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Mail Matter
WED)NESI)AY, JUNE 27, 1906.
'A Joke Which Brought n Fortune to
Its Innocent Victini.
Having lost every cent of its ready
money it the gaining tables, an Eng
lish visitor at Monte Carlo wired a
pathetic appeal for help to a friend in
England. Two days later he received
a letter addressed in the friend's hand
,writing which on being opened reveal
ed a ive pound note.
Without pausing to read the letter.
the plunger hstened to CIro's, the fa
mous restaurant in th'e Gfalerie Charles
111., and changed his "liver" into
French money. Front Ciro's lie went
straight Into the Casino, where, ox
periencing tilt exttordItiary run of
luck, he not merely retrieved till his
previons losses, 1but gained a substan'
thl iIncrease ilto the 1a-rgaluii.
Weary of play, he retired with a few
cronles to CIro's again to celebrate the
occitsion. 'T'he usually genial M. Ciro
met him it the (oolr of his establispu
ment with it flood of reproaches aind
tphral(ilgs. Tile flve pound note was
bad! He waved it angrily in the
plunger's face-nials out, it was false,
this five pound note!
The plunger took the guilty "fiver'
and scrutinized it carefully. It was
one of the sham bank notes issued h.
Sir Augustus Harris und bore onl it,
face al advertisement of the Drur1)'.
Lane pantomlime. The Eiglish friem
himn'iself as "broke" as tle Monte Caln
plunger, had posted imi tille 1lagnt03
worthless note its it joke-a jolk(e whiel
had the plungeor taken ti e trouble t(
exanlne thle "fiver'' or relid Its cover1
ing letter e would have seen only tot
clearly himself. It was fortuntate th.1
be did not (o so. Ile merely paid 'lr<
ils 5 and, inviting the ill)iied res
taurateur to share it the hliampagne
pretenled that the whole affair w'as at
intentional witticism).
The conicoit of a croupler, who fondli
Imagined that lie understood the Eng
lish language, was Instrumental in pre
senting another and far less expert
enced Britisher with 1,000 francs
This gentleman. handing a 1,000 fram
billot to the croupier in question, ask
ed for plaques in exchauge for It
Plaques are the large five louis gok
pieces peculiar to Monaco. The crou
pier, fancying that the player had sahl
"black" and was requesting hin tN
place the note' on the "black" coin
p1artmnenOt of the aloth, did so unob
served. Black duly turned up, and th
roupiler p)Oiltly'li handed( :2,O(I0 france~
thel surplrised hiritisher.-Ward. Mir
ghamblers' Journal.
Igniorance'i may ntot 1he bliss, buit it is
Everyblody haus trauhle of somne kind.
What ia tihe nature of yours?
The average wish is about as valuan
ble as the chtelk of a bankrupt.
People are confronited every day witih
little proleILms ant1 do not knowv whlai
to (10 with themi.
Sonme men's idea of p)erseverantice la tc
see how long they can chterIih ill feel
ig f'ot somte real or fancied grievance
No matter how busy a man ia he
thinks lie isn't wastng tinte if he takes
an houtr to prove lhe was right in a
most trifling (quesftioni.
After you have worked hard and1
sanvedI your money it maikres yott mad1( te
lhe alppr'oached by3 ai 1man1 whol hasi spet
his and( be0 invited to go Into a schemct
thatt is soloiy for his benefit.-Atchison
Queer Drummert.
"Th'iere's~ a story,'"51( sitd a drummller,
"abjout ai co~mmlerciatl traiveler wh'illo
line wais tunniels and1( lpost 1holes for
onice, though, a dr*tmumer sell ing iron
(tichurcs and( S ssenslin bidge's. Ani
other t ime I meot at dirummertO wvho saiid
lisa line was pupils. What did he mean
by puitils? Ile mant, I found, glass
eyes for tufI'Ohd aintis, for (dol1s and(
for huiman beings. One of this 1man1's
favorite aimusemen'its wats to openI is
samplo e aSOiml ask thle people present
te pick out tihe (eye thatt best mtatched
their own. PTe lpeple miadet awftul
mistakes in this, for ntobodyl., it seems,
knows thte color of his owvn eyes."
Cincitnati Enlltrer.
M~otheors nity talk, worlk, struiggle to
make their sons models by w-i-h to
shape ai ne(w heaven and a ne'w earth.
