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Tho Sontinol-Journal Ogmpany.
TnoMmroN & Ronir. Pnois.
Subscription $1.00 Per Annum.
Advertising Rates Reasonable. t
Entored at Pickons PoStoffiCe as Second Clasi
Mail Matter
No town in the county has today
more or better opportunities for ad.
vancement than Pickens.
Whether or not these opportunities
will be taken advantage of depends
largely upon the citizens and business
men of the town.
Pickens has interests which must bo
stimulated and which must be taken
care of if it is to realize the advantages
which it is capable of securing.
Wide-awake business men ovory.
where are working to make their
towns important factois in the world
of trada and commerce. Sonoof the
towns have but little to offer, but they
make the most of what they haye.
Pickens has much to offer and much
should be made of this condition We
need co-operation of interests all the
time. We should have loss of soliih
ness and less greed. We should have
more of the spirit which builds up
and works for tho good of all.
T1vorv stroko that is made for the.
Our splenolu ppt.L...
not be neglected because of 9 lack of
a spirit of enterprises and co-opera
tion. The opportunities are here.
Will we make the most of thems?
The faster a man lives the quicker
he will occupy ground-floor space in
a cometery.
A man doubles his evils by brood.
ing upon them.
Look on the bright side of every
--D. EIS. HendrIicks, the( miller, hmas.
gotten back his mill rolls, and is pre
paredl to accoimodaito his customieri
who h~ave grain to grinid.
-Dr.' R. G. Killingsworth, dentist
of Columbia, S. C., will be in l'ickens
the remamnder of the week. lHe is
prepared to do all sorts of dental
work, with the painless extraction
feature added. He w'ill do work at
your homes if wanted.
Notes From Liberty.
Tile wheat has been all threshed in
this section with good yields. Some
yielded twelve bushels flown.
Frumt of all description are rather
inferior and grapes have already bc.
gun to rot.
A gravel roof is being put on the
store of Skelton & Smith, which will
soon be completed.
S, C. Stewart, of Tennesece, is v'is.
iting his father, S. D. Stewart.
0. F. lioggs, who has boen with
the Beverly Granite Co. several years,
will run the Liberty Oil Mill nexi
M, A. Boggs is on the sick list.
J. T.B.
Notice in hereby given thait the
bocks of subscription for the Oapital
Stock of the Farmers. Banuk of Cen
tral, will he open Saturday, July 7th,
1900, at the stor-e of R. G. Gane &
Gassaway Bros., inl the town of cos
tral, S. (., at 1.IOo'clock a. mn.
Corporators: R. G. Gainie, J.
way. 0. R. Doyle.
Dlemocrals to Meet,
Mr. Editor:
I wish to say t i all con
cerned, that the Democratic 0Oub will
meet at Praters Creek church, July
28th. All voters of that district are
weqiuested to be there, as important
business will be tranisactedi
* W. N._Bolding.
Now Is the time to buy (Chamberlain's
Cholfo,. Cholera Diarrhoea Remeldy. It,
Is certamin to be needed sooner or hat -r
~p hen that timo conmes you will need
4tbadly--ou will need it quickly. Puy
W, t tay save life. Fer sle by
nk Drng Cn. and T. N. mlut.
I B'n %-o'iI
2 i RIOR
of Inqe , 1---em rueu
In a oit 10 Cltb Reg&ardeqd'Nih -a a
Profitable Investmient.
A good many country visitors are
ilsatppointed when they learn the sober
ruth that New York has no clubs comi
osed exclusively of millionaires. It
a harder still to make country folk
jelleve that hundreds of men join the
oeale6 swell clbs in largo part from
motives of- eConomy.
There are scat-cely three clubs in the
city that do not include a considerable
number of poor men in their member
ship. The average income of the whole
niembership of the ten best known
clubs in the city is probably nearer
$10,000 a year than $50,000 a year, and
almost every one of these clubs in
cludes some scores of men with incomes
well below $10,000 and a good many
,with incomes well below $5,000.
