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- of the Huail gogy outstrIps
j1 yrything In Motion.
u 0 as lightning'' is a phrase
Nk (~bIlly used to express .the maxi
1 num of rapidity, but, according to a
,Voll known scieitist, electricity itself
outstripped by that old fashioned
xnachinot the human body, by which it
ippoars powers caln, so to speak, be
generatted in the brain, transmitted
Utrough the nerves and developed in
the muscles in an infiniteslimal frac
ion of a second.
It Is stated that a pinnist in playing
it presto of Mendelssolin layed 5,95
Mnotes in four minutes aind three see
>nds. The striking of each of these, it
4ias been estimated, involved 'two
qnovemients of the 1inger and Possibly
Again, the movements of the wrist,
lbows and arms can scarcely be less
than one movement for each note. As
twenty-four notes were played each
ecoid and each Involves three move
-mients we would have seventyjtwo vol
auntary movements per second.
Again, the place, the force, the time
lind tho duration of each of these move
ImOnts Wore controlled. All these motor
reactions were conditioned upon a
knowledge of the position of each fin
Ver of each hanid before it whs moved,
whilo moving It, as well as of tho au
"Itory effect to force and pit&.h, all of
iwhich involvos equally rapid sensory
.tran smissions.
If we add .to this the work of the
memory in placing the notes in their
Proper position as well as the fact that
the performer at the same time l)artlei
pates Iin the emotion the seectioin de
scribes and feels tihe strength and
weaknesses of the performaneo, we ar
rive at a truly bewildering network of
impulses coursing aloIg at inconceiva
bly rapid rates.
t9uch estimates show, too, that we are
capable of doing many things at once.
The mind Is not a unit, but is composed
of higher and lower centers, tire avail
able fund of attention being distrib
uted among them.-Pearson's Weekly.
Legond nd Reality.
Legend 'tells how Napoleon, while
Moscow was In flames, found tlimo tc
draw up a decree organizing the Thea
tro Francais. Alas, tire story is nlot
true. Napoleon was In Poland whrein
ho received the decree readly to be
signed. le there signed it and sent it
back to Paris, but in tire margin wrote
the following: "To be forwarded when
the army will be at Moscow. It is bis
mnajesty's intention that the deecrec
should bo dated from tUat town."
The strongest iniIds hive gotten their
inspiration direct from Natrc'. Naturo
Is tihe great teacher of mnankindi. Wri
cai look to Natire for all reeds. In
the recent Russo-Japanese war the stir
goons of the .1 Lpaneso rrnavy an(i army
discovered tJhat wounds would heal 1ore
rapidly and with hotter success if loft to
Nature. They washed tho wound with
water winch had been bolled tuid thus
sterilizod- thenr bandaged thre wours
with clean linen-no powferful (rugs or
antiseptics were used in the-in' ir'st aid to
the Injured. Such methods restultei inl
the loss of only 32 out of IS-! me1(1n t Iriai ted
In a naval hospital for tlhlir' woundls. It
Is only from lhick of observing Natre's
lawvs tha t most of uns sufferu at one' tiim
or aniother' from indigesiti, imureii',
blood and a geiinrav ru:n-down svimi.
