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SEntered April 28, 1903 at Pickens, S. 0., as second class matter, under act of Congress of March 8, 1879.
A Rich and Rare Account of the State
Campaign Meeting at
., Edgefield.
The followiik47 account of the
State campaign meetnig at FAge'.
field, from the Edgefield Ohronicle,
written in Col. James T. Bacon's
inimitabie style will be read with
great interest by the people of the
State, throwing a side light on the
campaign that ciinnot fail to charm.
Edgefield's State campaign meet.
ing took place day before yester.
day and was really in many re
spects more of a social than a pol.
itical affair. Our court house was
crowded to excess and perhaps more
than half the pop)le were ladies.
Not only the ladius of our town
and vicinitv came out, but also
many from 10 and 12 miles away,
.cs1peciaily. from Trenton. Before
10 a. in. dozens of privileged old
men, heads of tribes, and dozens of
ease loving young men in wet shirts
had entrenched themselves in the
best places in the court house say,
Ug to themselves, "Soul and body
take thine ease." But they had
reckoned vainly. As fair .women
in white and lilac gowns and pink
roses began to pour in, the ease
loving mon were promptorily and
ignominiously routed.
Chairman Rainsford is an emi
nently courteous and chivalrous
man, and lie allowed no man to
sit while a woman stood. It was
a deligiitful scene. We always re,
joice to seo ease loving men routed.
"And they began with shameto
take the lower seats." The ladies
stuck manfully-we call attention
of Mrs. Virginia Durant Young to
the expression-until all the eight
governors had scattered pricelessl
pearls of wisdom. The only can
didate, however, who-got a bou
quet was the lHon. Joel E. Brunson
who received it with the smile of a
cast iron skeleton The Hon. John
C, Sheppard was the vicarious bear .
er of this bouquet. Imagine the .
mastor of an ancient Phoecian feast
presenting flowers to the skeleton t
that said, "To this thou must also w
come." Like a great many othier b
little incidents of the morning it a
'was very funny. And there were
other cast iron skeletons. And a
few like "Brother Crafford" and
But ler I-are were roly poly, and all ei
the eight governors began by ener.
gotically and laboriously compli
*men ting ''the ladies." Most of them
did it like an elephant planting
their feet in a bad of roses. Gov.,.
Manning, we porceived that women
love him instinctively and at ab
glance, did rie to the heighth of f
saying "fair and noble women."
When the last governor, Herr "
Crafford, had gracefully subsided,
with tile wave of a turkey tail fan,
it was 1 o'clock, and the ladies c
rose in a body and modestly ro- u
tired, followed by the circus per
formners and the rabble. Aid then
followed more scenes that were
more social, social financi'al than i
political. The Episcopal ladies
Ssold ice cream and sherbet beneath
the trees near the court house stepA.(
In the broad hall of the floor of
the court house the free lhbrary
ladies, at a table at mile long, sold
dlelicious dinners, with cucumbers.
And under some French Mulber- 1
* rios hard by, two renowned barbo
cue chefs sold fragrant ribs of mnut
t ton, fatal onion sauce andt hash of
20 horse power.- It was a very gay
and brilliant scene, irredlescent in)
fact. Aind all of these vendors
purveyors sold all their wares and
could have sold a great deal more.
The State. campaigners were in1
ti ouble, in fact in bitter ,and inex
proPsileCanguish. They dared not
silight eith61' one of the life giving
food1 institu tions. 'l'he Episcopal
ladles, the free library ladies and
the barbecue chefs had them all
marked, tagged, They had to go
from one of the cabattoirs to the
other, and pay out ~coin at each
receipt of custom. Consequently
the cast iron skeletons were un..
comfortably full of mutton, hash,
omon01 sauce, chickenpio, potato sal
ad, ice cream, sherbet, and two egg
cake. We know that mfany of themi
died on the way to Baluda. But
MILLINERY going for a song. We are el
Lndiea and Misses Sailors what sold for 21
3 and 4 couts ribbons let. 5 cent ribbon 21 c(
Big reduction
1 1o 25c white corded Madras at 16je. 1 lot embroider
5 to close at 38c. 2 pi
Don't forget that we have just received solid car-load c
inducements both in prices and terms.