But the bloy's wvorld is in the mian
who is his fathor, and the hoy beliieves
'that whatever may be right on Stu-.
days or at prayer times the thtintgs that
are reatlly good, that really count itt
life, are whtat fathter does. Moreover,
it 'is what fatther does which detine'
the means with which the boy shall
work, tho sphere wherein htis clYorts
shall be shaped. In a word, what fa
ther does is the beginnig ats it is the
-end of tho boy's achievemntstt.-ar
per's Bazar. -
Precocious Fox,
*Charles James Fox isalprobably the
tonly man who ever made a aadon
8peech in the commons while still a
youtht In his teens. Ho wais ntineteeni
- when ho took his seat for Millhurst,
nnd within a fow mnonthts bo had madeli
three excellent speeches. And yot
*eve't at tis early ag~o Fox used fre.
quently to sit up all night drinking and
An 3Diplanation Wanted.
*T'd lke to know," began the thought
ful boatrder.
'"Won!d likec to' know 'what?" askei
the boarder who know it all.
"d like to know how 'matches are
nndl(o jn hleaveni' when they kcpp al
tho rlmtono In the other place."-ChI
rhere Are Three Vitie o ixege
.Very Paftil s
A felon, or whitlow, niin Inflauiia
tion of the band or iuger, usually of
tle last Joint. of the fingor. Its inpor
Lance varies'with the seat of It-that is
to say, with the portion of 'the tlnger
Involved. It may affect the rkin only,
the tendons or sliews or the fibrous
eovering .of the bone-the,perlosteum.
A superficial-whitlow, where the in
flamination IS coniflhed to the skin, may
be extremely painful, but otherwise it
Is not a very serious matter. But this
eannot be said'of the other two forms.
In the tendinous whitMoiv pus forms
In the fibrous sheath surroundkaig the
tendon, and unless the Inliammation
quickly subsides or the imatter is let
out by the surgeon's knife the pus
may burrow down through the sheath
into the palm of the hand and result in
a pernmuent crippling of the member.
The third variety-called by phy
siclans the subper-losteal-is that in
which matter forms beneath the met
brane whileh covers the bone. As this
membrane is tough and inelastic the
tension due to the increasing volume
of matter biecoines very great and gives
rise to a throbbing, maddening pain.
The1m relief nfTorded by ia deep cut into
A clay poultice often affords great re
hief. This may be made by making a
paste of clay previously sterilizei by
baking in a very hot even ald adliln
glycerin to prevent too rapid drying, or
the clay may be obtained ready preilmir
ed in the drug store. This proteets the
finger from injury, keepis it cool mid, If
applied early enough, may prevent tei
formation of matter. When onco Ips
lias formeld, lowever, no 1nitter wvhat
the variety of the felon, the sa*e plaln
of treatm1ent is to cut 1in)to the in flantled
finger anlld give exit to thle collilld
matter and relieve the tensIon of the
parts.-Yoth's Comipanilon.
A piecRe of ttlt bone Is iieelidd il
wa'Iys, an1d nlow amid thlen at hun111 of
Guiard tie engeo froil dira ft, froml ex
posilr to cold at iligilt a kind also ftrom1
too muclich ieat.
Canary seed principally sliould h
. given, tilolgi 1now 1111d1 then a littlo
. rape seed is benlifellal.
Do not use a painted cage. ''ho bird
will peck til! eage more ot less, and the
paint thus imbilhed, Is very injurious.
. The larger the Cago the1 bvt, r it in
for th birds, a-ud if not now ' isltld
I scallod and well dried Iefoo put.
- ting thent into it.
I Avoid frightening thi birds in any
way. It is very easy to lave tem
-1know you and welconie your coming,
-Niht Itey do0 n1ot lke to be h1tlled.
Tie engo shoild be thoroughly clelil
e'd l'very Ilornling, ineinig ia plee ofI
(!enl blrowl Ililer, hot necwsipaper1, 011
thle biottoit. Perches4' shaoticalsilo be0
waishecd <ht111y.
Thie Hiest Weiglht Onst'lers.
