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-t' Laxative
that does grip
or nauseate.
lleasant to take.
Farmers' Union
Bureau of
-conidli(ted by the
South Carolina Farmers' Edticational and
co-OperItive Union1.
Commun iicatjints intended for this depart
nitcit shou1(l be addressed to J. C. Stribling,
Pendlcton. South Carolina.
Large Crops Cause Disaster.
In India, China and other coun
tries the peoplo starve because of
their failuro to make good cropel
In our cotton growing States we
have panics and starvation when
we make our largest crops of cot,
ton-our great staplo crop.
Do you know of any other agri
cultural country on the earth that
starve on acount of its abundant
havest? Do you know of any of
our manufacturing industiies of to.
day that starve out on account of
over-production? No! They know
more about their business than to
allow their successful production
to ho the meais of their down fall!
Why can't cotton farmers man.
age their affiirs like the ianiufac
turers do thoir? Because the farm
er has refused to organizo and take
their own business under their own
controll That is all there is of
this affair!
What is the lenie(ly for disastrous
ovor-production? In eitlr-r case of
over-production of crops of mnanu
factured products theire is hut one
remedy-producers iust take care
of their own elrpluH products or
other men bf more buoiness thought
and foresight will do this for their
benefit, which will always work out
the inevitablo ruin of the producers
and fatoning profits to the nonpro.
ducors who apply the business tact
that the producers have failed to do
for their own interest.
What do sensiblo manufacturers
do when the trend of the markets
for their products indicate over
production? Do they tumble over
each other like cotton producers do
in their rush to the farmer, the
Conlsumers of their goods, and ask
the farmor what he will give him
for his surplus, and finally toll the
farmer in so many words, "Seo here,
now, we men did not take our goods
to eat or wear we made these things
for you farmers, and if you don't
needi them, you must take this stuff
of our hands at your own) prico?"
No I organized manufacturers do
nlot actsa fool like thati But cotton
farmers have beeni doing that kind
of foolish business for forty years.
When our production threatens dis.
* aster to manufacturers they simply
call a meeting through their or
* ganizations of their particular in
t'rest, take an inventory of all their
sug~jus products on hand anld re
duce their production pr~o rata
among themselves until the do
mnand catches up wit h their suppluis
stocir and output.
If tile mlanufacturor has too much
of his working capital locked up in
surplus products in well insurod
warehouses he can put tip his sur-,
plus prodlucts as collateral for mon
ey to carry on his b~usinoss with In
stead of dumping his products upon
the market at ruinous pl ices in or,
der to repeat thle suicidal perform
ando agrini in prodlucing more sur
plus, the wveight of whlich is sure to
crush the life out of his buini~ess.
That sulicidalt process in thle very
essence of the canno of the disas.,
trous results of an over-pr'odusetion
of our great money crop, cotton, in,
the South I F'or the lack of a eys
tematic business organization like
the Farmers Union to control the
production and the marketing of
* our cotton, we have hlerotofore un-i
dertook to protect our interest ein
glehanded against a welil organizeod
body of business men. Every cot..
ton producer has been~1ighting his
own interest by trying to take care
of himself and let the devilcatch
"Obamberlain's Stomiachi and Liver
Tablets have done mec a groat deal of
good," says 0. Tiowns, of Rat Portage,
Onitario, Cannda. "Being a mild phyziC
the after effect are nlot unpleasant, and
I oari recommend them to all who suffer
from .tomachi disorder.'' For sale by
PokenN~rug Co. and T. N. Hunter
s Kind du Hve Aiwa og
Kevn 41 tati' foripy and Tar is
the the txatii'botgh syrup anid
Somin allnhtfd necessary- to re.
lieve t 'ii 1 purgoi the syntoni of
cold. Ooh ifoopiate, Sold bf the
* ip....D...g...
iative Fruit Syruj
9 Drug Company and Dr. R. F. SmI
the hindmost man, and the result
has been that the devil usually
gets the whole crowd of foolish, un
organized cotton growers.
No Protection for the Unorganized Cot.
ton Planter.
When the huntsman's hounds
strike the trail of game, tho 'possum
has his hollow log for his protection,
foxes have their holes and the rae
coon has his den, but when cotton
bears strike out on the trail of the
unorganized cotton grower, this un
worthy sori of the South hath- not
whore to lay his head.
