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Happenings of Looal aud 'Personal
-Miss Emily Friday, of. Gr. e
Ville, is on a visit to her sister, Mrs
V. H1. Johnson in Pickens.
--N. D Taiylor, photographer, of
Easley, eflers ai cut price on all woik
done I y him on July 4th.
-W ii. Ilogoud, colored, on W 1I
Langston pla-o reports his cotton
bi ginning to bloom.
-See change in ad of L Roths
child, the old reliqblo clothier - of
(I rvoi ilIle. in !Ihh. in-,nu .
- I ; I !Vi fngton, ).
., , . I for some
ha in Pioken
to recuperate.
-Mlrs Bargtrd and danghter,
Miss Madge, of Greenville, visited
their rliatlve, Mrs. R. R. Roark, of
Pickenp, last week.
-'T hero wAill be children's day ox
ercises at 12. Mile Methodist church
Sunday, July let. The public is
cordially invited to attend.
-Oraig Bros. will offer speoial bar.
gains in suspenders and dress shirts.
Don't fail to take advantage of this
salo. Sale tn kes place Saturday, 30th.
-Whilo ont squirrel hunting Sat
urday, Marcus M. Rogers, of IR. F. D.
No. -3, killed 6 hawks, two old ones
and four young pnes .,ith four shots.
--Don't fail to read the ad of D. F.
Paco in this issue. He has a nice
line of goods and sells them cheap.
Call on him for fancy groceries
and cold bottled drinks.
-Mr. 8. 1. Brooks, from the 12 Mile
section, reports that crops are dping
considerably well considering the re
cent heavy rains and steady growth
of qrass.
-Liberty Township singing associ
ation will meet with Flat Rock church
the 1st Sunday in July. All lovers of
good music are cordially invited to
como and bring well.. filled baskets and
ong books.
--Thero will be a Farmer's Union
picnic at Gates school house on the
4th of July 1906. Everybody is cor
dially invited to attend. Go and take
well filled baskets and let it be an
enjoyable occasion.
-0. L. Cureton has moved to the
McDaniel home on the Liberty rood,
T and( has rented his residence in town
to Judge RI. 0. Purdy, who, with his
family, will be in Pickens this week,
to spend the summer.
-Mrs. 'A. J1. Boggs and her chil
dren, Ina, Oliver and A. J., accom.
-.,-.,i a- a ""ude Hester', spent
. last week visiting
-* a, (Ga., returning
--There wvill be a picnic on the 4th
of July at Williard's Spring, given by
lAliss Ir~ene L. Clar-ke to her music
class. The publi3 Is cordially invited
to attend. Bring well filled baskets
and help make the picnic an enjoyable
-In this issue G. WV. Bowen an
nonces him.eolfe as a niandidate for
county commissioner. Wash, as he is
favorably known all over the county,
is a good business man and should
he he elected would make a good and
faithful oflicer.
-Mr. McDuffle Wilson, once a
nativo. of this state, died after a lin
gering ilness. He was a brother to
Mrs. F. M. Rogers, Mrs. E. L. E~ades,
Mrs. S. E. Smith, Mrs. B. Price, Mr.
S. T. Wilson. He leaves a wife and
three children besides a heat of rela
tives ,and frienda;ito mourn his death.
-T. T'. Barton while driving in
Easley Saturday evening had his
horse to scare at something and as
the horse juhiped, young Barton was
*thrown out, hitting the ground with
sufficient force to knock the breath
fromi him, but ho was not seriously
burt. Parts of the wangon wore pick.
up all along the road. The horse
did not hurt himself.
-Mr. A. W. Riggins, who lIves on
J. C. Garrett's place, Liberty RI. F
'I D. No. 8, h as brought to this office the'
flrat -cotton bloom of the season, lHe
found the bloom Sunday, .June 24th.
Mr.. Riggins is a very industrious and
nro~snerous farmn. living near Siz
* rages 20 inches
Krthis will be In
." a e n days.
-..naiou (Aieft, (I. L. Cnreton has
had more territiory thrust on him.
Greenville division, under Chief Hall
has been assigned to him, Mr. Hall
having be:e deposed. Itis needless
to say that Chief Oureton will make
good. He is one of the best men in
the service of' the state . and stands
well with his eruperior officers. This
chsngo came unsought by him and is
a deserved coriphjmxont to his ability.
-Don~ fail to read th an of $raIg
Bros-in this issue.
--Fresh supply oft Oulet'B turnip
seed.- Pickens Drug Co.,
-P. 0. Cartee, of Libeity report,
Potton blooms on the 26th instanb.