There is a real democracy of New
York club life. Youths in their early
twenties and just beginning their ca
reers on very moderate salaries fro
quent truly palatial clubhouses, break
fast in rooms such as few princes ever
use and lounge before fireplaces that
are to be matched only in the most
splendid buildings of Europe.
The poor man's credit at the club Is
as good as the rich man's, and both are
Impartially posted when they neglect
to pay their bills in good s:ason. There
are a good ninny istances also in
vilieh the itionthly bills of the poor
man are higher than those of his rich
fellow nieiber, for the frequenters of
clubs are apt, to he the poorer rather
thai the rticher members.
Many a man of small means regards
his metinbership in a first rate club ii
the light of a prolitable in vest ment.
Suchi a man, if a comifirimied bachelor.
lits probably lived for twenty years
within half' ia block of the cllub, paying
a few hunilreis a year for a smitall
bedroomi and fmiding all his luxuries In
tle IIpartieins of the c!lubhouse.
Without being inl tihe least ileanl lid
llitkos of teit (l1ii) it IlloUy Having In
st iltioni for hiiself. Its comfortable
lotmginig rooms save him annually
f-om $:o0 to $1,000 a year in rent, ac
cording to the locatvin in which ho has
Ais iodest lodgings. After that lie
-aives a fair percentage on every thlig
ie it ts aid drinks at the club.
Ills simplo breakfast costs him per
mips 10 per cent less than it would cost
at any' restaurant he would be likely
to frequent, and the same L, true of his
dinners. If lie takes three-fourths of
his meals at the club he saves annually
about $100 in tips.
If ho driliks wine at dinner lie saves
from 10 to 25 per cent upon every bot
tio. if lie permits himself the luxury
of a cab he saves a handsome per
centage by ordering It through the club
mid avolds till possibility of a row
with the cabby over the airiount of the
faro. Maniy a ian Writes all his let
ters (if a social claracter and some of
it business character at the club, and
thus sives froii $15 to $40 a year in
Slit t lonery.
lie niedt buy13 no books, nor needI ho
subsicsrib~e to ai lirary, for~ there is the
elumb library free' for his use, Hie never
need buy a periodical or oven a news
Impler saive when lie travels, for all
thant he reads are freely supplied by
lhe club. And the enjoyment of all
these things imploses upon hinm no con
sidertablo expendIture for extravagant
luxuries. IHe is sure, especially in the
coliege clubs, to find plenty of meon
withl like modest incomes andI simnple
ttastes as bhInself, and lie may sit for
hiours wIth er-onies over the caife table
without spemnding money that lie can
not afifotd and without giving offense
to tihl servants of the house committee.
M ost clubi members lprdbaly do not
keel) at diebt and( credlit cecounit with
the club. but the mn of modest meains
ttndt mtodera'te bY iiits would find( the ex
aiuit ilon of such an account a matter
ofC greait sat isfac t ion. Suclh a man,
ipayimng $250 as an entrance fee and $75
a year ini dues, is likely to find himself
at tie end of twenty years a long way
aheadmii of thei game. Thie club in twen
ty yeairs hias cost himii rather 1less thian
$2.000 for enitranee fees, dues and con
tribultionis to till ('hrimais. , and ltt
his savings by reason of the club have'
bueen froti $10,000 to $1(,000.-Now
York Sun.
A Siater'. Love.
A iloston clergy-iiani whose wvork
takes himui among the poor of that town
te'lls a Pretty story of sister-ly love ex
1stinug amnong the humble and unafortu
nate. QO dlay a p~ale and ragged girl
of about toin years was seen goig
along the street cartylng on her hack
her crippled brothier, nearly as old1 as
she. A stranger stopupedi her b~y satyinig
that she was overexertitng herself. "lHe
is too heavy for you to carry," lhe said.
Th'le chtildi of the ghetto looked up.) at
filn r-eproachftully', sayitng: "Hle ain't
heavy, lie ls my brother."
