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deaacee, a our tom
ach, Torpid Livet' and
Chronic Constipation.L
Fleasant to tate
]4ar'ller's' Ullion
Bureau of
-Conldieted I by fhe
soith Carolina FainerS' 1Etentuc tionl anid
Co-operative Union.
ComiuIentions intended for this dopart
tuoetit should be tutitressed to .1. U. Strinlitig,
Pouiletoti, Sollthl U 1rolinna.
The Williamson Corn Stunting Plan.
The Williamson stunting process
of corn and cotton, too, seems to bo
the most fashionable plan of tho
day. All over the country we see
the stunting process on the crops.
Corn and cotton, too, aro looking
yellow for tho lack of work and
sunshine; too much rain and the
scarcity of labor has forced this
stunting pr)oCes9 Upon the farmore.
It is not in the piais of tho farmors
to thus stunt their crops ! It is the
force of circumstancos-t he weithor
anl labor; this condition 13 un
avoidable. Bit why not now ap,
ply nitrate of soda of high grade
ammoniated fertilizers to the side
of these crops and test the value of
lato application of the moro volatilo
There is no doubt in our minds
but what all the ammonia or avail
able riitrogen in commercial fertili
zers havo been washed out by the
recent heavy rains, and is now gone
out of reach of common crops, and
if we expect the best results from
these solublo nitrogenous ertiilizers
wo should apply them to crops inl
the latter stage of its growth, when
tho soil is filled with tho foeders
little rootlets--thon ready to coln
sumo volatilo plantt or soluble food
Wo would not have our readers
to misunderstand our position or
opinion on this btunhiting plin At r.
Williamson, we think, has done a
good thing for the farming intorest
of the whole South by calling our
attention to his stunting plan in the
cultivation of corn. He has put tho
progressive farmer to thinking
along this line of retarding the
growth of stalk, the less valuable
part of our crops, and increasing
the grain or fruiting. We farmers
have a great deal to learn along
this line. Wo have known yoars
ago that the best fall cabbage were
grown by retarding thlo growth in
the earlier stage; tha t is, transplant
tihe plants in .July or August and
ntot work themi out until the first
ot September, when a good applies.
tion of fertilizer apphied along with
late cultivation insures of fine crop
of fall cabbage. We hlavo also boon
deceived by the come-out of some'0
very grassy cotton that wasH not
worked oult unotil veCry late when
propitious seasons and good1 cutlti
vationl have produced astonishm1tg
good crops, even at thlis late stage
of the growth of tile cr ops.
For many years we have stopp~ed
what we think waste of money by
applying ammiloniated comnmercal
fertilizers to small grain sown in
fall, or to other spring Crops when
lanliting. We are satisfied that
usually about aill the soluble prop.
orties of nitrates are gone before
the roots of crops~ are'sufficiently
large oi numerous to take up or aip.
propriato this valuable plant food.
Trfleforo, we believe more in Iate
or side applicaitionl of fertilizers
than we do in tihe retarding or
stuntting of the stalk growth. Bitt,
we do not say that we are sure of
this without we have demonstrated
this fact by actual comparative test i
bly measured area and weighed
crops' t
We hlave this side alplication of ~
fertilizers of both stunted and uin
stunted crops of both cotton and e
corn-m practical test, this year
which, we trust, will give us luore i'
light on this subject by actual comn. n
parative test mladle inl a practical
way on the way.a
Organize a Farmers' Union Warehouse g
Our cheap plan for Farmers' B
Union warehlouse seemls to have 3
stirred up no little opposition by
that class of men thast have always I
made their jack by supplying the
farmer with that business manngo, |
ment of the farmer's own affairs e
that counts for loss or gain. Some. t
4hIing has b)een going the rounds
about the price of cement at *1,85 '
being too low, which would render I
9ug plans out of reason, etc. ' t
WVell, now just put up the price e
of cemeont to $3.00 per barrel, if you
please, which puts the bougth sup. s
ixative Fruit Syruo
i Drug Company and Dr. R. F. Smi
plios for one section warohouso at
the oxtromoly low cost of $400.