-The- ball. tean from tho Oontrai
High School of Groenville, of which
Mr. Dryan is coach and manager will
be in Pickens .on Friday afternoon
for a game with the Pickens boys.
-The F0armners' lustituto conduct.
od by 016mison College for this county
will lIe -eld at L:ibt ty July 2n(d.
They have two cars tilled with inter
retin' thilngs, Prof. Harper will have
chargo anId wanla as ininy peole to
attend is possible. Thero will be
lectures all day aid the mooting will
be held in the new school house.
--The Summer School began its
second week's work on Monday. The
enrollment has reached 38. Mr Bry
an and Miss Hill are delighted with
the interest shown by the teachers in
the work. Dr. Sloan of Greenville
was expected to doliver an address on
Friday evening next, but has written
to say that he cannot be present
Mr. Bryan hopes to have him later.
-J. B. Newberry announces for ro.
election to the office of Probate Judge
in this issue. Mr. Newberry has
hold the position for a number of
terms and has always proven a faith'.
ful and painstaking official. Should
he be elected, and it seems that he
will be, as no opponent is spakeu of,
he will discharge the duties of the
office in the manner characteristic of
of him.
-Mr. J. B. Poole, 'of Brevard, N.
C., who has the contract of painting
the coach of the Pickens Railway is
a first class decorative and artistic
sign and coach painter. Ilis brother
Mr. G. F. Poole, of Greenville,
who will become a permanent resi
dent of this town, and Mr. Barnes of
Brevard, are assisting him in this
tedious job. The prevailing colors
on this work will be the same as the
Pullman Company's cars and it
will be finished off in gold onamenta.
tion. A splendid job indeed.
-Mrs. Lucy Lebby, wife of J. E
Lobby, formerly a resident of Cal.
houn, in this county, died at her home
in Greenville, last Saturday morning.
Her death was a great shock as she
seemed to be in her accustomed
health, having gotten up and began
preparing the morning meal. She
was a member of the wvell known
Lewis family, of .Pendleton. Her re
mains were interred at the Old Stone
church on Sunday. She leaves a
husband and several chidren, besides
a host of relatives and friends to
mourn her death,
--The investigating conmmitteo has
finished with county commissioner's
office and find the county in debt up
to 15th of June in the amount of
$20,476.21 with a credit of $8,599.08
in the hands of the treasurer which
makes the net indebtedness of the
county on that date $16,877.23. On
the 21st of July, 1904, a statement
was published by L. D. Stephens
sup~ervisor, which showed the county
to be in debt to the amount of $37,.
560.71l, on that date. In the two
years time, since that date, the ex
penses of the county has been run for
$20,683.68 less, or saving to county
of $10,341.74 per year. The county
is being run oR a cash basis and this
indebtness is owed to the sinking fund
and is drawing 5 per cent interest.
Home Team Will Cross Bats With the
Central Hiqh School Team of
That City on .June 29.
There will be interesting game of
base ball played hero on Friday after
noon, June 29th, and possibly two
games. 'rhe fun will begin at 3:80
o'clock sharp, with Hester on the fir
ing line and McFall to do the receiv
ing. If the visiting team consente to
stay over night then the second game
wvill commence after the first game is
completed. The line-up of the two
teams wvill be as follows:
.ioens Central H. S.
MoFall, 'Catchel Burgardi
Hester, Pitcher Adams, T1.
Price, 2nd Base James
Bruce, 1st Base Beattie
Lewis, J. L. FIiel:1 McCullough
Lewis, A. S. Stop Rabb
Carey, Jim 3rd Base Ccx
Freeman C. Field eody
Carey, J. Right F. Adams, G.
.The line-up in the second game
will be same as in the first with the
exception of the battery for Pickens,
which will be, Price pitcher and lHes
ter receiver with McFall on the sec
onid sock.
A small admision fee will be
charged to help defray the expenses
of the ial ting tea.
A Gift For Our Customers.
In Every Package of Colgate's Dental Powder
We Cive -a Present of a cake of
' Cashmere Bouquet Soap
FREE. (Guest Room Size) FREE
tA Wonderful Bargain.
Pickeuns DrLc
Looper Topics.
As I havn't heard any thing from
our little burg I will try to push
the pencil a little.
This week has been like some
winter days with heavy rains and
fierce winds.
The farmers are having a hard
battle with general green and ex
pect victory soon.
Mrs. E. T. Edens is on the sick
list. She is some hotter now.
Christine, the little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Edens, is also
on the sick list. We hope for her
a speedy recovery.
'Mr. T. B. Looper and mother, of
near Ealey, visited Mr. W. B.
