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Pickens 1
d A
An ArrangeeCIt F'or Transferrin
P1ower Vsro.m (Wind Wheel.
tSomietInios it Is desirablo to place the
wind whoel Upon sone building in
stod of orecting a framo directly over
the pump. In this case the power iay
pe transferred by a system of Iron el
tow Joints, as in Fig. 1. The arrows
show liaihly that a dovnward stroke
by the wheel produces an equal down
Award stroko alt the pump. The angle
of the Iron jinluts should bo seh that
their ams will be lit right anigles to
the corresponding wooden arims in the
mliddle of the stroio.
The arm, A U, iony be iade of any
desirable length. The original of the
drawfug Is over twenty-five feet. When
of such length, however, it is best to
stifon it with several hinged braces
from tly side of the buildiug, as In
Fig. 2. Ihese allow perfect freedom or
motion and are used merely to preve at
I;: >sidowise bonding.-American Agricul
1a Culture ast roaetteca itr iown
'armoer-Laund very ntieh.
-T usual (Into for plinting cui-in
'bom fiiIoNI is June 1 to 16.. ,The sol
must be thoroughly worked Into a flue
looso loam, and a very ahuudant sup
ply of fertilizer must be used. It Is ail
rpost limpossible to have the land too
rich. If the area planted IR iot to
largo as to mako it Impracticable It is
an excellent plan to put one or two
shovelfuls of rich farmyard imanuro in
each hill at the time of planting. Te I
seeds are Lnnted in hlls about six feet I
apart each way. Plenty of seeds nmust
be used, for it Is far botter to thin out
the plants than to havo a pov stand.
- cultivation.
.00 cultivating may be done with
onle hotse and the sinall plow or with
Uo regular corn plow. As soon as the
-vines begin to run cultivation should
he stoppted if posaiblo, for it is not a
* god plan to dlotiurbi the tende-r, grow
big shoots. If' the field is kept free
from wveetls upl to this titu' ftere wtill
be~' h "little lto fo Cr hei to grow
alt wvard, for thec vines wili anoiptlete
* *. )ly c ~ve'r the ground very soo'n a ior
~' 9 '-~t~~.A~g1n to run. Shtould a few wee~ds
~' ~ ~~rJ.ist I QJeing Op[ Gi,Le mayti hSO ctu
?uly plledh witout harm10 to the v-Ineo.
Little Dimmqnee or ineet F'ouN.
fromt disease, 'the two greatest p~eats
being mildow and a small inisect that
sometimes conuem in towarmts, a ttack ing
- ail kinds of green ines. Theso insects
-can usually be killed or dri ven awaLy
b)y sprinkling the iles with wood
~~" ashes. TJhe mnildow, which ia nmeih less
,~~ , cO~ommo, requires more drastle treat
ment This disease at tack-s the foliage.
causing the leaves to turn yellow and
fall gg. SprayIlug with some fuugi
cide, suoh as bordenux mixture or po
tassium sulphide, will usually prev'ent
illdew, provided the application is
made promptly enough. r~The under
dido of the leaves must be thor-oughly
sprayed, as that is wvhere the disease
y most frequently strts, wvrites a corre
spondent to Orange JTudd Farmner.
Thackernynd~ Dlkensa.
This is the way George Henry Lowes
once characterized Thackeray and
* Dickens In the way of ser-vice to a
friend: , nickens, ho said, would not
give you a farthig of money, but be
iould4oe no end of troublte 'for you.
* ircul pdh'd- a whole day, for in
tacin looking for the rmost sulta'ble
lodgings for you and would sipare hhn
self neither time nor fatigue. rThacke
*ay would take two hours' gumln
indeelsion and hesltation ini writing a
two line testimonial, bu owouldpu
4 -~ -bt abnc tIpto his pocjcet and give you a
~ adful of gold tind bank notes If you
1 llBowlung.
~ oling is one of our games that
- ~ ~J~1nted in the middle ages. The ox
~O~Ite of Its introduction is obscure,
has been clearly traced to the
Snth :century. The first bowling'
wero made in Englandl. In bad
or these could net be used to ad
~a~,and this led to the construe
tqvred bowling alleys.