Le world will never be wiser or THE FIRST BALU
orse. The candidates seemed to
amorous and flirted furiously R~u10 of the Experimen
I Montgroifer Drothei
id most unlawfully with the "fair Preeding on the priflil
dies." Men away from their old ed air expands and so becov
ives, or young, will do it. Edge. bulk for bulk, than air at ti
temperature, the brothers 81
)ld's state campaign meeting was Joseph Montgolfier tilled a
ninently a social affair, and peace with heated air, which rose
owed down like a river. Ing of the room. This prelti
coss was rapidly followed ul
The german of the Cotillion gdl ie t i
ub at night was a milky whitelonexrintdwh
ay in the heavens. Fraser Ly-thti178hegaeau
as was to have led the germantonsedgupalenbi
ito the last ditch of investigation,incrufecewhh
the was obliged to follow the oe ies1pidwt i
mneral procession to Saluda. Ma- dbyn hi totep
y boamutiful girls graced this gor- fe iigt egto
an and the mournful memories ofafilamleadahf
1e cast iron skeleton were dis-netbloncredan
elled. wr heacc n
Edgefield has survived te sta toe h ucs fti u
impaign day and is still paient ma nue .Plted
nder tribulation,.h aqi dAlne
liesl byoaf thepeimrsa
ne Mn ondleru Broch
~1' ars ofjuglingwer, ashaedier xand senty-fiv bef
con rovd byleaned ritrs, fbulka iforblk thho air t
.1gbantiuit. Th Ilipin wh liePrture the r oih
ear hme, jmped hroug buring pelattdairn a whichros
ustomedtbwlk ver urnng clsingf te mpoyed Ti reulal
lid lip isoftn metioed n tessntr wasdy followed by
gra fteanins tasa aak Dahllyicrteafisd the scze
LBtetidcnuythat ~meI'ruo is to8 mth daeathu
~irmus, ho edeaoredto mke inr, sending bpaeen ll
elf mpeor I Egptsuffreda s ithpncincumfen, bwhinh 01
of olsheoeniondeydetsntsrA.BThe l
ed bothrsndwhihethe uriousteaespo
aftersi xhbtd nomrcruss~ sinto Ia hegtm of
msd, n te tireenh cntuy, feet desne ten m~nu
~~gypt to the flyzanfteko aourt and a-ae' o halfd~d
henc ovr al uopeunex bappeaonce upo ca
mu utnw"ase h ah er, not idued fory. Patre e
'Prou as Lcife. ~nw wh t he tearquis All anes, to i
11(1?I~oud tht I hd mae a ives th maing youha e e t lani
ko ~ I inhiofvo and handedrebc fyusladdtid upe
le ange. o jugIn wereh is wa th
'no diroved tha heye artest yof refln nuh
ireh atquty heoeeyT oohe Irpnwolvdy u~d hnst rv o
utr on'te, gumened thrincilehburning oe i yusf
onas woame nurly hones were o-h i'do enn n e
unstome pouwad over~ burnin coals. in edn o hsti
nd cups ingoftenhmentionedilndth
vokWo hee acen.Iws a t'a backnwo aest
rsah tinrdenr thas inte orse ofr ihnhmef h e
trmes, and byndeansofdiouak him- th lwy v~ib
planin haproridEdt fre a smit n heheepnsuo
omfre evron thrt or forty ears. on hel.TeeIsoepro
c>equtende ropte dnevrlopmeth oftistatwllnnee-i oi
oin tersi wealth ther vareou tets. f )1 nan r oe
ralseand elhoes anor cfresn n htI.yusl.I
mssaei the tehortetciny armdlatmnta si c
may othe t yntngs court and Mado i
A... P..... d 'a.- .. ie
'Prou as, Lue. Knwwhth
liFudta a aeams
Slaughter Sale of Seas
Dsing one of our largest seasons in this debarment
i and 50 eta., at 15cts. Ready-to-weor Hate what soldat
Ready-to wear bate what sold at $1.50
Big Values in Ri
ints. 8J to 10 cent ribbon 5 cents. 15 to 25 cent
It you want some extra Ribbons or an extra H
on white dress goods just thi
id Mull, the 40a quality, to close out at 250. 3 piece Linen
ece PoIngue Net, pink and tan only, 4o close at 37je. 200
Ladies Blits at Your (
$1.25 belts at 50c. 50o and 75c bolts at 35c.