Now, it must be a vory trifling
zood-for-nothing farmers' union or
lanization that could not put up
,500 cash to start up an enterprise
is this, that means so much in a
)rotoctive way to the cotton pro 1
Farmers, do not let this old gang
:attlo you; go ahead with your
varehiouso organization. Lot those I
Phat can put u) the cash for tJie
)ought stutl', and those that cannot
ut up tlie cash work out their
thares which should be made not
>vor $5.00 each.
Tho Fariners Eductional and Co
)perative Union cf America will
iold a county meeting with the
Jroswell Union, four miles north,
ast, of Easley, Thursday, July 12
Lt 10 a. in. All local unions in
he county are requested to send
elegates Public is cordially in
vited to itttend. Dinnur will be'
erved on tho grounds.
Telling Tisne by Floiwers.
"With a littlie time and labor It would
)a possible to construct a garden whoso
[lowers vould combine to make a first
rate clock," said the botanist. "It Is 5
f. in. when the sow thistle open1s," ho
continued. "It is 5:30 when the dando
lion opens. It Is 7 when the white lily
opens. It is 8 when the hawkweed
opens. At 11:12 a. in. the sow thistle
coses5. At noon precisely the yellow
goat's heard closes. At 2 V. m. the
lhawkweed closes. At 5 the white lily
loses. Tle dandelion closes at 8 sharp.
S4uince Pliny's tino forty-six Cowers
iave been known to open and shut
with great punctuality at certain hours
of tlio day and night-"
Hills of Different Ilirds.
The bill of the canary is built for
nrusihing seeds-has strength, but in
miany of the doves the bill is slender
ind weak. Mny of the pigeons and
loves that feed on seeIs have gizzards
Lhat are large and muscular--crushing
aind grinding being accomplished in
that way.
It is dilelcult to say how much birds
experience tasto, probably in a small
degreo. DickS and parrots have soft,
fleshy tongues, but in most birds tnuch
of the tongue Is sheathed in horn.
Food may le selected by intuition as
to wlit is wholesomo, more than by
tast.-St. Nicholas.
PurIty o)f Milks.
In l'arls the mnunicipaIl chemists no
(ept ilk as5 pure when it contains one
(0unce0 Of butter and1( four ounces of
solIds per qunart. At Bern millk must
contain at least 3 per cent of butter
and14 may contain 00 per cent of water.
At Berlin the police seize all milk of
fered for sale wvhichi is below the legal
ly required standlard of 2.7 per centt of
fatty matters. Tis allows the daIry
men to add with safety from 10 to 18
per cent of water to fairly rich milk.
"Of course, I don't want to critise,
but I dlon't think it was altogether
rIght for D~avid to say 'all men are
"W~ell, at any r'ate, it was safer than
to p)ick out onet mni and( say it to him."
-Philadelpila Ledlger..
An Old Clockt.
The great clock at Ilouen has been
measuring time and striking the hours
and (iuarte'rs for over 500 years and, It
ia saId, has been running all this time
Moderun llantry.
The Man (in the street car)-Take my
you, but I also get out at the next cor
ner.-Chicago News.
Calmuny is the worst of evils. In it
there are two who commit Injustico
and ono who is injiured.-Hlerodotus.
A Woman's Health
ra a heritage too sacred to be oxpori
mnented wih. F~or her Peculiar and~ doli
'ate aIlments only meleIines of kntown
~omp~oition and1( which contain nto alco
ml, narcotics, or other harmnful or habit
(orming dIrugs should be empiloyed. Suchl
medCiIcino is D)r. Pierce's '1avorito 1'ro
eriptionl-a remledy with a record of over
arty years of cures to recomenld it; a
eumedy, tile mak~ers of which prinlt its
:>rmia on every bottle-wrapper~ andi at
3st Its comlelteness andl correctness
utder~ oath; a remedy doevised and adapted
woman's delicate constitution by aln
lulcatedI ph ysiclaan---an oxp1orionced sp)0- -
alist In womllan's diseasos'~ a remedy -
'ory ingredliont of whieh Lias received
IC written endorsement of the most omi
nit medical writers of all the several
hools of practice for the eure of woman 's
rruliar dsea2seso; a remedy whlichl has
Oro honu2(-/le ciures to its credlit thanli
iy other sold1 by dIruggists for woman's t'
>ocial reqiromoents. It 1s not given
vay in the formie of "trial bottles " to be h
l)erimtented with, but Is sold at a fair
rice by all d(lehrn in medIcines, it
If a womatn 11as bearing down or drag
ugpains, low downi in tihe abxdomen, or t
ovs, backache, frequon t headaches
Sor faintin sllis nervous and ei
y startedha gnat~wing feeling ina
aeimgnary flaigspecks, a
r Smooher eyes, has1 melancholia,
ranfr t Wliseakening disagreeable flE
rai rmis)ake e or'gans, site can make
forces( by rorting to the use of Dr. ta
'ivioat and~oik Prescription. It will
ndgo escaly th etleij tt whle system 8
No womaun sugierii fro all * h
bovo symp~tomsn can affrrl tn anyji ofnth
eret lIostrlum or mledicte tof acc1 tIyl any
onpositI0 n a sitlbstit ~ for amoi
on, wiech irce's otvoy 0'rer- E<
asll a reord of ov (OslORTIoN and
as1 eord gl to-dal f orty years and( sells ..
