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0 -BY
'* Sontinel-Journal Company.
TROMPSON & iltoHIY. PJsoi' t
JL. 0. THOMPSON, E4Drron. d
Sabsoription $1.00 Per Annum. h
Advertisig Rates Reasonable.
40rod at Plokens Posto lee as Second Class T
Mall Matter
WEDNESDLY, JULY 11, 1900. 1
Let the Local Masons Rally. i
In another column will Le noticed a o
11 in which all the I)COPIO of this 8
owing and no more prosporous
mmunity are intereBt?d, but in 1
'ioh. morC especially, the. Masons 1
Keowee Lodge are vitolly interest I
[t is proposed tH b-ild a Lodge
1 for Koowee Lodge that will be,
some degree commensurato witl'
growth of the Lodge itself, and
licative of the progre3s of the conr
inity in which the L'dge h9 seen)
r years of vicissitudos only to come.
::th at this present tni more l)'prom
ug and hopeful thn over, and more
-irly in fulfillment of the desires
I aspirations of her founders, man.
whom have prsed int') the Grent
yond, and many of whom ore with
yet 9s living monuments of the
hest, truest citizenship. It is de.
,,md to build a fitting monument i
se who wrought" the good name
of Keowee Lodge in great measure,
el to give expression t> the same1
1ieolity of pupl)O4e as it lives in the
he ",rts of the young members who
-,ctvive to carry the work of faithful
i zenship onward.
T.he present structure, a ronnant of
.01d Pickens", has utitlived its use.
Mness, and is altogethier inadequat
o the needs of our prosent grow.
)tlg Lodge.
A meeting is colled for next Fri.
y evening 13th inst3, at 8:30 o'clock,
-1 all members who fcel an interest
i the welfare of Keoweo Lodge, and
a means all the members of the
)cage, are urged - be on hand and
the movement to build a new hall
started with such mflomentum as is
racteristic of every onterprise
rted by Picker's people, espnci.ly
-en it is fortif.ed and encourig6d
the spirit of fraternity in Masonry.
a'he averaige man docs5 not ia've to ex.
I ten per cent of his earninugs. Ile
a t spend nino dollars in liv'>g ueon
for overy dollar saved. Tihat being
case bie c'innut be too careful aboo
ta propoerly iunvested, liko buying seoon
*his garden, will save several dollara
lay Jater on. It is the same in ba~y
Clmmberlain 's 0olio, COholoja and
.irhoea Reimody. It costs b)ut a fow
ts, amad a botti (of it in the house often
es a doot r bill of several dollara.
d by Pickens Daug Co. and T. N.
1 a iter, Liberty.
a :rouble to contend with, apring fronm
a!orpid liver and blockaded bowels,
Joe you awaken them to their prop
"r action with Dr. Kmng's Now Life
Sas; the pleasant and most effootive
* for ( onstipationi. They pre'venit
jendicitis and tone up the syvstem.
at Pickens Drug Co.
mater Tillman Invited to Pickens.
.'hose people who have watched the
-rent of evcnls in this state, esp- c
y durinig the past si' months or'
re of varying discussion and opin.
in which the liquor prlobkmf Seemns
force itself into the bioart'of p)olities
ci appears to be the dominant ques.
in, will be leased no doubt, *
rn that an iniitati~n has been for
irded to Senator B. RI. Titlman urg
g him to come to Pickens and dv
ier an address wherein be may have
.e the privilege of giving direct to
ar people his views upon this very
esig question in state as weoll as
county polities.
It is not exp' ated from Senator
llman that he shall er ter into any
- forL to direct public opinion or to
* fluence it upon this question -such
&' entirely foreign to the purpose, and '
theO Senator would not consen~t to
pose as undertaking td do anything
a Lhe'klnd,but he is closely identified
w~ith the. welfare of the people of this
state, And holds the chief represenita
0 office ini gift of the people, andl
da u5asonably always on the alert to
and to toll his people wvhat he
etjdeotes to be the best and safest,
lpidoes of govermnent. If Senator Till.
ni w isn advocate of the Dispensary,
id eople hiave confidence in his in.
teIrity, and would like to know his
present,vietvs on the much .discussed1
:agenSIgy, and he will not hesitate
'tj4 ere when the opportunity to
o fireente Itself.