Our remed~'cy lies in NrI iun,' ha Ibord;rr
de(op) in tire faigraanl. uneds- wher liir o
marry Amieri'ani phanrt. thei roots (If
whlrih whe'n proryai3 i'trate will supi
l realthl-givinig t(ie.L
Alany year is a gi aril phiiani wiho had(
ani I xtenisive( ~I '11 prc itraiog th li'arillIc itd
miethrods oIf Iris con fr''rrs iin medhiine--ho
wvent str'aighit to Natrre fr the~ cumre of
* ~ tose stoimach dlisorders whlh r'esrulted
so often ini an antuermic condlition. ori lim
lplu bloodi~, k<ss of apperItit(', jmlt tor(
imply skin, feeling of lassitudilt and
weailkneCss. llo i'imnd~ that th le bar'k oif
thre Black Chrerry-tar'(', the~ r'ootl (of thIei
Mandr'ake, Stone root. Orneen's root.,
Bloodr'oot anad (Golden i'l r'ooit., mudo
Into a scienrti lie, noin-arle'(dbdolle i'ta ct, by
thre use of giveeiine, madt~e ire bes't alt trai
tive ad tonnle. Tire r'efr'esin rg initu'nice
of tIs cx trac t is at once'( ai111 n'iren ini ther
recvredl str'enrgthl of the'11 ptient-t ho
vital fires of tire bordy hmu'rn br'ighrte''r and
their inc(r'eaised activ'ity ('onisumes tire
tissue 'rubbish wul hr other'awise'ii may
p)okii tire systemr. T.ihis altet'i ve' and
tonie extract hars been'1 found to sta nd
ailine as a safe, iinvigon'rarng tonic, as it
dloes nodt d'penad onii al'ohroi fori at fialso
stirn tatioin, bumt is atire.'s ouen melht~o(L
of stirngthinlg anid cle'larsiin the( sys
tonm. It tlnehs try tire stomna' iad theo
blood inr Natrr'e's own wayv. It is wueil
knrownr all over tire world as 1)r'. l'lere''s
G oldenl Medicl I )iscoryIli',. 'i'w name1(
was giveni tol tis v'ege'tale compoundlrii
becaus (one oIf thie hnipjr'tarnt, ingri'(ien(t s
wars (Golden SeialIr'ot. * * Such anr
authority ars IDr. UItbertsli' I Iahliw, (if
.tleier'son NI tdicalr College, sirys "ve'ryu misc
ful ars a stomiacih'c t nite. ('ur es en'irrh
oif thre stomach tind heada~luchets aic'omi
pan yin g t hr smirl." I )r. (arover! Cot', In
hris book O nrahn ie d iire's, spe' ag otf
Golden SHea l ot, say:' that "as ina livr
iinvigor'ator it has~ few' I lynol." Fur it her
hie Says', "in, chrie'i( Iainaaion rof lthe
all aigenats oIf ciire. As ai t('ie( in tire
convarles'liing St ages 'f f('v('' r' inr'oia
dysoiit.Iry anld othe ai''icuto disreast's 11 y
* drastis (Gioldn Seal root) is pecuiliari' l
D r*C o c o t n u s "'W e w o u ld h ie r'
add that Ciour experincue hazs deniiOs
straited tire lydrasitis or( (oldeni SIeal (root
to hoe a valuiablenrm'dy ini brr'hritis,
laryngitis, anid other anffect(ions of tire
respiratory organs."
(Of ser'vice in chlronmie catrrnh oif the
stomach and bowels folloh n .- soo
alcohol, a tonic after mirii al t''
a~rs a distinct, anti-mnalarhut intlui'i''
( ood in all catrrhal 'oindij~~iu
* uterine catar-r, l(eOrr'hren, ete. Is
curativo agent ini c'hronrc (1~1-i4a
-hobart A. lare, Al. I)., Tnirit
of Ponnsylvania. est
Prof. John Mi. Scurdder i Splciie Mued
ceation says: " it stinmulates the diges..
~ivo processes, and. in(re-ases the.irsshnmi
tion of foed. BIy these menls thre blood(
is omriched, and this blood feeds the
muscular system. I maention the nmus:
ulart system because I believe it tirst
lIa the increas~ed Ipower hnprrted by
stimulation of inacreasedh nuitrition,.
he consequenit iimpriovemen'it (in thne
nervours and glandular iystemns are
natural results.
