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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1903-1906, June 20, 1906, Image 5

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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E utered April 28, 1903 at rickous, B. C., ms secondI oa sode at of Congress of Mrb8 89
Hair splitting.
Saying fate is agfinst you.
Antioipatlg evils in the future.
Pretending and be your real
Fault-finding, nagging and wor.
ry ing.
. Tak'ing offense whore none is in.
Dwelling on fanciled slights and
Talking big things and doing
emall ones.
Scolding and flying into a pas.
sion over trifles.
Boastii-g of what you can do,
it.stead of doiig it.
Think ing that life is a grind,
and not worth living.
Talking continually about your
selt and your affairs.
Depreciating yourself and mak.
ing light of your abilities.
Saving unkind thincts about ac
quaintan~eeand friende.
Exaggerating and making moun
tains out of mole-hills.
Lamenting the past, holding on
to disagreeable experiences.
Comparing yourself with others
to your own disadvantag.
Work once in a while and take
time to renew your energies.
Waiting round for chances to
turn up Go and turn them up.
Writing letters when the blood
is hot, which you may regret la
Thinking of yourself to the ex
clusion (f every thing and everyone
Carping and critioising. Se
the best rather than the worst in
Dreaming that you would be
happier in. some other place or
Bolittling those whom you envy
hecause you feel that they are su,
P'rior to yourself.
Diluting on your pains and
aches and misfortunes to every onl(
who will listen to you.
Speculating as to what you
would do in some one else's place
an (Ido your best in your own. .
Gazing id' into tho future and
droiming about, it, instead of inak
ing the most of the present, to
Longing for tile good things that
others have, instead of going to
vork for yourself. ch
Looking' for the opo tunitIe J
hundreids of thousands nales away,
illst(ead oft right-whoeoul are,
At Short Notice.
Every forty seconds an emi-b
grant arrives. r
Every three minutes some one isu
a rres tedl
Every six minutes a child is
Evory seven minutes there is a K
Every thirteen minutes a pair
get marriod.
Every forty-two minutes a new
business firm starts up.
* Every forty-eight minutes a buil.
ding catches fire. 1
Every forty-eight minutes a ship
~~ leaves the harbor
Every fifty.one minutes a new
building is or'octed. 2
Every fifty-two seconds a pas
senger traini arrives from some
point outside the city limits.
Every One and three quarter
hours some one la killed by aeoi.
Every sevon hours a mo one faih
tn business.
Every eight hours an attempt
to kill some one is made.
Every eight and one-half hours
Some pair is divorced.
Every ten hours some one com. A
mites suicide.
Every ten days some one is
'The crater of .Va~uvius is falhmng
Greek remamns a compulsory
study at Cambridge University by
'a vote of 747 to 241.
The Andersou city council will
allow $300 for the expenses of
- representation of thme fire depart.
mont at the tournament at Ashe
MILLINERY going for a song
Ladied and Misses SAilors w
.9 and 4 cents ribbons let. 5 e
Big red
1 lot 25c white corded Madras at 16ic. 1
60 to close
Don't forget that we have just receivod
inducements both in prices and terms.
South Carolina News. Saluda, i
--- Lexingtoc
The rivers are showiing big rises Coluinbia
the lower part ot the Stato. Orazigebu
Andrew McNeace of 4Unon, said Sumter, V
be a contenarian, is dead itt that Manning,
ee. . Mick's
The tatn funeral directors' asso- Georgeto
ition will meet in Groonvillo 1on K Ingstret
no 24.25 Fiorence,
Chief of Police J. L. Suunddrs of Mar ion,
>rksyvlte has rosigned to enter Cowy
a banking business. Dairagtil
Ex- Pugilist Peter M ahar has Rnets
en engaged to box at the street 25.
iway park at Anderson-hcti'i
Make. Kidneys and Bladdose RIght 1.
-- Spartanb
Union, S8
The sub committee of the Sta i. Newberr3
ocutive Committee adoptod anid OCU
omulgated the following cam. 8.
ign itinerary for the approach- 'Abbeilbi
SState campaign: Anderson
St. George's, Tuesday, Juno 19. Wahli
Charleston, Wednesday, June ikes
Walterboro, Thursday, June 21'. arn
Beoaufort, Friday, June 22. The1 corn
Hampton, Saturday, June 23. uile w ill sui
Bainwell, Monday, Juno 25. all right.
Bamberg, Tuesday, Juine 26.
Aiken, Wednesday, June 27. O i'
Edgefield, Thursday, June 28.