Looper of this section Thursday and
Mr. W. E. Rndles and Clayton
Jlton is visiting W. L. Fgriddle.
They are carrying with them a mov
ing picture show of the San Fran,
cisco earthquake and fire. They
gave exibibitions at Carpenter's
Creek also at Olga and Mica school
houses. They were enjoyed by all.
Mr. Joseph Turner and sister,
Miss Ethel, were the guet of Mrs.
J. G. Hughes' family lart Sunday.
MisejEva Hendricks and brother
Crocket, were also guests at J. G.
Hughes'. Come again girls.
A flourishing Sunday School has
begun at Peter. Creek church with
T. N. Jones as suporintendent and
W, M. Baker assistant.
Much success to the Sentimel
Jout nal .
Pickens b. F. D. No. 4 Notes.
Ifryo -will allow me space, I will
write you a few dots.
We are all busy with general
Crops are very small and we
have plenty of rain, and the grass
Is growing fast.
Mrs. Margaret Edens has been
on the sick list, but is improving.
There has been some surveying
done in this section by J. H. Edens
'and E. F. Keith. The last day
they c6me across a~ rattle snake
Wigington left the county. Keith
anid the snake headed for Pickens,
and Edens down the Oolenoy. They
left the body of the snake above
Mr. Cassell's. No one was scared
but tncle Jake Griffin.
Mr. A. K. Edeus visited his
miother Mrs. Margaret Edens lasi
Mr. Hcnry .Jones visited Jas
Edens lest Sunday.
isis Minnie Edens visited Misi
May Jones last Suudny.
"J UNE hIU."
Letter From College Park, Georgia
College Park, Ga., R. F. D. No. 2
June 25
Dear Sen tinel- Journal :
It has been quit a wvhile sindo
have sent in copy to the Sentinel
Journal and as I have a few item
that interests me I at least thin1
should interest the readers.
I went up to Atlanta the othe
night to hear the leading candidate
for governorship honors and th
immense auditori um held over 6,
000 people and tully that many hai
to stand on the outside. H-on
Hoke Smith was the tirst speaker
He spoko one hour. Clark Howel
editor of the Constitution and th'
strongest opponent of Iloke Smith'
sLpoke one hour and a half.
I was on White Street Satuirda:
and saw Bob. Holcombe of Si:
Mile, S. C., get of1' a car and~ wa
in haste to catch another. It mnake
as fellow fool happy to run a cros
an ol'l acquaintance fronm his na
tive country oven if we don't ge
to shake hands.
It is only 9 miles out here to m'
We have a full line
of Colgate's Per
fumes, Soaps
and Toilet
There Are No Better
Goods Than Colgate's
Hallums Backache and Kidney
Pills are guarante'ed to be good.
ig Company.
home from the city of Atlanta
and a walk or half a mile bringi
me to the car line that carries me
to the city.
Yours Truly,
L 0. R n,
In Memorium.
In sad but loving renemberance
of my dear husband, D. E. Gosnell,
who departed this lite May 8th,
1906, in his 70 year.
Loved in life and
In death remembered,
A tear within a companion's eye,
A companion's broahing hoart,
Can only tell the agoiy,
How hard it is to part.
Dear Ig, could you speak to me,
And could you live again
My aching heart would their be
But this wish is in vain.
The Beautiful and Serviceablo Drees
Materialn They Yield.
, There aro in all about half a dozen
lace bark trees in the world, so called
becauso the inner bark yelds a natural
race in ready made sheet form, which
can bo made il) in serviceablo articles
of apparel. Only four of these curious
species of trees are of munch )ractlcnl
value. Tourists who have stopped at
Iawnit or Samoa may recall the lace
bark clothing of the natives-clotiing
of a neat brown color when now, of ro
markable strength and of a fragrant
pdor, like freshly cured tobacco leaf.
The nativo talpa cloth, as it Is called,
is made from the bark of the Bruso
netia ipapirlfera, but it Ia not usually
includled among the real lace bark
trees. In its natural state the real lace
bark is of a delicate cream white tint
Et is probiably a kind or fibrous pith.
When the outer hark is remaoved it can
be unfolded and unwvoundl in one seam
less pice, having a surface of a little
more than a square yard. Washing
and sun bleaching give It a dazzling
white appearance. The fabric is airily
light. It is used in the Wecst Ind1ics for
nmantillas, cravats, collars, winidow cur
talns-in a word, for every purpose
that ordinary lace is used. In) making
up shawls, v'eill and the likec it is cus
tomaury to pie0ce two sheets of lace
bark together. Delicato and apparently
weak as it Is in single mesh, a bit of
lace bark if roiled into a thin string
will ail but resist human strength to
break it.--Now York World.
