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Entered April 23, 1903 at Pickeus, 8. 0., as second class matter, under aot of Congress of March 8, 1879.
K Best Game of the Season-Fennell
and McFall Pitch Brilliant
Ball-Soore 1 to 0.
The most exciting game of the
sonson was pulled off at the Pick
ens i8seball park Wednesday af
ternoon between Pickens and Eas
ley, with the result that nine
innings woro played, and played
quickly, with only one run mad'e,
and that on P. scratch.
Despite the lmvering clouds all
Pickens was on hand to witness the
contest, Old men and young men,
white men and black men, long
mon and short men; and.men who
aro not men), doctors, lawyers.
womon, children and babies all
lined up around tho diamond to
hollor for Pickens. All was excite
mont; the gamn.e was about to be
called and everyone present heaved
a deep sigh and drew a long breath;
just at this moment, while Mack
Bruce had already begun to quarrel
with the umpire for not deciding
the game in favor of Pickens before
it commenced, some one began to
pass the hat around to defray ex.
penses. Everybody's hand went
immediately into 'his pocket-and
stayed there. More real, honest
efforts were resorted to to save ten
cents than it is possible to imagine
in a crowd of such enthusiasm.
Some looked up into the sky as the
collector passed, and began to talk
about the weather, many turned
their backs and commented on the
mountain scenery, while others
squeezed their dimes so hard until
the ladies thereon turned black in
the faco. The result was the gen
erous amount of one dolldr and
fifteen cents wasicollected, and yet
every one wonders why the Pickens
boyB do not take more interest in
h6 game and play better ball. It
was a free show and everybody
soomed to try to keep it so. But
what the crowd lacked in gener
osity it made up in enthusiasm.
Mack Bruce yelled "play ball
Mr. Umpire," and the umpire played
ball, and everj man who had re
fused to donate ten cents hollered
thirty cents worth. And it was a
great game. Evory man, woman
and child who witnessed it got his
or her money's worth, and it is t
hoped the next event will bring
forth financial as well as vocal en
thusiasmn, and the boys who do the I
work and furnish the amusement
will not be called upon to bear the:
entire expense of the game as in
this instance. Congressman Legate]
umpired a fine game, and there was
no kicking. The following is the
oflicial line-up and account of game.
McFaill Pthr en
Folger tcir ulnx
GIrandy frtbs rea
Doggam scn ae Se)a~
Jenninga hr as on
B ruace shrshr 0.iot
Carey rgtfed Fece
Up for Pitche, roun e nnellt
rs. M farst fased three tmen
acc0l u od baso fhand.
Fre a thannd Young hitungs
secon fo oertg shor out pith
er to irst.Ne hisldn ru.Hit
Second -Inning.-olgrourtema
uBofor hikn, rondpae, out t
first. Mcrallfannid kewie time.
inuvain fenngs fane. Nio
popped nous. shr. hppr
rFhnning.u -Ash Eaoe fanned.
CFrema fanned. Young poipe paut
Geon fot oledg z out ictchr
arto first. eNnohits fnone.00
Feort Inning.-B~oltgrouanned.
MFis.any did likewise. J0nin.
popped out to shomrd. 0he0.r
outed tsh. 0. fnnd 00
Tirtd Inning.-shot fanned.
hisrey fanntd himc andwaped ot
ctotid. in a0-0 s..=0
G.uiitt foled out to firtc. H
alt fat.nnellhpp fanned00.0
Fouth Innng.-Iogore asned.
with th baort andl waked. Care.
fai~od Banne spacrcd fannedcher
MILLINERY going for a song. 'A
Ladied and Misses Sailors what s(
3 and 4 cents ribbons lot. 5 cent ri
Big reduc
1 lot 25c white corded Madras at 161c. 1 lot e
5 to close at 38
Don't forget that we have just received solid
inducements both in prices and terms.
'olger popped out to pitcher. 0-0. Fatriiel' 1
G. Hiott out, pitcher to first.
'latcher hit in front of plate and BI
vas an easy out, Fennell fanned. 0. ................................
Seventh Inning.-McFall out, South carolina ion
bird to first. Jennings out, pitcher ..........Coop
o first. Bolt fanned. 0-0. ""","fi"tio
inent should be ad(
Freeman fanned. Young was Penditon, South
it with the ball and walked. Ezell
it to right field for one bag, and Farmer's I
'enCell, who went in to run for The State
young, was caught at third. Mul- will convene
inax fanned. 1-0, 7th, 8th, 9th t
Eighth Inning.-Boggs hit to this year.
