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ffh' !ponings of Local and Persiral
T. D. Harris says fruit jars and
1,i;r ibis wok.
Children's Day was celebrated at
-,4y Grove hRt Sunday.
-.Mary, (laughter of Mr. and Mrs.
i. Prince iF quit 3 sick with --rso.
D. F. 'ace ya fine grooori'.; and
.1d drinks. Tb is the trno of year
aced both.
-i1ev. Ciawrord preached at the
o4 farm Sunday, delivering a fine
Nimes Loila and Margaret Evans,
lioun, ore visting the family of
'Boggs, in Pickens.
The school in District No. 29
s next Monday, the 16th instent,
I Miss Jossie Earle as teacher. .
Kcos. ) re-hool, in Dobt -,cL No.
will begin next Monchy, the 16th
nt, I'th John 0. Field -.s teach'
Mrs. B. 14. Robertson, of Clemson
ge, is at her father's, W. T Bow.
confined with a spr' of ft phaid
Mr. G. W. Gignilliat., of Eeneco,
a poi. ion of 1-t week in Pick
lie guest of Solicitor Julius E.
3. F. Parsons, who has been
a two-weeks vacation by the
St're, left Tuesday for a visit to
ve" in Georgia and Alabama.
- N. A Christopher is announced
iditor in this issuo. He has i eld
flice before and will not be a
bond at tbe busine s if elect-d.
Rev. A. W. Nelson, of Andeison
y,-will occupy the pulpit of the
-t lBaptist church, Sunday night.
ybody ;9 co.IOally invited to at
W. H. Johnson, who has been on
wceks vacation with relatives in
ngton returned hone Saturday
.* again lit his post with the "Big
It. A. Bowen is home from a
'a visit to relatives in Greenv'!le
at Taylor';. W hile gone he at,
>d the District Conferen ' at
See chooge of a". of Dr. F. H.
ii, eye er acialtist, in this issue.
.viiil 'a in Pickens, at the Er'lo
store, on Friday and Saturday,
20th and1 21st.
The people of Enon church and
>untding -'ountry are~ in'dt I to
*at the said chm'ch on Friday
'jing l'efore the fourth Sunday in
itable t mls to clee]
3one of thbe most
a- men ,othe county, is an
-iced for county commissioner. He
ell known all over the county and
successful fermer and business
+ and should he be elected the af
Sof the county would be in safe
Hon. Liaban Mauldin offers for re
* ion to the House of Riepresenta
* thii wveek. He needs no intro
tion at our hands, having been
*re the people of the county for
~y years, and the vof3Ys of the
nty H'ow him. Conscientious and
b ful to his trust he will do all he
*for his constituency.
-H. L. Davidson, of the firm of
1kens'& Davidson, wholesale hard
e dealers, of Atlanta, is on A visit,
* his wife and child, to his brother.
~ w, Dr. E. B. Webb, of Pickens.
*Davidson is very much impressed
* our town and county and espec
with our pure water and fine
uato. He is looking at property
and may build him a summer
-W. HI. Crane has a 30--acre field
*otton on the Easley road th~at can..
be beat in the county. He made
--ty hales on this field last yeoar and
has highly manured and well
ken the land anid expects, with no
vidential back set to gather not
*than forty bales of the fleecy sta
off this plot of ground. This is
w iay to farm. He has all of his
ci in fine fix an~d in a high state of
'4 ivation.
-F. V. O'Did! Is announced for
Soffice, and a man who is making
reat sacrifice of private Interests
Senter the race, but because of the
* usbappeal of representative men
i.over the county, has consented to
f'4ke the inace. Should he be elected
-sa county can boast of a splendid
- hi. .sutnezr e f Antloch
sob9ol' will begiu nexKt Monday, Whe
1dth inst., with MI s Bertha Attaway
a~ Meeher.
-The state compaign mciting fir
Pickens county bas been changed
from the 18th of August to the 20th.
Everl body remember the change of
-Lost in E4i4iley on Jun'e 30th a
white and liver colored seVer dog,
named Joe. Finder return to C. F
llo&rk, Easley, or it. . R-wrk, at
Picker-% and gq $5. roward.
-.0. F. Poole has opened a shop in
the H1ollingaworth building and is
prepared to do all kind of painting,
decorating and paper hanging. Give
him a cel if you want a first class job.
