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~Cures 90ousneeb, Sick
Headache, ?our Stom
ach, Torpid Liver and
Chronic Constipation.
I Pleasant to tale
Farnmers' UDOO0R
1)111'16(.11 Of
c-(oimiiiIchdI by lite
801111 aroilut1-'iruer lttientiomllt andt
. . . . o - p . .riiv . 'iio i
Ciitit t illi tii o 411 ilntes id for thi. de-joutr
Im.l mhida beietressert Io .1.t trbis
I'vi idhi. n, Sou ih Crimiit.
A Call Meeting.
To the iem)orshii) of the F. E. &
C. U. of A 'Iiorica:
I havo been requested to call a
nootinig for the purpose oA nai.iing
the minii-mlum prico for cotton f
the season o 1006 (, .
I hereby call said metinAzg t. l
composod of delogates from eac'.
stato within or without ti state
Tliis meetig to be hell in A t
lanta, Ga., August, 2, 10 1 a.
in. at. the Wi Iliais Lime No :
Fra tern-1.1y,
R, F. Duck th,
l'residenit Natvrnd .ui :.
A Call.
To the memberh1ip fI thre ':outh
Carolina d ivision of the farmers'
educational and co-operative
union of America:
All local uions in ISouth Car-.
lina are called to mjo(ot tt their re
spective places of meeting on or
before July 21st for the purposo of
electing dele-gates to their county
unions which uro hereby called te
assemblo in delegnto form ill each
County on .July 25th at 11 a. m.
Local county and state unions
are requesteod to nam1,o their mini
multm prico for (heir cotton crop
1906-07 at thOse meetings. All lo.
cals average by the counties, and
counties averagod up by sending iii
their report to the State Secretary,
B. F. Earle, Anderson, S. C.
Each county union is requested
to send one delegate to the Na
tional meeting in Atlanta, Ga., Or
the 2nd of August.
0. P. GoodwIn, Pres.,
Vedmont, B. C.
1. F. Earlo, Sec.
The Farmers' Union Prices.
What about this? Have youl hiat
-1 time to look over the record to set
about that steadying pirocess of' 1l(
cottojinmrket? Woaoofth
opinion that the .11 cents mado by
the Farmers' Union has main.
tained a mnore regular and uniforni
price through the wvholo year thani
has been recordod in our recollec.
Suppose some of you that haivt
'A more time than we -have look ovoi
the records andl let us IlOW UowIaot
We are looking for the time when
cotton producors shall run a regu.
jar market qluotation ini all thet
newspapers of' the country as to
tie coniditioni of crops5 andl pricos o1
their own prOducts.
For many years the manipula
tors of the cotton market have been
at it gathoring ini all the informa
tion about our Southern staple
crop, cotton, from our own silly
producers of cotton who it seemiw
never oniCo consider the fat that
they are placing into the hands of
our enemies all the valuable infor
mnation about our own businiess
that these shrowd manipulators
The laxativo ofrect of' Chlamber'lain'
-Stomach anid Liver Tialets is so agrt
able and so naturial that you do ntot real
ize its is the '.l'ct of a medsic. .For
sale by Pinckens Diug Co., and T1. N.
Hunter, imberty,
lb'ekstrens safe. aura. .No @ilates
Appetiser F1or Cattle.
A soiling crop is not grown enat Irely
for the nutrition contained therein.
Consequentiy in summiier thmNeied
er cuts gr'een stuft as soorbus it begins
to. make crop whent gathering is comn
paratively easy. 'The man who has cat
tie on a dry pasture wvill do well to cut
corn and teed, even If the nutriment in
the plant is far below whiattit will be
eome. The ggreen stuff is an appetizer,
ulb ad: fruit or sanad is to the liunman
palate, and asste in keeping the (11.
jpitive trat..en .and in good condi
Mottey JteqUtrementa.