When well organized, the farm
ing interests of our cotton belt
would be the greatest money power
on the continent; our cotton inter,
est properly organized would be the
biggest giant among all our giants
of tradesmen.~ But, in its unorgan
ized state the Southern cntton pro.
ducers have been held up before
the world in ridicule as the sinall
ost giant on earth. Farmer-oot.
ton growers-have you not more of
that faculty of sense of selfpreser..
vation than the foxes and raccooi.s
of the forest? Men, come together
and act like men, concentrate your
labor and money in a community
warehouse. Prepare your fortifica.
tions now while we have compara
tive quiet-on the cotton market, and,
above all, act together in pricing
your cotton. Let cotton producers
confer with each other as to what
their cotton is worth; never again
allow the wily bears to bear your
goods down to suit hi8 idea ol
Frightful Loss in Fertilizers.
We are in position, wo think, to
prove the satisfaction of most any
reasonable, intelligent farmer that
South Carolina cottoil farmers this
yoar have lost enough money in
aminoniatod fertilizers to build a'
least one good warehouso in eacl
cotton county of tho State. Perliaps
ninoty per cent of those that use
aminmoniated fertilizers put this am
moniatod fertilizers in the ground
bofore the soed is planted. And
yet we nre told by the chemist that
the mtost valuablo constituents in
these ahinmoniiated fertilizers are
soluble in water, and if not soluable
in water that they aro no good.
After the ton days of heavy rains
we had in June there is not enough
of this ammonia loft in the st l to
make cotton enough for a monkey
We want a new cultivator with a
fertilizer distributor to p)ut out
those v'ery soluablo fertihizers along
on the groundi ahead of the cultiva
tor and stir this nitrate of soda and
other ammoniiatedl goods in the soil
after the roots are there to feed
uponl this volatilo food before it is
leaked out or evaporated. We
musiit imake at least two applica
tions of these fertilizers after the
roots of' the crops are there to feed
upon01 this quick acting fortilizc r.
Thio laxativo effect of Chamberlain's
Stomach andi Liver Tablets is so agree
n~bo and( so natural that you do not real
ize it is the effect of a medicine. F'or
sale by Pickens Drug Ce., and T. N.
Hluntor, Lbiberty.
What Ails You?
Do you feel weak, tired, desipondent
have frequent headaches, con ted tongue,
Ntter or bad taste Ininmoining, "heart
b~urnl," belchinug of gas, aeid risings in
Lhroat after eating, stomach gnaw or
nurn, foul breath, dIizzy spellis, poor or
pariabile apiietl te, nanusea at times and
(inidred symnptomus ?
IfI you have any 'onusiderahido number of
he above symptoms you aire suifering
romu Iliousness05t, torpid liver with inudi -
e'stioni or dlyspopsia. Dr. Pierce's Giolden
bled ical Discovery is maitde up of the most
~aluabloe medici nal principles k nownu to ]
nledical sciene for the pernminent cure of J
tih abntormaln coniditionis. .It is a most
Allent liver Invigorator, stomach tonic,
owel regulator and nerve strengthener.
'rThe " (bldeni MedIcal I1)iscovery " is not
L atent med'ticinoe or secret nostrum, a
ull list of its inigredients being printed~
'i its bottle- wvra pper and attested under
ath. A glancee at its formula will show
that it contains no alcohol, or harmful
habit-formiing drugs. It is a iluid extract 0;
made witLb pur,, triple1- reilhted glycerino,
of proper strength, from the roots of the
following 'itivo Amerieat forest plants,
viz., Golden1 Seal root, Stone root, Black
C ela rit Qeen's root, Bloodroot, and
ailt oiuli iadling medial aliehritiesj
Toots for the ciure of justucWh ndlforegoing
M. ). of Jefferisonj Med. C'oll - . i'ilar ~thow
M. H av, M n.. o niv o- a.; i'rof. hdwin.
Chcao Prolf. Johnin n Med coli p
aurnceJonso M D., Med o
.AY;e-rif. E is)neoy lifigwo. t o
of Materl'a Medica and Prof. In b~nt
drtsal iCar toI
nuffalo, N. Y., and1 recoive free boo lc~
extracts from writings of all thlt anv >vuliv
cal authors and mnany oth~ers endorsingiJh
S~tongtst )ossile torn~s. tnc ad mlO''~
grelone~ of which ."Goldoen MedicM r)
covor "ia comn sod.
invi rorte stomah eliver arn boel sTey
nay "to sed In conjtunc-itin with "olon
Mo( iicDlisco(very" if bowels are hnch cn
Stomac:** 11ver
trouble and
Chronic Constipation,
th, Easley.