-J-lige R. 0. Purdy and family
arrived in Pickens last Saturday to
spend the boated term. They are
pleasantly domiciled in the C. L
Cureton residenco on Pendleton str at
- Mr. James A. HendrieV-, of the
upper section of the county is on
nounced as a candidate for auditor.
He is a son of Hon. M. Hendrie s
and is in every way qualified to 611
the office. Should hK be elected the
people would have no cause to rep'et
their choice or an ofizer.
-Read noti*, of Mnsonic meeting
for Friday night, 13th inpt. at 8:30
All members of Keowee LTrlae are
urged Vi 1) present as business of
importanen is to f i brought up. All
newly el -ted membeia are eapcially
nrged to come -as some side degree
work m'1 be done if possible.
-The picnic that was to have been
at Holder's ford last Saturday wrs
postf 'ncd on oacount of the unfavor
able weather, but will be had sat.
nrday. July 21st, weather p 'rmitting.
Ervervhody invited to at'.ond. This
is an ideal pla o for a picnic and we
arA sure that ever,, one w"o attends
will greatly enjoy the dav,
-TT. Endel, proprietnr of the Globe
Clothing House, Greenville, S. C.; of.
fare all of his immen.e stec at one
third off of former nice . This is a
bonefide sale, no fr.ke at)ut it, has to
make room for his fall stock and rath.
or tlnn carrry goods over he has put
the pi iee within the reach of '1. At
the price it will pay you to buy tn
now for next summer use. See his
ad eqewhere in this paper and call
on him.
--W. L. Harris, of Chorleston, is
on a visit his friend, Congressman
George S. Logaro, in Pickens. Mr.
Harris ii post master of his city and
has the distinction of havinrr the
1- st kept post office in the United
States. A ft-r the recent examination
by the inspectcrs, of the varions pr
sidentir! offiuces in the U. 5,, and
there are over 400 of them, tbs comn.
plimentary report was made to the
Deportment at Washington.
--"'11904, the second week in Judy,
there were 41 candidates announced
for omlce as against 23 at this time,
exclusive of the mnagistrates and those
who were wanting office outside of
the county, e. g., for Congress, Rail
road Commissioner, ete., as follows:
For the House, 5; for Sheri1ff, 7; for
Clork bf Court, 1; for Trersurer, 8;
for Sup -rd ;or, 7T; for County Cornmis
sioners, 10; for Auditor, 1; for Supt.
of ErfucatIon, 1; for Coroner, 9; for
R R. Commissioner, 1; for Congress,
2. The final limit for ann')ucing and
filing pledge is the 28th instant. How
many will hear the bee buzzing and
he-' i its so ft cadenes by that time?
-The young folkuj of town enjoyed
a picnic at Holder's Ford and a moon
light straw ride back to town last
Friday evening. Returning to town
the crowd assembled at Judge Carey's
spacious residence where dancing and
euchre playing weo indulged in.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs.
V. B. Lovett, WVood bury, Ga., ohaper
ones; Miss's Pauline Iziar, Oharles.
ton, Helen Boggs, Florid. Carey, Ves.
ta Ashmore, Lucia and Marie Folger,
E ile -n Taylor, Josie P ogs, Pickens;
Messrs. L. 0. Mauldin, Le Roi and
Brure Ioggs, Chbr istie Robinson,
Julius Boggs end James P. Carey, Jr
of Piokens. A very enjoyable evening
was spent by the young p?'ple.
-Messra. Geo. S. Legare, W. .1..
Harris, L. C. Thornley, and othere,
loft Monday for a few days' fishing on
the bead waters of the Saluda, behind
Table Rock and Bald Knob. This is
an excellent fishing ground and many
a member of tbe finny tribe is lfted
out, at each dip It in presumed that
they will have a nice trip, banting the
chigres, snakes and other "varmints."
They, we presume, are "fixed" for
most of the discomforts, though, ror
the chigre can be gotton rid of by a
good deal of scratching and liberal
appH~cations of greese; wvhile the "na
tives' have up there a known anti
dote for "snake bite" as weoll as rem
edies for the other ''discomfo)rtP."
Gentlemen, here is hoping you ar e
having the time of your lives, the
purest, coldest and best (water) you
evtr drank and the finest fish you
Want your moustache or beard
abeautiful brown or rich black? Use
A Gift For Our Customer.