It Ja, stated byv the state experimnut
statlin that .wbpn the strawv necessary
* to pQdite a' bushel of wheat iset
ntated at ninetg pounds the water re
quiret 4d Colorado to prdduke a. buishel
of* dIain amounts to -50.25 tons, Moro
moIstture is .reotiif'ed -to' mnatmem crpps
undor semiarid than utider hjumid'con
ditione. Raikig gozrs Josvest to high~
e st In the amount oif wftter required fos
titudig~v the commoti field~ cropuJ are
nthe telldwimlg order. Oorn p~
wheat, battley, IMeld peau, oats.
a hadrsed ciover.
axative Fruit Syrj
as Drug ComPany alid Dr. I. F. 3m
are a symptcn 'f r.e most serious
troyle wh,:h can atta:c a w)man,
viz: fill At thJ. Witl this,
< :.', .:es irrepiar a:- painful
nefl~ rrg d:a:4 bLa Irac,
feLng, et. The cure is
The Female Regulator
that wonlrfd, curative, vegetable ex
St I:t, Vw -- t- su:h a marvelous,
strr-nvn:4 in..Uen, on all female
rn. (ir lui reheves pain and
- reuL'es te tren.ses. It Is a sure
ar-i gerne,,r.t cur- for all female
c(Ji t.
At all druggists and dealers in $1.00
in m y woinb and ovaries," writes Mrs.
Naotml Bake, of Webster Grove, Mo.,
' "also in ny right and left sides, and
my menses were very painful and irreg
uWr. Since taking Cardul I feel like a
wouian ar.d do not suffer as i did.
It is the best medicine I ever took."
Makos Kidneys and Bladder Right
heimedy' LuIxative Honey and Tar is
t r the original lnx',tive cough syrup and
<oibins the rinlities necessary to re
hievo the couigh and purgo the system of
(old. Containes noopiates, Sold by the
Pickens riu Co.
In regard to Italian laborers replae.
gig the negro in tho soith It Is claimed
that their "staying" quality Is better
and their elliciency greater. One advo
cato of Itn-lians says: "The employment
of negroes by the small farmer has al
most entirely ceased. In Texas tieo
fourths of the cotton is already Iwo
duced by white labor, and white agri
cultural inhor is becoi ning Imiore aUd
ilore l dIeiand in other sections of
tite solith."
An exchango tells that a very sue
ces'al trlecker inar Athin ta, Ga.,
keepls his itll lailidi ini lerfect order by
sellinlg tih iterraces with blue grass,
Tfexas bluo grass being the easiest withl
whiichi to get ia stand.
Southerni (Oultivator notes complaints
oft an 1nuistnal alnount of smtut in'corn
and sa. t-iakintg the seedl In bluestonie,
the salue as with whenat, will do good.
Peppers are growIng of miore imptlor
tanice each year as their value and im-.
thet sweet vaiehtiles. The large Bell, or
14:ll Nomae, lhas been a popular variel y
for' a long tiunet. Amnong newer* sorts
Runby Kinug is a favorite, being just
about thie right size, mild and1( very pro
lilo. Sow 80eed eairly ini botheds and
push1 the pian ts a long as fast as possi
It PItys het ter to use fertilizers on
truck ('tops and onI 2 fruIt thantt on gen
eral farmt eropsa. 'lThis Is wolil nder
stood by leaudinig truck growers, and
the'y do not hesitato to spend~ enormous
otultts for fertili.o~rg tioj as ea
itIIi and llanchcl.
(Hi101D Foin 5''rOMiA~uil rnO .Ig.g AN!)
"Chamnboil,' in's Si o~machl andi Lilvr
Tialets have (don1 me ai groat dleal of
aotn' a Ci. 'Toii os, of Rat Portage,
Ontairio , Can:'dai. ".Boning a mil phty'si
I hto n, er rint 00 arc not unpleot)sant, an ~d
I cain r'eoinnno:td them to all wiho sufi'er
11rom stomach~l disordora. '' For salo by
i'eken'is Urug Co. and T. N. Hiunter
D~o You Open Your Mouth
ikoe a young bird and1( gull) down wihat
ever food or muedlIno1 may be offered yout ?~
)Or, do you wa nt t~o know somneth ing of the0
compo lisitIionu andm chanracter of that which
you tak hinto111 Your stomachel whetthier as
food or medk'ine ?