Tlnen is a power in Washington,
wliapBoth Ca'rolina, through hs
s~p~centation, has aligned her.
%jnMuenice wIth the other states
Stnion, and we are respected
'~ ~~bo~~iraoter of this reprosenta
urrights are aecorded usi
eda 'veo are ettn Inti ~~t
kal of dmoniading anid receiving
1em, a a miatter of right.
Tillmaun is close to the people, and,
hile he hrs no opposition in his
esent race for re.oleotion, he would
adly come before the people- and
11 thew the-truth as he sees it, and
souss all the issles, especially the
spenary, which is the one absorb
g question before the votar3
We sincerly trust that Senator
illman will find it possible to get
way from his numerous other oL
agenmont. long enough to <ome to
ickens and spend sufficient time tkq
t ouf pe*iAt seeaigtlicar more 'of
.io man who has been able to force
is way into national recognition as"
no Ihe ablest men the United States
enato has boasted in many years.
Since writing the above, Senatoi
'illman has set Wednesday, August,
et, as the day on which he will be in
'ickons and address the people.
Mother Grav'.a Swoot Powder for Chilren,
sed by Mother Gray, a iurse Inl halidren's
ionic, New York, iireak up Caold in.21 hourN,
tire .'everishines Ileladacho, stomach Troubleii,
'eething Disorder", and Dctroy Worms. A
11 dru ggist, '.ic. Sahildemnaic(le FREE. Ad.
ress, Aillet S. Olinsted, lExRoy, N. Y.
"I nn only 82 yearB old and don't ex
)Cet ever when . got to be real old to
Oal that way as long as I can get Elee
rio Bitters,' says Mirs. E. 11. Brunioa,
>f Dublin, Ga. Sire'y there's nothing
iso keeps the old as young and make
he weak as strong as the grand ton'e
nedicine. Dynpepsia, torpid liver, in
lanimed kidneys or chronic constipattion
ire raiknown vfter taking E'eottie Bit
tern a reasoueble time. Gtuatantoed by
Pickens Drug Co. Price 50e.
For Infants and Qhildren.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of 4
You cannot indiice i lower animal to
eato lirtily when rot fooling woll. A
Hick dog FtARvS himself, and gets well.
The stomr ih oneo overworked, must
have rest lie anio oti your feet or eyes.
You doin't havo to slairve to rest your
takes up (lie work for your stomach, di
ges.t i what you eat and gives it a ret.
Piits it back in condition again. You
can't fu I goo( wit h ii isordered stonach.
Try Kodol. Sold by PickennDrug Co.,
.iMOTEt:R G tA v's Swi:E' I ,wnIus I'oit a 1.11IN
sHiteessfully 1ied 1 by 1iather Gray, nu11 rse in
the Childrell's Monte ita New York. Cire Vever.
tliness, laid Stanni ,'l''ethhi li orders, iove
iaind reguhtte the Bowels ut( Destroy Wotm .
over :ii,0i0 te i oitibal. They tiever iti. At all
Irtigg a x, 1 SaI h 'aIe Fiee. A ddress Allen S.