In relation to Its general effects on
tbe Bvatem. there Is 'no mecdfclne In 2Eut
abord to~ieotheore '18 tutch f1(mcr'ol iunan'
~n~oopfafon. It is irnarflly r
gi-l as the tonIc useful ian all (de
After many years of study and( lablo
iMtywork Dr. .R. 'V. PIerce produced
gioet happy combInatIon of this
Seolltrgal root with other oflicacious
t4~fnaing anid incr'easing' in cura
uowr hese native pilanrts from our
f~n~'oai1rests by the addition of chemi
puiro'giycoine, of proper strongthm,
is far, ter than alcohrol, both
0Xt et l ~~esorving'the 18d1
-ine1 it~I~ikf~ n mediciine to sub
4tu y&' by cleansIng theQ
W-~qi o~ ~b th of abnormal
*s~ei *fs ntn'oure of dyspepsia,
s~o~m ,nd ft~4ftai trourbIcs. '
'~Fh~ $'$O1~))o~ onse Mcdical
Aa~iqe.' g~ oe, n rccoipt
S lt
0 secure thi
Apply at least '5oo pou
3% per cent. nitrogen,
phosphoric acid, and 9
POTASH. is a most im
culture. Our practical
yours for the asking
of any sort, and a va
information in them.
S - Address. GORMA
New York-93 Nassau Street, or
The Modern Way and the Crude
Mnihods of IHarly Daym.
The sugar season opens a busy in
dustry.in Ntine, New *IianilptiIre iud
Vermont. iuckets are loade( on to
the ox sleds, boxes of splies and axes,
1u(1 akway to the sugar orchard I
Sugar iaking nowaditys is a selence.
Only Ii the extreine rural sections still
remaii the woodeu biuckets and ceudar
splles, but there Is still a sugar
warmth, a bursting of healthy Joy tha't
breaks forti just as the swelling buds
on the i11ples.
No longer are there the crudle mieth
od~s of an open fire, of the kettles
strung on green forketd poles. Pos
sibly sugar iaking has lost sone of
Its genuIle savor li the modern evapo
rators, but the prodluet--andl its com
merelal feature Is of till iliportalice
froii hits of bark un1I other foreign
lut1portillt chngs in the sugar in
dlstry have l'ssen edlthe work 01 the
faritner. In tIte ear1 413hlys wootIon
buiceot and luualnui11.de endarll Splios
-were used. 'lha.t inaide bothelr In the
orchlri, fol' the bucket had1(i to I
placedl onl the grounnld, and~ the spile
voulld not h11 f,11r :ainae it else the -winld
Woulb blow the sill) to onle sh1e anel
thusl, waste It.
As the snow Iltlled the spiles 11111 to
be drawn, nwW hoh2's 1,1141e1v the grould
, inade aind the bucet rephaced.
Nowadays the splIes arve of' intal: "nd
thle pakil are hung on them. The1 evap
orator Is it sanmple (of the rap11id strid,1s
In, sugar mainiig faciltis. Lie inod
ern orclhllrd hais :111 or gal van ized piIs
and1( 11n41a1 spiles.
()cnlIoljaily ia tree ru1ins nt biuket
full every fair day d1u1rling the season,
an average of teI Ilziarts, a1lthouighi the
general run Is about half' that 1111lont,
unless the weanther holds so tini treesl
run durling thev nlyhl.
G"ood, hlones.t Fsirup1 weighs1. vlevenl
poluills to ite glillol, 11110 It takes at
har11'rel of thirty-two gallonis of sap to
111111 o i gallon of' 81rl).