1 -1
@- - POW0Elt
in Every Package of Colgate's Dental Powdes
We Cive a Piesent of a cake of
Cashmere Bouquet Soap
FREE, (Guest Room Size) FREE
t A Wonderful Bargain.
Pickens Dru
The Star. Were Once Human Eyen.
The most remarkable belief or super
stition concerning the human eye is
one that Is current in Australia.
Among the natives of that-country it
is the general belief that the left eye
of every chief becomes a star the mo
ment the chief in question is done with
it. The sun, they say, Is the eye of the
"greater god" and the moon the eye of
the "lesser god." All the stars were
once the left optics of human beings of
high rahk. Shungle, a celebrated chief.
once ate the eye of a vallant chler,
thinking thereby to Increase the bril
liancy of his own "eye star." But the
eye burned through Shungle's belly
and killed him, whereupon his own left
eye became joined to the one he had
eaten, and the two may now be seen
as a beautiful double star lying just to
the east of the Southern Cross.
Liquid Corn.
An easterner was prospecting In the
north Georgia mountains when he
came on a native apparently clinging
to the side of a steep hill tilling corn.
The prospector stopped for a chat,
and the mountaineer, nothing loath for
a rest in the shade from his fatiguing
toil, was agreeable.
"Say, friend, how in the world do you
get the corn down off that hillside aft
er it is ready for harvest?" asked the
"In Jugs," was the laconic and prob
tbly truthful reply.--Atlanta Georgian.
Seal. Learning to Swinm.
Young seals do not know how to
swim. They have to become gradual
ly accustomed to the water either by
enterIng It to paddle about by them
selves or by being carried into it in
their mothers' jaws. They have great
fear of the waves that break into foam,
and as soon as they see one applroach
lng take to flight In terror and do not
turn round until they have ascended
to a very high place above the sea.
It Ihappens.
"You are a very successful prophet,"
we said. "Will you tell us the secret
of your success?"
"Certainly," the sage replied In a
kindly tone. "As it Is always 'bie un
expected that happens, I merely proph
esy the unexpected."- American Spec
Winebiddle-I hear that you dictated
to your new typine an impassioned love
letter to another girl. Gildersieeve
Yes, it was a fictitious sweetheart. I
wanted to nip In the bud any designs
she might have on me In a matrimonIal
way.-London Mail.
Give Up.
When a burgler asks the conundrum,
"Where's your money ?" it is generally
the wisest plan to give it up.
Now is the time to buy Chanmberlain's
Chiolic, Oholera Diarrhoea Remedy. It
is certain to be needed sooner or later
and when that time ecfnes you will need
it badly-you wmt need it quickly. Buy
it now, it may oave life. For s-le by
Pickens Drug Co. and T. N. Hunter
Masonic Call.
A speciel meeing of Keowee Lodgc
No. 70, Fi. and A. M. will be held on
Friday evening, July 18th, inistinti
for the purpose of deoinig plane foi
building a now hall. All Masons,
members of this lodge, are urged tc
be present. By order of,
J. L. Bait, W. M.
F. E~. Cox, Seory.
Do you like your thin, rough,
short hair? Of coturse you
don't. Do 'you like thick,
heavy, smooth hair? Of
course you do. Then, why
Hiair Vigor
-not be pleased? Ayer's H-air
Vigor mnakes beautiful heads
of hair, that's the~ whole
story. Sold for 60 years,
i hvi e . .I A - rs Ilair vior fr t, In
rs.rsluilln. J. . . A'r u, &ail, nmudI .
$.0a bot.L in. J.(c. A v x n (g,,
Al lrmtEI.-. for . WI.M~*
Weak Hair
Keep theno in .h., ots.
Take one when you feel bil
fous or dizzy. They sct di
rectly on the liver.f ; 0.0.9.
#&" Qn . of PR UGOAS .X A aC.,uan..
We have a full line
of Colgate's Per
Ismes, Soaps
and Toilet
There Are No Better
Goods Than Colgate's
Halluns Backache and Kidney
Pills are guaranteed to be good.
g -Company.
[email protected] A_ \i1NOYsif 4&-PAINTING-TOR
I have ope'red a PAINT Simo in the
t1ollingwuith store, forinerally ocou
pied by J. T. Fennell, corner of Maio
and Pendleton streets, and will dona
general paint.ng business, including
houses, carriages, furniture, etc, alst
paper 'langing. If you want first
Olpos work give me a trial. See mi
samples of wall paper.
