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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickens, S. C., as seond oLass mattkr, under not of Congress of March 8, 18"9.
Oolenoy Items.
The farmers in this section are
up with their work.
Cotton and corn is looking fine.
Misses Lela Crenshaw and Jan.
nie Hendicks have returned home
from Saluda Seminary.
Misa Ida Hendicks has returned
from Asheville, N. 0.
Miss May McClanahan and little
brother visited Mr. M. Hendricks
last week.
Miss Irene and Irma Hendrix
Visited Miss Iuez Keith on Sunday.
Mrs. Nina Heidroks is on the
sick list, Dr. J. M. Crenshaw is
attending her.
What has become of little Snow.
drop? I am afraid something ser
ious has happened to her these hot
Mr. George Elrod has had a mis
fortune of loing two good horses
in less than a month. This is a
great loss to him as he is a young
farmer just started out in life.
Mr. Nat MeJunkin had a good
milk cow to die last wook.
Golenoy school will open on July
16th, with Prof. Boddiford as its
"Scroort GIRT."
Children like Kennedy's Laxative H-Ion
Py and Tar. The pleAsantest and best
cough syrup to take, because it. contains
no opiatos. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
The Piedmont Association.
The Piedmont association will
convene with the First Baptist
church at Easley on Thursday before
the first Sunday in August at 10
o'clock a. in.
The Executive committee has
appointed the Rev. P. C. Crawford
to preach the introductory sermon.
The chairman of the various
committees appointed to report at
this association will please come
propaired to make their report.
Laban4Mauldin Mod,
Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar is
the the origiuial laxative cough syrup and
combines the qualities necessary to re
lievo the cough and purge the system of
cold. Containe no opiates. Sold by the
Pickens Drug Co.
"Golden Glow of the Sweet Summer
Standing alone on the bridge
As the shadows ot evening fall,
The golden glow of the uinsot
Just tipin' the hil tops tall.
Softy the sweet summer broezes,
Is whispering t!hie mes.age
of rest,
o tho chate .ring w iy Rong birdlI
Safely hlidden in their nests.
* The low sweeping how of theo
As they dip in the sparkling
Sooth ing their souls with its music,
Anid mak ing lite's trouble a
* ~ On the dlarkening tangle of the
- wildwoods,
Fall a shoan of golden light,
See rising in rogal splendor,
Comes the glorious queen of
- the night.
Tho far away tinkling of the bells,
Th0 whlippoowill 's lonesome cry,
Myrid jewels bestood the dome,
Of the (lark bilno Sum mer~aky.
Loaning on the rustic arm,
Of the battered old1 wooden
-- - . The last glow of daylight is fading,
* On the far off mlountaini ridge.
Silent enrapped yect sadly I turn,
..While nature is falling asleop,
Strengthened anow for life's battles,
Trusting the victory to reap.
II. J. Brown, Plainville, Ga.
"Chlamberlaini's Mtomachi and Liver
Tableta havoi donJo mel a greatt deal of
goo)d," sia (1. 'Towns, of Rant Portage,
Ontario, Canauda. "'Being a mild phy~sie
the after effectL arn not uniipleasant, and
I ellm recoimmondt them to all who suffer
from atoimachl disorder.'' For sale by
Peken9 Drug Co. anid T. N. Huniter
Ujnreinnonal,1a Fredd~y.
Tommy7-Ma, Freddy's crying 'cause
I'mi cating my cake aind won't give him
any. Mother-Is his own cake fliihed?
ToimlyYa, mia; ando he crIed when I
was onting that too.
A Traveler's Tip.
-A guide ia too oftein al mani who tolls
you what you (10 not wanit to know in
a language you oe not unlderstando.
New Orleans TJimes-Demlocrat.
Whore life Is more terrible thman
deathl it is then thle truest valor to dare
;to iive,-Browne.
MILLINERY going for a song.
Ladios and Misses Sailors wh
3 and 4 cents ribbons let. 5 col
Big red
1 lot 25c white corded Madras at 161c. 1
5 close a
Don't forget that we have just reccived
inducements both in prices and terms.
A Too pansillar Snake.
Seeing snaki is a common expert- I will let
mee with the inhabitants of India and [across Rices
me unconnected with any suggestions
if bibulousness. An Eiglish nurse o Saturday
ells of a littlo boy who lived in the
iext bungalow to hers and had hi
)read and milk every day on the The Cal
h'randa sitting in a child's high chair.