Fi~rst lN4wd iiu 1+:uro'pieanu 'ennbeln In
. Horne Asiani lueope. Iperhap~s the Chli
niose, dIiseovered 1n111any''1 ceturiesl a1go
thait a1 kindI of ironi (1re 1possessed a very
netie ore, or', In more1'( (common10 1lan
guagolg, lodestone, and11 it Is v'ery widely
distr'ibulted, (espee(lly3 in the older
a lIt of l(estonei wier'e placed( in wa1te~r
upon01 ai 11011' of cor1k or 8tralw b~ridt It
81u1110d ai inorth and1 suth position01. A
Iheienone101 of nin1gneltis had1 1 been110
discover'ed by3 1means1 of. an11r tl' Ihat is
peculiarly sisceputible' to inutgne4tte in
It 1is 211 open'1 qutestion whethler the
ChIinese uti1lized't the <llret'utr po'lwer of'
te 10od0stonle, bu11t it is cei'tini that1 till
first r'lleIt co(in11ass5 was1 not used onl
Euiropen vetssels 1before thel. t welf'th
century13 ol 0121 (ral. Iiy' tha t timle tilt
fr'on or steel need'ilie were st rokedl on1 a
With tIls appulnne~oe iihIted at till
v'enturle 'een out (If !lghltut of land. A
n1ew~ 1221 ets was1'2! gradualy1113 give to11(
cartography, f'or now11 the Itue dire:'
i101n8 of till (:oast lies m1Iiht he' lihart
was the h1appy13 fo1rittne of' Italitn 14all
or'a to inazke tilt surllprIsinlgly excel lent
surve1'1ys ofI thel dlr!ctionis and1( len1gths of
tile l fuek seal and1( MedItit'rraneanl
(cons(8lto and. iang till Ath1in1tIc to British
water('Is(11. 1hat hve' ('oine do1wnI to 11s in
tihl'so ('1n l'ed I 'oi'tulan1 iaps.-C yruis C.
dams11 in I[Irpe'".
TI'lkinug to) a phyi3selein ablout twinls ]
Iikeness th1ey3 sometime h1ear' 11 o on) 011
nno1)tir, 1he gve an' 112n1terestinug 1f10t r'e
garitnlg th111m. ''You (nilni alay d'(15
IIlngulih onle from2) thle othier,'' said1 h1,
for till ('hil'1'r lvrly has )3'111 the broader' k
face. Not- 0 t0IwinlS iherealfter', and1( you1 b
'nn1 811'yW wi c'ritiainty' that the mir11
rowe'(r 11aced 12n1e is tilt youniger~ of' the
twvo. I have Vt' l thr iyfsyt 12113 0'81' &
born1, bult 1 211n 1of1 the opl1iion thalt tilt b)
(:oupe1 2are 11nor1 fretjllent ly girl's o1' gIl fIl
and1( boy3 thanii b'oys. T1win br1oth~ers aire (,
few and11 far1 btw1een."i o
A llu1bnd~'s Retort. K
suIt of clothesR TileOljedf'r'l285
to theo materianl and( til ~f1n~ of' 1 s11
lug, andit thel wife lost heor temp~er.
"Oh, wcll," shie sa11d, turnIng fta,
lenllOi yours1elf. I 8tluppll CO 11
Iy, "I dIdn't suIposo youl'd1 w1ant to
\vear thle cont and1( waldeon0t"--Evry
body's Magazi.ne. ey
Mlntake'n Ideaf..
"It my~f be lalid dlown 11s a hbroad1
i'pro(olo,"'Sf aid tile pr1ofe'sor of po.
liItleal1 economy, "thailt you can not get
somletin~g for nothlIng."
"1 0once got 111e mlel~sk for Ilothling,
p~rofessor'," interrupllted tile young 1man1
with the wicked eye,--Chienago ribunel
gest crops of corn,
be- used liberally.
nds to th.e acrc-with
8 per cnt. available
per cent. POTASH,
portant factor in corn
books for farmers are
no cost or obligation
st fund of invaluable
Atlanta, Ua.-223 So. Broad Street.
Do you like your thin, rough,
short hair? Of Course you
don't. Do you like thick,
heavy, sImiooth hair? Of]
Course you do. 'Then wh' y
not be oleased? A yer's lair
Vi!r mankes beatutiftl heads
oi hailr, that's (he whole
sf ;r;. Sold for 60 years.
- 1:i A r's Halir vIvor for a lotig
tit. 14 i - 'e41 . :I w% nielri fill 111v toite,
- '11 1') he hatir mtaid sa41p, a ld. at
h 'a4-ti..4. ;.vit:e: 4(1sp 'iInd ch'ni m-.'' -4
.7. V. A - a Ci ' .