Resp tfully,
G. F. Pool.E.
Child Not Exiected to Live fron On
Hour tp Aounther, but Cured by Chan
berlains' Coli, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Ruth, the little daughter of E. N.
Dewey of Agnewville Va., was seriouily
ill of chol ra infantumn 1Ist summer.
"W gave her up and did not expect hei
to l've from one hour to another," he
says. "I bappenod to think of Cham.
'erlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy ond got a bottle of it from thow
store. In five hours I naw a change foi
the better. We kept on giving it and
before she had taken the half of one small
bottle she was well." This remedy is sold
by Pickens Drug Co. and T. N. Hun
ter, Liberty.
Foley's Honey and Tar has cured
many cases of asthma that were consid;
ered hodeless. Mrs. Adolph Bucsing,
701 W'e Tpird St., Cavenport, Iowa
writvs: "A sevee cold contracted twelve
years ago wasi neglected, until it finally
grew into asthma. The best medical
skill available could not give me more
than tempjorary riefo, Foley's Honey
and Tar was recommended and one fisty~
cent bottle entirt ly cured ne of esthmna
whech had been growing on me fod twelve
sears. If I had taken it at the start 1
wvould have noon saved years of suffer
ing." Pickens Drug Co.
Orino Lavativa Fruit Syrup gives per.
mancent relief in case of habitual consti
pationc as it stinmulates the liver and re
stor( 3 the net ural nction of the bowvela
without irrit ating these organs like pills
or ordinary catharties. Does not nau
seate or gripe and is mild and pleasant
to ike. R member the name ORINO
and refuse substitut. i. Pickene Diug
Co. _____ _
after your meals. See the effct it will
procuce on your general feeling by di.
gesling your food andhelpingyour atom
ach to get itself ir'to shape. Many stom
ach are overworked to the point whore
they refuse to go further. Kodvl di
gests your stomach the rest it needs,
while its reconstructive properties get
the stomach back into working order.
Kodol relieves flatulence, sour stomach,
palpitatica of thle beart, belching, etc.
Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
."I was a loser in a twenty year battk
with chronic piles and malignant nres,
until I tried Bucklen's A nica Salv'e
which tu'rned the tide, by curing both
till not a trace remains," writes A. M
Bruce of Frmiullo, Va, Best for ok
Ulcers, Cuts, Burns and Wounds. 25<
at Pickens Drug Co.
It is always wvell to have a box of selv(
in the horso. Sununrn, cuN-, bruises,
pii and boes yield to DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve. Shoi'd keep a box on
hand at a"t times to provide for emlmer
g nci' t. For years the standard, but
fol'owed by many imitators. Be sure
you get the genuine DaoVitt'se Witch
Hazel Sr've. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
A wvatchmian's neglect permittedl a leak
in the great North Sea dlyke, which a
child's finger could have stopped, to bc
come a ruinous bcreak, dovestation en
ent ire province of Hollind. In like muan
1e~r Kineneth Mclvor, of Vanceboro, Me.,
permiitted a little cold to go unnoticed
until a tragio finish Was only averted
b~y Dr. King's Nowv DiPoovery. lie
writes: "Three doctors give imc upl to
die of lung inflammation, aellRd by a
n14 glected cold; but Dr.1(ing's New DIis
covery saved my life. Gnaranteed best
cough and cold mire, at Piekens drug
store, 500 and $1.00. Trial bottle free.
A sweet breath adds to the joys of a kiss
You wvouldn't want to kiss your wyife,
mnotheor or sweetheart with a br I breath.
You canl't have a sweet breath with~ont a
lknabiby stomach. You cane't have ue lheI-'
thy stornach w'ithodt perfect digestion.
There is only o remedy that digests
what you eat aned maekes the breath as
swveet as -a ro'4--and( that remedy is KO
DOL1 FOR D)Y8PEPSIA it is a relinf
for sour stomuach, palpetatlion of th - heart,
and oaher ailments ari-inug (romn disorder
of the stomachel and( digeationi. Taklo4 I
lit tle K~odol after your meals and see
what itivill da for you1. Sold b~y Pick
' ns Drug (Jo.
Bea the Th Kind You aes Aiw Bouht
- ~,'..........
JULY and
Our annual OLEARA
tinue throughout July i
ductions along all lines
at a song.
20C White Lawn to go at i5c. 1 5c M
White Lawn to go at ioc. ioc White Lai
mercerized white goods to go at 15 per
broideries to go at a big sacrifice.