f Rock Hill Buggies, Studebaker Wagons, Star Leader Steve
30N. Supervisor's Report of Claims Filed HOW
to of the and Approved for the Quarter W
Ending June 30, 1906 * *
that heat- W J Gravley, road wk $1.00 The lithe
Slighter, S W Howard, bridge 2 50 be observ
Lephen and G T Hendricks, corn 34.00 ground, its
paper bag G T Hendricks, bridge 4.60 literally to
to the cel. W D Hlendrickp, road .45 herbago bj
, and they W ) Hendricks, bridge 1.00 trail may
of the bal- B 1 'Hllum, salary 48.02 bank a g
Irpors W E'HIend(ric~ks. Bd Eq 1000 have to s30
blic exhibi- TV A Hei~dric~ks, Bd Eq 8 00 slstence is
>On 105 feetJGHgbBdE1.0 ho sml
as inflated bodyge, i q 60010 sca
all b)undes G1 W Hlolcombhe, Bd Eq 8 00 wbtody can
on succeed- B Hunter, work p h 6.25 When It
etoad-J G hughes, Bd Eq 6.80 pryItsia
tes arter in R( T Hiallum, salary &c 43.52 hole. Cro
iway. The F W Hogsed, gang sup. (6300 weasel col
.In which rght of way 5.00 row red t<
duck, was the
~her expert- G rr Hendrickr, corn & fod. 29.00 back, but
Rlozier and H. F. Hendricks, bridge 1.00 held as8 h
sen$t in te H F hendrick, road wk 1 (00 muth hr
ine. 'TheIr B M Hester, bridge 1.00 held it by
live feet in David Hendricks, rd wk 1.50 the shorti
a 0d T Hendricks, 20.70 ,h
mnent of the R. J Hughes, bridge 15.00 A ramil
10 of half a R T1 Halluim, salary etc 441 62 inl comp]
igte eas- M WV Hestor, shoeing 3 25 abty utf
m. The first R T H allum, salary 45.41 Ingly smni
others, anmd J 0 Jennings con luni. 34.05 the struci
ad, was alsolognc
in this man- T M Jones, bd eg. 8.0 a lonrinc<
vlth a comn- J M Jameonoi, magistrate 5.25 along thei
his balloon J (3 Jennings, salary 50.00
.. 'diet ete. 39.35 GAMI
T 1M Jones, bd eq. 6 60 A nema.
sOeWoW D Jones, bridge) 48.85 'roet
,e Wn . H Juljin, bridge 6 00 ily butt he
pon clothies. J C Jonnings, salary 50 00 tridge hem
atrodIuctoins. O it28.75 "A go(X
about long "cotan't cat
'aned about T1 M Jones, ford 15 00 nant to I
I sn'rlt *J C Jennings, salary 50.00 stance of
Ii a halt, to "diet 11.25 man ge
;car-d every-maygn
g on outside J1 M Jameosn, mnagistrate 58.85 -the birdi
an your own R Kirkaey , ex luni. .0wihte
ioubt about T1 A Kelley, bd4 eq, o ocn
Invent you E F? Keith, sal. ete 97 gm o
exporlences T A Koloey, road wk.1.0prdnb
.1. artinicial
home to the RL Kirksey, at. paiuper 10'cek a
Aren't you W. L~ Kennemoro e, road k 5.5fo th
vowin anid W c Keith, fodder120 dewol
an? ta S Fa Kmtbt, mnagistrato o.~ a
eek poiver jE F Keith, salary187
rns to .roly U K Lewis, bridge2.0terat
ilsappointed,~ nispsa
disappointedj A J Loopor, tbd eq. """t nte
any otide J B Looper, bridgeo irrne
In the wvorld L C Lynch, pigso eertei
tth slf rme' W H Lewis, core 70 'twu
nand every-.T J Lynch, fodder ~ hlesi
5.osMg-J'1 oi.as00 wche the
10.00 in-therm
sonable Goods,
and we are going to clean up the remnant:
75c to $1.00, at ts. Ready-to-wear bats w
to $2.00, at $1.00
ribbon 10 cents. 25 to 40 cents'ribbons at 15 4
at, you can buy it for a song.