AMost. intelligent and sensiblo pecoplo
('mpiloy'Wi' whther as food or as inediclino.
Dr. Pierce beuliev'es thiey havoe a pelrfoet,
right to Lnabt upon1 sutch k nowled ge. So ho
publishes, broadeast antd onl each bottle
wvrap~per, what his medicines na miade of
and v'rlilos It, under matht. ThIs het foc'is
ho cant well affiord( to (10 becauitse the moro
the ingreinlts of wvhih htl iis micine IIs ti
age made1:(1 2 ai ltudid anid underrstood tho
mine will their superior cunrativ v~rirtues
be a lipreciat ed.
I'or the cure ofii0i woan's peclia r weakc
liins, I rrieguiIlrit's i ri dlera ilg'ment s
giving rise to fr''qegnnt hea'2dinehes', back
iache,' dIragging -down Inalin or distress in
loweri abdiomninail or' i'lic region, ia com
plie h, etarrmiiha I driin amixl Id 1red symap. rei
i.om1s (of weaikn1ess, i)r, Piercc's Fa vorito gi
P resentiton11 is a mo1(st eniil'nt [email protected]~C' y
It is eqiually efietivei init curiig pa infiul
pi'riods, in g iving stren gth to nursin g e
nuotheiirs anil In pre'parbi ig tihe system oIf
thie expenctant luot11 her'i fori babily's coiming, Fc
thus re'ndeiring childithl safe. and ot't1- fC
larativtlvpinless. Them "I avorite P're- r)1
scrition "iii is a iot potnt, st renigt hinig m
tontic toi thi' general s 'stotm anid to the for
organs diistlaielly fin lii in p lartieni'r
It is also a soothing andit inlvigorathid tl
neorini and cuiris ne(rvous ex ha ustion a
nervos prstraIon, nei uria hysteria'
spasms11, (hore iii4rt(I St. VitLus's dance', and -
otherl distressling neirvou~s symiptomus at
teindant uipon~l futiona101ii l n organiic dhis..
eases of the distinlctly feminine oran
A hiost oif medical auth orities of all the
sevoral .schools of practico, recommennd ed1
each oIf the several inigrediets of wivich
"Fau'jvori.to Prescri ptlin is made(1 for the
euro of tho diseases for whieh it ia climled
te be a cure. You may road wvhat they
say for yourself by sanding a postal card
request for a free booklet of extracts from
thb loatilng authorities to Doctor R. V.^
Pierco,-Invalids' Ilotel and Miurgiceal In
itituto, Bluffaho, N. Y., and It will comoc to R
0 b post.
Cleanses the system
thoroughly and clears
sallow complexions of,
pimples and blotch*&
It Is guaranteed
ithb, Easloy.
T1hosanda Have Ridney -xg-Mg
and Don't Know it
How To Dm4 Cab.
Fill a bottle or commen thos wit& ,mw
waler and let it stand even, a
J-tingt indiataft am
-difam gi tito ltb
oa;; is it: Stains
yeu linm it: ik
entitne of ltig
MV ugtrUbl*n tim
!egqwnt dheit tM
.pa it Ir alt it
tite back it albe
n'incing proof that the k3 = wi
erare oat of order. -- .
rWat to Me.
There is comfort in the knowkftw W
ofen expresaed. at Dr. K Ihmip',s
Root, thue g'reat kdney remedy fulfili em
Wish I- curing rheumatin pain IM tire
back. kidneys, Lver, b-adider and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects tnability
to hold water and scalding pain in pasing
It. or bad effects f(irewing use o lqzau,
wine or beer, and c-'come that unptrea.snE
aecessity of being cnpelled to go oftae
dring the day, and to get Vp mnmy teia
during the night. Tlte mild and the extra
ordna..y effect of SwaUp.Root is son
realized. It stands the highest for its von
derful cures of the most distressi*g cases.
If you need a medicine yoU should have tha
best. Sold by druggists in r50c. andSi. sizes.
You may have a ampte bottle of thMi
wonderful discovery
and a book that. tells
mcre about it. both sent
absolutely free by mail.
Address Dr. Kilmer & . S R.
