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Happenings of Local and Personal
--Court Stenographer 'Long is in
Pickens for a few woeks.
-Mr. P. J. Brown of Liberty
spent Sunday in Pickens.
-Sheriff Jennings "ent to Colum
bin, last woek on county business.
-T. Christie Robinson spent Mon
day and Tuesday in Gacenville.
-a 8T ues -
-Magistrate J. M. Jameson and
Constable Guy Bowie, of Etasley, were
in Pickens Tuesday.
-Mr. Quiccy Grandv of Green.
villo is spending a f?w ibays with Rev.
B. E. Grandy and family.
-Mr. R. E. Oliver and family, of
Nashvilio, Tenn., are visiting at Mrs.
J. L. 'lhornley's.
-Mrs. L. S. Grandy and children
of Orcenvil'e, are visiting the family
of Mr. B. Lewis this week.
3ethlbelivmn aelool oderied Mon
SIder the ilicient management
Rovoy E:re.
lamupton school will open Mon
day, July 23rd, with Miss Lillie Gil
strap as teacher.
-Prof. MeD. Weams will open a
singing school at Bethlihem church
July 30th.
-Misses Essie and Eva Earle are
visiting relatives in B3lton and Wil
lianston this wook.
-Mrs. C. E. Robinson and son,
Harry, spent part of last week in
-Mrs. Tom Norris, of Cateechee,
is visiting her parents, Mt. and Mrs.
R. E. Bowen.
-The summer term of the Town
Creek s-chool began Tuesday. Miss
Hattie Earle is the efficient teacher.
-Ma.rcied at the residence of the
bride's parents, by G. W. Bowen, N.
P., Frank Crane to Miss Mamie
- Married at the residence of J.
A. Nimmons, by G. W. Bowen, N.
P., Mr. Buren Clarke to Miss Lonie
-Miss Helen Gary of Seneca, and
Miss Isabella Morton, of Spartan
burg, are visiting Miss Flor-ide Cary.
-Mr. and Mrs. V. B. Lovett, of
Ito their
"asant two
ughter of
- me summer
-Mat Murphy sold the first load
of watermelons In P'ickens Saturday.
HONpays his patch is extra fine this
-Mr. L. N Geer, one of the can..
didates for alderman from Ward 4,;is
ill at his home on Franklin street.
Anderson Mail.
-Mrp. Zade Cox and two children
of Washington, D. 0., are visiting
Mrs. 0. E. Robinson and othber rela
tives in Pickens.
-Mrs. - L ague (lied
sudden ly near E1 mley on the 15th~
inst. Her remiarins wvere carried to
Viedmnont for burial.
-B. E. G randy, of Pickens was in
the city yesterday. J. D. Grandy,
who is erecting a mill at Piekens, was
also in this city Sunday.--Greenville
-Ernest Freemani, who has been
staying in Charleston for the past,
year or two, is spending a few weeks
in Pickenis with homefolkcs. Ernest
is looking wvell and we are all glad to
sce him back.
-There will be an all day singing
at Concord Baptist church next fourth
Sunday in this month. Everybcdy
invited to come and bring song books
and dinner. Prof. J. II. Ruobush of
Dayton, Ve., is -xpected to 1bo pres.
--J. Stewart Price, for-merly of the
mechanical department of The Green.
19 I the
a his
-- 12L.a,.. Ai ,. work
as a reporter on the Record.-Green.
villo News.
-Quite an enjoyable evening was
spent at the home of Hon. J. P.
Carey at an informal gathering last
Friday. Among those present worn
Congressman Geo. S. Logare and
wife, Mr. and Mr-s. V. B. .Lovett,
Misses Mary and Annie Purdy, Holei
iBoggs, Floride Uarey, Berta Long,
Pauline Izler, ah i Messrs. Andron
Bramlott, LeRoi-and Bruc Bogs .
P. Carey, Jr.
V. X
Friends Were -Alarmed
Advised Change of Climate.