IIrarg Luck.'
Ihave hero several bills which
Qverduo. Hlarduppo (desper
b% dei rry to Bay that our cash
i~%tAaf. Caleor-Oh, well, it
mil wch difference. I'll eguli
4tor at sone future dato.
p hysician says that
* saw a vaulted
~ ~ ometery whIch had
ptoengraved on
a1 t litst and Bed Boeb
4sPwo was Phoa
%tdotmy son, was a
o~'e a lot of trouble
e4' ep the lid down,
Ssemo4tbin$.-of ext
thoughtful bo- I
4 ~ cIT0 fine
Kative Fruit Syrui
Drug Company and Dr. R. F. Smit
It will pay you to tako good care of
your liver, because, if you do,.your
liver will take good care of you.
Sick liver puts you all out of sorts,
makes you pate, dizzy, sick at the
stomach, gives you stomach ache,
headacho, malaria, etc. Well liver
keeps you well, by purifying your
blood and digesting your food.
T'here is only one safe, certain and
reliable liver medicine, and that is
For %ver 6o0 years this wonderful
vegetable remedy has been the standby
in thousands of homes, and is today
the favorite liver medicine in the world.
It acts gently on the liver and kid
neys, and does not Irritate the bowels.
It cures constipation relieves con
gestion, and purities the system from
an overflow of bile, thereby keeping
the body In perfect health.
Prico 25c at all druggists and
Test it.
Qkos d Kidlnya 3sad Uladdor Right
Kennedy', fauxativo Honey and Tar is
he I lie origihal laxat."vo cough y1r1 1 p and
!011bint - the qual1itiesnersr to r
ieve the cough awl purge iho system of
oikl. Oolntlines no opintNs, Sold by tle
ickenus Dulig Co.
'ise Mont 1xciting and iltomantto
Triledo Ini tho World.
Th inaker of porcenin and pottery
tas decldedly tho nost exelting an( ro
nantle trade in the world.
The great factories of Bevres and
Dresdetn were founded by Bernard
Puliss.'y. This rnau lnvented white
eiiniel, but It took him sixteen years
to niak the invention- sixteen years of
hunger, misery antJ puercuton, whleh
('11111 naled In the episode, 11sed in 1.
A. .Joies' play of "Thel Miltietnan,"
wheein'l 1Pli~n m ruintanedl huis furnace
flre by bunIing nll the i'urnituire In his
do.s h> liist with:iu the glaze whichl ho
laoi so:ibi t.hr~louot the best3 years
1 ettgher invenited hard porcelaiin.
lIe waos an1 lchiemist, an~d 0one da~y,
.1 n Iinlg to discover that his powdered
Ilig wa'sk unulally3 hleavy, he inquiiredl
Ile cause anld found that the weight
IVas due to the kaolin with which the
wig was powdered. This kaolIn was
ho subs)21tane for' luck of which Butt
ip1ber's inlvestigaltions had1( for years
WVhent E1ers oix'ined ai porcelain fac
lory' at lturrlem~ lie employed none1 but
thie most stuit and Illterate workmen,
ol thant bin secret pr'ocesses ight not
resiolved to hl'arn thl( Elers method, ande,
iitfcctinog ignioranie antd stulpidity, he
tot a pla1ce in theo i'actory, mashltered all
>f Elers' secrets and1( eve~ntulally opened
I pnut of his ow n, wherein ho dulplicat
dC ini e'very' detall the work of Elers.
I xchan~lge.
.101) l OR WlE.))A~iI TItOUIM ANI>
"Chambnerhlain's~ Stomiachl and Livor
l'lts halve dono1( me1 al great deal1 of
4od(," says3' (. Townis, of Rant Portag,
)ntario, Cainada. "'Being a mild physic
ho1. after' effect. aro niot uleasan'~ihit, an~d
(1111 reommendli0ll them1 to ll who suffer
loim stomaclhi disorder.'' For salo by
ki'uis IDrug Coi. and T. N. [Hunter
The Farmeor's Wife
la ver'y car efiul about111 her churn13. She
,aldis it thorounghly ~ a ff st sig, an td gives
thait if her elhurni is sourii it will tfainlt the
a1 ehttru'l. In t he st.umichi and ldt Iigesti vI
5sses whleh.i are l'xnetlIy ak0 in in) the
chulrniing of lbutter. Is it. niot a1iparetil
miak~es foul all wlhih is pmt. iuto it.?