KidneINTrouble 71Kes Y tifiserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news.
papers is sure to know of the wonderful
.___ cures made by Dr.
. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
the great kidney, liver
and bladder remedy.
It is the great medi
.Cal'riumph of the nine.
\'teenth century; dis
covered after years of
scientifie research by
Dr. Kilmer, the emi
- nnt kidney and blad
der specialist, and is
wonderfully successful in promptly curing
lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trou
bles and Bright's Disease, which is the worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not ree
ommendedfor everything but if you havekid
ney, liver or bladder trouble it will be found
just the remedy you need. It has been tested
in so many ways, in hospital work, in private
practice, !%-cng the-lelpless too poor to pur
chase relief and has proved so successful in
every case that a special arrangement has
been made by which all readers of this paper
who have not already tried it, may have a
sample bottle sent free by mail, also a bock
telling more about Swamp-Root and how to
find out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
When writkig mention reading this generous
offer in this paper and
send your address to
Dr. Kilmer &Co., Bing
hamton, N. Y. The
regular fifty cent and nomoof swainp-toot.
dollar sizes are sold by all good druggists.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer'a
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
N.Y.. on evory bottle.
When you .want plonsant laxivt
that is easy to take and cortain todet, usc
Chami orlain's Stomnoh ani Liver til)
lets. For sale by Pickens Drug Co. nut1
T. N. Hunter Liberty.
1785 CO1,TLEGE OF ulA R1-STON 19N
Charietston, South Carolinn.
Entrance exominations will be helb in ith(
County Court House on Friday,.luly id, at 11, . in
One Free Tuiition Seholarshlip to eich ciuty o1
South Carolinn awardedt by the 'utlly Snyt,
of Educatioi an( .1udge of l'robnte. Hloarit ain
furri ilie'lroom in )oriltory, *11 a iiiiiti. Al:
tandidates for adinission tire ptermlitted to coi
pete for vnennt Hoyee -elnlrslipsi whithi pn)
$100 a year. For entalogtie Informalt ion, atil ret!
Harrisoi Randol ph, 'resnieiii.
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys and bladder right
Evory person shoule know that goot1
health is impossiblo if tho kidney are
doranged. Foley's Kibney Cur will cure
kinney and bladdor diieaso in every
form, and will build up and strongthen
those organs so the will perform their
fundtions proderly. No dangea 01
B3right's distionso or diabotes in Foley'
Kiduny Curo la taken in tine. Pi-cnl
D)rug Co.
Chiltdren like Kennedy's Laxative Hion
0oy antd Tar. The piensantest and best
.cough syrtly to take, becauso it containe
no opiates. Sold by Pickena Drug Co.
A llen's l.'oot-Eie, a powdler, cuires Tiired, Ach
liug,Swentling, Swollent feet. Sample sent FRltmE
ails Samle of FEooT-KANK. SANITAIIY ConN PA!)e
11e 1 iitycnitioni. Address. Alen S. Olmsted, in
Bears the Ih idYou flave Always B0ulgi
frerence bteen an Acae nd an sncc :ie Ar.
choose wisely--discrihnlnateI Get S STMvENsi
rut yasi ofI experiencels behInd our Ii/rd and
Itillo Tolescopes, Etc.
IAsk yourdealer and InsIst ISend 4c in stamps for 140
ons the STBVINS. Ifyou i3a0 catalog dtescriblgI
cantobtain, we shipdi. 1the entire STflVzttN lin.
fano Pr$~flIofeyIiueaei n
pect ofcatalog prce.,ing, Anunitiuon, E'tc.
Bteautiful thsred-color Aluminum IHanger will be for.
S warded for so centu In stamps. q.
. P.O.Dox4o96
Ccopc PFAI.LS, MASS.. U.s.A,.'
'Will let to the lowest repons'ble bid.
i'r the removing of Cox and Farra
Iridgea to the now site-at Farrs Mill, on
uly 5, 1900,'betwveen 11 and 12 o'clock'
Supervisor Greenville Cg.
0. M. LYNCH!,
.Supervisor Pickons Ce,
Bridqe Notice.
I will Jet the building of a bridge
erass Rices' C'reek, near A rlail place
I Satturday, July 14th, at 11 a. mi.
