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Happenings of Local and Personal
-W. P. Stewalt of the Al-xandor
section ro)orts his cotton blooming.
-Born on the 25th tit., to Mr. and
Mrs. W. M. Hudson, (of the Mile
section, a fine daughter.
-The Ha.ood school in district
18 wili f"qytn Onl Monday, Jn ly 16th,
nith Vises Bowen as teacher.
--Mr. Virgil Lovett, and bride, of
Georgia, are on a visit to his sister,.
Mrs. J. P. Carey, in Pickens.
-An nmbrella was left in Mr. W
at Tvolve Mile
The owner can
this office and
- Rev. P. C. Crawford, pastor of
the Baptist church, of this place, will
preach at the Poor House next Sun.
day at 10 o'c'ook a. in. The comimur.
ity is invited to attend.
-Mr. John Y. Bowen, of Pyron,
Texas, is on a visit to his brothers
and other relatives in the county. Ile
spent last week with his brother, I.
A. Bowen in 'ickons.
-Prof. J. H. Iuebck, of Dat.t,
Va., will condiluct a twelve day music
school at Concord Jiaptist cliurch,
comnioncing July 16. Everybody in.
terested in music is invited to attend.
-J. 1I. Gantt is getting on very
well with his dwelling, but has had
A ~ to stop work a fow days on account
of luinber. When finished Mr. Gantt
will have a neat and commodious cot.
-John F. Harris, magistrate of
Pickenn township announces for re
election this week. lie is fair-minded
man, who tracks the law according to
th evidence, regardless of friends or
foe. She he be elected again justice
will be dispensed with an even hand.
-Hon. C. H. Carpenter is an
nounced this week for reelect'on to
the Senate. H has served this
county faithfull; for several terms
and aho-ild he be elected will ever
strivo to do his whole duty by the
state and his constittiency as he sees
-James Pickens Freeman, of the
eastern hide of the county announces
this week his candidacy for the office
of Treasurer. Ho is an affable gentle
man, well qualiflied to fill the office of
treasurer and should he be elected he
would discharge the duties of the of
fice to the best of his ability.
-The first installment of suIbcrip.
tion to the Pickens Cotton.. lills is
duo the 7th inst. and subscriberd are
-'tin paying as it
*ers very much.
*aked off and work
on it will begin in the next two weeks.
-Pickens county is entitled to two
members in the lower house. We
give this item as a matter ot informna
tion. Mr. J. P. Carey is the only
candidate and as he is fully compe
tent to take care of the county's in
forests, yet, as sve are entitled to two
representatives some one else should
run, so as to keel) him company.
-Last Saturday night, a. regular
communication of Keowee Lodge No.
7(9, F". and A. M. was hold, work in
the M. M. degr, e being done. It was
one of the best meetings held in
a long, long time. Hion. Geo,. P.
Lergare was present and1( gave vailua~blet
asiisance in the work. Fraternaldisnm
in Picktens is on1 the up) grade and all
lodges in the county are Ilourishting.
--- E F. Loapor is anntounced as a
cand idn'e! for Sn p)orvisor in thits issno
lie lhan.filled t ho pos it ion before, mnak.
ing~ a m ighty good ofliciail. SO needs'lt
not inttro~ldeiliat our) hands. He( is
competent, toI ti.k~o enrt) of himiself Vont
t h. Hin p :tt P 41 well IasF of I, cort i ity on3'01
a br-ig" cntrt t, ilo you (cain retot as
sutred thla't I the ftiancies oif the c-otti
lv wiil he' in, good handtsr if heL is elet.
edl to thte lIh mo af sitper~visor.
wrapet anditlii chnin gantg tat work opetn.
jng Ill ai atrtn-f. fromn the O'l ttulh ott
sido Iho' r- l aila. A tr. et w ! a1'sa
hlt op-imtl frot I h. ttill Oio the Co
detr liock (1oad in front of J1. II Nw-.