lorkelrg('witohday thaan over before. Its
atten1 thll no secrets from their \
*tlth or best g oietn pu'blicity to h
llf cosnthi )y letter 7n omn t
Iletters of conIsultatlo arc 1fch(r a. t
credly confiidential and an a1~re, relda
rn'ted Ilirnt Sstid01 oe1,Adr&i
ICeal Institutin n..ftmo N. Y. ndSr
Cleanises the syst"
thoroughly and clears
sallow complexions of
pimples and blotche.
It Is guaranteed
h, Easley.
A Fortune In a Soag.
Song writing is one of the most lu
!ratlve of occupations, provided one
,as tho knack of appealit to the pop
ular taste. The average writer stands
t better chance of making money by
producing pathetic rather than so called
'comic" songs. "The Lost Chor4" ha.
nade three or tour fortunes. It has
een the most lasting success on reo
)rd, and for years Sir Arthur Sullivan,
to composer, and bladam Antoinette
sterling, for whom it was specially
written, received a royalty amounting
:o 12 cents each on every copy sold. It
was a gold mine to the publishers too.
Onion Soup and Fame.
Membership in the French academy,
the hoped for reward of Gallic writers,
ivas once closely associated with onion
soup. During the restoration in France
x club was formed under the title of
'Diner do la Soupe a l'Onlon." This or
fanization contained twenty members.
It met every three months, when the
Alinner was opened with an onion soup.
rhe club was to en e until every as
sociate was elected to the academy.
This was accomplished in 1841, when
the last banquet was held.
Pat's Escape.
An Irishman, meeting another, asked
what had become of their old acquaint
ince, Patrick Murphy.
"Arrah, now, dear honey," said the
3ther, "poor Pat was condemned to be
sanged, but he saved his life by dying
In prison."
she Would.
"I'm going up to interview your
wvfe," said the society repor(er. "Do
you suppose she'll talk?"
"Do I?" replied the husband. "Why,
she'll be talking when your twenty
second edition comes out."
A Vaeaner. Filled.
Gerald-I have a cold in my head.
Geraldihe-Well, I supposo that Is bet
ter than nothing.-New York Press.
The linlalgt of Fame.
Superlative fane i8 where a man
lis not only forced his name into
everybody's mouth, but has kept It
there until the first class newspapers
are spelling it the anme way every time
they mention it.--Puck.
Don't refuse to tell or show the ap
prentice what to do, for you once had
to learn all that you know.
Will let to the lowest responsible bid.
der the removing of Cox and FarrEi
Bridge to the new site at Farrs blill, on
July 5, 1900, between 11 and 12 o'clock
Supervisor Greenville Co.
0. M. LYNCH,
Supervisor Pickens Co.
'ne 18. 1406.-fde
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of C ~~"4A 4
Frilit Jars
Will he very high this season. I have
a few, hought Inst w'intor, whichi until
June 16th, will seli under the market.
Do not wvait until after that 'late.
I want chickens, eggs and hams.