UtCherl aire thu Vwrld's 1best weight
guiessors.- The hutchler's diflelttlt trado
gives 11i1n a skill ini weight gulessing
that is ahnitost icilelt. it Is a comn
mnotilace thing ini a mleait shop1 to see ai
buter ('Selze hold of' a lhuge rdl rolund
of heef and11 slash off1 with a great kulfo
IoundllS ju lst, or six puutllal just, no0
cordin to( 4 tihe order. Thell buyier of
mient wanits to get thle weight lhe alsked
for', no0 illr atP d no2( 1 less, Stil bie waiitits
cnls weight in 0one iece. not Icin on big
piece 1a111 tw W)or three little ones5. To(
compilellehd to aIcqiulro extraiordlinary
11ain por'tion of ai lrund of' mleat we&llis
and1( Iln cutting,' oft' tha11t lpOrtilon smloothl
iy andit alCurately. -- 'Ianlnatl En,.
the one wleh would host1i1 1051 111l thei r-e
Ii ii r(eents of' life and114 c itegilh wvoulh
1 he 1 substan ltial sliIces of whole)1 meai'l1
wlihealtenl brllnd, eateni wIth crnst aind
Isprnd wIth good butteI r. IPralcilly
1111 4the const ituet n1145ecessar foIlr theII
supporlot of life and1( the bulling' up1 of1
tisuei aret (O~ ontaiied ill thIs fo1o1. It
h11s till fur'ther advanllhtalge of being ex
4reely sat Iisig. If fres11humlk or
but11terlk1I wor'e drunk with it anIal
mos0!t lomlete diet wold b~e obltilnld,
sotoar11 it the mNOre sitsftining lf phys'
A mlodern1 city's exp)'erices withi un
dorinedto str1ee'ts are0 not icinej1. Moro
than I thrleo ('('ltur1'iego Bristol, En~g
land, had1( to face a si tuallion somlewhlat
slhnilar 1. Onl h1is visit thero0 'Ppy nll
ticedi thalit tile 0on1lyC Iats allowedl ill 1110
sitreets were) those tihat could he0 dra'1wn
by3 (logs, for Bhristli had1 dug (eollrs he
nonth41 her streets anld storedl her1 wealith
the'reini-'um, tobacico and( Bristoi nil k,
the shierr'y that Ia still mnystcorrlusly
TIhe Lov'e of Libierty.
Thia t we shou1 l'i51h to see the1 penO
pie of othler ('oun~tries free is as naituiral
and tat least as justifiable as that 0110
king should wish to see tile kinigs of
othier counltries min~itainedl in thleir (1es
pOtIsml.-To1111 gerrel'o
He'd nle a wiunner.
Mr's. flenhama -- You'll surely wIn
baby's love If you carry hibrun i'iid
ini your arms.fl Benhlam-1-Yes, I'll win
it in a walk.-Now) York Press5.
An Eitor'st Rlepy,
bWy Odin't you retallate when that
fellow struck youj"
"I didn't knowv h1im, and It is our
rule not to hiay any attention to anon
T1o take for granited~ as truth all that
is ehleged agahist till fame of others
I i 51 speele (If credulity that men
would blush at on ally other subject.
Jane t'orter.
A virtue always outwoighs a talent.
- -Mornarton.
Li'vNU UN AN :
"oV It Wonlid help the 11-n of Fam1'..
Ily utilla ittl" e Autr
A farilly, with it Iolest, house our
roittidd by an nere of god soil, even
where tle work lls to be performed
by miembers of the family wvho are oc
cuplied riilg tlhe llg h111's of theI
dty at varlois. occulatictio, %Vill pro
duce talmust (verythinig u1s(1 in the
faiily. Aln acre of gouind thoroughly
well Cultivated, wVith at little chickecn
yard U tn iladjtnut, will teduce in a
Very ma11teril -way the exptises of the(
Of coll8taare lots are u111possi.ble In
Shile of thec city liisor evenl Very
Close to the city 1111111;. 'The peirson
apek ing So large a lot um18t g ) to a
considerable disankice front, the blus
liess center, but theexewiw of elve
ti'ie linies e3lbles even volkiig people
to live at i conshierable distance fromn
their pnce of employment. A man
who elrs $2.50 to twice that sluti a3
(liay and Who las i famlil1y con1sist ig i'of
1 numiner of chiireni oftn iinis Ann
ditleivlty tin brin1ging them up" proper-ly
and givil" ilhem the ind of tin (N Inca.
tion lhe I!Would wIsh. Sich till 1IIvest
ment its this, saving rent of say .;20 i
11101th anld ylililng eggsa alkId ali kinds
atdvan3t:Ige to the c'ommun1313ity--olle ;u
in'irior to Jill econontic g(:lin-of tl sub
Irb:nii er.e lot lor' the4 llmIIve of the city
wa":. ('1rnerl. The cultivation of that
acre in ai'le-rnIiin% with his ot'er um
ployineit will bringli hiin 3int11:-vetul
4 311 ' spirhiti3l .11 ll-rgetllt I, while It
givs 11111i ah-[:ti11hIe1r ho[ly and whole
some1 stil-ountilligs In wv ihie {o b'.111g
u Ills (IllIlIly.- itxwell's Talismn.