limsted, Lc Rouiy, N. N'
Supervisor's Report of Clains Filed
and ApproVed for the Quarter
EnJing June 30, 1906
11 L Atkinson, read work 50
D) T Alexander, bridge 68.00
J TI Anthony, road w'k 1.00
,J T Anthot:y, bridgo w'k 2.00
WV M Allgood, corn & fodder 9.70
WX M Allgood, guard . 31.00
WV M Allgood, foddor 10.00
B A Aigood, B'd .E'q - 141.60
WV M Ailgood, guard &C 41 45
H- Abber crombio, constable 12.45
H Abbercrombio, constable 12.60
J T1 Anthony, road w'k 3.00
J T Anthony,- bridge wv'k 1.00
J T Anthony, damages 10.00
P 0 Bowio, constaiblo 3.00
M II Boweni, road~ w 'k 6.25
M A Boggs, Magistrate 20.83
J F Banister, Lumber -526
Aaron Boggs, borrowed mon
eV 559529
Martin Brown, biacksmith 1.i0
(4 W Brazeale, Bd Erj. 10.00
S A Burges, constable 3.25
S A lBurgess. alid paupor 0.00
D~r. .J L Bolt, Ex Lunatic 5.00
0 L, Ballentine, bridge. 2 50
B O.Baker, fodder .. 10 50
ling rods 6 00
3' WV Brazealo hoard eq .15.00
L1 A Baker road work 4, 60
" " bridge 1.60 J
dirs. M J Bright damages 20 00 lD
0 Bowie constable 3.95 o
(6 6 0 .710 j
66 (a 6.45 J
V B Brazeale, bridge 7.20 A
)r. J L, Bolt, Ex luisatto .5.06 c
C'Baker, fodder 10.00 y
A Batne, bridgo 262.50 y
L hioggs, bridge 18.28. 1
F Banister, bridge 0 66 C
-W Bowen, bridge 8 760
WI A Boggs, magistrate ' 10.00 j
A J Boggs, clerk court 101.80 ~
P U 4howie, constablo 10.80 'j
11.80 )
7.80 5
E 0 Bowie, magistraite 10,00 *
J F Burgess, road wv'k - 1.00 ~
S A Blurgeas, aid pauper 600O
Albert Bird, bridge 5.00
SCOTPS EMULt'00 setves gs a
bridge. to cany ,the Neakenied and
atagved system altong until It can fid
Bk'lazuppot ini ordinary food.
SMd for free sample.
SOTT & DOwNE, Omanam.,
sMat ldnssi*a
1.2 Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
ting heS achs ndmoetso
nessand ot.ntoa ther
Apeifect Remedy for Consupa- Ue
lion, Sout' Stounach,Diarrhoea
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
lacSimite Signature of
NE YORK.' Thirty Years
A Man's Success
depends an a combination of
several things the -combination
never being twice alike, but all
fatctors leads to the same point
P In
Dr. F. H. Newton has been located in Green~ille,. S, C., at
2-19 N, Main Street going on'two "r.,rs and duri~~ tatim
hlie hd, sic cessfifly'Fcorrected - nd overcome 21 cases of
pepenectn satosfactionno
We beleve ths to eera thtcns the -combiation
anthr eialespcais neSouhverintea. ie u l
A fw o Dr Neto's romnefarcors leadto the ameoin
Mr . F. HI~c. tnd has H.een located in ell n lle,s.S.3.CB.,at
Pu9rr, M. Stree goding Mr. twoM jer ao d duriffi ths N ame,
Ney a s.. e eis-or.cted'1nd Moercoe 2,on4M.,u Mass A.
MheaacesM.J P aa an d pye..stain 99,ou lto n. rs. Moo hav ge, gien
Frbiay this tobeatrecrdtay can't 20dplcthdb
and reialespatstoingut Catli a rl'
A e-Drg Seto'roe t ppositeatourt Those:
Pr.M. i.estr r andMs L.w iaMisElaa, $ MrO . A .ee
Noney, Cra.J. Lrwig , .-50.T. Jessi Hmiton. ridg inr.oA
nioJ ae, Mrdg J.P4taa and Mr. A. Hamitn. brdg M.2E.Bog 05Ms
B. C.larsonbs.g . aylors, ridge A Me i.o
ATDr. Newton . '5.0wil v sltr Pickens4
1(asnd 21st stppnga6E rl'
Ei Chong bridge .50 Joh Foserebmrod 1.800
L Cmprdy, brpidge 28205 B W Fotr, blridge 2.85
ore Ca , co table .00 A splers, bridge 1.00
tV DCao, ridew 7.5 J H \ilFarrad wc 2.4
T Claton, radg wk 1.00 FWge N Ton y, o k .0
hilip Chapmon, Bd Eq 7.60 ple . 300tbige28
Lrr Cogries, ridg 260 L C Greean, road wk 1.0
~oorge Chapmon, constable 7.60 John Gilip radgk 15.500
V. Colaeto, bridge wk oo0GoodJRoadiMchspieroad irk 15.0
V Cl'ayton, bridge 81.00 W N Gantt, radksmt 75.98
13ili CdrpmonoBd Eq 6.62 D J Granfth, brnige 2o5.008
urr C- hapman, corn 21660 R~ A Grantt, road wk 1.0
org Capmn, constable 17.80 John Gistrap, road wk 1.50
' Conly bridg 1.00 J Gdraely o, e ar 15.00
Jasaw bridge 8.5 J M Gantt, blakrith 2.90
Ela rayg, road wk 2,75 3'Gloday, Co.-,'bad 48.0
W Childess road 3.6 DJ Griffith, conviets & 55.00
Jal H Chasan foo rn 26.0 B FA Gnt road k 4.20
. 0Codok, road tak 2e' .20 J P Gantt, ridge 3 600
IW Davi, csable 27.81 John Giistrap, road wk. 1.25
11,2511,bide ~ JC Gravelyh, Bdrieq 8.00
lia D ary, burydgei tikes .75 W H Gntrt,bridge 2.00
IWa.saays r &ew 50.65 JohL Glloway, roa l k 60
i) A dens, bidg 2.~ 0 Goo W oa Mrifin , r par .107
P FA -re, rad E37) 3 J Griffith, convicts 51.0
acl Eli . fod- 20 I u trra k30
Union Meeting.