Supersedes imei Table No 4
Eit'ectlve March to 1906
Read Downt Road Up
No 12 No 10 STATIONS- Noe11 No 9
Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed
4;:10 pmn 10:-10 am lv Plekens ar 2:55pm 7:35 pm
4:45 pmn 10:45 am Ferguson 2:45pm 7:30 pnm
4:55 pmn 10:55 sin *Parson's 2:80pm 7:20 pm
5:00 pm 11:00 am *A rli's 2:25pm 7:15 pmi
5:10 pm 11:05 am *Mauldlin 2:20pm 7:10 pmn
6:15 pm 11:15 am ar Easley Iv 2:15pm 7:05 pmn
*Flag Statioas
All trains daily except Sunday
No. l0 connueebs with Southeor n Railway No 3S1
No 9 connuects with Southern, Railway No 12
No. 12 (connlects with 8o uthern Railway No i
No 11 connects wvith Southern Railway No40
I2'For any information app'y to
J1 T TrAY LOR Gen Manager
For Infants and Children,
rho Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of
The Sumor School for colored
)acheOre will bo0 hold in the E~as
y Graded School building, comn
ionoing Monday July 9th. All
tachors and espocially those who
:poct to teach this summer should
tend, Trustees should as much
possible see that their teachers
ke advantage of those summe
3. 13. Simpson, Principal instruc
r. By order of State Supt. of
r*uu Le.sI the outh.Ne buidings
n met.mpus ten ore. oran
thEuropean anl~ Ameoricanm teachers.
-- 3 staes.For cataloguekaddrenej
Job work of every description
donehere withneatness and d*is
Railroad and Commercial
Letter and. Note Heads, Bill Heads
and Statements, done neatly
and at reasonable pricos.
Give us a Trial.
Sentinel-Journal Co., PICKENS, S.C.
We NevenDisappoint Our Patients.
We Fulfill Every Promise and Clover Hold Out F1ls0 HoPs.
WE URE riture witkout the knfe orbougloand VadCOCele vit
WE CUREpainu or detention trot. businesai; Contagi4ouls In)ood Poison
cured never to return4 WItloat Tnercury or itnineral mixtujre; Loss of Manly
Vigor Positively etrati; no ptirnulait 1u' pernianient,
The Dr. King Melical Co. Is an in1titution orgaulzed under the
laws of the statV of 00orfgla for the treartment and euro of Al
Servousandcbronic diuases. Dr. N. R. iKingt the founder of
- this institution, is the chiof consuiting a peciallst, being assisted
by a staff of eminent physicians and taurgouns.
' . Oursucoossin the treatneptot chronic dieenses isunsurpas.
sod; we use both medical and cleoCtrical agencies.
Our offoesare equipped with al the ga vanic, faradio battore
fee, X-ray, violet ray, and Finco ray: in fact, every electriofl
contrivanoe known to the mcdicn profess i rsantaritu
I modern In every respect., slnd we employ noneQ but the boat -
- trained and emletent attendants, regularly quadified gradae
and licensed physicians being in chargo.
We employ no misleading nicane to securo pati.ents an4
atronago--no0. 0. D.'s or unasked for lioeraturo are-sont out
y this Instution. Our terms for treatirnent average from 86.00
to $10.00 per month. (medicines included) and we give the assilr
anco of a curo within a speollied timo.
We succcssfuily'treat and pre
NY BE J EN. CHRONIC DISEASESe"*tly cure 'l chr"7 nio d"e"ses
such as Kidney and Bladder troubles, Rh tinatisn,
tu pture lilydrocele. Drains. Losses, etc., and A ri'vate
1UIL 'Diseases. Tuinors and mialignant troubts. Oatarr of the
gae, Throat, Head and Lungs. Diseases of Eye and Ear,
N. K. KING. M. D. tronio isoaoses of Women such as Displacoments,
0Oi1 OANIULTING P y Unnatural Disclnrges, and such eakesses of women.
rl~m I us 1M'Wdy "AgSring your Condition if you are sick or tiicted. on request We
V send y r uterature, Including symptom blanks for home treatment.
DR. KING MEP AL 00. Mtts asa Atlanta, Ga.
Charleston, South Uarolina.
Entrance examintiatloits will be held In the
County Court liouso on Friday,. lly 6, nti9 a. in.
One Free Tu Ition Schiolarsihip to ench county of
South Carolina awarded by the County Supt.
of Education and Judge of P1robate. Hoard and R. EDITOR: Please say to ye
furnisheil room in Dormitory, *l1 rntonth. All Complete line of Reliable go
candidates for admission are permitted to coin
pete for vacant Boyce Scholarship.s which pay fact, at the prices which I i
1100 a year. For catalogue information, addrets carry a little of "aiything and evv:
Harrison Randolph, 'resident.