Co., Binghamton. N. Y. When writing men
tion reading this generous offer in this paper.
Don't make any mistake, but remembea
the name, Swamp-Root. Dr. Kilmer,
Swamp-Root, and the address. Binghamton
N. Y.. on every bottle.
When you want pleasant laxativ,
that is easy to take and certain toact, us,
Cbamherlain'a Stomach and Liver tab
lets. For sale by Piokens Drug Co. an
T. N. Hunter Liberty.
Charleston, South Carolina.
Entrance examinatons will be held in thi
County Cou rt House on Fridasy..1 uly . alt i a. III
One Free Tuition scholarship to each county o
South Carolina awarded by the C'outy Sut
of Edueation and Judge of lProbate. lioard atn<
fu rtiuiiher room in Dormitory, *11 a inonth. Al
candidates for aimission are permnitted to coin
pete for vacant Boyce Scholarsmljps which pa:
$X0i a year. For catalogue informnatioii, addreb
liarrsona Itanalolph, President.
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys and bladder right
Every person shoulo know that gooi
health is impossible if the kidney art
duranged. Foley's Kibney Our will our(
kinney and bladder disease in ever3
form, and will build up and strengther
theso organs so they will perform theil
fandtions proderly. No dangen ol
itright's disonso or diabetes in Foley's
Kidney Optro Is taken in time. P'ickeni
Drug Co.
Childiren lhko Kennedy's Laxative lion
ey and Tar. The pleasantest and best
cough ayrup to take, because it containi
no opiates. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
A Ili'n's Fooit-ise, a powder, cures Tiredi, Aeh.
ilug, Sweatling, Swollt'n foet. Sample sent FiR til
alis satuipil of FooTa.RiAsH SaNxriTAR CoRN i'Mn I
new i iviIlti. Add ress. Allen S. Olmsated, Lt
Itears the I,2h Kind YoullayeAlways Borwig
nrr 6ralaht" n ein. mp fr p
- 'a:>yr n /r~ e a~lrdsrbn
- anS I eta. sh i. enre rvx s n.
- r, 'ouey intae1ae
I ' 9Ti~a~aa. ri, e-~a i~iang.~l A n itin, l i .
* amifu *h~ oo Almi m I f(' ae wil be r
"-*rsi c aa or to i at Ma inps. u
J. lTi aRNS A RMiSi, , A NDTOUN0.
voo a once,~ .. W e ae frc asala plant y
jf c' 1o a P'na and.,1 ullll at riason -
Vtf a,. i T. . Robltainon, Jr.,Mr
Does~ja evi ti.gla,,ur wh ale lio fall?.
DoNes woobotid rd oftype
o r atough.ts ae or siidlepe
Yf ou.o need a l 1( hlsatreo
bpo: prices. Pikens n i0M0. C
YU NG TLADIS Roinokn, Jr. r
es evil2,19 still yor hleife 1111?l
Your I oeits aie Sout s euiiding
'owso s and equement -Dampu t s ratt
harlth Eursopean tnd mrica pleachere.ii
lial cours Coev toada.teir neert
'le and~ b E Picuton. nrits Weru esley
[ AYOUE .NG AD TPrSid, Rnoke, Va.
nosan UeqUDpn CaRs toATalTc es.rn
Ieah S URen EYOAm Ria tars
F.. No. ODELLY .c
. lk
The Great Blof
A Sun c ir!: j
Also a Specific for -ll other C
arkiar from Impuriie s of t1<
D I n E C T I 0 N s
Adults. one to two teaspconfulj in
. ster. ftter meals and at bedAi
No appetite, loss of strength, nervous.
ness, headache, constipation, bad breath,
r general debility, sour risings, and catarrh
of the stomach are all due to indigestion.
Kodol cures indigestion. This new discov
ery represents the natural juices of dige.- ca
tion as they exist in a healthy stomach,
combined with the greatest known tonio w
and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure does not only cure indigestion
and dyspepsia, but this famous remedy all
cures all stomach troubles by cleansing,
purifying, sweetening and strengthening
the mucous membranes lining the stomach.
sMr. S. S. BaIL ot Ravenhwood, W, Va.. says:- T
"I was troubled with sour stomach for twenty years.