Axre, Footl annd Tempertilre- Seem to
lvie No Ienuring oi Size.
'Ih Salinu1! fontin:li,1 wI ih -l
elntrent1ly bult inneuatelly nlh(''i brook
trout, was stIppocd for 1311ty yevalrs
to It' a S111m11m Ish. A .:: II'.z waIs
hirl: gel1y' tlStrItenital l explill-.ig 11.
1'.allney. It 1- not .11 tinl olII on thing.'r
for in illgeir with ordluary 1luck to
get a ix or seven pound trout of this
VIliety.- It 1s knllown thit I trout nmy
grow to w'eigh el'eivn or t wolvo pounds.
Thel a Is, hIoweVI'r, Y3ea1t dil iitlt' In
I iecoi ling'r for, U4'I i 1t t3:rliol inl size. |
Iitn north t 1.e rn3 Cnthi'oii 3tero attre
13arg "tiams1111 111 llost I whichl only
lIn0gerlings ute ill ever biee'n found. In
the ilm 3editato vicility of snh'i waiters
1hr-041 anlld four potnni 311 a11rcllt <ito
Comon 1111 d moven (1ad (wight pounigders
-1arc not p o1118ial4 . I aill tcise w
tor" crustacea 10o not abuni31 d; thore are11'0
to 'lall i4 of any kild texcept sminll
Itroilt. 'All the jlh h are potre 11.y feedlets.
At oine P1lac01, It Is true., fro ts abound,
but talken ats a whole thle difference in
o(1od su1pply 1 not iln adehqualte ex
r i11 a 1n1 - lt i fi C n...dto 1- cn it
are1 the samIt3(.3 The1 181il trout3 cx'nkenl
to 18 313n lake tIn wh3'ttieh.0 t'ihe are no
Iize 8(3:1t)tllav )ole i'tes Y ren iet' tmall
glewo Iiiiag.' tn t iihes 1 waters1 hav
no Le ounl Va satiatory explana
tho til'hiai' peculirnit,34 m10io of th3ig
4It~tll. wha '34lt isVng tohappe whn1you
114'81nIit Word31s4 or 33 Shorit' Ij i
wrIlIi itiu Ahnos1'8 i~t tyb'<! will' iot
'for3 'th3e Ihr wordIIi n~i a84'1liosi. Avery
hody w ' 'i be voinit for' (he' oft 311n
hol havet thloughlts that they wish81 to
ilt1dge in otheri minds11. A man11 who1 O
lug woull be{ thloughlt to) 134 maklut1g ar
jutst of t' affitr1. Anld so 11n all ma1l
113s where' 1410n1 are't to 1be1 : han1ddi ot
h11as irst cho0icet.
Cocknl~ahtnag Amilonij the (Greekcs.
have't orig1inated wlih ThemIs'3to3'les of
algalust trie Pers1ins lhe noted'1 tw 11'
(oeks in ai despe'rate ha311tle. To 8111m
lte. th~e couratge (of 1318 soldhIer he
13o1niedc out I ho braveryl'3 of1 b)irds1, and1(,
ha3vin1g w1on is3 )1 httle with the Per'1-t
fight should13 b)e held( 1(o (eIlbrate) 111s 1
'itory3. Ini 1Inglaml th10 rec(ords1 sho0w
that tiht first (!ocklighlt took placo In
Whamt Ilo Mean1t.
"D)on't forget to v'isit the my13stery
shlowi wh'iIie' y'ot Iaro3 ini 10ur'ope."