bhird who fumbled, and safe at first. This rally of
[ranidy sacrificed to first, advanc.. State promisem
nug Jennings who went in to run success yet hel
for Boggs. Jennings steals third. In addition
Ashmnore fanned. Carey ditto. o-0. specialists on
H. Hiott out at first. Sheppard tional reputa
Ian ned. G. Hiott fanned. 0-0. Smith of thbe
Ninth Inning.-Bruce flew out Pres. B. Harri
to second. Folger hit through Association, il
second for one base. McFall fans. the South Carl
Jennings ballooned out to center. Bureau, have
Hits 1; runs o. directors in
Fletcher grounded out to pitcher. farmers durn
Feonnell hit safe to left for one bag. The South
Freeman fanned. Young singled Union have al
to left, scoring Fenniell.;2 hits 1 run. tha national 1
Game over, mers' Union,
Summary: Struck out by Mc- mnerly of Tex;
Fall 15; by Fennell 18. Hit by F1armnors' Un
pitched ball, Ashmore and Young. ing of Tuesde
Bases on balls by Fonnell 1, by Tiihe usual e
McFall 0. Hits, Easley 8, Pick.. and cheap fal
en 1. been arrange
- - nothing to h
TWENTY YEAAR BATTLE, thle State froll
"I was a loser in a twenty year battle force to have
with chronic piles and malhgnant sores, at tho farmer
until I tried Buckieni's Arnuica Salvo;e mti~t
wvhich turned the tide, by curing both,.Smtigt
till not a trace remains," writes A. M. -
Bruce of Farmville, Va. Bezt fv, old
Ulcers, Cuts, lurns and Wonan. 25o U"
at P'ickens Drug Co. The union
Mile River asi
is Toxaway Dam Dangerouis? Keowee Baptit
and Sunday J
Columbia, July 20.-Mr. N. A. Services wil
Patterson, a brother of Congress' 10 a. in., Intr<
man Jas, 0. Patterson, of Barnwell, Fi. &turphree.
writes to Governor Heyward from First topic I
Arden, N. 0., calline attention to 10:25. e tm
what he considers the danger to only once a
Anderson and other South Carolina Rev. WV. 0. Si
counties from tho big dam at Lake Second, Ar
Toxaway. H~e says the hake is al inlor e
constant menace and that residents Services for
below it| 'will some day have a arranged by I
Johnstine'n flood th ao thr-angh with. ay.
Slaughter Sle of E
re are closing one of our largest seasons in this dep
>ld for 25 and 50 ets., nt 15cts. Ready-to-weer Hats whi
Ready-to wear hate what sold
Big Values iL
bbon 21 cents. 8j to 10 cent ribbon 5 cents. 15 tc
It you want some extra Ribbons or an
tion on white dress goods jus
*mbroidered Mull, tbe 40c quality, to close out at 25e. 3 pie
c. 2 piece Pongue Net, pink and tan only, to close at 374c.
Ladies Belts at Y
$1.25 belts at 50oc. 60o and 75c beltS a
car-load of Rook Hill Buggies, Studebaker Wagons, Star Lea
-BR eE
J111011 From our Six Mile Correspondent. S
ireaii of As I have nothing to do I will
Information. pick up my pen and let you know
i. I am still living and give you the
rmicrs' Edu3cational and news from our section.
rative Union.
intoded for tis depart- We are having plenty of rain (
Iressed to J. u. Stribling, and it is doing crops much good. j
Jarolina. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Findley of j
tally at Clemson. the Stewart sootion visited at the (
VIlMy at A- homne of M. R. Willimon last (
Farmers' InstitateSudy(
at Clemson College M.Rbr alinadwf
ud 1th o Augst vsi has brothing B. Mdi atil
pClhun lmy Snadly. uko
tobete rnds Wmsill aiin give outh '
d i ths SatewMr Wiom Eoburtin. liteduh
Woade ae e kile havingtlesnake one any
farm opic of and lt wis wigcrop much egtd rat)e
CtoAsoition Si t.wr eto istda h
hMr. Saf mit of WaIlnlasvis
ud . . trilig f iedatth oeo M Mauldin dwf
ud 10t Fes Auguset ihtlatwek
Mr .H ocmevisited hsbohrBMadin
te amerd by the thor etionr Mndayr.L..
horge the ad e t W li onafnegr.
d i this meete' or. sibe hadnur itleaueh
arlina Famerby iting kind tle onak one atecy
soarrangped tof haveoe' a last week.hdeih ate
osittofh Focation Mir. Samti Smith, caharmain-g
C oF. Stockwortbeders.ie at the home of her fM.nd Mdiss
e,n to be wthln us onSoe Maut n last w eek
>Mn amr'in 1r . 0. Wolcjjonb visited her
he tors thYourllcrie hasdfther.A.P A leasr, ofe
thfoian ere i n ,vstncwte o n o aece
CaerolinaFarmers onSewr seco last week.