Mignonetite and Rose,., For ffnsaune,
Wvill Not Mix.
The florist frowned as lie took up an
order for a table decoration. "That
will never do," he muttered. After
calling up the customer and suggest
ig a chango, he told hiis new clerkc a,
few things.
"You must never take an order that
calls for a mixture of mignonette and
roses," ho said. "A centerpiece of
those two flowers wouldn't last half
through the luncheon. Tihey simply
wilt one another. I don't know' wvhy,
but they can't get ilong toge-ther.
"It is true of niany flowers. P'ansies,
for instance, last twvice as long if they
re not combined wvith any other 11ow
or, and the same umay be said1 of v'io
lets. Jonquils and daffodils, on the
other hand, seenm to get a newv lease
.of life if you com~ilne conisiderable
green with them. Carnationis will go
all to pieces if y'ou combine them with
'roses, although the roses do not seem
to bo n(Teetedl.
"It is more striking ini comiri~nationsR
of green with flowers. If you try to
use an enitirely dilfferenlt type of fo
-liage from what the flower is used to.
it won't last so) long. So I never piut
k feathery foliage with lilies of the vali
Iey, for you kniow~ its natural fqllage
is a thieck leaf. I never use thick leaves
wvith eanrnations, for their foflago is of
rthe feathery typlo. It isn't as though
S ilhe flowers fought, but they seemi to
e grieve at being misnertod."-New
York P'ress.
A Lnre F~or ('ockc Robin.
Two~. 'oins clinked( together give so
good an lmnitatenm of the roin's metal
lie note that this dev-ico hats long been
empi~loyed ini JlanglandI( to attract the
a welcomii '"harbinger of spring." F~or
mnerly miale robinls weme sniared by the
( elinklig of two -olper penniies near a
oni a twvig .smnearedl withi bird lime, andt
C suspectinig a rival, flow at hlim with
5 blood( in Is eye. Thlis ain vu~ioatk'n of
thio birld laws in tihe l'nited States, amd
no0 one0 whol lives wher'e roins imakce
a their home11 in (conthIence Is likely to
.give tihe 0(1( trIck so uleal(Lsanit a
finmale. Theii clinkinig c!oppJers servo a
much miore agreeable purpose as a
jmoans of rendering cock robin socia
JULY and
Our aii lal CL E \1
tinn1io thro)ghoudt, July
ductions along all lino
at a song.
20C White Lawn to go at 1 5c. i 5c
White Lawn to go at ioc. ioc White L
mercerized white goods to go at 15 pe
broideries to go at- a big sacrifice.
Oxfords in all colors, white, black, and
go at 25 per ceut discount.
The immense clothing trade ve have
stock, but we still have some rare borgai
can buy a suit at 25 per cent discount.
suits and serge coats.
Dont miss this opportunity for borgaii
the immense tall stock we are buying.
Just received a solid car barbed wire a
and hay, with prices right.
Our stock of stoves, hardware, f urnitu
from implements, of every description,
Always the best, and the best is always
We hope to have our nev building cor
pleted it will give us more room than any
able us to display to a better advantage,
we carry. Call on us for anything you ni
and our prices are always right.
Folger, Tho
Qlothing, Shoes, H Iats a
Goods a Specialty. So
Hats, Walk-Over1 Sho
and Mitchell Waigoi m.
In the last issnuo of tho Soni
.Jou rnal we called the attention ol
read1ers of the expected lnanige in
''ad" tis woelk. Prob)lably yo1u 1
beenl XJ( expectin mehi ing hut.i
on13 ai few wordsJE abouilt Chickens.
timor, this~ sonson1 is passedC~ whien li
chickens will bring fancy prico.
early spring most an~y thing thatt
mako a fuoss like a frying chic
will se ll for twice its valuec, but
most IoZvyody3 has had a sample
are now Jookinig for chickens~ ihat
.fit to eat. So if you wvant good pr
for y'our chiickousf throngh the giut
sieason lot them grow. Wo are
in the business and1 will (10 our 1
as we have always done to hold
the pride. Come to soc us with ',
chickens and (.ggfi and supply y
wvants from our well filled storc
hoes ut prices. Respectfunl,
Advertisirn pa
A E1 will con
d ugust. Big rc
s. Whito goods to go
Xhite Lawn to go at 1 2 c. 1 2 1-2C.
awn to go at 8 1-3c. Beautiful line of
r cent discount. All Laces and Em
tan for men, women, and children, to
had this spring nearly cleaned up our
ns to offer, if your size is in the lot you
We still have a nice line of two pie ce
is, we are obliged to make ro om for
iid nails, fresh car flour and car of corn
re, harness, saddles buggies, wagons
mowers, rakes and binders, is always
the cheapest.
ipleted by August 15th. When comn
building in the county, which will en
he large stock of general merchandise'
-ed, for we are always pleased to serve
nley And Co.