The (evil of a1 foul stomaitch Is not alone'
lhe h)1 ad tt in theO mouth1 and211 thio foe I
breant h cau byi'1 it. but the c'oirruption of
thei pure 10current o (f lood and 21( the dissem11
Dr). Pieree'Is I Gobll ail edical I )iscov'ery
11ak1 t Ihe sfour1 and2 foul st~inunehl sweet.
It dl oes for thle stllnuich whiat the washinog
andt sunI hath do14 for thle Olichur --absolutely
ten t. In thiis waoy it. euries ltches,
p)1lples, (Trup~tionls, scrofuilous sw llings,
mres(', or 1)1en1 (ainig uleer's and1( allI
humor 110 r 1 dtiseases(1 arising from hald bloodl.
If youl haivo bitter', nasty, foul tastel ini
your1 mouth1Ii, coa31tedl twfiguie, fotul bireath,
are wveak and1( 'aisily tired(, feol depressed
diz7zy alt t.nieks, gnawviiug or dtistress in stonm
achi, constipaitedi ori irregulair boiwels, souir
or bitter risings after eating and ploor
appeIltite, tiheso slym pitomsi, or anly egnlsider
abil number'l (of them, inidicato that you nre
suffering from biliusness, torpid, or lazy
liver wi Lh thio 11sual accom~paniy ing indi
gestion, or dyspopsia anid their attendant
diera ngcmentIs.
'The best agents kow'n to medica~l sci
ene11 for01 the eur1O oif tihe abUovo symn tonms
am1(1eonditlions, as5 a ttestaxl by the writings
of leading teatchiors and( piractitioners of
all the several schools oIf medical practice,
have boon skillfully and1 haroniously
ombhinedt in Dr. P'ierlcC'1 (old~on Medieal
Discoveory. That t-hiis is absoluIitely truo
will be r'ead(ily prloveni to y'our satisfaction
f you will bult mail a hpostal card requiest
Dhr. li. V. Pieree, luffatlo, N. Y. for
fre2 copy of his booklet (If extracts h'rm
~he stnandard mdical authoritles, gIving
~ho names of all tie ingrodlents entering
nto is world-famed medicines and1( shiow
ng wvhat the most 01emiient medical men03
>f the age saiy of them.
I7_ 7..1..>fI P I2
Stomach and Liver
trouble and
Chronic Constipation.
h, Ea8ley.
Over-Work Weakens
Your. Kidneys.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
All the blood in your body passes throgh
your kidneys once eve three minutes.
The kidneys are your
. blood purifiers, they fil
ter out the waste or
impurities in the blood.
It they are sick or out
of order, they fail to do
their work.
Pains, aches andrheu
matism come from ex
cess of uric acid in the
e - blood, due to neglected
kidney trouble.
Kidney trouble causes quick or unsteady
heart boat3, and makes one feel as though
they had hcart trouble, because the heart is
over-working in pumping thick, kidney
po:oncd blood through veins and artories.
It used to be considered that only urinary
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
alI conatitutional diseases have their begin
ning in kidney trouble.
If you are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
a on realized. It ctand3 the high(-t for its
w)nderful cures of the most distressing cases
and is sold oi its merits
&' ci ruggIsts in fifty
e-.at and one-dollar siz
ex. You may have a
s.lmple bottle by mail nome of swamp-noot.
fi ce, also pamphlet telling you how to find
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble.
Maention this paper when writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name. Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton,
'e Y., on every bottle.
Wlhen you want pleasant laxative
that is enasy to take and certain tonet, use
Chamberlain's Stomnot and Liver tab
lets. For sale by Pickens Drug Co. and
T. N. Hunter Liberty.
Charleston, South Carolina.