The Union meetiug of the Picken'
3aptist Association vill noot with the
Jroes Roads Baptist church on Sat.
irday before the flIfth Sunday in July
W90 at 10 a. m:
Devotional service conducted by C.
M. Robinson.
Churches pleaso send delegatos.
Queries will be submi t Ai to the
Union for discussion in which it is
hoped every delegato will take part.
Makes Kidneays add Bladder Right
ASK Fot ALLEN'sl FooT-EIAlMY, A Plowiit.
It makes walking easy. Cures Corns, Bunions.
Ingrowing Nails Swollen and Sweatig feet. At
all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 25c. Don't necept
any tubstitute. Mample FusE. Add ress. Al en S.
Olmsted, Le Itoy, N. Y.
These are three common ailnonts for
which Chamberlain's Pain Balm is espco
iilly valuable. If promptly applied it
will save you time, money and suffering
when troubled with any one of there nil
nwunts. For sale bv Pickens Drng Co.,
an1d T. N. Hunter Liberty.
Dear the 1ho Kiid You llave Always Bought
In case of stomach and liver troubl<
the proper treatimnt is to stimulato thiest
organs without irritating them. Orinc
Lix tivo Fruit Syrup nids digestion au
stimli'aten the liver and bowels withoul
irritating thoo organs like pills or ordi
nary catlhartics. It does not nauseatc
or gripe and is mild an.d pleamant to take
For 52lo by Pickens Drug Co., and It.
F. Smith Easley.
"fwi"* Early Risers
74a famous ittle 1111s.
All niniounements under this head iiit h
pakl for lin advance. The fee is $h.00. No car
will be inserte(d unless accompanied by th
above amnoilit.
The many filends of W. G. Maildit hereb
inemoute hin a candidate for Statie Seatito
from Pickens 'ounty, subject to the Demo
cratic primary election.
'Mr. M. W. liester is hereby announced as ;
eandidaite for the SennOt from Pickets county
subject to the action of tho voters in the Deni
ocratic primary.
The tinany friendis of Iton. C. E. Robupil
respectfully announce him as a eandidate ro
the Senate from this county, suiject to the e
tion of the voters in tie Iemiocratic primar
The maity friends of lion. H. J.. ,ohlnston res
pectfuilly antounce him as a cnndidate for Stat
Senator subject to the action of (he voters it
the Democratic lrimiary election.
lion. C. 1I. Carpenter is hereby atnounced w
at candidate for reelection as State Sonato
from lickens county subject to the action o
the voters in the Democraitic.
The many friends of lon. Laban Maild here
by announce him as a candidate for re-electio
to the House of Representatives for Picken
county, subject to the action of the democrati
voters at the approaching primary election.
We hereby noitinate lon. Jlamaaes P. Carey at
a candidate for the louse tf Representai vo
fromt this counitty. Knowintg himt to be1 a mta
Well iiit in every waty to represent ute peCop]<
we feel that his elction will refliet hohtor u po
our cou nty. lie will abide thte resual of the 'ri
mary election.
MAsy I'uinnNa.
'Te inanty frienid of Matjor S. N immttonts hereb
ainnounice htim as a candklatitte for the olhice o
Coiunty TVreasuarer ?f ikeaas counaty~. sual.cet t.