''IA's '8ee4, tha3t'4 In 03ne of th0 ei'o
man33 clt ies, 81n' t it?"i'
"'No, it '8 Ini 114erne, Swltzerlannd. I r'e
for to the Intert(''Iona11 81313 sasge exilbI -
TDantger InI 4ouny, ''
1ing hi1s face' got 00oa1 inis 11yes,'8 foil
off ni Htep and1( bro'ko 1his eIlbow. Sml~l
boy3S enn1 shlow thiH-to mamma111.'-Senttle fai
Pom"1ntelligenicer. IK
Amblt Ion is' pitIless; ever1y mieiIt that .vC
It ennn~fot uRo i3 'onltempItle In 11ts(
SCOTT'S EMUJLSION won't make a Z
~'hump back straIght, neither wit It make
an healsdsseboeadsamn
thefegnunmenofrcvr '
rlck'ets n bonie constmption. -i
)lend for free ra .v-m
HCO'IT & 11OWNF, Chemists, 33
409-4:s l'ea'rI St ret, Now York. c uI
soc. and $a.oo; all druggiate. . '4
RHEUMACIDE has cured t
had failed. Rheumacide curec
Johns Hopkins Hospital the gre
of Salem, Va., and D. IR. Olmst
remedies and the doctorb had g
Almost a Miracle In This Case.
Dillon, S. C., Aug. I&
Bobbitt Chemical Compaqy:
Gentleinen:-ln September. 1899. I took rheu
matisin in a very bad form (inflammatory). In a
month after the disease started I had to give up
my work and go to bed. It continued to grow
Worse until my arms and hands were badly
drawn. so much so that I could not use them
My legs were drawn back till my feet touched
my ips I was as hdi pless as a baby for nearly
12months. The muscies of my arms and legs
were hard and shriveled up. suffered death
many tines over. Was treated by six different
physicians m McColl. Dillon an Marion. but
none of them could do ine any good, until Dr. J.
P. Ewing, of Dillon. caine to see inc. He told
me to try your RIHE1UMACIDE. le got me one
bottle of the medicine and I began to take it.
and before the first bottle was used up I began
to get better. I used 5% bottles and was com
letely cured. That was years ago And my
,ealti has been excellent ever since. Have
liad no ';Y01 toms of rheumatism. Will say
further that' began to walk in about six clays
after I began o take RHEUMACIDE with the
aid ot crutci ts in about three months after I
began to take it I could walk as good as any.
body, and went back to work again.
Yours truly. JAMES WILKES.
In caso of stomnneb and liver troublo "I bavo I
,he proper I-reatiment is to stimulate theso bladder tro
rgains without irritating them. Orino or stones v
Unhx:'tivo Fruit Syrup aids digestion and A. H. Thi
4iimulatea the liver and howels without tor of Buff,
rritating those organs like pills or ordi- inedicino u
mnry eathartics. It dots not nnuseato Kidney Cr
>r gripe and is mild itnd pleasant to takile. prising. A
Por sul, by Piekens Drung Co., and R. dust-liko s
Pe. Smith Z~asley. pain across
-_-t _& n_ new man.
-We hve often wondered during of rood.
011r0 Oveiry
lo hot weather if the summer girla ,1iseaso. F
We as COil as they look: and It. F.
AsK l'.uil Au i.Xs Foowr-lAS, A Powmlt. FO
It makes wilking eayv. ('ti res (ornw, no1110111
ngrowing Nals, swoleu 111 Sweating feet. t __
il I)riiggiits and Shoe Stores, -15c. )on't weet
ily blibst Iut e. Satup. le l.'u:E. Address, A .ei .
)linsted. Le Itoy, N. Y.
U. S. soldiers who served in Cuba
liring tho Spanish war know what this The exa:
linease is, and that ordinary reniedos cant schob
1ave little moro offoct [ban so much wa. and for th
:wr. Cuban diarrhoea is almost as severe will be hek
md dangerous as a mild attack of chol oin Friday,
?1ra. Tlhore is one remedy, howevor, cant must.
that c'ani always lbo depended upon a'8 ofae, JuW
will bo seen by the following certificate makii
rrom Mrs. Mimmi .Jacobs of Houston, exdamIinati(
1'exas: "'I hereby certify thait Chamber- dlition golvei
bin's Coile, Cholert and1( ]iarrhoea for scholars
Remedy enred my husband of a revero .Johnson1 b
ittack of Cuban diarrhoea, whbich he scholarship
brought 1homo( 1 romi Cuiba. WO had soy- Scholarsh
eral doctors bult (lid him no good. One tuit ion. I
1bottlI of this remedy cure'd him as our tom1Iber l
neighbor will testify. It thank God for tion awld ca
~o valuabtle a medicine,"' For sale by]
P'ickens D~rug Co., aind TU. N. Huinter
~--An exchange say3s its queer, but Y'w
Sgirl can~ be lots smarter in helping anid es'~ui
ier beaun's mother than ever could be vr5,)0
a helping bior own mothier. Olnse" L''I.