I'n 34 AH I fol .44~I~4
Insurance Value
of Your Eyes
The Accident Insuince Poliey that
yields $5,000 in ense of deathIi provides
an1 indenity of $2,500 for tho loss of
both eyes, This mveains that a man is;
practioi'dly hlf dead.
Guar11d .your eyes. with due caro A
Ltig w'orth doing at all isi suirely wiorth
being done wvell and( th is applies paIrtien
lar1ly to youri eye3.
V[G H I' $PECT A LISTr will visit Pick
21 st, 5stopp)ing at Dri. Eairle's J1)rng
D)r. Newt on will ma:iko 1no (hbarge for
conlsulftoino 01 xam211it 4:io ian his~
A few of 1 )r. Newloin)' prominent re-*
i. W. W. Lathamu, Mrs. M. 0. Wii.
inamn. Misis la hKay, Mrs1'. A. J. Reevesa,
Mr eo. (Gtritlin, Mrs. J1. N. Jamneson,
IF. TaPiyior, Mr's. WV. A. MeKinmney.
\1Ir. M. F. Hester, Mr. and MrIis H. WV.
enley, Mrs. J. J1. Lowis, Mr. JI. F.
ICjaiiel~i, M'lr. .J. P. Attowa'y and Mr.
(G0(. A, Shiermanii, isb~on Red Mills,
awrenIco Co., IN. VI., writ(es: '"I had(
idnoy disease for mniy year's and had
Doni trecatedl by phys'icians for tivelve
1ar5; had1( takoni a well kniown k idnely
odicino and otheri romiiedlies that woro10
commenl~ided but got 110 roilf until I
'gn uing Foley's Kiduoy Ciure. Thei ,2
st hazlf bottle reiioved me anud four bot- n
SJis hve cured1 mfO of thlis terrible dlis.- h
so. Before I began taking Poloy's
idiney Cnroi' I had1( to mako1( waterI abont g
ory fifteen mitets, (day and( night, I
1(d pssed al bick-dust substanee, andt "
m1otimo a i slimy sutbstance. I bl~ieo '
would havo died if I had not taken I
oley's Kidney Cur'o." Pickents Drug.
n. and R. 1F. Smith, Easly, a
Will let to the lowest resplons5'lo hid.
or the remlovinig of Cox nnd Farra
ridge to thei now site aut. LiiFrr Mill, on1"
uily 5, 11100, betwoen i 11 and 12 o'chock'
tSuper1visor (Greonvilo Co.
(1. M. LYNCH, a
Jt01, Super'visor P'ickon-s 00o a
- 01
- A. K. Park, Greenville,
S. C.-Dry Goods, No
-tions and Shoes
# Wo are now showing the laigest and
most fylish, Ip to (Into stock of new
Spring (loods that we have over shown.
Timo and money was spent inl solet-.
ing this stock, and we do not hnitaio to
state thalt uN will give the best values
koI the Samo n110110) that can ho had ainy
whero. When you trade at Park's utoro,
you pvotect your pooket-book. That is
why our customers stiok to us. We
pledge you the hest of store service, and 0
our goods must be what we any they are
or your money given back. Our show
ing of wool dress goods is fino-Oreys 0
are very popular also Silks, Mohairsi, 0
Cashimers and Serges-from cheap to 0
fine goods. Our Black goods are al
ways full we dare not let them run down.
Our White goods, and printed lawns
are so completo that We cannot tell of
them. Our priecs on those goods from
5 cents to 50 oonits. Our shirt find un
derwoar department is full of the best
values we ever h'ad,
0 Ladies vests, 5, 10. 15 and 25 conts.
0 Men's vests, 25 & 50 cts, can't be beat.
Sec our Alon's 50 ota shirts and you
will buy.
Mon and Ladies Oxfords to suit your
0 BSalesnimon, Mr. Thomas Ligon and Mr.
eInry McKintey.
0A. K. ParE nW -k .'
West End, Greenville, S.*C.
I have a good lino of
Among them aro the recommendable old style Seth Thomas
Clocks with weights, which I am selling at special bargains.