I reeadt Jiey omeae
ain auineti ilAknd
are uwe or sti
hinvt 3
DR. McGED'S -a
asd Dlh* ou to take the itoh-.i the
rugtt-. ale.g nysa amm
Slaughter Sal
We are :losing one of our largest seasonw
at sold for 25 and 50 ets , at 15ets. Ready.to
Ready-to *ear hi
Big V.
nt ribbon 2-11 cents. 81 to 10 cout rib )n 5 cent
It you want solie extra Ribi
.iction on. white dress go
lot embroidered Mull, thp 400 goality, to close out at
it 38c. 2 piece Pougue N t, pink and tan only, to
ad (IieS Re
$1.25 belts at 50c. 50c a
solid car-load of Rook Hill llaggies, Studebaker Wag
kriday, June 29.
, Saturday, June1 30.
, Moiday, July 9.
ig, Tuoaday, July 10.
lednesday, July 11.
'ThuIrsday, July 12.
Corner, Friday, July
Vn, Saturday, .1ily 14.- sn
Alonday, July 16. feat
Tu s(d:y, Julv 17. js V
V'edniesdaiy, July 18. /I
F'id'ay, J1u ly 20. -
n, Saturday, July 21. - e
eTueoday, July 241. pat!
nIle, Weduosday, July of my good work. I<
Id, Thursday, July 26 D.T
[Priday, July 27. _____________
Saturday, July 28.
rlonday, July 30.
>, Tuiesday, July 31.
,Wednesday, August W ufl YF~
l'hursday, Augus', 2. OUEpiord
u~rg, Friday, August 3,
Lturdlay, A ugust 4.
, Tuesday, August 7. .
>d, W'ednesday, August
~, TIhursday, August 9.
,n Fiay, A ugust 10.
,Saturday, August 11
alonday, August 13. *~
0, TIuesdlay, August 14. 1YE1~R~U
Wednesday, A ugust 15. g O I~E&N
mit tee thinks tbis schod-~ II~JE.
all and will work out N .KN ,yA
Early RisersDRKIGM IA
N.cD. Tce
J ured anistertorr, 13
u.Nc uner
~ifl. iSTOKE
le of Seasonable Goods,
in this deparment and we are going to clean up tli
voor Hats what sold et 75c to $1.CO, oh 50cts. Ruady-t<
its what sold a t $1. 50 to $2.00, at 81 00
ilues iin Ribbons.
A. 15 to 25 cent ribbon 10 cents. 25 to 40 cents ri
)ons or an extra Hat, you can buy it for a song.
ods just the thing you want
25c. 3 pio,3 Linen Z-ipherin, green, tan, 20.3 q iality, to cla
close at 371c. 2000 yards figuxred Lawns GIA and 8.j values
Its at Your Own Price,
ad 75c bolti at 35c. 25c and 35c belts only 15c.
ons, Star Loader Stcves, Disc Harrows and Chattano)ga RI
and Photographs!
'or a photograph that is true in every
se, just as the camera sees you, every $I
tire sharp and clear, every detail shown
'hat I give.
)nly the best material that is used will y~ '
ound in my work. My many satisfied your
'ons, their repeated orders, -is an attest suit,
lo framing and enlarging. SERG
YLIOR, EAsiBY, S. C. wni
____ good
lisppaot urPatlents,
omiss and Msvr Hold Out False Hoe, ut
15o GD.o - I u l onea~ e u~
sof te stot ugat! te> an onE .n ou... a spi
byatt EX N~of AmNDn ph DVcia E a FREs. reas.mpe~
sod;0e.,s boh medic ,.t"' Aictrlo ansoia,
Ou ofiosa~ euipe wth.a M.a Maudintep
.i ..ene p..cin -en $20,00.0a.ronin
Weeply- - -uaig eg - o eer patet.0Alos a t
t .tees Padw Once Deoitstr -:- We hav0e als
Directrs fo along1~tevr
JE. Bogg sun. cD.Brcel.
IoeThra. hed4. ihv. Di.eo ye ara
ic remnants.
o-wear hats what sold $1.00 to $1.50 , at 75st
bbois at 15 conts. 50 conts ribl)oni 25 cwnts
these hot days.
ia at 12.k 1 lA Pongeo Silk, small figures, sold for
will go for 5a tho ya-rl.
vorsible Disc Plows, and we are in a position to offer you
OW so.
!rge Suits,
20 and Up. a-1
oufacoor a rng
our nao "Spnwill
yo" is t the you.
>tigister D thann
moretinind. kwar
riofl. oTh ay u pingsietjseiA
yourd eysown tof rey ans-e n egW
and oFn good iorn. Coerything fo -pin.C
FoHe.m EndLS Cr e 1gg
mon Knd. Fne C o.te ar .
Baloflanne reandiewdttaSC.
rmkultofnsryl. Our Spr acrpetjs ,As
did showin ofrsandixers iSres,Wr
and Fncy Gos. Everntinghafor sprg omte .ule
mpkold hod. 16 per acre.
-acts of land, 20 to 50 acres.
a some very desirablo lots, near city limits. These kitesr
the car line-460 each.
Greenville, s. C.

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