Kodol cured me and we are now using it in milk
foir baby. "
Kodol Dfgests What You Eal.
Bottles only. $1.00 Size holding 2 times the trial I r
lie, which sells for 50 cents. th
Preeared by g. 0. D*WITT a 00.. ONBOAGao'h
Sold by Pickens Drug Co we
do nherse weuifoth e
a Puuin rinti
Let e Wad tote He
Cuan saddirw &hi taatem nts,
*and 1.atrueasona
JobGwoe of ev
dontn eeJournl
Ralra avnad
Lenttr ad Nth e reomed
andck Sath ementsic Ia
Adan atneaofsonERA:
Sive WTHE.G i e uns a
. CF.Harrs wis sgtil wbuiess at
Aelf Com ron lnd get sme
gl24 e ondt sack. Aof good fore
othe-lrr tins st codin g miussat
which is as high as H aman wa
seed, Bliss, Early Rose, Burbh
Hebron, by the peck at
* J. F. HIA]
]M 11& temporary relief I
lite. help that the dc
A~sovarru AND COMPI1
##MMAhte. does. Rhan 1RA
- 1: A' .
latest sceta dscei
Stases CURED nFTR n - .
BS Ilood. ! 4!
For .16 vaars, i havs a1
a lt le 1 i
J-t.v4~ . :.ken ivv hottle- iL
l wG-ciful m hanuo, I i fee that f it
1'), C1 fitna ew 1 s o.nL l l fe." Even- vet
,ag f the dise:' n an been driven froi In' n-st
M S. LAURA 1). GARDNf1k,
jj 1301 James St., al3.tiior
Sample bottle and booklet FP"E O
if you send five cents for postage
R. EDITOR: Please say to your readeors anid mly frie
Complete line of Reliable good3 which I have for ti
fact, at the prices which I am quoting I consider t0
rry a little of "anything and everything," and am selli
EAR and HEAVY KNIT SHIRTS; also, a good line of
From now until Christnas we invite the lad ios to 3
Wtil i mako t he same offer as the above to the ion
unks, Valises, Gents' Furnishings, etc. The nicest lir
Flour, salt and barbed wire by tho car lead to go at
A complete huo of the good kind of furnittire and i
)11 Ki)g stoves and Chatlanooga Plows-two very necess
! best of their kindi on the market. Chinaware, Gassw
ars well.
A full line of Underta-kers' goods and a nice Hearse.
Your p)atronage solicited and you will be treated i
P. S.-All perso~ns owing tihe estato of W. TP. McIaI
early as possible.
r'y description a
ttness and dis- Aeyu'ni~
OVlCm m ercial rc en
ads, Bill Heads oii
done neatly lwd
ible prices. L .Sih .P .
malngal yuaanlT
rent. ouhtitJe b
yoheuew abiofr
Therel arelitho1(sann
f Spectacloto1 gell lioete
ir iom inthejewllhlind fYis nrenginvl~
A. Uri to- hy oth
rouamnd san y i- EOT W tH
bargans i genral ner- 1'en Cen otton
And allwMany<
L-5 Cn.Sf bloer haveh T. .A.i
Tieal.n ridFui
links ano Batyf
acon ith theymSeh hoa
any Asolid rce an In' et1ado
RStcls By guaranitoo oe
hat the old "remedies" gave,
octor's prescriptions give; but
1-T14 CURlu. That is what
Atiismn is cnf.sed by an excess of
IT n w y tha vI cleanse
A A th mei ; ,t curt
d.I~- Ilkr' 'v
..A t~ Z 4-. Ai ~ L :res
Rhu a 7A it :;wecpn out
of the blood the germs of
dl ohr bod seases,
) an d oil U"'M n Con
siiat , C terth iIdney
LiG ipe and Contagious
- Biondf Poisons.
11(1n that I am111 "Still at the Old Stand," with a
eir inspection and sale at vory closo figures. In
ie goods aro!Raro Brgains. Toll thorn that, I
g at a close profit.
hiave them also, SUITS, PANTS, UND I
0V ERits110OE--.