I tn's ren'.krece. 1 ,ater ont tho gaitg
-, ' wi.vll be
an extact du~plcate of the d3Iinnwood
mill and will be buolt by the company
and all matkrial and work p~aidI for by
them. There will he no contractor
o:1 the job, butt the ritill management
will bitro a comnpoeiot man111 to super
intetnd the wourk andh( p~ o t 'n aI trll)
id comph'-ton. IH. 13. JBowen is now
getting out the lattuber for the ware
honse and, will butild it as soon os
Miss Genevive May, 181'1 S. Meridian
St., Indianapolis, Ind., Member Second
Hligh School Alumni Ass'n, writes:
"Pleruna Is the finest regulator of fi
Nlsordered stomach I have ever found.
Ft certainly deserves high praise, for 14
Ws 6skillfully prepared.
"I was in a terrible condition from a
2eglected case of catarrh of the stomnach,
.4y food had long coased to be of any
good and only distressed me af ter eat
tng. I was nauseated, had heartburn
mrd headaches, and felt run down com
ploly. But in two weeks after I took
Peruna I was a changed person. A few
bottles of the medicine made a great
3hango, and in three months my stom
Loh was cleared of catarrh, and my en.
tire system in a better condition.".
Geonevive May.
Write Dr. Hartman, President of The
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio,
for free medical advice. All corree
pondence held strictly confidential.
-Children'0 s Day will be celebrate<
it Shady Grove next Sunday with up
propriate exercises. Everybody is in
vited to attend.
-There will be an all dany pienif
at Holder's Ford, Saturday July 7th
E verybody is invited to comne will
well-filled baskets.
-The school at Mica will convea
July 16th, with Jessie W. L'ooper a
teacher. Patrons shouldI govern their
volves; accordingly.
--Married at the residence of M
Amos Dodginp, on Sunday, Juily 1a
Mr. Alfred Dodgins to Miss Elizab~et
Thomas. Mi. 1. IHester, N. P. offic
wnPCODEs as PEida nAloe
Mis leasei Mayu L~l. arefrdthn
"ru store neugt tegultock o
iored fromachm. Thae evdrg tond
vssillfpen pp aor e. me 16
"I not binga pterpri Codition <
,heglowing caoutrh of the stomach,
>4fodhaetownghc asdpublishod any
veoks adon tisre pae shoe a
Lg. thr 'was oomed herd hor twr
Prua stoes-ay eachge pron. fhed
bottes buinsfa the one ad anova
loing.,adi he otsm tm
WriteDr. Hrtman Pres de o Ti
"atd"SniaimClubs Ohi
hoere eiclavie ll (r3
vitedto atend
-Therewill e an llaietil
well. filldlbaskets
STheschol atMicaw il csnve
Jl16 ihJsiW.Loope lat
teacer.Patonsshold oven the i
as weacorinly
-Mariedat e esienc of M rc
Amo Dogin, o Suday July i
MrhlilDogn Ma Eiael
ting, b ringpp coupl horsesL
lasewit fui~ the Eare for th
rg frmhif. ThMEE T drgo
Allth towf ouri work uishedart
3ttere as aromhaer o w
yA Gift-for Our Custoiiers.
In Every Package of Colgate's Dental Powde
We Give a Present of a cake of
Cashmere Bouquet Soap
FREE. (Guest Room Size) FREE
A Wonderful Bargain.
Pickens Dri
A sweet breath adds to the joys of a kin
You wouldn't want to kiss your wift
mother or RWecthcart with a bad brentl
You can't have a sweet breath without
healthy stomach. You can't hive a lhe1
thy stouach without perfect digestiol
There is only one remedy that digoet
what you eat anid m:ikes the breati i
sweet as it rose-aid ti a, remedy is KO
DOL FOR DYSPEPqIA it is a re i#
for sour stomach, palpitation of tho lear
antmd other ailments arising from disordt
of the stomich amid digestion. Take f
little Kodol after your meals and so
what it will da for you. Sold by Pick
ens Drug Co.
Econimy is the easy chair of oA
A watchman's neglect permitted a lea
in the great North Sea dyke, whichI
child's finger could have stopped, to be
come a ruinous break, deves'ation at
entire province or -olland. In like mant
ner Kinneth McIver, of Vanceboro, Me.
permitted a little cold to go unnotice,
until a tragic finish was only avertte'
by Dr. King's New Dipcovery. H
writes: "Three doctors give me up t(
die of lung inflammation, caused by
neglected cold; but Dr.King's New Dim
covery swved my life. Guaranteed bes
cough and cold cure, at Pickens drul
stare. 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle free
Perserveranco is the bridge b
which difficulty is overcome.