TIhe active p)rlicile of caipsieumn, or
red pepiper, is a volatile oil known as
capsicine. It Is so exceedlingly acrid
that a quarter of a grain exposed to
the air In a room wvill diffuse itself
throughiout the apartment and cause
tll presenit to cough and sneoze as
thlough the pepper had been taken Into
the mocuthI or nostrils.
Worth Knowig.
"Sensible looking girl across the
"Yes. LIke to know her?".
"No, thiank you. Handsome hnt she's
"Yes. She made it herlf."
"E~h iintroduce mue, please."-Oove
land Plain Dealer.
Hicks-What do you think of thiat
unlversIty mfaking Dlimley a doctor of
ha wn? Wicks-Oh, well, the universi
tes do very crazy thlngs sometimes.
fleks--Yes, and yet they are always
suipposedl to be in possession of their
fauties. -- Catholic Standard and
Mother (angrily)-The, brnte! Tin has
dared to scold you? Newly Marre
Daughter (sobblng)-Not so bad as all
that, mamma. I scolded him from the
hiouso five minutes ago, and the unfeel
ing brute hasn't come back yet!
rhey Prise Their Wenvonn and Would *
Rather Fight Than Eat.
An inordinate military conceit is a
dominant quality of the Moro. To him
there is but one ineasure of defeat-to
wit, annihilation. If beaten, he ex
pects nothing less; if he moots less, he
has saved the day, perhaps won a vic
tory. They are all of one profession
arms. As children their first toys are
wooden arms, their first instruction the
play of the sword and the spear. What
over else as men they may be-priest,
farmer, robber, pirate, merchant, law
yer-they are always, first, soldiers.
For a young man to-loso his ereeso
means to lose his right to marry, and
It is tho desire of all to dio creese in
hand. In fear of loss they sloop on
theso precious arms or with them tied
to the body. For the same reason their
cannon are kept lashed to timbers in
their houses.
Firearms, indeed, are their main dan
ger with civilized people. If they see
the opportunity thereby to sccuro such
arms, Moros can never realt the temp
tation to rob and murder, To got them
they will risk all, lose all and never
whimper. To them without the best
arms death were preferable.-Major R.
L. Ballard in Metropolitan.
The Inns of Old E9ngland.
Efforts were continually being made
in England to keep down the number
of Inns. In the reign of Edward I.
there were only three in the whole of
London. Even in 3552 no more than
forty wero legally permitted in the me
tropolis, now spreading out Its bound
arles on every nide. York might have
eight, Norwich, Exeter and Cambridge
four, BIristol six and Oxford three.
Theso regulations must have been set
at naught in a very wholesale manner,
for half a century later there were 400
"houses of call" in that )nrt of London
known as the City and no fewer than
twenty-four clustered round Covent
Garden. In medineval Oxford it was
ruled that no "victualer" was eligible
for the ollco of mayor, and this term
Included an innkeeper.
The average man does not save to ex
1-eed ten per cent of his earnings. He
must npond nine dollars in living expen
sea for evry dollar saved. That being
Ihe onso he cannot be too caroful about
unnecessary expenses. Very often i fen
cents properly invested, like buying seeds
for his garden, will savo several dollari
ontlay later on. It is the samec in buv
ing Chamberlain's Oolic, Cholera andI
Diarloea Remedy. It. costa but a few
*'ents, and a botti oif it in the house often
saves a doctor bill of several dollars.
Sold by Pickens Daug Co. and T. N.
Ihnnter, Liberty.
What is worth doing is worth doing
Orino Lavativo Fruit Syrup gives per
inanent relief in case of habitual consti
pationz as it stimulates the liver and re
stores the netural action of the boweb
without irritating these organs like pilli
or ordinary oath artics. Does not nau
seate or gripo and is mrnd and plensan1
to take. Remimnbor the name ORIN(
and refuse substitutes. Pickens Drut
Prevontation is better than cure.