Mfiss Mildred Kollor, 718 13th street,
X. W., Washing ton, D. C., writes :
"I can safely recommend Peruna for
catarrh. I had it for years and it would
respond to no kind of treatment, or if it
did it was only temporary, and on the
sligh test provocation the trouble would
come back.
-1I was In such a state that my
friends were alarmed about me, and I
was advised to leave this climate.
Then I tried Peruna, and to my great
idy found it helped me from the first
dose I took, and a few bottles cured
"It built up my constitution, I re
gained my appetite, and I feel that I
am perfectly well and sitrong."1-Mildred
We have on fille many thousand testi
monials like the above. We can give
our roaders only a slight gli mpso of the
vast array of unsolicited endorsements
Dr. H ar tman Is receiving.
-,Mrs. J. Rt. Ashmore is visiting
in North Carolina.
-1dr. Willie T. Baird of!Asheville,
N. 0. is visitingr his uncle, J. F. Har
ris in Pickens.
-Mr. A. B3. Taylor is in Andersor
county for some weeks with a cor-pe
of civil engineers.
--Miss Bessie Ashmore has return.
ed from an' enjoyable visit to relativeF.
and friends an Georgia.
-Sam Craig, after an absence ol
several months, is back at his oli
plc wt OngBrs Smsash
justcant sty aay rom ic'ens
-- r.Aver Looer o theCroa
Rodssctono thscuty/s v
eierkig for .* R~.* Roar an. wul
bF ldt hv i riends WereAlare nd
Adv ise.neofCiae
Wessoa Methoedistlr 718urch wirlobe
held. ashientrl, . ., Augts:-2
Everybsoy andeomendll mirnistere
ronl toenoindionf tremntrifd.
come ba gmbten iko
frindEsly weealche wabou mceuad oI
Tuswas isdloledv thiso aclimate.
raihn Tied wirlna payn the grceat
enc oundg ithele meb rmyhesis
doe F. took aNewotles creli
who bilt up ay Pcenstithet20nh inre
wained m apethiend In fee tha
am inper ndtl ofe ardsrg stre
Su ees anon emenigt gimps aothe
vaThrwlb arryo noiie oinormn th<
grove nara. is rSiing to, ,an
nea Norner C rov coohus.0
T-erda Willy 2. Evrdody comill,
an C.isviing ir Cndidates FHar<
espeiall invtd. Dntfre h
date. A.BeTor W. i ARu s
couty or omewees For Co.
ofciilenginoineeersm. a
-Misuncestie shee as ranidtr
ell frown enoathe peopie tof Piken
aony frind wn Gerivwud.a
-Smtntand, conftentiobsefceeo
-felcedr . Avr liosrfte forosn
commkingsior; W~. L.oaran woul<
WilTiam annda c.AmphmeeHington, h:
thed Houetrof Representat 1-12W
Aikeynd and .sB.cTally forSuer
-The nbal gaebewf Picken
aBd J.se whic Neaery EschulredProat
ranWhey wi. p.Hly ond thedmioni
d, iamdoW sd m o ouat then
enorer the Admins.rto ftEtt
-Dr.sF H.e thewoeto eito spads
whonill bead iguear the kindrednan
willlb at theon PCkeur Houne on t.,ho
dte isted of Arlgust 19ru, aftoe
Seenon hi o annoncusn, in anothey
hewill the sa pdicnitrint
grouvd noe4.E r Srth or, n
ne Coner myov hnd andse thi
1The day f.July 24.0 Everybod 131s
yea ofou mdpone or em
--Thefolloi ntm en: ..
Ayer's Pil
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abeautiftul brown or rich black? Use
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Cashmere Bouquet Soap
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Pickens Dru
iother Mary Terean and the Cros of
the Legion of Honor.
Some years ago in a city in France
Rl the soldiers were drawn up on the
plaza. A wonian in the habit of char
ity was called out in front of the gov
ernor general, and this is what he said:
"Mother Mary Teresa, when you
were twenty years of age you received
a wound from a cannon ball while as.
sisting one of the wounded on the
field at Balaklava. In 1850 the shell
.rom a imitrailleuse laid you prostrate
i the front ranks on the battlefold of
Uagenta. Since then you have been in
I-yria, in China and In Mexico, and if
you were not wounded it was not be
cause you have not exposed yourself.