C. F Ducworh, fr- Tthe hoxMie o l erfrened, Mins
s comb ing ous n lopyih Murin Perry week.a
aoo weshlday eBor. uThioi Mr. dMrhm.ie
y,7t oegeuand lear rrettoo afnd wewihy.rhi
__cursion__ raiwacrt h MscceL.O.Wliovstehr
Iet tecoge. a ah M r. . . e andcks of thel
Piockdter newSe setin ost burgMo.
nderthein er of TheTelea oix bilesopnedMon
I oen oaurd at fulMayb wthe don. now werhava
ducoryseronby fredchiuckenss. vr dy
lo Meissing, e.a o on t elte;Js e
ein ofurche livi pef dito.
omatonh Opeetb astwek
iwn chali ng sotaMryTotr sathm
emopenotng oauraso at wie
tuety IsA ero t .
the dsabssion wilb a ali is broth.
dho ehol servicesteStwat~ctin
wentfllnehr h omniy01 a
ieasonable Goods,
arment and we are going to clean up the remnant
t soldat 75c to $1.00, at to. Ready-to-wear hats Y
it $1.50 to $2.00, at $1.00
1 Ribbons.
125 oent ribbon 10 cente. 25 to 40 cents ribbons at 15,
extra Hat, you can buy it for a song.
t the thing you want these
se Linen Zopherin, green, tan, 20a qtality, to olose at 12te.
2000 yards figured Lawns 61 and 81 values, will go for
our Own Price.
L 85c. 25c and 85 belts only 15o.
ler Stoves, Disc Harrows and Chattanooga Reversible Dii
upervisor's Report of Claims Filed e r
and Approved, for the Quarter T
Ending June 30, 1906
'J Lewis, fodder 1600
F Looper, bridges 1500
t M Lynch, salary 5000
erre Looper, road wk. Bo0
ease J Lewis, cotton seed 600
t B.Lawrenoe, bridge 800
; B Lawrence, road wk 2 10
SM Lynch, salary ,00.
C A Lewis, bridge 50
kV H J Lesley, foot log 80
A' H J Lesley, road wk 25 fm odwr
E H Lynch, corn 90 .
a J Looper, bridge etc. 37
R B Lewis, fodder 69
Q M Lynch, salary 00-______
W L Morgan, magistrate 102
B DMauldLD, bd. eq. 10 -F
VC.Manldini, road wk, 0
R F Moseley, corn174
J 0 Moseiey, road wk 20
Y DMeadows " "65
W U M~iuuy, brdge 5 00
3 SMilercontabe 50
A M orri; rod k8 00
2F50 ofoongooddwor
50 a iue h rc
John Moler, repsarbie 2 00 n desi I ous
W O Moeleyn, lridgr
W T Morriy; road wk ~ A N
J HBile " " 120ig-ohgRe
F A Mue, constable 910tisaestoda
JA B Mauldinhndaandg
F M Portn, road wrk100rieanhreI
John Poser, aidpaur r0iddbrngtgecs
W E Neon, lurow660onytayuw
W P Parlly, road wk112 __________
wor yet N h, hxam. auntitacfu ogod h
foJu wBoar oe. Allpensesio
S Nwly clon stabl ettn S.___
Al th Ngwoonlc, t brhde (erod
Picen -ourl ndis m ayred.lls
Era OldoRidrle.iH.pauper
t9 0
5 81:*ig$
hat sold 81.00 to $1.50., at 75a
sents. 50 cents ribbon 25 cents
hot days.
1 LA Pongee Silk, small figures. sold for
5o the yard.
0e Plows, and we are in a position to offer you
'e Pictures
and Photographs!
For a photograph that is :rue in every
sense, just as the camera sees you, every
feature sharp and clear, every detail shovn
is what I give.
Only the bet material that ,i used Vill
be found in my work. My mai~y satisficed
patrons, their repeated orders, is an attest
.I do tramning and enlarging.
AYLOR, Easley, S. C.
's Greater Sale
turday, July 9, at 9 A. M.
h Grade Clothing.
I custom every summer we will place on sale our on
rade Clothing, Trousers, White and Fancy Vests at
aan the orginal prIce. It is not neccessary for us to
e our good-they are marked in plain figures-you
youmuelf, take off' one third and pay us the differonco
The entire stock of CLOTHING goes in the salo
>ods-Men's Youths and Childrens' Cloth
erved: Blacks, Blues and Plaids and Fancy
has a purpose. Our purpose in holding
iout every spring and summer suit we have
have put the prices on them that will move
~t buy the same grade of goods at these
South Carolina. The sale opens Saturday,
,., for Two Weeks. Remember the place
i-we will give you such values for your
1ll go home happy. Come!
In this sale, Nothing reserved.
~ed during this sale.
nust be paid for during this sale.
rdel, 2o South Main street,
Ol1 reenvilee. 5. C.

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