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder, cures Tired, Ach- i A - - C s1 -1
ing, Sweating, swollen feet. Sample sent FI1C,
als Sample of FooT-EAsg SLNITAIIy COaiN I'AD, a dIDYG
new invention. Addes. Allen S. Olmnsted, LaeD.DES OiS
Llo), N. Y.Wil akthsaeoers
TAKE~ NOTICE, InikVlssGit'Prihs
From this date I will be in the Super-Flrslah( )1-dwi'
visors office every two weeks on Tules.. ~l1l~e11001tego
day's after SIaleday in each month and I'r igsoe n htaog
Tucsday twvo weeiks after each sa~leday
to transact business5. tehs terkn ntemr
0. M. LYNCH,
May 8th 006Comlt line of etabes gc
________facti patronhe rcswicI a
cary . littll f "anythingn te
olor, YouanrbabEywes
The AcA comtlItsurhnc oPolicygtoa
yieldsron,00ngintovss onddehahtproviae]
an indhenbeytoff$2,eir kondtoe loesmofk
patcy ha 96AeulaieofUddt.es
Guard yourueyestwitnage solicAtON YOU
th- wot- on tal' ie.. w. St-AlUN peron TRIngth
Insurance Valuet 1 nn N~. e at~
tyour Yoreyee.sUL S roi$.5t$100
yild I 50 i n caL of dXeT poEEs ~Itott t aia
an indemnity ofofor 2it00enforithelalosssot
practay SalfIdead. -ilvstPc- cllrrc. ctrostc
enuriaydatrd ayorye with y duto cand Atl awcef ytIi tt
2181g wtopp ing at Drale's rl wrth J TVN RM N OL0.
Dr.n Neon wll ake noi aplishartic01u-_________
oarly to or ex ntonad.i
few of. . wos Newniltgn, rvi ni IA AA5
ens, FrldaNo.yX anaisaturdayti Julytt,20th andit
Dr ewo will mak('iliiilj inoi ichargo.15 Itfor..
II. HailtonMi's. 4. B. oggaIF'LES . . 'irai . . from $2.25 lti 100
M. Taylo, Mrs. . A. MePnSTyLS rr . h.airi . from 2.5 to 500
.:~2oTGUiNwuSi 2. o 7.5 itiis~ I5.00
Major3, 14 Stew rt, M. A. 1. Boga Ak yo'27', ur alal t 'ins ti n iair o r e lnus.
Mr. M.F. Heser, Ni. and i-s 11 ~V. diret. aiage chri htltliitjtt i toai. M~In afl
J~strrataro. r. BnHeeccckscMr. Js Ms in stampsto
l se mi nti anywheriitrctl i sta mpus.
B.Chronalar opeoli atlsii-,:Mas., U.il S. A
::2snutto r x mnto n h is iS! i,~rsii( iil~ti i iir
co m n atos hehr:Igist, dI rea Wiit to ~itil
F:30.O'DmLN . ..n xetu afri
Mr'.W ah mM s .G i 'r hip""r'. 9i iisinl tiriigltt~~i 1
|lmn isEl aMs .J C lvo, i:5 Catm, Nioi Ia danygfre. e
Mr.Go r-ln'r.J N.. Jamoson, igi, AI.(e.'' iyi Gnu A -.
Miss Jessi Hamilton.Mr.tandiMr.iA.iTra(n.o.1'.eA..
R. HamiltonaMrs.,.'E.tRoggsiMri.. Aignt,(.
M..TayloM. W. IA.Mcinney. -
Iar res d:.,
Far, Mr.A ,Hnik, Mr -.M
I keep the best extract on the market and have all flavors,
Get your flavors here for your ice creams and cakes and you
wil have no cause for complaint.
Luziannee coffee, already ground, in one pound tins can't
be beat at the price, 25C the pound and money back if not
Fresh full cream chese-in my ice box-home raised and
good, at 20C the pound.
Ice cold drinks of all kinds. Best line of Fancy Gro
ceries in town. Your patronage solicited an'd satisfaction
Try a sack of Copyright flour-pure and wholesome.,
This week it is Laundry soap and washing powders.