(lhe action of the voters it (lie lDemtocaatic pi
misry electiont.
The manaiy friendls of It. D). Garviai take pleani
iire in annaouncinig him ias a eanndlidate for thm
olluce of County Treiasuarer, subaject to theo resuil
of (lie Democratic primaury.
The friendls of 0. S. Stewart aiereby annioune~~
taim nt canitdate for Ollice of Coutiay TPreaisiira
Pilckents Counaty, subject to (lie aictioat of lDent
ocrat voters ini primairy electiona.
AtL the solicitatiat of many frienads I herech
ndnounce myself aireh mdid1ates fotr reelection t
(lie ofice of Treausutrer of of Plckenas County
subject to the aictiona of (lie voters it the i~
mary election- II . W. y"Ana,
TPhe friends of Jlames Pickents Freean rc
pecfiully atinttnce himt as a candidate for th
oficee of Trasurer of ickenas c'ounity, subijec
to the act of thie Demtocratic pairty (lie pri
miary electiona.
The friends of w. A. Christthhier is hterebv - a
nounces hint for the ohllee of Atudiltr of IPich
enis contty, subject to (te ationi if (the voter
in the primary elcction,
The many frientds of Jatmes A. llendrIck:
hereby ianue htim a tolite for (Oauat
A uiditor of Plckents cototy siubject (o (lie aetilot
of thie De.nocratic P iaryi electiont.
'Te. amity frienids oaf l'. V. 0O'Dell iht reby nua
noun aco himi a caindihiate for (the oflice oaf .\ui
(or for icens couttty. subljet to the laon Ioa
the votersti ithe Demot~craic priatry election,
I hereby annlaountco myself its a enndidtle foi
re-electin atto (lie ollice of C outiay Suaplitendenca
of Ediucationi of Piceker's Couty , sitblject ito(th<
acioin of (lie voters of (lie dlemocaraitic primar3
Atilthesaluttat of meaty voters l''herebti
aninouncte myself a ciaidiate for reelectiont .<
Ithe ofice ol lbrobaute ,Iudge of lekens cout y
stubject to thei ruiles governling thae ptrimary,ele(.
-.J. II. Nxwnsiny.
Th'ie ntaany frienids (If JOE L IH. M ILr.1:it haere.
by anntit~ec haima its a enaatlltie for (lie oflice
> f SupervIsor of P'itcins Couty,'subject to the
uctiona of ihie voters ina the Dematocraitic prinmar y
Maj. G. M. Lytncha is hereby anominated for
o-electin to te ofico aif Supearvlisor oif Pick
ns conunty, subject to thie restilt of theo Demo
rattle primnary
E. F. Looper is hecreby anntonnieed as a canidi
ate for thie offuce Suphervitsor of Pickeni countty
uibject to (the actioni of the voters iaa the Demo
rattic primnary electioni.
The many friends of Wihiami Ells respaecitany
uinounce himt a eaindidutte for thie ollce of
ounty Coimmmtssionter of P'lckens Conntty stub
tct to the nettin of (lie D~emocratic voters it (te
rimary olection,.
Mr. Johin P. Smith is hterebay anomintatedl a
aindidate for re-election to the 01illee of counity
ommnissionier, subject to (lie resualt (af thao
rimary elec*ltin
VTe mnanty frinds of G. W. Hiowein respertfutl
y ianounaco htim as a candidate for ithe tailee oif
Joiunty Comimissioner of P'lckenis conty suit
ct th(le actioni of (lie voters In (lie parimaary
At the earanest solicitatiuji of maniy frienids, I
aereb~y ananotunce myself a cadidiate for Maig'is
ratte ian Pickens Towahip, suibject to (lie resiult
>f (lie D~emocratic prhuniary,
W. C. UniA~stia~lr
At (lae earntest sOliationa of meaty friendas I
gain offer for Mnhagistrate for Piekents townsthtip
ubject to tho actin of (lie primtary (electiona.
JonNs F. iHiats,
TP ieds ofRU 0. 0.iolad ir 6~n
Mason's quart, 650.; b gal. 850. Don't
vait until they are alhl gone.
A lot of boys p)ants 150. White Dim
ty 100., worth 25o. WVhite linen for.