Foley's Honey and Tar has curci
many casa of asthma that were consid
ored hiodeless. Mr's. A doll) BiIuesing
701 Wesv Tpird St., Cavenpor-t, Iowi
writes: "A sevel o cold contracted twelv<
years ago wvas neglected until it finall;
grew into asthma. The best medics
skill available could not give me muor<
than tempjorary relief, Foley's Hone,
and1 Tar was recommended and one flsa.
centi bottle entirely cured mc of asthmi
which had been growing on mne fod twelv<
years. If I bad taken it at the startJ
wvould hauve neon saved years of suffer.
mng." Pickens D~rug Co.
Make hay while the sun shines.
Every person shoule know that good1
health is impossible if thme kidney are
doranged. Foley's Kibney Cur w ill cure
kinney and b~ldder disease in every
form, and will build up and strengthen
these, organs so they will peorform theiu
fundtions prod<:rly. No da ngen ot
liright.'s diseaso or diabetes in Foley's
Kidney Cure is taken in time. Pickens~
Diug CJo.
Never put off till tomiorrowv what
you can (do today.
--- - .
Un'derw the noe.
The expression "under the rose," or
subl ro.sa, to Indieate secrecy, origiates
in the Greek mythologieal stor~y that
Cupi gave Ilarpocrates, the god of
silence, a golden rose, dlesirlng him at
thoe samme time unot to betray thme amour
of Venus. Accordilng to another ae.
count, the traitors against the Grceek
states dluring thme invasion of Xerxes
held( theIr mneetinigs in an Athenian ar
bor formed qf rose buishes. At Greek
and IRoman banquets tile guests were
.iilways crowned wvith roses, and a
<ihster of these hung ab~ovo the ban
Queting table waIs a sign that what was
said in that place shouldinot h)e repeat
ed elsewhere. -
TIrm;p tio, it endtl res the tWst o' im.
,We like best to call
a food because it stands so em
phatically for perfect nutrition.
And yet in the matter of restor
ing 'appetite, of giving new
strength to the tissucs, especially y
to the nerves, its action is that '.
of a medicine.
Send for free sample.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, Q?
* 49-&5' Pearl Street, New York.
A. A. Hferen, Fineb, Ark, writos:
'Foley's Honey nnd Tar is the best
>reparatton for coughs, colds and lung
roubie. I know that it has oured con
mumption in the first stages." You never
teird of any one using Foley's Honiey
did Tfar and not being satisfied. For
S I I hi iMMi -
sinilatin hlbeloodandRegla
thig theStomachs andBowela of
Fromoles Digeslion,CieerFu
ness and Rest.Contlains neiltier
OiumMorphine norNineral.
R&A*Y* i.&SMA FM/E
A peeel Remedy for constpa
lion, Sour Stoinach,Diarrhoca
Worms ,Convulsioiis ,Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP
Fac Simile Signaiure oF
In case of stomach and liver froubi
the proper treatment is to stimulate thes
organs without irritating them. Orin
Lnxativo Fruit Syrup aids digestion an<
Htimulates the liver and bowels withou
irritating those organs like pills or ordi
nary cathartics. It does not !Inuseat
or gripe and is mild and pleasant to tak<
For sale b7 Pickens Drug Co., and 1
PF. Smith Ealey.
When fortune smiles she often di
signs the most mi-chief.
AsK Voi4 ALLXSs FOO'T-EAsE, A Pow~nsrn.
It makes walking ensy. Cures Corns, Ituinion
I nigrowing Nails, Swollenl and Sweating feet.A
all Drugg sts and Shoe Stores, 25c. Don't acce1
any iubstitute. Sample FaE. Address,A I en
Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
U. S. soldiors who served in Cub
during the Spanish war know what thi
disease is, and that ordinary remede
have little more effoot than so much wi
ter. Cuban diarrhoea is almost as sever
and dangerous as a mild attack of chol
era. TIhere is ono remedy, howeve
iat can always be depended upon01 a
will be seen by the following eertificat
from Mrs. Minnie Jacobs of Hloustoi
Te'xri: "I bereby certify that Chambei
huin's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoe
Re~medy cured my husband of a sever
aittack of Cuban diarrhoea, which hi
b~roughlt home from ()uba. We hadl sov
oral doctors but did him no( good. On
bottle of this remedy cured him as on
neighbor will testify. I thank God lo
so valuable a medicine." For sale bi
Pickens Drug Co., and 'T. N. Hu~nte
It is a foul tongue that gives forti
These aro three common ailments for
w hich Chamberlain's Pain Balm is esp~ec
inflly valuable. If promptly applied it
wdll save you time, nioney and suflering
when troubled with any one of these ail
mentIs. For sale by Pickens Ding Co.,
and T. N. Hunter Liberty.