"In 1870 you were taken up in Reis
choffen covered with many saber
wounds. Such deeds of herolin you
crowned a few weeks ago with one of
the most heroic actions which history
records. A grenade fell upon the am
bulance which was under your charge.
You took up the grenade in your arms;
you smiled upon the wounded who
looked at you with feelings of dismay:
you carried it a distance of eighty me
ters. On laying it down you noticed
that it was goihg to buret You threw
yourself on the ground; it burst. You
were seen covered with blood, but
when persons caine to your assistance
you rose up smiling, as is your wont.
You were scarcely recovered from your
wound when you returned to the lhos
pital whence I have now summoned
Then the general made her kneel
downm and, djawing his sword, touched
her lightly with it three times on the
shoulder and pinned the. cross of the
Legion of Honor on her habit, saying:
"I put -upon you the cross of the
bravo in the name of the French peole
and army. No one has gained it .by
more deeds of heroism nor by a life so
completely spent in self abnegatlon for
the benenit of your brothers and the
service of your country. Soldiers, pre
sont armael"
The troops saluted, the drums and1
bugles rang out, the air was filled with
loud acclamations, and all was jubila
tion and excitement as Mother Teresa
arose, her face suffused with blushes,
and asked:
"General, are you done?"
"Yes," said ho.
"Then I will go back to the hospital."
Firomn "The Companionship of Books,"
by Frederic Rowland Marvin.
There is no such thing as a secret.
A reasonable probability is the only
Men who have violated the law say
it is not hard to do.
Romance is like fire-if you plaRY
with it you are liable to be burned.
T1here is too little attention given tc
two mighty important words, "Don'I
It is a bad plan to seek to make 11
good impression by following ever)
atatemient wvith an apology.
The1 trouble is when we do thingt
for our friends we (d0 things we wvani
to instead of what they would be pleas
'ed to have us (do.
We can't understand why people tra
to deceive others, but cannot under
stand why they should try to deceivi
themselves, as so many seem to do.
Atchison Globe.
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Hiir Vigor
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the deep, dark, rich color of
early life. Thent be satisfied.
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ooo t. 10 O1y son~ r I i rnl
14is.E J. VAUalx~, M'Ochanicsviilo, N. Y.
~i a0 t itto* J. 0. AYVtI Co..
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Dark Hair
The g , rule of health
Keept 4 bowels regular.
And the great medicine
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g -Company
[email protected] StirPAINTNGil
I have opened a PAINT Sinor in th
Hollingworlth store, form erally occu
pied by J. T. Fennoll, corner of Main
mnd Pendleton streets, and will do i
general painting business, including
houses, carriages, furniture, etc., alec
paper hanging. If you want first
class work givo me a trial. See my
samples of nal] Iper.
G. F. PooLF.
Child Not Exp>ectedt to Live from One
H onr to A onther, but Cured by Cham
be lains' Colts, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Ruth, the little daughter of E.- N.
Dewey of Agnewville Va., was seriously
ill of choltra infantum last summer.
"We gave her up and did not expect hor
t'> live from one hour to another," he
says. "I happened to think of Chai
herlain's Colic, Cholyra and Diarrhoea
Remedy ond got a bottlo of it from the
store. In five hours I eaw a change for
the better. We kept on giving it and
before sho had taken the half of one small
bottle she was well." This remedy is sold
by Pickens Drug Co. and T. N. Hun.
ter, Liberty.
Foley's HIoney and Trar has onred
many cases of asthma that wvere conasid.
er(-d hodeless. Mrs. Adolph Bnesing,
701 Wea T1pird St., Cavenport, Iowm
writes: "A severo cold contracted twelve
years ago was neglected until it finally
grewv into asthma. The best medical
skill available could not give me more
than temporary relief, Foley's Honey
and T1ar was recommended and 011e fisty
cent bottle entirely cured me of asthma
wvhich had been growing on me fed twelve
years. If I had taken it at the start ]
would have neen saved years of suffer
ing." Picenis Drug Co.