3)ne m1orin g, hearing him talking and
frowlig to himself apparently, she was
)aralyzed on looking out to see him o r s
-entIy- tapping the head of a cobra ntry most
wvith Ils spoon1, saying, "Naughty, I
iiaughity!" Thle snake was drinking the
milk out of the bowvl, paying no heed
to the chiild. Ini thait muysteriouls COun
try the sniakes nmay be heLardl rustling.i
alcross tihe verandas and have an un- --
tidy habit of shedding their skins any- -
lie showed the wVay.
On the 16th of August, 1807, Colonel kidneys thei:
Michel Ney, duke of Elchingen, hav- away cell by
Ing received orders to charge, turned Bladder tro
to his mien and shouted to them in a a derangemen
voice of thunder: obtained quic
"My lads, I have an income of 800,- the kidneys.
000) francs, and yen haven't a farthing. ca aeno:
Keep your eye on your colonel as he bladrmR
charges, aind do as he does." Itadevrectei
So sayig, 1he rode off as hard as he ligt coi its
could tear in the dilrectioni of the e- unpleasant ne
miy. The whole reginent followed him go of ten durir
as though electrified, times durIngi
Modern Cannon. realized. It
In modern high velocity cannon the derful cures c
pressure of the gases at the moment Swamp--Ro
of firing generates tremendous heat, by all druggi
it is estimated that this heat runls1 a aze sottls
hligh as 8,000 degrees and even 9,000 this wonderfu.
degrees. The white hot gases eat covery and a
away the steel lining of thle guns in tells all abou
much thle same way as streams of sent free byr
bolling water eat awvay a block of ice. Binghamton,
.-- reading this
A P'ussler. Don't malk
Johnnle-PIa, equine Ia a horse, isn't the name,
it? Fathor-Yes. Johnnie-And co SwamfpRoot
is a kind of an ox, isn't It? Father- N.Y., onieve
Yes, a sort of an ox. Johinnie--Than - ___
vwhat is an equiuos?-Philadelphia Rlee- THE
Polteesslaa coin dlestined to en. LAX ATI
giveit avay.Cures all C
Sure on One Point. assists Il
"Out late last night? What time Colds fron1
(1id tihe eloes say when you got in?" S yste m1
"I don't .eenber what the clock gently movi
said, but I will nlever forget what my thi bowel
wIfe saidi" A certain ci
for croup a
W ANT18iD-500 cordls of dry pin', whoopIng-c
wood at once. WVe halve for sale plenty (bneau na3
of( cotton maeed nhe4d and huilis at raoson. US
aiblo prices. Pickons Oil Mill Co,
td T. (C. Robinson, J1r., Mr.
When you wVt pleasiant lantive
hat is ca to take and certain to .et, use *l
haamberlain's Stom:'&, an1 1 L've'r :ab
eota. For sal- by Piekens Da-ug Co. and
P. N. Hunter Liberty. . "'DO
U -b. ,ill The O 'n S98Ald U
Slaughter Sale
We are closing one of our largest seasons in th
At sold for 25 and 50 eta , at 15utm. Ready-to-weor B
Iteady-to wear hats whi
Big Valu
it ribbon 2j cents. 8j to 10 cent ribbon 5 coats.
It you want some extra Ribbons
uction on white dress goods
lot embroidered Mull, the 40,- quality, to closo out at 25c.
38c. 2 piece Pong ui Net, pink and tan only, to close
L adies Belts c
$1.25 belts at 50c. 50c and- 75c
iolid car-load of Rock Hill Buggies, Studebakor Wagons, SI
Bridqe Notice.
the building of a brie go There are Pi
' Creek, near A rail I lace
, July 14th, at 11 a. m. at
J. P. Smith, Co. Com.
Fo r -a
use of Many set
Sudden Deaths, featurc
disease prvailing in thi' is "'hat
dangerous because so decep
2 r tivc. Man'y suddet
dcaths are caused by
-'pncumonia, hernr
failure or apoplexy : r l,
are often the result rn
Eof kidney disease. li odwrk oI
kidney trouble is al- N ) A T
lowed to advance tho
kidney - p ois on ed d ---
blood will attack thsle c. 3ic
, vital organs or thes
elves break down and waste Peiet
is wegrahadty lvr n
passng t, nd vercmestha ~atrons
cesht o bin cmplld of my god ork Io S
he niht. TeNmidDandtheL
Sthes most adwstresu cases.