LAME SHOULDER- pleasant, re
These'5 are 1three c4ilfOmmo ailments for borne a rep~~
dhich Chaimberln in's Pain Ralm in espec. laxative and
illy valuable. If promptly applied it 1)'o na bread
all suave you t ime(, mlonecy anid suiffermg ant but eifeo
'lhen ironled w ith any oneY1 of these nil. contstipation:
nts. For sale by Piackens Drng Co. , Pickens Dru
nad 'T. N. 11unter Liberty.
.-Money cannot buy happiness, but ULI
moet of us aro willing to make the ox. Makes KI
oriment. WL
The sincerest tribute that can ho pafid A. A. Hec
. . . "Foley's 11
' Huperiority is imitation, .1'ho nmany , ,laiato
nlit ationis if Decitt's Witch Unzel Salve t atollC I
mat are now before the p)ubhc pr1ove it sumption inl
bie best, Ask for Do~itt,'s. (Good for herd of a
urnis, i-ealds, chu lied skin, eczema, tet- and Tar an
'r, cuts. bru ises, boils anid piles. High- sale by Pieli
v' recomnlded and reliable. Sold by Smith Easlc
'ickons D~rug Co.,
-They, havo dliscovered gold dig Io~onrb
ing uinder the Broadway im New
'equiently results from neglect of clog
d~ bowels andit torpid liver, until cont
lion is unknown to thoso who uso Dr.D
ing's New ' Life Pills; the best and
mi tiest regulators of Stomach andt B~ow
O. iaranteed by Pickens Drug Co.
ice 25c, ___
Theo sworn -statement of the mann
> urea protects you from opiates in
nlnedy's Laxative Honey and Tar-thme
ugh syrup that drives the cold out of
ur system. Sold by P'iokons Drug
>m pany.,
toey's Kidney Cure
akes kidneys and bladder right.
The laxamtivo effect of Chamberlain'sY
omach and Liver Tablets is so agreo
lo and so natural that you do not real
) it is thle effect of a mie~lici ,o. For
Io by Pickennu D)rug Co., ad T. N.
uter~, Liberty._p
ilother (raw's Swcot l'twdqrs for Chlidren,
ed by Mother Gray aL nurse, in ChIldren's
>mo1 New York, Hlreak up Cold In2-1 hours,"
ro I' everk.'ness lloadacho. somach' Troubles,
eat i ug D~isorders, and l)Oeitroy Woermus. At
41 tu g 1st. 25c. - Sampler matied FREEX Ad.
es, All en 8. )lmnsted, FeltOY, N. Y- .:. o. -
housands of cases of Rheumatism af
I John F. Eline and others, of Balti
atest hospital In the World, had fallet
Bad, the Norfolk, Va., contractor, afte
iven up hope. Rheumacide cured M
)f rheumatism she had endured foi
Hughes, of Atkins, Va., after the mosi
rhere Is a reason 'hy It cures : Rheu
al soience, and while powerful enou
f the blood, it operates by purely
rnost delicate stomach, and builds u
A purey vegetable remedy that goes rit
sures by removing the tause. Your druggist e
Sample bottle and booklet free if you send f ou
OF GOOD.lieDwts te
een afulirted with t kidedy nda gos i
Ale for years, passing gravel it- ithlne
ith excruciating pain." PaR se You gt t
nes, a well known coal opera oDwts.Oolt
l, 0. "b got no rolief froeeIm f yound ve
util I beann taking Folecy'sM frpls io1.11
ro, thien thlo resuilt 'was Sur- V C . "lcg ,iol
few dosesR stairted the bricki- b iklsD-i o
N1)J)LSI For a painful huru
01? kidneys dIlike DeWitt's Witel
Cicy alludedwithy 61t ll ndThe-wanere a host of
ibl fr yar, pssng raelWit's Witch Haizel-S
itecrctig ket---sce that you gett
nesa wll now col oerafor Dewitt's. Good, I
ho, . 'I gt norelef romcuts, brulises', anid espf
fotrm of bea kinge o lo'rd for piles. The nanK
ro, hentli reslt ~m& C'o., Chicago, is on
few se sy itekonisJ t lI - by Picns Drug. Co.,
abstance~ aud( now I halve nto
my kidneys and I feel liko a bakntju
It has1. (don1 mC $1000 worth
Foley's Ki~hioy Oure will hswnee akf
form of kidney or bladderte leieJakK
or sale by Pickens Drug Co., j nteOisr a
Sm1ith1 Easle1y.