Iraes and waists 15co., sold overywhere
I always want eggs chickens and hams
ud will pay as muob or mo 'lis cash' As
thieraj don a . T . an
A. K. Park, Greenvilli.,
S. C.-Dry Goods, No e
--ttifts and Shoes
# We are now showing the hagest and
# most styliR, up to dato etolC of new
. Spring Goods tlhat wo have over shown. -
1'ine and money was spont in solebt
0 ing this stock, anid we do not hoa8itat to
atato tit vo wR1 givo the best values
for tho iamo mo1.103 that can bo had any
where. When you trade at Park's store,
you protect your pocket-book. That is
why our tia omers stick to us. Wo
pledge you tho hit of storo servigo, and
our goods mist be what wo say they are
or your money given hNck. Our show- 0
ing of wool dress goods is flue--Greys *
are very popular also Silks, Mohairs, #
Cashiiners and Serges- from cheap to
fine goods. Our Black goods are al
vays full we daro not let them run down.
Our Whito goods, and printed lawns
a o 80 CompPte that wO cannot tell of
them. Our prices on theso goods from
5 cents tn 50 cents. Our shirt unid un
derwear department is full of the best
values we over had.
Ladies vests, 5, 10. 15 and 25 cents.
Alon's vests, 25 & 50 ets, can't be beat.
See our Mou's 50 et shirts and you
will buy.
Mons and Ladies Oxfords to suit.your
.0 Salesmen, Mr. Thomas Ligon and Mr.
H llonry4Vt0Kin*noy.
A. K. Park.
West End, Greenville, S. C.
Now is a good time when there are so many Sales going on
in our City, to find out how reasonable we have always been
selling our merchandise and for how less you can buy our
goods now than -the advertised prices of our competitors.
We have still in our always superb stock, some very hand
some two and three-piece suits which we are selling at remark
ably low prices considering the quality.
L. ROTHSCHILD, Greenville, S. C.
I keep the best extract on the market andi have all flavors.
Get your flavors here for your ice creams and cakes and you
will have no cause for complaint.
Luziannee coffee, already ground, in one pound tins can't
be beat at the price, 25C the pound and money back if not
Fresh full cream chese-in my ice box-home raised and
good, at 20c the pound.
Ice cold drinks of all kinds. Best line of Fancy Gro
ceries in town. Your patronage solicited and satisfaction
Try a sack of (opyright. flour-pure andl wholesome.
This wveek it is Laundry soap and washing powders.
Cleanliness is next to godliness
J. McD). Bruce, i. M. Mauldin,
President. Cashier.
CAPiTAL ' - - - $20,500.00
PROFITS - - - . - 1 8,ooo.oo
DEPOSITS - . - - - 140,000.00
-5 Per Cent Interest Paid On Deposits -:
J. F. Banister, B. A. Hagood, .W. M. Hagood,
J. M. Stewart, J. E. lBoggs, J. McD. Bruce.
T. N. Hunter, . H. '4. Richey, J. P. Carey,
-Enders. Greater Sale
Begins Saturday, July 9, at 9 A. M.
High Grade Clothing
Following our usnal cuistomi overy summer we will place on sale our en
tire stock of Hi1gh Grado Clothing, Trousers, WVhite and Fancy Vests at
83 1 3 per cent less than the orginal'price. It is not necessary for us to
close our storo to mark our goods -they aire marked in plin fignres--you1
can figure the price yourself, take off oneo third and pay' us the dlllorenco
and the suit is yours. The ontire stock of ULO'TH[NG goes in the sale
This season's goods-Men's Youths and Childrens' Cloth..
ing-Nothing Reserved: Blacks, Blues and Plaids and Fancy
suits. Every sale has a purpose. Our purpose in holding
this sale is to clean out every spring and sumnmer suit we have
on hand and we have put the prices on them that will move
them. You cannot buy the same grade of goods at these
prices an'ywhere in South Carolina.. The sale opens Saturday,
Jutly 7th, at 9 a. in., fora Two Wee)<s. Remember the place
and bring the cash-we will gve you such values for your
.money that you will go homne happy. Comel
All Clothingh inthM ale, Nothing reserved.
No goodis on approbation.
No goods ,chgrged during this sale..
All alteratidons must be p~aid for during this sale.
H 12oGreehnvine St.eC.

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