.
risa Shirts, DSOir ESTICS,
$1 30 19 . 10,000 yards of calico, 2 1-2 pr. yd.
th 75o, 3 2 ,0 yarda of 'tan Cambric,
21.2c per yard
)S. Sea Island Cotton 4 1-2c per yd.
inc yard, Solid and Plaid Cambric., 4c yd.
10-yard piec9 A. F. C. Gingham,
oc yard, sale 50 y ard.
A. F. C. Gigham by bott.. ..
s, worth .35c yard.
. Indigo lue, regular 8c quality,
sale price 5c.
Iseam Printd Lawns, 4c yard.
:d20 vl- White india Linen Lawn, 3 yd.
India Linon Lawn, worth t yd.
Ick ribbed sale price 5c.
20 ys als White Linen, 8C yard.
t 13luC' 9 Lawndale Cambric, worth 12 1.2
Gemnyard. sale price 90.
bc Ge so Brown Limen, worth 12 1-2c yard,
o, now .19c sale price 8-.
k10 y- oe' Colored Organdie, worth 10c,
~xtra heavy sale i aice 6 1.4c.
4.Colored Organdie. worth 12 1-2o
5i, ize, the sale price 8c.
1 worth 20, LINENS.
24-inch leLached Damask, worth
I fancy Ho- 35c, in this sale 22o.
thildren~ at 2-yard half 'lelached all-linen
of the ra w Damask, wor th 75c; in this sale 39c.
2-yard Bleached pure linen Dam..
.ask, worth $1.00, iii this sale 69c.
oul-.Sl Damask Napkin 4, pretty designs, -
Sisu-wrhS.50, salo price 98c.
e'udron cap), Towels wvorth 10c, sale price 4o.
pair posi.. Towces that hav'e always sold for
oodl wear, 20c, sa&e price 9c.
98c. Extra good quality Huiok Tow..
iness wYear es always sold for 25c, sale price
anid comn., 11c.
r-th $2.00, .Full size pillow cases, good qual'
ity muslin, 20c value, sale price 9c-.
oeu v cidk CORSE~TS. .
finish, Mc. Corsets worth from $1.00 to $1.5.0,.
xir guaran. go in this sal() at 39c.
oes on the .A million yards in d iff~erent.
'taiixly the widlths 'ndl a great variety of de..
iid $5.00 sighs; Caimbric and SwisAs Embroid
und sty les, cry, E~dgingsi and' Insertions, new
es hs patterns, values up to 15; saleov
most ex-prico 3c.
All go in . Insortions, Edgings, and BoaL
.ing in Cambric, swiss. dainty pat.
i ppers, terns, values uip to 25c; speocial
at 24c. pric4.
S. 2,000 yards of good Torch on La~
the ver ces, EdIgo andl Insortionis to match,
n's goodsI, por yard1 3c.
y are by TrIONA L~ 'RicIEH..
>iroughit to Ladies So colored borJh-redl hand-.
no in all kor~l~chifs, price 8a. Ladies' 10c:
ronm $2.50 IFancy Lace anid Embhlroidred
imk them Hlandkor'chiefs, pricat 4c. Ladies"
8.12 1t-2o Hlandkerechiefs, inisorted
bEhtt trimmed and1 aco edge, prico 6c.
ridp~toit Mein's Tap,. Edge Whlit Hand
1 to t; kerchief, prico2c. MenOi's 18Lin.
c, at this Mon's 15cJfomistitched Hand.
hex chiefs, price 4c.
y Buyer of $25i.00 or Over,
d Comupany,
ILET Greenville, S. C.
ran teed to be just as represented,an
ing the s'ale not proving satisfactory, will
Lte, Wednesday, Junie 20th, opens.

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