E.00-e3 . si-Oiel( by the I)reaid(
P COU1% -d bakans otugj
Thaere i no need w
Winthrop College discomfort beanuse o
gestion. Oct e)Ottle
larship and Entrance DYSPEPSIA, and s
Examination, for you. Kodol not o
you oat ad gives thin
hination for tile award of v Teeded rest, but is a
iiiip in Winthrop College g:etest efficiency. K
- admission of now students gestion, cyppial, t,
atrship Conty Cutrncue DYhEar PSIAu , and se
Julx(amiatin. forpyu. Kodol not ak yo
no h e~tiunf-te your aneathan gives thr
iinatio forhthe awrd oIIflL ia- tnee d lres ftibut i)
1.ship ill WinthrClege t gvast Wolrieny Kc
igte adigsion oferagw students iitstio,1 dyr ei
i at theC County Cout thoe naidhedt, itlntand
July th, at 9il . m. App1 lit toh l ae yoiy our3Oh
hiotholsdta iftee earsi and Pelh gi.Y
6.or thewl eawiai oj forrices oug o., >
application blanks:
ips arc worth Gl100 and free olts arl
et next sessijon will openI Sep. *
19f06. F"or furt her informa- faosI
alhogute. address
Reck I till S. C. Yocantide
l'sI 'w m i w I'n ona ttuItNo Th somihone
Susedt by .\other Giray. tuirse in hv etth o ea
lonic in New York. Citre FeIver
(t1inn1h, Tleethinig I )itsoriiier, inove o tlithaet t
the nloweis nut Ilestrtoy Mortitn.stoa. O ) b i"
ttlnOnil.t~ They ntever fil . At tl alep h or o
Saitpl Free. Athi ress Alilen S.
s annually bear wetness toa' ee od~itia(i
y of Eairly Risers. T1h&o IYKdo.eldb
liabie little pills havo long
utation scond to nono1 11s a1 -nvrit fS
cathartic. They are as sia io~,.iiii
in mllins f hllht'sP-ep
tie Vh ~Ttyrleato TheaUiritiy hnf
witou grpig.Sol b oThos stch oneo0 oi
g Co..
Youtdont havto to stai
1~NE'rC OstY ach KODOLaF
takes up IaderRihi o "th e orkfo
for ougs, old un luget th aitiuet an
:no~v thtt it back cinecondii
can'ftstfetgesg"ood neerthnaiodit
Trn lilg.~oeysil y Kodo l. old by
ine mn sfhomel. Pneas- a h
iSscri inawiE
thoutb grpeasld n ffer sho shifh in
us. Or stok isarte-tleteo t yon
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ey holdsTa custmers best hve o
forn oush o s frlungryu nx
rh isdae &o nPvtr
en Du o., aN R.LE F. C
) 4-4
mnes ma sholdneihe
cony.Ec shl
.9 A
ter all the doctors e mean
more, after the faiious specialists of
. Rheumacide cured Austin Percelle,
r they had spent large sums on other -
rs. Mary WeIborn, of High Point, N. C.,
20 years. Rheurmacide cured W. R.
famous New York specialists failed.
macide is the latest tiscovery of medi.
,h to sweep all germs and poisons ot
natural methods, does not Injure the
the entire system.