It is always well to have a box of salv
i the house. Sunburn, cuts, bruisei
s piles and boils yield to DeWitt's Wite
Hazel Salve. Should keep a box o
hand at all times to provide for emmei
gencies. For years the standard, bi
followed by many imitators. Be so
you get the genuine DeWitt's Witc
, Hazel Salve. Sold by Pickens Drug C
i. Never buy what you do not no<
e because it is cheap.
Does evil still, your whole life filli
Does woe betide?
Your thoughts abide on suicide?
You need a pill?
Now for prose and facts-DoWitt's lit
Early Risers are the most pleasant am
reliable pills known today. Their nov
grip)e: Sold by Pickens Drng Co.
Disease is soon shaken by phyrs
"I was a loser ini a twenty year haIti
with chronic piles and malignant soim ea
until I tried Ruckleni's Araiiea Salv<
> which turned the tide, by curing boil1
till not a trace remains," writes A. N1
Bruce of Farmville, Va. Best for o!
!Ulcers, Cuts, Burns and WVounds. 20
at Pickons D)rug Co.
, last issue of the Sentinel.
we called the attention of the
>f the expected enange in our
a wveek. Prob~ably you have
pecinmg s'net'ing hut it is
I season is p~a.-ised when hit ilo
will b'ring famncy price. In
in~ amost aniy thing that ecan
f', a.' like am fry ing ch'icene
ir, b..d5 hat ht..al :m mson phiamandi
|I sk 'li g f. ,r mh thl . t hait 541
8S, if you ui a m goodaa~ prie's
eh(lte'ett Ihironm ;Ii I hu gidlittil
I th.1 am roia . W e li ire (.11
IltI,.5M mi'' .', u El tii 1,111' I * Hi
amvi abi.s a lonle toa hiidhlt
i.('l. ma, i. 'O us wilt Ii oit.
Mtt l * 'I fi ' s i jal ' ', tfi .
rom ourw.11 (l ,a -l: at.
Scientific horseshoer.
to mec to be shod right..
Foot, not the foot the shoc
ORKWIG lINE . . , ..
We have full line!
of Colgate's Per
fumes, Soaps
and Toilet
Thero Aro No Better
Goods Than Colgate's
Hallums Backache and Kidney
Pills are guaranteed to be good.
g Company.
Do you like your thin, rouph,
short hair? Of course you
r don't. Do you like thick,
heavy, smooth hair? Of
cou'se you (o. Then why
, Hir Vigor
not be pleased? Ayer's Hair
Vigor makes beautiful heads
of hair, that's the whole
stor'. Sold for 60 years.
n I I mei Ayer' Ilitir vigo br R a lonig
iitst11-117 110.111it cl h ii air .1114 ''tp timid. RL
tle .u:'t* i. I11%p oilig at t;J1al 111deimli F*tu aw.
ARn . J. IV. TAwTeI M1ter 11i. h ai To
1 htIii i. J.V VMC O
ma r-cl hi n t:w fo Ar Jai ely, aMlts
Weak Hair
Notice to Debtor and,
All person holding cliims againat the
elate of Elizabeth Cooper. deceased will
present theat to the undersigned duly
atntested on or before the 15th day of
0 July next, and all persoims Indebted to
aid estate will mnake patyment thereof
Jun1e 6, 19 06. Executrix.
h after your meals. See the effect it will
proencIe on your general feeling by di
gestimg your food and helpingyour stom
alh to get. itself into abpe. Many tom.
t1 iechl arie overworked to the point where
they refuise to go further. K(odl di
geastB your stomach the rest it needs,
wh iile its recon strut ivye properrties get
the stomnach hick into wvorking order.
Kodol relieven flatunlence, sour stomach,
palpitat ion of the heart, belching, etc.
So(l y Pickens Drug Co.
. An ill sorvant will never mnke a
good master.