Tihe fall of the leaf is a whisper to
The sincerest tribute that can be paid
to superiority is imitation, The manaa
imitations of D)eWit t's Wit ch Ha zel Sa've
that are now beore tihe public prov(o it
theo best, Ask for DeWitt's. Good for
burns, rals, chaffed skin, eczema, tel
ter, cuta. bruiscs, boils and piles. 11 gh-.
ly r'commiiended and reliable. Mold by
Pickens D)rug Co.,
Never egna~i you money before you
have it "*
frequtently results from neglect of clog.
gced bowels iam torpid liver, unt il cor
sti pation becomes chronie. This een
-lition is unknown to those who use Dr.
King's New Life Pimlls: ihe best and
gentlmst regimttors of Sl omach and Bow.
as.* Onaranmteed by Pickens D~rug Cc.
Price 25c,
WValk hswiftly from t(emptation for
it may3 overtalke you.
TIhe sworn statement (of thme mnn
factiurets pro~tcta you from opiaites in
Kinnedy's Laxotive Honey and Tiar--the
cough syrup that drives the cold out of
y-our system. Sold by Pickens Drug
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys and bladder right.
Tho laxatiavo ffeet of Chiaberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets ims so agr. e
able and so natuiral thmat yeou (10 not re'al.
izo it is the e ct of a medicine. For
sale by Pickena Dmumg Co., and T. N.
Hunter, Liberty.
Every msn~ is ariarcliffie of his
own fortune,
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders foar (iirena
need Iby Miodner Gray,a nuzrse hI a 'hildrena
limNew York, urek n iCl 21u honme
cuiro I'everishinoss I Ieadachom, Stomachl Tronble~
Tecethinag Dilsorders, mand lDestroy wo'rms. A
all dru gglst, 2txe. Samplle nnalle-d Fi:.? .\d.
dncs,. Al len S. Olnmted. Eltov. N. v
F or Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
- Use
For Over
Thirty Years
S ''I havo 1.e1n nlilieed wit h kidney and
o bladder trouble for years, pausing gravel
0 or stones with excruciating paiin." a'ays
I A. H. Thurnes, a well known coal opert
tor of Buffio, 0. "I got no relief from
medicine until I henn taking Folvy'p
o Kidney Cre, then the result was sur.
- prisiug. A few doses stried 1he brick
dust-like siiubstancoe and iow I have i o,
pain acrosa my kidneys und :I fe 11 like a
new man111. It. 111 dono ue .I1000 worth
of good." Folcy's Kidney Cure wili
citro overy forim of kidney or bladder
diRease. For salo by Pickons Drug Co.,
and R. F. Smih Eanley.
Winthrop College
Soholarship and Entrance
The examin tion for the award of va
tcnt scholarship in Winthrop College
and for the admission of new stulente
8 will be held at the County Court House
on Friday, July 6th, at 0 a. im. Appli
cants must not be less than fifteen years
0 of age. When scholarships are vacated
after July (1, they will be award ed to
', I hose mnaking the h ighiest atveraige at this
8 examiniation provided( I hoy meet the eon..
o dlitionl governing the awards. Applicants
,for scholarship should write to Presideni
-Johnsonl before theo examlinationl for
a scholarshijp appuca ion101 blanks.
a Schiolarshiips 11 aretort uj100C and free
~. tuit ion. Thel next session will open Sep.
temb er 9th, 1906. For further informia
tioni aind catalogue, address
r Rock Hill S. C.