Entrance examinations vill le held in the
County Cou rt Ilouse on Friday, July 6, at 9 in.
One Free T nition Scholarship to each county of
South darolina awarded by the County Supt.
of Education and Judge of Probate. Board and
furnishdc' room in Dornittory. $11 a month. All
candidates for adinission are permitted to con
pete for vacant Hoyce Scholarships which pay
9100 a year. For catalogue Information, address
larrison Randolph, P1resident.
Every person aboulo know that good
health is impossible if the kidney are
doranged. Foley's Kibney Our will cure
kiuney and bladder disease in every
form, and will build up and strengthen
theso organs so they will perform their
fundtions proderly. No dangen of
Bright's disease or diabetes in Foley's
Kidney Curo is taken in time. Pickens
Drug Co.
Children like Kennedy's Laxative Hon
ey and Tar. The pleatsantout and best
cough syrup to take, because it contains
no opiaten. Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
A liona's Foot-E~ase, a powder, cures Tired, Ach
lng, Swenting, Swollen feet. Sample sent FR1 r~lC,
ails SampleoOf lEOT-EARE~ SANITAInY ConN Pan, a
new invention. Address. Alien S. Olmstedl, Le
110., N. Y.
c.A a 'I o ___ ~a
Bears the h Kind You Hots Aiw a 80unJ$
You antto IT hatyou aeaiming at
-bitbird, beast or target. Make your
soscount by shooting the ST!EVENS.
For 4z years STEVENS ARMS have
carried off PRLEM IER HONORS for AC
CUR ACY. Our line:
Rifles; Shotguns, Pistols
sit onte havs SS ormr4.pg Caio
we sip irt et. '-3 vaiuai'eboo ef oer.
Beautiful three-color Aluminum Hanger will
be forwarded for so cents in samnps.
J, Stevens Arms & Tool Co,
P. O. Box 4096
WANT1ED-500 cordn of dry pine
wood at once. We have for sale plent y
of cotton seed meaul and hulls at raeson
able prices. Pickens Oil Mill Co.
tf T. C. Robinson, Jr., Mr.
D~oes evil still, your whole life fIll?
Does wvoo betide?
Your thoughts abide en suicide?
You need a pill!
Now for prose and facti--DeWitt's litto
Euirly Risers are the most pleasant an
reliable p ills known today. Their novo
gripo: Sold by Pickens Drug Co.
For YOUNG LADIES, Romnoke, V.
Opens sept. 25.106. One o f the leading school.
for Young L.u.teis In the south . New bul Ings
mnta n s nery In Vale of Virgia', famed
for health. European and Ameriean teachers.
Full course. Conservator advantages In Art,
Musnlo and' Elocntion. Cetificates Welleeley.
studente from 30O statee. For catalogue addres
R. F. D. No. 5 E3ASLEV. S. C.
had failed. Rhoupacid
Johns Hopkins Hos tal,
of Salem, Va., and D). H.
remedies and'the doctot
Almost a Miracle In ThIs Cai
Bobbitt Chemical Comp Dln, .C.
Gentlemen.-In Sptembr I89. I to
mnth afte e r isa oStarted$ Iad t(
y'or until my arns and hands wel
jrawv. so nmuch so tliat Icudnot u
M hs.I ws as helpess as a bab it
were ha rd ana shriveled up. Isuffer,
many times over Was treated by13x;
physicians in McColl. Dillon and mar
n fthe ild do c any good. uni
tot our R HEMACIDE. Hie go
and eore the fis ottl was used up
(?get better.d I use 5% %ottles and v%
health has been exelleanst ever ssnct
turther that beigan uowl n aism.
after I began to take RH1EUMACIDE
tid of crutches:, mn about three monthi
e an to take it Icould walk as good
DO y an vet back to wor agin.
No appetite, loss of strength, nervous
noes, headache, constipatiod, bad breath,
general debility, sour risings, and catarrh
of the stomach are all due to indIgestion.