J. P. Smith, Co. Corn.
grYOUNG LADIES, Roanoke, V.
pns Sept. 25. 1906. One of the leading 8'chools
r Yonng JIlt..es in the South . New buildIng
ones and equippment. Campus ten acre,. Grand
ountain scenery in Valley of Virginia, famed
r e. Euonperan adAmerican teahes
hue and ElocutIon. Cel ileates Welleeloy.
uU from 80 States. For catalognse address
~ ~.. .O'DELL
-. F. D. No. 5 IEASLFW, S. C,
Cures all Coughs and The
Clover BX
a s ai s t s in expelling som and the
Colds from the Boney See
System by boetve.r
gently moving
the bowels.
A certain cure
for croup and
(Yerate Uark nestrt.
L 0. DeWITT & 00.. ONIOAQO. U. S. A.
Sold by Pickens Drug Co
C'leanges and beautlftei the hair.
Inr t oa fltoutore Gray
Cures scalp diseases ahatralng
and 1.00 at Dru late
Job work of e
donehere with1
Railroad and
Letter and Note I
and Statemien
and at reaso
G-ive us
Senti nel=Journa
I have a
Among thorn nro the recomn
Clocks with weights, which:
And a new lirne of SILVER
Silver WATOHES. WA nico li
glassos to fit eyes. All kin(Is ol
HI. SNiDER, ..
J. F. Harris is still in business
self. Come around and get s,
chandise, but don't all come
.24 pound sack of good fic
other things according, mi
which is as high as H-amat
seed, Bliss, Early Rose, I
Hebron, by the peci
"" tt
after a
sweeps all thc
d "Makes You Well All Over." Those pains are j
reatens the entire system. Headaches, Pains, Ba4
ling indicate that you need
Ouhiey. Nlasq... ]Iuly is, 100. G"rqd ao-yz
bitt Chemical Co. fiti .%ziore. uy1. 1 haticsAf rrd 20
aar Sirs: I was 14i I i) last Novemner %vit), Methodicit mn
'Limatsili I my 1d -ill nkles, tint alter takinic MOM,. Slik P J.~hi
bottles of R heumacide I have not bee, bothered WilkCc1, of Dillon
c. I tried every old kird of liniment and wai Wcri7 ctrawi up
Or two (octors. aInd al I i tried had the same re- at once.. Sampi
until I cot R hlelluacide. Now, I am pleased to
it s [lt lei necessary for ne (o talte ally
1liii fov R lnlii mn sinace FeIrua rv last. I1c-OBBT"
rybodly (~hat I recommelidedl it to inas hiad the
c results. Yours very truly.-U
P. RANACiAN. Manager.
QUinIcy industrial Co-operative society. .Th
R. hDITOR: Please say to your readers and- ill
Complete lithe of Reliable goods which ii have
fact, at the prices which I ani (ioting I consi
carry a little of "annything and evry thing," and am
WEAR ond HEAVY KNIT SHIRTS; also, a good li
From now until Christmas we invite the ladic
Will make the same offer as the above to th
Trunks, Valises, Gents' Furnishings, etc. The nic
Flour, salt and barbed wiie l)y the car load to
A complete line of the good kind of furniture
Iron King stoves and Chattanooga.Plows-two very i
the best of their kind on the market. Chinaware, (
wears well.
A full line of U~ndertakers' goods and a nice 11
Your patronage solicited and you will be treat
P. S.--All personis owing the estate of W. TI.
as early as possible.
very description____
1.eatness and dis
money to buy a bi
0or perhatps you n
rent. Wouldn't
y'ou cani own abi
Comml f1e rc ia ""I~
the Cotton Belt
t a land is increasin1
ting A trip to the
leads, 1Bill HeIads e
Es, clone neatly 9
nabl e pr'ices.
r ,ial L- P.Smith, T.
~ood lmio of
endcable old style Seth Thomas
am selling at spccial bargains.
WARE. Also solid Gold andl
ie of Spectacles; I guaran te
repair work in the jewelry lino. ~ DV
- Easley, S*. UCUE
__M B~st
m agisi eea e- 3 UL Cil
at oce.I wll ell oura' N.l pe.pl INGi
ur fr 50cent. An all Saf bloesUTN ha
~us Mat an Drie Frui
at th ay old stani byhim nE rsT pa
at once I will se lf a'e centlc
Rheumatism Is an Internal dis
ease and requires an Internal remedy.