~t ofplan toe kade and scueld
it, bot a popeame n of -wn -not
fn you ofare feingti badpyryo
misankemistakengu Dreimeber PIK N
and the gratdess, Biveratnd A H E '
iaiiy ohl O uINAL and scald- t kep i
cessity of beingoutoofeoredwto
he night.o Teelmilddandrthe
EcOUG SwYpR UPl soon
oands ane highest for its.thOkwon-y
fthe most distressing cases.tSO5S
>t is pleasant towtakeband sold
sote bottle ofS 1AVYCCH
book that ii coantc.~w
-:-a botte or Centuin
J. F. Boanser Sabet. A.
rJ. M.. OStewart.,. A
naPic.kddens Drugime Co.
N. Y.OWe wriWantyougmoutachorn
'neou ofe in thi papler . aeu rw rrc lc
f Seasonable Goods,
is deparment and we are going to clean up the remnar
ate what sold at 75o to $1.00, at tP. Ready-to-wear hats
t sold at $1.50 to $2.00, at $1.00
as in Ribbons.
15 to 25 cent ribbon 10 cents. 25 to 40 cents ribbons at 1
or an extra Hat, you can buy it for a song.
just the thing you want these
3 piee Linen Z-pherio, green, tan, 20a q-ality, to close at 12ic
At 37.c. 2000 yards figured Lawns 6 and 81 valnes, will go ft
t Your Own Price.
bolts at 35c. 25c and 35c belts only 15c.
ar Loader Steves, Dise Harrows anti Chattanooga Reversible Di
id PhotographsB
photograph that is true in every Serge
ust as the camera sees you, every
sharp and clear, every detail shown 1 12,
I gi ve. $00 am
the beet material that is used will
.i in my wvork. My m~any satisfied 11F BuintERoi
their repeated orders, is an alttest your fancy fe
alming and enlarging. Suitour os
( )1. EAsL~EY. S. C. wEaEntb.
I. M MaudinNothing is
1. M Maudingood Serge.
Cashier. *hap reti~Si
SOUTH CAROLINA. Suits are nit
-optn your eye
- - - - $20,500.00 sileilitica of go
-- - - 18,ooo.oo Altogethrer I
- - - - 140,000.00 From fl
erest Paid On Deposits .:
Mlrectors snl n
H agoodi, W. M. Hagood, Sone andfl
J. E. Boggs, J. McD). Bruce- a splendid sh
H-. 4'. Richey, J. P. Carey, sleds and iFi
- ------ - - --------and look.
120 Soul
70 acres o0
on Puimpkmti
120 acres
joining land~s
Watson old 3
ENDED:BY PICKENS DRUG CO, Also small tracts of
'IJ Sugar-coated, es~ to take, Whaalo themoa
mild in action. They cureaogthca
constIpation, bI1iousness,
Ssick-headache. i:-.1,.11*A
what sold $1.00 to $1.50, at 75o
5 cents. 50 cents ribban 25 ednts
hot lays.
1 lat Pongoe Silk, small figures, sold for
r Go the yard.
so Plows, and we are in a position to offer you
, $18
. 1X).:
I Up.
e Iaut hit s '~
r a Spingi
t' "outLoss
thing you~~**\~ ~~
better than
-8t$li8h and'
ig. We wvar
it color and
he way the
ide up will
B to ibe p~os.
rid tailoring. Ioy~he
eo*SenLOSS E S .&C
ont Kind. Balimore and New Yorik
lonble.breasted in foun dlistinct miodels, overy
I style. Our Spring shipmeont justi in, Also
:>wing of greys and mnixtures in Sor'ge, \Vor
noy Goods. Every thing for spring Comro
~H. Endel Geenville
landnear Marietta, 8. (i.,
own road. *10 por acres.
near Travelers Rest,
of Mr. Thos. Cunininghatm. Patrt of the Butler
ome. $15 per acro.
land1, 20 to 50 acres.
very desirdble lots near city limits. Theso 14 ts nro
-line-$630 each.
Greenville, Ss C.

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