JT OFU B En o"
k .... roublo
it to the r-cot c7 the dinuase -1 itfdr.cy Tro, de
11s and recmnonds hua.ido. La OrIppe
cents for postage to All
Prolrletors, Baltimcri.
there is nothing JUST WhAT EVERYONE SHUOLD
I Hazel Salve.
mitations of De
alve on the mar- Mr. J. T. lrrbor of 1rwinvilI, on.,
be genuine. Ask Vw ys keeps i bottlo of Ohamberlain's
o, for munbrn olic, Cholera and Diarrhoea ieuly
:ially recommend at hand ready for instant use. Attacks
o E. 0). DeWitt of colic, eholera iorbus and diarrhoea
every )ox. Sold c o s s t t in
timeo to hunt at (locor or go to thle store
for mnedicine. 31r. Barber says: "I have
tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
t 100 years old iarrhoea Remedy which is one of the
the treasurer of best wedicis 1. over saw. I keep a
eo, N. H. I bottle of it in my room as I have had
eOverzlI altacks of -colic and it hag provedI
k for $3, and is to ho the best medicine I ever used."
nt the bank ever 8ol by Pickeng Drug Co., and T. N,
ititor, Liberty.
crrying along And man a man's bravery is duo
' disorderd di- to his knowledge of the fact that the
)f KODOL FOR other follow is a coward.
0 what it will (10
nly (ligosts what
tired stonuachi a
.0-etioo t,.ANNOUNCEMENTS,
oretioof the
dol relieves indi- 77-7777=
lpitnitionl of i 1w almotiniewat uniter thas thee murt be
.. I fr I.. ad v -_- . 1rh ..o i. 45. No -. r.
sour stomach. 1haislctiiie- loitiiedbth
.stomalchi youn~g OAV iini
u will worry julst --~'-*
it your stomath ltSTEIN'i.
ocana the loss of A21noyrlilx0 (;Mudalicy
Worry is to heouotaln nzy ujc o(a )ao
Kodol will take rlmrluie.
stomachl. Sold ir irislreiyaininelaa
-aj-totentnof1wvtrs Risers~em
ttle plls. ono(h orslila.
lower animainl to r. in roal fl
feeling well. A ;i ul mo 10hma ud11()fr8at
lf, and1 gets wvell. .litr ojot(tiLatiiofiOvoesl.
vocrworked, mustli1)aorhoriryleti -----
our feet or eyes. o os;O'i IlE1NArIi.a
-ve to rest youir W iily1~lhiielo..ansICrya
31R DYSPE PSIA 1aoldafothitiiefle renItyo
r'our stomach, di- wl it~tI vr a I ersn h epe
a gives it a rest, w ol(ithseetiiwl oldloirUil
ion again. Y ouroauy.lewl tiielirolofheIri
ickens D)rlug Co.,......01 (11
h Carolina-__ Ii nayfili f ijrS imoshrb
AM INATION, liiwii(I levtrIn(i IeaortIc ri
Sotuth Carolina ~--~-___ -________
heNo ea Do liiimomiomgI liu cn~aef' h
men from each o h eorii riiay
rtihip is worth Toi11(5O .S twr eey -
matriculation111 i(iiilitfr lieo omtyreue,
held at county Al1wollalInomayfinsIieey
Examinationlii ile11'raoraoofllkn(oaty
University w~ill aryectoI.W.lAn,
Vrite for infer.------- .
(JAN, Presideni ti iai~iaeh au aetdaneli leolC
ilmbifl, S. O. 5iflavtesh(leenieacirar
Ma.0 . Dyn . Is 'rb iniiae o
YuavAlasBut Mr.oiiy J.i T. trror (lf rslw(iilGa.
w lnya esa otofCabeli'
at han rad for 4itati. Attacks
ofeb colio,11 cher mrbuf an d1(iatcfrrhoas
crote oni liks'owuddenly tht tere rsult
ofm tlo hunimcrti a doctor r go C. the storT
forla me-diiof. (r .re ll'Vlialva "Ieb have
tiedllO Cihambeas C li~11( or rehlerao and
best1 mdicineMgstrt1 u evenral. sIbje koa
btheitla of ite vnoteroo asi th haavehadmi
VOnlt tcksT ofcoMi n ithas rove
Sr olmtIby P iths D re Co., aed N,
Hunteilslir, si b ect i(i esl ft
to hlis~ii knowedg ofi eaiite fact that oteo
cenAll al ie utillat thi l ead mut be
if~~lO actid on o vn e . TheOi o fle is 45.00. N( o rindr
ablevtiotii t.
Thle sattiyorin of W.n votersulI hereby
aiiiounace hinstf a andd at for rateelnato
tra l ie l~ cken l'htiny uj ote Demlg f '~kn o -y
) , 'raice ( 1( ilsgvriig(i priinary elec
Air. al. W. ilsteris hereb a ii t y. a
c ~adithte fo the Kttat fron icen cia ounty
the Snate frmtiscl
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