Cleanliness is next to godliness
no: m THAT'WN
J. F. Harris is still in business at the same old stand by him
self. Come around and get some bargains in general mer
chandise, but don't all come at once. I will sell your a
24 poun1d sack of good flour for 50 cents. And all
other things according, minus Meat and Dried Fruit
which is as high as Harnan was hung. Irish potato
seed, Bliss, Early Rose, Burbanks and Beauty of
Hebron, by the peck at any old price.
Jo P IIARRJS, By Himself.
Now is a good time when there are so many Sales going on
in our City, to find out how reasonable we have always been
selling our merchandise and for how less you can buy our
goods now than the advertised prices of our competitors.
We have still in our always superb stock, some very hand
some two and three piece suits which we are selling at remark
ably low prices considering the quality.
L ROTHSCHILD, Greenville, S. C.
ur realors and my friends that T am "still at the Old Stand," with a
ods which I have for their inv;-ction and sale at very close figures. In
in quoting I consider tho goods areRare Bargains. Tell them that I
ryth ing," and am selling at a close profit.
INTER SHOES, Weo have them also, SUITS, PANTS, UND R
VS; also, a good line of OVERSHOES.
c invite the ladies to call anl we wvill make them close prices on
the above to the men f'olkcs on Clothing, Shoes, H~ats, Underclothing,
gs, etc. The nicest line of these goodsj we h-ave ever carried.
.y the car load to go at prices that def'y comnpoti Lon.
kind of furniture' and nice matting, ca rpeting and rugs. Agent fQx
'Iows-two veory necessary things in every well regulated iamily and
4t. Chinaware, (G1asswvare, Agate ware, Tinware and othier ware that
>ds and a nice Hearse. G u ~ c 'I
you wiill be treated right. G u M cFaI
estate of W. T. McFall will please come forwaid and make settlement
The Land of BIG CROPS
Are you maineg as mnehi (of your farmu asi you ought? No doubt you are
making all you can LI The Ii ou1) bl is1 11ho ( (ad os4ts toe innteh, It lakes too muchi
mone](y to) bny a big farmu, anid so you are trying to make a living oni a smnall farm,
0r peLrhaps) you aire renlting one and payiio ai good shasre of what you ralise, ini
rout. \\eonin't it~ be better to go where t he( p~rice of good land is so little that
you enn own a big farm-where oevery neroe of thle groundit is woikinig for' you
and all you raise is paymng you good profitsi?
'1'here are ihousiis of nere's of fert ito lend ini Soiiuinest along the lii ( of
the (Cotton iRolt Routet that can be boughti for from 83 to $1()01 n ner. TIhis
land( i14 increasmng im value eachi year.
See the Southwest at Small Cost
A trip to thel S;out.hiwest woul conv ince you I hat yo-ur best mif cet 151) in
Mettling there1. Theii t~i ip clin be madel at -ery lii Ue expo-lni
S On lhe Ilirst anid Ihbird Tuiestday of each month you purchelase a
r(14ota tip f )ike to an iy pmoint inl li the il Houthwest oni vin of the
(Cottn neh RItil U l mt v. ry lo4w ri1'1. Stop- overs ill beo al
Slowed for . on I o xaaminc any local ily yo el it e rested in.
\ ie at once4 or irIen 001pi)s of hm, ks dooci iingh tis wonl
(1der1f 11 u linty and o r f0'ull inftor m ion abin ii ost08 of tickets.
L. P. Smith, T. P. A., Cotton Belt Route, 203 Equitable Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
I have a geo(d line of
Amroong the larle) thle recor mmen dablo ol styleo Seth IThomIeas
(GoeL4 with weimhts, ni hieh I am- selling at spr eii]l bargalins.
Aind a iew line of SI l;VERWVAlm. A lso solid Go1(d andJ
Sil ver WATChImES. A nice lino of' SpectaScIos; 1 guiaranteeo
glassies to fit eyces. All kinds of repa ir w~orkr in the jewoelry line.
HI. SNII)ElR, - - Ea~sley, S. C,
Ten cent cotton has p)ut lots of money in the country
[any people have been rob~bedl and killed for their money.
afe blowers have triedl the
id failed to get the money. D~elays are dangerous. Open
i account with them today and yo.g money wili be safe.
Interest p~aidl on1 tine dIep)osits.
H-. C. Shirley, Cashier.
$1.oo will open an account wvith the Liberty Bank.

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