And a new line of SILVERWARE. Also solid Gold and
Silver WATCIIES. A nice lino of Spletacles; I guarantee
glassos to fit eyce. All kinds of iepair work in the jewelry line.
It. SNIDER, - - Easley, S. C.
A Square Deal
Is aswured you when yoa buy on'of Dr.
bierce's family medicnes-for ll te I
gredsnts enterig Into then ire srinted
Foroil tl bottle-4rrapprs yes their forSmTE Rt
c- ire dttostel under ofthfa P E E HO Rig cofoplrte
i and correct. YoP o know st what you ara
paying for and that the Inigredienits aro
gathered fromrNature's Ihrr-tetry einag
selected from th most Vfolo littivg
iedicial roots fom growtig iorr
American forests und whele potent to auro
are perfectly haroless even to the most
WHEN YOU SHOOT Schildren. No a drop
10tcoo iser ponibl toei obtai reliefron
You wnt to nIfI whnt you are nidinA il A p ich betyw agent Is used W1 for x
-m o It bird, bst or tirgst M tko your tr cting nod preservig th micina
shots count by shooting ilia ST.VENS. Priple8 used in thene, niableso triple
For 41 yct rs SEVENS ARNIS have refinedl This agent possesses
carried off PREMIER HONORSoriAC. intrinsic iedicinal propertivs of Its own,
CURACY. Our line: boing he most valtmhelo nitti-seitti 1111d anti
aerment, nutritive an, sooting inul
wh fyus, Makes, stoh cwe t.
___stheboil__rincondition__todo thcr pasa Iprat atI
wor un)et r-,eman of it-ivesas yon Iire' odnMeia )scvr i
seieato diget~. ivo ior, andt cputsndgsin,(yit~~i n
yo inn shapo t doyu bestoro and feelatedd r iins
/'ess/rcP.,d, ' en m zetntshart-urn, youl w h yo ted ongeD.
Beauifu thre-clor lununamluner wll erets ofamihy stmealc.ines-for ll thin
bc frwadedfor o cntsto tmpgBrdes entring int them a.dresringe
i. Seve&Arm & ool on, [ilonWthe bthle-wrappler aedil he frul
aried for th ~as. igo oplt
P. O Dox 4096paytlin s for atht it ngelientof are
gtastt ed or o N tres~ laorator, beng
CHIOOP~ FALS, MAS., U BA oricanvi forts an wiln pten tohere
aes iefet lly hles o s everto thenot
edol'Ifatse me at'-n-d iht. Nt aitiop
(ly~ fl~c Ct'of "-coo ftors ino thteirl comosit on.a
lireiA ihiti itbettgrnagent)is usei'botJhlfortexb
rleafiet glyei.This agen' t pss eses
8oite o th i~'sLht~)Oi 55CfiWU f l n Itrnsic meiinal'[Ii prorotis of Its owni'
sitndig hve ieledto t t eabls o e in ost vzalb' antr-si Li an ort
you to (ormentInlieifodvyoundatoandiog-dcmues
Dr. P ioro's t tiI t Gohie eicl)isCcoery i-n
it p I lie ethicienethe onro ofidigestiveonis Ait~ titftf~t~l~ttt( s ps.tiae ndi
'i'i to ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ wa stomachi t olrsleei i ici~t lent I a tddos isingsvt
hd etr n ho e brat,s cated htngnei
ill s iatletltt keps m pyourviloi r appedit t ttnawig feiimi ngts in t om
ly.Ii alLii1)1(1sI elgi i. .Ktdoldiest ahi , io ustli tess(tW and ituae'ire he -
ivltat. ments eft.thetstomachholitvir andihsweet.