Kodol cures Indigestion. Thin now discov
ery represents the natural juices of diges
lion as they exist i a healthy -stomach,
combinied with the greatest known tonic
and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure does not only cure Indigestion
and dyspepsia, but this famous remedy
cures all stomach troubles by cleansing,
purifying, sweetening and strengthening
the mucous membranes linIng the stomach.
Mr. S. . BaIL, of Ravenswood, W. Va.. says:
o IWi bulod wit sour stomach for twernty yeas
for baby.."
Kodol Digests Wimat YOU Ea6
Bottles only. $1.00 Size holding 2% times the trial
size, which sells for 5cents.
P-eiare by I. 0. DewiTT & a 0,HIOAGO
Sold by Pickens Drug Co V
dnaeder whemn
ofailemoa, and
L edie and Nte Et
ainln-nd S etemenOIt(
n ats n eyd atreifnaor
myewrtineol=Jed o naue
wore uti i~p rmsan hands aeg
rA o th aro th co mnt
Clocks were drwbactswich myfe
mynip a nwasa lie of essILVERabf
gla2 mot ys. .. Ausle ns of am
wer hardER a-isrvld p uf
. pF. yHarrisns st c~il ilnusnes ciia
seof. Comte ar ounld many goot so
chawnse but dion' call toseme.i
24pnd rthistc loftl wasud upo
ot ter. ing e btis a n mi
wiecur is a t wihas yer aan
heth Bissee Ecelyn Rose, Bn
aferban, tae heUMpIE
T -V..z
' - ~
VO IT - io-195
cured thousands of cases of Rheumatism afte
e cured John F. Eline and others of Baltir
the greatest hospital in the world, had failed.
Olmstead, the Norfolk, Va., contractor, after
1 had given up hore. Rheumaidh ocured Mrs
of rhoumatism she had -uurdFor
Lug.' Hughes, o tisV.ams
ou. There is a reason Wiy
Y). II a cal science, cand WN en u
>gve of the blood, it opva ur-e e
to grow
*badly most delicate stornu.h 0ds upd
;e then
r nearly
md le
Ad death.4j
ion. but
til Dr. 3. At *
He told f
take it,
I began -f
'as corm
and my
Have ~A
six da-s A purely vogstabi. r
cures by removing tihqe . Ye.
S after I
as any Sample bottle d ho: t -
R. EDITOR: Please say to vour roaders aind my frie
Complete line of Reliable goods which F hiav, 'or ti
fact, at the prices which I ami quoting I consider i
arry a little of "anytbing and evirything," and am sellii
VEAR and HEAVY KNIT SIRTh; also, a good lino of
From now until Christmas we i nvite the ladies to e
Will make the same offer as the above to the mon
'runks, Valises, Gents' Furiishings, etc. The nicest, liu
Flour, salt and larbed wire by the car load to go at
A complete hno of the good kind of furniture and n
ron King stoves and Chattanooga Plows-two very niecOss
he best of their kind on the market. Chinaware, (lasM
vears well.
A full line of Undortakers' goods and a. nice Hearse.
Your patronage solicited and you will be treated rij
P. S.-All persons9 owinig the estato of W. T. McFal
B early as possible.
ery descriptiona
satness an~d (1is- j A;eyumin
Com merciali~i faic
il n o m gi pa
eads, Ui, end
~, dono neatly
iable l style st.~
Tr telingat pcalb.ais
TARE. Aso 5(1( Gldan i
01of Spectacles ; I guaranhec j
epair work in the jewelry line.
.. Eatsley, S. O.UA
Are oC ainua
t te ameol sandbyhim Dimoy Wobu ITbIfr
inc ~arai ingenralorr penhp ycen cotrn
,t nce illse~ yor rMent. pWopldne itabe
ir for 5 cents.and all ybour ae pa
usamMeas increarindiFrvit
was hung. IrisT.potat
~irbnksand eauy ofancuaed vrto geturh
a anyold pice, nYccouT ih thEN~e
~RjS, y hiWrlf.e "."il ent
-w===etr O N UE A
I.. ---3
ir all the doctors and all other means
iore, after the famous specialists of
Rheumacide cured Austin Percelle,
they had spent large sums on other
. Mary Wollborn, of High Point, N. C.,
20 yoars. Rheumacide cured W. R.