"I am only 82 year~s old and1 don't ex.
pet ever wvhen I' get to be real old to
feel thaat wva~y as lon g as I can got Elee
trio Bitters,' says M1rs. E. Hf. Jirunson,
of Dublin, Ga. Surely thiero's nothing
(else Ieepa thbe old as young and makes
lie w~eakc as strong ais this grand tonic
4; micine~i. Dyspepsma, torpid Iiver, in
. inimed kidney03s or chrio1 constipaltionl
irs nuknoiiwn after taking Electric Bit
iterS a reasonable time. (Guaraniteed by
C Pickens~ Drug Co. Price 50a.
Take care of the penuies dollars
will take care of thonaselves.
all the germs and pol;
spots in the body and
Nature's way. Purely
most powerful of OlE
time regulates the liv
up the entire systein.
that cures rheumatisr
other remedies and
Percelle, of Salem, Va
dreds of dollars for phy
by half a dozen bott
2120 Ramsay street,
man.' Mrs. S.A. Corrl
it cleansed her blood,
After Noted Doctors Falled.
Here Is a case cuiredl by RHTEUMj
CID)K after noted New York splecla
Ists had failed. Mr. WV. R. Hught
writes from A Ikinas. Va.
"F our lbte of RIIEUMACID
have entirely cured mae of a Ion
staniung case of rheumatism an
greally improved may general hecalti
Iwas atota Iit ek havingi had rhmet
mat im for (wenty yeai'rs. asi e ntseC
aeral wveek sata atn mc moineiy t ryl
specialhsts im New York. but RHEt
M~lACIDlE is the onty cure I hav
foundo When I begani to use it
weighed No0 pounads. Now I weigh 11
pounids, my norm~ weig 9Ht."
JUL Y and
Our anniiual CLEAR
tinue throughout July
ductions along all lin,
at a song.
20C White Lawn to go at 15c. 1 5c
White Lawn to go at ioc. Ioc White
mercerized white goods to go at 15 1
broideries to go at a big sacrifice.
Oxfords in all colors, white, black, at
go at 25 per ceut discount.
The immense clothing trade we ha
stock, but we still have some rare borg;
can buy a suit at 25 per cent discount.
suits and serge coats.
I)ont miss this opportunity for barg;
the immense fall stock we are buying.
Just received a solid car barbed wire
and hay, with prices right.
Our stock of stoves, hardware, funii
from implements, of every description
Always the best, and the best is alwa,
We hope to have our new building c(
pleted it will give us more room than an
.able us to display to a better advantage,
we carry. Call on us for anything you i
and our prices are always right.
Folger, Thc
Clothing, Shoes, Hats :
Goods a Snebcialty. St
Hats, Walk- Over Shc
and MitchLll Wagons.
'ces right to the seat of the disease, swe
ions out of the blood, cleans up all the plag
i sets all the organs to work again In
vegetable, non-alcoholIc, it Is yet the
ansing medicines and at the same
.tones up the slomach and builds
RHEUMACIDE Is the only remedy
n to stay cured.
as cured thousands of cases after all
famous doctors had failed. Austin
,spent $200 In medicines and hun
rsicians' fees, and at last he was cured
les of Rheumacide. 0. Dietich, of
Baltimore, says It has "made him a neW
ibes, 114 S. :ilmor street, Baltimore, says
tookc away her pains, and made her "feel
like a new woman." Your druggist
and recommends Rheumacide.
Sample bottle and booklet free I
!i for postage to
IBobbitt Chemical Compan:
~ v*
ANCE SALE will con
- and August. Big re
as. White goods to go
White Lawn to go at 1 2 C. 12 1-2C.
Lawn to go at 8 1-3c. Beautiful line of
ier cent discount. All Laces and Em
id tan For men, women, and - children, to
e had this spring nearly cleaned up our
tins to offer, if your size is in the lot you
We still have a nice line of two piece
tins, we are olliged to make room for
and nails, fresh car flour and car of corn
ure, harness, saddles buggies, wagons
, mowers, rakes and binders, is always
s the cheapest.
>mpleted by August r 5th. When comn
y buil(ling in the county, which will en
the large stock of general merchandise
ieed, for we are always pleased to serve
nl1ey And Co.
Nvd Gents Yinrnishing
)le agentts flOr, Stetson
>Os, 1r'on A Kinlg StoveCs
V E R."
/sps -
I you send five cents Sci:aiciaua,
Proprietors, Baltimore. Kidey .Troubl,
Litter Diseases,
L~a rippe.

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