SuccvesflIly tisedi by .\bItr (;iray, nutrse in
thme (lhlib iens Ilonie in Neow York. Cure I'ver
ts1hnens, Ila lh~h rot stuwh Teting Disorduers, mo10ve
11Ian regtite theI lao nw(Ils nt I )cst rov Worim.
Over tti,I000 te(stimoniiial. Thei' iaever flii. .\t niI
Druggists, . vSaamie yree. Acid es A I Io .
Olmistedl, Io IHoy, N. Y
Thousianids annutially bear wectness to
the < fliciency of Early Risers. These I
pleasant, reliable little pills have long
borne a reputation Seconid to ntone as a
laxative and ca' hartic. They are as sta
1)10 as bread in millions of homes. Pleas
a'it biut effective. Will promnptly relieve
eouitstipation without gripinf. Sold1 by
Piekens Drug Co.,
Blakos Kidnava and Oladder Hight 0
TIhere is n1o need worryinag along min
d1 (omafort becausec of a disordeired dio
gestion. (Get. a bottle of .KODOL~ FORi
D)YSPEP.MA, and see whlait it will (1<
for you. Kod(1l not only dige(sis what +
you 'ai and g i ve that ti red stomlah a- a
needed rst, uat is a eorn el ivo of tl.
g :oatest eilicien'ey'. 1'odeil rel-vos indsl a
Jgession, dlynnl siaa, patulpitition of ili. i
har t, flattuloneia, iad soiur st one chi.
Kodol will miko, you~r .tomachl yoiur~p
.itdailliIt y againi. You will Worrly jasat
a n the Firoperation thint ',our staomaa.)
-worrie4 youd. Worry meansii thle Ions of
ilt tvoido youri 1-est. WXorry is Ioi)
av e t all times. Kodeil will taiki
the worry outt oft yi uri iitomachI. 8oh
by Pickens D)rug Co.,
Caln be pleasedC~ in their
to us. Our stock is larg
Selected with the idea th~
and holds customers. I:
buying your shoes from
you need a pair.
Pride .& I
_____ __GREENVI LI
A. K. Park, 4
S. C.-Dry C
tions. and
We nro now showin
S mlost stylishs, up.to di
0 Spring Goods that, w,
Timo and money wit
ing this stock, Pnido wo
state tht vo will giv
for tlo amo 1ole3 ti
0 where. When you tra,
0 you prolect your pook
whyour cstomers E
plledgo you the bent of
our goods mutist bo whr
or your money given I
ing of wool (Iress goo
# Rro very popular also
# Cashimners and sergev
' fino goods. Our Bill
ways full we dare not It
Our White goods, a
areso co upleto that
them. Our pr:cs on
5 cents to 50 oontu. 0
derwear departmont i
valtes wo ever had.
Ladies vests, 5, 10. 1
0 Men's vests, 25 & 50
See our Meni's 50 c
will buy.
Mons and Ladies Ox
Salesmen, 'Mr. Thon
Ho1.ry McKinney.
West End, Gre
For 1 paifil 1111111 there is nothing J
like DeWilt's Witi Haoal Salve.
There are a host of ituiattions (if Do
Witt's Witchel -S'a'8:tlv on the mar- a
ket-see that you g(4 thiegenine. Ask c
for Dewitt 's. God, too, for ldhurn a
mits, brulises, and eswecially recoiri mend o
Pd for pile. The n1mu E. C. DeWil t e
& Co.. Chiengo, iR en every box. Hol ti
by lickens l Drug. Co.,
Nothing is tronblesomo that we 1
do willitsglv. 4
Child Not Jxi1ecteid to Live from non
Hour to A ontter, but Cured by Chtam- 1
boatln' Colle, Cholera and Diarrhoea
1-1th1, the little danghter of E. N.
Dewcy of Agnewvilk Va., was seriously
i of chol ra infantum l:st summer.
"Wo gave bor l) and did not expect her I
to live from 0110 hoir to another," he il
4ays. 'I llappelnd to think of Chain- -
-erlain's Colic, Ciolra and Diarrhoea
Remedy ond got a bottle of it from the
store. In five hours I naw a change fo 't
the better. We kept on giving it and et
before site had taken the half of one smaIl -
hottle she was well." This remedy is s(old
by Pickens Drug Co. and T. N. Hiu- M,
Ler, Liberty.