Orinio Ltavative Frnit Syrup gives per.
maltienit relief in ease of habitual eonsti.
pationm as it stimiulatos the liver and re
stores the neoinral action of the bowve
without irrit ating t hese organs like pilh
or ordinary cathiartics. Doees not nau
seale ori gripe and is mild and pleasani
to take. .R mieimber the name ORINC
and refuse substitutes. Pickens Drug
after your meals. See the effect it wvil
procuce on your general feeling by di
gesimjg your food and hielpingyour stom
achi to get itself into shape. Many stem
itch are overworked to the point whier
they reinse to go further. Kod',, di
gosts your stomach the rest it needr
while its reconstructive properties g(
the stomnachi back into working ordei
Kodol reliev ~es flatuli ence, sour stomnacl:
p~alpitptioni of the heart, belching, et<
Sold by Pickens Drug (Jo.
"I was a loser in a twenty year batti
with chronic p~iles and malignant soret
until I tricd Blucklen's Arnica Salvi
wvhichi turned the tide, by curing boti
till not a trace remains,'' writes A. ?A
Bruce of Farmnville, Va. Best for ol
Ulcers, Onts, Burns and Wounds. 20
at Pickonis Drug Co.
It is always well to have a box of salv
in the house. Sunblurn, cuts, bruisor
piles and boils yield to DeWitt,'s WVite
Hazel Salve. Should keep a box 0]
hand at all times to provido for eninci
gecs. For years the standard, bu
followed by many imitators. Be sur
you get the genuine D~eWitt's WVitol
Hazel Salve. Solud by Pickens D~rng 0
A wvatchman's neglect permitted a loal.
in the groat North Sea dlyke, whichi r
chi'd's finger could have stopped, to be.
come a ruinousa break, dovestation ait
entire pr1ovinlce of Holland. In like man,
nor Kinnethi Mcover, of Vauceboro, Me.,
permititedi a little cold1 to go unnoticed
until a tragic flnish wvas only averted
by Dr. King's New Discovery. Hie
wvrites: "'Three doctors givo e up0 i tO
(lie of lung inflammation, caused by a
neglected col; buit Dri.King's Now D)is
covory saved my life. Gutaranteed b)esi
cough and coh(l cure, at Pickens dlrugI
store. 500. and $1 .00. Trial bottle free.
A sweet breath addlts to the joys of a kiss.
Yon wvouldn't wvant to kiss your wife,
mother or sweetheart with a bad breath.
You can't have a sweet breath without a
healthy stomach. You can't have a he..
thy stomaneh wit hou t perfect digestion.
'There is only onle remedy that digests
what you t'at and makes t he breathI as
s(weet an5 ia rosPiand thatt romedy is KO0
DOLT FOR I Y81PPM A it is a relief
for sonr stomatch, palpitation of the heart,
and other ailments aris.ing from d3isorder
of the atomanchi and dligestionl. Take a
little Kodol after your meals and see
what it will dd for yon. Sold by Pick
JULY and
Our annual CLEAR
tinue throughout July
ductions along all lin<
at a song.
20C White Lawn to go at 15c. 15c
White Lawn to go at ioc. ioc White I
mercerized white goods to go at 15 P
broideries to go at a big sacrifice.
Oxfords in all colors, white, black, an,
go at 25 per ceut discount.
The immense clothing trade we have
stock, but we still have some rare borgai
can buy a suit at 25 per cent discount.
suits and serge coats.
Dont miss this opportunity for bargai
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Just received a solid car barbed wire a
and hay, with prices right.
Our stock of stoves, hardware, furniti
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Always the best, and the best is alway
We hope to have our new building co
pleted it will give us more room than an:
able us to display to a better advantage,
we carry. Call on us for anything you n
and our prices are always right.