Lo agents for., Stet son
)S, .Ion0f K ing St.ovos
Off Al It S~iTON *1 W~li-IGjN CAROIA
Arri vail andI Illi sti of raIins, lreen.i
vill, o . U. 1:1linctivo5 A pi tl 14, 1900.
1 l'PAITi'nys:
:30i am, No. -18 elilly ex\ept Sunadiay, for Lau
reus*11 Iin i iterniIihite stiains, arrive at.
I'2:15 p all. N'.: da<lily foi Laaureals, ('Ilinguii
Newbiiery. , ilumbia~, Siainter 114 (Ital arle's
111(21. ~ ~ tiea Collilae'tilaig at se'aa;Ingl w'ith A i. i
Ininaa N". Peafo lhiaeniond, Wc~ashinagtoa
f ho iatnntI 5nstern1 illes, aii n Larcae with ('. A~
. I. Train No. I feor Spiartltabrg nsa
luuuhu Nee :ii for'reewod, tAugusta, etc(.
0312. A alive L~aurensa. 1'e3 * in, (!lliton
2:.'' p ina. Necwberry :ijr0 p. mi, Coelualasa -: IS
Seuiter g:' 3. ini, Ilh rletu '9:10, 1Spartntai
Iiairg :3 I j,. nl, (:fr en* al l ' : IsI p an, p- ai
illIII'liai5''I'1 p 1i1.
4:101 p m.i Ne. ;i ihily ecep13t Nuinyi. for 1,nt1
Th rens iaid inat.erneedinte Stallom-ii.. Ararive atL
10I:'3 a1 ml1, Noa. 117, rlilly exept Suaiday froasn
113 Lau i renss antd initermi~tet stttions.
.0 II m, No. 85. 43a11y except Knuidny, fromai
(1an ,aur nI ls an ad tntermaedthe s~tttions
3:25 Islm, No. 52, ily fromn Chaarleston. .Sumtetr,
I se('obimbha, Newberry, (Clinton, .Spaxrtanhnrlag,
Aa gult aa, U reenawoot, lLarensa, etc.
lTr'la inas N i. O. 1111d 53 raatitu hrotagh betwceen
ii (~~~Carlaestaon with11osutiage.
.3. W. Igaen, A gt. Ge~o. TI. Itrynn Geti. Agt.!|
nlI'O GilI'3'NVI L10, s. C.
I ranest W. illiams, (. P. A
0084I iM lirai , aeT raf.' 'iala. Augus1ta, Ga.i
UP t~~Supersed1es Timev Tlablo No I
1R0nd( Dowan Rlond Uja
our ~ No l2 No I0 STPATIIONS No iI No 91
MtxCed Mixeti Mixed Mixed
41:40 pmn 11:40 nm IV PI'Ikenas nr 2:55pm 7:35 pia
4:4 pin 31t0 I:45 nmi Ieerguseoni 2: 15pm 7:30 pmaa
41:55 pmn It):55 nma *PI'ars9on's 2:30pm 7:20 pml~
5:00)m11a2:00 nm11 *A rlaxll's 2: 25pm 7:15 pem
*5:311 paii 11:05 a m *MAitikin 2:' pm 7:10 pm
5:3n pam 31:311nm er Iitsley lv 2:1 >ma 7:06 p m
* Ilag Stat msot
All Itram fly except Sundiay
No. 10i eo. ,ects withI Siouitlsr n hallway No :10
No 9i e'onnacts with Sonthoirni Rlailweay No 12
No. 12 connaects with So ttberit Ralw~ay No it
Noc II (lonnects witha Sothern Rillwny NobO
- -- y1For anly liformntloinapp'y 'to
.I''T' TYLOR1 Gon Manager
For YOUNG LADIES, Roanoke, Va.
Opensil Sept. 25, t ixi. One0 of thec leanting Schtoots
f or Young L.l;h 0,tuae in t 0Suth New builIngs
~~m.7 naounatain scentery in Vallaty of Vi1rginIa, famed
for health. European fand American teacheoc.
Full couirse. ConservatIor aduvantalges In Art,
M usic antd Eloatilon. ',rltilentest WVelleeley.
istudenta- fronm 80 ateR. For euxtatogl uadirensa
At TTIU P. HAiidet,llAH k Va.3
inGnuu Bi oTRGT 0

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