RHEUMACIDE "Gets at the Joints from
ie Inside," and that is the reason It Cures
11 other remedies have failed. Rheumacide
poisonous germs and acids out of the blood
anger signals, warning you of a disease that
I Taste In the Mouth, that "No-Account"
/ir-oki Ks. Mry Weborn of High Point, N. r., after she
Izr.Casred Reiv. J. Ft. WAheeor TOYer 'Od 4ftendihg
tor, of toisterstown, Md. Cured Jobn F.crsknd f aling
is Hopnj riospital had compItely faileod. ue. o alt
, S. C.. i-fter ho had bon in bcd threo Years and h Jares
Rgainst ids back. Bette, got a bottle from Your Druggis
bottle and booklet FR1 i you send 5 cents for postare.
3's Danger in Delay..
y friends that I an "still at the Old Stand," with a
for their inspection and sale at very close figures. In
der the goods ttroRaro Bargains. Toll thom that I
solling at a close pr)ofit.
We have thema also, SUITS, PANTS, UND R1
ne of OVE R-0ES.
s to Call and we will make them close prices on
mon folks on Clothing, Shoes, Hate, Undorclothing,
est line of these goods we Lave ever carried.
go at prices that defy compotition.
and nico matting, carpeting and rugs. Agont fei
iecssary things in every wll regulated family and
Nassgware, Agateware, 'inware and other ware that
oGuv McFaIl
MIcIall w ill pleaso come forwal d and make Bettlement
he Land of BIO CROPS
cing as much off your farnm as you ought? 1%, doubt you are
an. ''Ihe trobl m110i the land costs too much. It takes too much
tg farmn, andl so you ore trying to make a living on a small farm,
ro reung one and paying a goodi share of what you raiso, iln
it be' be ttei to go whoe the price of good land in no little that4
g faim --where every acre of the ground is working for you
is payintg y ou good profits?
ousands of acr en of ferile land in Snth west along the line of
Rtonto' thtat cau be bought for froin S3 to $10 an acre. This
ini valuech y~ Iear.
the Southwest at Small Cost
Southwet woulid conrvince y'ou that your bent interest lay in
ettliog there.I ITh trip nu be0 made at very little expeniso.
)n tho first and third TJues~day of eatch month you p~urchase a
O,>uit til) lic ket to any pointt in the S~outhwest on via of tho
..otten Relt Route at Vtery lowv rates. Stop-overs wvill be al
Owe for yo (u to exatmine tin? locnlity you are interested in.
\\ ritol at once for free copitet of bo~oks descr ibin~g this won
lorful cuntry and for full information about. cost of tiolhets.
P. A., Cotton Belt Route, 203 Equitable Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
ior Disappolnt Our Patients.
Every Promise and Never Hold Out False Ho!e.
tricture without tho knife or bougle andi 'aricoeie 'vithout
alut or dete ntion from busiines Vontagttous BlioodA Poisoi
eturn, withon~ut yneroury or aninoral anIxtare; 1.05 s i f
Vigor Posi tivel y enred; no Atinulaut. but permabo~
Tho ing utatot Co. g an i tutist organ zedue n e
it i iut ton, i th clitof const ti Apectast, etfIi w
byaet oa t to tree tnint of ch rolo dieases (s unsurps.
sowo use both inodicat a <d otoericai agencis.faa
eO ur oetar u tpa d h t' b sit th " * viin *. . rdG
tained and ficlonrt attendaita, regularty qua itlao auh
Weeptoy not ntoinaig moans to secuire patfiente
y t li instuto. Our erms fo rearo are fron5.0
to $10.00 por month, (miodlice inoiu dod) and we give the asus
ante of a euro wtth in a spootlded imio.
19. CHRONIO DlSEA SES.01 n!"""*e'"it'cir'ondsoaseb
hh,. u ich as Kidney andi iadi er troubles, Ilhethattarn
. Is.unoJi*ae'gis'eofo Wosmen sucT ae f'isuiaoeo.s
varewAs. unnatural DirscharOs, and suchi wonine sea of wouinon,
youo iterure, nicl iditilo symnptomn blanaks for ahorne trea neuet
EDIGAL00s M .'n"aha Pctre. Aanta GA.
tton has put lots of money in the country.
ave been robbed and killed for their money,
ve tried the
at the money. Delays are danorerouls. Open
them today and your money wili be safe.
tdO time dep)osits.
. H. C. Shirley, Cashier.
open an account with the Liberty Bank.

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