Keep on the good side of your wife, t
your stomach and conscience.
:f trouble to contend with, spring fiom th
i torpid liver and blockaded bowels,
nless you awaken them to their prop- a
er action with Dr. Kmng's Now Life fi
Pills; the pleasant and most effective II
mnro for Constipation. TVhey prevent
App~endicitis ansd tone up the asstem.
35o at Pickens Drug Co.
Ill nature suck poison froin the W~
tweetest iloWerd. a
" !*Early Risers
Tbe famous little spil.
You cannot inanlIce a lower animali to "
ate heartily when rnot feeling well. A
ick (dog starves himself, and gets wellh. uI
l'ho stomach one overworked, must
tave rest the samie as your foot or eyes.
irou don't have to slarve to rest yom.
tomnacha, KOD)OL FO1C D)YSPEPSI A tsi
akes up the wvork for your' stomach, di- '
~csts what you eat and gives it a rest.
uts it back in cndition again. You
an't feel good wit h a disordered stomach. ss
'ry Kodo10. Sold L y Pickens Drug Co.,
-University of South Carolina-- p
SenoIniqlsaI' E xs'XA 'rIOs, to
The University of South Carolina -
ffers schtotnrshlips in the Normal De
artimont to twVO young men fronm (ach bhy
munty. Each1 1 cholasrship is worth Nv
40 in) mlioe antd $18, matricuilationi -
L' "terni" foe-..
Examjinatmin wvill be btehli at countI
>at, Friday, July 6th. E~xaminlatim 3i
>r admissiont to the Unsiversi ty' wit
L theub1 1)me timen. Wriutos for' inkl r-O
tation to
Columbin, S. C.
lenro tho ,. le Kiiud Yo: kneo Always Boupp :i 1
shoe's if they come o
e-selected with care. s-"*
it good value makes
you have not been 4
uts, try us next time'i"
Ireenville, *
oods, No
V tIio migest and
to Ptock of iew
have Over Shownl.
H sp1ont, in select
to not hesitato to
3 the best values
it cati 11o h alny
1o at Park's store,
et-book. ThaL. is
tiCk t) us. We
store scrvice, and
t wo say the(y lire
sick. Our show
lH is Ihin--Greys
Bilks, Mlohairs,
-froimo chiealp .to
uk gootin itro al
t tIl(li run down.
lid printed lawns
xe cannot tell of
theso got
uir shirt
I full of
5 and 25
CtLI, can't .
ts shirts and you
rords to suit your
as Ligon and Mr.
enville, S. C.
Mr. J. T. Brrber of irwinvill3, Ga.,
wnys keeps a bottle of Chamborlain's
olio, Oholera atnd Diarrhoca-Remedy
1:nd ready for instant use. Attacks
colic, chtolera morbus antl diarrhoea
mn on so sidtenly that thero is no
mo to huntit a (loetor or go to the storo
r medicine. Mr. Barber says: "I havo
ied (Chair l rlain's Colic, Cholera and
inrrhoea T. metly which is one of the
Lst mic(iituis ] ever saw. I keep a
ottlo of it in my room a I have hatl
'veral attacks of colic and it has proved
> bo the best inctliciio I over 11sed."
ott by Pickens Drtig Co., and T. N,
tinter, Liberty.
AIl announeenit uittler this ltitlI must be
tid for in nl viiee. The fee is V.W. No eard
ill bje iiserett tinless tecolnptii a y i the
love 1n111Oun1tt.
The intly frienuis of W. G. 3lat itlint hereby
111ll te hita a e itlihilte for Sttte Selittor
1 'I'lens 'outstty, sitbJeCt to the Demo
attic priiary election.
3 r. 31. W. liester is hereby anitonet am a
ne(liditte for thle Senata0 froinl Picketts cottinty,
bject to thle aetiott of tie voters in the Deim
rat' plrinittry.