01 and we vill nmako theim close pricos on
rolks on Clothinlg, -'hoes, Hats, Underclothing,
e of theso gotls w L .ave Pver carried.
prices that defy competition.
ico matting, carpe)ting and rugs. Agont 1t".
ary things in overy well regulated family and
nre, AgatewMin-, Tinware and other ware that
Guy McFall
vliplease (come forward and make settlement
umnich off youir farm as yoit oughit.? No dloubt you are
It I rotilblo is h If lid costs too mueh. It iakOI too mutch
andt so yon are trying to make a living oil a smnall fai-mn
nag one ati lutying at good sluiro of whiat yout raiso, iii
etter to go wheore I th prie of goodl land is so little that
-where every acre of the grotni is( working for you
ng you good profits?
8 oif ac-res of lertilo land in SoutIh west along the line of
I Init canu be' bouiht for fromn $3 to $10 anL acroU. Th'lis
te each year.
Southwest at Small Cost
vest wvouldmilleome yoli that yotur best. interest lay in
there. .Ip hie tri hbeno .(0at ver-y little expenso.
first andl thIird Tulesday of each month youlI purobaso a
eI) ticket to aliy poinit int the Southwvest on via of time
Ielt lRott at ver~y lowv rates. Stop-ovors wvill be al
>r' yOtU to esimino aniy locality you are~ interested in.
at once for freo copies of b)ooks dlosriting this won
ointry andi for full informntion abouit cost of tickets.
Jotton Belt Route, 203 Equitable Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
Disappoint Our atients.
Promise and Never Hiold Out False ifopese
without tho knife or bouaglo and V'aicmocol wvIthout
iten ition from buimanos; Uontlagioina ilood Poimon
vltimsoti4 (mcry or sniiotaIl rnxture; fLoss of blmmi!
i igor P'ositivuly curiod; n tiE)Rli~~ml but pergianen.*,
'lihe Dr.I King '31edien Col. Is anm ti)Atittilon organrmed under t
InIwS of the stuto (f (onorgiai for tho treatummnt, and etareo
I arvoims and chromnc dseas. nr. N. IC. ing, the fourider
I ihis instituiola theim chief com.sultilng speomaltst, beIng asel
by a stauff of eminent'byseIans aind rtrgoonms,
oursuccess In Limo treitmeni, of chronmic dIseases is unmtli'
.Bod;: we nao both medical anid Olootrical agsenoles.
Our ofilcesare ermulpped wimh all the galvanto, faradO t1
Ie, X-ray, violet, ray, and F insch ray: In fact, overy ~B
conmtrivanmoe knfown to iho medicl profession. Our eeniu~
r~OtOorn ini ovory remipeot, amnd we employ none but t~
it-ained andS effient ttendanta, regularly qualified gr 4uate
andm licensed phymsicianis being to charge.
we employ no mlmisbading imenna to secure pat'ients in -
patronago-no0.0O. D.'mmor iunamuked for litoraure aro-sent o;
biy tits I ms ttIon. Our terms for treatment avorage fromn 161.
to $10.00 par rmonth, t'mndiclines Iluded) aned wO give the sassup
anco of a curo witin a spooietfiim.
CHRONIO DISEA SESe-11~ """ci'" al liron'o dliseas'a
suche as Eidney andRimair troubles, Reiaim
Rumptureo HyrclDan.Losses, oo n l rvt
D fianases, 'mumors and malgnant troubits, (,arrB of the
Nose, Throat, Ihoad ad Lungs. Disoases of Eiye and lHat,
Chronio lisases of Women, such ais Dlsplamcoet,
lUniatural D).;oihr-gh, anid uichm weaknesses of womenn
,rdin g your condronm Ifyou are alck or afficted. On request ye
Iteraturft, Including iymptom blanks for houmO tremattnenu,
IL 00, E ~ " rs A lanta, Ga.
las pjut lots of money iln the country.
>eenl robbed and killed for their money.
cid the
money. D~elays are dlangerous. .Open
todlay and your money wvili bc safe.
Iie deposits.
HI. C. Shirley, Cashier.
an account with the Liberty lBank.

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