.ifeils tiidcu in aoll teaot* ist-rtessing
~~iiIs ie oi et-in ondtio todo It aelents thcue "(mdienu Altoil is i'cvery
isoaksnaciuie or oilidtinil fof he mucoti
nalsaes or) ut of te ii mch, ha -to wesi I
y'tt inshae todo ourbee an fel Lonr plIe Uorgas. venlt ina citb ulet.v
youresitet.iloldield oithin soveriggCorrn
ed if~. its usthanii ie he esvreli, I r It
Catarrh of the Nasal mtaesutis well
co'-~ver or tncsary onstituosuy'
treat~ment, t las th assages freeCo ly
SURVEY Rtwo~ or r msca dha withhair. lage's
Catarrh Remedy. lTtoroug coisi
IAn ctED-hs and ortseness enuse bon
cil~s. troa anForn safiat ions fxceplyn
P. . D No 5 3AmEVS. . onain akednes, the Goldera
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1 keep the best extract on the nal
Get your flavors here for your ice crei
will have'no cause for complaint.
Luziannee coffee, already ground,
I)c beat at the price, 25c the pound v
Fresh full cream chese-in my ice
good, at 20C the pound. *
Ice cold drinks of all kinds. B
ceries in town. Your patronage sc
Try a sack of Copyright flour-pt
D. F. PA(
This week it is Laundry soap
Cleanliness is next to godliness
Now is a good time when there are
in our City, to find out how reasonab
selling our merchandise and for how
goods now than the advertised prices <
We have still in our always superb
some two and three piece suits which i
ably low prices considering the qualitq
Ten cent cotton has put lots of
Many people have been robbed an
Safe blowers have tried the
and failed to get the money. Delays
an account with them today and your
Interest paid on time deposits.
$i.oo will open an account witi
-Jo W
Job work of every
don ehere with neati
Railroad and C
ILetter and Note Heac
and Statenients, cd
and at reasonabi
Give us a T
Sentinel-Journal Co.
The Land of BIGi
Are you making as much off your farm as y~
making all you can. The trouble is the land coal
money to b)uy a big farm, and so you sire trying te
or perhaps you are renting 0one and paying a gc
rent. Wouldn't it be0 better to go where the pri
you can1 OWn a big farmn.-wherec every acre (of t
and1 all you raiso is paying you good1 profits?
T.hero aro thousands of acrce of fortile land
the Cotton Belt Route that can bo bought for
hand is increasing in value each year.
See the Southwest at
A trip to tho Southawest w"old Convince you
settling there. The trip can b
TO On the first ana third Tuesday
r'ound) trip) ticket to any point iF
* Cotten Belt Route at ve'ry low
Writo at once for free copies
- dorful country and for full info;
L. P. Smith, T. P. A., Cotton Bolt Route, 203
Practical Blacksmith, W
SWoodworkman. Scienti
Bring your horses to me to
I fit the shoe to the foot, not
IAll of our work is Guaranteed. V
ed and c apprecijatedi. Respc
ket and have all flavors.
tms and cakes'and you
-in one pound tins can't
.nd money back if not
box-home raised and
st line of Fancy Gro
'licited and satisfaction
ire and wholesome.
and washing powders.
so many Sales going on
le we have always been
less you can buy our
>f our competitors.
stock, some very hand
ve are selling at remark
Greenville, S. C.
money in the country.
-1 killed for their money.
are dangerous. Open
moncy wili be safe.
-1. C. Shirley, Cashier.
the Liberty Bank.
1ess and dis
om merci al
[s, il1 llHeads
onie neatly
ou onght? No doubt you are
8 too much. It t akes too much
make a l ivintg on a- amal i farm,
od .sharo of what you raisc, in
ec of good land is Ro little that
le grond( is working for you
in S3outhwevst along the line of
fromu $3 to $10 iun acro., This
Small Cost
that your beat itrest lay in
madlo at very lii tlo expenso,
of each month you purchaneo a
the Southwesta on via of the
rates. Stop-overs wvill bo al
icality yeou are in terested in.
of b~ooks describing th11 ia on.
.mition about coat of tiokets.
Equitable Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
heelwright AN
lic horseshoer.
be shod right.
the foot the shoe
LINE . . ,.
our patronage solicit

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