The ini111ty frienttls of Iloi. C. E. Robitolju
SPe('tfully atiioutnee hill its i e'tlidtiate for
e Seintte iroain tihis county, stibject to the a
on of the voters ill the Deinoeratic primary
T'hc ittiy friends of Ilots. 11. J. Johnston re.
!tfully aitnnounce hi its it enidiitnte for State
tuator stloject to the action of the voters 4n
e nentourntie primary election.
lion. C. Ii. Carleuter iH hereby atltlilnectI as
candiblate for reelection as State Seator
Ott) Pickents c'ioty subtj'c't to thie actlti of
.e voters in theo Demnoertie.
We hereby notnlitate Illen. .Inmtes P. Carey as
-atichitte for th li ouse of Rteprcsentast lye
Itn t his counity. h llowling hin to be a 111an1
11I tittedi in l'very way to represenlt the people
feel titit his e'ttlectio Will refleet htoitor tipoli)
r cotlutil'. lie. will aitie tile resu I of the 1'ri
tryv electioni.
l'' ini y frictiti of 1 ijotr
nity 'Treiisurer (If P'itlkent
(. ttetlon oft the vtoters int
'lhe inanuty frienuis of ii. b. .ntai tge pleas.
0 1 ttinounicintg itutll its in (en1ulklate1 for tile
itte of Counity TIreiistiier, subjiect to the restult
1t1e l)cinoenltic priinnry-.
'he frietais of 1). S. SteWttrt nereb~y antiOitee
1t it e'nit ititt Ic or Ollce of CJottlit 'Treasit rtir
-keuts Coitly, subIje'ct to the actin of Diei
rait voters in prhiiary eleit in.
t I the slita tt in of totiy frientis Ihereby
ntttie utnyselfC a entidlhtes for reelectioti to4
3Oilie (if 'Treatsuriero of 0 Pitkens County,
tje('t to the iltlitn of the Voters in theO pri
ry electionm- 11. W. y"It
'e friends of .liine p'ickens Fremat e
ufil ly intun lce htini as a enid idato for the
('0 f i''lr)nslrer of P'Ickens ('otitity, 8tlbject,
hte meiomut f thle Dentaerntic part'y the pri
ty (:icetioni.
i'e1) niny frit'itls of 40:o ElII.N1 Il,ER htere.
tliintounce ut hints a ('il'Ialat cfor theo Oilie
soper v.isor of ikenis Coutity, sublject to the
lo.1 of the voters ilt th lenltioeriitlc p rhualry
ethi tou Ithe t'illce of Sitpjetvisor of I(k
44)untty, subtject to till r'sult (of the D~etno
I. I .oper ti I; hereby antnointnect as a candi
c f or Ithe illi 'e. Supevi'iv or of Pic'kenis (cunlty
jt tlo t he actihon tf the voter't in the D)enice
tie pi inmryo electiton.
I th' 'nr' st'i . :'liiit.itin o f 4) nany1)3 fiheuudly
t'' tl'ylnn (nnte n~r ili ii 'nutlbhiilt for Miagis
Ic it l'l'ices 'I owlsthip. sItlhjeot to thie result,
'hei tem'i 3h Ic prinn ly.tiltslljc
h41 ttriet:liIs tit (' J. iowi iti 'he'eby ut
Isc htit"I' .t I n iate o~r -estlt'ioto
ju O to Ih.-o t (Iite tii'nital, I tu C~tlt
tit oi f ti'i Ii tels i the prenuvlto nIt
t( ttt riecoibo of .I tnn reis [l
.it3 In or Uisintie (f Pikes 'ittwnish
jeto the (IehIent o the ls prs nnry le jt ion.l
r.t.I' hn P. Smt i th 14. 1:1t< f4' herb~ notii nn~tel fo
tfilic; fole Ielero t thil~t.1let of ioy
Vasoer 1ubjt t h euto h
ncn one i-n hisgovo uamihintg the liy0c o
Freby ann nds~ Chslden.ebat o
leatio th e oheo ooySpniitn
natoh ote
the sauta'h

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