3 thing you want these :
Zepherin,'groen, tan, 20,3 q iality, to close at 121e.
0 yards figured Lawns 61 and 81 values; will go for
)wn Price.
25c and 35c belts only 15c.
s, Diso Harrows and Chattanooga Reversible Dia
ful Pose of the An.alahere ar
hen om the TraiL
grace of the weasel may
I whenover it is on the trail.
n speed, with noe to the
reddish brown back seems
gtile along through the rank
, the bank.
e the scent of a rat. and the
take it in and out of the
Aod many times before it
with its victim. It may oven
ime a stream before iha per
rew~arded. It is wvonderful
a hole that long, arched
gidd into and emerg4 from
o slightest difilenity. o ygo ok
has caught and killed its
ovemnents are equally grace- N D F
anrriesq the spoll home to its
isang a Kentish nield I saw a
niing along under the hedge- -_____
othed from the chase. There
iame sinuous motion of the
the little beast's head was - F
igh as possible andl from Its
ing the imp carcass of a
freshly killed. The weasel
the neock and so high, for all
~ess of its legs, that only the
y of weasels will often hunte
ny, and1 this is naturally a $ ll 0
reting sight to witness. 'The
the weasel to onter exceed- 331
1l1 holes is owing entirely to
uire of its body-its flat head,
and short limbs and tall. In
it can pursue mice wvith ense Followving our usual
r hurrowvs.-Lomdon Mail, tire stock of .Hligh Gt
3a 1-3 per cent less thi
E.DOGS A ND GA M. e- cloe our storo to mark
enisN, Ir aeas.a. of th ui- nt ig we the price
sr ate the mutton chop greed
ewould hhvo none of the par-A
game dog," Raid his ,naaster, Ti esnsg
ga. Its tast l ropu g- N tigR e
thoe intinence of heredity,. tls veysl
logs have been trained for ti aei ocla
sationb not to eat the game hn adweI
Iand rabbits and what not
bring' bauk to their nlastcdrta m o cno
)ths. rTey have been train,- rcsay hr
kler that the eating of' such i
kI be a disgrace and an u!)- Jl ta .m
sin, the sampe as banikadbrn tecs
e been trained to consier nonyta o i
)ocketing of a few dollars
m~illionsm they annually han
be a disgrace ad a sin. A ltigg
a result in the gdme dogs'
men that this moral abhor- ~ gos nat
ame, smlgge'fted to them by F
ara,. has been transtaitted i
down frmoegeneration
into an actual physical tb l lertos
In the matter of game,
ecredity, game dogs niow are
. be a good thing for policy
in the same way, mua'
ilination to steal bild been
r heredity to an actOal pbda
rn of other-Nothing Rese*
hat sold $1.00 to $1.50, at 751s
ents. 50 cents ribbon 25 cents
liot days.
1 It Pongee Silk, small figures, sold for
5o the yard.
3 Plows, and we are in a position to offeryou
e Pictures
and Photographs!
For a photograph that is true in every
sense, just as the camera sees you, every
feature sharp and clear, every detail shown
is what I give.
Only the beet material that is usedl will
be found in my wvork. My many satisfied
patrons, their repeated -orders, is an attest
I do framing and enlarging.
AYLOR, Easley, S. C.
's Greater Sale
urday, July 9, at 9 A. M.
i Grade Clothing
custom every summer we wilt place on sale our en
'ado Clothing, Trouseri', White and Fancy Vests at
mn the orginal. price. It is not neccessary for us to
our' goods-they tare marked id plain fignres- -you
rourself, take off 0one third and pay us tbo differenco
I'bo entire stock of ULOTIN~G goes in the salo
>ds-Men' s Youths and Chilidrens' Cloth
eved: Blacks, Blues and Plaids and Fancy
as a purpose. Our purpose in holding
out every sprimg and summer suit we have
ave put the prices on them that will move
buy the same grade of goods at these
South Carolina. The sale opens Saturday,
for Two Weeks. Remember the place
-we will give you such values for your
go home happy. Comel
ni this sale, Nothing reserved.
d during this sale.
ust be paid for during this sale.
ide , South Main str~eet,
IdGreen vilee, S5. C.

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