Oxfords in all colors, white, black, and t
go at 25 per ceut discount.
The immense clothing trade we have h
stock, but we still have some rare borgains
can buy a suit at 25 per cent discount. AA
suits and serge coats.
Dont miss this opportunity for bargains
the immense fall stock we are buying.
Just received a solid car barbed wire anc
and hay, with prices right.
Our stock of stoves, hardware, furnitur
from implements, of every description, ni
Always the best, and the best is always i
We hope'to have our new building com,
pleted it will give us more room than any I
able us to display to a better advantage, 0
we carry. Call on us for anything you nei
and our prices are always tight.
Folger, Tho:
[Clothing, Shoes, Hats a:
Goods a Specialty. Sol
Hats, Walk-Over Shoe
and Mitchell Wagons.
Supersedes'Time Tablo No 4
Effeoctive March 10 1906
R~ad D~own Read Up
No 12 No 10 BTA TIONS No 11 No 9
Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed
4:4 jm 10:0 am lv Piekenas ar 2:6m7:5p
5:15 pm:5 am ar Easoy lv :6pm 7:0 pm
*Flag Stations
No. 2r0 cornnet with Southern Railway No 39
.o 2 con ects with Souter aia y4o1
No I I connects with Southern Railway No 40
gg" or any information app'y to
J T1 TAYLOR Gen Manager-.
Art,.! and Departure of Taine, Green.
6:3ra ,and i stermn e at stt is arrive at
Lau rena 9:00 am.
22:15 p o. <3 aily for Laurenr Cliton
to conectig at Su p irwth A . I ,
anlestersi cities, and at I aurens with C.
trail No 2 for Greenwood, A ugusta, etc.
Snser P;t p i harlesto 9:0 partan.
burg 3:305 5m Greenwood 2:46 p mn, p lf
ren and iermediate sions.t Arrivoa ______________
Lai renis6:40.
0 n ai eep tt Sudy fro
ti uens and intermdiat statos
3:25 p i, O 52 daily from Charleston Sumtr
A ugusta, Greenwood l', atrons, etc.
rrarln o. h2 ad e3 arunt through between
j. W. Ligon, Agt.- Geo. TI. llryan GJel. Agt.
Rt. M lirand, Tiraf, Mais. Auuta, a.
Froni this date I will be in the
vistors offlce every two weeks of nou,. .
day's after Saleday in each w~th andp
Tuesfiay two weeks after each' salieday o ygo ok
to transact busine-ss.
0. M. LYNCH,
May 8th 1906 Iluervlsor. . . T
1 MI
_NCE SALE will con
nd August. Big re
.6 White goods to go
Ihite Lawn to go -at 12y"c. 12 1-2c.
ivn to go at 8 1 -3c. Beautiful line of
cent discount. All Laces and Em
an for men, women, and children, to
ad this spring nearly cleaned uip our
to offer, if your size is in the lot you
e still have a nice line of two piece
,we are obliged to make room for
i nails, fresh car flour and car of corn
owers, rak i
Wie cheapest
pleted by August 15th. When co m
ilding in the county, which will en
te large stock of general merchandise
ed, for we are always pleased to serve
Ifnilfesh cAlund ca fcon
e hanets foStto
os, Iron King Stoves
Ineted byAgst isnaofth Wheninem
ouna inte county whenich wil hen
elaesc ofh eeraledchanis
ad" h week. Prabylae o srve
bed enpctsn Fomthnbihing
one afentors aborutkeso
ime ths leason ispassed heSntlittle
"ad"ctes wek. rbrnfacy priou Inv
early spring most any thing that can
make a fuss like a frying chicken
will sell for twice its value, but now
most everybody has had a sample and
are now looking for chickens that aro
fit to eat. So if you want good prices
for your chickens through the glutted
season let them grow. We are still
in the business and will do our best
as we have always done to hold up
the price. Come to see us with your
chickens and eggs and supply ywur
wants from our well filled store at
honest prices. Respectfully,
CnAio Bnoa.
and Photographs!
For a photograph that is true in every
ense, just as the cameora sees you, every
eature sharp and clear, every detail shown
a what I give.
Only the best material that is used wvill
e found in my wotk. My many satisfied
atrons, their repeated orders, is an attest
I do framing and enlarging.
YLOR. Easley. S. C.

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