Farnous New York specialists failed.
Lac e is he Liatest discovery of medi.
to sw p aH germa and poisons out
dura i methods, does no0t inljure the
mb h bat, I u1m "stil" at the Old stand," With a
(ir i n-pe chio a a an( !.i fat vory close figuros. in
o goods rarojRare Bargains. Tell them .that
g at a close profit.
lave them, also, SUITS, PANTS, UNI) R
ill aid we will make them close pricos ou
olks on Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Undorclothing,
c of thes;' goeis we have eiver carriod.
prices that dt-y comlpotition.
ip mtit.in i, c r)otiug and rugs. Agont cr
ary thing.n in ovory well regulated tamily and
vre, Agateware, Tixware and other waro that
Guy McFall
1wil1~p!ease ttomeI torward and make settlement
miuch otf your fiarm ai you ought? No doubt you are
m trouble is thbe hand costs too ueh. It takes too much
, and so you aie trying to make a living on a small farm,
oug one anid payig ai good shdaro of what you ratiso, inl
tt.ter to go whore t he price of good land is so lit-tie that
--whtere' every acre of the grouod is working for you 4
iig you goodt pofits?
elo acres of tertile landl in South west along t~he line of
U tnt enn bit hluidi for fro t 8 to $10) an acro. Th.'ist
Southwai' at Si-mail Cost
I hrll fe'i'-- you! Itha. y''ur biest inte(-rest lay in
The 2. 12 tri eeni heS marlo( it, very liitl~e e'xptuso,.
>1: ni hi' iTu mb of eaich monith you p)urchafse a
-.t h> any point ini thetSoTut hwest, on via of the
i u-l .-te at ve-ry low rates. Stop-.overs will he0 al
42' ato minei l no:,- locality you aro I interesteil in.
-it ''- ii :2 iest- of boiik8 desciinmg thlis wou
(2 1V 2 in l'r Efuh iruttioii about cost of I ichots.
Cod 1 n BolI Rte . 203 Equitable Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
o2 w2itht:fti t be 4tn ha orIi boragl~o u~ti~ii Vaioeo ih
deitentionl fromn businenn;442 Oontavinn~ Bloeod POleon)
without me4rcu1ry or mnoral tAxtu.re; Loa~o of Iiar,
Vigor Pogitiey e-nred ol tiitimu)larnt bunt noflO
. TtioiDr. ing~ Me-diral co. to an 2iititui on organfredoUnder
laws of the state of becorgini for the~ treatme~t tutdI .i~o
laervotaanidobrionic diseass. Dr. N. K. jing thO fUd1
tits Iiaitn tion, is tho chief consuIlm Oin ipeclieb, being s
by a aaff of emnentphystetrins aitit stargooi'4e,
IOur auocoas to tho trec.Lmngt of chrotilo ditees 1s unstrsPlp
2 odl; wo fino both min cat l and Oseticai i agen~olo#
Our ofllcos are critfpped with a;I tho galO, fara
tea, X-ray, ytolot ray, and Ilioson ray: . I facut. 0Y A7
contrivanoo known to) tho lne.dItnal profossionl. Oursan
trained nao fillero ait Z<ti'iii regiitif a fiQu
id4 licenisedl physicians bie-i;ng O iargo. a tnS
wo emipiloy no flhdingi!f means tQ*of atio e
pa ronsart -mo O. 0. it.' er unageRd Sor*1to.sur 0rombl~ .
to ~1.0' pe mouth. (lnolCloi anojuotan wo giVO [email protected] as9U
aneo'0of tacuse0withina apo~toil0d mfb.d rabn
i ,ur rool, n .o aof to a1nd Doats
Di1ea1c(,0'tioe 0and flug or trbeS, of Ee an 14 1t
Nqoso, Tfhroat, Una~d 2( an a" yec asDplcnDt(
Chrnra r esfulO an 0 wen 1e women.
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H-. C. Shirley, Cashier.
ni anl accounlt with the Liberty Bank.

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