Folger, Thu
Clothing, Shoes, Hats i
Goods a Specialty. Sc
Hats, Walk- Over She
and Mitchell Wagons.
t TiMf E TAHLE NO s13J4
Suipersedes Trime Trable No 4
Effective March 10 1900
,Read Downi Read Up
No 12 No 10 STAT10NS No i No 9
Mixed Mixed Mlxed Miixed W
4:40 pm 10:40 am ly Pickenas ar 2:55pm 7:35 pm
45 pm 105 am usaror 2:40pm 7:( pm
5:00 pm 11:00 am *A riall'N 2:25pn, 7:15 pm,
5;i: 10 pm 11:05 amn *Mlauld in 2:20pm 7:10 pmn
5:15 pm 11:15 am ar Easley Iv 2:15pm 7:05 pm
*Fl1ag Stations tidiyS ipr
All rais dilyexcep und
No. 10 conncts~ with Souother n Rail way No 39
e No 9 eonnects with Southern, Railway No 12'
No. 12 conniiects with So titherni Railway No ii
No 11 connectN with Soiitheri Raliway No 10
gar"or any informationi app'y to
0 J TI T A YLOR Geon Mianager o
- ArrIvaI and Dleparture of Traina, (Green
ville. 5. 0. Effective April 14, 19011. ~T
6:30 a in, No. 48 daily except Suniday, for Lau
rens anid lntermcdhmite itationsa, arrive at
Laui reus 9:00 a mi.
12:1 i en No ,. (hl y for atereli Clinton
train No.c 82 foar Ii hmn, Wath U.I ,io
ad antter :itioH, ad at I aiare wit . U.
traini No 2 for Greeniwood, A ugusta, etc.
Arrive Laurens 1:35 p in, Clinton
2:22 pim, Newberry 3.10 p. mi, Columbia 4:45
Soiiiter 6:20 p mn, Chlarleston 9:40, Spartan
burg 3:39 pma, Gireenwood 2:46 p im, p in
4:40 p in,' ,o. 36 i)aiiy except Sunday. for Laui
reins iand intermeidiate stations. Arrive at
10:20 a m, No. 87, daily except Sunday f romn
Lau rens and inatermediate stations.
.00 p am, No. 85, daily except Sunday, from
ianureis amid lintersnedlate statiosis. .
3:25 pim, No. 521 (dally from Charleston. Sumter, JI
Columbia, A. ewb~erry, Clinton, Spartanhnrg,
Auigusta, GIreenwood, lautrenmi, etc.
Trainas No. 52 and rSS run through between
Charlestonl without change.
.1, W.. ILlgfn, Agi. Gleo. T1. liryani Gen. Agt.
G iet Will, 0r.A. Le tr.n
Rt. M. lirand, Tra'f. Mai, Augusta, (..
From tisa date I will be in the Super.
visors office every two weeks on 'Tues.. and
day's aftetr Saieday in eachi month and
Tuesday two weeks after each saleday
to tranmact business.
Mav 8th 190) :inrvisorine
ANCE SALE will con
and August. Big re
3s. White goods to go
White Lawn to go at 12Yc. 12 1-2C.
,awn to go at 8 i-3c. Beautiful line of
!r cent discount. All Laces and Em
I tan for men, women, and children, to
had this spring nearly cleaned up our
ns to offer, if your size is in the lot you
We still have a nice line of two piece
as, we are obliged to make room for
nd nails, ' o -
ire, harness, saddles buggies, wagons
mowers, rakes and binders, is always
s the cheapest.
mpleted by August 15th. When co m
1 building in the county, which will en
the large stock of general merch andise
eed, for we are always pleased to serve
niley And Co.
Und Gents Furnishing
le agents for, Stetson
es, Iron Kin.g Stoves
ffer Great Bargains
our entire line of
for Gentlemen, Ladies
and Children. (
chi this space each
c for the bargains '
tre going to ofter.
L Note iHieads, Bill Heads
a,tements, done neatly
at reasonable prices.
Give us-a Trial.
Journal Co.. PICKENS. s.

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